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I have two toads who live in the same cage. But is it normal that they sit on each other? It isn't a mating 'hug', but rather just sitting on each other. Is this normal?

Yeah the toads do that all the time. I think they don’t comprehend that the other toads are alive and just see them as an obstacle they can climb over or sit on. E-mail gets away with it a lot because he’s small.

Love at First Note - 2

part 1

•He started coming back… coming from the world he so loved
•Coming back from the world that loved him back
•Coming back from the world of music
•Coming back to the real world…
•Coming back to the world that despised him
•Coming back to the world he so resented… he came back
•He had started playing his violin again to get rid of his nightmares and memories because even after 2 years the war was still fresh in his mind
•His mother had suggested this to him while she helped him come down from the third nightmare that night
•It certainly did not wipe away the memories and mistakes but it helped
•Draco, coming down from his musical high, opened his eyes slowly, inhaled the smell of the attic
•As he got adjusted to the light in the room he came across sparkling emerald eyes looking right at him
•He could never mistake those eyes to be anyone else’s other than Potter’s (fresh pickled toad and all)
•Once he adjusted to the light the realized the eyes were extra bright because they were about to overflow
•Harry Potter- Savior of the Wizarding World had heard him, Draco Malfoy- Ex Death Eater, play his violin and was now close to tears ??!!
•He couldn’t help but feel a bit smug albiet mixed with a sense of awkwardness and shyness
•Shyness and awkwardness because his audience had always only consisted his parents and Mrs. Twune
•"Potter are you quite alright ? Kneazle got your tongue ??“ Draco couldn’t help but ask
•"You wish Malfoy” Potter said wiping away his tears and putting on his defiant face that Draco knew so well
•Afterall that face had frequented his nightmares of the fiendfyre
•Suddenly, “That was marvelous Draco !! You have not lost your magic at all ! Even after these 4 years your music had the power to bring me close to tears”
•Draco, and by the looks of it Potter too, had forgotten about Mrs. Twune
•"Thank you Thea. This couldn’t have happened without you. Afterall you were the one who taught me" Draco said smiling.
•All this while, it seemed Potter was trying to compose himself.
•Draco couldn’t help but be reminded of Potter’s tear filled eyes
•Draco had never thought that anyone would ever look at him like THAT
•Like what he did could be good
•Like his own two hands could do anything that would not end up being a mistake
•That there was some part of him that could be beautiful
•That he would be able to provide some form of happiness to someone
•Potter had looked at him like that
•While he had been lost in his thoughts he had started packing his violin into it’s case on autopilot
•As soon as he was done Mrs. Twune said, “Come Draco, Mr. Potter, let me show you out. It’s getting quite late”
•Just as Mrs. Twune closed the doors after having exchanged goodbyes with both of them Potter turned towards him
•Draco was nervous about what Potter would ask him because Potter obviouly had questions
•He really hoped it was nothing related to the war because the purpose of playing today would be ruined and he did not want nightmares, thank you very much.
•"Want to grab a cup of tea or coffee with me sometime ??“ Potter asked unexpectedly.
•And Draco was shocked into saying yes





Thank you so much !😙😍❤

Nothing is a, "Distraction," it's an onslaught

I get it, we want to think that Trump, Pence, and the West Wing cohort, along with Ryan, McConnell, and all the other scum-sucking toads trying to kill us and destabilize geopolitical Everything, are either savvy enough to have a strategy, or clownish enough that they have no strategy at all, and therefore, every time there’s something big (Healthcare, Russia,) we want to think that Trump shitstirs on Twitter like a toddler on a triple red-eye as some kind of bumbling sleight of hand, or Machiavellian whatever.

That’s not how it works.

Did you know that the House introduced over 800 pieces of legislation in the first weeks after the Inauguration? I believe the Senate was going at a pretty good clip as well, but that’s a different process. The House was mainly concerned with destroying reproductive rights, as is their way.

Why didn’t you know that? Ah, yes, Trump. The walking, talking, distraction.

Or, maybe, just maybe, NONE OF IT IS A DISTRACTION. We’ve been couped, and who knew what and when they knew it, is also a distraction from the fact that we have been couped bloodlessly (for now,) by the most venal, mealymouthed, and mortifying group of conspirators we could have imagined. But, none of it is a distraction. They’re trying to bring down the US govt and sell it for parts so they can profit, while stripping civil rights for shits n giggles, while whipping up the rabid dog of the future American SS with dogwhistles and memes, while draining the treasury via the most transparent scams we’ve ever seen, while peddling influence for fun and profit, while…while…while…

It’s all awful. It’s all the time. And not one single thing is a distraction. They don’t need a distraction. They have all the power. Not just federally, they hold the balance of power at the state level, too.

They are playing Jenga with the very structure of our Democracy, aren’t averse to starting an outright civil war if needed, and laid out a pretty clear game plan on the campaign trail, but in the meantime, as Trump tweets and the world shifts on its axis, what he’s doing, narcissistic bullshit and petty cruelties aren’t a distraction, they’re a trail of bread crumbs for his cult of personality and simultaneously serve to escalate the cycle of hate, and they are demoralizing to those of us being targeted.

But when you call manipulation in an arc of gradually suppressing a Free Press, instituting travel bans, The Wall, the insults to Hillary and therefore women, the inability to even perform concern about citizens in disasters, the assaults on Transgender servicemembers, the racism of dogwhistling about Chicago, when you call ANY OF THAT a distraction, you’re missing the point entirely.

It’s a playbook. We’ve seen it over and over and over again. This is what authoritarian, fascist, government looks like. He is a raging buffoon, but by attacking in random fashion, he’s not engaging in sleight of hand, he’s carpet bombing us.

If you think it’s a distraction, he wins, because you are prioritizing the threats of your own volition. Which means you are making a judgment about whose lives are worth your attention. Bannon, Putin, Pence, Ryan, McConnell… they’ll exploit that.

Just as they’ll exploit our reluctance to fight tooth and nail without the niceties of realpolitik (which, I’ll point out, Trump himself FAILS AT,) they’ll exploit what we decide we care about LESS.

That’s how they’ve won, all along. Nobody took Trump seriously, so nobody held him accountable for the constant lies, the violent rhetoric, the lack of a plan, the encouraging of thuggery at his rallies. Nobody thought our democracy was so fragile we’d elect an incompetent hack willingly, let alone that we were so vulnerable to a soft coup via bot farms and hackers.

He said, “Camps,” and, “Registration,” and, “Religious tests,” and nobody thought he meant it. The US Dept of Citizenship and Integration is now the department of Citizenship and Assimilation. He turned a Boy Scout Jamboree into a sleazy and terrifying Hitler Youth rally.

It’s not distraction. It’s setting up the dominoes and watching them fall.

Genocide via bureaucracy, is still genocide. Eugenics via bureaucracy, is still eugenics. White Nationalism, oligarchy, kleptocratic violent fascism via long cons and a slow asphyxiation of our liberties, is still a Reich by any other name.

It’s sloppy and patchwork, but if you look at the progression of any fascist regime, he’s tracking with the timelines.

And if you keep calling people’s lives a distraction, because they are other, because they’re not you, when they come for you, there will be no one left to speak for you.

ETA: (the second one I’ve had to write on posts in less than 24 hours, mind.) The Department of Justice just asserted that Title VII protections in schools and workplaces, no longer apply to discrimination on the basis of orientation. Every Queer Person in the US, just got told to stay or go back in the closet, or be at risk.

Bongo Stingo: Here’s the news. There’s commotion in the animal hospital, after the birth of a strange specimen. It appears to be a mix of an elephant and a giraffe. It truly does have giraffe characteristics, but at the same time, it looks like an elephant. It’s simply nature’s miracle. Let’s see what the mother, the fly-frog, has to say.

Fly-Frog: If I’m honest, I have no idea how our child could’ve been born looking this weird. Not even my husband, the monkey-rabbit, knows !!

Monkey-rabbit: Look. It doesn’t matter how it was born, we’re going to raise it with love like all our other children. Isn’t that right, seagull-toad, and cat-deer?

Cat-Deer and Seagull-Toad: We wuv you little Giraphant~

Bongo Stingo: And with this moving example of love without boundaries, I say goodbye so we can inaugurate meteorite-land. Anything to add, Giraphant?

Little Giraphant: *whinny*

Mario and Luigi: Through the Long Night

The snow had fallen heavy that day, leaving the Mushroom Kingdom covered in a thick blanket of white. On days like this, it wasn’t too hard to see Toads and various other species all bundled up and playing in the snow, performing activities such as sledding, making snow angels, and building snowmen. It was nighttime now, though, and almost, if not everyone, had already gone back home to warm up, whether it be sitting by the fireplace, or drinking a nice, hot beverage, the lights in the trees providing a sense of comfort. Yes, this would seemingly be a troublesome slumber for all. Well, at least for most.

Within the outskirts of town, there was a house inhabited by the two iconic heroes, both now sleeping in their beds, the older one sleeping soundly and snoring, and the younger of the two tossing and turning. This wasn’t from an uncomfortable sleeping position, but rather a nightmare. As the minutes passed, the stirring got more and more violent before the younger brother finally bolted up, letting out a cry of distraught.

Instinctively, Mario shot up out of his bed. For a second, he was confused as to what caused him to wake up but soon picked up on a noise that broke the complete silence. Sniffling. Mario turned towards the direction of the noise, his eyes still adjusting to the dark. Soon enough, he saw a silhouette he knew too well seemingly trembling. He got out of his bed and began to walk towards his brother, doing his best not to make much noise lest he startle him more than he already was.

He gently placed a hand on his brother’s right shoulder, causing him to tense up before feeling the older brothers presence soon after. He turned towards Mario as a tsunami of relief flowed through him, his sapphire eyes injected with fear and sadness as tears began to swell up in them.

Sympathy clouded the older brother’s eyes as he finally spoke up. “Hey, Weegee? You ok?”

Luigi just sighed as he patted the empty spot on his left with mild reluctance. “Yeah, I guess,” he muttered.

Mario took up the offer, sitting upon the designated spot as he put his right hand on Luigi’s left, taking note of how cold and clammy it was. He already had a clear idea of what caused his brother to wake up screaming. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Luigi fell silent as he cupped his hands together and hung his head, causing Mario to worry more. “Weegee, we’re brothers, and you know I wouldn’t judge you for anything. Just tell me what’s wrong.”

Luigi was still dead silent. Mario was starting to get fearful at this point. Was his brother hiding something from him? Mario cleared his throat, readying himself to speak again. “Bro, you’re not hiding something for me, are you? If you really want, I won’t tell anyone about it. Please, just tell me what’s the matter.”

Luigi still wasn’t saying anything, leaving his brother not sure what to do. It was obvious the younger of the twins wasn’t going to speak up anytime soon, and Mario wasn’t sure if he should keep trying to persuade his brother to talk, or simply give up. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Luigi spoke.

“Y-You’re not going to leave me, right, Bro?”

Mario felt a chill run down his spine when Luigi said that. Was Luigi simply asking for him to stay by his side, or was he trying to imply that he feared he would ditch him? Surely he had to know he would never do that, right? Mario realized his little brother needed him more than ever now, and he was determined to help him get through the long night. “Luigi,” Mario finally responded, “You know I would never leave you. What’d make you think I would?”

Luigi shook his head, doing his best to make sure the tears in his eyes wouldn’t fall. “No, I mean…” There was a long paused as he took a deep, shaky breath, causing him to tremble more. “I mean… What if you go on an adventure and never come back?”

Mario’s blood ran cold. He fell silent for a moment, regaining his focus when he saw his brother’s desperate eyes shooting right through him. “Luigi, you know that won’t happen,” he reassured.

“What if it does?“ the younger brother responded almost instantly. “I’ve almost lost you at least three times now. F-First there was Bowser, then there was K-King Boo. What if you get captured again, or you get defeated, and I’m not able to save you, bro?” It was clear he was now struggling to keep his tears from falling, and soon picked up where he left off, the same choked up tone still there, a forced smile on his face. “T-That would make me a bad brother, wouldn’t it? Not being able to save my own bro… How pathetic…”

In what seemed like a split second, Mario rested his hands on both of his brother’s shoulders with a more serious look in his eyes. “Bro, you’re not pathetic, and you never will be,” he began. “All those times when I was gone, you were scared about my wellbeing, weren’t you? Yet, despite that, all those times, you were able to rescue me. Do you even realize how proud and thankful I am of you for that? That just goes to show how you’re willing to do anything for those you care about, even if it means traveling across the globe or entering a few haunted mansions. Luigi, do you know what I’m saying? If it wasn’t for you…” At this point, Mario could feel himself getting choked up as well, but knew he couldn’t let his sadness overtake him. “If it wasn’t for you, I may not even be here. Do you know how scary of a thought that is? Not being able to see those you know and love, not being able to partake in the fun activities you used to, and most importantly, not being to see you.”

Luigi was astonished by his brother’s change of tone. Despite the two being very close, Mario was never typically the type to talk about personal things. It was clear Mario was being dead serious, and yet, for some reason, Luigi still didn’t really know what to believe.

Abruptly, Mario let out a chuckle tinted with melancholia. “Can I be honest with you, bro? Sometimes, I get kind of scared on my adventures…”

Luigi’s eyes widened in surprise. “What?”

The older of the brothers nodded and sighed. “Heh, sounds kind of hard to believe, right? Well, it’s completely true. Don’t get me wrong, I love rescuing the Princess, but there are often times if I worry if I won’t succeed. Bowser’s army is pretty tough, I’ll give you that. At the end of the day, though, saving Peach and making sure the kingdom is safe… Well, it makes it all worthwhile.”

There was a twinkle in Luigi’s eyes for a brief moment before they grew dull again. He felt like a complete idiot. What Mario was saying the complete and honest truth, yet he still wasn’t sure if he could fully trust him on that. He almost wanted to say something to retort his big brother’s monologue, but he just couldn’t find the right words. What would he even say anyway? He had something in mind, but he could already predict the outcome if he said what he had in mind. Despite that, though, something was overflowing within him say what was burning in his mind.

Through all his musing, he almost didn’t see Mario waving his hand in front of him. “Bro, you’ve been kind of silent. You ok?”

“Bro, do you think of me as a burden?”

Mario was shocked at what his brother had just said. “What? Never! Of course not! Why would you-“

Luigi interjected. “Whenever we go on adventures together, no one ever seems to be able to remember me. It’s either that, or they hate my guts, and you know what?  …They have a good reason to. I’m a klutzy coward. They have good reason to remember you, though. I mean, you’re Mario! You’re brave and cool, and I’m nothing. Maybe it would be best if you just forgot about me, t-“

Mario put his hands on his brother’s shoulders again, a cross look on his face. “And why would I do that?!” he snapped. “Are you even listening to what I’m saying to you? Even if you are a bit timid and shy, you’re always able to put your fears aside if it means saving the day! Don’t you realize how proud of you that makes me? Luigi, you’re not a klutz! You’re not a coward! You’re none of the negative things you tell yourself, and you never will be! You’re still loved by several throughout the kingdom, and anyone that says otherwise just doesn’t see the true you. They don’t see your big heart, your selflessness, your bravery, or your courage.”

Mario paused for a brief moment, taking a deep, shaky breath. “Even if it seems the whole world is against you, there’s still someone who will always look up to you: me! You’re my hero, bro, and I truly mean that! I mean it from the bottom of my heart! I’m always trying to better myself in order to be a better brother to you! Besides, I can’t… I can’t…” Mario let his head fall, allowing for a couple tears that he had desperately trying to fight off fall before finally speaking again. “I can’t afford to lose you!”

Luigi’s eyes widened once more, sparkling again. He was completely speechless, his attention focused solely on his brother, who was now trembling. He brushed the front tufts of his brothers auburn hair to the side, trying to get a close look at his sad expression. “Big Bro? Are you ok?” he finally asked. “Big Bro, please don’t cry.”

Silence fell upon the house again, with Mario eventually breaking the quietude, still quaking a bit. “W-Why can’t you realize that pretty much everything I do is all for you? I-I can’t afford to lose you, bro. If I ever lost you… I wouldn’t know what to do. Y-You probably don’t realize just how devastated I would be. We’re basically two halves of one whole person. We’re even called the Mario Bros. H-How could we be called that if one of us was gone?” He took another shaky breath. “I-If there’s one thing I fear the most in this world… It’s losing you…”

Luigi was speechless again. All he could do was look at his sorry brother rest in a troubled fetal position, occasionally hearing a breath or two for air and a couple almost silent sobs. Luigi wasn’t too sure what to do at the point, but he knew his big bro needed him more than ever now, and he was determined to help him get through the long night. He reached a hand out towards his brother, placing it on his shoulder like Mario had done for him. He had never truly realized his brother felt this way. “Mario, don’t cry,” he repeated. “It’s ok. I’m here and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon.”

Mario soon poked his head out of his knees, rubbing his face with his left arm as he let out a bittersweet snicker. “Look at me, getting all teary-eyed,” he finally stated before putting his hands on his brother’s shoulders once more. “Luigi, the main thing I’m trying to tell you is that no matter what happens, I will always support and protect you and that you’re the most important person in my life. Even more important than the Princess, or even a box of everlasting wonder. You’re far better than any other treasure because the best treasure is right here in front of me. I love you, Lil’ Bro. I love you with my all my heart, and don’t ever forget that.”

Luigi couldn’t help but begin to tear up at Mario’s speech, especially being moved by those last two sentences. His eyes shimmered once again, tears beginning to fill his eyes. Without a second thought, he hugged his brother and began to sob. He couldn’t hold his tears in anymore. He just was so happy and relieved that his nightmare wasn’t true and that his brother would in fact always support, protect, and love him no matter what. Mario quickly returned the gesture, letting a few tears of his own fall. The two continued to embrace as time seemingly stood still for the two brothers.

Time seemingly resumed when Luigi began to slump, causing Mario to panic for a brief moment, before realizing his brother had just fallen asleep. He couldn’t help but give a concerned smile. “Poor Weegee must’ve tired himself out,” he thought to himself. For as long as he could remember, Luigi had always been relatively high-strung, so to see him in a state of peace like this, Mario couldn’t be too much happier.

Mario did his best to get up, supporting his brother’s head and body, lest he wake him up from his well-deserved slumber. After getting off, he proceeded to lift his brother up, resting his head on his pillow, following up by pulling up his green covers. The last thing he wanted was for his sweet baby bro to catch a cold. It was winter, after all.

Mario got down on his knees to take a quick look at his brother, soothed by his tranquil expression. He couldn’t help put scruff his brother’s hair a bit, not even realizing the exhaustion overcoming him until the last moment. Maybe it was Luigi’s peaceful face, or maybe it was because it was so late, but before Mario could lift himself up, he fell asleep as well, the lower half of his face in Luigi’s covers and his left hand still in his brother’s now slightly disheveled hair.

Maybe this was for the best, though. Both brothers were in a vulnerable state, after all. Each of them had the strengths, as well as their weaknesses, but despite it all, as long as the two had each other, that’s all they needed to know that everything was going to be ok. Mario and Luigi needed each other more than ever, and as long as they were together, they could make it through the long night.

“ You gotta love the fact two people dismiss a lot of feats that Hinata has done in the past to present, which is Boruto, while they only favor Sakura’s feats and came up their own for her in order to win the argument.  I still don’t see how Sakura is faster than Hinata in term of combat speed, which I assume they go by Sasori’s fight when we all know Chiyo was controlling her body to dodge all of his attacks throughout the entire fight.  Hinata is the one who have faster attack speed and better reaction time.  Hinata is also an intelligent fighter as well, so I’m pretty sure she’ll figure out how to beat Sakura and know her weakness.  So I don’t get few people seem to think Sakura is more intelligent than Hinata.  Perhaps she is more intelligence in medical field, yes, but not in combat, that’s for sure. They also still dismissed Hinata’s training and her battle experience.  She been trained all of her life from her father, Hiashi to Neji while Sakura only train in ninja academy to Tsunade.  She didn’t do much in part 1 compare to Hinata, despite she lost to Neji pretty easily. Also about the whole Toneri subdue Hinata in The Last?  I like to see Sakura in Hinata’s shoes. The result would be the same.  Lastly, it is because Hinata was pregnant.  Pregnancy can really slow down your body quite a lot there. I also forgot.  

They need to stop using Kasuya as part of the battle since this is mainly about 1vs1 fight. No help at all, it two girls fighting each others.  You don’t see Minato summon a giant toad against Obito do you?  I think not.“


Prompt for The Great Sealand Takeover verse: “After the ending of the last chapter I have a sudden urge to read Protective!Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, Ray over Gavin being a target. And maybe Gavin getting taken but he’s a lot better now because he keeps remembering in his head "They’ll come for me, they’ll come for me” Maybe he begins to doubt a little bit but the boys come for him and then he feels guilty but they all make up in the end!“

Set after Sealand but non-"canon” as all Sealand prompts are non-canon.

t/w: Distorted sense of time and reality.

Gavin woke up alone in a cold room.

He regained consciousness slowly and in stages; the first thing he noticed was that he felt sick, a churning nausea deep in his stomach, a fuzzing dizziness at the back of his head. For a while he was groggy, drifting in and out of it, but presently he became aware that he was lying on a hard surface, something cold and rough against one cheek. His arms hurt.

Slowly he forced his eyes open and then, as he realised he was somewhere completely unfamiliar, a jolt of panic ripped through him, snapping him awake.

Oh God, oh God, where the fuck am I-

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Attention Witches

As part of their autumn/Halloween offerings, Target stores are selling little screw-top and hinge-top jars for a dollar apiece! They’re about 3" tall and are just perfect for tiny witch bottles, curse jars, herb storage, or whatever you might want to use them for.

Target is also carrying dollar-apiece “road signs,” one of which is “Witch Parking Only / All Others Will Be Toad” with a flip side that reads “No Parking / Broom Lane,” and dollar-apiece balls of jute twine in different colors.

This may vary from store to store, but if you have a Target near you and a few bucks to spare, go stock up!

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Hi there mark. So im in love with everything reptile and was wondering what are some of the benefits of becoming a herpetologist. Like besides the fact that ill get to study my favorite animals.

  • Field work
  • Working in museum collections, surrounded by hundreds of years of collected material
  • Handling holotypes
  • Describing new species
  • Sex appeal
  • Chat-up lines including:
  • ‘I’ve got a snake in my pants, want to see?’ *pulls out small colubrid*
  • 'I’ve got a lot of experience handling massive snakes’
  • 'What do you and snakes have in common? I’ve got both of you hooked’
  • 'Like a gecko’s lamellae and a smooth surface, you and I should stick together’
  • 'I’m a parselmouth. I speak in tongues.’ *wink*
  • 'Sorry if I seem to be dancing like a snake in front of you. It’s just that I find you so charming’
  • 'I wrestle crocodiles.’
  • 'Are you familiar with the word “amplexus”?’
  • 'You may be playing hard to get now, but I can see us caecilian the deal later’
  • 'If it’s any consolation, at least I only have one penis and it’s not even covered in spines.’
  • Advanced level chat-up lines:
  • 'Most of the snakes you think are colubrids aren’t actually colubrids.’
  • 'Boas and pythons aren’t sister groups.’
  • 'Adhesive subdigital structures have evolved at least seven times in geckos alone, and another four times in other clades.’
  • 'All toads are frogs.’
  • 'Do Van der Waals forces do it for you, or are you looking for a more intimate kind of bondage?’
  • Lack of job security: every day is an adventure.
  • Lack of funding: you learn to be frugal.
  • Advanced sense of humour. Herpetologists are often seen to be laughing hysterically at such things as:
  • Denied grant proposals
  • Insignificant results
  • Rejected publications
  • DNA contamination
  • Empty pitfall traps
  • Causing consternation on the faces of relatives.
  • Eleven years minimum at university. What is this ‘real world’ you speak of?
sabotensan replied to your post:“I’ll see that he’s more careful,” Grenn promised,…

wow no rude

this passage is tHE WORST

because who do you feel the most sorry for? pyp and grenn and toad and the others? they were all jon’s closest friends, they all helped him become lord commander, and what do they get for it? they have to call him “my lord” now, and he won’t eat with them anymore, and he won’t talk to them anymore, and he sent sam away. jon ditched them.

and from the way they mock his title, it seems like they’ve been shit upon by highborns their entire lives (He’s Lord Snow for true now, too bloody highborn for the likes of us.), and now that’s what jon is doing. jon, who used to be one of their best friends. so they’re angry, and they’re resentful. even sam wonders when jon’s heart “had turned to stone.”

or should we feel sorry for jon? this 16, 17 year old kid who has been unwillingly put in charge of this gravely important sacred order. he’s LC, and he has to make all the right decisions. he has to handle stannis and his men and the free folk and the NW and melisandre. jon has to deal with all of this pressure without his family, his NW mentors, ygritte, or even sam.

and then added to all of this loneliness and awfulness is the fact that his friends are mocking and ostracizing him for something he never wanted, something he can’t control. jon “wanted nothing more” than to be with his friends, but how can he? when one day they may have to die at his command? (The realization twisted in his belly like a knife.)

who do you feel sorry for? the answer is everyone.

it’s just sad. sad, sad, sad. 


Toad Amiibo Now Available for Preorder

Well, I should say all Super Mario edition Amiibo’s are available for pre-order. But let’s face it: Toad’s the one we’ve all been waiting for. 

These Amiibos will all be compatible with Mario Party 10 and other titles such as Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. This line of Amiibos will be out March 20. [❤]

Preorder: Toad Amiibo, Super Mario Amiibos