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People like to headcanon that the Slytherins are the alternative house in aesthetic, with piercings and tattoo’s and funky hairstyles and all… but I always imagined that would be Gryffindor.

Slytherin has always struck me as very pretentious, into their glamourous horror, with suits tailored by the best and dresses never worn twice; with their hair slicked back or worn in pinned curls that make them seem they belong in totally different era’s due to the large influence of tradition. Gryffindor, being the risk taking house of bravery, was always the house I thought would be full of the rebellious souls looking to express themselves through anything that could be considered taboo– piercings of all kinds, offensive tattoo’s, over the top sayings printed onto sweaters, so forth.

Of course, not all Gryffindors or Slytherins can be generalised in such a manner, but that’s always how I thought the majority would go about their aesthetics.


Some Edumacation On Sublimation

Learn Ya Self Somethin On This New Dye Printing Technique

From high end designers to fast fashion retailers, everyone seems to be on board with the new dye sublimation printing process. “Surr many big words, but what does it all mean Anthony??” Basically, a fancy printer uses heat to transfer dye onto fabric before the dye becomes a solid. So unlike a screen-printed tee, the ink is actually “infused” into the fabric meaning no fading, no bleeding in the warsh, and also the ability to transfer bigger designs and photograph-like prints onto your maleswearz. If you’re like me and not afraid to make a statement in a bold print, then this trend is giving you all the YASSS so go on and thrive girl!  In this outfit, I’m wearing an all-over floral sublimation print sweater with some wannabe (pero like cute) neoprene-ish shorts. Paired it with some sneaks and a snapback for that high-end sporty-chic look that’s oh-so-trending right now. Check out the carousel below to shop some of my favorite new items using sublimated prints. You can thank me later for all the compliments you’ll get. *praying hands emoji*

Thanks to Fred for snapping these pics


Boohoo Man Sweater //  Boohoo Man Shorts  //  APC x Nike Air Max (Similar) Sneakers  //  Ambig (Similar) Hat  //  Monokel Sunglasses

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