all other casts can go home

If we go by the assumption that Mikasa is not Eldian, she’s the only one in the main cast who could just leave and not have to deal with this. She could go and lead a normal life and integrate in the world in a way that no other character can.

But we all know she won’t do that. She would never, because of the love and care inside of her. She didn’t grow up being taught to hate the Eldians, they’re her family and just by existing, just by the bonds she has, she defies Marley and the ideology they push. Marley spreads fear, they deliberately send soldiers traumatised by the Eldian titans back home to make sure the Eldians are feared and hated by everyone; and Mikasa, someone who is not Eldian, who has had her entire life shaped by these people she loves, who she fights for and who fight for her, is every single thing the oppressive system in Marley is trying to prevent.

Calm [Simon D]

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Artist: Simon D | Word Count: 1.622

Hey there anonn! Sorry this took super loong, and I hope it’s just the way you requested it:D Hope you’ll like it<3


Everyone was tired, bits of their energy was drained from the long plane flight from the other side of the Earth. AOMG have just finished another world tour, and the plane you all boarded arrived in Seoul around twelve in the afternoon. But Jay and Kiseok said there was an important meeting that everyone needs to attend. So without being able to fly protests at the two CEOs, all of the artists lounged at the AOMG building while waiting for the two bosses to come out of their office.

Mintaek was conversing with Jukyung and Wegun, as Sunghwa was taking over the piano while Chase and Hyukwoo sang in weird and off note voices. The DJs were off sleeping at the sofa while you talked with Hyunjung, trying to hold yourself from sleeping by chatting near the window. The sunlight was effective enough to prevent your eyelids from closing, although yawns still successfully escape your lips.

“They’re taking too long,” Hyunjung sighed, brushing her hair to the back, “What are they even discussing about?”

“Beats me,” You huffed, “I am Kiseok’s girlfriend, but I don’t really know what top secret things he talked about with Jay. It’s probably some serious talk between CEOs.” Hyunjung nodded, silently agreeing to your explanation.

The soft sound of the piano kept on buzzing from the other end of the room, and you felt yourself slowly being lulled into sleep when a loud shout was heard, loud enough that it reached the room everyone was in.

“Is that what I think it is?” Jukyung muttered, glancing up to the stairs that led to the office and studio.

“Shit.” You cursed under your breath, dashing upstairs and following Sunghwa and Chacha who had darted to the office sooner than you.

Kiseok and Jay must’ve had a clash again, you thought, picking up your pace as you didn’t want the fight to turn even uglier.

“But we can’t have any more artists now Jay!” Kiseok argued, slamming his fist against the wooden table, “We already have too many artists and making their comeback time as even as possible is already hard enough. We would have a hard time organizing song and album release if you recruited someone.” Jay’s knuckles were formed into a fist as well, his rage boiling inside of him.

“But she’s a really good rapper! We have too much male rapper. And by bringing her in, we could have a fresh vibe and all the money we spent on her debut would return back to us when her song hits the charts!” The younger CEO didn’t waste any time to prove his point, as Jay believed that recruiting a new female rapper would be a benefit for AOMG.

“But we’re working on Hyukwoo’s album! And Jukyung said he have a few songs ready for his album that should be released after Hyukwoo’s. You’re going to postpone an album that has a higher success rate to focus on releasing a new artist?”

"That’s it! I am recruiting her and this is my full decision, and you cannot interfere with my decision, Kiseok.”

“But that’s unfair! I am the CEO as well and I’m trying to stop you from recruiting more artists because it’s a reckless move! You’re being plain stupid now.” The argument just grew more heated as Kiseok finds it hard to believe that Jay have turned into a hard headed person, unlike the Jay he knows.

“This is my final decision Kiseok. You can-” A punch flew to Jay’s face, stopping his speech as Kiseok’s knuckles hit his jaws. Jay was sent tumbling down the floor, and now he was staring at his co-CEO fuming with fury.

“You little-” And the fight broke just like that, jabs and kicks thrown everywhere as their faces turns ugly in just a few seconds.

Sunghwa was fast enough to break through the door, quickly getting a hold of Jay and dragging him further away from Kiseok with the help from Chase. You entered the room and grabbed a hold of Kiseok’s right arm, while Jukyung helped you hold onto his left arm.

“You little shit! You should consider my opinions first before making decisions!” Kiseok screamed, his deep voice booming and dripping with fury.

“Well your eyes are fucking blind about the future, Simon! I’m predicting more success to AOMG and here you are ignoring my wise words!”

Sunghwa and Chase gave you a look, trusting you to calm Kiseok down while they both dragged Jay out of the room, turning the door shut. And after they disappeared, Kiseok was still trying to free himself from the grips that were holding him down. Your boyfriend was like a ticking bomb during these times, just waiting for the right time to explode.

“Oh my god I fucking hate that bastard!” Kiseok shouted, “Let me go! I need to get to him and kick his ass for being so fucking disrespectful.”

Jukyung was giving you a confused look, clearly not knowing how to calm down his boss. You then motioned to the door while Kiseok was throwing his tantrums, signaling him to go out and guard the door while you calm Kiseok down. Although he was hesitant at first, Jukyung reluctantly went to the door, leaving you alone with your boyfriend.

“Who does he think he is? That fucker doesn’t even have much experience than me, yet-”


“He’s ordering me around? We’re supposed to be working together, not alone! What age does he think he lives in? Does he thinks himself as a king who absolutely owns the-”

“Kiseok!” This time it was your high-pitched voice that snapped him back to reality, as Kiseok finally got to calm down and get a good look at your tired form.

“(Name)…?” Kiseok trailed, suddenly feeling so lost staring at your relaxed eyes.

“Kiseok, look at me,” You didn’t hesitate to cup his face and let him lean his forehead on yours, “Calm down, and take a deep breath. I know Jay was stupid for saying those things, but this conversation wasn’t at the right time. You guys were tired yet you both decided to pinch in a little work before going home.” You stared deeply into Kiseok’s hazel eyes, your thumb caressing his cheeks as you gave your best attempt to put his temper down.

“I say why don’t we talk about this the next day? When there’s not jetlag, with enough sleep and rest, and with a full happy tummy. That sounds better, right? This all happened because it was at the wrong time and situation, that’s all.” By now, Kiseok have regained his normal breathing, his eyebrows were not furrowed anymore and his muscles weren’t as tense, as the anger roaring in his heart have disappeared slowly.

Kiseok gave a smile towards you before pulling you into a tight hug, snuggling his head at your shoulders and leaning some of his weight onto you, since he suddenly felt immense tiredness hit him. Maybe it was the jetlag taking effect, Kiseok thought, although he was quite content sleeping in your arms just like this. You raised your arms and circled them on his waist, gently rubbing his back.

“The magic you can do on me is amazing, (Name),” Kiseok sighed after letting you go, “Thank you for stopping me from doing even more stupid thing.” You beamed at Kiseok seeing your boyfriend have regained his normal mood back.

“It’s alright, but you owe me a cuddle session at home because you and Jay held me back from sleeping, alright?” Kiseok burst into a laugh and nodded, grabbing your hand on a firm grip as he guided you out of the messy office.

Jay was waiting outside, eyes casted down to the floor as his right hand awkwardly rubbed his nape. And Kiseok lets another sigh escape his chapped lips, not having the guts to face Jay.

“Come on guys, go and apologize,” You pushed Kiseok to take a step forward, “Quickly apologize and hug it out so we can all go home!” Your statement earned snorts from the other artists as Kiseok and Jay’s face burned in embarrassment.

“Look dude, I’m sorry for what I said earlier. That was so not me and so not cool, so let’s just put that in the past and discuss this some other time, alright?” Jay said, sincerely apologizing to Kiseok.

“I’m sorry too Jay. I guess we discussed this at the wrong time and situation. Let’s forget about this, okay?” They both accepted each of their apologies, and then hugging it out in front of the rest.

“Alright! Drama’s over, so let’s go home.” Everyone laughed out loud hearing Pumpkin’s statement, but everyone quickly walked downstairs to pick their luggage.

“Get home safely and have a good rest guys!” People exchanged goodbyes as they went to their respective ways, and you were the only one left with Kiseok as he locked the building.

The taxi was still going to arrive in a few minutes, and the sleepiness have hit you again as you leaned against Kiseok, closing your eyes for a moment. Without you noticing, Kiseok had leaned in to press a kiss on top of your hair, since that was the furthest he can reach.

“What was that for?” You ask, peeking in on one eye to see Kiseok grinning widely at you, with love and warmth radiating from his eyes.

“I don’t know. I just feel grateful that I have an amazing girlfriend by my side.” These times where Kiseok was clingy and being a hopeless romantic was a sweet memory, as his sweet words would always make your heart beat faster without fail.

“I love you too, you big idiot.”

Nothing to Be Afraid Of (Blue Shirt 2)

Characters: Bones x Reader

Summary: a fluffy/angsty follow up to “Blue Shirt” where the reader explains her past with doctors. Bones comforts her

A/N: i honestly dk if medical personnel wear their uniforms on colonies, but bear with me and pretend for the sake of this story that they do.

Warnings: angst, mention of death

Words: 1298

Tags: @ravengirl94 @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl @jimtkirkisabitch @feelmyroarrrr

Part One

You curl in tighter around yourself in bed, pulling the blankets up to your chin, careful to avoid bumping your wrist unnecessary.  After he’d fixed you up, Bones had gone back up to the Medbay to tie things up for the day.  He’d promised he’d be back as soon as possible, and he swore he wasn’t leaving your side for the rest of the night.

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So, this was originally like 700 words, but it got a little out of hand.  I hope you guys like it!  4800 words of Super Sappy KaiShin!!

Shinichi stares at his hands where they grip the railing.  Better than looking up, than looking at Kid.  “I don’t think there’s going to be an ‘after,’” Shinichi admits.  He squeezes harder, knuckles going white.

“What are you talking about?” Kid asks.

“This body might be temporary.  We might lose.  I think we probably will lose.”  Shinichi squeezes his eyes shut.  “We’re outgunned and—I know we’ve pulled off miracles before, but this…”

Kid presses against Shinichi’s back and wraps his arms under Shinichi’s, secure around his waist.  Kid rests his chin on Shinichi’s shoulder.  “Don’t worry.  It’ll work.”

Shinichi can feel himself shaking.  “You don’t—”

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last anon got me thinkin’ about how the drama brothers came to be, here’s my theory:

  • harold and cody fucking around and making music, they decide to create the drama brothers together
  • they go to the only other guy they can think of that can play music (trent), he happily agrees and thinks it’s the coolest thing ever
  • they realize “shit, we need at least one more member” but they’re out of ideas
  • they go to noah
  • he laughs them out of his home
  • they resort to group emailing the entire total drama cast asking them if anyone’s interested in “babes, boyish banter, or brotherly bonding”
  • justin is the only one that emails back
  • wait no, owen does too, but they tell him they want their image to be “sexy” and not “gross and farty”
  • owen is sad
  • they email justin telling him he’s in and giving him rehearsal info, justin emails back and says “i’m literally only doing this to make a ton of money”
  • the rest is history

bonus ending:

  • they go back to noah’s place and beg him to be the fifth member
  • noah takes a second
  • then laughs for so long the boys have to let themselves out of his house
Can I Help?

A/N: This was a request from @champagne-for-the-painn for a Derek x reader where the reader is a dancer and she breaks her leg at rehearsals. She calls him from the ER to pick her up and he freaks out and won’t leave her side for a week. @coveofmemories


“Hey babe,” you said into the phone, doing your best to regulate your voice so you could temper his reaction. “How’s work?”

“Not too busy today,” he replied quickly, “But why are you calling now? You never call at this hour.” He was right. You were always in the studio or on the stage practicing. 

“Ummm…I might have broken my leg,” you replied, feeling at the bulky cast on your leg. Someone had cleaned up the stage when the dancers had gone for lunch, and didn’t put down a wet floor sign, so you ended up slipping on an area of the stage, falling off and breaking your fibula.

“What?!” he screamed. On the other line, you could already hear him picking up his coat from the back of his chair and shrugging it on. “How? Are you okay?”

You laughed softly. He was always worried about you. Whenever anything minor happened, he’d freak out and get all overprotective. Most times it was cute, sometimes it was annoying. “I’m okay,” you said, trying to soothe his frayed nerves, “It’s already in a cast. I was just calling because I can go home now and my parents are three hours away, so as long as you’re not busy, you can pick me up, right?”

“Of course,” he said worriedly. “It makes no sense for you to call them. Work isn’t busy. I’m on my way now.” Immediately, he hung up the phone. Whenever he didn’t say goodbye or I love you, it was because he was distracted or worried. He was probably already running into Hotch’s office, insisting he needed time off of work to take care of you - even though you had crutches and could take care of yourself.


“Have you calmed down now?” you laughed, using your crutches to get out of the car.

“I’m fine,” he insisted, coming around to your side of the car and putting his arm under yours. “Would you please let me help you?” 

Taking the crutches, you made big strides toward the apartment building. “You’ll have to catch me first.” Quickly, he did catch up to you; you could probably outrun him when you were off of the crutches. At the elevator, he asked if he could pick you up and take you into the apartment; it would make him feel better. So you said ok. “Are you going to be up my butt until I’m off these things?” you asked, loving the feeling of being carried around in Derek’s arms. His overprotectiveness was charming most of the time, but you did like to bust him about it.

“Yes,” he said matter-of-factly. “I absolutely am. How did you even do this anyway?” You explained to him about the wet floor sign not being there and he flipped out, insisting that you sue someone for your broken leg.

“It’s not a severe break and it was a mistake,” you responded. “I’m not going to get someone fired from their job for an accident. I’ll be able to go back to work after it heals and I’ll be good as new. If I couldn’t dance anymore it might be a different story. But I’m good. So breathe.”

After opening the apartment door, he gently placed you on the couch and went to grab you a glass of water. “Take these,” he said, handing you the glass along with a dose of the pain pills the doctor had prescribed. He watched as you swallowed the pills and then attempted to maneuver yourself to a more comfortable position. “Can I help?” he asked facetiously, gloating over the fact that you actually did need his help.

You shook your head. “Yes, please,” you sighed. “Moving while seated is going to be a pain in the ass.”

He laughed, placing his arms under your upper back and knees so that he could pick you up fully and place you down where you wanted to be. “Yes, it is. Now is there anything else I can do for you right now? I took the week off from work so I could be here.”

“Babe,” you exclaimed, “you didn’t need to take that much time off! I’ll learn to move around by myself. I’m not helpless, you know.”

“I know,” he said, pushing your bangs back from your forehead and giving you a kiss. “But I want to help. What else can I do?”

Immediately, your stomach grumbled. “Ask my stomach what you can do for it,” you laughed. “I was gonna make pasta and chicken cutlet tonight. You wanna make me dinner?” you asked with a big smile.

“Of course,” he said, making his way toward the refrigerator, “Wait, what about sauce?” His eyes looked panicked; he knew his sauce sucked.

You snorted. “I have some of my sauce in the freezer you can defrost.”

Nearly an hour later, dinner was served and you didn’t even have to get up from the table to eat it; he’d plated some food and brought it over to you on the couch. Maybe a week being pampered by your boyfriend wouldn’t be so bad - it was nice to occasionally let down your walls and not be so strong.


After a week with Derek at home, not allowing you to do anything on your own, you were dying for him to go back to work. “You cannot take another day off,” you said, pointing towards the door and demanding he go back to work. “Go!”

He laughed, turning back to give you a kiss before leaving. “Are you sure? I mean, I have the time and if you need my help I want to be able to be here.”

“I am perfectly capable or getting around on my own,” you said, pointing towards the door again. “If I desperately need you, I will call you. I promise. Now, go!” you chuckled.

“Okay,” he replied, as he walked toward the door. “Are you sure?”


anonymous asked:

Hey ladies! You've been costuming for a long while, so I thought I could ask you. I'm really scrawny and dark, but I wanted to cosplay as Rose Quartz from SU. I'm worried about getting hate from the community though. What are your thoughts on this?

I’ve talked about this in the past, but the gist of it is: if people only ever cosplayed characters that looked plausibly like them, most people would probably never cosplay. As such, you should cosplay anyone you want.

That said, the SU fandom can be very contentious about cosplay (and, like, everything), and I thought I’d say something about her in particular, as this is very similar to discussion that used to exist for Korra from TLOK, and many other examples over the years before them. 

Look: there’s lots and lots and lots of reasons why Rose might be important to fat cosplayers, and chubby cosplayers, and however-they-identify cosplayers. Characters with Rose’s body type don’t come along often. I can completely and totally get why she matters to cosplayers who don’t find themselves represented very often, and it is a very special feeling when you find that character you totally love, that costume you feel at home in, and so on. I get it, I do. 

But you know what? Like any other character, Rose is not a finite resource. 

She is not a single casting where only one person gets to cosplay her, like how only one person would get to play her in a movie or something. Literally everyone can be Rose, all at the same time. You could have a convention of ten thousand people where every single one of them could be Rose and the world could still handle seven billion something more Roses. You could go back in time and show Rose to the ancient peoples and they could all cosplay her too. Everyone who has ever breathed on this earth could cosplay Rose, and it would still be stupid for anyone to stake a claim on her. Nobody in the world has the authority to tell anyone else they can’t put on those huge pink curls and that cupcake beachy-ballgown. Nobody. Not even Turner Broadcasting, or Cartoon Network.

And you know what else? Rose does not magically become less of a giant woman (ha ha ha ha see what I did there) when scrawny girls cosplay her. She’s pretty much always going to look like however she looks like in canon. You aren’t infringing on anything. Anyone who “hates” on you (which is probably not going to happen anyway) need only turn their eyes back to canon if they want to see Rose as-is. They don’t like it? Tough luck for them, I guess. Feel free to point out that they aren’t a perfect duplicate of their character’s body type, either, yet they still decided to cosplay. Maybe they could take that into consideration next time they decide to be the authority of who can do what in this hobby, huh?

So anyway. No matter who you are or how you identify or what you look like, you cosplaying Rose doesn’t take away from anyone else’s chance to be Rose. Sometimes fandom is ugly, but that’s on them, not you; you do whatever you feel comfortable with.

- Jenn

Writing Prompt #18: Target

Second prompt of the day was requested by this anon, #18 “You’re my favourite muse.” (MGG x Reader)

I gotta admit this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever written. I just didn’t know where to go with it! I tried my best. I hope you still like it!

You were relaxing in your trailer, waiting to be called to do the first of the five scenes you had been hired for. This was going to be your big break, you could feel it. After trying to get a decent acting job for a few years, you finally landed one on freaking CBS. It was for their show Criminal Minds. You had watched it a couple of times, but work always got in the middle and you were never able to really get into it. Now, you’d be acting in it, which was absolutely surreal to you.

There had been some auditions for a role as another FBI agent that was not part of the regular team itself, and your agent got you a place at the last minute. Somehow, you had managed to convince them that you were the right choice for the role. You knew that those minor characters weren’t all that important, but, maybe, if you did a good job and the public liked your character, you could become a guest star in the future.

This particular episode you were participating in was actually being directed by one of the cast members: Matthew Gray Gubler. It was going to be the mid-season finale, and you were told the producers wanted it to be as creepy and disturbing as possible. The episode was centred on your character, Ashley Lewin, as well as some other FBI agents, being taunted and targeted by the bad guy. It was a twisted storyline and definitely a little bit gorier than what they usually do, but they were hoping it was exciting enough for the audience.

After reading the lines for your first scene for the umpteenth time, you were finally called to go to the set. The first scene you were in involved you welcoming the team after they land, and you had to appear overwhelmed by the situation, prompting AJ Cook’s character to follow you and talk to you in the bathroom before you have a bit of a breakdown. This meant you had to tear up and ruin a little of your make-up each time, which also meant retouching. It was basically going to be a long first scene. At least, you managed to get it done in only three takes and then you only had to do the close-ups.

You spent the rest of the day in the FBI office set, chatting with the cast members and getting very useful advice, especially from Matthew. He spent quite a lot of time with you, since his character grows somewhat attached to yours in the span of time the team spends in that particular town. If it was possible he was even more quirky than Dr Spencer Reid, but without the awkwardness that he managed to convey so well when in character. It was weird seeing him behind the camera while still dressed in Reid’s clothes in between takes.

You were lost in your own thoughts as you stared after him interacting with the crew when a large hand coming down on your shoulder brought you back. Thomas Gibson had been calling you to talk about the next scene but he had obtained no response from you. Before you could say anything to him, he winked at you since he had noticed who you were distracted by. You blushed but made no attempt to try and explain yourself. You and your big mouth would only make matters more awkward. And you needed these people to like you to even begin discussing the possibility of getting a second chance at this role.

When the filming day was finally wrapped up, and you were walking towards your trailer to change, you heard your name being called. You turned around to find Matthew walking briskly in your direction.

‘Hey, there (Y/n)!’ he greeted you with a big goofy smile of his.

‘Hi, Matthew! How are ya?’ you responded with a smile of your own.

‘Absolutely exhausted. Ready to go home and collapse. You?’

‘Same here, but first I gotta wipe the countless layers of make-up,’ you made a face, and he laughed.

‘Yes, I’ve heard the other female cast members complain about the same thing a few times,’ you walked in companionable silence for a while. ‘By the way, sorry that we couldn’t finish all of your scenes today. It was hectic with some of the script having to be rewritten.’

‘Ah, now I understand why you looked so worried earlier. Don’t worry about it. Now I can say I had a two-day gig at CBS instead of a one-day thing!’

‘More to brag about, huh?’

‘Yeap,’ you exaggerated the “p” at the end.

‘So, my trailer is actually on the opposite side, but I needed to ask you something,’ you had reached the door to yours and you hadn’t even realised it until he stopped walking. ‘Could I take a picture of you while still in character? It’ll help me finish the preparations for tomorrow. I envisioned one of the scenes in a very specific way,’ he smirked, and you began wondering what it could be that he’d imagined.

‘Sure, I don’t see why not,’ he gave you a few directions on how to pose as if they were more candid photos and snapped a bunch.

‘Thank you! Remember that tomorrow we’re starting before first light!’

‘You’re welcome! But please don’t remind me!’ he laughed at your expression one last time and began the walk back to the other side of the spacious parking lot.

The next day was pretty much the same in terms of events: you arrived, went to hair and make-up, waited to be called, shot the different scenes a few times and conversed with the cast and crew in between takes. When everyone was called to shoot the final scene of the day, which involved your character getting kidnapped right under the BAU members’ watchful eyes, you finally saw the place where Ashley was to wake up and be rescued from.

It was a warehouse-like building, with some slabs in the middle where you’d be tied along with another actress who was also playing an FBI agent. There were pictures of the different targets, including you, but what really caught your attention were the drawings someone had done of you dressed and acting as Ashley. As much as you wanted to look around, you had a long scene to shoot and needed to focus on the directions Matthew was giving out.

Once you were tied up and ready to go, you felt trapped, which, as unpleasant as it was, it actually helped your performance a lot. After the fifth attempt, the slight claustrophobic feeling wore off, and Matthew, happy with the shots and close-ups, called it a day. You released a sigh of relief at having finished such a stressful scene, and the cast said their goodbyes to you as the crew moved around you all to start cleaning up.

You took advantage of this and moved to take a closer look at the drawings. The detailing was incredible! You wanted to ask if you could grab one so as to inspect it more and maybe even take it home. You were debating whether it was appropriate to do so when a voice startled you.

‘You can have one, if you want,’ Matthew said from behind you. You turned around and noticed the way he was trying to suppress a smirk to form on his handsome features. When he realised that you were not going to say much, he approached you and continued speaking. ‘It was hard getting all of these done in between takes yesterday and earlier today, but I’m really happy with how they turned out, especially this one.’

He took the one that had been hanging the highest, one that you hadn’t even noticed until he pointed it out. He looked over it with a certain fondness in his eyes and handed it to you. You remained silent and studied the black and white sketch as Matthew stared at you, waiting for some kind of reaction.

‘So, I’m guessing this is the reason why you took so many pictures of me yesterday, huh?’ you smiled softly as you looked up from the paper still in your hands.

‘You’re correct. I asked all of the actors playing the targeted FBI agents to pose,’ your smile faltered a little. You had felt a tiny bit special for a second, but you guessed he only asked you because it was really just part of the atmosphere he wanted to create for the scene. ‘Although, and I don’t know if I should be saying this but… for some reason, I kept drawing more and more sketches of you instead of the others.’

‘What do you mean?’ you asked him, slightly confused but intrigued.

‘There were supposed to be only a few extra ones of you since Ashley was the trigger for the whole thing to unravel but, since I struggled to draw any more of the others and I wasn’t particularly happy with how they were turning out, I just allowed myself to keep focusing on you and Ashley, I guess,’ he said, scratching the back of his neck a little.

‘Oh, is that why there are some drawings which are all scratched?’ you pointed at some in another wall.

‘Exactly. That was my real frustration. The writers liked the fact that I had done that and just amplified the UnSub’s obsession with Ashley during those last few scenes to justify the fact that there were so many of you,’ he shrugged.

You were still inspecting the drawing, feeling warm just from looking at it, but then, when you saw him opening his mouth and shutting it again out of the corner of your eye, you turned and addressed him.

‘You wanted to say something else, right?’

‘Yeah, it’s just… I barely know you, and this could come out as super creepy, but I gotta say, you’re my favourite muse,’ you even saw a dust of pink adorning his cheeks as he admitted it.

Your heart skipped a beat at his words. You were speechless, which prompted him to reach the wrong conclusion.

‘I’m so sorry, (Y/n)! I probably freaked you out. Let’s just forget I said it and let’s go back to the part when I was not making a fool of myself,’ he even tried to cover his face with his large hands.

‘No! You don’t need to backtrack! It’s just that I’ve never had anyone say something like that to me, that’s all! I’m… flattered that you’d think that way of me,’ you both smiled like silly teenagers at each other, and you looked down once more at the sketch.

‘So, I should get going. There are still some things I need to go over for tomorrow,’ he said, regret written all over his face at having to cut the conversation short.

‘Of course! The difficult duties of being the director and all. I guess, this is goodbye then, right?’

‘It is, yes… unless you give me your number and we, you know, happen to chat every once in a while.’

‘I’d very much like that.’

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On set


Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Word Count: 1426

Rated: PG-13

Preview: Life on set behind the scenes of Teen Wolf. A bunch of the cast mates are hanging out and you and Dylan are just cute and fluffy. 

Dylan’s arm slid up your thigh as his lips continued to dance on your neck. One hand sliding back and forth on your thigh as the other was underneath your shirt resting on the skin of your lower back. You place your hand on the back of his neck and carefully urge his lips back to yours. Once he realizes what you are doing he smiles and meets your craving by connecting your lips. Your lips move insane until he swipes his tongue on your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You then open your mouth and allow your tongues to dance together. You move your hands to the bottom of his neck at his hair line to the hair on the top of his head. Your hands roam his hair, making him moan, as his hands slowly travel up his back and his thumbs draw circles on your skin. You move a pillow out of the way so you can close the space between the two of you. Your hands travel back to his hair as he starts to kiss your jawline. 

You and Dylan are making out of the couch of Dylan’s trailer on set. You are wearing a pair of leggings and a sweater as Dylan is wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. It’s not really like the two of you to be making out at work. You usually wait until you get back to Dylan’s apartment.

You have been dating for two years and your characters are actually dating not he show too. It’s not really like the two of you to show off your relationship at work. You are conserved when it comes to your friends. Sure you sit next to each other when you are hanging out and you always have your own conversation going on but you aren’t really into flaunting your relationship with your friends, let alone in public.

Dylan continues to kiss down from your jawline to your collarbone. He leaves open mouth kisses along your collarbone and you lean your head back. The only sound in the room is the sound of Dylan’s swollen lips moving along your skin. He starts to make his way toward your breasts as the door swings open. You both jolt up and look toward the door beside you. Dylan drops his head onto your chest as he sighs. You laugh and run your fingers through his hair once more as Tyler Posey and Shelley Hennig stand awkwardly at the door.

“We thought you guys were sleeping.” Shelley says awkwardly as she shifts toward the door.

“We can come back later if you want.” Tyler says as he winks at Dylan. He acts as if he didn’t think you saw it but you totally did.

“No man stay.” Dylan says while sitting up and moving next to you. He then mumbles, “You ruined the moment anyway.”

You hear this and laugh while resting your head on Dylan’s shoulder quickly. “Hey Shelley, could you grab me a water?” You ask and Shelley nods and reaches into the fridge and grabs two water bottles. 

She throws one to you and one to Dylan while saying, “Thought you might need this Dylan. Looks like your breathing kind of heavy over there." 

Dylan laughs and takes a sip of his water bottle. He looks over to you while doing this. You meet eyes and laugh because he is giving you a look as if to say I can’t believe they just interrupted that.

"Where are Sprayberry and Rhambo?” You ask.

“They are shooting together.” Posey says.

“Oh shit! What time is it?” You ask looking for your phone that you must have lost in the couch.

“It’s 10:45. Why?” Shelley asks.

“I have to go to hair and makeup at 11:15. Dylan and I are shooting at 12:00.” You say. You finally find your phone underneath Dylan’s butt.

“Dly can you move for a second?” You say urging him or move so you can get your phone and check in with the people at makeup to make sure that you still have half an hour.

Tonight is a night shoot. This means that you and the rest of the cast on call tonight are going to be there for 12 hours. This time the time is from six at night to six in the morning. Then you can go home and sleep. Sometimes these shoots are fun when you and the rest of the class have lots of coffee in you system. Other times it gets a little boring and you are all tired from sitting around. Tonight’s scenes should be fun to shoot becuase you and Dylan have some uplifting shots. Those don’t really occur very often especially this season.
You all joke around for a while until Dylan Sprayberry came in and sat in-between you and Dylan. You are the closest with Sprayberry on set, except for your Dylan of course.

“Hi Sprayberry.” You coo, bringing him into a hug. You jump when you see the large smudge of blood across the side of his neck. “Oh my god what happened?” You ask. Everyone in the room laughs as you sit confused. 

“Again (Y/N)?” Dylan says in-between laughs. You still sit confused.

“The blood is from the scene!” Tyler says. You immediately feel ashamed. A wash of pink rises to your cheeks as you still sit embarrassed.

“It’s okay pumpkin.” Sprayberry says jokingly as this time it is his turn to cradle you.

“Whatever. I don’t have to get blood all over me like you guys do.” You state plainly with a hint of jealousy.

“I wish we didn’t have blood all over us.” Shelley says, you can tell she is sick of scrubbing fake blood off of her every night.

“I wish I got to do the fun stuff that you guys get to do!” You say, “All I get to do is kiss Stiles!”

“Is that not pleasing to you anymore?” Dylan asks jokingly. 

“No you know I love your kisses!” You say as you lean to kiss Dylan’s cheek. 

“I think we all know you love his kisses.” Tyler says, everyone laughs and you smile and shake your head. You interlock hands with Dylan and lean a little farther into his side. 

“In all seriousness guys I’m bored. I’m bored of being the damsel in distress. I always just cry that my friends are hurt and then go cry to Stiles. I need a fun arc to do or something.” You say. You feel strongly about this and you actually have talked to Jeff about it. 

“You have an amazing emotional arc though!” Dylan begins, “Your character faked her own death this past season. Only half of the people actually know she is alive! I think thats pretty amazing.”

“I guess so.” You say as Dylan moves his arm around you. You then snuggle even deeper into his side. Your alarm on your phone rings and you sit up. When you stand up from the couch Dylan whines and you turn around and smile. You shoot him a quick wink and say, “Alright, I have to go to hair and makeup. I’ll see you guys later. 

You then head to hair and makeup. You tell the girls to keep it simple because although you aren’t a badass chick on the show, you do like to send the message that you don’t need to wear a lot of makeup to be beautiful. While you get ready you like to run your lines with one of the ladies doing your hair. 

When you are finished you head to the set. You sit for a few minutes and chat with the director and Jeff about their views on the scene. While you are waiting and running through your lines you see Dylan walking in. He is simply wearing a gray t-shirt and a pair of jeans. It is so simple and he looks so attractive. His hair is still messy and all you want to do is ruffle your fingers through it. 

“Ready babe?” He asks as he places his hand on your lower back and leads you into place.

“Ready!” You say cheerfully after you have your coffee in your system. 

The director then says, “Alright… ACTION!”

Behind the Scenes on the Call the Midwife Christmas Special: Enduring bonds.

This year’s Christmas Special in South Africa posed an interesting new challenge for our cast and crew, quite apart from the normal issues of filming in a different country.

As you’ve seen in many of our previous posts, the cast of Call the Midwife get along very well together. There’s a particularly strong team spiritthat we believe gives our ensemble stories an extra power. However, our programme has very rarely filmed away from the environs of London - meaning that our cast go home at the end of each day to their own lives, and have never been required to live in close quarters with each other for an extended period of location filming.

This all changed with our upcoming Christmas Special. Cast members were flown out to beautiful South Africa, but were required to spend four weeks living in the same hotel, working long hours together - eating, travelling and socialising together each night. We did wonder if this would lead to fractures in their close working relationships - rather like holidays spent with friends or relatives that can sometimes expose disagreements, arguments or annoying habits!

We needn’t have worried. Our cast simply bonded more deeply for their shared experience. It allowed them to build on their great professional relationships by being joint witnesses to new environments, people and places. All of them have since spoken with enormous affection about the days they spent together. And we are privileged to have such a wonderful, close team working for us xxx

Call the Midwife returns with its Christmas Special in the forthcoming holiday season, and then a new series 6 in early 2017. :-)

(In which Kou dragged Rin to watch Frozen with her)

It’s just a really powerful song, alright? It’s not as if he’s secretly terrified of failing or hurting his remaining loved ones, especially his little sister, or letting down his household by being less than perfect at everything, or that he tries to suppress his feelings and keep to himself as a result. It’s definitely not like he’s ever wished he could just cast it all aside and run away to some mountain.

Kou holds his hand until the lights go up.
And he holds hers all the way home.


Just a doodle of the sharklings because i can.

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Imagine: Newt feeling insecure. Again.

”Can we talk about you and Tina Goldstein?”

 Newt is staring into his book. He hasn’t turned a page in a while and his eyes aren’t moving. He stopped reading long ago.

”Do you… do you have feelings for her?” 

You’ve been wandering back and forth aimlessly in the cabin for minutes. He ignores you. He is still pretending to read. You sit down next to him on the bed.

“We have to discuss this. I need to know if what I saw…” you go on.

“There is nothing to discuss,” he cuts you off without removing his eyes from the page.

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I think it's mostly just a scheduling issue for them both. Like dwts is basically 7 days a week for 3 months and it probably wasn't what she thought it would be like to be at work a lot and away from her baby. Nothing wrong with her being a stay at home mum for awhile. I think it's still early too for knowing for sure if they'll be back, as there's probably negotiations for all the pros and celebs still going on.

i think deena said recently that the cast is filled out minus a spot or two, and i’m sure they have some partnerships that they are like yes, this is a pairing but others maybe can still be shuffled. a couple weeks ago peta made it seem like she wanted to be on the show, they just didn’t know if there was gonna be a partner that would fit (be based in LA, have a normal schedule, etc.) but i feel like it depends on what celebs there are, how flexible peta is willing to be, and how willing the show is to flex for them. i also have no idea what maks’ status is but he’s unpredictable as we know lol. but for sure nothing wrong with either of them choosing to sit out.



#Planes4GMW is fandom-wide campaign to save Girl Meets World from its premature cancellation on Disney Channel & to find a suitable new home for the show. The cast & crew are behind all of this campaign and pretty much want it to continue. I hope you will too.

For other actions you can take to save Girl Meets World, go to

“Sometimes I really want to quit working at Disney. There’s been so many times I’ve seen cast members punished unfairly while the entitled guest was the one completely in the wrong. Other times I’ve felt like I actually belong to a family and we’re all on the same side to make someone’s life/day better. Sometimes I want to go home, but at this point, I don’t know if anything can actually ever compare to this experience, I don’t know if I could live a normal life anymore.”
Lea Michele: The newly single star on loving her butt-and what she learned from Kate Hudson

You’re partnering with Burt’s Bees to raise awareness about the decline of the bee population. Why was this campaign important to you? 

I’ve been a fan of the brand for a long time, and I think this is an issue that a lot of people may not be educated on, so I wanted to help make people aware of it. And I’m obsessed with their pink-grapefruit-flavor lip balm! So I’m excited that they’ve created a limited-edition version that has a part of proceeds going to this cause. 

You’ve had lots of amazing costars. What’s the best beauty tip one of them has ever given you?

 I worked with Gwyneth [Paltrow] and Kate [Hudson] on Glee and learned from both of them that being healthy is something you should do because it brings you joy. And Kate really inspired me to try different workouts, like Pilates. 

Do you have a favorite feature?

 For being only 5'3" I have to say I really like my legs. And my butt’s not bad. I’m grateful for that too! 

You have more than a dozen tattoos. Which one means the most to you? 

They all mean a lot to me. It’s definitely a family hobby, like, “Oh, it’s a free Saturday! Let’s all go get matching tattoos!” I also have matching ones with some of the Spring Awakening and Glee casts. I think I’m done for a while, but you never know. 

How do you find balance? 

I cherish moments at home where I can decompress. The other night I made dinner and I watched Vanderpump Rules and The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story! It’s in those moments that I’m able to recharge and then go out and be the best friend, best person at my job and the best person for my family.

The McReedus Story - The Red Strokes Ch 1

**The brilliant author would like to remain anonymous FOR NOW!

**I am sure that some feedback will encourage her to reveal her humble secret identity

Once they were safely out of ear shot of their fans Mel giggled.
Norman shot her a look. “Did you see the dirty looks I was getting from all those women?”

She had arrived to the set on the back of his motorcycle. The location had been leaked and there was a huge crowd of fans gathered at the entrance.
She noticed the evil glares the second she slid off the bike and removed her helmet.
“Oh come on, there were lots of guys there who were wishing they were in my spot,” Norman shot back with a flirty smile.

When he smiled like that she understood why every girl back by the gate was weak in the knees. Her coworker was undeniably one of the sexiest men on the planet. He was also charismatic, charming and just incredibly nice.

Melissa considered herself lucky to call Norman a friend. He always knew how to make her laugh and his constant flirts, and touchy feely nature made her feel sexy even if it was essentially harmless and meant nothing.

“So I’ll see you in a few hours,” Norman said, giving her a peck on the temple.

Mel nodded and waved bye. They had both been called back to reshoot a couple short scenes. The filming likely wouldn’t take long but wardrobe and makeup certainly would. The transformation to dirty, sweaty zombie slayers took time.

The day passed quickly, as it always seemed to on set. Melissa loved her job and the people she worked with. But even with the short reshoots she was tired by the end of the day. Norman found her once he was done and they got ready to leave.

“Want to go for a drink?” he asked. Thankfully security had cleared up the fans or she would be waiting a long time to get Norman past the screaming women.

Mel sighed, “I could really use a cup of coffee, though I doubt that’s the kind of drink you had in mind.”

“Nope, but it’s fine. I know the perfect place.” He got on the bike and steadied it while she took her spot. They roared off into the night and she had no idea where they were headed.

Norman pulled into a parking garage, found his spot and then got off. “Your place?” Mel asked with a tight lipped smile after removing her helmet.

“Yep, I make a mean cup of java and I have a fully stocked bar. Oh, and a shower if you’re interested?” he waggled his eyebrows flirtatiously and Melissa rolled her eyes. Though she did plan on taking him up on the use of his shower. Even though she didn’t have a change of clothes it would be nice to rinse off the dirt, makeup, and sweat.

Turned out Norman’s condo actually had 2 showers and after leading her to the guest bath and finding her towels Norman left to use his shower in the en suite.
For all the times she had showered in hotel rooms across the country it still felt odd to shower at someone else’s house. When Mel stepped out and went to reach for a towel she noticed a clean t-shirt sitting on top.
Her eyes widened when she realized that Norman must have snuck in at some point while she was showing to deliver it. She blushed, wondering how she didn’t notice, and hoping the glass had been fully steamed before he made his appearance.

Melissa got dressed and wandered out to his living room. She had been there once before at a party Norman hosted over a year ago. It was a pretty wild night.
Most of the cast hadn’t seen each other for weeks as shooting had wrapped and they had a great night of drinks with crazy friends.

While Norman was busy in the kitchen getting drinks Melissa got out her phone and started to browse. He came back and handed her a steaming mug. She grinned and said thanks, taking a sip. “Hey, have you heard of McReedus?” Mel asked setting the mug down.

He shook his head and plunked down beside her. “Whatcha lookin’ at?”

“Tumblr,” she replied flashing the screen in his direction. “There’s a McReedus tag devoted to you and I.”

Norman looked a bit confused, “I thought we were called Caryl?”

“That’s the name for Carol and Daryl. McReedus is you and I. They think you and I are together.” Mel looked at him with a smile, “there are even stories about us fucking.”

“How do they know we’re fucking?” he asked.

“We’re not fucking,” Melissa laughed.

“Oh right,” he snorted and moved closer. “Well are any of them any good?”

She raised her eyebrows. “You want to read one?”

Norman shrugged “Why not? Our fans are pretty talented at most things. I bet writing is no exception.”

“Well, there is this one they keep talking about. Let me see if I can find the link…Ok got it,” she replied after scrolling a bit on her touch screen.

“Just highlight it and have Siri read to us,” Norman suggested. Mel turned up the volume a bit and set the phone on the coffee table to listen.

When the first chapter ended they looked at each other. “For the record, I have never masturbated, thinking about you, in the shower,” Norman said. “In bed, maybe, but never in the shower,” he joked. Melissa smacked him but laughed.

“I think I’m going to need something stronger than coffee for Chapter 2,” she sighed. “Got any good wine?”

Norman stood, “red or white?”

“Both,” she said, not entirely kidding.

He returned moments later with 2 bottles and 2 glasses. Norman poured her a glass of Red to start. He poured his own glass and resumed his position beside her, entirely too close for most people, though Mel was used to fact that Norman likes to get in your space, and she never minded.

“Ready?” she leaned forward and started Siri reading chapter 2.

“Holy fuck,” Norman muttered, several times. Melissa felt her own face burning as they listened.
At the same time it was fuelling something inside her and she wondered if the story was turning Norman on too. As creepy as it was to hear an explicit sex scene about themselves Melissa had to admit it was making her incredibly horny.

When it ended she took a long sip of wine before making eye contact. “For the record, I don’t have any piercings below my ears.” She laughed, “but I’m seriously considering getting some.”

Norman snorted. “I’m a fucking stallion. That was awesome.” He tipped back the last of his wine and poured them both more.
Melissa knew she should have declined, but the wine was a great distraction from the fire burning low in her belly.

“I’m kinda liking this McReedus thing. Are there any more?” Mel gave him a look, but he was pumped.
Norman grinned, “We should totally do some crazy pose and tweet it, then see how fast it’s all over tumblr.”

“I don’t know…”

Norman nudged her, “Oh come on, we do it all the time for the Carylers.”

“Okay,” Mel gave in. She always gave in so easy to his crazy schemes. “What have you got in mind?”

Norman smirked, “How about a McBride tongue shot? And I’ll Tweet it from my account? That should do the trick.”

So Melissa found herself hanging out her tongue, imitating one of Norman’s signature poses, while he snapped her photo. He tweeted it and within seconds there were favorites and retweets.

“Okay, check Tumblr now,” he said after a few minutes.

Mel opened the app on her phone and went to the McRedus tag.
“You have got to be kidding me,” she said in awe.

The photo had already been blogged by 4 different people and there were comments and reblogs on all of them.
Mel laughed and blushed as she read a few of them.

“MMB can lick me with that tongue any day.
Hmm, what are McReedus up to tonight?
Are they trying to kill us?”

They looked at each other again and laughed. They both adored their fans fiercely and weren’t laughing at them, just at the craziness of the world they were caught up in since joining the cast of The Walking Dead.

Mel hadn’t noticed that Norman had filled up her wine glass again until after she had taken another sip.

“Um, I guess it’s going to be a cab ride home for me hmm?” she said, as Norman drank more wine.

She didn’t have a vehicle but even if she did, neither of them were in any condition to drive.
Coffee with Bailey’s and 3 glasses of wine for her, and a shot of something earlier and at least 3 glasses of wine for him meant neither was getting behind the wheel.

“Why don’t you just stay?” he suggested.
“It’s late. It would be a long and expensive cab ride.”
He used the excuse as if money was a huge deal, which was obviously amusing.

“I don’t know. Probably not a good idea,” she replied hesitantly.

“You can have my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch. No big deal,” he shrugged.

Once again she found herself giving in to his crazy schemes.
Must be the alcohol, she thought.
“But there’s one thing we have to do before we go to sleep,” Norman said, standing up.

When Mel stood, she realized just how much she had drank.
It took a minute to get her bearings before she was ready to walk.
Once again she had no idea where she was going as Norman took her hand and led her from the room.

Shaggy Rogers was never the punctual type.

In school he was always late to his classes and getting to the buses and even to the cafeteria once or twice. It just never clicked with him to memorize the times when everything happened. More often than not he ended up scribbling on his arms with pens that he needs to call Mom by six P.M. or to do his homework at least by 8. He was late for meetings for Mystery, Inc. after its formation when he was a bit older, too. Going to someone’s house? By the time he got there it accidentally turned into a sleepover.

This didn’t change after the incident, not one bit, but it really really should have.

Shaggy got this reminder on the way to Daphne and Velma’s shared home. He was walking, Scooby padding next to him on a leash. Scooby hated it; the poor Great Dane still wasn’t entirely…. aware that he was indeed a dog. How no one has blamed Shaggy for this (he lets the dog eat at the table) is a feat in itself. Scooby moped anyway. There was no dog here, no sir.

But when Shaggy releases the tough fabric loop, the colossal canine knows something’s wrong. “Raggy?” he wuffs, turning in time to see his friend stumbling to a trashcan some feet away and emptying his stomach contents in the defenseless can. Cringing at the sound, Scooby inches closer for only a few inches before Shaggy holds out a shaky hand to stop him.

“Scoob. Moon,” is all he can choke out for the moment. The dog hesitantly casts his dark gaze upwards. Lo and behold, the satellite hangs proud and bright in the steadily darkening sky. Scooby whined and curled his tail between his legs. That’s confirmation enough for Shaggy, so he wipes his mouth, clears his throat, and all but commands Scooby, “Stay with the girls. I-I’ll pick you up tomorrow or– or something, just go, Scoob. Don’t tell.”

Both of them are scared. Both are in pain. They run in separate directions from each other, Shaggy to home and Scooby to a flower-decorated house. When the dog arrives, he’s shaking, muddy, and barking on the porch. 

“Raphne! Relma! Relp!” he whines, pacing by the front door whilst he waited for one of the girls to answer. They had to be here, they just had to. Daphne was strong, she could protect him. Velma was smart, she could fix Shaggy. Someone answer the door!