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yknow what, i dont care how clunky this exposition is, this reptilian woman DOESNT HAVE BOOBS

y’all: lotor looks so great!!!! keith piloting black!!!! lance piloting red and taking a selfie!!!!!

me: yeah yeah, that’s all cool, but did you see my boy hunk standing next to kolivan?? did y’all see that height difference???? the galra make him look so small….. so i’m really gonna need us all to step up our game and make some hunk bein cradled by galra content pls and thank

Humans are Space orcs

So, here is my little contribution to the whole humans are space orcs idea, which I have been absolutely loving since I found it.

On the eleventh polar rotation of the seventh month of the earth solar cycle 2538, an event occurred that would forever be seared into the minds of everyone near a visual screen within the galaxy. The Terran United National Dominion Had been spreading its exploratory reaching ever farther. This led to conflict with many species, but diplomatic term had always been met, whether it being through full sharing of all findings, a small taxation for crossing of borders, or the humans respectfully agreeing to leave if found trespassing. However, there was one species, that found the mere prospect of the human exploration to be an affront.

These were the Nem, a proud people Who were feared their physical prowess in claw to claw combat upon boarding a ship, which they were quite good at with their lightweight, but very maneuverable ships. They felt that the entire galaxy belonged to them, and from this belief, they felt it was their right to not just restrict humans for from going any place that was not first explored by the Nem, but to tax them for all places they had already gone. The Nem even went as far as to demand that the Human intersolar mass trading and diplomatic post that reached from the surface of their core world, to the edge of its lower orbit, a structure unlike any other in the galaxy, the Ouroboros Station, be handed over to their control.

This created a conflict that had been avoided by other species, which had agreed simply to bring a Nem crew member with them, and to give at least half of whatever they found, unless the Nem asked for more, and what they ask for was not something needed by the discovering races. The humans on the other pincer, while able to be diplomatic, and rather quite intelligent, have a special feature few other races have, stubbornness. As they continued to deny payment to the Nem, their research vessels were boarded, some killed, but for the most part simply looted, and in return a human cruiser would eradicate the stray Nem boarding scifer that was not quite fast enough. It was war, much like any other war, for after all both races were known to be warrior races.

But on the polar rotation in question, the Nem took something from the humans that other races knew never to take. They took the lives of many humans, that were not famous, nor special, but were still each one part of their own pack. On that polar rotation, a game of leg sphere, the final in a massive tournament apparently, was taking place, when a dull crack was heard through the sky. It was enough to get the attention of many people, but the “competitive sport” of leg sphere went on. It was not until the large visual screen that had been used to show the events of the game switched  to instead show a reporter that the fighters on the field stopped in their tracks, and stared up at it, slowly carrying the gaze of the entire crowd.

“I’m coming to live on Channel 12 galactic new broadcast, with a recent report that some form of projectile has just struck the…-” The reporter traled off with a look of terror in her eyes, like a vyscalky deathgrunt had just entered the room. She began again, but this time as though she had something lodged within her throat, “with a report that the Ouroboros has just been stuck by a foreign… a foreign projectile. I think I might be sick.. We go live, along with along other channels to my colleague in the news center on board the Ouroboros…”

The visual screen switched to depict a man in in a black suite, with a dark purple tie, sitting in front of a green backdrop, his head down, resting in his hands, a sign of human grief. “Keep the cameras rolling goddamn it…” with a shaky voice, “people of the earth… we have just been attacked. The Ouroboros station, from which I am reporting right now- oh god,” tears streaming down his face, he tilts his head back and puts his hands over his eyes. “From which I am reporting to you… has just been struck, and in moments will collide with the ground, killing myself, and millions of others. Oh fucking christ- no, no, keep the fucking cameras rolling damn it.” The lights now flickered, and changed to yellow hue, indicated an emergency state. “If you have loved ones within, then please, call them, as this will be your last-no, their last-chance to say that they love you.” The reporter suddenly breaks out into an uncontrollably grotesk sob, but manage a few last words, “To my little girl Susey,” choking back a tears, “I’m sorry sweety, but daddy’s not gonna make it home tonight to help you with your science project, and to my wife… Jennifer, I just want to let you and the kid know one last time time. I love y-” The transmission suddenly cut cut out leaving only the sound of static to be heard through the galaxy, as the feed had been transmitted on hyperlight links to ever visual screen in the galaxy.

Moments later, I remember overhearing a transmission for all human vessels to return to earth. This message alarmed me, as I had read in the human handbook that they humans would not give up a fight if those close to them had been harmed. What confused me further was the eagerness mixed in with the sadness that I felt from our captain, Human Jacobson, when I asked if the reason he was giving up the fight we were in with a small group of scifers was because he had pack member within the Ouroboros. He responded so quietly my atulary receptors almost did not pick up him say, “no, I didn’t personally know any of them. But God help us if I’m going to choose to follow those scifers of returning home to aid in whatever way we can.”

It was found out only moments after, that the object that struck the station was a Nem super boarder, that had the thought that it could jump out of ftl right next the the station, thus avoiding any form of security, and and take the Station by claw. This discovery led to such an anger throughout the humans, my species, nor any other as far as I know, ever expected from the humans. Offering our condolences for their losses, many different races lant their aid services to them, in rebuilding, and healing. They accepted these services, but to my confusion, they did not rebuild the lost structure, but instead cleared the rubble,took care of their death rituals, and then constructed an odd building, with the only purpose being to list the names of every being that lost their life in the event.

One polar rotation later, the massive fleet of human cruisers that had gathered around the system left, I originally thought to return to each of our individual missions. Instead, our cruiser, along with the million other headed directly for Nem space, which was highlighted in red on our star charts for us to avoid. The exchange I had with captain human Jacobson still lingers with me to this moment…

“Captain, why are our bearings pointed directly for Nem space? Should we not return to the war we were fighting with them instead of heading to our most certain demise in their home territories?”

“War? What we were doing out there wasn’t a war Xen’Chak. That was simply pest control.”

“If that was pest control… Then what are we about to go do?”

To this a crease formed between captain human Jacobson’s brows, as what I have heard to be a human sign of anger, or thought. He said two words back to me.

“Pest extermination”

Within two cycles, or found a half earth solar cycles, the Nem empire had not just shrunk, but had been entirely eradicated. Before this, I thought that many of the things in the handbook about why humans were to be feared had been simple misunderstandings, or even maybe just false statement put in the human handbook. But, after the event that I not just witnessed, but took part in, I know now why humans are registered as a warrior race.They also proved to all other species one thing, and that was that if the galaxy belonged as a whole to any of us, it was they humans, and thank our ancestors that they are not like the Nem in their desire to prove it.

Submitted by: @argoth-synclare

There is nothing wrong with pulling down your pants in a Walmart parking lot and ripping a shit right then and there. Defecating is a perfectly natural and common experience shared among all species. No one should be shamed for expelling the content of their bowels as we are all animals and animals shit freely anywhere they want without shame. It is not “dirty” or “disgusting” or wrong. It is natural and healthy.


star wars challenge: favorite planet - coruscant

Coruscant, also known as Imperial Center and Imperial City during the reign of the Galactic Empire, was a planet that served as the galactic capital and seat of government of the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire.

There is absolutely no logical reason behind the abandonment of our morals and ethics when it comes to other animals. Using someone to make your own life easier or more enjoyable to the detriment of that someone is seen by the majority as selfish and wrong. There is absolutely no good reason why that should change when that someone is no longer a human, but another animal. Why is the latter considered a human right to do, but the former a civil wrong, when in both situations there is a sentient individual being wronged?

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Is Naga genderless?

answer: inconclusive

(balance: trolling, or serious? the world may never know)

i don’t know why out of all the rare pairings in this fanbase i find myself shipping allura x swirn but listen

first, picture swirn without her jellyfish. i imagine she looks a lot like her fellow mermaids. but with slate blue skin, a cute rounded nose, full lips, and long billowing brown mermaid hair similar to florona’s

i’m assuming too that while the mermaids are all one species, there are different ethnicities among them, and so swirn wears her golden bracelets on her wrists at all times, as a way to remember and represent her culture

anyway. she meets allura when allura and lance (her diplomat in training) return to queen luxia’s underwater kingdom to speak with the queen and invite her to join their growing rebel alliance

and when allura and lance are let in to meet with the queen, plaxum and blumfump are there and they are so happy and excited to see lance again. but swirn is just kinda curious about who the girl is he brought with him

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imagine a little merman au-

I’m pretty sure you meant something much much cuter

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OHH does luna's biology differ from celestia's? and do you have any headcanons about ponies made alicorns, like cadence and maybe twilight (or did they not ascend on your universe :? )

My mlp stuff is as close to canon as possible, minus some cartooniness, mostly visually.

Alicorns are the same species as regular ponies… though they were probably all originally unicorns, for various reasons. Luna and Celestia were likely unicorn sisters who became such powerful magic users that they’re now essentially living gods, with artificially long lifetimes and huge winged bodies. Mostly because, if you had god powers why wouldn’t you make yourself a 12 foot tall winged giant, but also because it puts them above every other pony in the racial hierarchy.

Cadence is a bit more of a mystery… when we see her as a teenager she’s still an alicorn, so either she showed promise at a much younger age than Twilight or she is a biological heir of Celestia (Luna was imprisoned when Cadence was born so she’s out of the question). Although that means it’s possible she was born an alicorn, I think it’s more likely she was born a unicorn and ascended as an infant… because Celestia is genetically a unicorn, and Cadence’s other parent likely is too. Either way, as soon as Celestia knew she was having an heir she would have swept Cadence under her wing and groomed her to be royalty. This would explain why Cadence had a head-start over Twi, whom Celestia was also grooming (though indirectly, with Cadence babysitting and through the Canterlot Academy thingamabob).

Twi obviously was a unicorn before ascending, although not a random citizen… she’s upperclass af. Her brother married into royalty, and her (both unicorn, it’s worth noting) parents live in bloody Canterlot. I feel like Celestia may have been grooming a few other unicorn children, but ultimately Twilight was the one who showed the most loyalty and prowess, so she got ascended to alicorn-hood/royalty.

the pokemon world is proof that anarchy would work


The Brain Scoop:
What is a Species?

When I was in high school, I learned that the definition of a species is two animals that can interbreed and give birth to fertile offspring. Like, dogs are all one species because they technically can interbreed (although, functionally, watching a Great Dane and a Chihuahua work it out might be… difficult), but donkeys and horses are different because – although they can mate and give birth – their offspring (mules) are sterile.

At the time, I thought – well, that’s pretty straight forward. Thanks, scientists, for solving yet another mystery of life. 

Fast forward to a few months ago when I asked one of my taxonomist colleagues to define a ‘species’ for me. The result of that (many hour-long) conversation inspired this video. Turns out, the answer isn’t, at all, straight-forward. 

‘The End of All Things’ A Theory on Destiny’s Story

All of the species apart from Humanity in Destiny’s universe have a concept, foretelling or picturing a future where they are the last ones standing at the end of it all. And every one is all about becoming the strongest of all species for one reason or another.

The Traveller journeys across the cosmos bestowing power on all good species it can find. Enlightening and strengthening them as if preparing them for an inevitable event. It is widely believed this event is the arrival of the forces of Darkness in the system. An event that crippled Humanity, and the Fallen before us.

The Fallen prophesized a 'Kell of Kells’. A Fallen strong enough to unite all the fracrured Fallen Houses together as one in order to retake the Traveller for themselves, and become powerful once more.

Oryx pictured a 'Final Shape’, which is the concept of the last species standing at the end of all strife being the one ultimate power in the Universe. He leads his Hive to war against all species he can find to prove that if he can defeat everybody else in the Universe, then him and the Hive are the Final Shape. The strongest of all things.

The Vex are attempting to become fundamental to the Universe in a way that no other species can. They are attempting to be present from the very beginning to the very end, in all places no matter where or when it may be. And destroying all sentient life is one stepping stone towards this grand endgame. They will travel through time and space to be ever present and as close to omniscient as they can possibly manage. Thus becoming the one true fact of all reality. If there’s a time and a place, there will be Vex.

And finally we get to Calus. Calus is the disgraced monarch of the old Cabal Empire, banished to a colossal space vessel known only as the Leviathan. A ship so large it can consume entire planets to be ground down for whatever materials Calus so wishes. He parks this vessel against unwilling species homes and offers them a deal. If they can prove themselves worthy of joining his new Empire by boarding his Leviathan and completing all the tests and challenges he sets, then he will spare their species. And they will be offered a place at his side, in his new Empire. If not then their world will be devoured. Calus is destroying the weak and assimilating the strong, attempting to create an empire so strong that nothing can topple it…

Except the end of all things.

In the new raid gear, some item descriptions quote Calus saying: “…the end will be so much more interesting if we face it together.” Calus knows of an approaching event that could possibly be the end of everything. A cosmic event or entity that will smother out all life, maybe even all things everywhere and everytime. And he is building a new Empire of naught but the strongest of all perhaps in preparation of this thing’s arrival.

In the grimoire for the game, Calus recalls a time where his Leviathan came across a nothingness at the edge of the known Universe. This nothingness was completely impossible to traverse, and could not be entered at all. Even the ships navigation systems could not plot a course through it, almost as if it didn’t exist. A place where reality just stopped. Maybe this has something to do with the so called 'end’.

Maybe the Traveller was preparing us not just for the Darkness, but for a supposed end of everything. Perhaps the Darkness is an embodiment of this nothingness that Calus discovered. And perhaps the true Darkness, the true nothingness is yet to arrive. And perhaps all these species are unknowingly preparing for the end of all things by planning to be the very last, the very strongest. So that whatever comes next will not topple them.

Maybe it doesn’t matter who lives through what. Calus describes powers in the Universe that make our Light, the magical power the Traveller gave to Humanity, look feeble in comparison. Maybe there is no way we can survive the end of it all. Maybe we can. Maybe this theory is wrong. I don’t know.

I just found it strange how nearly all the species have this concept of being the very last and strongest entity in the Universe, as if to be worthy of something or in order to be strong enough to face something.

The coincidence is too much to just pass up.