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Peter: it’s been a year
Me: yeah, okay


There was someone in my inbox talking about Kaminari in a skirt and tbh I usually don’t draw bnha suggestions but the pun came to me and how do you ignore a pun 

(you don’t, that’s how)

Couch Tom

So, I made the grave mistake of googling “Tom Hiddleston couch” (I blame @starrynight35 for this, she’ll know why)…and I realized just how many devastating pics of Tom on a couch there are. Sharing is caring, so…

There are more, but I died from ‘Tom on a couch’ overload.


(Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. Took all the pics from Google, some have credit on them.)

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Mechanic!Bucky x reader coming soon!!

Hello, my lovelies!! I’ve got something new coming up soon so I thought I’d give a little preview!! This is for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5k AU Challenge which is due June 5th (I always like to cut it close. heh.).  So that’s why I’m pushing this up a bit while I’m still working on other fics. Part 1 will be posted Sunday, June 4th and then will continue after In the Arms of Justice finishes. 

****I will be accepting 15 TAGS ONLY FOR THIS FIC. Replies to this post ONLY will be accepted. NO ASKS OR MESSAGES. ****  

***Update: Tagging for this fic is now CLOSED.***

If you’re on my permanent tag list, then you’ll be tagged anyway. (That tag list is closed by the way. Sorry about that).

I’m super excited about this fic. It’s based on the song Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers, which I’ve had on repeat basically for months and I’m still in love with it. 

Here’s a little preview under the cut:

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~my aesthetic~

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my trip to Holmes Chapel (the bakery) ❤️