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y’all: lotor looks so great!!!! keith piloting black!!!! lance piloting red and taking a selfie!!!!!

me: yeah yeah, that’s all cool, but did you see my boy hunk standing next to kolivan?? did y’all see that height difference???? the galra make him look so small….. so i’m really gonna need us all to step up our game and make some hunk bein cradled by galra content pls and thank

There is nothing wrong with pulling down your pants in a Walmart parking lot and ripping a shit right then and there. Defecating is a perfectly natural and common experience shared among all species. No one should be shamed for expelling the content of their bowels as we are all animals and animals shit freely anywhere they want without shame. It is not “dirty” or “disgusting” or wrong. It is natural and healthy.

i don’t know why out of all the rare pairings in this fanbase i find myself shipping allura x swirn but listen

first, picture swirn without her jellyfish. i imagine she looks a lot like her fellow mermaids. but with slate blue skin, a cute rounded nose, full lips, and long billowing brown mermaid hair similar to florona’s

i’m assuming too that while the mermaids are all one species, there are different ethnicities among them, and so swirn wears her golden bracelets on her wrists at all times, as a way to remember and represent her culture

anyway. she meets allura when allura and lance (her diplomat in training) return to queen luxia’s underwater kingdom to speak with the queen and invite her to join their growing rebel alliance

and when allura and lance are let in to meet with the queen, plaxum and blumfump are there and they are so happy and excited to see lance again. but swirn is just kinda curious about who the girl is he brought with him


The Brain Scoop:
What is a Species?

When I was in high school, I learned that the definition of a species is two animals that can interbreed and give birth to fertile offspring. Like, dogs are all one species because they technically can interbreed (although, functionally, watching a Great Dane and a Chihuahua work it out might be… difficult), but donkeys and horses are different because – although they can mate and give birth – their offspring (mules) are sterile.

At the time, I thought – well, that’s pretty straight forward. Thanks, scientists, for solving yet another mystery of life. 

Fast forward to a few months ago when I asked one of my taxonomist colleagues to define a ‘species’ for me. The result of that (many hour-long) conversation inspired this video. Turns out, the answer isn’t, at all, straight-forward. 

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How do you think different kagune/Rc-types became to be as they currently are? As the ghoul species was born, maybe they had some sort of similar kagune type in the beginning, which then evolved and changed into different ones trough natural selection and the passing of time? Shinohara also had an interesting comment back during the first series how "ghouls were designed to kill even their own kind."

Oh I’ve written a bit about this before! Ghouls are all one species, and I believe their RC types work like a blood-type. Whatever they’re born with weighs completely on their parentage. 

That’s why Koukaku run in the Tsukiyama family, the Blades have Bikaku, the Kirishima’s inherited their mother’s Ukaku, and etc. I even think we have reason to believe that the Washuu were Rinkaku like Rize (although it’s a bit strange that we’ve never seen them use theirs). 

interesting bit: the Tsukiyama clan can’t develop a kakuja because of a mutation caused by distant inbreeding, while the Blades have developed massive kagune for the same reason.

It’s also been noted that a chimeras like Hinami are the result of both parent’s RC types being passed down to their child. 

I think Shinohara just meant that the four RC types all have checks and balances. They’re like rock, paper, scissors– no single RC type is supreme, nor is one the worst. 

But the interesting thing now, though, is that were starting to see that some ghouls have overcome certain negative aspects of their RC types as their count goes up. Kaneki’s kagune, for example, is dense enough to lift his body and be used as a bludgeon/shield, even though Rikaku are notably very brittle. Koukakou have an extremely high, inflexible concentration of RC cells that make them good for melee, but Donato has learned how to divide them up into links so he can use it like throwing stars and whips. 

It’s so interesting!!

Lord Dominator Theory

OK, so imagine if, after “The End Of The Galaxy”, Dominator left the Galaxy in search of a new one to conquer. Then one day, she comes across a planet of primitive, friendly aliens. Now these aliens are all part of one species, but they come in different forms and types, each with different powers. 

Dominator, being Dominator, takes advantage of this. She shows them the wonders of technology, and quickly becomes their leader. Under her rule, their civilisation becomes incredibly advanced and sophisticated. 

 However, Dominator, being Dominator, sees these aliens as mere tools to help her spread destruction throughout the universe. And to help her achieve this goal more efficiently, she assigns each sub-species a specific role based on their individual powers. Anyone who rebels against their role or against their leader is executed. 

 Their once harmonious society soon becomes a quickly growing intergalactic empire, where the citizens are treated as living weapons. 

Then one day Dominator decides she wants a few companions to help her run her massive empire. She engineers a trio of unique, incredibly powerful aliens to aid her, and to provide company, but she eventually ends up shutting them out and treating them like tools as per normal. The triumvirate are given powerful positions and are placed in charge of the hundreds of aliens and conquered planets under Dominator’s rule. 

Including one little planet known as Earth. 

Everything is going perfectly, until one day, one of her subjects rebelled. A pink-haired alien whose compassion for life and love for all, including her enemies, reminded Dominator a little too much of a furry orange do-gooder she used to despise. 

 Now, while this rebel was despised by all three members of the triumvirate, Dominator knew firsthand that such a character was not to be trifled with. She knew that this rebel’s kindness could end up winning over many of her soldiers, or worse still, one of the triumvirate members. So Dominator being Dominator, decided she had to make sure that the triumvirate would never defect to the rebel’s side. How? By framing this rebel for an unforgivable crime. MURDER.

Dominator notices that the triumvirate has grown very close. If the rebel were to say, murder one of them, say, the least powerful and newest member, the other two would certainly be devastated, and would never even dream of joining the rebellion. As such, Dominator killed the newest triumvirate member and framed the rebel, securing her hold on her power while she bides her time and figures out a way to destroy the Earth once and for all. 

After all, doesn’t this mural look a little familiar? 



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'the hell d'you mean they /spoke/ to you? they're dead.'

           “ they still spoke. “ his disbelief turns her voice firm — can’t quite mask the wonder of it all. “ not with words exactly but… feeling. emotional transference that the vulcan were unable to experience. though there had been script  on the rocks of that planet. curling in a way that suggests a written language i wonder if — “ you’ve lost her, len.

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I forgot to ask the most important question! So in that one fic Chowder is somewhat close to Tango, who as a sphinx is more or less a kitty. For obvious reasons Chowder is also very close to Farmer, beloved alpha and while I would never say it to her face kind of a dog. Does the team make cats and dogs jokes? Does there respective species actually influence their relationship? Does Tango ever have problems with other dog-aligned monsters? What about other animal-aligned ones?

For the Monster Haus AU.

OKAY SO. Sphinx Tango and werewolf Farmer actually get along decently well. There was a little uncertainty at first, but that’s actually pretty common for any animal-aligned creature. They tend to be a little wary of each other, but overall it’s not too bad. They actually get along pretty, they both understand the need to curl up in a nice patch of sun every now and again, and don’t think it’s weird to want to be scratched behind your ear, or the unexplainable urge to just…grab your own tail. It’s embarrassing and dumb but like, it’s just right there and sometimes you gotta pounce. 

Farmer and Nursey is a completely different story. They’re working on it. 

Everyone makes cat jokes at Tango, all day every day and he never gets any of them until at least a week later. Dog jokes are made at Farmer occasionally, but she is the alpha of Samwell so they usually are more subtle and/or make them when she’s not around. Mostly at Chowder. 

The day after the first night Farmer spends the night at the Haus with Chowder, ‘Givin’ the Dog a Bone’ is suddenly every other song on the morning work out playlist. Ransom and Holster just keep waggling their eyebrows at each other and then looking at Chowder. Bitty is gonna lose his tongue with how much he keeps clucking it. Nursey can’t look at anyone he’s just silently crying as he tries not to laugh. Dex straight up takes his head off and shoves it in the back of his locker so he doesn’t break first. It takes Chowder until the fifth play of it that he gets it. “You gUYS NO IT WASN’T LIKE THAT” D: D: D:


So there’s a whole bunch of bandwagon-ing SJWs jumping to the conclusion that the movie “Sing” is displaying racism because the gang that ends up in jail are gorillas, comparing them to people of colour.


They do realise that it is a movie based on animals…that they chose gorillas because obviously being a thief is a lot easier if you have muscle and opposable thumbs…and that gorillas are black? Did they want pink gorillas? Maybe a nice shade of yellow?

Oh, and the voice actors for the two main gorillas are Taron Egerton and  Peter Serafinowicz.
You know….fucking WHITE BRITISH ACTORS

And then they go on to say that “there is further unrest over Sing featuring Gunter, a pig voiced by Nick Kroll, who is German.”

Who the fuck cares? Why is that racist? Is being born in a different part of the world racist?
There is obviously non-german pigs (as shown by the other main character pig, Rosita) so why is demonstrating that not all of one species comes from one part of the world racist?

It’s like they want it to be offensive so badly, that they sit down and think how it could be offensive and not if it actually is.

I….I don’t even know anymore.

pokemon and star wars
  • Rey finds an egg in the red sands of Jakku, half-buried beneath a collection of rusted scrap. She could have cooked it up for dinner, could have traded it for portions, but it is warm and alive in her hands and there is a baby in there, and so she sticks it in her bag and carries it with her everywhere – leaving it in her hut is just asking for trouble, and the thought of it hatching to emptiness, alone and frightened and crying for its mother, is appalling – and so she carries it, treading over miles and miles, singing to it in the quiet moments between scavenging sweeps, curling around it at night. One night, it cracks open and out crawls a soft-feathered bird, rust-orange and yellow as the sun, wet with birth effluvia. She has never seen its like before. It chirrups at her. She splits her food with him and when food is scarce she eats less and feeds him more, and by the time she flees Jakku in a tumbledown spaceship he’s six foot from wingtip to wingtip, feathers blooming into flame, and when Han Solo (smuggler! resistance general!) meets her his eyes go wide and he looks, Force forbid, impressed and he says, “Do you know what that is?” and she says, “His name is Embers,” a touch defensively and Han Solo says, “That’s a Moltres” and Embers chirrups like he did when he was little, and the quirk of his head is more than a little bit smug. (Later, Embers will rip half of Kylo Ren’s face off. Later still, he will hook his talons into Finn’s jacket and carry him to safety while Rey rides on his back, weeping into his neck. Later still he will shriek at Luke Skywalker: you have a DUTY dickbag. Because, hey, he takes over his mother; and she doesn’t take shit from anybody. And together they have a universe to save)
  • “You need a pilot?”

    “Yeah. But lets stop off somewhere first.”

    Because the First Order doesn’t just take little humans and brainwash them. It takes little ones of all species, and Finn’s heart breaks every time he sees a bundle of fluff mewling growlitheee as it is taken away for a training programme as brutal and intensive as any faced by a Stormtrooper. They emerge as snarling whirlwinds of fury and fire, howling as they rip apart rebels.

    The kennels are almost empty. Only three puppies huddle in the corner, whimpering. Finn gathers them u in his arms and runs.

    Afterwards: Sunny, Birdie, Fluff. Three adorable, licky things that will never see a battlefield, the tiniest and cutest creatures you ever did see. 

    Then, “You can’t come with me Sunny – you’re too little.” A whine. A head cocked on one side, ears flopping over her eyes, and Finn kisses her between the eyes, says, “I’ll come back for you, I swear.”

    She stows away. And she evolves in the snow as Kylo Ren pushes his lightsabre into Finn’s shoulder, lightning sparking along her fur, and she bursts out of her skin, tripling in size – and she bowls Kylo over, huge and powerful and burning bright. Afterwards Finn says: “You didn’t have to fight for me.” And she rests her huge head on his shoulder, a low murmur of contentment buzzing right into Finn’s marrow. She doesn’t say I did it because I wanted to. She doesn’t have to. 
  • BB-8 is jealous at first. [Do you love her more than me?] it demands, beeping and rolling back and forth in agitation, buzzing his taser.

    “I love you both the same,” says Poe, in his placating ‘everything is okay’ voice that works on both angry, overprotective droids and panicky Stormtroopers (former) and angry trainee Jedis. 

    “Baby-girl, I appreciaet that it was time for you to evolve but uh,” and Poe can’t bring himself to say there isn’t room in the cockpit for a full-grown human and a fucking huge freshly-evolved Pigeot because he remembers her when she was tiny and helpless, a Pidgey with a broken wing, and Poe’s always had a weakness for the helpless.

    “I’ve never seen one,” says Finn, “the First Order always said that they were useless – no, I don’t think that they are,” he says this hurriedly, because Maria looks pissed, “– but we never had them. Not a fire or a fighting type, so…well. It’s nice to see, y’know?”

    "Hey,” says Poe. “We’re not the First Order.”

    “No,” says Finn, snuggling up. “You’re not.”