all pictures taken and edited by me

atangleoflimbs.jpeg cc: @mishacoliins & @mishananigans 

So we knew we wanted to do a pose where we were in the middle that hopefully involved the MishReach™ but we somehow ended up going for a group hug that involved as many limbs as possible. I still don’t know how we all managed to stay upright or when the picture was taken because I think we were all just trying to stay upright. 

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*EDIT: CLOSED*$10 Paladin Pictures!!

Hey y’all! For a limited time only, I’m selling drawings of you, the viewer, as a paladin!! Examples are as such:

You will be provided with an originally designed weapon of your choice and in the color of the paladin you identify with! Only 5 slots are open, get them while they’re hot! 






Send me a message if you’re interested, and I’ll give you my Paypal and/or Googlewallet info!

If you’re not comfortable with having yourself drawn and/or giving me a reference (details are fine, I will do my best to present you properly!!) feel free to ask for one with a paladin oc or paladinsona!

***all spot are filled, thank you all for the commissions! I’ll try to have them done by the next weekend!


Pages from my photography journal. All the pictures were taken and edited on my Samsung S4. I just thought I should start logging them somewhere. I actually took this notebook to my interviews last year in order to show my interests in photography and they really liked that. Just goes back to my point on how interviewers just want to see you and your creativity and so little things like this are actually really helpful to have as part of your portfolio!

The Luckiest Boy - Snapshots II Jaspar fanfiction

Inspired by this picture (credits for the picture to @inlovewithjaspar) I wrote another little snapshot

For @jasparsguardianangel who asked me to write some fluff (not about this picture, but I hope you still like it <3)

Music recommendation: All Of Me by John Lennon

You know the drill, cut out all the kisses.

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‘‘I’m the Son of Hades
I don’t belong anywhere
I’m not even from this century
But that’s not enough to set me apart’’

Nico di Angelo from the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan
Character belongs to @rrriordan , the king of sass, himself

Picture taken by @joeyzeawesome
The actual pictures are edited by me
But the over all edit with the borders and the text and the effects are all done by the amazing @irllax <3


Exactly one year ago today I saw ATL live. Seeing them again in a week. I’m happy.

“oh 2hiit look2 liike you’ve been 2potted“

Gotta be my favorite picture from the entire day. Like DAMM son.
Photo taken and edited by the all powerful and wonderful Vice Kaichou. you are the best and i want to steal your camera. 

Solluxander Captor || Photographer 

Reasons to survive the apocalypse (INTP edition)

To travel to all the places that are normally cluster fucks and just be able to thoroughly explore without being pestered by guards or tourists who want their picture taken.

To finally have some god-damned peace and quiet so I can read a book in one sitting.

To have a smaller population to corral and become hegemon.

To be the ruler of the pugs and frenchies … Mwhahaha you all shall cuddle with me now, except you zombie pug you walk the fuck away.


Making a dumb Star Dream Soul OS icon before & after(with comparison to other screenshot for color reference)

Now with the very limited editing I could do I definitely couldn’t make it perfect, but I still think it looks ok so I decided to post.

All three pictures taken by me because I’m a weeb and spend lots of time taking stupid screenshots of Star Dream.

why u gotta whitewash kpop idols so much…… all ur fan taken pictures saying ‘do not edit’ when you’ve already turned the brightness up 294%… smh they’re literally the visual equivalent of white crayola on blank paper fuck ur whitewashed aesthetic blogs since when did beauty = casper the friendly ghost


“She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll kick you in the face.”

Cosplayer: Zoe ( enjoythepetrichor  who makes these amazing cosplays in like two weeks as if it was no effort at all) as PeggyCap (design by alexschlitz)

Pictures were taken and edited by me

A quickie I drew before bed time. I really just love all their aggressive Nyongtory moments during Sober. Since we no longer have LTAL, Sober and Stupid Liar is the only sanctum for my Nyongtory heart. And I think all the fan taken pictures prove how cute these two are. They’re like my precious children~ they’re just adorable, don’t you all agree?

And I miss drawing fanarts lately a lot! Been so busy, stressed out, and currently still sick. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped doing fanart, just much slower than in the past. 

Anyways, as always, you guys may share but do not remove or edit this picture in any shape or form, don’t go selling it either because this is free from me to share my love for drawing and OT5. Let’s respect one another okay?


chris evans, everyone 

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