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So anyway here’s a doodle comic I started but just… can’t… finish…

I probably have like a year before this variation of Pink and White Diamond are shot to bits so lemme have some fun.

Don’t you know I miss her, too ?

If you could only know how passionate That Will Be All got me. After watching it ten times and breathing my thrills out, I suddenly felt the need to get back to my watercolors.

There is a reason why black bloc wears all black. There is a reason why everyone one of them cover themselves in the same color, all dressed very similarly, too similarly to tell one from another: it is the point. That is the tactic. The tactic is to keep each other as anonymous as possible, so you can engage in direct action against our corrupt government.

This is why pastel bloc is not a very great way to engage in direct action, it would be one thing if all of you dressed in one color, be it pink, or yellow, or whatever else, but all dressing in pastels that differentiate you all from one another defeats the purpose of what black bloc was trying to accomplish.

TL;DR pastel bloc compromises anonymity which is important when engaging in direct action.

Song Analysis: What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)?

I’ve been mulling this song over since I’d first heard it. For one, it confirms a lot of things about Homeworld and the Diamonds that I’ve been harping on for a while now. But this post isn’t a sermon about how to sympathise with the Diamonds better. I’m not too big a fan of that perspective. Rather, it’s the power that we receive when we empathise with them.

The thing about the Diamonds is that they’re all powerful, huge, and “human.” They err and have feelings, not necessarily in that order. So when they irrationally do something that hurts a lot of individuals and even entire planets, the answer isn’t to excuse them because “they’re sad.” The answer is to reach out to them in a way they understand so that they don’t do it again, and more appropriate to our context, make amends

Because the two very polar sides of “forgive” and “punish” aren’t constructive. To side with either doesn’t do justice to the people and gems who’ve already been lost or still are losing. It doesn’t make things better for anyone. 

This post will analyse the perspective Homeworld has of Earth and human beings. At the same time, the song reveals a lot about how gems view themselves and one another. I’ll round it up with how PD’s death impacted both Blue and Yellow Diamond and how their respective coping strategies led to the way things are now. And I’ll speculate on the immediate future of Earth in that regard.

So let’s get to it!

1. The song implies a falling-out among the Diamonds before PD’s shattering

Why would you want to be here? What do you ever see here
That doesn’t make you feel worse than you do? And tell me, what’s the use of feeling, Blue?

When the Steven Bomb opens in Steven’s Dream, we get a rare moment of hearing Blue’s thoughts. Bent over PD’s palanquin, she expresses deep regret. She says, “If only I had done more.” 

We know that Blue is sad over PD’s death. And we know from the first verse that visiting anything related to PD makes both surviving Diamonds uncomfortable. But we can find, within the lyrics, something specific about why instead of just sad, regret is interspersed in their mourning of PD.

In sharp contrast to Blue’s lament of wanting to do more, later on in the song, YD says, “Now there’s nothing we can do.” That implies at one point in time, the Diamonds were in a position to do something that could have prevented PD’s shattering. And they didn’t do it.

I want to bring back one of my older posts regarding the circumstances of PD’s shattering. In it, I mention that there’s been some sort of historical scrubbing of PD’s memory from Homeworld, such that only older gems are aware of her or feel any affinity for her. The Great Diamond Authority Logo, colour schemes, and even gem factions show no sign of PD’s ever existing, when this wasn’t the case for older structures on Earth. 

But in a slightly contradictory manner, we know the truth to be the opposite. The Diamonds didn’t take PD out of Homeworld’s memory because of the fight. Rather, they erased her because it hurt them personally to be reminded of her existence. 

When we look at the circumstances of their argument, there are a few theories I can posit. The main one being this: PD had an unconventional relationship with her Earth gems. I say this because now we have two Homeworld “subordinates” as examples in contrast.

I brought up before that Jasper felt a deep personal affinity for PD. And this may be even without having met her personally, even with the possibility of her being created after PD was shattered. On the other hand, Peridot and Holly Blue talk about their Diamonds with a sense of detachment. There is a great divide that Peridot puts between herself and YD. YD is perfect; she is not. YD is the most objective; that is what she aims to be. YD is a great decider; she was there to reaffirm the logic of the former’s decisions.

It’s much the same for Holly Blue. BD decides to maintain the zoo; she is grateful for the opportunity to serve. BD is arriving; she wants to assure a pleasant visit for her.

In both these cases the gems don’t feel like they’re coerced into serving their Diamonds. They openly acknowledge that because their Diamonds are superior in different (and at times all) aspects, they’re worth following. It’s very similar to idolising someone and hoping they’d mentor you, or even that you could contribute to their cause in some way. This cause being the betterment of Homeworld. 

2. PD’s close relationship with her gems

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Honestly, and mildly ironically, at this point, I think the way Steven will be able to fix things between Homeworld and Earth is because of Pink Diamond.

The Diamonds are grieving over the loss of their fellow Diamond, someone who, to them, creatures who lead the gems and are thought to be even more infinite than them, must have died only weeks ago.

They want to move on, though they have different ways of going about it. Blue mourns, seeming to somewhat neglect her court while wiling the days away in Pink Diamond’s quarters, while Yellow wants to destroy the Earth and the memories made there. She believes that will somehow make up for Pink’s death, make it easier for her to focus entirely on her court. 

That doesn’t make up for either of their actions, but it does help us see how lost they are. They’ve never lost a Diamond before. An army is replaceable, but a Diamond? Never.

They have no healthy ways of showing their loss, no way of getting the closure they desperately need.

That must be achingly familiar to Steven.

Steven never knew his mother, never had a reason to miss her, but all his life he’s lived in the hole she left her family with. Grief is an emotion that’s been a basis of his everyday life ever since he was born. He knows how it hurts the heart and mind; how it changes a person. 

And that’s how he can relate to the Diamonds. He’s seen personally what they’re going through, and he also knows what it means to actually move on.

Steven can show the Diamonds the path to forgiving themselves for the death of Pink.

Baseless Power Rangers headcanons just because

• The Power Rangers Soundtrack? More like Zack’s latest mixtape.

• Jason’s father had big plans for his life. He never meant to settle down, especially not in a dinky town like Angel Grove

• Kimberly pretty much disassociated her way through the entirety of her High School career

• Billy’s father was totally clueless. All of his talk about there being “something out there” was just to give his son a purpose. Guess it worked.

• Trini’s abuela is a total drunk and she has no idea where her daughter’s conservative values came from

• All of the Rangers have customized bedrooms in the ship that only reveal themselves when one of the kids (Trini) is searching for the meaning of “home”

• Zordon cyber-stalks the teens’ personal social media pages

• Alpha 5 is always cleaning up after the kids. He feels like an under-appreciated stay-at-home mom 

• All of the notes Zack passes in detention are in Chinese so the other kids have to use google translate. They’re always either extremely lewd or genuine compliments. Sometimes both.