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Sunday Funday (Finn Balor x Reader fluffy smut)

Alrighty, people! This is my first ever fanfic that I’m posting here! Hooray! Extra thanks and love to my girls @imagines–assemble and @alexispoo for helping me with this. Check them out!

Summary/idea - Maybe I could make a lazy sunday like fic with finn and reader but it eventually leads to sweet smut. A Sunday that he’s home and it’s all chill and stuff? Maybe like he makes you breakfast in bed just bc. And you repay him. In sex lmao idk

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Finn yawned, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as a ray of sun peeked through the blinds. He grumbled, sitting up only to glance to his right with a smile. There you were, fast asleep beside him in one of his old New Japan shirts. You lightly snored, your arm loosely draped around his hips and Finn couldn’t help his endearing smile as you curled closer to him in your sleep.

“Good mornin’, love…” Finn whispered, sweetly kissing your forehead while you slept. He admired your peaceful features, stroking your cheek with his thumb and you remained none the wiser.

Not wanting to disturb your slumber, Finn gingerly removed your arm and stealthily slinked out of bed. As much as he wanted to stay in bed all day, someone had to make breakfast and besides…What better surprise than breakfast in bed?

Clad in a loose vest and his boxers, Finn quietly left the room. He eased down the hallway to your kitchen to get some pancakes going. He washed his hands and dried them off before opening the fridge to get the batter. He took out a skillet from the cupboard and set out two plates on the island of the kitchen.

“Hmm… Why isn’t Y/n up yet?”, Finn wondered, turning on the stove and putting the skillet over the burner. The clock ticked away above his head from its place on the wall. 9:17 AM.

“Y/n?” he called, before grabbing the nearby spatula. “Y/n, time to get up, love!” Finn grinned as he heard you somehow manage to knock something over. “Guess breakfast will have to wait.” he mumbled as he turned the stove off and put the batter back in the fridge.

“I know she’s a heavy sleeper but this woman could sleep through the apocalypse…” Finn chuckled as he left the kitchen and walked back to your shared room.

You were still in bed but you’d turned in your sleep, shuffling over to Finn’s side of the mattress. It seemed that, while you moved around, you’d knocked the unsuspecting alarm clock off the bedside table.

Finn smiled fondly as you hugged his pillow. You’d managed to kick off the sheets in your tossing and Finn couldn’t help but notice how sexy you looked all rumpled and sleepy on his side of the bed. The “Prince is Dead” shirt you sported, from Finn’s days as Prince Devitt, had ridden up on you and Finn licked his lips. He drank you in, glancing from your exposed thighs and skimpy pajama shorts up to your hips, which peeked from where his shirt had ridden up, before moving to your peaceful features. Finn hummed, toeing off his slippers before crawling in behind you.

“Time to get up, baby…” he mumbled, kissing your neck as his hands trailed up your bare thighs. You made an incoherent sound as Finn’s warm fingers slipped under the shirt and splayed on your stomach. He chuckled when you squirmed and he nibbled on your pulse point, making all attempts to rouse you. You were still fast asleep, however, Finn’s actions were affecting your dream as you moaned when he began to rub your shoulders.

You were having a pretty uneventful dream, to your surprise, but enjoying said dream wasn’t in the cards as something kept trying to pull you from your sleep. You mumbled lowly, curling up to try and shy away from that incessant nudging.

“Mmn, Finnyyy…Don’t wanna wake up…” you slurred tiredly, trying to ignore Finn’s sweet words and soft kisses as his fingers worked their magic along your skin.

For all intents and purposes…you were fighting a losing battle.

‘Fuck, she’s so sexy…’ he kept thinking as his hands drifted towards the place where both of you wanted them to be. The kisses down your lower back and spine seemed to go on forever as his lips dragged down your body and towards the waistband of your pajama shorts. Your endless moans seemed to fuel him to keep going and, seeing as you were in a state of half-consciousness during this, you thought this was probably your most realistic wet dream ever. You didn’t really mind, though.

“Mmmn…Finn…Keep going, please…”, you whined as his hands came into contact with your wet folds, finally. As your hips started grinding into his hand, he chuckled.

“Awww, my darlin’s so wet for me now, isn’t she? Don’t worry…I’ll give you exactly what you need…”

He slid his hand out of your shorts and maneuvered you onto your back. The frustrated groan that came from your mouth was the only thing Finn needed to continue and soon, you felt a warm tongue glide between your legs with a beard scratching your thighs. You moaned, stirring enough to grasp at the hairs on his head which urged him to keep going. To Finn’s credit, you were barely coherent so most of your responses were out of you thinking this was all a dream.

Not that he was complaining.

Finn groaned at the feeling of you tugging on his hair, knowing that this was one of his few weaknesses. After a few seconds of administering his delicious torture on you, he used his left index and middle fingers to spread your folds open before he slid his right index finger inside of you, and then added his middle digit.

You jerked awake, opening your eyes to be welcomed with a glorious sight; your lover on his stomach, eyes fully trained on you and fingers working to only pleasure you. The pace he set was just right, and you could feel that coil in your body becoming tighter and tighter as he continued.

“God, Finn…You’re so good at this…”, you whined as you gave a rougher pull on his hair with an even firmer grip to keep him right where he was. His thick fingers skimmed over that one spot inside of you that made your back arch and had you releasing an erotic moan. “Please, Finny…Please make me cum. I really want to…” You were so close to reaching that ultimate bliss, to riding that wave of immense pleasure. You just needed one last push… 

Now, Finn wanted to really drag this out. He wanted to savour this lazy morning with you so, all of a sudden, the blissful sensations that his hands and mouth were causing ceased.

‘What the…What happened?’

You pried open your eyes to see a smug-looking Finn, licking the remnants of your essence off of his fingers and his lips.

“Finn!” you frowned. You were so close and he just…stopped. “You tease…I was almost…” you pouted at your Irishman, not taking his chuckles lightly as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes. “I admit it was a great way to wake up and all, Finn, but don’t just leave me hanging…”  

“Sorry, love but I’ve gotta finish makin’ breakfast for us. Those pancakes don’t just make themselves, y’know…”, Finn smirked, looking you right in the eyes as you squirmed around in your rumpled sheets. He climbed off of the bed ever so slowly and made his way towards the door.

‘That smug looking bastard! How could he?’

Your brows narrowed as you bunched your sheets in your hands ‘Okay. Two can play at this game!’ you thought. “Finn, you better get your ass back here and finish what you started or else I’ll finish off myself and make you watch!” Now you sported a smirk of your own, rather pleased with your ultimatum of sorts as Finn stared with an unreadable expression. He licked his lips, letting his gaze roam over your mostly covered form and you shivered under the intensity of his stare. He slowly walked back to the bed and stood at the foot of it.

“Well…I gotta say that does sound tempting, Y/n…” he trailed his finger along your exposed calf. “Sounds like a hell of a show.”

You flushed, realizing your bluff had backfired tremendously. ‘Well, shit. What’s he going to do now?’ Your body shivered at the thought of all the sinfully sweet things he could do to you throughout the entirety of the day.

He looked at you and drank in your appearance. Even though you had tousled hair, lust-blown eyes and were panting slightly, Finn loved you all the same. His movements in your direction contained his love for you, and the way he looked into your eyes as he straddled your legs had your mouth going dry. His hands moved up your body and cupped your jaw as he drew his lips to yours.

“Love, you’re gonna be the death of me one day, lookin’ all sexy an’ innocent like that. Makes me wonder how you got stuck with me in the first place…”, he says against your bottom lip as he lays you both down on the bed. He leans up onto his knees and starts to slip off his own pajama pants.

“Stop being such a sweety, Finnabon…You’re making me blush…” your voice was muffled from covering your already red face from his lusty and loving eyes. ‘He really loves me that much, doesn’t he?’ His next actions proved you right. So very right.

He grasped your slightly trembling hands and took them away from your still blushing face. You opened your eyes and looked down to see Finn’s already hard cock standing tall against his stomach. The tip was already a violent shade of red and oozing pre-cum down the shaft.

“I want you to know how much you mean to me, darlin’. I want to be the only one to bring you over that edge you so desperately crave.”, he growled in your ear, rubbing his dick in between your folds and against your clit. “You wanna cum right now, don’t you? You want me to make you feel good and make you cum all over my cock?”

“Yes, Finn, make love to me. I’m ready. Please, I need it.”

“Alright, darlin’. Anythin’ for you.”, Finn said as he slowly slid the head of his cock between your wet folds. You both moaned at the feeling; you at the feeling of his thickness, and him at the feeling of your tightness. He slid out of you until just his tip remained, and then slammed back up to the hilt. The pace that he set was slow, but you were urging him to go faster.

“Finn, baby, go faster. Please.”, you pleaded while yanking on his hair once again. He groaned yet again when this happened, but maintained his slow thrusting.

“Not yet, love,”, he spoke lustfully in your ear as he leaned down. “I’m gonna savour this, this morning and so are you.”

You whimpered when your lover said this, but let him continue his torturous acts. Finn lifted your legs onto his shoulders and kept on bottoming out inside of you. Your moans and scratches along his torso gave him permission to keep going. All the while, he continued to whisper sweet nothings into your ears.

“You feel that, darlin’? This is one of the reasons why I love you. You’re always so ready for me. We fit so perfectly together, it makes me realize how much I need you everyday. In my life, in our bed, I don’t care. I just crave you.”

You blushed yet again as you tried to turn your head away from Finn’s loving words and burning gaze. You could feel the coil in your lower abdomen tighten more and more. You wanted to hold off your orgasm until the right time, but that wasn’t helping. He saw what you were doing and immediately dropped a hand to start rubbing your sensitive clit.

“Oh no, Y/n. I’m not gonna have any of that today. We’re gonna cum, and we’re gonna do it together. I want to feel you. I need to. So please, do me a favor darlin, and look at me’. Cum with me…Do it now.”

You slowly removed your still red face from the pillows and looked your lover in the eye one final time. You saw love and adoration in his blown-out blue irises, and that was all you needed to let go. You moaned and arched your back as that coil inside of you snapped and your fluids dripped onto Finn’s cock. His whole body shuddered when he came inside of you, warmth quickly spreading throughout your body.

Finn removed his hand from your now over-sensitive clit and his softening cock out of your cunt. The feeling of being empty inside made you whimper, but his warm embrace surrounded you as he laid down next to you. Your bodies were a mess of entangled limbs and the room smelt of sweat and sex. It felt like you were home. You were at home with Finn but you quickly remembered something.

“Finn, baby. The pancakes are still downstairs and you still need to finish them.” you accentuated this with a gently poke to his chest. “Don’t want them to go to waste now, do we?”, you asked as you moved away from him and towards the door.

“Darlin’, you’re not going anywhere for the rest of the mornin’.” Finn smirked. “You better get your sexy ass back in this bed before I drag you back here.”, he said as he made his way to you. He picked you up and dropped you back onto the bed. “Now go back to sleep…”. You could hear his breathing slowly pan out from behind your back and his arms slowly slid around your waist as he slid closer to you. You smiled at your cuddly lover, who was wrapped around you this morning.

‘Best morning ever.’, you thought to yourself as your eyes closed, and you and Finn both drifted towards a wondrous sleep.


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I’m turning 19!!

It’s on March 13th ! Just thought i’d announce it beforehand ^-^  I want to thank everyone who supports and cares for me! Everyone who reads WingSpiral and appreciates the work I do for it! There’s a girl behind this blog (me lol), and I really love all the people who acknowledge that! Glad I mean more to you than just some story machine HAHA! Even tho i am kind of a story machine i just really love stories man i love stories I’m crazy I can’t stop making stories I need help WingSpiral is honestly my life wtf is wrong with me

Thanks for everything!!! ❤❤ And have a great weekend everyone!!

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I've kind of been working on a sci-fi setting involving a bunch of typical Aliens where humanity joins a galactic community and is considered the most irrational and insane species in a weirdly rational way. Is it cool if I tag you to any drabbles I might write about it?

That’s fine, or messaging it to me because I don’t always see all my notifications. I don’t guarantee reblogs, but I’m always happy to look!

(To people who have tagged me/sent stuff/ are waiting on me: my apologies. I meant to catch up this past week, but I got the lovely surprise of emergency dental work instead [hooray!] and I’ve been a liiiiittle distracted because of it.)

assorted tdt notes, part 1

trb notes | tdt pt 2

i’m back with random notes of things that appealed specifically to me in the dream thieves! i’m writing these notes as i read (hooray for structure!) so..enjoy!

  • i still don’t understand the secrets at the beginning. it all sounds like nonsense to me. i do love that the second secret is framed as like a song, that’s cute
  • “probably not pleasant at all,” the gray man describes declan waiting to have his door kicked in, while at the same time describing declan’s whole entire life
  • old people make ronan anxious
  • “at night, [gansey] looked particularly small” gansey is tiny #confirmed by ronan

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As y'all probably know I fucking love art and drawing. You also might know I’m an addict/alcoholic (hooray it sucks). I ended up relying on the drugs and shit to draw, and now that I’m 58 days sober, I find drawing kind of triggering. SO! I called my sponsor, talked to her and her sponsor who is an artist, and I was given the suggestion to try to do art for other people instead of myself. And that being said, I’d appreciate if y'all could send in art requests of literally whatever you want, any fandom, anything, anything! Thank you all so much, I love you all

So the blog has reached 1000 followers somehow?? Yes, hello, hi- um, the blog has been a bit silent lately due to me suffering with exams but I hope you’re enjoying yourselves?? (I’ll probably be more active here from now on, since exams are over now, so hooray for productivity!)

With that said… I’m not sure what to do to celebrate? A stream? Raffle? Something else?? I dunno, feel free to hit me with suggestions! Seriously, haha. I’m much too indecisive ;v;

And that’s all! Thank you for following me, it really means a lot that people want to see more of these weird kids ;v;


I havn’t even finished the first episode and I know this is going to be awesome. 



I’ve spent a lot of time recently recovering from illness back at my parents house. While I was there, I worked on my mum’s 80L (20g) tetra tank. I took her to the lfs, showed her all the possible fish she could add to the tank to make it a community tank - dwarf gourami, a single male betta, cory cats, other peaceful tetras, etc.
My mum is a vegan and saw this little guy in a cup that was the length of his body, and once I assured her that yes a betta would love an 80L tank, she felt so bad for him all cramped up in that cup, just lying on the bottom, that she brought him home!

Morte has become the king of the tank, swimming back and forth along the length of it. The best sign is he’s built a huge bubble nest! My mum cannot stop talking about how happy he is and how horrible it is that people keep bettas in jars because just look at how happy this fish is now, when he was so still and bored in the cup!

Hooray for education, hooray for Morte.

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Hooray!! A Cat and Mouse update thanks so much!! I am in love with this story and I can't wait to see how all the secrets are revealed and the relationship pans out. I am incredibly interested in seeing more scenarios of Dan using his persuasion on people

i’m glad you’re so excited dude!!! i’ll keep all of this In Mind


Hyrule Warriors is out in my area! Hooray! To celebrate I’m calling it the start of Zelda Week, where I get to update this picture everyday with a new character or two!~ I’m very excited to see how great this game is- here’s to having fun and remembering all the good memories Zelda has given me, and a thank you to all the wonderful people that support me on this site! Thank you so much! “

*Update: Impa*
*Update: Sheik*
*Update Daruina*

All my love, 

Naomi Skye

50 followers gift | Nolan-sims Vivian hair V2 recolour

First of all I want to say thank you, because I was sure that I was only going to use tumblr to download CC (hooray for custom custom). I never thought that I’d start recolouring, or editing, or publishing my sims, or start creating legacies. I was never going to do any of that. I mean, I’ve met so many cool people and I’ve done things I never thought I could do. I love this community! Thank youuu!

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Dear Anonymous,

... ARE YOU SERIOUS!? After we were JUST discussing this…!

How the hell did this even happen!? Senpai and the others weren’t even in the TV world at all these days!

Can’t they just accept their own Shadows again? They managed before- ahhh, who am I kidding. It’s not that easy… And I get the feeling it won’t get any easier for us. We need to be there… and be ready to fight.

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Like 10 people have tagged me in this so I might as well do it 😹😹 Rules: list 10 songs you’re currently vibing on and tag 10 people ✨

1- halo of flies (Alice cooper)✨
2- second coming (Alice cooper)💕
3- hello hooray (Alice cooper) 💓
4- police on my back (the clash)💖
5- one track mind (Johnny thunders & the heartbreakers) 💗
6- pirate love (Johnny thunders & the heartbreakers) 💝
7- victory over the sun (biffy clyro)🌸
8- folding stars (biffy clyro)👑
9- the captain (biffy clyro)🎉
10- outlaws (green day) 🦋

I Tags anyone who wants to do it cause y'all have probs been tagged already 😹✨

@azhuresunsoar, I am pretty sure all these amazing stationary supplies are from you, and I love them!!!

Thank you SO MUCH I love having pretty notebooks for meetings, and who doesn’t need all the colors of pens?

I’m pretty sure these were delivered a while ago, but my super kept my packages in the mail room while I was away (because she’s awesome) and I just got them!

queeniedear  asked:

I just finished the rest of it and WOW. Qi impressed me here, I love seeing more and more of Qi out of Qi's shell. And goodness the smutty bits! You normally don't go into it as much, which is fine with me I can find detailed smut anywhere, so it was a pleasant surprise! It was well done too, I liked Qi's point of view in those chapters, nice to have a look into Qi's head. Lin keeps surprising me too, I love that she is Qi's 'mom' haha. Thank you for giving us this fic, it was definitely enjoyed

Oh hooray! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Like I said, it was different from what I’d done before, so I’m pleased that people like the format, etc.

The smut thing is pretty funny for me. I’ve written smut for other fandoms in the past, so I am not opposed to it, not at all. It just never made its way organically into this body of work. Which is changing, obviously. So you know, those of you that enjoy smut, there’s going to be more of that coming!

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Hooray!! Hooray!! Scanlation is out thanks to all the people who worked hard for it. 

After reading it, I started with the thought of Who is Yashiro in a reader’s eyes? And it was an unending list of contradictions and complexities. But with this chapter I want to expound on this one on the list - “He is not afraid of the act of sex but he is disgusted of the affection, gentleness and love. Because… That is what’s beyond his comfort zone. That is what’s beyond what he has known all his life. He has protected himself from being hurt by avoiding those positive feelings and not allowing himself to feel them.” 

Affection, gentleness and love… I think he is also afraid to experience that and to have a taste of it only with the fear of losing it someday. That will hurt way more and will mess him up totally. Yashiro is definitely not throwing up because Doumeki is forcing him with sex. He clearly said there if they are doing it just hurry up and do it. Just like what he had always did with all the other men. He is ok with the idea of doing it. But what he is saying he’s gonna throw up to is the loving foreplay Doumeki is doing. Doumeki even owned up to it and said he is like his father but it was Yashiro to say he is not and he is pure. He even tried to say that he is the one who tainted Doumeki’s purity with all the things he has done. Those statements even Doumeki clearly didn’t expect that. Personally that was a line I was hoping for in the past chapter and it was granted in this one with more impact as they were already in that moment…with Doumeki on top of him and Yashiro consoling him while tenderly touching his face that he is not like his father while on that position. And that meant a lot to Doumeki that the person he desires erased his fear. Yoneda sensei once said in an interview that Doumeki’s character existed because of Yashiro. And I believe this scene is a huge part that Doumeki must do when his character was given life. Yashiro is full of contradictions. That’s what made him a very interesting character. And through all those chapters the readers are already well acquainted of this contradicting personality. He is not honest even to himself. And Doumeki’s steadfast and straightforward character is what Yashiro needs.

To sum up this incoherent blabber.. after reading the scanlated chapter, I still stand by what I felt when I first saw the raws. Doumeki is doing what he needs to do to break Yashiro free. It might change the dynamic and flow of their relationship. It might create a rift or make the relationship awkward. But at this point this is what Doumeki must do. These scenes are needed to make progress and break the long standing impasse. Objectively, other stories might approach it differently but for Saezuru, this is the best for its story and characters.

It was a great chapter! Once again thanks to Yoneda Sensei for another mind and heart exercise with this chapter. 

Artist Questions

@sheeponmars tagged me in a lovely thing. thank you!

1. What is your personal favourite of your own pictures?

probably this one. I don’t know why, i just love it so much. it’s one i wouldn’t ever sell and when i get around to framing anything i’ve done it (and the matching Martin) will be first.

2. What would you describe as your comfort zone?

portraits of Benedict Cumberbatch. ha well yes obviously. but let’s say, realistic portraits from photographic references. also lines and linework. 

3. What would you like to be better at?

color. i think I am unjustly trepidatious about it. I would also love to be better at drawing the human figure with little or no reference. 

4. Which single picture made you learn the most?

ALL OF THEM no well most of them? but perhaps if i picked just one or two it might be:

for value and detail and (an imperfect start at) modelling form with line which is a thing that i love, and

for more value and detail and learning things about working with pen, and self-editing and when to ignore the reference and what to do when you ignored the reference and shouldn’t have. (and the hair pleases me.) anyway… :)

5. Do you think one of your pictures is overrated/underrated?

not really. i try not to think about my work based on how many or how few notes a piece gets.. looking at my own drawings especially, high notes doesn’t mean a piece is amazing and low notes doesn’t mean it sucks. but if you’d like to see a sketch that i love a lot compared to how many notes it has, it would be this one:


6. Is there any picture which you hated when you first made it, but now you like     it?

not so much, it tends to be the other way around. generally, if i post something, i’m pleased with it at the moment. usually if i hate it, i never end up finishing it. there are many things that i post, and then weeks or months later start to see all the flaws.

7. Is there a medium you just can’t get to work for you?

no, just media that i have high hopes of eventually getting to work for me. and colored pencils. 

8. Is there a different artist in the fandom who inspires you?

goodness gracious, i could be here all day. i mean this seriously, if you are an artist and i follow you, it is because i love your work (and am thrilled to see it on my dash and maybe stalk your art tag occasionally oohing and ahhing at your art), and you inspire me in mine. <3<3<3 but to pick just one right now, i will say @khorazir. her skill with the pencil (and really any medium she picks up, her figure drawing and illustration skills, her dedication to fandom and fan arts, and her work ethic as an artist are all to be admired. applause.

9. Which picture took you the longest? (estimated)

One that i have finished, but i haven’t posted yet (soon!) 

and then there is always this beast:

come to think of it, this is one i learned a hell of a lot on too, especially about textures. plaid. fur. saran wrap in the dark lit by LED. the values are not all perfect but i am really proud of it. it took me an obscene amount of hours.

10. When did you start painting/drawing?

serious arting-drawing? probably 13. and then a long dry spell after art school of all things and a rebirth about… 2 years ago now! hooray!

thank you for tagging me! i will now tag people who i follow that you didn’t already tag and who totally don’t have to do this but if you can i would LOVE to see. firstly you, @sheeponmars since you could do it too :) and @lunadax, @khorazir, @splunge4me2art, @meetingyourmaker, @cpnblowfish, @cluelessakemi actually all of my artist mutuals (and followers), since i can’t think right now, please consider yourselves unobligatorially (?) tagged! because i would love to see.

littleprincesskittens  asked:

80 82 88 98 ☺️ yes 2 asks was necessary 😂

what is your biggest pet peeve?
People being rude to sales staff or anyone in the service industry. 😤

favorite ice cream flavor?
Cherry Garcia (which isn’t around in Australia anymore, thank you very much Ben & Jerry’s) 😤😤😤

do you like it when people play with your hair?
I love it! I like head-scratches more though 🤤

favorite month?
Hmmmmm, possibly December.

Hooray for all the Qs! And again, thank you! 💕⭐️