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Is it awful that I wish I were heterosexual?

it’s not awful on your part. it’s awful that the society made you think you’re any less worthy if you’re not heterosexual.

a lot of us go through that, i know i did. i was praying to god that i can somehow “turn straight” lol but um, that obviously didn’t happen bc it’s impossible.

give yourself time to learn to love yourself the way you are. talk more to other people who identify like you (or just anyone from lgbt community). talking to others makes you learn that they’re just as good and as worthy as heterosexuals, all good people who deserve love.

learning to love the community helps you learn to love yourself. and with all the gay jokes and stuff it gets easier. and learning about our history. some stuff are awful that people went through, but there are so many nice things that previous generations left as a legacy.

it just takes time, unfortunately. but eventually (unless you actively resist it) you learn to love yourself the way that you are and you don’t ever wanna be anything less. would it be easier to be heterosexual in this society? hell yeah. would i ever want to be heterosexual, given the choice? i wouldn’t. i love loving girls, girls are amazing and there’s nothing wrong with having feelings for them.

imagine if the baker street boys epilogue was narrated by mrs hudson
  • Mrs Hudson: I know you two; and if you come back and live in MY house, I know what you could become. Because I know who you really are. A junkie who solves crimes to get high and the doctor who never came home from the war. Well, you listen to me: who you really are, it MATTERS, I've been trying to tell you all these years. There are two men sitting arguing in a scruffy flat, like they’ve always been there and they always will. The best and wisest men I have ever known. My Baker Street boys. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.
  • Mrs Hudson:
  • Mrs Hudson: Well then? Get on with it, I'll officiate the wedding

noah fence but astro has got everything people want in a boy group:

- talented dancers
- good vocals
- stunning visuals
- excellent relationship with members
- bursting energy
- overloading cuteness
- genuine love for their fans
- never ending determination to be successful and to show their fans, families and everyone that they can also make it big

so stan astro stan talent


excuse me while i just

lay here


A year ago I was so young and naive just getting into Haikyuu!!, Sailor Moon and Harry Potter were still my main fandoms, and I had about 8k followers. I had zero idea that the following 12 months would basically be a never-ending loop of me going “well that escalated quickly” _(:3」∠)_

I honestly don’t know how to express my feelings right now lmao because holy shit 25,000 is a big number. Like I was at Twickenham Stadium the other weekend and I realised that if all of my followers were there you would fill more than a quarter of the stands. Which is insane

I worry I sound insincere when I say this but truly, honestly, 100% from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU. For everything. Your likes and reblogs and hilarious tags and sweet messages and interest in my artwork and AU ideas. It genuinely means the world to me. 

I daren’t even imagine what the next 12 months will bring, but I hope it’s just as exciting <3


No it’s really NOT.


Just one thing:

Amidst the chaos, I want everyone keep in mind just ONE thing, if nothing else:


“Hanarezuni sobani ite” – Stay By My Side and Never Leave.

It’s Victor’s Free Skate composition. It’s the performance that went viral when Yuuri attempted it. It’s what brought the two of them together. It’s what Yuuri inadvertently asks of Victor after their first argument, and what Victor recognizes. It’s what their relationship is based on, what this whole show is based on. It’s their love song.

This song is what started this show, and this song is what is going to finish it. (We know this for a fact from the OST itself.)

Whatever happens between these two is going to happen, plain and simple. But without a doubt, we know how they feel towards each other. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, their deepest desire is the same: to be with each other, forever. They do not want to part. Whatever the future holds, they want to face it together, and they’re going to face it together. This is what they’ve already decided.

So if you’re feeling scared or down because of the uncertainty of this next week, please just keep this one thing in mind. Let it comfort you. Believe that love wins.

honestly though?? i wish that robbie had gotten character development because like.,.. we all know that he isn’t really evil, he’s just socially awkward and needs some sleep! it was revealed the episode the first day of summer that he really loves everyone, and in the greatest gift when he’s so happy to be at the party and he’s so happy people invited him and he was so nervous…. robbie just needs someone *cough*sportacus*cough* in his life to help reassure him that he means something to people. i just wanted to see robbie become more happy and become nicer to everyone in town, he can be as lazy as he wants either way.

Fic Recs

These are some of my favourite fics to read and re-read when I’m down.  Sorted by fandom and occasional subgenre.  This list is the short version - and if I rec a fic by an author I would gladly say that anything by the author is worth reading.    #please check individual fic tags for warnings/ships/etc

Names in brackets are AO3 alias’ if they aren’t @ its because I don’t know or can’t link to their tumblr (or they don’t have one).

The problem with rec lists is that I could go on and on for ages and people who don’t get mentioned can feel left out like their writing isn’t good enough.  I hope that whether I have or haven’t mentioned you here that you know that your writing is good! its amazing! its wonderful and worth putting your time and effort into and I appreciate it so much!  I just had to cut this off at some point.

*sends love and hugs to the writers*

Star Wars (current obsession - buckle up lovelies)

RE-ENTRY + JOURNEY OF THE WHILLS - by @deadcatwithaflamethrower (flamethrower).  This fic kept me sane when I was struggling badly last year.  Re-Entry itself is complete; the sequel series Journey of the Whills is ongoing.  Qui/Obi is the main pairing though there are others.  This got me into star wars fics and meant that I found a wide circle of awesome fics writers on tumblr and ao3 who are kind, lovely and talented.  (IN A LONELY PLACE is a great fic by the same author and is smaller in size if you want something to get started with.  It’ll break your heart ten different ways but its so worth it)

BALANCE  by @norcumi and @dogmatix.  this series is partly Star Wars fic, partly Re-Entry fic and wholly itself.  As someone who is a big fan of Grey-Jedi and middle way paths I love this series and it is also on my Re-read when down to feel happy again list.  Ongoing series.

PULSION by @poplitealqueen part of her larger Frisson AU that looks to be super exciting this is a story set during the Rako Hardeen arc from the Clone Wars.  One of the things I love most about this story is the way Pop creates anticipation and her pacing is spot on.  Currently ongoing (on hiatus in Feb)

COURSE CORRECTION by @freakishlemon Though only two chapters and currently ongoing I would highly recommend keeping an eye on this awesome time-travel fic. I adore the opening scene and the change that comes is epic and I love it.  Makes me smile.

CORUSCANTI ROSE - by @the-last-hair-bender (emocezi)  I didn’t realise I needed this fic until I read it.  And then I was like HOLY SHIT!  Its a really interesting look into what could become of Obi-Wan when the Jedi Order kicks him out. Ongoing (pretty please)

PERILS OF ELECTROCUTION TO SITHLY PLANS - by @ilyena-sylph and @bow-weaver (Merfilly)  These lovely writers have a ton of awesome fics and so I picked this one as my favourite; it’s a great read and the characterisation is really spot on. Complete

AND YET, I LOVE YOU STILL - by @punsbulletsandpointythings Bail/Breha/Obi OT3 of my heart.  I adore this so much, its a rareship and there’s just so many great moments that made me smile and its sweet as chocolate mousse. 1 shot, complete.

TANO AND KENOBI - by @fireflyfish  Ahsoka has gone back in time and Obi-Wan is a soon-to-age-out Initiate.  Can she convince Qui-Gon to accept her Grandmaster as a Padawan or does the Force have a different plan.  EPIC! DELIGHTFUL! There’s a gorgeous duel in there that just had me visualising so hard I nearly missed my train stop.  First season is complete.

OLD MAN LUKE - by @scarletjedi  Old Man Luke is thrown into TCW era universe.  Beautiful characterisation, caught my eye and then my mind and finally my heart.  There’s something kinda awesome about a fic where Luke is old enough to be Anakins dad.  Ongoing

(not fic but I want to give a shoutout to @wolveria and her amazing Star Wars AMVs which you can find here)

Dragon Age (previous/concurrent obsession)

LOOKING GLASS - by @feynites.  An elegant and epic HUGE fic that’s spawned AUs and crossovers and all sorts of goodness.  Time-Travel fic where Lavellan is sent back to Ancient Elvhenan.  And there’s a group of authors on tumblr who have OCs and crossovers all of which are awesome. - shoutout to @circadian-rhythm‘s Janiculum and @mayaiai’s In an Elvhen World

LOGOLEPSY - by @weatheredlaw and @vehlr Cass/Varric in letters.  This will make you feel all the feels.  I highly recommend the entire series and also having some alcohol and chocolate on hand when you read it. 

FELL FAR FROM THE TREE - by @dammithawke and @hawkeabelas (LinnyBear)  An interesting twist on DAI - with a young girl as Inquisitor and as she’s Hawke’s daughter you know you’re in for a wild ride.  Unfinished but still very much worth the read.  I adore seeing Hawke and Fenris as parents.

THE UNENDING WAKE -by harellanart a really interesting Solavellan story. Would also recommend the sequel/AU Those Who Forget.  It captures all the heartbreak and heartache that comes from being set post-Trespasser.

WALKING IN CIRCLES - by Milee_Cosgrove  Solvelyan fic, a what if scenario (what if Solas was captured by Templars and taken to a Circle) really heartbreakingly written, a vivid look at life within Circle walls, a great cast of characters and the last few chapters have been intense and heartbreaking.  Ongoing.


DISLOCATED SOULS + DISLOCATED SOULS: SKYHOLD - by LonelyAgain  a diary style fic, really well written.  MC is not the Inquisitor, is from Earth, is not the only one from Earth. Lots of interesting social justice themes and a look at the inquisition from a working elf’s POV. Dislocated Souls is complete, the sequel is ongoing.

SIGHS AND RAISED EYEBROWS - by @i-dropped-the-chief (seeing_blue) this starts in Kirkwall and covers the events of DA2 as well as DAI.  MC is the inquisitor and Alaran is just such an incredibly interesting OC, I love her.  Also its really cool to sort of see the events of DA2 from someone else’s perspective.  Currently Ongoing.

THERE AND BACK AGAIN - by ElyssaCousland.  A DAO fic wherein the MC is from Earth and goes back and forth between the two worlds.  Not the Warden but helps the Warden and others in defeating the Blight along with a lot of other things along the way.  Currently ongoing.

Plus A Smattering of Critical Role

AFK: A critrole MMO AU - by @shippeh  This is really cool, I adore the way shippeh captures the interactions of VM in this modern setting.  There’s lots of great scenes, things that make you smile and things that make you cry.

TRY AGAIN TO GET IT RIGHT by TazmainianDevil  A time travel AU wherein VM find themselves in Whitestone at a critical point of history and ensure that things don’t happen the same way twice.

WHEN THE WICKED PLAY by @shadowedhills (seimaisin) Perc’ahlia and modern AU and holy hell there’s some wicked wicked stuff that will leave you fanning yourself in here.  Currently ongoing.


Discworld -
An Exert from: THE PATRICIANS HAT by @thebibliosphere (Demmora)  its just. perfect.

hey, guys! so as you all (hopefully) know, it’s valentine’s day!!!
so firstly, happy valentine’s day <3
secondly, i do feel quiet bad that i’ve been pretty MIA this past few days, and i’m so grateful to all of you guys for sticking with me. thirdly, i hit 1.5k yesterday, which i cannot believe! thank you so much, all of you!
along with this, i just really, really want to convey how deeply i care for all of you guys. i’m not very well-liked irl, and it’s really tough to have lost so many friends in such a short span of time, hence, i’m so so so SO grateful for all of you, even if we’ve never interacted, because you’re the ones that get me through the days. :)
so i figured, why get three (love)birds with one stone, and celebrate with some mutuals appreciation? let’s go!

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Links to playlists of some MX shows

The original, the one that formed MX, No Mercy. Be ready for second hand embarrassment, laughter, and a lot of tears. 

Deokspatch was the next thing they did. Classic moments that should not be missed. Truly shows what dorks they are. 

Right Now they filmed last year. My bestie and I have watched this through twice, and you can learn a lot about these kids.

A few random things I have saved in a playlist for some reason. 

There is a ton on VLive as well, they have shows all the time. Those playlists above are the roots of the group, though. It’s a lot to watch, a lot of hours, but you find out a lot about the boys, so it’s worth your time.

Monsta X is one of THE most hardest working groups out there. I stan a lot of groups (like all the boy groups) but I still feel like MX is at the top of the list of groups dedicated to their fans and busting their asses for their performances. They are talented and worth every effort to get to know. 

I want bisexual Helen to happen, but not at the expense of Gabe


4,000 followers special post!

Jeez, that number skyrocketed within the last few days! As always, I love each and every one of you. I’m shocked that I have this many people that like and support this little blog of mine. When I started, I barely expected to get over 40 followers. Now I have 4,000 and it hasn’t even been a full year! I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy these preening cuties.

Thank you for being you <3

i don’t want people to come at me with the “hoseok got a lot of lines in wings era!” because jungkook and jimin get 75% of the lines every comeback and every song. yoongi ALWAYS has a verse. i don’t wanna hear any of it. i don’t care if he got a lot of lines last era, he still deserves something for spring day.