all praise due


I made it!
1. Gold and white cord: honors student with a 3.2 cumulative gpa
2. Green and white cord: National honor society
3. I’ve received the Timothy award for Christian Character
4. meritorious Conduct honor roll
5. I’m the only student in my class to receive an award for having an A average in mathematics
5. I’ve been on Administrative Honor roll for the past 8-9 quarters
6. Vice President of the senior class
7. And I have also received an award for volunteering to do open house

And I’m just starting! Way more to come in college!

All Praises and glory are due to Christ our savior!

Dua when looking in the miror

الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ , اللَّهُمَّ كَمَا أَنْتَ حَسَّنْتَ خَلْقِي فَحَسِّنْ خُلُقِي

“All praises are due to Allah, O Allah as you have given me a good physical form, so also favour me with good morals and manners.”


~ Al hamdulillah, Allahuma kama anta hassanta khalqi fahassin khuluqi ~


Salam alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak, alhamdulillah! Today, the first day of Ramadan 1438 (2017), I recited my shahada. After several years of study of the Abrahamic books, Allah has led me here to this moment. All praises due to most high, Allah. Much thanks to those who helped me along the way @olivesalam @reverthelp @muslimpro. I am thankful for my past, ecstatic in this moment and excited for the future. Please make dua for me in my journey as I make dua for all muslims in theirs as well as for the disbelievers so that they may be revived in this life as I have.

Reflect upon the words of the Quran and you will see a King to Whom belongs all dominion and to Whom all praise is due. The reins of all matters and affairs are in His hands, they originate from Him and find their conclusion through Him. He is established upon the seat of His kingdom, nothing is hidden from Him in any region of His domain. He is All-Knowing about what is in the hearts of His servants, knowing their secrets and what they show publicly. He alone has the power to manage the affairs of the kingdom; He hears and He sees, He gives and He withholds, He rewards and He punishes, He honors and He humiliates, He creates, gives sustenance, causes death, causes life, grants and arranges. All matters come from Him, the smallest and the greatest, and all matters find their conclusion with Him; they do not move by the amount of an atom except by His permission, and no leaf falls except that He has knowledge of it.
—  Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, from my book The Sayings of Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

فَلِلَّهِ الْحَمْدُ رَبِّ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَرَبِّ الْأَرْضِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ

Therefore to Allah is due (all) praise, the Lord of the heavens and the Lord of the earth, the Lord of the worlds.

—  45:36

Don’t Forget To Get Your Sins Forgiven Every Time You Eat

Mu’adh bin Anas (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “He who has taken food and says at the end:

الحمد الله الذي أطعمني هذا، ورزقنيه من غير حول مني ولا قوةٍ

‘Al- hamdu lillahi-lladhi at’amani hadha, wa razaqanihi min ghairi haulin minni wa la quwwatin(All praise is due to Allah Who has given me food to eat and provided it without any endeavour on my part or any strength),’All his past sins will be forgiven.”

Reported by At-Tirmidhee and others, and declared authentic by Albany rahimahullah.

Mentioned by AbdulFattaah Bin Uthman
Abu Fajr

لا أحد يمتلك حياة وردية، ولا قلباً خالياً ولا رأساً خفيفاً من الأعباء. ولكن هناك من يدعو الله ويبتسم. الحمد لله دائماً وأبداً
No one has a perfect life, nor a heart free of worries, or a mind free from burdens. But there is the person who prays to Allah and smiles. All praise is due to Allah, always and forever.
The Husband Who Was Too Shy To Look At His Wife.
(a moving story)
Please Read it don’t think its too big,
This story was recounted by Prof. Khalid Al-Jubeir, consulting cardiovascular surgeon, in one of his lectures:Once I operated on a two and a half year old child. It was Tuesday, and on Wednesday the child was in good health.
On Thursday at 11:15 am – and I’ll never forget the time because of the shock I experienced – one of the nurses informed me that the heart and breathing of the child had stopped. I hurried to the child and performed cardiac massage for 45 minutes and during that entire
time the heart would not work. Then, ALLAH decreed for the heart to resume function and we thanked HIM.
I went to inform the child’s family about his condition. As you know, it is very difficult to inform the patient’s
family about his condition when it’s bad. This is one of the most
difficult situations a doctor is subjected to but it is necessary.
So I looked for the child’s father whom I couldn’t find. Then I found his
mother. I told her that the child’s cardiac arrest was due to bleeding in his throat; we don’t know the cause of this bleeding and fear that his brain is dead.
So how do you think she responded?
Did she cry?
Did she blame me?
No, nothing of the sort. Instead, she said “Alhamdulillah” (All Praise is due to ALLAH)
and left me. After 10 days, the child started moving. We thanked ALLAH and
were happy that his brain condition was reasonable.
After 12 days, the heart stopped again because of the same bleeding. We performed another cardiac massage for 45 minutes but this time his heart didn’t respond. I told his mother that there was no hope.
So she said: “Alhamdulillah. O ALLAH, if there is good in his recovery, then cure him, O my Lord.” With the grace of ALLAH, his heart started functioning again.
He suffered six similar cardiac arrests till a trachea specialist was able to stop the bleeding and the heart started working properly. Now, three and a half months had passed and the child was recovering but did not move. Then just as he started moving, he was afflicted
with a very large and strange pus-filled abscess in his head, the likes of which I had never seen.
I informed his mother of the serious development. She said “Alhamdulillah” and left me.
We immediately turned him over to the surgical unit that deals with the brain and nervous system and they took over his treatment.
Three weeks later, the boy recovered from this abscess but was still not moving. Two weeks pass and he suffers from a strange blood poisoning and his temperature reaches 41.2°C (106°F).
I again informed his mother of the serious development and she said with patience and certainty: “Alhamdulillah. O ALLAH, if there is good in his recovery, then cure him.
”After seeing his mother who was with her child at Bed#5,
I went to see another child at Bed#6. I found that child’s mother crying and screaming, “Doctor! Doctor! Do something! The boy’s temperature reached 37.6°C (99.68°F)! He’s going to die! He’s going to die!”
I said with surprise, “Look at the mother of that child in Bed#5. Her child’s fever is over 41°C (106°F), yet she is patient and praises ALLAH.”
So she replied: “That woman isn’t conscious and has no senses”.
At that point, I remembered the great Hadith of the Prophet (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam): “Blessed are the strangers.”
Just two words… but indeed two words that shake a nation!
In 23 years of hospital service, I have never seen the likes of this patient sister.
We continued to care for him. Now, six and a half months have passed and the boy finally came out of the recovery unit – not talking, not seeing, not hearing, not moving, not smiling, and with an open chest in which you can see his beating heart. The mother changed the dressing regularly and remained patient and hopeful.
Do you know what happened after that?
Before I inform you, what
do you think are the prospects of a child who has passed through all these dangers, agonies, and diseases?
And what do you expect this patient mother to do whose child is at the brink of the grave and who is unable to do anything except supplicate and beseech ALLAH?
Do you know what happened two and a half months later?
The boy was completely cured by the mercy of ALLAH and as a reward for this pious mother. He now races his mother with his feet as if nothing happened and he became sound and healthy as he was before. The story doesn’t end here. This is not what moved me and brought tears to my eyes.
What filled my eyes with tears is what
follows: One and a half years after the child left the hospital, one of the brothers from the Operations Unit informed me that a man, his wife and two children wanted to see me. I asked who they were and he replied that he didn’t know them. So I went to see them, and I found the parents of the same child whom I operated upon.
He was
now five years old and like a flower in good health – as if nothing happened to him. With them also was a four-month old newborn. I welcomed them kindly and then jokingly asked the father whether the newborn was the 13th or 14th child.
He looked at me with an astonishing smile as if he pitied me. He then said, “This is the second child, and the child upon whom you operated is our first born, bestowed upon us after 17 years of infertility. And after being granted that child, he was afflicted with the conditions that you’ve
At hearing this, I couldn’t control myself and my eyes filled with tears.
I then involuntarily grabbed the man by the arm, and pulling him to my room, asked him about his wife: “Who is this wife of yours who after 17 years of infertility has this much patience with all the fatal conditions that afflict her first born?! Her heart cannot be barren! It must be fertile with Imaan!
”Do you know what he said? Listen carefully my dear brothers and sisters. He said, “I was married to this woman for 19 years and for all these years she has never missed the [late] night prayers except due to an authorized excuse. I have never witnessed her backbiting, gossiping, or lying. Whenever I leave home or return, she opens the door, supplicates for me, and receives me hospitably. And in everything she does, she demonstrates the utmost love, care, courtesy, and compassion.” The man completed by saying, “Indeed, doctor, because of all the noble manners and affection with which she treats me, I’m shy to lift up my eyes and look at her.
So I said to him: “And the likes of her truly deserve that from you.

anonymous asked:

What can I do for dhikr?

Saying Allahu Akbar (Takbir) - الله أَكْبَر means “Allah is Greater” or “Allah is the Greatest”

Saying Subhan'Allah (Tasbih) - سبحان الله means “Glory be to Allah” or “How pure is Allah” or “Exalted be Allah (far above is Allah from any shortcoming or imperfection)”

Saying Alhamdulillah (Tahmid) - الحمد لله means “All praise is due to Allah” - an expression of gratitude

Saying La ilaha ilallah (Tahlil) - لا إله إلا الله means “There is no god but Allah”

Saying La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah(Hawqala) - لا حول ولاقوة إلا بالله means “There is no power or strength except with Allah.” Or a similar version is Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billaahil ‘aleeul atheem.

Astagfirullaah (Istighfar).

Audzubillah (Ta'udz).

Laa ilaaha illal laahu wahdahoo laa sharikalahoo lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu wa huwa 'alaa kulli shai'in qadeer. Which means there is no god but Allah, alone, without partner. His is the sovereignty, and His the praise, and He has power over everything

SubhanAllah wa biHamdihi (Glory be to Allah and Praise Him).

SubhanAllahi wa biHamdihi, Subhan-Allahi 'l-`adheem (Glory be to Allah, and Praise Him, Glory be to Allah, the Supreme)

Dhikr is very easy too do. It’s pretty much just remembering Allah and Allahs blessings apon us.

When you pray you’re doing dhikr
When you fast you’re doing dhikr
When you read Quran you’re doing dhikr
When you learn about islam you’re doing dhikr.

Riyad as-Salihin, The Book About the Etiquette of Eating  Book 3, Hadith 735 

Narrated ‘Mu'adh bin Anas (ra): 
Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “He who has taken food and says at the end: 'Al- hamdu lillahi-lladhi at'amani hadha, wa razaqanihi min ghairi haulin minni wa la quwwatin (All praise is due to Allah Who has given me food to eat and provided it without any endeavour on my part or any power),’ all his past sins will be forgiven."At-Tirmidh i].

الْحَمْدُ للهِ الَّذِي يُطْعِمُ وَلَا يُطْعَمُ، وَمَنَّ عَلَيْنَا فَهَدَانَا وَأَطْعَمَنَا، وَسَقَانَا مِنَ الشَّرَابِ، وَكَسَانَا مِنَ العُرْيِ، وَكُلَّ بَلَاءٍ حَسَنٍ أَبْلَانَا، الْحَمْدُ للهِ غَيْرَ مُوَدَّعٍ رَبِّي وَلَا مُكَافأً وَلَا مَكْفُورٍ، وَلَا مُسْتَغْنًى عَنْهُ، الْحَمْدُ للهِ الَّذِي أَطْعَمَنَا مِنَ الطَّعَامِ، وَسَقَانَا مِنَ الشَّرَابِ، وَكَسَانَا مِنَ الْعُرْيِ، وَهَدَانَا مِنَ الضَّلَالِ، وَبَصَّرَنَا مِنَ العَمَى، وَفَضَّلَنَا عَلَى كَثِيرٍ مِمَّنَ خَلَقَ تَفْضِيلًا، الْحَمْدُ للهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِين

All praise is due to Allah, Who feeds but is never fed, He bestowed bounty unto us, Who gave us guidance and fed us, gave us something to drink, covered our nakedness; and for every favor He has given us. All praise is due to Allah, praise that should not be neglected, my Lord, all the while affirming that we will never be able to duly thank Him; nor be appreciative enough of Him, nor be free of needing Him. All thanks and praises are due to Allah Who fed us the food, gave us the drink, covered our nudity, guided us from misguidance, gave us sight from blindness, and honored us above many of His creatures. All praise is due to Allah, Lord of all that exists.

A couple of days ago it was difficult for me to wake up. When I woke up I was very unhappy and distressed and I had all the motivation to not go to school and to not take the test that I had on that day. Upon noticing this, my mother, may Allah swt grant her jannah, told me to recite the following verses:

“So exalted is Allah when you reach the evening and when you reach the morning.
فَسُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ حِينَ تُمْسُونَ وَحِينَ تُصْبِحُونَ

And to Him is [due all] praise throughout the heavens and the earth. And [exalted is He] at night and when you are at noon.”
وَلَهُ الْحَمْدُ فِي السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ وَعَشِيًّا وَحِينَ تُظْهِرُونَ