all or nothing with me

I remember my first week when I transferred to my university, and I wanted to be a cool beatnik, so I tried to wear all black, but I didn’t have that many black clothes, so I wore this old black shirt with white buttons, and this pair of jeans that were a little too short, and black running shoes that had white soles and white laces, and I had to wear white socks because I didn’t have anything else

and on that day, I remember thinking, “it may not be that great now, but one day I will wear all black and look awesome”

And so, little by little, I sought out more black clothes

And today, I stand before you, wearing
- a flowy knee-length, short-sleeved black dress
- a loose black collared cardigan almost as long as the dress
-black leggings
- black socks and all-black shoes
- a black feathered hat

Congrats, past me. You got there. You got there.

okay im gonna get real for a second and be a little honest and share something with yall. ive been told as a kid and even recently and growing up and stuff that I’m too loud. Too extra. Too obnoxious and sexual and over the top, and… I am. It’s so easy for me to be open on here, because it’s a place where being all those things sometimes helps others. And nothing makes me feel better than to know that I made someone laugh? I have absolutely no fucking problems making myself vulnerable or making an ass out of myself if it means that someone is cheered up for it? so like, yes I’m hecka fucking extra and obnoxious but yk what? someone laughed bc of it and that’s all that matters. 

Why do you make me....feel....

Less than nothing at all….?
Idk why I answered u….i don’t…..
I can go days without talking to u,weeks actually since it’s been over a month since I MADE PLANS TO C U,and it’s been since July since U made an attempt…..
Why?why can’t u actually do what u had told me for so many years…?u wanted a freindship…now u…..walk past me every day….
U don’t bother to text me…..u don’t bother to Idk want to c me,u say"oh go to the doctor Cus u aren’t sleeping"
Ya im NOT sleeping Cus of YOU DAMMIT
I haven’t been sleeping for MOMTHS but u would KNOW THAT IF U ACTUALLY MADE AN ATTEMPT

I don’t need another person like my dad…..he once didn’t talk to me for 6 months…..I was fine with that,I don’t need you.
I’m fine. It’ll b easier to try again..
Cus at this point I am gonna try soon….

PSA for any high schoolers who’re going to college soon or  are just worried about it

your high school teachers are LIARS.

Most college professors accept late assignments.

Some of them are so chill that you can ditch most of class so long as you can handle the final. 

It’s all about playing it by ear.


It is NOT harder than high school. You’re more or less ready for it if you do ok in high school, ok?

Seriously. I got A’s in AP classes yet was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to handle college.

Surprise surprise?

AP classes are harder than college classes. 

No joke. 

College professors are a lot more liberal on what counts as a “right” answer. 

Plus they give you points for caring. 

Some classes give you points just for showing up. 

There’s an atmosphere of controlled panic, and you are not the only one. 

You can pretty much go up to anyone and say god life is a nightmare and finals are gonna kick my ass, and they’ll go saaaaame, regardless of how genius they’re supposed to be. 


College student here.

High school teachers are the WORST of liars.

They’ll tell you college is a “whole nother level” but that’s such horse shit. 

High school is a standardized sheep counting facility. 

College is a research lab full of cats that may or may not do what you expect. 

So @godd707 made that request to draw Seven in Wrenchs outfit and I just could not resist. A hacker dressing up as another hacker how cool is that




in which hanamaki is surprisingly the one making sense


mattsun made sure all 4 of them are available on makkis bday this year so they can meet even tho theyre all in diff unis

he also made sure to give makki a very memeingful bday

god that was awful

( ah, iwa+oi got the drinks and creampuffs) 



Honestly my favorite thing about the holiday season is when Christians are like, “Yes, first we must ritualistically cut down a tree, bring it indoors, and decorate it with lights and symbols that are meaningful to us. Then, we will all light candles and chant and sing together. But don’t forget to leave out an offering the night before, so that the amalgamation of various folk characters will be pleased, and bless us with gifts! This is totally Christian, and absolutely what Jesus would have wanted, in a month not related to his birth!”

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So I saw @thatsthat24 latest video and fell in love with the song from it. So I asked if I could record it, and here we are!

My anthem for the new year :D

me: im gonna skip the intro theme songs of shows bc its annoying

also me: *bangs hands on the table and screams* LOOK AWAY LOOOOK AWAY LOOK AWAY LOOOOK AWAY 

The only woman who completes Oliver’s soul is Felicity Smoak. She is his always.

Oliver Queen is Felicity’s heart, he is her perfect match and she loves him in a million different ways. 

If there’s no one for either of them but each other, then there’s no one else for me either.

Olicity is my OTP. OTP means ONE True Ship. I’m loyal to my OTP. Reblog if you’re loyal too. 

[  why can't i see?
why can't i see?
all the colors that you see.
please, can i be,
please, can i be,
colorful and free ]


@shippinggg thank you for bringing me peace, even just for a little while 

reigen’s garden (probably rooftop) slowly becomes a safe haven for everyone. except for shou’s hamsters. shou only has to learn that lesson once

teru comes there to read when his apartment feels too stuffy. no he doesnt have a key. dont ask. mob, who does have a key, doesnt ask, so why should you 

in the summer maybe reigen would put a mat in a corner so hed have a place to sit down. then all the kids would take naps there. maybe sometimes at the same time. 

also I put in both the ink and the colored version bc I cant decide which one I like more so yeah