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Ineffable - Ch.3

Kim Junmyeon/Reader (OC)
Word Count: 4,900
Warnings: Violence

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You wake up with a gasp, sweat trickling down your forehead. You frantically look around you, but your bedroom seems to be as it should be - the light is on as you left it and everything is in place.

You flop back down in the pillows as you sigh in relief. You feel sweaty all over and your covers are sticking to you so you kick them off, enjoying the cool air hitting your skin.

But then you hear it.

 The scratching. The thumping. Muffled erratic noises that make your heart sink in your chest.

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Fishy Feathers Chapter 4

Wheezes I managed to write this out over the course of the past few stressful days so here you go!!!
Lance was having the time of his life, feathers fluffed from laughing so hard as Pidge practically growled at his chirping laughter.

“Fuck you. Just- Fuck you.” The shedding mermaid hissed, scratching absently at a patch of loose gray green scales that were giving way to a prettier lime color.

She was covered in sand from wriggling around on the beach in an attempt to relieve some of the itching and the growing pains, dull scales scattered across the grains in a startling contrast of almost white and near black gray spots. Her fangs had started to fully develop, fins growing larger with each passing day, new scales growing in and torso changing as her voice cracked, vocal chords strengthening in order to smooth out her voice as she was an Empath Siren Mer, which meant her voice was very important for survival.

Lance was laughing mainly because of the choppy mess she’d made of her hair. She’d actually gone through with cutting it, as most Mer did when going through their own scale sheds. But she’d cut it unevenly, a complete mess sticking out all over the place and covered in sand and bits of seaweed.

“Oh my gosh you look like a ruffled sand pigeon!!!” The Avian cackled, his scaly friend pouting at him.

After a few minutes bent over laughing, Lance recovered and wiped away the tears of mirth from his eyes, still chuckling.

“Hang on, I’ll be right back. I’m going to fix this mess. Mama took the others on a trip to the city, she thinks I’m hanging out with Keith today.” He explained before taking off, his flying having improved a lot since the first time all those years ago.

Pidge huffed and settled down into the sand, rubbing at her scales and pulling up all the information she remembered about Keith, Lance’s racing buddy. Lance had described him as a reddish brown black dappled Centaur with black hair and a matching tail with dark indigo eyes, if she recalled correctly.

She hadn’t met him, as Mer were a widely feared species as when you crossed one wrong, they’d drown you. Not to mention her friendship with Lance would be frowned upon, especially in her pod. Alfor had been betrayed by a land dweller, a human named Zarkon, therefore contact with anything living on land was forbidden. Mer who went “human” as he’d dubbed it, were cast out from the pod be never allowed to return, and Allura seemed keen on keeping that rule as the next leader of the pod.

Peeling away more old gray scales, she looked up at the sound of flapping wings and grinned as Lance landed back in front of her, his wings fluffy and ruffled from flight.

“Right! I’ve got the stuff!” He crowed, holding up a bag of supplies. Pidge tilted her head and chirruped curiously, intrigued. Sitting cross legged next to his fishy friend, shallows lapping at his feet, Lance began to pull out a hair brush, a comb and scissors.

“First we brush out all that sand.” He chuckled, and patted his lap.

Pidge rolled her eyes and moved to settle in the space provided, the top of her head barely at his chin and tail flopping over his crossed ankles, tailfin completely submerged in the water. Lance proceeded to brush out the grains of sand and bits of seaweed in the mermaid’s hair, only pausing to shake the brush clean of the debris.

“Okay, time to fix this crazy hairstyle.” He said, Pidge humming in acknowledgement.

It was kind of nice, feeling the comb work through her messy locks and hearing the scissors snipping sound as they trimmed the split ends evenly, straightening out the uneven back and sides and even fixing out her front side sweeps, smoothing them out.

She pouted when it was over, sliding back into the sea to rinse off the leftover hair on her back, but kept her head above water so her hair would stay dry. Lance handed her a mirror with a grin, and she gaped at her reflection. She looked… really good! “Woah…” she muttered, fluffing out the shorter trim, which puffed out like a pair of wings on either side of her head.

“My older sister taught me how to do this kind of stuff.” Lance preened proudly, pleased that Pidge liked her new hairstyle. Pidge laughed lightly and splashed him as she handed the mirror back.

“Well, next time I need my hair trimmed, I know who to call.” She teased, grinning as she swished her tail through the water.

Lance winked and held up his scissors. “Hairdresser Lance, at your service milady!” He crooned, mock bowing to the shorthaired mermaid. Pidge laughed harder.

“I should hurry back to the pod, Mom said that I would be allowed to join the hunting party this year!” Pidge explained when she recovered from her laughing fit, wriggling her fins excitedly.

Lance nodded. “Alright, you go have fun! I should head back before my flock gets home anyways. See you next week?”

Pidge nodded. “Sounds good! See you then, Lance!” She trilled as she dove back into deeper waters, Lance spreading his wings and taking off as well.

The beach still glimmered with shed green and gray scales in the sunlight.

I tried writing a little less clumped together, so hopefully it looks better? But yeah, in this chapter, Lance is 14 and Pidge is 12 :3 and don’t worry, next chapter features Hunk! And I’m already planning out chapters 6 and 7, with Keith in ch.6 and Shiro and Matt in ch.7 and a huge surprise in ch.8!

Makeup Lessons, Boys and Bonding - Weasley Twins Imagine (Requested)

Request:  Can I have an imagine where I’m dating a weasley twin and staying at the burrow for a while and herminoe and ginny start asking questions and needs makeup/boy advice and we bond?


“Wait so… do you put it on under your eyelid too? Like on the bottom one, or just on the top eyelid?” The youngest and only female child out of the Weasley family sat excitedly in the middle of a pile, surrounded by various types of make ups. Ginny’s red head swung back n forth every time she went to grab a different stick of eyeliner or a shade of eye shadow. Hermione Granger rested properly on her knees, scanning over all the various varieties of skin care, lip stick, cover up, blush and mascara in amazement. Rounding the corner, (y/n) re-entered the room arms full with bags and small handheld containers. Hermione stood up, curious to what lied inside.

“Yes you can but I strongly suggest not to. Too many people don’t get it close enough to their eye to where it just looks like a bunch of squiggly line. Not very appealing if you were to ask me…” Ginny nodded hanging onto every word (y/n) spoke. She was extremely exceled in the topic of beauty and could give some of the best advice when it came to that. School… not so much.

Fred and George, Ginny’s older twin brothers and (y/n)’s boyfriends, had brought (y/n) along with them for spring break hoping to spend a good amount of time with their girlfriend. Unfortunately for them, their little sister seemed to be hitting the age where her looks matter to her. So, she turned to (y/n) for help. Hermione was clueless to most any types of cosmetics and had asked for guidance from the older girl as well. (y/n) planning on hitting two birds down with one stone, assumed she’d be able to teach them both together.

The frizzy headed brunette took hold of what looked to be a torture tool, examining to in her hands trying to figure out the exact use for it. Maybe it was to scoop out eyes, or clip the off?

“(y/n), um what is the purpose for this?” Holding the metal item up by the ends that resembled those of a scissors, Hermione gave her friend a questioning look. (y/n) giggled snatching the helpful tool from her hands, walking over to the mirror with Hermione following close behind her.

“I’ll show you.” Ginny looked over, wanting to absorb as much information as possible. (y/n) open it swiftly, letting both sides clamp down on her long eyelashes. Hermione shuddered at the painful look then relaxed when (y/n) easily pulled it off. Taking a full look at her new eyelash, Hermione noticed a difference from the other untouched one, besides a light coat of mascara. It waved upwards nicely in a lovely fashion.

“See, it’s an eyelash curler.”  Handing it back to the stunned Hermione after finishing the other eye, (y/n) smiled kindly. Ginny called her over again needing assistance on her attempt at eyeliner. She had taken (y/n)’s advice on not doing her lower eyelid but shook slightly while trying to perfect the first one. (y/n) cleaned her eye up in no time, demonstrating on her eye with liquid making effortless, flawless dark black wings. (y/n) suggested on Ginny using solid pencil eyeliner, before tackling the opposing difficult liquid option.

“Wow your eyes look stunning!” Both girls stated. (y/n) thanked them very flattered. She loved teaching others due to the fact she wasn’t skilled in much and nobody really needed her for anything very important. But this time it was totally different.

A pair on knuckles banged loudly on the door and the three girls jumped in surprise. Ginny dropped the bottles of face and eye primer she had been interested in. Hermione stopped her sentence short, staring at the door oddly. (y/n) waked over to the door, ready to unlock it before two voices broke out.

“Can we please have our girlfriend back it’s been almost 4 hours-“

“Yeah you guys have had enough time with her. It’s our turn-“

(y/n) covered her mouth to keep herself from laughing too loud. Fred and George stood clearly annoyed on the other side of the door. They continued to knock carelessly obviously not leaving until they got an answer.

“Go away! We’re almost done so calm down!” Ginny shouted retrieving back to her previous actions. Hermione smiled reaching for (y/n)’s basket filled with multiple sets of colorful nail polish, finding her favorite shade of red and then began painting her medium length nails. Fred scoffed loudly refusing to leave.

“You said that an hour ago! Honestly this isn’t fair were the ones who brought her!” George yelled into the wood that acted as a barrier between the groups. Truthfully, the boys were right. They would stop by every 45 minutes or so and beg for (y/n) to ditch the girls. (y/n) felt bad for abandoning the boys but the girls really needed her and she couldn’t really leave them alone to guess on what look good and what wouldn’t. Ginny and Hermione needed someone to be completely honest with them, so next year when they would be all alone without (y/n), they’d at least have an idea of what they were doing and could talk to each other.  

“Can I let them in for a little while? I promise I won’t let them distract me, but I feel sort of bad.” (y/n) asked turning to her friends. Ginny and Hermione shared a look. They both nodded and (y/n) pivoted back to the door twisting the lock open and allowing room for the boys to stumble in. Fred instantly wrapped his long arms around (y/n)’s stomach.

“You kidnapped our girlfriend our (y/n)!” The twins shouted in sync placing sweet kisses to both sides of her cheeks, then on her forehead. George pouted due to lack of attention. (y/n) side hugged him unable to release herself from the anaconda like grip Fred held. Ginny scoffed annoyed with her brothers, retrieving back to the skin care products. The boys slid theirs hands into (y/n)’s dragging her to the door but she protested.

“What’re you guys doing?” Scrabbling away (y/n) folded her arms across her chest, planting her feet like stones in the ground. Bewildered eyes glanced at her in pure confusion.

“(y/n) we haven’t hung out with you at all!” George stated in agony. Hermione whispered lightly with Ginny over shades of lips gloss compared to shades of lipstick.

“I know but the girls really need my help! Say, how about you two can spend some time with us in here?” She suggested leading them over to Ginny’s bed, who strongly disagreed. Giving up, Ginny moved all her blankets off the bed giving room for her brothers to sit nicely.

“Thank you kind sister!” Fred joked earning a displeased eye roll from her. Hermione crossed the room taking the open spot on the floor next to (y/n), chatting softly with her.

“Wait… are you teaching them how to use makeup…?” George took in the scattered cosmetics, finally understanding what they had been up to all day. The girls nodded and (y/n) returned to the conversation with Hermione. Hermione had the “hots” for a certain boy and wanted to make him take notice in her, so she turned to (y/n).

“I mean… I’m just all- well y’know me and awkward.” She explained in a hushed voice, not feeling very comfortable with the twins hearing in. (y/n) nodded, comprehending what was racing around Hermione’s head.

“I get it, but in all honestly a guy shouldn’t start ‘noticing’ or fancying you just for the fact that you all of the sudden are wearing makeup. Though, I’d still love to help you.” Hermione’s shoulder slumped down, (y/n) was right. Fred and George spied in smiling to each other before intervening.

“Who’s the lucky fellow, Mione?” The teased her with no hurtful intentions. The bright Gryffindor’s cheeks grew the same color of her house at the boy’s words. There was no way she could tell them she sort of fancied their brother, they’d just blabber on over to Ron. Ginny became interested walking over to listen in fully. (y/n) narrowed her (e/c) eyes at her boyfriend’s silently advising them to shut their mouths.

“Is it… Harry? You two seem to be very close if y’know what we mean.” George winked, ignoring (y/n). He was having too much fun messing with the brilliant girl. Ginny’s face flushed at their assumption, drawing in the attention of Fred. A sly, wicked smirk played on his face.

“Don’t worry Ginny we have none new to tell about you massive crush on dear Harry!” Fred broke out into a hysteric fit of laughter. Ginny avoided his comment, sitting with her back leaning on her dresser drawer. The other two girls giggled along with Fred already hearing out Harry all day long on Ginny’s part.

“Would you leave ‘em alone!” (y/n) threw her empty case at the gingers. George laughed sliding from the bed to sit behind (y/n), wrapping his arms carefully around her waist as Fred jumped to sit on her free side. Hermione held out the bottle of thick volume mascara asking (y/n) if she could put it on.

“Of course!” George loosened his grasp giving her enough room to have access to her friends face. With 3 strokes of each closed eyelid, (y/n) was done in no time falling back into George’s open arms. Fred held her hand lovingly rubbing his thumb along her small knuckles.

“Thank you.” (y/n) nodded as if she were a bobble head and boneless. The night went on with tips on makeup, boys, fashion and much much more. Fred and George wanted so badly to leave and sneak (y/n) out, away from the girls but they knew she wouldn’t obey. So, they spent the night listening and learning things they usually wouldn’t care to hear but it was worth it to spend time with (y/n).

~ Daizy

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Surprise Visitor

Summary: In a remote cabin in the woods, the reader never expected anyone to come crashing through her door, especially not a handsome hunter like Dean Winchester. 

Characters: Dean x Reader


Content: Fluff

Word Count:1673

Originally posted by sasquatchandleatherjacket

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  • People: you bite things when your stressed? What are you a baby, do you use binkis
  • Me: no because i lack even the smallest amount of money to stop me from this *pulls out my chewed headphones that have wires sticking out snd bite marks all over and thumbs covered in blisters* so nah not a baby

anonymous asked:

can you recommend any cheaper alternatives to the Erin Condren life planner? they are sooooo beautiful but i just can't justify their ridiculously high prices :(


So if you go here, this wonderful human has put together a wonderful, in-depth look at the most popular planners on the marker right now.

For a brief overview of my personal favorites, stay put.

Also, keep in mind for reference: an Erin Condren Planner can run you anywhere from $55 (if you leave it entirely un-customized) to $75 if you go full on metallic and add the remaining months of 2016. So I’m just going to say that most planners that can compare to an Erin Condren are going to be expensive, just most of them won’t hit that $75 mark and will stay around the $55 end. If you’re really on a budget, your best bet will be to go stalk the planner aisle at Target, Staples, Office Depot, etc and find the best deal. But for one that’s specifically comparable to Erin Condren, stick around.

So for me personally,  I LOVE the Passion Planner. It’s clean, it’s inspiring, and you can slap stickers (like the vinyl kind you stick on your laptop) all over the cover and not feel bad about it.

Passion Planner $29.99 (8.5″ x 11″) or $24.99 (5.5″ x 8.5″)

This was the planner I switched to once Erin Condren planners got too expensive for my broke college student self. I like the Erin Condren because it’s weekly, not daily, and while my days are busy, I have no need for an entire page dedicated to one. Also, because my schedule each day is primarily based on classes, work, and meetings, it’s helpful to have an hourly layout.


  • The compact version is a terrific size
  • Insanely durable. I carried this thing around for an entire school year and it was in near perfect condition by the time I was done.
  • This is perfect for someone who has a concrete, hourly schedule, like a student
  • Comes in Academic versions (August - August), Yearly (Jan  - Dec), or undated, so you can use the planner in whatever way best fits your needs.
  • Space for notes at the bottom of each week
  • Walks you through goal-planning
  • Has a reflection space for each month
  • Simplistic, not extra bells and whistles
  • A pocket in the back (!!!)


  • You’re not able to customize it, though sometimes limited edition styles will be released (which are always awesome).
  • The lines are small in the compact version, so sometimes you may run out of room.
  • The full size version is almost too large unless you’re leaving it at your desk, and not carrying it around everywhere.

Simplified Planner by Emily Ley $58

So this one is still on the pricey side, which is a downer, but it offers a daily layout, which is something the Erin Condren is lacking. I’ve been wanting to try the Simplified Planner, but for $58, and times that are on the hour, not the half hour, I haven’t been able to make myself do it.


  • Beautiful
  • Daily layout with both an hourly schedule, as well as a section for your to-do list.
  • Metal corner covers to protect it in your backpack.
  • Nice paper quality (or so I’ve heard?)


  • Hourly increments, not half hour
  • Goodness knows I don’t need that much space each day, I’ll just fill it up with junk that isn’t important
  • Still pretty expensive
  • Not customizable

Purposeful Planner $52 (on sale for $41.50!!!)

These are beautiful, and come in daily or weekly editions. They’re still a bit pricey, but are currently on sale. They look classic, and the layout is neat.


  • Daily layout goes from 6am to 10pm
  • Weekly spread is an option!
  • Place to log your water intake.
  • Brain dump space.
  • A tip for how to make your life better/more organized/healthier for 15 minutes every day.
  • Did I mention pretty??


  • Still expensive.
  • Hourly increments, not half hour (though there’s a second line for each hour so it’s pretty much half hour)
  • It’s apparently pretty large, so if you’re looking for something small you can tuck in a purse of a small book bag pocket, this probably isn’t the one for you.

Other honorable mentions

So as you can see, most planners like the Erin Condren are going to be expensive, there just isn’t a way around it. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, Passion Planner is the way to go, but there are plenty of planners that will run you the lower end of Erin’s price range.

Happy Planning!!

i love animal crossing. kyle (the wolf villager) just sent me a letter with a present attached? and it was paw print wallpaper??? and now im just imagining him sitting down and sticking his paint covered paws all over a piece of striped wallpaper. jesus christ if i had an irl dog neighbour who sent me cute macaroni painting-esque furniture the world would never disappoint me

I Needed Her - Chapter 1


I Needed Her


Blood. Blood was what covered him. All over his hands he felt the crimson liquid sticking to his skin, still feeling warm. His mind kept going back to what had just happened no more than a few minutes ago. The look on her face was what hurt him even more. It was in her eyes where he saw how evil he could truly be. And he hurt her.. Because he tried to save her.

Sitting in the same spot alone, he couldn’t take seeing the blood on his hands any longer. He found a bottle of water close enough where he didn’t even have to stand to get it. He washed the blood off his hands and face, but he saw that it had already stained his white shirt. He brought himself to this point. If only he had listened. Why didn’t he listen?

His shaking hand pulled his cellphone from his pocket and called the only person he could. He needed them, he knew that now. He needed them now more than ever.

“Taehyung? What is it? What’s wrong?” He heard Seokjin’s voice on the other end. Namjoon suddenly took the phone and he heard him say, “Did something happen?”

Taehyung wiped his tears and nervously licked his bottom lip that couldn’t stop shaking. It was another moment until he finally found the words he wanted and needed to say.

“I just want to see my friends…”

One year earlier…

“Taehyung wake up!” Jungkook flew into Taehyung’s room in the early morning. He slapped Taehyung’s butt a few times since he had been sleeping on his stomach. “Wake up sleeping beauty!”

“Five more minutes.” Taehyung mumbled still half asleep. His arm and leg were hanging off his bed, his lips were fully pouted and partially opened with his cheek glued to his pillow.

“Do you, Kim Taehyung, a star-child and perfect student, want to be late for school?” Jungkook pouted. He then jumped onto the bed, body slamming Taehyung which made him cough from the impact Jungkook’s body made on his lungs.

“Jungkook!” Taehyung gasped for air. “Get off of me!”

“Are you going to get out of this bed, you good for nothing book reader?” Taehyung opened his eyes and saw Jungkook smirking above him.

“Only if you get off me, you illiterate preteen.” Taehyung smirked back, pushing him off so he fell on the floor.

“I’m not a preteen!” Jungkook laughed as he stood and rubbed his shoulder since that’s what he landed on. “I’m fifteen! I thought you were good at math.”

“And I thought you said you were going to knock before coming into my room.” Taehyung got up out of bed and chased Jungkook out of his room. “Go in your own room and get dressed!”

Taehyung could remember when Jungkook first came to live with him and his family. When he was a kid around ten years old, his parents had brought Jungkook home from an orphanage. They were inseparable ever since. They lived like real blood-brothers.

Once he was all dressed in his school uniform, Taehyung entered the kitchen to grab some quick things for breakfast. He chugged down a tall glass of orange juice as Jungkook swung in and raided the fridge for his morning bagel and stuffed it in his mouth.

“Slow down boys, you’ll get sick!” Their mother laughed at the sight of them.

“We’re just in a hurry.” Jungkook chuckled, stuffing more bagel into his mouth then running out the door.

“Yeah. Got to go mom, love you.” Taehyung finished the juice. He gave his mother a quick kiss on her cheek then stuffed his own bagel into his mouth as he ran out the door to go walk with Jungkook.

“First thing’s first on our high school life agenda!” Jungkook put his pointer finger in the air as he and Taehyung approached the school. “My raging teen hormones demand that I get laid at least five times a week. Second! You my good sir are going to stay up until three in the a.m. for your precious studying instead of two. And you are also going to learn how to be quieter at night when your girlfriend comes over because I’m getting sick of hearing that shit through my wall on a nightly.”

“In that case we’ll just be louder to piss you off.” Taehyung laughed, pushing Jungkook a little. “And will you stop your bluffing about your so called hormones, you innocent little virgin?”

“That’s exactly why they’re raging! They’re unfulfilled!” Jungkook laughed, pushing him back.

“Your dirty mind sickens me.” Taehyung put his finger to Jungkook’s temple and poked him as they walked up the school steps.

“That’s nice. Now where is he?” Jungkook stopped on the steps and looked around.

“Where’s who?” Taehyung began blindly looking around as well even though he had no idea who he was looking for.

“Jimin, my new friend. You’d like him, he’s cool.” Jungkook replied. “Oh there he is!”

Taehyung saw Jungkook pointing across the lot to a car that was parked at the curb. He knew the girl that was driving. It was Park Nayoung, his girlfriend’s best friend. He then wondered why he never thought about talking to Jimin until now.

“Are you going in yet?” Nayoung said after a minute or so of silence after pulling up.

Jimin sighed, not looking away from his lap. “In a minute.”

“Look, I know it was a rough night last night, but it will get better.” Nayoung showed a sweet smile and put her fingers on his chin so he could look at her. “Cheer up, okay?”

“I wish I could.” He looked at her with sad eyes. That made her hand leave his face and retreat back to her lap. Another minute of silence.

“Mom said she’s going to try to do better-”

“I don’t care!” Jimin suddenly snapped at her.

“She promised me this morning. She made that guy leave and said she won’t take another dime from him.” Nayoung tried to sound more stern but it was hard since that wasn’t in her nature.

“I said I don’t care.” Jimin growled under his breath.

“Okay.” Nayoung nodded her head. “Okay.”

“Seokjin will pick me up from school today, okay?” Jimin softened his tone for her. He hated when he wasn’t nice to her.

“Okay.” Nayoung nodded again. She leaned over and put her hand on his cheek and kissed his opposite one. “Have a good day.”

“I’m always trying.” Jimin forced a smile and held her hand for a brief moment before leaving the car.

“Jimin!” Jimin looked up and saw Jungkook. He immediately grinned and ran up to him.

“Hey Kookie! What’s up?” Jimin clasped his hand with Jungkook’s and hugged him.

“The usual.” Jungkook replied with just as much enthusiasm. “Oh, Jimin. This is my brother Taehyung.”

“Hey.” Jimin greeted him.

“Hey.” Taehyung greeted back. “You know Park Nayoung?”

Jimin laughed, “Of course I do. She’s my sister.”

The three went inside, Jungkook going into a different classroom since he was a first year. Taehyung just then remembered that Jimin was in the same class as him. Not only in the same class, but he also sat right next to him.

“So,” Taehyung awkwardly spoke up as they came into the doorway of their classroom, “How did you become friends with Jungkook?”

“He asked me to help get him laid.” Jimin casually replied, stepping in first.

Taehyung scoffed before entering as well, “I thought he was joking.”

“Okay guys so my friend Seokjin is picking me up in a minute.” Jimin walked with Taehyung and Jungkook. School finally ended and they were all ready to let loose. “You both wanna come along?”

“That sounds fun!” Jungkook smiled, making his eyes sparkle.

“I don’t know.” Taehyung hesitated. Jungkook’s jokes about him being dedicated to school were very true. He planned on going straight home to go study. Even though his grades were perfect, he still felt like he was struggling to keep it that way. He needed to go study and get all his work done so he could be ready for the next day.

“Oh come on Taehyung.” Jungkook whined. “It’ll be fun.”

“I don’t think I can.”

“Come on, stop being a priss.” Jimin stuck a stick of gum into his mouth as he leaned back against a lamp post.

“I’m not a priss.” Taehyung replied, feeling bad that he wasn’t agreeing to just go with them.

“Yes you are.” Jimin chuckled, making Jungkook do the same.

“Okay I’ll go.” Taehyung gave in.

“Awesome!” Jungkook ran up to him to tightly hug him.

“Hey!” Taehyung turned to see a young and prettily handsome man drive up next to them in a truck. “Need a ride?”

“Only if it’s for free.” Jimin replied, jumping into the back of the truck and helped Jungkook up as well.

“I’m guessing you’re a friend of Jimin?” The guy said to Taehyung as he calmly entered the truck, settling in the passenger seat.

“I’m guessing you’re Seokjin.” Taehyung replied and Seokjin smiled.

“You guessed right.” Seokjin rolled down his window. “Hey Jimin! We’re going to get the others!”

“Sounds good!” Taehyung heard Jimin call back.

“Others?” Taehyung asked.

“Our other friends. You’ll like them, they’re really cool.” Seokjin smiled cutely, putting the truck in drive. Taehyung could hear Jimin and Jungkook at the back of the truck cheering in the wind as they drove off into the growing night.

They drove to a gas station, where three more guys were waiting. Two blondes, one of them bigger and the other more petite, and one with dark hair.

“Jungkook!” The husky blonde with a really deep voice and a lollipop in his mouth approached the truck once they came to a stop. “Hey what’s up little man?”

“Nothing, just finally found the time to come out tonight.” Jungkook and Jimin hopped out off the truck so they could greet him and the others. “My brother is with us too.”

Taehyung took that as his cue to get out of the truck. Taehyung gave an awkward shy smile to him and shrugged his shoulders.

“What’s up? I’m Namjoon.” Namjoon cocked his head, giving him a little smirk. “And that’s Yoongi,” he pointed to the smaller one with the blonde hair then the one with dark hair, “and Hoseok.”

“Hi.” Taehyung gave them a little wave. “I’m Taehyung.”

“So you’re Taehyung.” Namjoon came over and put his arm around his shoulders which made him grow very tense. “Jungkook’s told us a lot about you.”

“Really? Like what?” Taehyung asked, trying to not sound nervous even though he really was.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything embarrassing.” Jungkook laughed in the background. “I’m starving, where can we go eat?”

“Just go get something in there.” Namjoon pointed towards the gas station store behind him. “Make it quick.”

“I’ll go with you!” Hoseok grinned and ran inside the store with Jungkook.

“Hey Namjoon, would you mind filling up the truck? My dad will kill me if he sees the tank on empty.” Seokjin called out, still in the drivers seat.

“Sure thing mama Jin!” Namjoon opened the gas cap and put the hose inside to fill it with gas. “You got cash?”

“Not really.”

“That’s cool. I’ll let you off for free tonight okay?” Namjoon threw his lollipop stick on the ground and replaced it with a cigarette. “Yoongi, can you spot me a lighter?”

“Sure.” Yoongi pulled out his lighter from his jacket and lit the cigarette for him.

“Thanks.” Namjoon then proceeded to smoke it. Since Taehyung was still standing incredibly close to him, the cigarette smoke blew right into his mouth. He coughed and coughed, waving his hand to clear the smoke away from him. “What’s the matter Tae? Never been around a cigarette before?”

“No, I just have sensitive lungs.” Taehyung replied, hoping that will give Namjoon the hint to either put it out or back away so he wouldn’t have to breathe it in. Namjoon’s only response was blowing smoke from his mouth right into Taehyung’s face. Taehyung coughed more and waved the smoke away again. It only made Namjoon chuckle to himself and continue smoking.

“You’re fun.” Namjoon showed a sly grin. “We’re gonna be good friends.”

“Who wants chips and beer?” Hoseok shouted as he and Jungkook ran out of the store. Jungkook held up two huge bags of chips while Hoseok lifted five six packs of beer.

“Yes thank you! Throw me one!” Jimin shouted back. “I plan on getting drunk!”

“You have one too Jin!” Yoongi grabbed three beers from Hoseok and handed one to Seokjin through the drivers window.

“But I’m driving.” Seokjin kept his sweet smile which Taehyung found kind of admirable. He seemed nice.

“Priss!” Jimin shouted at him before opening his beer and pouring it down his throat.

“Okay okay fine!” Seokjin laughed, taking the beer from Yoongi.

“You too Taehyung.” Namjoon gave Taehyung a look as if he didn’t have a choice.

“I don’t drink.” Taehyung put his hands in his pockets.

“Must I say it again?” Jimin laughed.

“No.” Taehyung replied.

“Come on Taehyung!” Jungkook whined. Taehyung was shocked that Jungkook was just going along with taking alcohol from them. Since when did he drink? Hoseok shook a can for Jungkook and they both hysterically laughed and cheered when Jungkook opened it and it sprayed everywhere.

Taehyung saw Yoongi holding a can of beer up to him, the annoyed look on his face saying “are you going to take it or not?”. He finally succumbed and took it from him. Yoongi smiled a little and opened his can together with him. Taehyung sipped the substance and noticed that it didn’t taste that bad, but it still wasn’t good either. It didn’t stop him from making a slightly disgusted face as the aftertaste settled in his throat.

“Alright boys, in the truck!” Namjoon announced and they all ambushed to the truck. Taehyung got back in the passenger seat but Namjoon came up behind him. “Scoot over.”

Taehyung didn’t see how he could possibly do that. He moved as much as he could so Namjoon could squeeze himself in. Taehyung found himself squished in between Seokjin and Namjoon with the other four hopped into the back.

“You buzzed yet mama Jin?” Namjoon leaned over to look at Seokjin.

“Just about!” Seokjin swallowed the rest of the beer in his can and tossed it out the window. “Thanks for the gas by the way!”

“Oh! I forgot to take the hose out!” Namjoon started cracking up laughing. “Hey! One of you back there go take the hose and put the gas cap back on!”

“Yes sir!” Yoongi shouted then looked at Jungkook and spat, “You do it.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes but decided to not complain about it. He was willing to do anything to please him and the rest. He had Hoseok hold his beer so he could stumble out of the truck. His tolerance was pretty much zero, so he was way more than buzzed already. He clumsily pulled the hose out and put the gas cap back on.

“Okay drive!” Jimin called to Seokjin as he stood and pounded his palm on the roof of the truck.

“No wait!” Jungkook was only halfway climbed in. He held on tight to the side of the truck, his feet hitting back tires. Jimin found it hilarious while Hoseok helped Jungkook climb the rest of the way in as Seokjin continued driving. “That wasn’t funny.”

“It kind of was.” Jimin laughed. His laughter made the rest of them, including Jungkook, laugh so hard that their eyes shut.

Taehyung held his beer with both hands as they drove to who knows where. He took another small sip of it which made Namjoon roll his eyes next to him.

“Come on don’t give me that shit, chug that like a man.” Namjoon nudged Taehyung’s shoulder.

“I don’t really like it that much.” Taehyung smiled politely which faded quickly.

“Alright, since you’re new at it I’ll let you off easy.” Namjoon chuckled as he threw his cigarette out the window. “I’ll take it for you.”

Taehyung handed Namjoon the can and he chugged it quickly.

“Where exactly are we going?” Taehyung asked him.

“Wherever we want.” Seokjin answered. “The highway is a path to anywhere.”

“I’m this truck’s dj tonight! Calling it!” Namjoon plugged his phone into the speaker. The music blasted so loud that it hurt Taehyung’s ears at first but he realized it was a song he liked. It was a really cool hip-hop song he had been listening to a lot lately. Namjoon took notice of Taehyung slightly nodding his head to the beat. “You like this song?”

Taehyung only nodded his head and pouted his lips confidently.

“Nice!” Namjoon put his arm around him again. This time Taehyung felt a lot less intimidated. Namjoon started rapping along to the lyrics, Seokjin joining in and making a beat with his hands against the steering wheel. Taehyung put on the biggest smile of the night and joined in with them. The three of them got really into the songs which helped Taehyung actually enjoy Namjoon’s company for the first time that night. Seokjin was right, these guys were pretty cool.

At the back of the truck, Hoseok and Yoongi were also singing and rapping along to the song that was playing inside the truck since it was just that loud enough. Jimin was chugging down beer after beer, keeping his word that he wanted to get drunk. Jungkook was laying flat on his back as Jimin shook another can. When he opened it, it sprayed all over and he put it above Jungkook’s face who had his mouth wide open, taking in as much as he could of what was spraying on him.

“Best new drunk I’ve ever seen!” Jimin chanted as he laughed at Jungkook. His comment made Yoongi and Hoseok cheer with him.

They drove on the highway for a long time. So long that they all lost track of time. It must have been hours. Taehyung couldn’t remember the last time that happened while having fun. The only time he ever lost track of the time passing was whenever he was studying late into the night. He felt as if he needed this. He was actually able to let loose for the first time in his life and with friends. His girlfriend would help him let loose sometimes but it was different being with friends.

With these guys and Jungkook, he was able to let his mind go completely foggy. They could go absolutely nuts, blasting music, drive for hours, get drunk, laugh hysterically over nothing, and that felt so good. Being with his girlfriend was relaxing and soothing. This was the exact opposite. Right now his mind needed something like this, and it was the best thing he could have ever asked for.

They had to double back and go to the gas station to fill up the gas tank again because they drove around for just that long. That was when everyone started to calm down, realizing that it was a little past four a.m.

“Kookie’s out you guys!” Jimin announced once they stopped. Hoseok and Yoongi looked down to see Jungkook past out. Jimin hiccupped a few times from his own drunkenness.

“I guess I should take him home.” Taehyung turned to Seokjin.

“Okay, I’ll drive you.” Seokjin smiled. “Did you have fun?”

“Yeah. Thanks for bringing me.” Taehyung smiled back.

“I think it’s about time Jimin went home too.” Namjoon got back into the truck and slammed the door shut for no reason. “He is drunk. I’m talking extremely off his ass drunk. Let’s take these two home first then I’ll dump Jimin on his doorstep.”

“Sounds good.” Seokjin put his key back into the ignition and turned it. “I hope he doesn’t get randomly angry again, I don’t need this truck destroyed just yet.”

“You hear that Jimin?” Namjoon shouted which hurt Taehyung’s ear.

“I’ll do what I want!” The three of them heard Jimin shout back and felt the truck shake a little from him slamming his fists on the roof of the truck. “If I want to take a tire iron to all your heads I would do it!”

“And here we go.” Hoseok rolled his eyes. Jimin was always so moody when he was drunk. It was like he went through every single emotion one after the other in a matter of minutes.

“Shut up you stupid ass wipe!” Jimin grimaced at him, his words slurring more and more. “I hate all of you.”

“Quickly Jin, lets go.” Namjoon made Seokjin quickly drive off so he could get him home. Taehyung looked at Namjoon and saw that he was laughing. “He may be a pain in the ass sometimes but it’s also pretty damn funny. Oh I think he’s about to start crying!”

“Shut up! You don’t know anything about me!” They heard Jimin shout following him hysterically crying. Namjoon laughed more which made Taehyung feel like it was okay to find it funny. He started laughing along with Namjoon which made him feel like maybe Namjoon was right. Maybe they really were going to be great friends.

“Is this your house?” Seokjin parked the car in front of Taehyung and Jungkook’s house. Taehyung had to give him the directions which were hard to remember since he ended up drinking more beer and recalling the directions were somewhat harder. That thought made him laugh as he nodded his head.

“You’re not much of a bad drinker yourself, Tae.” Namjoon chuckled as he playfully punched his arm. Taehyung clutched his arm since even though it was playful, it still hurt. “This was fun. We should do this again sometime.”

“Yeah, definitely.” Taehyung happily replied. Namjoon got out of the truck so Taehyung could get out. Taehyung helped Hoseok get an unconscious Jungkook out from the back of truck so they could carry him to the door. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Hoseok handed Taehyung all of Jungkook and gave a small wave. “See you guys later or something!”

“Yeah. See you later.” Taehyung couldn’t wave back since he was holding Jungkook who showed no sign of awakening anytime soon. He watched as they drove off into the night. He opened the front door ever so quietly so he could sneak in. He tiptoed to Jungkook’s room and rested him onto his bed. He was too tired to do anything else so he left him there still fully clothed and went to his own room to pass out himself.

He definitely knew he was going to be seeing more of those guys who he guessed he could now consider his friends. He just hoped that things like this wouldn’t be a nightly thing. Hopefully not.

Namjoon and Yoongi dropped Jimin on his doorstep like Namjoon said he was going to. Yoongi gave him a pat on the back and they left to all go home themselves. Jimin, who felt like he was going to pass out any minute, sloppily opened the door. He slammed it shut behind him and dragged his feet through the room. His shoulders slumped forwards and he felt as if his eyes were burning to stay open. As he passed the kitchen, he saw his mother who looked like she was having herself a middle of the night drink; again. He quickened his pace to his room, hoping she didn’t see him. All he could think was, please don’t see me.

He went into his room and shut the door, wishing there was a lock on it. He laid on his side with his back to the door.

“Jimin? Was that you?” He heard his mother’s slurred voice. That’s right, he had slammed the front door. How could he be so foolish? He should have stayed in Nayoung’s room, at least she had a lock on her door. Please don’t come in. “Jimin, are you home? Nayoung was worried sick about you! You stupid mistake!”

Jimin heard his bedroom door open which made his heart quicken. He got that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He knew what was coming now. Please no.

“I’m sorry sweetie. Are you asleep?” She apologized as she shut the door and sat next to him. He was happy that he didn’t have to look at her right now. “I mean, it’s not a lie that you’re a mistake. The guy paid me twenty bucks for one hour and then you just happened.”

Her words about that weren’t what cut him deep. He could honestly care less if she thought he was a mistake. If anything he thought she was a mistake too. Also, this had to be the millionth time he’s heard the story. Her standing at some street corner, some guy picking her up, paying her twenty dollars for an hour, and now here he was; just some mistake who was now being punished by her in a way that made him want to scream and cry but he just couldn’t find his voice to do so.

“But listen honey, just because you were a mistake and should’ve never been born doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” She laid down next to him and put her arm around him which made him flinch. “It’s okay sweetie, there’s nothing to be scared of. There’s no strangers here tonight. I’m going to be done with that kind of life. There’s no need to be scared of strangers being here anymore. It’ll just be you, me, and Nayoung. We’ll get better.”

Too bad it wasn’t the strangers he was scared of.

His lips trembled when he felt her hand go underneath his shirt, feeling his toned stomach, making him hold his breath. Please stop.

“I love you so much.” She whispered into his ear which made him cringe and stiffen as much as he possibly could. Her hand shifted from underneath his shirt to underneath his pants. He hated it, he hated it so much. He hated it so much yet his body continued to betray him by sending unwanted waves of pleasure. It encouraged her. He wanted to shout for it to stop but he felt as if his voice was dead. He felt tears beginning to spill down his cheeks and onto the pillow as she continued.

Why did he have to be so pathetic like this? He couldn’t understand how it started in the first place. He didn’t think he could ever understand. He begged his mind to lose consciousness. Just blackout. The only thing he was happy about was that he drank as much as he could.

That way he hopefully won’t remember any of this in the morning…


Hi there so yeah, this is a pretty mature fic so read with caution since there are mature themes. I’m sorry Jiminnie baby I hate that I did this to you T_T hahaha anyway, look forward to more updates coming soon! Love you Bunnies! ^^

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