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Zack can’t think of a suitable word in English for what he wants to say, so out of habit he says it in Mandarin, and of course the others have no idea what he said. He expects them to complain, because his teachers did back when he tried to contribute in class, and starts to apologise

but instead of telling him off or staring at him blankly Billy has out his phone, looking up the meaning, and the other three are over his shoulder reading the translation and description of the word, and once they get it they’re like “Oh yeah totally, I feel that-” and carry on

Zack who takes note of all his friends tiny quirks and needs because he’s so used to looking out for those things being a young carer he does it without meaning to anymore, being totally taken off guard when he realises they’re doing the same for him and making these extra efforts because they love him and he’s not alone anymore. Friends do that, friends do that for the people they care for and he has someone else other than his mother now who does that for him: these four give a shit about him, they genuinely love him and want to know and work with this stuff

I feel like a lot of people focus on how having friends is a welcome, yet surreal change for Trini, but Zack’s the same and I think he gets brushed under the carpet a little

  • "No steppy" right-winger: lol how can someone support communism and anarchism at the same time? lol communism is full left-wing and anarchism is full right-wing -- total state control vs no state.
  • Communists and anarchists: *offer detailed analysis of the state, demonstrating that the state exists as a legal apparatus to enforce the class interests of those with power in society; draw conclusions based on this historically-verified piece of information and advocate for the abolition of capitalism so that class relationships can dissolve and in turn the state won't need to exist as a violent apparatus apart from the people, acting in the interests of capital; understand that "libertarian" as a term consistently had this left-wing connotation until establishment-supporting hacks twisted the term for their own material benefit; in turn recognize the left-wing character of both communism and anarchism, as movements that seek the abolition of concentrated power and the free flourishing of each and all*
  • "No steppy" right-winger: animals practice capitalism =) capitalism is literally just anything that doesn't involve the state =) me putting my bow tie on in the morning is capitalism =)

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…


quiet night

theres just a what-if here about ritsu getting just a bit of psychic empathy and achieving the rest with his writers brain, and theres also a headcanon about mob not being a very good singer or not playing any instrument but being able to whistle very well 

I remember theres a word for that, the very good whistler thing, from a jeffery deaver book Ive read, but I cant find it in my memory anymore

I kinda want it back

You know, Diana has probably had a very lonely hundred years in man’s world. Sure she had Etta, Sameer, Chief, and Charlie, but they would grow old and die, while she would never age (btw she totally would be there for all their funerals because she’s so good like that). Eventually they would be gone and leave her behind and she witnesses more of the horrors of man’s world like WWII and all these other travesties.

It’s very clear from what we’ve seen from Diana in modern day DCEU that she’s lived a life of solitude. I’m sure she met people and befriended them, but like I said, they would die while she continued to live. I really wonder what she felt when Superman was revealed to the world. He’s not like her, obviously, but for the first time, there was this other super powered person out there. She wasn’t the only one.

And now, in Justice League, she’s going to be introduced to all these other people with Powers. Arthur, Barry, Victor, they’re all superhuman, and she’s going to form friendships with them. For the first time in a century, she might not feel so alone.

But then it gets sadder when you remember that she’s still the only one who is immortal. She’ll grow to love this group of people, but they will still be gone one day, while she remains.


31. “I’d abolish all rights and rename them privileges.”

30. “Human rights law should be suspended when dealing with the nation’s security.”

29. “Those who think their privacy is more important than the safety of all of us worry me and I’m glad the government doesn’t listen to them.”

28. “When does free speech become sedition?”

27. “If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide.”

26. “Unless action is taken to root out these fifth columnists the problem can only get worse.”

25. “I would want the state to employ numerous torture techniques, working shifts around the clock.”

24. “If a few terrorist suspects have to be held without trial, deprived of sleep and yes, even water-boarded, to protect the rest of us then so be it.”

23. “We should put armed soldiers on our streets.”

22. “It’s time we ended all this ‘civil liberties’ nonsense.”

21. “Torture is OK.”

20. “If you aren’t doing wrong then you haven’t got anything to worry about.”

19. “Anyone with nothing to hide should have their DNA taken.”

18. “Everyone who lives in our country should give a DNA sample.”

17. “Forget about civil rights, we are at war.”

16. “This country needs a military presence on its streets.”

15. “Anyone who opposes this has something to hide.”

14. “Perhaps Western Christendom needs to declare its very own holy crusade.”

13. “Why not allow the Government total access to all electronic communications? I have nothing to hide.”

12. “If accessing my phone means stronger and greater security for the country, I’m more than happy.”

11. “If, like me, you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about.”

10. “I would have no objection to carrying proof that I am entitled to live in our country.”

9.“I am happy for MI5 or MI6 to know when I am on the train…if that means they are free to gather information about someone who plans to blow me up.”

8. “We have to be less tolerant.”

7.“Torture these terror nuts until they tell us wot we need 2 know and when they’ve told us torture them more just 4 the hell of it.”

6.“…make sure that everyone in the UK has an identification card…anyone at any time can be requested to show this card to prove that they are in the country legally.”

5. “…the time has come for the normal procedures with regard to evidence to be suspended for the duration of the war on terror for the protection of the public.”

4.“Shouldn’t we be on a war footing with everyone carrying an ID card at all times and state security being empowered to stop and search at will?”

3. “In this day and age, if you don’t do what a policeman tells you to do, then expect a world of hurt.”

2. “…surely it is time to re-introduce internment.”

1. “I don’t understand why people are against internment.”


Chloe: Plus it’s easier to move around tight spaces and it’s a great way to get people to pet you!

Brooke: Yeah but having a tail shoved in your face when you’re reading isn’t fun!

Chloe: whoops


I’m crying laughing because I haven’t drawn anything in almost two weeks and what is this crap?

I love how the whole squad is all silent and tense after Elias called Sana slave woman. I love how Elias immediately apologises. I love how disapproving the guys are.


The way Matsuo looks at Ebumi is too much.


Musing over my loneliness led me back to myself, and showed me that I hold onto the shadows of mere memories better than I do to the people in my life.
—  # I know that the day when everyone leaves is inevitable, so I choose to simply let them go.

You know what I like?

Mundane magic in urban fantasy stories.

Like, people who definitely possess magical abilities, but they’re really mundane.

A witch whose specialty is potion making, but she really only uses it to perfect tea.

A forest witch who can’t control plants but can speed up the growth process of flowers, flowers literally bloom wherever they walk- it gets annoying during hide and seek and the witch can’t control it.

A warlock with ice magic who makes delightful snowmen and ice rinks,

Or whose only ice magic is to make pretty frost designs on glass windows.

a magic user who can only make bread rise faster.

A metamorphamagus whose appearances change only very slightly and also very slowly throughout the year. So like in fall they’re a light blonde, in winter they have platinum blonde hair - nearly white actually- in spring they’re a light blonde again, but in summer their hair is straight up golden blonde, like you could make money out of that shit.


There’s not enough Dan/Neil content and im here to fix that,

  • listen,, listen to me, remember that part of the extra content where Nora said that if it wasn’t Neil/Kevin/Andrew, then it was Neil/Matt/Dan ??
  • yeah there’s lot of Matt/Neil fawning over each other but not enough of the angry bean and Dan,, so here we go
  • they spend a lot of time together during Neil’s sophomore year, like a lot of time, because they’re making out Dan is showing Neil all the captain stuff
  • she teaches neil how to dance and s t r i p, and she teaches him to love himself and his body
  • lmaooooo Rip In Pieces to anyone who tries to tear Dan down for being a female captain/coach ever again,,, they dead
  • just pls,, the irony of neil “I don’t drink” Josten being in love with Dan “Hennessy” Wilds,,,
  • you’ve heard of Neil drawing fox paws all over his homework, now get ready for Neil drawing fox paws all over his girlfriend
  • she takes him places !!!!! !! Takes him to the arcade !! To movies !!! Takes him to the carnival when it’s in town and wins him a plushie as big as he is !!
  • (he sleeps cuddling with the plushie most nights because he misses Dan when she graduates)
  • Dan comes back !! During Neil’s 4th year at Palmetto she comes to be like an intern or assistant or whatever for Wymack so she can learn things about coaching !! !!!!! And shes so proud of her boy !! She’s sits in for team meetings and watches Neil pace around and gesture wildly and yell about stats,,
  • a moment of silence for the mental imagine of Dan carrying Neil on her shoulders , Neil leaning down so his nose is pressed to her forehead so that he can look in her eyes and she just smiles at him, like “watcha doing there, mister?” :’)))))
  • Dan cries at Neil’s graduation and when Neil makes court
  • Neil knows all of Dan’s stage sisters,,, knows their names, their addresses, their favorite colors, their favorite drinks, their star signs, sends them all gifts on their birthdays because they’re important to Dan and he loves Dan,
  • Dan has a CD with nothing but “Bad Girls” by M.I.A on it like 20 times and she plays it in the car when she and neil drive,,, they have matching sunglasses and ice cream cones,, the windows are down. A man on the street whistles at Dan at a stop light, she just turns the music up while Neil flips him off. They keep driving.