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Just Friends? || Dan Howell

A/N: Look! It’s a new dan imagine.Things get kinda hot at the end of this one so I warned you. 

Word Count: 1.3K

POV: Reader


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Without me noticing it my head sunk down onto Dan’s chest. My eyes had fallen shut half way through the movie. I had fallen asleep not only in my friend’s flat but basically on top of him. Dan didn’t seem to care and drifted off to sleep not much later.

I started going to university half a year ago in a city that was completely different from my home town. It wasn’t easy to make myself a home here and manage all of the new challenges that I had to face. I had a little dorm room for myself and I got homesick and lonely from time to time.

Dan on the other hand had started uni 3 years ago. He already knew how things worked and he shared a nice flat with his best friend Phil. Dan was a friend of my elder brother and we had gotten on well before I moved here. Now that I was all alone in this big city and needed company I found myself hanging out with Dan a lot.

During my first few weeks here he showed me around and took me to his favourite restaurants. Now I was almost always welcome to hang out at his flat.

Today was one of those days. I felt lonely watching TV all by myself in my dorm room and half an hour later me and him were watching a movie on his couch.

I woke up as soon as the light that shone through the curtainless windows became too bright to ignore. The first thing I saw was a black shirt that I had nuzzled my head into. The first thing I smelled was Dan’s cologne. The first thing I noticed was Dan’s hand that was resting on my hip and almost on my bum. He must have slung his arm around me in his sleep.

I tried freeing myself from his grip without waking him up but his eyes shot open as soon as I started moving.

“Sorry.”  I awkwardly laughed and grinned at Dan’s terrible bed hair.

“I shouldn’t sleep till noon everyday anyway.” He told me, shrugging his shoulders.

He was chuckling at my morning voice but then the smile on his face vanished. His eyes grew wide instead as they landed on where his hand was resting on my hip. Dan quickly removed his arm. We had “friend zoned” each other the time we first met. Cuddling on the sofa was definitely something that could cross our friendship boundaries.

For a second we just looked at each other.

Neither of us said something.

“Ah, the cuddle buddies are finally up!” Phil suddenly exclaimed as he entered the living room.

“Shut up.” Dan and I groaned at the same time. I grabbed a pillow from the couch and threw it at him.

“Hey! I’m just telling the truth, Y/N.” Phil grinned while he defensively raised his hands.

“We didn’t even cuddle.” I told him, rolling my eyes.

“Sure, why don’t you check your phones and see for yourselves?”

I quickly glanced at Dan. He seemed to be as confused as me. I was expecting the worst as I unlocked my phone. 50+ messages in my group chat with Dan, Phil, my brother and some of their other friends that I had all met before.

Phil had the audacity to take a picture of us and post it in the group chat.

‘when were you gonna tell us, ;) ?’

‘Dan is getting some’

‘you are after my sister, dude!?’

‘just watching a movie huh?’

‘YO MATE Netflix and chill, imma right?’

I sighed as I read all of the boy’s texts. My brother being one of them. How embarrassing was that?

“How can you live with such a dumbass?” I asked Dan, pointing at his flatmate and best friend. My voice was loud enough for Phil to hear it on purpose.

“It’s all your fault. You were the one who used Dan as a pillow. And Dan literally hugged you tighter than his favourite teddy bear.” Phil chirped teasingly.

I could feel my cheeks heat up. “We’re just friends!” Dan and I shouted at Phil, who knowingly smirked.

After we ate some breakfast together I took the bus back to my dorm. I took my phone out of the pocket of my jeans in order to pass the time. I checked if I got any new messages and remembered the group chat and all of the boy’s texts.

‘You can stop printing your Dan and Y/N shipper shirts! Just friends!’ I typed.

After I sent my witty comment I scrolled up and stumbled over the picture of Dan and I cuddling. My head was nuzzled into his chest and he had his arms wrapped tightly around me. One of my thighs was put onto his. We did look like a cliché ‘relationship goals’ picture.

My heart sank as I caught myself smiling at the photo. I swallowed hard and quickly turned my phone off, leaving me staring at the black screen. ‘just friends, Y/N’ I whispered to myself.

After our cuddle session, nothing extraordinary happed between me and Dan for a while. I just visited him and we hung out together from time to time.


“No way, Dan.”

“C’MON just this one!”


It was a Friday night, Dan and I had just passed a few important exams and we were out to celebrate all evening with a few friends of ours. The two of us had just returned to Dan’s flat and he realised that he still had some left- over vodka. Although we already had a few drinks at the bar he somehow convinced me to drink the shot he had put into my hand.

30 minutes later half of the bottle was empty.

“Ooops” I giggled while I sunk down on the couch next to Dan and put my head onto his shoulder.  

Dan stared down at me, his deep brown eyes were hypnotising. I swallowed hard as I realized how close we were. I noticed how his eyes wandered down to my lips and stayed there.

Dan’s hot breath on my skin made my inside tingle. The desire to kiss him washed over me like a wave and there was nothing else I could think about. My skin started to glow as the unbearable urge to kiss him was just too much.

We quickly closed the gap between us as his lips crashed down on mine. His hands were back on my hips once again as he pulled me closer to him.

‘Oh my god’ I moaned in my head as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself onto his lap.

I could feel his hands eagerly grab my bum as he leaned back into the pillow of the couch we were sitting on, with me still on top of him.

We broke our hungry kiss to catch our breaths.

“Holy shit, Dan!” I screamed as I realized what had just happened.

We unbelievingly stared at each other with wide eyes.

“Dan we’re drunk.” I whispered.

“We really shouldn’t do this.” Dan gulped.

We were both breathing heavily and I was still on his lap. I breathed in his scent and as I felt his hands on my bum the desire to be as close to him as possible returned.

We glanced at each other intensely before his lips were suddenly back on mine. I buried my fingers in his brown hair, making him moan. His tongue brushed my bottom lip, asking for entrance that I gladly granted him.

We were eagerly making out on his couch, ‘just friends’ was totally forgotten by now. I could feel his hard-on poke the bottom of my thigh and I moaned as I realized how turned on he was by me.

His huge hands started to explore my body, making me gasp as they wandered underneath my shirt and unclasped my bra…

Absentee Father

* Lafayette x Reader
* Modern
* Part 2 of Absentee Father

    [Part 1]

    A/N: This is freaking long. I probably could’ve made it into another two parts but oh well. Here’s the awaited Part 2 of Unplanned Parenthood. I hope you enjoy!

    Word Count: 5,097


    You sat on the couch surrounded by your friends. A year ago, your boyfriend, Lafayette had to return to France. Only a week after he had arrived, there was an awful earthquake. You had never been able to get ahold of Lafayette nor could you get any information on him. It was a few weeks later that you found out you were pregnant. Alexander, John, and Hercules helped you through your pregnancy. And now, three months later, you held your daughter in your arms. You named her Marie de Lafayette. The three of you were waiting for a documentary about Chavaniac, Lafayette’s home. It was a report to cover the earthquake and how recovery had gone so far.

    You and the guys decided to watch it, to see if there was any news. Marie whimpered suddenly, it was as if she knew what you were about to watch. “Shh.” You whispered. “It’s ok sweetie.” You soothed. Alexander grabbed her pacifier from the end table and gave it to you. So you offered it to her and she, of course, quickly took it.

    You all settled into silence as the documentary started. The voice-over speaker began talking about the beauty of the small farming village. “Chavaniac has been around for centuries and prided itself on keeping its heritage.” The screen showed different ancient houses from the village. You recognized a few.

    Once, after knowing Lafayette for a few months, you had asked Lafayette about his home town. The two of you had stayed up all night that evening talking about it. Lafayette had excitedly showed multiple pictures he had on his laptop. Beautiful houses, large and ancient. You stared in awe at all of them, especially his. It was a long brick building with two short, cylindrical towers on the ends. It was clearly two levels as there were two different rows of windows, all equally spaced. There was a circle drive, with a statue in the middle, and a pathway up to brick steps that led up to the door. He told you how he inherited it from a long line of family members, the main reason he still had property in France. He didn’t eat to get rid of it because it meant so much him as well as his family. Sometime after beginning your relationship, he vowed to take you there on vacation sometime.

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    I Missed You (Lin x Reader)

    Word Count:1,367

    Warnings: Swear words, Pessimism, Hospital, Surgery, Fluff

    Authors Note: To the person who requested: I hope you feel better soon, and I hope this is what you were looking for. Definitely not my best work, but I’ve been working on this for hours so I think this will be the best it gets :) REQUESTS ARE OPEN SO PLEASE REQUEST YOUR PROMPTS. I ALSO LOVE HEARING FROM YOU GUYS SO PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK. 

    Request: Could you please write a one shot where the female reader needs an emergency surgery and Lin kind of helps her through it. I’m in the ER right now and I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot :)

    It happened unexpectedly and quite quickly. Also at the wrong time. Luck was never on your side, and today life decided to throw a big boulder on top of you that crushed you flat. Life was a bitch. You had decided to take a vacation to NYC by yourself to enjoy some time you had off of work. Your idea of a relaxing time off was cut short by an emergency surgery you needed to have. So now you sat in a hospital bed waiting for everything to happen with nobody next to you. “Miss, do you have anybody that you would like to come over before your operation?” a nurse asked. Your operation was going to be in a few hours, and all of your family and friends lived on the opposite side of the country. You knew they wouldn’t be able to make it, and that was a fact. You knew one person in the entire state of New York. Lin. and you hadn’t talked to him for many a years. Last time you saw him was in college. You guys had been best friends, but eventually drifted apart as he went into theater and you headed towards writing. You remembered him giving you a note at graduation with his phone number and a note that said: ‘if you’re ever back in town, call me.’ You had put the number into your phone but never had the guts to call him. That was 10 years ago. You wondered if he still had the same number as you pulled out your phone.
    Lin pulled out his phone as he sat in a cafe. ‘Unknown number?’ he thought as he pressed the green button. “Hello?” he asked.
    Your heart jumped to your throat, he sounded the same as he did 10 years ago. “Um, HI? Lin?” you said trying to be calm. “Who is this?” he questioned. “So this is going to be really awkward, I don’t even know if you remember me…” you rambled “Y/N?” he said. Lin’s heart skipped a few beats. He was flushed by the countless memories you two shared in college. Every party you two went to, drunken kisses you two shared (which you did not remember *YiKeS*), and his feelings which he had harbored towards you. “And to what do I owe this pleasure to?” he asked a smile spreading his face. “Remember when you gave me that note at graduation? Well I’m back in town… “ you began slowly. “You’re in town?” He questioned. “Yeah and I was wondering if you wanted to meet?” you asked. “When?” “Does right now work?” you asked hurriedly. “Now? Yeah that works” he responded packing all of his belongings back into his backpack, getting ready to leave. “Where are you?” He asked heading out of the cafe trying to catch a taxi. “In the hospital…” you said hoping he wouldn’t back out. “I’m headed there right now” Lin quickly said. When he thought you had hung up, he whispered into his phone “I missed you.”
    A few minutes later a familiar person walked through the doors of your hospital room.”Lin!” you exclaimed feeling comfortable around him already. “Y/N!” He said before he realized you were in a hospital gown. He hurried over to you, “Are you ok?, What happened?” he asked. “It’s nothing,  just needed a surgery” you said smiling masking your emotions. Your friendship picked up just where it had left off. He pulled out a chair to sit next to your bed. A few hours must have passed because the nurse walked in. “Mr. Miranda, you have 5 minutes left” she said before walking out. That was when it hit you, you were actually going to have to do this. Lin must have sensed something because he pulled you into a hug. In his embrace you lost your hold on your emotions and began to cry. “Shhhh, Y/N it’s going to be ok, you’re going to be ok” he whispered in your ear, stroking your hair. You pulled yourself together enough to look at him in the face. In this moment Lin made a snap decision, something he had wanted to do for 4 years, and regretted not doing for 10. He used his hand in you hair to bring your face closer to his, and softly placed his lips onto yours, uncertain. Before you could react or say something, the nurse returned and said his five minutes were up and ushered Lin out. You looked at him with wide eyes as he walked out of your room with a beet red face. He had definitely distracted you from your surgery, as your last thought before fading into the powers of anesthesia was Lin.
    You woke up in your hospital bed, back in your room. You looked around and saw 20 ‘get well soon’ balloons scattered around your room with a few vases of colorful flowers. Confused, you looked around for a card or some type of addressed item. Your eyes landed on a small post it note stuck to your bedside table. ‘If you’re ever back in town, call me.’ it said. You suddenly remembered all of the events previous to your surgery. You frantically reached for your phone, also by your bedside, and began calling Lin. When he picked up you didn’t actually know what to say. A minute went by of complete silence before you finally broke it. “Lin, I need you” you whispered almost inaudibly. At that Lin was already on his way to the hospital.
    He walked in sluggishly not knowing what to expect. When he arrived you smiled up at him slightly. He shuffled his way over to you. “Lin…” you began, your voice raspy. Lin reached for a cup of water by your bedside putting it up to your lips. You gratefully accepted, and took a big gulp. You swallowed before you continued “what happened yesterday Lin?” you asked. He looked at your fragile state before sighing. “I- I’m not quite sure Y/N.” he managed to get out before looking down at his hands. “Yeah, me neither. If you’re gonna kiss me, might as well do it right” you mumbled. His head shot up to look at you. “Shoot, did I say that out loud?” you asked turning red. He answered you by moving a hair out of your face, and leaning into you. This time he added just the right amount of pressure, his lips moving in sync with yours. His tongue brushed against your bottom lip and you opened your mouth slightly letting him come in. Soon enough you went up for air. Panting from the heated kiss. “Was that better?” he asked, slightly chuckling. “Much.” you said, blushing.
    He stayed by your side until you were emitted from the hospital, coming by every break he had. “Lin, you really don’t have to come every day” you said looking at him walking into the room. “Wow, and I thought you enjoyed my company.” he said jokingly, putting a hand over his heart. He walked over and pressed a kiss of your temple. “Besides, I come here to check out the cute nurse, not you” he said smirking. You swatted at his arm laughing. He stayed with you until he was called back to work.
    You were out of the hospital in no time. Thanks to Lin’s company, time seemed to fly. Today was your last day in New York, and you decided to to out for dinner with Lin. You were outside of your Hotel room Lin following behind you, insisting you got back safe. You turned around after you opened the door. He handed you a small card with his hand writing on it.
    ‘If you’re ever back in town, call me.”
    You smiled and looked up at him. “I hope it doesn’t take another 10 years” he said rubbing his neck, a smile playing with the corners of his mouth. You grabbed him by the collar and pushed his lips onto yours. When you parted you replied “It won’t, I can bet you that.” He turned to leave when you called out to him. “Oh and Lin, I missed you too.”

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    Being younger than Tom headcanons?

    Originally posted by painfulblisss

    Here you go lovely hope you like it xoxo

    You’re Younger than him:

    • You’re about three years younger than him 
    • He couldn’t deny how attracted to you he just was
    • But once he found out your age 
    • It was like everything changed 
    • He had stopped talking to you 
    • Only a passing ‘hello, how you doing darling.’ 
    • You were getting annoyed 
    • Not to mention slightly hurt
    • You truly believed you lot had something going on 

    Making A Move:

    • You had gotten sick and tried of this game 
    • The longing glances when no body was looking 
    • Finally approaching him when he was alone 
    • “What the hell Tom..” 
    • Him acting all confused and trying to get around you 
    • Finally caving in and taken your face between his hands
    • Looking down into her eyes for approval 
    • Finally your lips met
    • It was everything and more that you could’ve imagined 
    • Sparks were flying 

    Going Public:

    • It wasn’t that big of a deal 
    • He had made sure you were okay before posting anything 
    • Being extremely proud to call you his 
    • Always holding you hand in public 
    • Being nothing but respectful
    • When people brought up the age difference 
    • He would just shrug 
    • “It’s not that big of a deal, I love her.” 


    •  The boy was always making sured things were alright 
    • Never pressuring you to do anything 
    • Making sure you were okay when he was going out drinking with his friends
    • Ends up staying with you 
    • You guys end up having more fun on your own 
    • All in all he was just perfect and he could careless about the age 
    Classroom Ship

    Originally posted by slut4kylo

    Request: “ I have a Teacher AU that isn’t on the list, but I think it’s funny! Ben Solo and the Reader are the faculty ship on campus, and instead of catching students texting in class, the students catch them texting eachother!”

    Summary: (Y/N) and Ben are teachers at an elementary school. As they start hanging around each other more often, unbeknownst to them, they become their students favorite faculty ‘ship’. The students are even more avid about them getting together when they catch them texting each other during class hours.

    A/N: Sorry I’m posting this a lil late, but YAS! Haha I’m all here for teacher Ben Solo! I decided elementary school kids were the right age for this, cause well they’re generally nicer and aren’t trolls about teacher relationships haha. Also in this AU I made Rey a few years older and also Ben’s fraternal twin sister, just so no one gets confused. Hope you all enjoy!

    With your eyes barely open, you looked at the coffee maker before you as if unsure as to what it was. Being as tired as you were, you could have easily mistaken another appliance for the familiar black Keurig you loved so much. To say you were hardly ready for the day would be an understatement. Even with your preparation the night before, you were not nearly as rested or caffienated as you needed to be. Winter Break had come to a close and it came far too suddenly for your liking. You loved teaching, but you couldn’t deny that vacation was just as close to your heart. 

    Considering how much time you spent grading assignments the first week, you couldn’t help but feel you had been cheated of your well deserved vacation. What was supposed to be a break from school turned into a flurry of winter festivities with family and friends with only one real day of sleeping in and unwinding. You were exhausted. 

    Sighing you went to put your usual mug onto the silver metal when you heard a baritone voice from behind.

    “Still on break huh?”

    You smirked faintly, already knowing who it was. Turning to your right you saw the familiar and welcoming smile of your favorite coworker by far, Ben Solo. With his dark brown hair lightly toussled, his warm eyes squinting slightly as his uneven jaw exposed his deep dimples, his brown dress shirt stretching over his muscular arms, he held two white coffee cups just in front of him. Bringing one closer to you he offered you a sincere smile.

    “I wish. What’s this?”

    He shrugged, “A pick me-up, just how you like it.”

    Smiling you gladly removed the mug from the Keurig and placed it on the counter as you accepted the white coffee cup. The instant the warm feeling covered your palms you hummed in content, looking back to Ben.

    “You didn’t have to do that Solo.”

    He shrugged again, leaning against the counter as he took a sip of his own drink.

    “Figured it was a good welcome back gesture.”

    You nodded, sitting in the plastic chair in front of him as you relished in the feeling of the coffee warming your palms.

    “Well thank you.”

    He nodded, clearing his throat after he finished another sip.

    “How was break?”

    You scoffed, taking a sip of your coffee as if it was liquor you had to down in order to tell the story. Faintly shaking your head you sighed.

    “Busy, very busy. I hardly got to rest.”

    “Ah, I’m sorry. You at least have a good time?”

    You shrugged, “Yeah, definitely got to do some fun things with family and friends. You know, wintery fun and all that jazz. How about you?”

    He laughed faintly, his teeth just barely flaring with his genuine smile.

    “Well mine was busy as well, family hounded me from beginning to end. Other than that, it was pretty good. Went snowboarding for a little bit, so I got some fun.”

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    I just watched the series finale of Sherlock S4, and I have something to say.

    To all you wonderful Sherlock/Johnlock fans - I’m not making this post to remind you about what just happened tonight, but to tell you that us Destiel shippers extend our loving wings over each and every one of you.

    I’m not making this post to say Destiel hasn’t made us feel such negative emotions at least once, either. I want to tell you that we understand what it feels like to be disappointed, confused, angry, and heartbroken. We understand what it feels like to get your hopes up, and then watch it fall apart right before your eyes.

    Smile. You’ll stand on your two feet again, guys~ I promise :)

    Originally posted by piccolasognatrice-91

    10 Days until Season 10
    "10 Most Memorable Moments of Season 9" → Sam (5/10)
    Day 6: 9x13 "The Purge"

    You can’t make out what he’s saying and it doesn’t matter that you have just told him that you want things to be stricly business between you and him, when you hear his voice so tired, so muffled it sends all your alarm bells ringing. Your can feel your heartbeat in your throat. Close to panic you search for him. Follow him down into the dark. Like so many times before in the past few weeks and months. You look behind every door. Just like with the name tags on his old bed post it takes you five times until you find him. On the ground. To weak to get up by himself. This time you arrived just in time. The next time you’ll find him knuckles bruised and bloody, an angel lieing next to him and his eyes screaming in fear and confusion “What is happening to me?”. It’s a close call that day, but you arrived in time. But like we all know the third time’s the charm. And then, when push comes to shove, you will have to watch in horror how an angel blade is driven through your brother’s heart. And you remember all of the times before you were searching for him, finding him slumped against the wall, wishing to god that you’d have arrived in time as well…

    Another Talk

    Okay I wanted to respond to this but apparently Im blocked from her, and thats okay. I know people will already know who it is, but for me, I want to still ink out the names okay?

    My friend here makes some good points, this whole name thing blew up so badly, like I honestly felt like the post above felt really…hostile. 

    I know this has been an issue since this episode aired, actually I think this post started this issue, because before this post NOONE said anything about this name stuff  until this came up.

    I understand where your coming from. I do. I have a name people have pronounced wrong so many times, It does get annoying, that is why I made up the name “Miki” so people dont have to struggle and as you say dehumanise me.

    A sign of respect is actually making effort to say the name, and if you cant pronounce it, you ask if you can call the person a different name, last time i check Raphael did that.

    And its good that you know your history but this had nothing to do with that. He made up a nickname for her, just like you would do with any friend you meet.

    I call my friends by many names, and even strangers, I call them names that are not their own, does that make me a Coloniser? ((Or whatever that is)) I guess that makes Mikey one too hm? 

    Like with this im legit upset.

    As i said many times, Mikey and Donnie have named stuff, and people, for fun, ((Mainly Mikey)) but nobody talks about that, cause why would we? Mikey being the cute one and the baby gets away with all that kinda stuff.

    But when Raph asks and gets consent, all hell breaks loose.

    ((I know i said this before))

    And why did this have Race involved with this? ((Im legit confused by that, sorry im kinda slow at these kinda things.))

    To me this post was really out of control. Its seriously okay to criticize, im not against that, but when your blatantly getting racism, and sexism involved in a kids show, thats when your just making bull up to complain about.

    And hate to break it to you guys, it is a cartoon, so there fore in the higher up eyes, its a kids show, it has been stated as a kids show, dont even start with me about how “Its not a kids show”

    It is, and no im not sayng thats a bad thing, cause its not, im clearing that up for those who love to get up in arms about how “Its not a kids show, why do people make that excuse….” yata yata yata,

    Speaking of sexism

    I remember a post that I would love to acknowledge, just because Donnie and Casey helped April in situations DOES NOT make her a helpless girl.

    Its called being friends, its literally what friends do, She has helped them several times, stop.

    Girls can certainly be strong as hell but be helped out too, just like guys, I am so aggrivated with some of you in this fandom who brings out double standards, sexism, and race into a show that we are supposed to enjoy, that kids are supposed to enjoy.

    Yeah I know im gonna get hated, but come on, i cant be the only one who feels like this.

    I dunno, maybe I am.

    Anyways, im not trying to start another war, im just trying to end one, or at least calm it down.

    This whole race and sexism crap is for the birds, its stupid, and we already have enough of that in reality, why the heck would you wanna bring it into a show where you escape from the bs.

    cartoons are supposed to be relief from the worlds issues, not make more of it. Just saying. Calm down.

    It is what it is, now lets all just let this go, I dunno, I just want it to stop, I know it wont, and Im being stupid, but to me Im just being annoyed and hopeful.

    Why not we talk about more positive things, like yea one ep can really tank but the new one will be amaze balls!

    Something like that, why do we need to keep on unlenquishing this issue over and over? Its just the same. Race, sexism, respect, which we hear ALL. THE. TIME. I hardly ever see posts about the upcoming episodes.

    If you really need something to talk about with the turtles I can list so many topics for ya, you wont feel the need to put this kinda stuff out there and start a hell out war.

    Just saying.

    Discuss here

    I know im gonna get bitched at, gripped at, told that im wrong, and maybe i am, but I wanted to speak more about this, because i feel that cartoons are supposed to be enjoyed, not torn down, or pulled apart to analyze. But thats me, Im not saying everyone needs to think like this or im not changing anyones mind.

    Im just saying please, let this name thing die and end. And please lets not start on the April being helpless, because that war will not end well…

    Anyways I hope i didnt make people to upset with me, and again i wanted to reblog all of this, but sadly that wasnt in my favor. I hope you guys just understand, if not thats okay. ^^

    Just lets try to let stuff go a little more, i mean holy shell dudes, at least try a little. JS.

    This will be my last post about this, I am letting this crap go and moving on. I suggest yall do the same. ((Its just a suggestion guys))

    As usual:

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    yes i am a majestic celestial being who brings confusion to all who lay eyes on them bow before me young mortal i am your god