all over your face neck and chest

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Hibari becoming jealous of the fact that his si spends more time playing with roll and hibird than him

The Cloud Guardian stared at you from his desk, his paperwork forgotten as he watched you lay on the floor with Rolls crawling all over you.  He must have ran across your ticklish spot because you suddenly busted into laughter, your body curling up some.  The hedgehog pocked his head out from your shirt, looking up at you.  Hibari growled, now the damn thing was in your shirt?  Even Hibird was in on it.  The canary landed on your knee and chirped at you.  

Sitting up, you ran you finger down the bird’s chest and he chirped happily, pocking his chest out further.  Rolls crawled up your arm and perched himself on your shoulder, rubbing his small face into your neck.

“I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise,” you chuckled, bringing your other hand up to pet the small mammal.  

Hibari let out another growl, trying once more to concentrate on his paperwork.  

That evening you were on the couch, flipping through the channels to find something to watch when Hibari came into the living room and picked you up.  He sat down on the couch and placed you in his lap, his arms wrapping around you protectively.  

“What’s all this about?” you asked, leaning your head back on his shoulder to look up at you.  

“Nothing,” he grunted back to you, leaning his head back and closing his eyes.

His eyes opened a second later when the box weapon on the table started shaking.  He glared at it.  Purple flames poked out and Rolls’s form came into existence.  He looked over at you and Hibari and made a happy squeaking noise.  Getting ready to jump over to you, he stopped when Hibari spoke.  “Back in the box, she/he is mine right now.”

You looked up at your boyfriend with a grin on your face as the hedgehog shrunk down a little, disappearing back into the box.  “Is the great Hibari jealous of all the time I spend with Rolls and Hibird?” you teased.

Hibari looked down at you with a glare.  “Say nothing.”

Cuddling with Michael would include:
  • sleepy michael pulling you into his arms after a long day in the studio
  • falling asleep with his head on your shoulder whenever you two are riding in the back seat of the car
  • ash taking a picture of the two of you cuddled up together
  • stealing ashton’s phone and sending himself the picture so he can make it his lockscreen 
  • snuggling into his lap while he plays video games
  • “babe, stop moving your hips like that, you’re giving me a boner”
  • kissing your neck and whispering all the things he wants to do to you in your ear
  • running your fingers through his hair when he lays with his head in your lap
  • sloppy kisses all over your face
  • “I lub youuuuu”
  • never getting over how cute he looks with sweater paws
  • needy michael pouting when you have to get up to pee
  • constantly falling asleep with his head on your boobs
  • “I can’t help it babe, they’re just so comfy”
  • not being able to fall asleep at night unless your head’s on his chest and his arms are around you
  • talking about the future late at night
  • soooooo many giggles
  • him blushing when you kiss his cheek and tell him there’s no place you’d rather be
  • him always grabbing your butt when you’re laying on top of him
  • getting off stage and carrying you to his bunk to cuddle
  • all 6 feet of him sprawling out on top of your tiny little body
  • “michael, you’re squishing me!!!!!” as he pretends to snore
  • insisting that your cuddles are the only thing that will make him better when he’s sick
  • drawing shapes on the hollow of your back
  • smacking him when he draws a penis
  • grabbing your face with both his hands and kissing you out of no where
  • smiling against your lips because he’s never been so happy
  • “I didn’t know it was possible to be this in love with someone”

luke | calum | ashton

I hope you have a wonderful day, feel free to leave more ‘list requests’ :))

Dating Michael Would Include:
  • cheesy but extremely romantic gestures
  • him calling you every pet name under the sun
  • helping him dye his hair but it results in a hair dye fight
  • dye everywhere
  • “mikey we had a white bathroom before this”
  • trying to show him that you’re upset about the mess but you really can’t be because he looks adorable with splotches of red dye all over his face
  • cupping your cheeks and kissing you while mumbing “i’m sorry, baby. i’ll clean it up” against your lips
  • giggling at the dye prints he left on your face
  • loving how his voice gets really loud when he gets excited
  • neck kisses
  • finding songs written about you but when you ask him about them he just smiles sheepishly and blushes
  • lazy movie nights
  • lying down while watching movies with your back against his chest and his chin resting on top of your head
  • so much cuddling
  • “mikey i have to go to work”
  • him saying something like “you can’t stay for just five more minutes?” while giving you the most adorable pouty face
  • taking the day off just so you can spend it with him
  • amusement park dates
  • holding your hand the entire time
  • winning a bear for you while you’re in the bathroom so you’ll have something to remind you of him when he’s on tour and surprising you with it
  • him saying something extremely cheesy but cute like “i can’t bear to see you sad when i’m away”
  • tiny, barely audible yawns when he’s tired
  • sleepy eyes
  • falling asleep with your head against his “to the moon tattoo” and him drawing shapes on your back
  • corny pillow talk jokes
  • “y/n?”
  • “yeah mike?”
  • “i love you to the moon..and back”
  • sleepy giggling at his own jokes
  • poking his tummy and finding out how ticklish he is
  • “baaaaabe stop it”
  • reassuring him that you love him just the way he is
  • comforting him when he gets really insecure
  • “i love you, y/n. so damn much, okay?”

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How You Sleep

Isaac: You would completely go koala on Isaac, with your arms and legs wrapped around him tight, in exchange he wrapped his arms tightly around you too. You couldn’t fall asleep without hugging something, and Isaac was much better than your usual pillow.

Scott: You two slept face to face so you could fall asleep talking quietly to each other.

Stiles: You would be the big spoon all night long and Stiles loved it when you buried your face in his neck.

Jackson: You both lay on your backs and you used his chest as a pillow as he ran his fingers over your hands while you talked.

Liam: Liam was the big spoon and would hold you as tight as he could. At first, you found it hard to breathe, but now you find it really comforting. Whenever Liam isn’t there to hold you, it takes you much longer to fall asleep and you’re always wishing he was there.

Derek: Both of you would start at your own sides of the bed, but Derek never failed to roll over and sling an arm across your chest while he was half asleep, pressed right up against you. He also mumbles in his sleep and it makes you smirk whenever you hear your name.

Theo: Theo would put his head on your chest, wanting you to play with his hair every night. It helped him get to sleep, and you loved doing it.

stoner!luke sneaks you out at night to go on long walks with him till you both get bored and decide to get into his car and get high. You would sit on his lap facing him in the drivers seat while passing the blunt to each other and shotgunning occasionally, this would eventually lead to a make out session. He’d grab your hips tightly while your hands squeezed his shoulders, he would then take your top off to discover you’re not wearing a bra then he’d start kissing down your neck to your chest. You’d then take his shirt of and begin to leave hickies all over his collarbones and neck. Gradually you’d both get more eager to properly feel each other so he’d push your skirt up and pull your panties to the side while you undo his pants and pull his boxers down. He’d position you on top of him and you’d sink down. While riding him he would light another blunt to share while you continue fucking and soon the windows were all fogged up, there was a cloud of smoke surrounding the two of you and luke had this lazy smile on his face watching you. being stoned with luke would be such an experience wow

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Ship Meme: Bucky Barnes

So this is going to be for Avenger!Bucky - post-Winter Soldier, after he’s recovered enough to go on missions with Steve again, because other versions of him have already been done for this meme (very well, by talented people) So I wanted to do this version.

Gives nose/forehead kisses

Both of you – though under different circumstances. If both of you are just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in pajamas, you love to plant tons of sleepy little kisses all over his face and neck and shoulders – and he’s giggling too much to kiss you back properly. On the other hand, just before and after his Avenger missions, he’ll gather you to his chest and kiss your forehead and breathing in the scent of your hair for like a minute before people start clearing their throats.

Gets jealous the most

You do, because not even blind people can deny that James Buchanan Barnes is fine. And it can be hard – especially when he’s out in public – not to compare yourself to his admirers. He thinks it’s super-cute and always gives you extra kisses and picks you up effortlessly with his metal arm (at this point, it’s much easier for him to express his love with touch rather than with words.)

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

Lmao Bucky can’t get drunk either but he still insists on coming with you to keep an eye on you (it’s also because he finds drunk you extraordinarily endearing and he doesn’t care if he’s scaring the other patrons, he gets to see you clap out of time to the pop song that just came on the radio.)

Takes care of on sick days

He’s actually a master at taking care of sick people – he grew up with a ninety-pound asthmatic-anemic whose life motto was (and still is) fight me. So when you get sick, he’s the most caring and attentive boyfriend you could ever want – cold cloth on your forehead, making sure you don’t overheat, bowls of broth, ect. That said, he doesn’t mind some pampering after a flare-up of his PTSD.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

You know enough about Bucky and his past to know that one just doesn’t make Bucky do anything. If he doesn’t feel like swimming you’ll sit with him on the beach, enjoying the wind. But if he sees you eyeing the water longingly, he’ll tell you to go on without him, doll, he’ll be fine. At which point you’ll refuse until he sighs dramatically, sets down his newspaper, and goes swimming with you.

Gives unprompted massages

You do – if he’s been making pained noises all night and is walking stiffly from something that happened on a mission, you’ll surprise him with Rub A535 and a warm towel. He always falls asleep with a smile on his face.

Drives/rides shotgun

Bucky likes to drive because he likes to be able to control where he goes (it’s a side effect of being treated as a living weapon for seventy years.) You don’t mind riding shotgun because it gives you a better chance to look out the window and talk to him on your long car trips (which are actually kind of your Thing as a couple.)

Brings the other lunch at work

You do – unless he’s away on a mission, you love to steal Tony’s kitchen and make things to bring while he’s working – pickle-grilled cheese sandwiches, fried scallops with garlic cream sauce and penne, pancakes with strawberry syrup – you’ve actually gotten quite creative. A few times he’s brought you Swiss Chalet or something when he knows for a fact that you did not bring a lunch to work.

Has the better parental relationship

I’m going to say him – before everything happened he had an excellent relationship with his parents and sisters. Although you try not to bring it up because it can only make him sad.

Tries to start role-playing in bed

Role-playing really isn’t his thing, and he actually gets kind of freaked out if you spring something on him. His favorite thing is sex as an expression of love rather than just for fun; when you sleep together he’s saying with his entire self that he cares for you and loves you.

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

Ha. That would be you. He never minds though, and actually thinks it’s pretty cute. He’ll always make sure you don’t hurt yourself though. Sometimes, if he’s feeling it, he’ll put on some 40s swing music and join in until you both collapse in fits of giggles and kisses.

Still cries watching Titanic

You guys don’t really watch it – to him it feels tasteless to make a movie about so ‘recent’ a tragedy. Despite the fact that the movie came out in 1990 and the actual thing happened over a hundred years ago. He doesn’t mind watching sad things though, especially if you start sniffling and then snuggle into his chest.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

Surprisingly it’s Bucky – and it’s always something different every year. One year you went as Batman and Catwoman; the next one as Captain America and Iron Man (Steve was snorting with laughter every time he looked at you, but firmly declined to lend you the shield. Tony, similarly, would not let you borrow his Iron Man suit.)

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

He does because there’s so many things he wants to buy you that he just. Bucky, it was supposed to be one each. ONE. Not sixteen. He’s so delighted at giving you things that you can’t really stay angry at him, though.

Makes the other eat breakfast

You do – almost every fricking day because self-care is kind of a foreign concept to him. It’s hard for him to say but he’s always so touched that you take the time to make sure he eats.

Remembers anniversaries

It’s you. Almost always – but you don’t really mind because if he has no idea when the special occasion is, it’s much easier for you to plan your surprises (Specifically that year’s car trip.)

Brings up having kids

The topic sort of just comes up when a pregnancy test comes back positive, and even though you’ve always wanted kids with him, you were afraid to bring it up. But then you had to – and to your relief, after a frightening pause he is absolutely delighted. So much that he actually cries. So yes, he does want kids.

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What the bidders would do if their daughter comes home crying because some guy cheated on her? Only if you're not busy. I don't mind if it takes forever to write. You're writing's just perfect it's always worth the wait!


When his precious daughter Kayo had began dating Kaede Kisaki your husband had been less than pleased to say the least. However gradually you had seen him warm to the idea and he even started to include Kaede in the family, but that had all quickly changed when Kayo returned home one night with tears streaming down her red-rimmed eyes. It was your arms she immediately buried herself in, nestling her head in the crook of your neck.

“What is it honey?” You spoke into her hair, rubbing soothing circles into her back. Eisuke who had been typing away on his laptop had abandoned whatever work he was doing and rushed over to the both of you, a concerned look plastered across his face. He watched as your daughter cried into your chest, her hands gripping at your shirt as soft whimpers escaped her lips.

“Tell me what happened Kayo. Tell me who made you cry.” Eisuke’s voice was stern and there was a dark edge to his tone that sent a shiver to your heart. Kayo carefully turned to face him, wiping her tears with the cuff of her sleeve.

“I was supposed to go on a date with Kaede but when I got to his house there was another girl there… h-h-he was t-taking her clothes off.” Kayo explained, her voice breaking as sadness gripped her.

Eisuke saw red in that moment. His eyes filled with fire and it was all you could do to stop him from barging out of the penthouse and attacking Kaede. It was Kayo who calmed him down, opening her arms and beckoning her father in for a much needed hug. “You are worth so much more than him, you always were. now you have realised that.” Your husband whispered into her ear. “But I’ll still make him pay for hurting my little girl.”


Your husband had always been extremely protective your little girl, Xia. The world she had been born into was a dangerous one and as a result Soryu had taken many precautions in order to keep her safe. There was only a select few people he trusted her with, you, Inui, Samejima and more recently Genji. When your daughter had come home hand in hand with Baba’s son Soryu had hit the roof, even writing Genji’s name on a bullet and giving it to him as a warning. However gradually he had grown to trust Genji with Xia and he was extremely thankful to the thief’s son for putting a smile on his daughter’s face.

Then one day your daughter returned home holding back tears and it all changed rather quickly. As soon as Xia had crossed through the front door she had propelled herself into Soryu’s unprepared arms and began to break her heart out into his chest. “…Xia, tell us what happened sweetheart.” You rubbed soothing circles into your daughter’s back, your eyes meeting with Soryu’s concerned gaze. “I thought you were going over to Genji’s to surprise him?”

“I did… b-b-but when I got there… he was… he was kissing her, that girl from school who is always bullying me…” She managed to speak between sobs. You saw Soryu’s jaw clench and his fists close together, the only thing that seemed to be keeping your husband from going into a complete rage was your daughter’s little arms wrapped around him. “...It hurts so much dad.”

“It’ll hurt Genji much more when I put a bullet through that fish-sized brain of his. I should have expected this, he’s just like his father, I should never have trusted him with you Xia, this is my fault.” Soryu gently wiped the tears from his daughter’s eyes. “I’ll make him pay for putting these tears here.”

“No…I don’t want you to hurt him.” Your daughter cried, even after all he had done to her you could see Xia still loved Genji. She transferred herself into your arms, and your heart silently broke as you saw the damp stain on Soryu’s shirt from where your precious daughter had shed her tears. Your husband paced the room, unsure as to what to do. “I don’t want him to hurt like I do. Ever.

“Just like your mother. so incredibly selfless. You are the light of this world Xia. of my world. and if Genji would rather live in darkness then that’s his foolish mistake.” Soryu spoke impassioned.


You wondered if the tears would ever stop. Your daughter had decided to go and surprise her boyfriend, Noru Kishi however she had returned rather out of the blue and in a completely inconsolable state. You had tried to silence her cries, but she hadn’t wanted you, she had wanted her father. That was how you found yourself sat on the sofa with Hikari howling into her’s shoulder. “Tell daddy what’s wrong. He’s worried about his princess.” Baba spoked to her softly, catching your gaze for a moment before looking back down at Hikari.

“Noru cheated on me. This girl was on top of him…they looked like they had just been kissing.” Hikari explained. Mamoru’s son had seemed like the perfect match for your energetic daughter, his lack of energy seemed to subdue her a bit, you had never expected him to cheat on her, not in your wildest dreams.

“Please stop crying princess. Daddy doesn’t like your tears.” Baba’s heart seemed like it was breaking as well. You quietly pressed a kiss onto your daughter’s forehead. Baba spoke again. “You don’t need him to be happy. You have me and your mum. That’s all you’ll ever need.” 

“But I loved him…” She started crying again and Baba wrapped her in an even tighter hug. “I thought what we had was forever…”


You had been watching your husband paint when you had heard two little distinct knocks on the studio door. The only person it could have possibly been was Emiko, yours and Ota’s daughter but she wasn’t supposed to be back for at least another two hours. She had promised her boyfriend Yung, Soryu’s son, that she would attend the Ice Dragon’s Christmas party. Ota had been rightfully concerned about his precious daughter being around so much mobsters but Yung had done a good job of convincing him that he could keep her safe. He was protective of her, nearly as protective as your husband was. 

“Come on in here Emmy!” Ota shouted and the door was gently nudged open. Your beautiful little girl walked in looking heartbroken. Her blonde hair was all dark and wet from the rain and her cheeks were all red. It looked as though she had been crying, had Yung really let her walk home in the pouring rain without so much as a jacket to keep her warm? It didn’t seem like him at all. 

“Mum…” Your daughter hurried over to you and nestled herself into your arms, her head fitting perfectly into the crook of your neck. You carefully ran a hand through her wet her, brushing it straight with your fingertips. Ota’s face was the very definition of worry. He scooted closer to you, putting his arm around the pair of you protectively whilst gazing at his daughter’s teary-eyes

“Do you want to tell us what happened?” You asked her. There was a pregnant pause before her lips parted again to speak.

He’s going to marry her, they announced it today at the party, she’s some Hong Kong Mafia leader’s daughter.” Your daughter explained fluently through her tears. “She was so beautiful and she can understand him way more than I ever can. I always thought Yung and I would get married but-” 

“Good. I never liked you with him anyway.” Ota growled, his fingers becoming tangled in a strand of Emiko’s hair. You glared at him, your daughter didn’t need to hear I told you so now, she needed to be supported. “You can do much better than that mobster Emiko. Much better.” 

“Ota, she loved him.” You told your husband silently. “It’ll all work out sweetheart. The pain will fade away someday, just try and stay happy.”


Akira and your daughter Naomi had always been best friends growing up. From the age of fifteen they had always been having sleepovers with one another at the weekends, usually they’d stay at the Ichinomiya’s place as it was much bigger but on the odd occasion Akira had stayed over at your place. She was like her father in looks and in personality, but she was a lot nicer than him. At some point your daughter and Akira had stopped being friends and turned into something much more. Although shocked at first, you and Mamoru had happily adjusted to your daughter having a girlfriend.

However what neither of you could ever adjust to was seeing your daughter bawling her eyes out because of said girlfriend. “They were slow dancing… their hands all over each other. At one point I thought she was going to kiss her. She told me that she had to go shopping with her dad but she lied, why would she lie if she wasn’t cheating on me?” Your daughter asked.

Geez kid. Out of all the girls in the world and you pick the one with an ego so big it’s escaping into bloody outer space.” Mamoru grunted. “Don’t beat yourself up about her d’you hear me? she ain’t worth your tears.” 

Naomi wiped at her wet eyes and plonked her head onto her father’s shoulder. You watched the scene with warmth building in your heart, they were always so close. Mamoru would never have admitted it but he always made time for his daughter. “I thought she loved me like you love mum dad…” 

“You’ll find someone who loves you like that don’t you worry about.” Mamoru assured her quietly. “There is someone out there for everyone. I learnt that.” 

Thank you for the request and everything you said <3 I’ve got a second part to this in my head so if anyone wants me to do a part 2 where they get back with their boyfriend/girlfriend then just let me know!

Preference #11: Blushy

request: where you’re like shy and you blush and hide in his chest or his neck or whatever?

Harry: “Harry, we’re supposed to be working on the project, you need to stop,” you giggled, half-heartedly pushing harry away from kissing your neck. “’M sorry kitty cat. I just cant stop, so pretty I just wanna kiss you all the time and never stop. Shoulda known this would happen when you partnered up with me.” Harry teased. You rolled over on top of him, nuzzling your head in his chest, hiding your blushing face. “Hey come back out, I still wanna kiss you, you know.” Harry started, pressing kisses to the crown of your head, “Baby girl, you know how hard it is for me to not kiss you, especially when you look like this. I love it when you have your hair up, and I can kiss you all over without it getting in my way. Now all i need you to do is quit hiding, and get your blushy self back out here.”

Louis: “Hey, where’d you go, petal?” Louis jokes as you hide your face in his chest, “Come back, I wanna see your pretty face.” you slowly pulled away from Louis’s chest, face red and warm, a shy smile on your face. “There you are, where were you hiding?” Louis continues, running with the joke. You shake your head, “Wasn’t hiding, I was right here.” “Why’d you hide from me?” “You make me feel all, blushy and shy and stuff.” you start, “Especially, when you say nice things about me it makes me get a bunch of butterflies, and feel bubbly all over.” You feel Louis let out a slow deep sigh, pressing a kiss to your forehead, “God, baby you’re too sweet. Think I just got a cavity ‘cause of you.”

Liam: “Princess, are you almost ready? Wanna see how you look,” Liam coos through the dressing room door. “Yeah, come one in Li,” you answer back, adjusting the black lace straps of the expensive bra. Liam pushes open the door, entering the small fitting room. His eyes never left your body with only the bra and pantie set on. “Wow. Lovey, why haven’t we gotten this yet… You look so sexy, fuck” Liam whispers, sliding his fingers underneath the lacy straps, biting his lip. Your cheeks heat up, a bright blush forming. You hid your face in his neck, with your arms wrapped tightly around his waist. “Hey, where’d you go, come back out here. Jus’ wanna see how sexy you look. Such a pretty girl, can’t keep my eyes off you.”

Zayn: “I cant believe we just got married,” Zayn whispers in your ear, swaying along with you to the song of your first dance. “Me neither. Also cant believe that you cried when you saw me,” you breathily laughed thinking back to that moment. “What was I supposed to do, angel? I just saw the most beautiful girl in the entire world walk down the aisle to marry me, I couldn’t help it,” Zayn cooed, pulling you closer to him. you hid your face in his neck before he could see the huge grin on your face, with the blood rushing to your face forming a blush strong enough to show through your bridal makeup. “Too good to me Zaynie, so sweet and nice to me. Still make me feel like we’re in high school, and I get all blushy and full of butterflies.”

Niall: “Ready to go?” Niall murmurs into your ear, trying to get you to hear him over the sound of the club music. You nod your head at him, pressing a kiss to his cheek. You grab his hand and start to lead him out of the busy atmosphere. You could feel Niall’s eyes looking at your backside, but you didn’t think he would actually reach out and smack it. After the initial sting and shock of the blow wore off, you turned turned around with a surprised look on your face. “Niall why did you do that?! We’re in public, what if someone had gotten a picture of that?” you lightly scold him. You could feel your cheeks turning a bright red color, feeling a little shy and embarrassed about what happened. You bring yourself close to Niall’s chest, hiding your shy smile and red face. “Sorry lovey, just looked too good not to touch.” 

im sorry this took so long to get out and it probs isnt even worth the wait im so sorry. when i was just about to post this i had opened another tab but when i switched back to this everything i thought i had saved had been deleted so i had to write from memory and this is no where near as goo as the original i wrote so im v sorry for this but ill try to get out another one soon but if not it will be posted tomorrow. anyway thank you to the anon that requested this and  thanks for reading and please request.

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25; kyungsoo please!! thank you! :-) I love your work darling! keep it up! &lt;3 Have a wonderful week!

25. “I will love you more than anyone else”

“What did you just say?”

“You’re… You’re really going to make me repeat it?” His eyes widened as your mouth dropped. “Seriously, what’s with that face?” He poked your forehead with his finger.

“Hmm? Why so suddenly is what I’m wondering…” You sat up in bed and looked over at him.

“I hardly say it enough to you.” He admitted.

“Those words really don’t have to be said you know,” You pulled your knees to your chest and smiled happily. “I was just surprised is all… in a good way.” He sat up and wrapped his arm around your shoulders from behind. He pulled you close to him and pressed his face against your neck.

“Thank you,” He whispers again. “For always putting up with my hectic schedules, for staying with me all this time… for being supportive… for loving me…”


“I don’t want you to think I ever take you for granted.”

“You’ve never made me feel that way. Don’t worry. The fact that you make time in your schedule just to come over and spend the night with me… is more than enough.” You begin to chuckle.

“Let me finish… I don’t know what I’d do without you, ______. And I love you so much. This may come off as selfish and one-sided, but I can’t see myself in the future without you,” D.O mumbles softly and your breath gets caught in your throat. No way… What was he-

He brings up an opened box with his free hand. Your fingers trembled as you reached out for it.

“O-Oh my god… Do Kyungsoo-“

“I promise you, ______. I’ll take care of you forever… I will treasure you and I promise and swear… I will love you more than anyone else.” He gently placed the ring on your finger and laughed quietly.

“K-Kyungsoo…” You spun around to face him as he smiled.

“Marry me.”

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b wakin u up with endless kisses- you feel his lips on your collarbone and that wakes you up but you lay there pretending to be asleep so he'll keep givin u kisses, shoulder/ neck kisses and tummy kisses and chest kisses and moving up to face kisses and gentle lip kisses- u kiss him back hard and he just smiles and maybe chuckles a little before he kisses harder and I'm drowning in fluff

aAaaAA he so would fuck he’d just look so smitten and sleepy and hed cuddle u so close and kiss all over ur face and just mumble “mornin” in his rough sleep voice  ukccf

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Hey so I've had acne for 7 years bad and recently (this year) I'm on two meds that have made it very minimal! But in the past three weeks it's all over my chest and neck and face! I'm in a cast so I'm showering every other day instead of every day, but is there anything I can do? I hate it! Also how do I cover up cuts with make up??

youre already on two medications for it, so i dont think there’s anything else you can do at this post aside from cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing when you can. it should clear up in time. even with medication, skin does its own thing when it wants to and acne can get out of hand super easily. if it doesn’t go away or get better, then i’d talk to your doctor. 

also, concealer covers up cuts. depending on where the cut is, you might have to get a different type of concealer. kat von d makes a tattoo erasing concealer that can hide cuts pretty well. i have a pretty gnarly scar on my left hand that’s super obvious but that concealer takes care of it. you can still tell the skin’s raised but the color’s hidden. basically any type of camouflage makeup is what you’re gonna need to use to hide cuts. 

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^is holding you by your hips, pinning you against the counter^ Hey! You little punk! How dare touch the goods without permission! ^laughs as you look at me like I'm crazy for my choice of words but I quickly hide my smile as I scoop you up and sit you on the counter, tickling all over you and you scream out with laughter and I can hear Joel laughing at us as I scream^ APOLOGIZE!! -CHx

*shakes my head but you grab my sides harder where it’s ticklish and I keep trying to get away but you pull me back* I’m sorry! *smiles as you pull me back across the counter against your chest and in your arms* not really. When I married you, I got full access to the booty. It was in our marital agreement. *moves my face to the crook of your neck as I keep laughing quietly and wraps my legs loosely around you*

*kisses you back and whimpers as you touch me* I missed the feeling of you touching me, babe. It’s been way, way too long. *kisses you again and kisses down your neck, pulling away and tilting my head as you kiss my chin* *whimpers again and bites my lip* I need more baby… -Sam


Tell me what you want, baby. *wraps my arms around you and takes off you bra* *cups your boobs in my hands and rubs my thumbs over your nipples* so beautiful. Just like I remember. -Luke


*smiles and laughs softly, kissing all over your face* *pulls you against my chest and rubs your back* You want to order take out and watch some movies? It’s only like seven o'clock. *looks down at you and wraps my arms around you tighter* -Ash


Get delivery Chinese food. *grins* I really want orange chicken and rice and everything. *laughs* And I’m also staying naked. -Lindsey

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how are you? I am very satisfied and content right now, I just finished a really good book! 

8 facts about my body: I have a very small birthmark on my upper thigh, I also have one on my scalp. I have a serious problem with cracking and popping all of my joints and such. I actually have many freckles/moles all over my back, chest, neck, and face; they’re one of my favorite things about myself. I have an off and on habit of biting my nails. I have a scar on my left foot. My hair has been blue at one point, and as well pink. Before I fall asleep, I have to move my feet around. 

What’s your favorite movie?  I don’t have one, but if I had to choose my top 5 it would be (in no ranking order), Almost Famous, The Goonies, Big Hero 6 (I’ve never laughed so hard in a childrens movie), Into The Wild, and of course, Step Brothers. 

Thanks for asking :”))