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- All Pokemon Gym Leaders

You are challenged by gym leader Zen!

@thecatsmeo and I talked about a Mysme Pokemon AU she instantly pointed out that Milotic is the perfect Pokemon for Zen. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head after that, so here we are… <3

Gardenia and her roserade!  This one is actually one of my personal favorites I’ve done so far. uwu I don’t really understand her hair, like, ??? pokemon hair can be so weird, but whatever!


I was thinking about creating a pokémon Teacher AU and…

Lance: a maths teacher who’s fully aware that all of his students hate maths, so instead of teaching them about maths he just teaches them about his culture and heritage as a Dragon Master.

Steven: an enthusiastic, well-travelled and popular geography teacher whoes classroom is full of interesting things he’s brought back from holiday, like bottles full of volcanic ash, amethyst geodes the size of his head and a collection of various quartzes. His students like to prompt him to talk about his travels in the hopes he’ll forget to set homework.

Wallace: a modern languages teacher and head of the language department. Teaches French and Spanish usually, but also started clubs for students keen on learning Latin, Ancient Greek and of course, Modern Greek.

Cynthia: a history teacher who really doesn’t want to teach what she’s being forced to teach (“Kanto politics? Really? NAH IMMA TEACH YOU ABOUT SINNOH HISTORY SIT YO ASS DOWN”) tends to ramble a lot about stuff not relevant to the course.

Alder: teaches religious studies but nobody cares about that shlock, he’s the captain of the school football team and all the students know him on a first-name basis.

Diantha: a charming and friendly drama teacher who uses charm and the allure of cakes and videos to hide the fact that she can’t teach for shit.

I have a few more headcanons involving gym leaders, E4 and Rangers, but what do you guys think so far?

sylveons-ribbons  asked:

If the 104th and vets were all Pokemon gym leaders, what type would they all specialize in?

Mikasa: Dark
Reiner: Rock
Bertholdt: Normal
Annie: Ice
Eren: Fight
Jean: Fire
Marco: Grass
Sasha: Flying
Connie: Electric
Historia: Psychic
Armin: Water
Ymir: Bug
Levi: Dragon
Hanji: Ghost
Erwin: Normal
Nanaba: Fairy
Mike: Steel
Moblit: Ground


My first set of pokemon gym leaders is finally finished!  I’ve just been randomly choosing characters every day and Johto is he first to be cleared! YAY!

All these designs are available as stickers in my redbubble store! <3

anonymous asked: your blog, also love pokemon, so may I request some pokemon head cannons for all the aoex characters (or at least all the main ones), head cannons for them as a trainer, they're favourite pokemon, other pokemon related head cannons you can think of!


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  1. Pelipper
  2. Aipom
  3. Ampharos
  4. Chespin
  5. Pidgeotto
  6. Litten

As a trainer:

  • He wants to become the worlds greatest Pokemon trainer
  • He loves his Pokemon more then anything
  • Put’s them first no matter what
  • He’s the sort of trainer that talks big but can’t win battles for shit
  • He gets advice from his companions and rethinks his battle approach for his Pokemon
  • He starts winning
  • He’s actually an amazing trainer
  • He’s getting better every day


  • He found a Wingull with a broken wing when he was a child, and took it to the Pokemon centre
  • Once it was healed, he tried to release it
  • But it refused to leave his side 
  • Wingull was his first Pokemon and they’re still the best of friends
  • Rin was overjoyed when it evolved into Pelipper
  • He received Chespin from Professor Sycamore 
  • He found Litten abandoned and hungry under a bridge in Alola
  • Befriended it and took it in
  • The rest he caught


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  1. Bunnelby
  2. Farfetche’d
  3. Nidoqueen
  4. Sandslash
  5. Umbreon
  6. Venonat

As a trainer:

  • He’s the Gym leader in Exorcist city
  • He requires 2 gym badges before your allowed to battle him
  • He likes to guide his opponents and help them in their journey to becoming a good Pokemon trainer
  • He also does Pokemon breeding on the side
  • He also researches Pokemon as well
  • He likes to analyse his Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses and utilise them during battle
  • He wants to know everything about them
  • Because he dreams of becoming a Pokemon professor 
  • He’s currently studying under a Professor as his assistant to learn all he can about Pokemon


  • When his twin brother started his Pokemon journey he challenged Yukio to a gym battle
  • He made Yukio forget the 2 badge rule just for him
  • They argued about it a lot but Yukio got sick of Rin’s whining so gave in and accepted the battle
  • It didn’t matter anyway 
  • Because Rin lost miserably 
  • He swears he’ll come back stronger and win a rematch
  • Yukio can’t wait for that day
  • When he was a child, he was bullied a lot at school
  • When Rin wasn’t there to protect him he’d run of and hide
  • He was crying in the woods and an Eevee found him
  • It followed him around after that and protected him
  • It later evolved into Umbreon


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  1. Bounsweet
  2. Comfey
  3. Bellossom
  4. Cherrim
  5. Cottonee
  6. Shaymin

As a trainer:

  • She’s a gym leader in Meadowlark city
  • She specialises in grass type Pokemon
  • She took over the gym from her grandmother when she died
  • She isn’t the best gym leader because she’s really shy
  • She also doesn’t like seeing Pokemon get hurt
  • She often neglects her responsibility as a gym leader so she can spend time in her garden with her Pokemon
  • She treats her Pokemon kindly and enjoys looking after them
  • She feeds them Pokebeans and berries that she grows in her garden


  • Rin came to battle her and she was nowhere to be found 
  • So he looked for her and discovered a beautiful blonde girl in a breathtaking garden 
  • He was shocked when he found out she was the gym leader
  • Shiemi apologised for making him come all this way for nothing 
  • Rin yells at her and tells her to take her post seriously
  • She’s not only neglecting the trainers who want a Leaf badge but also her Pokemon who would love to battle alongside her
  • So he vows to help her
  • Rin helps Shiemi with her shyness
  • Shiemi asks if she can travel along with Rin whilst she’s learning how to be a real person
  • Her mom looks after her gym for her whilst she’s away
  • Once she’s experienced the world a bit she can’t wait to continue her grandmothers legacy and be the best gym leader she can be
  • Her Pokemon were all her grandmothers, apart from Cherrim who she caught herself
  • She grew up with her grandmothers Pokemon so they all knew her and loved her


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  1. Onix
  2. Typhlosion
  3. Pikachu
  4. Haunter
  5. Electabuzz
  6. jangmo-o

As a trainer:

  • He’s a very serious trainer
  • He trains his Pokemon every day
  • He monitors what they eat and feeds them special brews he creates with their health in mind
  • He gets very serious in battle
  • His father is the Island Kahuna on MeleTemple island
  • He will one day inherit his fathers place and intends to be ready


  • His favourite type of Pokemon is electric 
  • Because it matches(/matched) his hair
  • He meets Rin and Shiemi when they come to the Alolan region 
  • He shows them around since they’re new
  • He instantly takes a dislike to Rin because he thinks he isn’t serious about being a trainer
  • Takes it back when he sees how much courage and love he has for Pokemon and battling


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  1. Meowth
  2. Skitty
  3. Popplio
  4. Lilligant
  5. Pikipek
  6. Togedemaru

As a trainer:

  • He’s a new trainer in the Alolan region
  • He loves all of his Pokemon 
  • He just wants them to try their best in battle
  • He doesn’t like seeing Pokemon get hurt
  • So he carries a shit ton of revives and potions
  • He loves seeing the different Pokemon moves though and levelling up his Pokemon so thats why he became a trainer
  • And it makes his Pokemon happy as well


  • He has a love for cat type Pokemon
  • When he went to Professor Kukui for his starter Pokemon, he originally wanted Litten but they were all gone
  • So he chose Popplio and now he wouldn’t trade it for anything
  • He loves petting his Pokemon and playing with them
  • And feeding them Pokebeans
  • He is fascinated by Alolan forms
  • He is to scared to ride Pokemon and is really sad about it, because he would love to ride a Mudsdale or a Lapras


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  1. Crabrawler
  2. Lycanroc (midday form)
  3. Froakie
  4. Fletchling
  5. Inkay
  6. Magenmite

As a trainer:

  • He has three elder brothers who are all gym leaders
  • He doesn’t want to follow in their footsteps
  • Too much pressure
  • He just thinks Pokemon and adventures are cool so he’s on a Pokemon journey to have fun
  • He’s laid back and enjoys battle
  • Doesn’t care all too much if he looses 
  • Only cares if theres a hot girl about to see his defeat

In general:

  • He caught his little sister a Pichu for her birthday
  • He low-key things Lycanroc’s midnight form is cooler
  • Out of all his Pokemon he is closest with Froakie
  • Despite how he acts, he is close with all his Pokemon
  • He loves them a lot 
  • He’s forgetful sometimes and messes up a lot 
  • He’s terrified of bug type Pokemon and if anyone draws one out in battle he’ll either faint or yell out random moves in fear, this confuses his Pokemon and they end up hurting themselves in the confusion, so they loose the battle
  • He met and befriended Rin and Shiemi and the three of them are travelling together on a Pokemon adventure


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  1. Braixen
  2. Cinccino
  3. Clefairy
  4. Furfrou (heart trim)
  5. Igglybuff
  6. Dedenne

As a trainer:

  • She comes from a longline of Pokemon gym leaders in the Kalos region but wants to explore the world
  • She will become a gym leader when her mother passes the gym onto her one day
  • She wants to become the best Pokemon trainer in her region and bring greatness to her family name
  • She takes battles seriously and hates loosing
  • When she looses she’ll train her Pokemon even harder
  • She has a soft spot for her cute Pokemon and loves them a lot 

In general:

  • She really wants a Sylveon
  • But can never catch an Eevee to evolve it
  • Her little sister loves looking after her Pokemon with her
  • She has given all of her Pokemon nicknames
  • She was kind of sad when her Fennekin evolved to Braixen
  • She loves to pamper her Pokemon and brush their fur
  • When Shiemi decided to go back to her gym she decided to travel with Rin and Shima


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  1. Mew
  2. Ho-oh
  3. Tapu Lele
  4. Hoopa
  5. Moltres
  6. Solgaleo 

As a trainer:

  • He’s known as the Legendary trainer
  • He’s never lost a battles
  • Loves showing off his Pokemon
  • His Pokemon are very high level as well
  • He’s the current Pokemon champion
  • He has a lot of Pokemon, probably more then anyone else ever
  • He didn’t catch them all, he bought some from dodgey people online
  • He wants to collect at least one of each Pokemon

In general:

  • He has so many Pokemon that he bought a whole chunk of his city just for them all to fit together
  • His Pokemon have the best everything 
  • They are always groomed and presented well
  • He is often featured in Pokemon magazines around the world and therefor is quite wealthy
  • He has one of each style of variety Pokemon
  • Such as all Furfrou styles and all Oricorio styles
  • I picked Hoopa because it looks like Sami in the newest manga chapter, uno arabian Mepphy…


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  1. Garbodor
  2. Muk
  3. Stunky
  4. Gloom
  5. Acres
  6. Mewtwo

As a trainer:

  • He is a popular professor who is respected for his knowledge and skill on Pokemon and battling 
  • He’s got many Pokemon, although not as many as mephisto
  • He’s won multiple awards for his discoveries
  • He has one of the largest Pokemon labs in the world


  • Although he caught the majority of his Pokemon, Trubbish (now Garbodor) and Grimer (now Muk) found him and followed him around
  • It’s likely they were confused because they thought he was one of them
  • He smells so bad they still aren’t sure if he is or isn’t a Pokemon
  • He has a wide collection of legendary and mythical Pokemon 
  • Despite being highly respected person in the Poke-world, he is still extremely lazy and doesn’t seem to care about his appearance 
  • Some of his Pokemon like to try clean him by licking his face

This was a lot of fun for me to do! So thank you for the request! I only did some of the aoex characters but if anyone would like to request more like Shura, shiro, Nemu, Amaimon, Lucifer, Illuminati members etc…. just send the request and I’d be happy to do it!