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could you do a scenario where the boys s/o come home with brightly dyed hair like blue for the first time?

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair but I’m worried it would cost to much and I’d look strange…Whelp that’s what wigs are for.



“I’m home!”

“Hey!” Noctis called from the living room, gaining extra lives in the latest retro game fix you both were on.

“You eat?” You asked, leaning forward pressing a kiss to his cheek.


“Cool, I’ll text Ignis and tell him not to come over.”

Noctis stopped, as he heard your footsteps go into the kitchen, something was off. The man moved from the couch, before following after you, as you begun setting up for dinner, lucky you had defrost some chicken earlier this morning.

You shrieked as you felt Noctis grab your head, holding it steady as he rubbed his head  and face against you head, much like a cat, “Can I help you?”

“You dyed your hair, we’re twins now.” Noctis replied, his fingers going through your hair, playing with the strands. They were a much brighter blue than his ebony locks, but it could still pass for black in the right lighting.

“It was suppose to be lighter, the beautician said it’ll be the shade I want in a few weeks. I thought I looked too edgy.” You muttered, attempting to moved to start on dinner, only to have your boyfriend have you rooted in spot.

“I love it.” Noctis purred, going back to nuzzling and rubbing his face on it, as if he had whiskers.

Sometimes you weren’t certain if you were dating a man or a cat.



“Glance up, perfect!” Prompto smiled.

You couldn’t help but giggle, since you had stepped in the door, the man had his camera out once he saw the rainbow you had that now adorned your head. Wanting to document every angle and every color.

“Prompto, do you have enough?”

“No! You’re so cute!” Prompto cooed, snapping away, apparently now going for candid shots, as you had stopped posing for him. “Like I love my original Chocobae, but this Chocobae is like limited edition!”

“Well Limited edition Chocobae is going to go get something to eat, so if you want to come you’re welcome to join her.” You called, originally stopping at home to pick up your lovely boyfriend, but instead got side track from his 45 minute long photoshoot.

“No! Other’s will try to steal my limited edition!” Prompto gasped playfully, picking up the keys, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “But all kidding aside, I love it! It looks amazing on you.”

You smiled softly, reaching up to touch the Chocobo butt that he called hair, “Well now we’re both Chocobos. Oh gods, are we going to be known as the Chocobo couple?”

“Hate to break it to you, but we’ve been known as the Chocobo couple for a while now.” Prompto smiled.

“And you didn’t tell me!” You gasped, only to have your boyfriend laugh.



‘I may have fucked up’

That was the last text message Gladiolus received from you, about 30 minutes before his shift ended. He figured it couldn’t have been too bad, considering you had texted him instead of calling and you had sense enough to call an ambulance if you were seriously hurt, at least he hoped.

So as the man walked into the house, he tried finding you only to follow the voice of you and Iris in the guest bathroom, door closed.

“We have to wait 72 hours before we can try again.”

“Iris, I can’t wait 72 hours for this to not be a thing. I look like that fire idiot from that game Prompto plays, Alex?”

“At least he’s hot.” Iris joked.

“Iris, I can’t be a hot guy!” You whined pitifully.

“I’ll just go see if I can find you a hat or a wig.” Iris called, before the door open as she almost ran into Gladiolus. “Hey Gladdy.”

“Gladdy!” You shrieked in alarm.

“Everything okay in there?” Gladiolus called, as Iris tried holding the door close.

“Yeah, yeah Sissy is just having….lady troubles, I’ll be right back.” Iris smiled, all but sprinting from the house.

Gladiolus stared at the door before him, before turning the handle, finding you sitting on the edge of the tub, shirtless, with a black towel on your head, but the tub looked like a murder scene! There was so much red everywhere!


“Hey, Gladdy.” You muttered softly.

“Any reason the bathroom looks like a murder scene?”

You sighed, before pulling the towel from your head, showing your locks were now a bright red, “It was suppose to be a chestnut brown.” You muttered weakly.

Gladiolus knelt before you, mindful of the water all over the place, tilting your head to look to him, “I like it, it makes a statement.”


“Did you know that red’s my favorite color?”



You looked up to your boyfriend, only to have him press a kiss to your forehead, earning a giggle from you. “Thanks Gladdy.”

“That’s my girl, now how about I go change and we figure out how to make this place not look like a horror zone.”

“I want Ignis to question it the next time he comes over though.”

“You make a good point.”



Ignis paused, he had to be seeing things, perhaps he wasn’t getting enough sleep or needed an update to his prescription. Yet he could have swore that he saw violet in your hair, but that couldn’t be right, because when he looked again it was the normal shade it’s always been.

“Ignis, Darling, do you have the transcript for the…”

Ignis was hardly paying attention to your needs, because when you turned your head, he saw it again! That glimpse of purple!

“I thought I had placed it within your office last, as we need it for, Ignis!” You gasped, finding the man upon your person as you were viewing the shelving, trying to find the piece for the ball you needed.

“I do apologize, My love, yet I need to verify something.” Ignis replied, as he ran a hand through your hair.

“Oh, yes, I went to the salon earlier today, and they convinced me to get a hidden dye job.” You explained, turning around, running your fingers  through your hair, showing that a single layer within the middle was dyed purple, yet should you wear you hair down, or in a high bun as you did with important guest, it wouldn’t appear so. “What do you think?”

“It’s rather becoming, yet it did have me rather confused.” Ignis chuckled.

“Oh you should have seen poor Noctis and Prompto, I’ve heard them whispering all day about if something change.” You giggled playfully.

“Well good to know that I’m in on this, we should see how long it takes them.”

“Oh Iggy.” You playfully scolded.

Boyfriend Rowoon

-you have accepted the fact that this giant will always be hovering over you and giving you bear hugs whether it’s in public or at the dorm with the boys, and you don’t even try to break free because it has never happened before and it will never happen once he’s gotten a hold of you. Forehead kisses, never letting go of your hands, and you sitting on his lap is an absolute must. 

 -The kid lives for couple coordinated outfits, he love wearing matching shoes and jackets, showing you off and everyone often says you guys are couple goals and he’s so fricken proud of that while your like ok its not that deep rowoon and hes just grinning at all the fan-site photos like omg we look cuteee. He’ll drag you often to public events because hello couple goals and yall attend seoul fashion week every year like its your religion. It’s casual to see many girls anywhere and everywhere checking him out even when you’e right next to him but you’re really chill and cool about it because you know he loves you wayyyyyy to much, it’s like he forgot that other people exist sometimes. 

-Selfies? A tradition to do everytime you meet. Selfie when your dressed up, selfies with you both look like shit, selfies in the bathroom, bedroom, public  candid selfies, cute couple selfies, creatively planned and well posed photoshoot type selfies, derp ugly selfies, cartoon filter selfies, etc.

-Is so cute because he’s always easily jealous when it comes to you not giving him attention when you’re out with other people and sometimes it gets annoying because rowoon chill i love you ok i wont leave you but he’s also super considerate about how your feelings at all times and gets worried about the smallest things like him having a female love interest in his new kdrama. “It’s just acting ok? Don’t feel hurt, you don’t have to watch it. She means nothing to me.” Whenever he does hurt you though, it kills him so much and he’s so emo for the rest of the day even when he’s working- lowkey he knows he shouldn’t be cold when hes around fans but it just comes out like that and he gets scolded alot by his manager however, he’ll just take the scolding because all he’s thinking is about calling you when he gets home (the type to leave like at least 2 texts and calls before giving up).

-Dates include getting coffee and walking together holding hands or even just lazying out on the couch watching movies and eating snacks with his shirt off and you in nothing but his tshirt, either way he’s up for anything as long as he’s with you. You’ll start to realize the chic and cool image rowoon is basically only on stage because with you he’s like a cute puppy who always needs to be near his owner and is super dirty sometimes like him not washing his hair rolling on the floor but it’ cool because you love him. THIS BOY ALSO A HOT ASS CHEF so nomatter how many times you’ve seen him shirtless in the kitchen cooking you something, it just never gets old and you’re like why is this kid so hot damn….

-Expect you to come to all of his events. “You’re coming to my show in Singapore right?” and you frown cuz Rowoon thats all the way in freaking Singapore, and he just looks at you smiling like “Here’s your plane ticket and you roll your eyes and groan because he does this every time but it’s not even about the fact that he’s spending his hard earned money on your plane tickets whenever he goes out the country- it’s just because you have your own life and schedule and can’t go see him whenever you want so you guys often argue about that even though you always end up going to support your silly boyfriend at the end because he’s always in a better mood when he sees you in the crowd, you’re his lucky charm. Basically even though you whine for him not to spoil you, he always shows up with gifts, or paying for this and that and sometimes when he’s busy he just leaves stuff on your front door and you are half thankful but also sad because he does so much stuff for you.

-Won’t talk alot about you or hardly at all on camera or on tv, but whenever he is asked, his face will always turn a bright red and look down like the cutest little shy bean ever. “Yeah she’s doing alright..” He’ll say with a soft smile, he doesn’t want to talk too much about you because he wants your life to be private and knowing how hard it must be for you to date an idol, it’s better to keep you a mystery so you don’t get hated on. However doesn’t try to hide you in public either like other idols when going on a date. Will walk freely in the night and day with you like you’re hips glued to him or something even when there are people taking pictures. He will look the coolest to you during moments like this because his full attentions is on you and will never accept pictures with others or autographs because he’s really serious about his personal time-but of course rejecting them in a nice way and always with a smile. Your friends also know about him and everyone around you talk about how you’re dating an idol and you sometimes feel like it would be a burden on him because you’re expected to bring him to parties and stuff or people will say he doesn’t care about you but he always comes every single time with you even when he’s tired from a schedule and everyone’s shooked af because they didn’t think he would care enough to come but he’s always super happy every time like yes I’m y/n boyfriend!

-He asked his staff members if you can work part time in the summer and that was how you ended up working as an intern with fnc, being a stylist for sf9. It was nice being almost everywhere with him but was also really weird because since your relationship was public, everyone treated you super duper well and you didn’t have to do intern chores like run for coffee. You used to be able to touch up the other member’s makeup but because of that one incident where Taeyang play-flirted with you to piss Rowoon off, you were only allowed to take care of Rowoon from then on because your boyfriend is petty af.

-Basically love you alot, is a cute puppy- is YOUR puppy and keep him smiling all the time. Don’t ever question your love for him because that’s what keeps him so bright and happy and just allow him to take care of you even though it’s a bit burdening, know he means well. 

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How different ? (Sorry I didn't put that as part of the original question.)

(the question is: how do i think taylor’s rs with the media will be different)

*(so this is an opinion piece, not a ‘she should do this’ or ‘she’s going to do this’ or ‘she feels this’; just a variety of opinions and ‘maybes’ and ‘could possibilies’ thrown together in a (sorry) medium length post)*

i mean, fundamentally, i think she doesnt need the media in the same way, like she used to, because she is infinitely bigger now than she was when she transitioned from Red to 1989. She was in country sliding to pop with Red, and 1989, as we all know, was her first true pop album. now she’s ingrained in pop ….. heck, she IS pop. thats important, because there is a real reduced need to cement herself in a new genre as part of it, because she rules it. She defines it. Her label execs were nervous about her going pop. There was probably a real sense of, okay, if we’re gonna do this, we gotta really sell this to the pop listeners then. And, like any product, if you are just starting out, you need your name everrrrryyyyywhere you can- print, tv, radio, internet, billboard, grassroots, social media. if you are bigger, you can be pickier. you can go for just the outlets with the largest reach, ones that might not have given you a platform before. You can create more lucrative brand partnerships (like apple) because they know your worth; and those alignments can harness the power of two demographics/brands/audiences to reach new people. Or reach them in a different way.

secondly because she got herself o/exposed last time around due to the constant media. she said so herself. some of that is on them, some of that is on her (choices). some of that just happened. it’s clear (to me) that she didnt like/want to be o/e.  i mean, who does? you dont want people to be sick of you. therefore to avoid that, she needs to take steps (things w/in her control) to try to minimize that risk.  inherently that means less media exposure. obviously you cannot control it all, but you can control your own input to it, and that would be articles, photoshoots and to a degree, candids. 

thirdly since she, in my opinion, doesnt need the media like before - look at how well idwlf did without one ounce of promotion on her behalf - that’s just a soundtrack song, so that is a huge indicator -  therefore i dont think one will see even close to the same amount of promotional things - covers on smaller mags, photoshoots, etc. because it simply isnt necessary. it’s like washing your car a day after you just washed it. would it be cleaner? sure, but you just dont need to do it.  She can command the market now, it’s clear there is a huge interest in her new music, and she has all the major players in her grasp.  so, like any brand rolling out an advertising campaign, you hit up the advertising venues that give you the most ‘bang for your buck’ so to speak (except of course she isnt paying). No need to really bother with Magazine A with a circulation/reach 1/20 that of Magazine B, ya know? Again, see #2 above. Just how much promotion and where? i dont know.  i dont think she’ll be a beyonce, but she might be more of an adele. it could be more concentrated around the album, rather than spread out. or, it could be more spread out. there are a few approaches to be considered. and i dont really think she did an insane amount of promotion for 1989′s drop anyway, but again, i think there will be noted differences.

fourth, i think her relationship with the paparazzi will be a near 180. Will she always be under umbrellas? i dont know, but probably not. But the days of being papped 4 separate times a day, in my opinion, are gone. She clearly knows how to avoid them. Why? One bc of #2 above, second because i think she might have realized that was stealing away any semblance of both privacy and normalcy - in her life, her relationships with others, too.   And i think stealing the privacy let to things which were hurtful, and i think those would be things most people would want to avoid. who wants to be followed by cameras everywhere? i dont think she does.  i could be wrong, but this is just my guess. 

fifth and finally, they really did her dirty last year, so i think there is a strong possibility that she is still-not-pleased with how they treat(ed) her. i mean *i* am still a little bitter about it, cause it was just wrong, and it’s not my life, lol. Of course most outlets will be eating from her palm when she releases new music, but give them time, they usually turn. obviously that doesnt mean all members of the press are dirty rotten scoundrels, but, i think there has to be some animosity there. She’s always said they can and will turn on you at a moment’s notice and that definitely happened and i think that happens only so many times before you get so hurt/mad that you change how you interact with them. 

those are the major points i can think of. 

Ok, ok, ok… just…

Female!Tony & Female!Rhodey doing some spread for a magazine. And the whole time they’re doing the photoshoot is just Jamie and Tony goofing off. Making each other laugh so hard tears come pouring out.

“Stop, it’ll ruin my makeup. I’m supposed to look like a badass bitch, not like I’m going through a break up!” More laughter.

“Your makeup is waterproof!”

“Damn it, Toni!”

And just when the production thinks all the photos will be of them laughing, Toni says “The patriarchy.” Both of them get “Murder Queens” face, it gets scary for a minute and Rhodey goes “well, what are you waiting for? Shoot!”

They end up using most of the candids full of laughter where they forgot the crew was there.