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My dad spent last weekend in Oklahoma with about a bazillion baby Morgan horses and he sent me about a bazillion pictures of them while he was there, including this one. Pardon me while I get all of the cuteness out of my system real quick…The next several photos I post were taken by my dad ( @stuff-that-works ), and edited by me.

Yuri on Ice interview translation - CREA 2017/03 (p34-35)

Second part of the YOI interviews featured on CREA. As for the one with Kubo, more than “interviews” they are like “mini articles” that incorporate what the interviewed people said. The interviews are with Kenji Miyamoto (choreographer), Eiji Abiko & Junpei Tatenaka (figure skating animators), Yuuko Sagiri (original costume designer), Keisuke Tominaga (music producer).

Random note: thanks to this magazine I was finally able to know that Sagiri’s name is “Yuuko”. When I translated her interview on Pash I did lots of research but wasn’t able to find out the pronunciation so I used Yuiko because that was what came out searching for the name alone, but now it’s confirmed that it’s Yuuko so as soon as I have time I’ll edit that interview to fix it. I swear all magazines should be obliged to provide the pronunciation of names, because sometimes it’s really hard to find out how the kanji are pronounced when it’s not famous people with Wikipedia pages and such…

By the way, the issue of Pash coming out today (Feb. 10th) has an article I was really looking forward to (the second part of Kubo’s detailed commentary on each episode), so I’ll probably spend the night translating it when I get home from work. Also because I want to post it before the YOI all night event on Saturday (I’m going to the live viewing).

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The reality as expressed by 5 people who created “Yuri on Ice”

Reality #2: Choreography x Kenji Miyamoto
“The footage taken with the camcorder was the key to create realistic and powerful anime scenes”

Profile: From Hyogo prefecture. After retiring from competitive ice dance in 2006 he started working as a choreographer and commentator. With director Sayo Yamamoto’s “ENDLESS NIGHT” for the first time he was involved in creating figure skating choreographies for an anime.

The choreographies for all characters’ programs were created by choreographer Kenji Miyamoto. He created them integrating the music with the information he received from director Yamamoto and Kubo regarding the characters and their programs. What was different than usual is that the songs for the FS were 4 minutes long instead of 4:30 minutes.
“In the anime characters need less strokes to speed up, so it’s possible to use less ‘transitions’, the movements connecting different techniques. I cut down on those and made the programs more compact.”
Miyamoto was filmed with 4 fixed cameras and 2 portable camcorders as he danced all the programs, then the footage was edited into a multiframe video based on which the animated figure skating scenes were created.
“I believe that the footage taken with the portable camcorder, that filmed me up close, is what made it possible to create realistic and powerful tournament scenes.”
After watching the finished anime, Miyamoto commented that the characters’ monologues during their performances are realistic.
“When you are performing lots of things are whirling around inside your head. In my case it wasn’t words but still pictures, like photographs. I was happy that they expressed the athletes’ feelings.”

Reality #3: Animation x Junpei Tatenaka & Eiji Abiko
“The performances look realistic thanks to Miyamoto-sensei’s choreographies”

Profile: Animators working for the anime production company MAPPA. Specialized in sports and action scenes. They both created animation for director Sayo Yamamoto’s “ENDLESS NIGHT”.

Animation of the figure skating scenes was created by action specialists Junpei Tatenaka and Eiji Abiko. “It’s the first time that we digitally create 2D pictures after deciding the camerawork. It was very difficult because we had to figure out how to do everything”.
Tatenaka, who was already a fan of figure skating, says: “For the moments I believed to be the ‘highlights’ of a performance I would add 1-2 extra stills. This way, I was able to draw out a little what in the live footage only lasted an instant.” They actually made jumps much higher than they are in real life.
“While being aware that real skaters wouldn’t jump that high, I still wanted the scenes to be striking, therefore I was always looking for a good balance between realism and what could be allowed in animation.” (Abiko)
They both agree that Miyamoto’s choreography footage was the most important factor that allowed them to create realistic performance scenes.
“When there was a key point in the music, Miyamoto-sensei would pose with all of his body creating a beautiful line, from his fingertips to the tips of his toes. It was very easy to draw.” (Tatenaka)

Reality #4: Costumes x Yuuko Sagiri
“I think the only difference is that there were no budget restrictions (LOL)”

Profile: Ballroom dancing costume designer working for the ballet & dance supplies maker Chacott. She has designed figure skating costumes for athletes such as Nobunari Oda and Akiko Suzuki.

Yuuko Sagiri, designer of the athletes’ costumes, created the designs giving importance to functionality that would improve a skater’s performance and to elements that would make the character’s personality stand out, just like she does for real costumes. She chose materials, cuttings and decorations that would actually be employed in costumes used for real performances.
“Normally I objectively watch an athlete’s past performances to understand their level and what kind of movements they are skilled at, and this is then reflected in the design. This time I based the design on the characters’ setting materials, the information I received from the director and the choreography footage by Miyamoto-sensei. I think the only difference is that there were no budget restrictions (LOL).”
Regarding Yuuri’s costume, she mentions that she wanted to reflect the fact that he is psychologically weak and gains weight easily.
“I added shining decorations on his chest so that his face would look bright even when he is tense. The cuts on the waist are to make him look slim.”
Actually, she also designed a costume for Yurio’s exhibition. Sagiri said that she created the design thinking of what “Yurio would really want to wear”. We’d definitely like to see him skate with that costume!

Reality #5: Music x Keisuke Tominaga
“I added melody to the beautiful lyrics that is ‘Yuri on Ice’”

Profile: From Kanagawa prefecture. Music producer. He founded PIANO INC. in 2012 and is the current representative director. His main works include the Pocari Sweat 2016 commercial “Kimi no Yume wa, Boku no Yume.”, the TV anime “Zankyou no Terror”, etc.

When creating the music for this show, music producer Keisuke Tominaga constantly asked himself whether it was music you could dance to.
“I would move my hands, feet, my whole body, sometimes even checking the rhythm like a conductor or a dancer. Figure skating has many elements that resemble ballet, so to express the elegant movements of the body I used many tunes in triple time like waltz and bolero.”
Most of the classical and orchestra tracks were created by Taku Matsushiba, while the vocal tracks and modern band songs by Tarou Umebayashi. They worked on the music as a team, always communicating with each other.
“The world created by Kubo-san and director Yamamoto was like realistic and beautiful ‘lyrics’, and I feel that our role was to create a ‘melody’ for those lyrics. In fact, when I joined together Yuuri’s FS song “Yuri on ICE” and Victor’s recorded voice for the first time, the lines sounded just like the words of a song, and I can’t describe how moved I was. I believe that this strong, deep expression that you would not be able to obtain with music alone is what realistically affects the viewers.”

Bonus in case you haven’t seen it already: Sagiri’s design for Yurio’s exhibition program.


help sandy! 📷

can some of you guys please give me your opinion on these screenies? I created a new reshade preset today and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it! The first two are taken in the morning, and the third was taken at around 6:00PM. Any thoughts/opinions would be really appreciated!! 💕

edit: I’ve redone the two pictures of the simmy to be ‘less red’ is that any better? also yes it is very blurry, but the blur I’ve used is actually the same as what I currently use :’) I think it’s just emphasied here because of all the red xD i also added a pic of one of my fav male sims in, because why not :P

atangleoflimbs.jpeg cc: @mishacoliins & @mishananigans 

So we knew we wanted to do a pose where we were in the middle that hopefully involved the MishReach™ but we somehow ended up going for a group hug that involved as many limbs as possible. I still don’t know how we all managed to stay upright or when the picture was taken because I think we were all just trying to stay upright. 

Please credit if you edit.

Engagement (Simon)

 He was nervous that she was going to figure it out. Every chance he got he was working on proposing. He knew ot had to be unique for her. His beautiful girlfriend, Who had just given birth to his adorable son. Between filming and editing videos and helping her with his son he knew it was going to be hard to do it. He wpuld make her take a nap so he could work on it. While he was taking care of the baby. He was making a video of every place that the two of you had ever been. It could have been of anything from the two of you just walking down the streets of your hometow to dancing in the streets of Italy. He knew you would love the video. He just had to get the ending right. “Daisy, you know that I love you so much. I have been so grateful that you came into my life when you did. You have given me the most precious gift that I could have ever asked for. Now all I need in my life is for you to become my wife. So, Daisy will you do me the honor of becoming my beautiful wife.” He filmed himself before editing it into the video.

“Babe, can you come here.” he asked her. Sitting her down in his gaming chair with the baby in her arms. “I want you to tell me what you think of this video.”

The first part of the video was pictures of the two of them when they were younger. Then moving on to the videos he had taken of her while they were on holiday. He had made sure to incorporate her favorite video of them. It was from the first holiday that they ever went on together. She was laying on his chest inbetween his legs while they were on the beach in the Caribbean. The white sand beneath them. He held the camera out in front of the two of them causing her to smile. The end of the video surprised her. When she turned to look at her boyfriend,

 She saw him next to her on one knee. Ring in hand. “So what do you say. Will you marry me?” He asked officially.

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Niall Horan - “This Photograph”

Time to write some cute Niall for the girl I’m going to see Niall with in June! Enjoy!

What was it about Ireland that inspired you so much? You felt drawn to it’s greenery, the hills, the lush fields, the dewy grass and overcast skies. You wanted to spend every free second you had attempting to capture it’s beauty with the lens of your camera. Today found you in Mullingar. Down the road from the hotel you booked a room at you found a small park. It’s tall trees, the green grass, the people milling about as they gossiped and laughed together. 

You stood under the shade of a large tree, your lens sweeping across the view before you, snapping picture after picture of the people and sights around you. And that’s when you saw him. 

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anonymous asked:

MIMI!! Also something else!! Hidden Jikook omg okay so in Jimin's tweets from today 1) first tweet with the birds if you pause at 0:11 you can clearly see someone wearing a white shirt sitting in front of jimin and we all know it's Jungkook from the airport pictures taken today he's wearing a white shirt 😭 2) Second tweet with the red glasses someone in white is sitting next to Jimin on the right and well :) these two were glued to each other not just on the airport but all day it seems 😭

Yeah I saw that. 

EDIT: As an Anon just told me it may also be Taehyung (who was also wearing white that day) on the tweet where Jimin is filming himself. On the second tweet where they feed birds, It is 100% V tho because of the sleeves proof HERE. (Thanks anon) 

Tweets links: HERE & HERE

Happy Sumptuous King Saturday! 

Dedicated to Thranduil’s beloved Queen:

You taught me the courage of stars before you left. 

How light carries on endlessly, even after death. 

With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite. 

How rare and beautiful it is to even exist. 

Saturn” by Sleeping At Last (click on the link to watch the video on YouTube)

Thank you to @parisiankiss2007 for pointing out this wonderful song to me!

 Picture of Thranduil was taken from the internet, edit by @floranocturna

Disclaimer: © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. The Hobbit/Thranduil trademarked to Middle-earth Enterprises and licensed to New Line Cinema. No profit is being made.

flexing-shepherds  asked:

Any advice about getting better photographs of my dog? I'm kind of new to the whole photography thing, and I know it's a sin to treat my D3200 as a point-and-shoot. :x Your pictures are so lovely

Thank you! It’s like the ultimate compliment to have someone ask for advice ^_^
I don’t know at what level you are, so I’ll give as much advice as possible.

 First off, youtube and google are your friend. Before I got a proper camera (dslr), I did a lot of research of the “mechanics” of photography. I felt like I needed to understand how everything works to be able to get the best pictures, and I do think it helped.

Learn as many little guidelines or camera facts as you can, like.. Smaller aperture gives a wider field of focus (i think that’s the proper term).
 I like wide apertures because it gives a more blurred background, especially with a lens that zooms a good bit. 

 Learn what f/stop, shutter speed, and iso sensitivity are. Also, histograms are important in a lot of cases. Lightroom will show you every photo’s histogram.

^Learn enough about all the settings above to be able to shoot in manual.

Take a ton of pictures! Sometimes I take hundreds of pictures and only keep a few. (i’m a bit of a perfectionist and rarely get ones i’m truly happy with, still) 

If your camera has the live-view option (digital screen to see what you’re shooting) don’t use it. Learn to look through the viewfinder. I can’t say I know why it’s important right now, but I just feel like it is. lol

With dog pictures, I feel like some light reflection in the eyes is important, especially if there isn’t much interesting movement going on in the picture. Otherwise the eyes look like empty voids, it’s hard to capture that with Talvi because his eyes are so dark compared to his face, so I often try to bring it out in lightroom with the brush tool. Up the exposure a tiny bit, contrast, and highlights, and apply it to the eyes. And that brings up another huge thing.. Lightroom. I consider it a must-have. I edit every single picture that I take with it.

Shoot in RAW. You get the most “info” that way, so you’re able to bring more out in editing. It can be the difference between a great picture and a worthless picture 

Learn about rules of composition, such as the rule of thirds. Also remember they aren’t truly “rules”, and ultimately, you have the creative ability to do anything you want. 

Try to make sure your horizons are level. That can be edited in Lightroom, but you’ll end up cropping some off of your picture. So work on trying to shoot straight in the first place. (I have issues with this) 
Also, sometimes it’s a battle of “should I make the dog’s back/head/whatever level, or the horizon?” So sometimes you just have to break rules and decide for yourself. 

Take pictures from low angles. Pictures of dogs from human eye level rarely look intriguing or special in any way, cause that’s how we always see them. 
Almost every picture I get of Talvi, I’m crouched down when taking it. Some I even set the camera on the ground for. 

And when you start editing, you will probably over contrast things, or under-expose things. I always try to make sure pictures are well exposed and bright, but also not washed out (unless I like a washed out look for that picture). (histograms will help you understand that) When I’m “done” editing a picture, I usually go through and dial everything down a bit because I tend to wanna over edit. :) 
In fact, I usually lower the saturation now, I like more subdued colors in most pictures. But that might just be a phase

Avoid distracting backgrounds. Anything unnatural in a background can totally ruin a picture to me. That’s a big reason I take all my pictures outside, and also like heavily blurred backgrounds in most cases

Lighting is hugely important, but also hard to control. The best times to do photography are in early sun, or the evening. But I can never get up early enough, so most my pictures are taken in mid-day sun, which is often very direct light and leads to strong shadows, which sometimes ruin pictures. But that also depends on what you like.

And for dog photography, obviously important for your dog to know how to stay in different positions :) Bring treats! 

Let me know if you want to know anything more specific. 


Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood & MapleTreeway

He’s finally here in this lovely and quiet little beach cottage, and the rest of the year seems to stretch out infinitely before him. Time will pass, though, and it will pass faster than he realises, but in the meantime he will stop worrying about writer’s block and deadlines and not even having the foggiest clue what his next novel’s going to be about, and live.

New York Times-bestselling author Viktor Nikiforov arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Torvill Cove to cure his writer’s block. After encountering local wallflower Yuuri Katsuki at a party, he discovers that this mysterious dark-haired man has a couple secrets up his sleeve.

And Viktor will be damned if he doesn’t find out just what those secrets are.

(a gift for@omgkatsudonplease & @yuurisviktor)

(all these pictures were taken by me)


Pages from my photography journal. All the pictures were taken and edited on my Samsung S4. I just thought I should start logging them somewhere. I actually took this notebook to my interviews last year in order to show my interests in photography and they really liked that. Just goes back to my point on how interviewers just want to see you and your creativity and so little things like this are actually really helpful to have as part of your portfolio!

“ Today’s Work “

- this pic was taken earlier today and was meant to be posted. I was in my, what i would call.. library trying to get everything ready fro my shoot today. I had to do my hair and get mentally prepared for this.. At least I’m not in it on my own @ashton-yourbodyguard promised to be there with me to take these pictures so I’m low key pumped. oh yeah, HEY Y'ALL.

( pics from my shoot will be posted tomorrow !!!!!!) 


Look at these amazing Yuri on Ice cosplayers! I was super impressed with how good all of you looked! Thank you for letting me take your photos!

EDIT: The Victor and Yuuri cosplayers have been found! @sunflower-artdoodles

(If you want photos either posted individually or taken down, just ask!)