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the signs as things my french 2002/3 professor has done in the middle of class

pisces: was visibly upset when the entire class didn’t compliment him on his haircut, and then started bowing and thanking us when we all started complimenting it (after he demanded we do so)

aries: told us about homework due next class, and dramatically flipped the whiteboard over to reveal a very detailed, excellent drawing of a dragon swimming in a mountain lake with the words “Big Brother is Watching” written in a speech bubble, cackled, and dismissed class for the day

taurus: said that Justin Trudeau was sexy, then mentioned Emmanuel Macron was hot, and then was dramatically like, “What if….the two were in the same room? QUELLE BONHEUR! Quelle….BONER ;)” and all of us screamed

gemini: brought his 8 year old (bilingual) son to class and referred to him as Le Petit Monstre for the entirety of class, and in every class since then, and had to stop himself from saying “the world is fucked” in front of his kid

cancer: threw himself on the floor and curled up in the fetal position for no reason, laid there for roughly three minutes with us all staring at him, and then jumped up with a smile and said in a dead voice, “Everything’s fine! I’m fine! Tout ira bien!”

leo: told us on the first day of class “The University tells me I am in no way shape or form allowed to give you your finals early, according to academic policy.” Then dramatically gets up, launches his chair behind him, stomps across the room, slams the door shut (other profs look out of their classrooms in wonder at the noise) and then laughs and says, “But if you guys want to, you can take the final early, I won’t tell.” then rips the classroom door open again and starts the lesson

virgo: Said, “All my colleagues are like ‘hahahaha classes are done for the year, yay summer’ while I’m here suffering, like, what if I end classes tomorrow. What if we take the final in week 5 and then don’t have class for the next five weeks, sound good? Sounds damn good to me, ok, final tomorrow.” and then looked all depressed to the ground and said “Just kidding we can’t do that, I’d get fired.”

libra: dramatically collapsed in his chair, asked us the date, and suddenly sat up straight and said ‘Shit. Oh my god I forgot it’s my spouse’s birthday today.’ and then proceeded to solicit us for gift ideas and spent the entirety of class in a more distressed state of angst than before

scorpio: spilled coffee all over a student’s composition, shrugged, and threw it over his shoulder so all the papers went everywhere. casually shrugged and continued teaching class

sagittarius: threw the textbook on a table, textbook cover came off completely, book fell on the floor, all the while he stared after it and let out a heavy sigh

capricorn: looked up to the ceiling, palms together as if in prayer, after we all started meme-ing his pronunciation of “nous boirons” and asked for god to help him have the strength to make it through the rest of the day

aquarius: rolled his eyes at the class, approached the only empty table left in the room, and started having a conversation with his best and invisible students named Bill and Ted. He constantly says it’s Bill and George, Bill and Ned, etc

animarune replied to your post “Do you have a dragon age fic rec? Sorry for asking suddenly, just saw…”

Both! Both! Both! (Not the asker either but please and thank you dearly)

Frame of Reference

In Memoriam

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Axe

The Wrong Man


Learn to Be Lonely

Eye of the Storm

What You Have Tamed

An exception to the Rules

Blood The Monster and the Mage

Accursed Ones

Anchor’s Knot

We Do Not Sow

Ser Grumpypants

Sea Change

Family Obligations

Her Own Shall Bless Her

there are no secrets in these halls

An Unlikely Hero

The Demands of Good Men

As the Sun Burns the Ground

Til Kingdom Come

Wicked Games We Play

On Southerly Winds

Josephine’s Weapon


ars amatoria

Flowers for the Victor


King’s Gambit

Brave New World

Wild, Wild Sings The Bird



All You Are

Books and Their Covers

Writing love all over

Composition of Maps

headcanon. apart from being a brilliant coordinator, wallace is also a competent composer and arranger. he actually wrote the contest spectacular theme that’s so famous all over hoenn; the compositions & remixes he puts on his youtube channel are fairly popular (though the remixes more so), and he does performances to them as well. his favorite thing to do is make remixes of classical music and laugh at all the haters who are like BUUUUHHHHH YOU RUINED IT YOU DISRESPECTED IT I CAN’T BELIVE YOU WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THIIIIIIING. honestly, artistically trolling people is how he gets his kicks. life for him just wouldn’t be complete without it.

he’s actually kind of irritated, though, that the contest spectacular theme is the thing he’s most known for. every time he tells people he’s a composer and their first response is a blank stare followed by “OHHHH RIGHT YOU WROTE THE CONTEST THEME!! I LOVE THAT THEME” hes just…well yeah…but i have other stuff too………lots of stuff………hELLO I’M ACTUALLY REALLY MUSICALLY GIFTED why does everybody just simplify me down to THAT ONE SONG i wrote that i’m ALREADY TIRED OF HEARING smHHHHHHH.


POKEMON! :D The 5th one isn’t the final version — I actually forgot to take a picture of it when I completed it… and I no longer have it because I gave it to my BEST FRAAAAAHND EVAR, Steph (@so_crispy). The final version ISN’T completely filled…because my marker ran out & everyone who saw my piece thought it looked better incomplete. LOL :D

Theme of this assignment was – ALL OVER COMPOSITION! We had to do a repeated pattern on an 18x24 –only using black, white & gray. I used Prismacolor markers & a #2 pencil (for tracing).  This was done back in April.

I basically traced 20+ pokemon with tracing paper…and then stenciled them onto the 18x24. I really didn’t use a pattern, I just stenciled them wherever it looked necessary. LOL 

Don’t ask me WHYY I used Pokemon — It seemed like a good idea…until I actually had to execute it (I also had a bad habit of NOT doing my assignments until the NIGHT before..) This took me FOREVERRRR. I actually started this at 6pm. . and I didn’t finish until about 3am. Whatever, my class loved it. LOL

Alma Thomas was born on this day in 1891. Thomas’s abstract compositions are derived from observations of nature. For her painting Mars Dust (center), the artist used the dust storms that occur on the red planet as the touchstone for the all-over composition. In 1972, the same year that she made the work, Thomas became the first African American woman to have a solo exhibition at the Whitney. 

Installation view of America Is Hard to See (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, May 1–September 27, 2015). Photography by Ronald Amstutz