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Basic Information; Aoife Bedivere

Full Name: Aoife Bedivere (ee-fa bed-uh-veer)
None! (unless we’re including all of the fun ways myself and other muns like to butcher/spell her name ha ha ha….)
Midlander | Hyur
31st Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Dark ash brown fading into a lighter brown. The light brown slowly consumes her natural hair color with every aether outburst she has.
120 lbs
Main Job:
White Mage
Off-hand Job(s):
Dragoon/Monk. Aoife would never set out with anything but her staff, but she has picked up tricks and self defense skills from her mother, Rozlyn (dragoon) and older brother, Callum (monk) because she knows she can’t always rely on having the advantage of range in battle. In close combat, she’ll resort to using her staff as an improvised spear/polearm/etc, or if stripped of that, Callum has taught her enough to fend for herself. Aoife is of course not nearly as skilled in those areas as she is a white mage and could probably not hold out for as long.
Aoife likes to consider herself a fairly decent chef! She learned everything she knows from her father, who is a well known culinarian in Limsa. Very few things make her happier than cooking for friends, family or even strangers. She may often times be seen giving meals she prepared to those who are less fortunate, especially close to Starlight.

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perfecxionist  asked:

:00 how do you do that outline with your text. Do you just copy and paste it and make it a tad bigger than color or is there a simplistic way?

u mean……….

well ok first u gotta write something really pretty and poetic

then u select it all and use increment under the selection tab! press it a bunch of times until u get the size u want

and then i just fill another layer with the color i want and put it under the original text (make sure u have anti-aliasing on when filling it with the bucket!! or else the contour will be all pixely and stuff)

and then i just turn the original text on top in white so it pops out of the pink and it pretty much gives out this:

im poop at explaining things but i hope that does the job LOL