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So at first I just wanted to draw Gen in a waistcoat… and then I wondered ‘who is he looking at like that?’ and then of course it turns out he’s at some fancy BDSM party and he never thought he’d see Sephiroth there but lo and behold, it’s the man in the flesh, and he doesn’t look too pleased at being found out by his colleague. Or maybe Genesis sent him an invite, thinking he’d never come, and thus he’s pleasantly surprised?


when you feel shitty, dress up in your favourite outfit and put on a smile


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Svt as Dads // Joshua //

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  • Omg just imagine jisoo as a father
  • Just sit there with your eyes closed and imagine it
  • I can see him having lots of kids
  • Little girls to be specific
  • Okay but imagine all the cute lil outfits he’d get them
  • They would always be dressed up so freakin cute holy cow
  • Lots of cute lil dresses and bows and tiny shoes that matched perfectly
  • Literally his kids would be more well dressed than you
  • He’d take his cute lil family to church every Sunday
  • Most well behaved kids anyone will ever meet
  • How these small beans could sit pretty still and not talk all the time is a wonder
  • Like even I struggle sitting still that long
  • But after church like they’d do a Sunday outing and go out to lunch somewhere 
  • And his kids are so polite and respect everyone
  • Imagine him having a little boy
  • He’d be that kid that’s nice to everyone
  • Literally everyone
  • And everyone loves him
  • People were crushing on him in freakin elementary school
  • He would be so many kids first crush can you imagine
  • And like totally polite and respectful and handsome even in high school
  • The most gentle kid ever like dude
  • I feel like shuas kids wouldn’t be super sporty
  • But maybe one kid plays soccer or something
  • Not the best at it but it awful either
  • But shua would go to every single game
  • And try and help his kid practice as much as possible
  • Number 1 fan in the stands you feel
  • An extremely proud dad
  • Once his kids were a little older he’d introduce them to the wonderful world of Pokémon
  • And bam, weeb shua has created small weeb children I love it
  • Every Saturday morning they all squish onto the couch
  • Usually a kid sitting on his lap or like laying on his chest or something
  • And while they eat their breakfast they all watch Pokémon or something together
  • I’m dying omg can you guys imagine
  • Seriously tho shua would have the cutest family
  • And everyone would love each other so much
  • Watch one of his kids come out crazy tho
  • Like complete opposite
  • He’d be cool tho he’s dealt with everyone in svt he’s got this
  • Imagine his kids being best friends with jeonghans kids
  • Family get together with the other members of svt
  • I’m gonna cry oh my gosh can you imagine

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Is Kitsune body shy at all? I imagine from what we've seen so far that she's not. Imagine Rocinante trying to keep her in her clothes whenever they reach a summer island!

Kitsune is actually rather into dressing up, and once she’s got an outfit planned, it’d take a hellish amount of effort to get her to strip out of it. 

That isn’t to say all her outfits are exactly… good at covering flesh. But she’s less inclined to strip than Riskua, oddly enough. 

Reasons to adore skam

The outfits (all those cozy layers)

The girls squad

The boy squad

How the relationships are realistic (Noora + Willaim falling apart)

The cinematography

Magnus (morals about mentally ill/bipolar)

Realistic casting (not rail thin, nor 8 years too old, not wearing layers and layers of makeup)

The interactive features (instagrams and texts)

The fandom is so nice to everybody (BLESS YOU ALL)

Everybody has such good eyebrows

All of the good messages they put out and everything they stand for


Parties on friday nights :)

Unique characters

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Your 1st para made my heart melt ❤❤❤ Ah John Snow! As a fan it would be wonderful to see Katie playing Jon, all those black outfits plus sword fighting, ruffled hair, snow falling on her hair while she's standing beside Ghost, yes! (okay, I need to stop). Cersei: well Katie would really do justice to that character for it is really complex. Many ppl just think that Cersei is a plain antagonist but its not. The case a bit twisted. And blond hair? Ah! Imagine her with all those amazing (1/2)

(2/2) hairstyles and drinking wine (a Lena Luthor trait). And her playing Yara would be awesome, Katie and Emilia’s eyebrow game would be so on point. Katie and Emilia would be so cute together doing cons, they both are dorks and so sweet.. What are the sitcoms that you watch besides SG and GoT, if I watch them I’ll disturb you with more questions the next time. Bye my love. - ❤s            

Exactly! She would be so gorgeous as Jon Snow. I can’t even!

I feel the same way about Cersei. Love to hate her of course, but at the same time I adore her because she is one of the most beautifully complex characters. You can’t just throw her in the single-dimensional evil bin. And Katie plays those types of characters very well as we have seen. The wine. The dry snark. The vicious anger! Ugh!

I would probably die if I ever saw Katie and Emilia on the same panel at cons. The cute overload would just destroy me. Sweetest and most adorable nerds ever!

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The rest of this is being written from beyond because their eyebrows just killed me.

Ohhh what do I watch? Vikings!! Um The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Stranger Things. Sense8. Humans. I just started Into the Badlands. I’m sure I’m forgetting some lol. I’m terrible at keeping up with shows lately though haha!

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Well here’s a little tumblr exclusive comparison photo for you all! In the first photo I had to be around sixteen. In the second photo I’m twenty. Look at me guys I was so peculiar in high school haha if I could show you all my outfits back then you would probably laugh at me! No glow up here folks (although my hair has gotten significantly longer and thicker due to me going natural) I’ve never worn makeup and I probably won’t start. I don’t think I look any different just more hair.


Herizen Guardiola, Justice Smith, and Shameik Moore photographed by Steven Pan for GQ (December 2016)

Moore: Me and Herizen didn’t start off like the way we are now.
Guardiola: We went through a rough patch! But it was perfect for our characters, and I would say we’re friends now, right? Kind of? I mean we’re cool now. I’m 20 now, but coming into this at 18, I became an adult. I’ve changed in so many ways. You’ve really got to learn this stuff.