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Misunderstanding? 6/?

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Genre: Angst/Fluff?
Pairing: ReaderxYoongi
Part 6/?

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‘Y/N… Let’s talk in the kitchen?’  I hear Yoongi say and just nod.

We walk to the kitchen and he asks me if I want to drink something. How can he be this calm? I look up at the clock: 5AM. Nice. I will look terrible tomorrow. My gaze wanders to the cup in front if me, which I left here earlier, and then continues to Yoongi who is looking at me as well.

'So? Do you want something? Maybe Ice Tea, we-’
'I still have some, thanks.’ I say and take a sip from it.
'Ah, I see..Uhm’

He ruffles through his hair. He always does that when he is unsure or nervous.

'Y/N..’ he says, obviously struggling. 'I don’t know where to start. I-’
'How about this: Who is this girl? Why was she in your room -no- in your bed?’

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I was mad, sad, just done with this.

'Why were you embracing her like that? Why were you with her and not with me?’
'WHY..Why did you lie to me… Work? Do you call this work?’

'Y/N, let me expla-’

'Did you work on your physical condition or what kind of work is this Yoongi??? Maybe you can start ex-’


I stopped and looked at him. Tears, which cannot be stopped anymore, are rolling down my cheeks. He looks desperate. How terrible do I look, I wonder?

'Y/N… please listen. Let me explain. It was really a misunderstanding. Nothing happened. Do you hear me? Nothing!’

I calm down a little and look at him, still crying.

'Ugh..Ok. Ok, listen. Do you know how I told you about that classmate meeting a couple of weeks ago?’

I remember something. He continues talking.

'That was yesterday evening. I went there thinking our midnight date is tomorrow, well today. I got the dates mixed up so I went there to meet old friends. That woman in my bed? She is an old classmate of mine. We were all out together drinking and talking and she got like super drunk. Everyone left one by one and then we were only like 4 people left, I don’t really remember, but the point is that no one knew where she lives. Everyone else was also super drunk and they all have a wife at home so they can’t take her in.’

'So you just brought her here? A dorm with 7 guys?’

'Well, I had no other choice, it was getting late and I was so tired so I just brought her here’

'And to sleep with her in the same bed? Good move, very smooth’ I laughed at him. This is ridicilous.

'It wasn’t like that! Just listen for a second please, god. So, like I said before I brought her here yes, but I left her in the living room on the couch to sleep. She was wearing your slippers because that was the first thing she grabbed… I tried to take them away but it didn’t work, I am really sorry for all of that.’

'But how the hell did she end up in your bed Yoongi? Mind to explain that?’

'To be honest I am not to sure either. I went to the kitchen, drank some water, brought her everything she needed to sleep and went to sleep myself. I was so tired I fell asleep right away and since you didn’t answer I thought it would be fine. I never thought that you would come. I woke up and realised that she was sleeping in my bed and I woke her up right away and send her home. Then I saw all your things on the floor and guessed what happened… I swear to god Y/N, nothing, absolutely NOTHING happened, please believe me.. How could I ever cheat on you? You’re an angel, I love you, please don’t leave me’

He looked at me with sad and desperate eyes. Is this all true?
Hell, how stupid I feel right now. But there’s still something bothering me.

'Why did you lie to me that you were working?’

'I was afraid that you would get all of this wrong… and you would still come if I said I forgot about it so I thought working would be the best choice because you know how sensitive I am when it comes to my work…’

I am so stupid. He knows me better than I do know myself. So in the end it was all an misunderstanding? Was I really so stupid to just assume that he cheated on me without him explaining anything? Yoongi? Actual angel on earth? I feel so dumb right now.

'Yoongi… Is this all the truth though?’

'Of course! You can call all of them, please, do it if you need to! I will give you all the numbers but please believe me. Don’t leave me, I don’t know what I would do. I was so worried when you didn’t answer and I wanted to run out right away but Hoseok stopped me, please Y/N I am sorry for hurting you like this, making you feel like this. I am not worth it but please just-’


He looked at me with tears in his eyes. Holy shit.

'I feel so dumb right now. Oh my god, I am so stupid. Can you slap me please?’

His eyes got wider. 'What..Y/N? What are you saying?’

'Can you just?? Like? I don’t deserve anything less. Oh my god I still can’t believe it’

I look at his face, now in shock. How stupid of me. I hurt him so much with my assumtions. Tears start rolling down my cheeks again making me look down. Got he made me so soft, I feel so sorry.

'Y/N, why are you crying? Please don’t cry? Do you not believe me? Are you hurt somewhere? Please talk to me I-’

'I am so sorry, Yoongi.’ I say, now looking him in the face again. 'I am SO SORRY’
'I must have make you feel like shit, assuming that you cheated on me without any real evidence.. and also not letting you explain before I thought of the worst. God I am so stupid..’

Silence surrounded us once again. The tension is gone. Yoongi looks at me with eyes wide open.

'Y/N,no. No, no, no! You have the right to think that way to feel that way.. I was the one being thoughtless. I am so sorry. I will never do something so naiv and stupid, so please… Don’t leave me like this EVER again..’

How come anything he says makes me want to hug him and never let him go again?

'I will not… I am so sorry, Yoongs.’ I said smiling, still with tears in my eyes.
Yoongi looks at me and stands up going around the table we were sitting at. He stops right in front of me and hugs me.

'Thank you, Y/N. Thank you so much’ he whispers in my ear.

I hug him back. How come I have someone so pure and angel like as my boyfriend?

'I am so sorry, Yoongi. Can you forgive me?’

'Oh my god- YES! Please stop apologising, I feel so stupid..’

'I am the stupid one… I love you, Yoongi.’

He stops hugging me to look me in the eyes. He scans my whole face, every inch of it.

'I love you even more, Y/N, my world, my everything.’ he says and kisses my forhead.

I can’t help but smile. He is still a romantic guy deep down. But I can’t hold myself back. It has do be done.

'Ew, getting cheesy here.Better stop it or we will slip’

'Even now… you’ve learned well. But it’s ok, I will catch you if you fall.’

'Well I had the best teacher’ I winked at him 'but… seriously, who thought you to be so smooth and cheesy?’

'That was probably me!’ I hear a voice saying from the back.

'Ah, Hoseok.’

'Are you guys done? Everything’s setteled?’
We both look at each other and then nod.
'GOOD! Can we like eat sth now? I am super hungry, I couln’t eat anything when I came home..because of a CERTAIN person-’

Gosh, he knows how to make you feel bad.

'I am… sorry? Ok, wait right here I’ll just order something? What do you want to eat?’

'Chicken please. You bag is in the living room, go get it if you need it’ he said while walking up to Yoongi.

I stand up and make my way out of the kitchen not without turning around once again to see Hoseok and Yoongi talking.

Not long after Yoongi joins me in the living room, looking relieved. 

'What did Hoseok tell you’ I asked what caused him to laugh out loud.

'He said: If you ever hurt her like this again or really cheat on her consider yourself a dead man.’
'Holy shit. What did you do to him? Where is he? Is he still alive??’

'I just smacked his head very lightly? He was not wrong after all. I guess he went to his room. He said he will be back after changing’

'I see. Poor baby, he’s probably crying right now’ We both laughed.
'But honestly. Don’t ever do this again, or I’ll smack you tiny perfect ass.’

'I love you too, Y/N.’

20 minutes passed and Hoseok is still not back. What is him taking so long?

'I’ll go look for Hope, he takes way too long. Our food will arrive soon’ Yoongi says. It feels like he can read my mind, what a connection we have.

'Don’t worry, we can finish it without him’ I answer. He stares at me.

'Well, you’re not wrong. Still gotta go look for him. Be right back’ he says and leaves.

I lean my head over the edge of the couch. So it really was a misunderstanding. It seems like even shit days like those have a happy ending right? 

Part 6 of ‘Misunderstanding?’ !
I hope you guys like it ♥
Idk if I’ll finish it here or continue, that’s why there’s still a question mark haha

I would be happy about feedback and comments ^-^


Simon wasn’t sure why the situation warranted getting flowers.

Sure, he knew that when people were in the hospital, you were supposed to bring flowers. But he thought that flower hospital visits should be reserved for people who were gravely ill or enduring an especially painful surgery.

Jace did not deserve lilies just because he was getting his tonsils removed. But Alec was covering food, Isabelle was covering movies and most other recovery entertainment, and Clary was covering general comfort with her healing presence. So Simon would feel a bit guilty if he didn’t arrive at the hospital with something for his ailing friend.

And what did you buy for sick people? He’d considered bagels, but that might be hard to swallow for someone who had just gotten their tonsils ripped out, literally. So he psyched himself up, felt a pang of regret for not taking Allegra, and entered Santiago’s Flowers with bravery.

It was a damn shame that Simon was allergic to flowers. They were beautiful, and he use to love going to the botanical garden when he was a kid and his reactions weren’t that horrible.

The small shop was literally overflowing with flora. Brightly painted pots held plump, bright plants that proudly bloomed in the sunlit space. Tangles of vines spilled from hanging pots, some leaves brushing against Simon’s hair as he navigated through.

He sneezed three times before he even got to the register. But hey, it was a pretty sight.

“Be with you in a second!” A voice called from a back room, where the sound of trickling water could be heard if Simon listened closely. There was a particular plant on the counter that had tiny white flowers blooming every few inches. Simon rubbed his finger carefully over a petal and was amazed that something so soft was so natural and real.

“It’s jasmine.” The voice said, closer this time. Simon looked up to see a man about his age, with tendrils of black hair that resembled the wild ivy above them. He had a light spattering of freckles over his nose and spilling onto his cheeks and a small smile on his face as he regarded the plant fondly, like it was an old friend. “It represents dulcis amore. Sweet love.”

His voice was like honey. The whole thing, with the flowers and the beautiful person and the bright colors was like a scene straight out of a movie. Simon could’ve used this opportunity to say something smooth in return, but instead he sneezed. Again.

“God bless you.” The man said, raising his eyebrows. He looked amused. “I’m so sorry.”

“Uh, about what?” Simon said, rifling through his bag to look for Kleenex.

“Allergies are the worst. I am blessed to not have them. I couldn’t imagine not being able to be around flowers.” The man said matter-of-factly. He looked genuinely sympathetic, which was endearing. His name, according to the teal tag that was attached to his apron, was Raphael.

“I can be around them, technically.” Simon said with a shrug. “It’s just a little, uh, inconvenient. It’s worth it, though.”

Raphael smiled, seemingly satisfied with this answer. “So what can I do for you?”

“I need flowers.” Simon blurted, and then laughed a little nervously. He wished he could blame acting like an idiot on the allergies, but that was all him. “I mean, obviously. Uh, I just need something pretty? Something that’s kinda calming to look at.”

“Color preference?” Raphael asked.

“Yellow.” Simon said firmly, knowing without a doubt that it was Jace’s favorite.

Without another word, Raphael walked away from the counter and entered the maze of the store. Simon waited, unsure if he was meant to follow or not. This guy was cute, honestly, and Simon knew that he probably looked a little gross right now, what with his running nose and red eyes. He didn’t want to worsen the situation.

The flower boy returned a few moments later, carrying a vase of bright yellow flowers that billowed from the glass and dangled elegantly from their stems, each one a little work of art.

“Yellow lilies.” Raphael told him. “Pretty and cheerful. Perfect for you.”

Simon didn’t know if he was going into anaphylactic shock, or if the cute guy was actually flirting with him.

“I’ll take them.” He managed to say. He was rung up quickly and he scrawled his signature on the receipt, which Raphael examined.

“Thank you for your business, Simon Lewis.” Raphael said with a calm smile. “Come back soon. Maybe with medication, if that helps?”

Simon replied with something completely unintelligible and stumbled out, clutching at the vase with an iron grip. He couldn’t get the image of freckles out of his head as he made his way to the hospital and up to Jace’s room, where his friends were all gathered around a sleepy and subdued Jace.

“Hey,” Simon greeted quietly, making sure not to jar his friend with too much volume. He set the flowers on the side table, adjusted so that Jace could see. “How’s he doing?”

The question was directed at the alert and conscious people in the room, but Jace answered it himself in his raspy, whining voice.

“He’s dying. He’s already dead, actually, he’s–are those flowers?” Jace’s unfocused eyes were fixated on the lilies and he reached out to touch them, his hand missing just slightly. Clary guided Jace’s hand upward so he could feel the petals and he looked back at Simon, tears welling in his eyes.

“You got me flowers.” Jace moaned, reaching forward to hug Simon weakly. “You’re so good.”

“Someone film this.” Simon instructed, and Alec responded by swiftly pulling out his phone.

“Already on it,” he said as he pointed the camera at his weepy, drugged brother who still had his arms loosely around Simon’s middle. “This is so much better than the video of Izzy after she got her wisdom teeth out.”

“They’re yellow lilies.” Simon told Jace as he worked to detangle his friend and set him back in bed. “The guy at the flower shop said they were good for cheering up. He also told me about jasmine, which represents love, but I passed on that because you haven’t taken me out to dinner in months.”

Jace didn’t seem to register the joke. In fact, he seemed almost asleep suddenly. Simon turned to his friends, who were all making faces at each other.

“What?” Simon demanded.

“When I go to buy flowers,” Isabelle said carefully, “the cashiers don’t usually explain to me which flowers represent love unless they give me their number afterwards.”

“Is he cute?” Alec asked, while Clary simultaneously demanded to know his name.

“Woah,” Simon put his hands up in defense. “I talked to him for what, five minutes? I feel like you guys are more desperate to hook me up than I am. Which, really guys, is sad.”

“You spent five whole minutes in a flower shop?” Clary said with an emphasized gasp. “You made me move my flowers to the balcony but you can stand around in a shop with some guy just because he’s cute? Wow, Simon.”

“That’s not at all the same!” Simon exclaimed, honestly lost. “Five minutes is how long it takes to buy the flowers. And I did it for our poor, tonsil-less friend. Not some guy.”

“Okay, okay.” Isabelle hushed Clary before she could retaliate. “Si, if you like him, you should go back.”

“I don’t even know him.” Simon insisted. “And besides, I’m terribly, horribly allergic unless you’ve forgotten. I’d rather not step back inside a pollen bomb just for some guy and his freckles.”

“Freckles.” Isabelle sighed dreamily. “I love freckles.”

Simon loved freckles too, actually, he always had. The image of them floated through Simon’s mind for days, accompanied by the sweet scent of flowers that he swore was following him like a ghost.

Three days later, he popped an Allegra and went back.

“You look better.” Raphael said in lieu of greeting when he saw Simon walk inside. He had been kneeling down to water a small potted succulent and he stood gracefully, his pink tin watering can bumping against his leg.

“I came prepared this time.” Simon said with a triumphant grin. “Because, uh, my friend really loved the flowers. So I figured, hey, might as well get some more.”

“But you’re allergic.” Raphael pointed out, his head tilted like a confused puppy.

“Yeah, um, they aren’t for me. It’s almost my friend’s birthday. So I thought I would stick with the same idea, because it worked really well on the last guy.” Which was a blatant lie, admittedly, because the next birthday coming up was his own and that was in over a month. But still. He couldn’t get the image of Raphael and his flowers out of his mind.

“Well,” Raphael looked thoughtful, “I’m assuming you want another recommendation?”

“Yeah! And he really liked when I told him what the flowers represented, so maybe you could just tell me about some of them?”

Raphael only cracked a tiny smile, but the sudden sparkle in his dark eyes meant that he was truly excited about this. His passion showed as he explained different Latin translations and growing habits of each species of plant. He gestured with his hands, which Simon couldn’t help but stare at as they glided through the sweet air between them, sometimes brushing against the obtrusive tangles of leaves and vines.

Simon spent nearly an hour there, listening and nodding along and staring until finally, unfortunately, he sneezed.

“Oh,” Raphael abruptly stopped his background on sage, “Bless you. Too much, huh?”

Feeling like Cinderella at the ball, Simon begrudgingly realized that his time was up. He followed Raphael to the register and paid for his violets, which were so beautiful that Simon felt the urge to take pictures.

“I apologize if I rambled a bit.” Raphael said, looking up at Simon with a sheepish grin. “Not many people ask for anything besides the price. It’s–nice to have someone who’s interested.”

“Oh, I’m interested!” Simon said eagerly. “Really. And you explain it so well! I mean, it’s really cool that you’re into something so unique and cool, because the only thing I could talk about with detail is like, Star Wars–”

Raphael laughed, which was almost overwhelmingly beautiful. Simon’s eyes were watery, and it was either from the pollen or the sheer beauty of the human in front of him. Probably both.

“Well I appreciate having someone who’ll listen. You should stick around here. I’ll stock up on tissues, maybe.”

Simon did just that. He came in almost every day, listening to Raphael talk about the flowers. He also met Magnus Bane, who worked part-time and fondly rolled his eyes when Raphael started off on tangents. He referred to Simon as their “unofficial temp” and taught him how to handle the plants, how much water to give to each, and occasionally he whispered Raphael’s favorites in Simon’s ear and gave him little pats on the shoulder.

He had nowhere to put his growing collection of flowers. He made sure to hide them in his room, knowing that Clary would mercilessly tease him if she knew what he’d been up to. His room was tiny and the amount of pollen made it almost impossible to breathe, but the sight of the flowers made him think of Raphael and his eyes and his freckles, so Simon kept them.

He was getting away with it, too, until Jace arrived, unannounced, at the apartment in the early morning. This was when Simon was usually alone, Clary having already gone to her early classes, and he used this time to take his medication and stick his head out the window to breathe fresh air.

Not today.

“Lewis?” Jace called, unlocking the door on his own with his back-up key which Simon regretted allowing him to have. “Hey, I’m just dropping off the–”

He stopped when he saw Simon, who probably looked like an absolute wreck. Simon attempted to hide his face behind his mug of morning coffee, but Jace was already approaching quickly.

“You look like hell.” Jace noted, eyebrows scrunched up in concern. “Are you sick?”

“No.” Simon said with his congested voice that rounded out his words. “It’s just, uh, allergies.”

“Are there flowers in here?” Jace inquired, turning around. He searched the empty living room, then moved on to Simon’s bedroom. Simon was considering tackling Jace before he could reach the door, but he was already too late. Jace stood in his doorway, eyes wide, taking in the sight of dozens of flower pots. “What the hell?”

And then Simon remembered that Jace had been barely conscious when the entire conversation about the flower shop had taken place. Simon made a mental note to thank the heavens at Temple the next time he attended and quickly formulated a response.

“They’re uh, they’re for Clary. They’re a surprise for Clary.”

Jace looked incredulous. “What’s the occasion exactly? I know I haven’t forgotten anything, Lewis, it’s all in the database.”

“Don’t call your brain the database.” Simon muttered. “It’s not really for an occasion, exactly. See, I figured since spring is her favorite season we could do like, a surprise party for her. With flowers. Just because.”

Jace’s golden eyes lit up with unharnessed excitement and he bounced on his heels. “That’s a good idea! She would love it!”

Relief washed through Simon as he nodded, absentmindedly swiping at his nose with his sleeve. He wanted to take his medicine and not have to worry about now planning an unnecessary party, which would only happen when Jace left.

He pushed him out, promising to update him with any new developing plans for the party that Jace was predictably eager about. He loved parties and he loved Clary, so it was a great match.

The entire ordeal had left him drained enough that he resolved to take a quick nap on the couch. The nap leaked into an actual three hours of sleeping and by the time he woke, Simon had to frantically get ready for work.

The day passed with no time to visit Raphael, which Simon couldn’t help but feel disappointed about. He embarked early the next day, determined to have enough time to let Raphael finish his explanation on succulents.

“I had a customer mention you yesterday.” Raphael said when Simon entered. “He came in and bought out a bunch of yellow lilies. He said you were having a, um, spring party? And that’s why you bought all of your flowers?”

Simon flushed a bright red and cursed Jace’s relentlessly moving lips. Raphael was looking at him with confused eyes and arched brows, so he was going to have to explain the truth. However dumb the truth may be.

“So, I made up all these occasions as to why I needed flowers.” Simon admitted softly. “Because I wanted to see you? It’s not that I don’t like the flowers–I do! But I’m like, super allergic, but that didn’t matter because I really, really like seeing you. Anyways, I lied to my friends about it because I knew they’d tease me if they knew what I was doing for a cute guy–”

“I’m cute?” Raphael asked, and Simon looked up to a smug smirk on the florist’s face. Simon couldn’t help but laugh at himself and the whole situation, because honestly it was ridiculous. He was ridiculous.

“I’m sorry for making it up.” Simon breathed. “But you looked really happy whenever you were talking about them. And I know how much it sucks to not have anyone willing to listen about your passions.”

“Well I can still tell you about the flowers without you having to be nearly killed by them, idiota.” Raphael chuckled. “We’ll grab some dinner later tonight, yeah? And I’ll get to see what you look like without your nose all red.”

“I’m cuter when I look normal, I promise.” Simon insisted, which made Raphael laugh again. He plucked a lily from the plant beside him and gently tucked it behind Simon’s ear so it rested amidst his brown curls. Simon sneezed.

“Bless you,” Raphael laughed, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Simon insisted. “It’s worth it.”

Twinkies - Negan x Reader

So, I knew for Ash’s 2k Writing Challenge everyone was going to write super rauncy sex scenes so I decided to take it in a new perspective. I wanted to produce a fic that didn’t end in a happily ever after or awesome sex so here it is, guys. A short sweet & sour Negan Fic. @negans-network 😉

Summary: The Reader is one lf Negan’s wife and it’s her night with Negan.
Characters: Negan and the Reader
POV: Second Person
Warnings: Fluff


Today was your night with Negan. As his wife you only got to be with him about once a week. Tonight he walked in your room quiet, completely silent. Usually he would stride in with a smirk on his face and enough energy to fuck you twelve times in an hour, but today was different. He took you softly, like something from a magical dream. It was fast and passionate, but not dominant and certainly not rough. He didn’t treat you as one of his whores or even a fragile glass doll, but a strong beautiful woman. When he looked in your eyes you saw something you had never seen before. It wasn’t lust. It wasn’t love, but it was something in between. Maybe admiration or the kind of comfort you find in a friend. After you finished he just laid there beside you staring at the ceiling. As his breathing slowed he turned over and whispered in your ear,
“What do you miss most about the world before all the shit hit the fan?” You were taken aback. The way Negan touched you tonight shocked you, but this question broke through a line in your relationship that defined the difference companionship and meaningless sex. You turned your head to him and thought about your life before. You had a family, friends and a career. You had something real and now you were just pretending to love an unfaithful man for the sake of clothing, food and a roof over your head. It was pathetic. You sighed and whispered,
“I miss my family, I miss my friends. I miss feeling like I take care of them. You’re supposed to be there for the people you love, and I could, in that life. Now, now I can’t take care of anyone, but myself. I watched them die. I watched them die because I couldn’t protect them from this world. So everyday I am condemned to remember, to see them every time I close my eyes. To know, I failed.” You did not know where any of that came from. You had no trust for him, but the way he looked so calm in your bed gave you the strength to confide in him. Not for him, not for his request, but for yourself. He reached up and touched your face, his eyes meeting yours and you saw it. He was broken, his eyes were filled with tears and he looked at you with a loving longing you had never known from any man, let alone Negan. He gently traced his fingertips down your neck, following them with his eyes. He danced his fingers over your arm and back up again, gently placing them over your heart. A tear slipped down his cheek and you froze. You had never seen Negan show such emotions and you were quite frankly, afraid that if you moved he’d lash out at you. Negan was an extremely unpredictable man. He looked up into your eyes and muttered,
“You’re just like her. You even smell like her. God, I miss her so fucking much.” He played with your hair and leaned in to kiss you. His lips were soft and sweet, full of what you thought was strangely, love. It was short before he pulled away and you felt a part of you miss him. You pulled him back to you and kissed him passionately. He wrapped his arms around your waist and rubbed up and down your back softly, with his calloused hands. He mumbled against your lips,
“Just like Lucille.” You pulled away, his words yanking you out of his intoxicating embrace. You felt a little betrayed, turning your head away from his, while biting your bottom lip.
“Who is Lucille, Negan? I think I deserve to know since you’re moaning her name while kissing me.” He sat up, and looked down, placed his head in his hands.
“You know who Lucille is. You know, the bat I carry around everywhere.” You winced and sat yourself up, too.
“Don’t lie to me, Negan. I know you and tonight you have been acting super weird. Then you start saying how I ‘look like her’ and I ‘act like her’. Well who is she? Another one of wives I just don’t know about? You can go to her if you want. I’m not gonna stop you.” As you spoke your words got louder and filled with annoyance. They shouldn’t, but something made you upset about him leaving. After a few beats of silence he looked up, straight forward and spoke in a strong tone,
“Lucille isn’t just a fucking bat. Yes, she’s a fucking person, but she was my wife. She isn’t anymore. Lucille is dead. She died from cancer before any of this started. So no, she is not my wife.”
“I’m sorry. I-I didn’t kn-.” He cut you off,
“It’s okay. She is dead, now. Sometimes I just think of her and want you. You look so much like her and you’re just as fucking stubborn and sweet as she was. Sometimes, if I think hard enough I see her face in yours and hear her voice from your lips.” Something in your chest ached. It hurt that he imagined you as the woman he really loved, like you were a second choice. Why did it hurt though? You were the sixth choice already, so why did it matter if there was one more woman above you? Maybe it was the way he almost cared for you that night. He treated you with an almost loving affection that warmed you to your very core. But now it was tarnished by the candor of his actions. He wanted his wife. He wanted to love Lucille, not you. His voice jolted you from your thoughts. “But you are so much stronger. You look at me with those pretty little eyes of yours and you have me fucking wrapped around your finger,” He clasped your hand in his and brushed your hair from your face. “There’s something about you that makes me want to be a good man. You make me not want to curse and you fucking know how much I fucking love to say fuck,” He chuckled. “And you are so fucking beautiful. No one could compare to you or turn me on more. And you are so kind and gentle and you put up with my shit every day. I don’t even know why I put you through my shit though because I live to see you bare that jovial fucking smile and giggle at god knows what. You know what? I don’t know why, but I love you. I fucking love you. I haven’t loved anyone in a long time, but I want to make you happy and wake up to that gorgeous face. Everyday.” When he finished you were nearly in tears. You were in shock from his words and so many things rushed through your head. We re you hearing him right? Was he lying? Why was he saying this? Did he say this to his other wives? You shook your head at him and tears streamed down your face,
“Negan, do you really care? Do you really love me? You have six other woman so how do I know you really love me?” He gave you a serious look,
“Of course I fucking do! Why would I just profess my love for you if I didn’t? I am lord of the fucking Saviors and I have a reputation to uphold. Why would I ruin myself just to fucking play a prank on you?” Looking into his eyes you saw the desperation and passion inside of him. You knew in that moment that he meant it, he meant it all. He loved you.
“I love you, too.” You smiled at him and he chuckled,
“Now, there is that fucking beautiful smile I love.” That made you smile more and he kissed you. You pulled away,
“But what about your other wives?” You asked. He stroked your face with his hand,
“Baby, you know I can’t divorce them. If I do that then I ruin my image and put a target on your back.” You sighed and looked down so he grabbed your chin and lifted your eyes to his. “That doesn’t mean I don’t love you, I just can’t only be with you.” You felt your heart break. There it was again, the reminder that you weren’t the only one. You felt tears well in your eyes, but you wished them away. You knew that he was right. A real relationship ruined his reputation and put you at great risks so you pushed those thoughts away. You nodded at him and he kissed you. Instantly you forgot about the other woman and licked his lips, asking for entrance. He pushed you down on the bed as a result.
“You are one naughty girl.” He whispered in your ear. You shivered as his breath tickled your tender skin. You turned to him with the biggest grin you’ve had in a long time,
“You know, there’s one thing I do really miss from pre-walker times.” His right eyebrow raised and he smirked,
“And what is that?”
“Twinkies. Oh god, the filling was so good.” You moaned and he pinned you down, completely spread out on the bed,
“But my cock makes up for it. My filling way fucking better.” Your jaw fell wide open and he whole heartedly laughed at your reaction. “I fucking love you so much.” You embraced him and buried your face in his neck.
“I love you, too.” You just wished you didn’t have to share him with six other girls. One who was a barbed wire baseball bat.

Hey guys, hoped you liked it. I definitely wasn’t super confident in this one, but I’m really working on being a perfectionist and excepting coloring outside the lines.😊 Remember there is no such thing as failure, but an unconventional success!

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Snapshots, Part 2, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader and Lin share their second date. Lin’s brain is worried that his heart is already too invested.

Words: 1657

Author’s Note: I really wasn’t sure if a second part was ever going to come out, but I really enjoyed writing part one and have hit a bit of a block with my other prompts. SO here we are! Hope you enjoy! Might visit this prompt more later? Who knows.

Warnings: Cursing, probably.

Askbox | Masterlist | Part 1

Anyone who knew Lin in the slightest bit knew one thing for sure about him: he was horrible at keeping his cool.

That became rather evident to you exactly one hour after you departed from the diner, your phone vibrating incessantly on your nightstand. Text after text flooded in.

You groggily reached over to silence it, falling back into bed and immediately falling asleep.

You slept on and off throughout the day, either curled up in bed or on your couch with your laptop perched on your lap. While it was your day off, you did like to stay on top of e-mails and up-to-date on any announcements.

You were an assistant to some higher up who drank too many coffees and had too many suspicious late night meetings with a woman named Stacey for you to really like him. But, the job paid well and he no longer sent you on boring tasks just to fill the time.

He expected a lot out of you, and trusted you to do some heavy lifting. You were very grateful you hadn’t visited his regular dry cleaners in over a year. This is why you had to do some casual work from home, to keep your position as his ‘go to girl’.

After answering the last email, you finally decided to glance at your phone, silently perched on your armrest.

14 new messages.

You typed in your password and started scrolling. There were a few normal ones. Your mom confirming your weekly lunch date. The group chat you had with some college friends to keep up to date with any major happenings was on full blast. Someone had recently been engaged, so you’ve been avoiding that group like the plague - knowing you were the only one without a ring on your finger.

6 unread messages from Lin.

Jesus Christ.

I Google’d where you should take someone on a second date. It said to go on a ghost tour? I say we do anything but that.

I just realized you’re probably sleeping.

I’ll stop now.

BTW. The diner was totally our first date. No take backs.

Alright I’ll be quiet now.

MINI GOLFING. It’s like regular golfing, but it’s small.

You giggled at the final suggestion, pausing for a moment to think of something clever. You blanked, completely enthralled that you had not only gone on a date with him less than ten hours ago, but he was already insistent on another one.

Mini sports are my specialty. Name a time and place, I’m all yours.

The day after a show was always a time for reflection for Freestyle Love Supreme. They’d all go out to lunch - It was Chris’ turn to pick, he wisely chose a Ramen joint - and argue incessantly about who was the best the night before.

“Shock - brilliant as always.” Anthony ‘Two Touch’ gave kudos. Shock nodded appreciatively in between slurps of noodles.

“Can we all take a moment to talk about the most impressive display we all saw last night?” Arthur cut in, “Subway Girl.”

Everyone cheered in agreement - all throwing Lin shocked looks. What did the Subway Girl see in him?

“What happened with that?” Anthony pushed, everyone leaning forward in anticipation of some juicy details.

Just as Lin opened his mouth, his phone buzzed in his pocket. He immediately unlocked it, grinning to see your reply.

“Speaking of Subway Girl.” Chris told the group, glancing over Lin’s shoulder at the text, “Did you text her six times?”

The group all let out groans, taking pity on Lin’s dumbstruck expression.

“What, what’s wrong with that?”

Everyone tsked at his naivety, Lin was still so uneducated in the realm of relationships.

“That’s desperate, man.” Bill informed him. “Shows you’re too interested.”

“No. That’s not how she took it.”

“How do you know that?” Bill shot back.

“Were going out again tomorrow night.” Lin smugly confirmed, shooting you a text with a time and place. “For your information - I am really interested. I want her to know I’m really interested. I hope she’s really interested in me too. If texting her six times in a row is desperate than I am the most desperate motherfucker in the entire world.”

Chris smirked at the defensiveness, remembering a time when they had had a similar conversation when Chris first started dating his wife.

Is ten minutes too soon to call her again?

Do you really like her?

Way too much.

Then you should have called her five minutes ago.

The nearly 48 hours you spent apart was complete torture for the both of you, and you were relieved to be riding in a cab knowing Lin would be at the other end of the ride.

Lin was waiting by the entrance on a bench, legs jiggling and, as usual, his hands were stuffed in his pockets. He quickly stood as you approached, unsure if tonight would be like the one before now that there was an official label.


“Hello.” Without anything else to do, he saluted you, just as you had a few nights before. You giggled as you saluted back.

Tension broken.

As the night wore on and the sun began to set, you began to discover many new things about Lin. He still lived in his old neighborhood just outside of Washington Heights, a few doors down from his parents. He drank coffee like his life depended on it. He was very bad at mini golf.

“Just aim for the hole!” It was the final course - 18th hole. Par 3. You were desperate for any sign of improvement.

“I’m trying!” He whined, swinging his putter wildly. Finally, he succumbed to just kicking his ball into the hole, ending the misery that was watching him poorly attempt a golf stroke.

“What are you good at?” You questioned as he dipped down to retrieve his golf ball, just as you did fifteen minutes ago when you sank yours after three hits.

He stopped for a moment to think, his eyes scanning the mini golf course. He lit up, reaching for your hand.

“I’ll show you.”

After returning your putters and golf balls to the front desk, he tugged you along to the arcade.

The smell of pizza and the sound of screaming children clogged your senses. The blinking lights were overwhelming and you suddenly felt like a child again. You fought the urge to dominate the skeeball machine - just as you had as a kid - and instead let him pull you to the gigantic claw machine tucked away in the back.

“You’re joking.”

“Don’t question my gift. I didn’t ask for it, I just do as the God’s command.” He snatched his wallet from his back pocket, forfeiting the three dollars the machine required.

You had never seen him so focused, eyes trained to the moving claw as he controlled the machine before you. He moved around, getting just the right angle. You laughed as he aggressively pushed the down button, sealing his fate.

He backed away as the claw made a slow descent on a teddy bear in the corner. You gaped as the claws wrapped around its torso, lifting it up and towards the shoot.

How did you do that?” You cried as he retrieved the bear, a confident grin spread across his face as he held it out to you.

“Sold my soul.” He shrugged as you held the bear close - a token of what appeared to be your second date.

“Whoever got your soul definitely got the short end of the stick.” You balanced the bear on one hip, like a child. He groaned, holding his hand to his heart.

“Ouch. That hurt.” He grinned as you absentmindedly tugged the bear a little closer. “To think I wanted a third date.” He lead the way out of the arcade, back into the cold crisp air of the city. the sun had long made its descent and only the aged streetlights lit the sidewalk.

Cars passed by, headlights a quick flash as you and Lin stood, neither wanting to go home.

“Wanted? Past tense?” You inquired, breath visible in the air.

“Now I’m not so sure. If only I could be convin-” Your hand found the lapel of his coat, using it to guide your lips to his.

He smiled into the soft kiss - completely unrushed as if you would have a lifetime to continue sharing them. His presence against yours was warm, a nice contrast to the harsh cold air against your face.

He pulled back before he got carried away, a second longer and he wasn’t sure he could restrain himself.

“Alright, I’m convinced.” You weren’t sure when his arm had made its way around your waist, but his firm hold was keeping you grounded, “When can I see you again?”

“Tomorrow night?” You proposed.

“Holy shit, I honestly don’t know if I can wait that long.” He sighed, “I’ll try, though.” His troubled eyes concerned you.

“Speak your mind, Miranda.” You urged.

“I just-” He hesitated, scanning your face and the small, comforting smile you provided, “I’m very nervous that one of these nights you’re going to realize how dumb I am.” He breathed a laugh, cutting the tension of the sentence, but the truth was there.

“You are many things Lin-Manuel, but dumb is certainly not one of them.” Your words didn’t seem to offer much comfort, “I can’t be sure as to what you’re feeling. But I can tell you that you and your stupid freestyle rapping has me hooked. I’m not gonna question it, I’m not gonna push it aside. I’ve never felt like this before and it feels good.”

He took this in for a moment, squinting in search of any falsity. When he found none, he pulled back with a smirk.

“Alright, let’s get you a cab so I can call you in five minutes to set up our third date.”

You called him in three.

Well… He there Tumblr :) i am kinda new here and I really want to find new friends or maybe soulmate (who knows maybe I will be lucky enough) who are as obsessed about Cophine as I am. Will be happy to talk about these wonderful puppies or discuss anything actually. So guys let’s chat! Will be happy to become an active part of orphan black Fandom. I desperately need to talk to people and to get to know other human beings all the time so if you are interested let’s be cophine trash or just friendly together

Where Loyalties Lie - Part 1

Request: @brieflybigwonderlandHi! I am absolutely loving your blog ❤. Have to admit that I pretty much live in it 😂 anyways I was hoping to throw an idea your way and see if you could possibly write it up? I think you would do a FANTASTIC job with it; basically Henry escapes Neverland, goes back to Storybrooke, but Pan is dying and needs him so he sends his only Lost Girl (the reader) to get him, only it doesn’t go to plan and when she doesn’t return he comes looking for her? Sorry I rambled on there lol! xx

Note: I love this idea and there was no way I was going to get it done in just one part (my creative juices were flowing too much when I got typing!) so I reckon there will be around three maybe even four parts to this. Pan doesn’t appear in this chapter but he will be in the next one. Hope this first part is okay!

Henry x Reader x Pan

Words: 1940

Warnings: Nothing that I can think of other than the beginnings of a fight.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Originally posted by imcubo

He had escaped. The one person that could help keep your leader alive and somehow he had managed to find his way off the island; pretty damn good feat given that no one left without Pan’s permission, and you had been sent to retrieve him. Although he had tried to hide it when he had come to you with his request you knew all too well that he wasn’t in a good state at all. Without Henry Mills’ heart he was going to die and the only place you had ever called home would die along with him, you couldn’t allow that to happen.

That was why you now found yourself stood in the strangest of places. There were large buildings at either side of you, strange signs attached to the outside of some, and as for greenery there didn’t seem to be any in this place. Further on in the horizon you could see a whole host of trees, similar to the sight you would see from the shore of Neverland, and although your instinct was to go among the trees you were here for a far more important reason…and nothing was going to stop you from accomplishing what you needed to do.

“Oh Henry! Come out, come out, wherever you are.” There was no harshness to the tone you used but the sing-song way to your words was enough to show that you weren’t here to be nice at all. “You’ve upset a good friend of mine and I’m afraid you are now going to have to apologise to him.”

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About IDW Optimus Prime

You know what? More and more I am realizing that Optimus isn’t really the mech he’s all cracked up to be.

I mean I was kind of on the fence and like “what” when I found out that it HURT him when he bonded with the Matrix, but then when I found out Shockwave had him physically modified (along with others, mind you) so he’d even be ABLE to carry the Matrix, it was kind of like…yeah. It called to him, but it was stuck in the dusty, forgotten underground of Cybertron for who-knows-how-long and was probably desperate to bond with someone, ANYONE with a good spark, and Orion Pax was DEFINITELY a mech with his spark in the right place but like…he naturally would have not been able to carry the Matrix, and even with the modifications, it still physically and mentally hurt him to bond with it.

And now he’s galavanting around the galaxy, trying to stay in control of every situation everywhere because he can’t handle the very THOUGHT of someone doing what was once HIS job, let alone even CONSIDER that they might actually be able to do it BETTER THAN HIM - especially whereas those someones are DECEPTICONS (or at least, were).

Soundwave? A peacekeeper? Setting up a relaxation and rehabilitation center for neutrals and Decepticons? Ridiculous!

Starscream? Ruling Cybertron? Bringing together lost colonies and helping them in their time of need, and trying to unite all those of Cybertronian origin? Impossible!

Megatron?! An Autobot?! A reformed mech, captaining a starship on a quest for the Knights of Cybertron, and saving people - mechanoids AND organics - along the way? Blasphemy!!

Face it, Optimus. What are YOU doing? You act like half an empty Matrix gives you the right to boss everyone around and keep calling yourself “Prime”. The people wanted you to leave for a reason - so why did you come back and start doing the same thing over again, but with even more force?

You cannot set foot on Earth and defeat some Decepticons, and then declare the planet yours. You cannot decide who or what is the ‘Ultimate Evil™’. You cannot take advantage of a people who view you as their god, nor keep perpetuating factionism and prejudice, nor force Earth and humankind into things they have not agreed to. You need to learn that it is no longer your place to be in the center of everything, and that you need to take a break and make peace with yourself before you can make peace with the rest of the universe.

Megatron’s figured that out. Why can’t you?

Off Limits (Part 2)

A Liam Dunbar Fan Fic

A/N: Part 2 is finally up so sorry about the wait! I did something a little different, I hope you all like it.

Warnings: Cursing, sexual content.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

To my fortunate surprise the day went smoothly all thanks to Mason for getting my papers ready. I played it safe and simply introduced myself, went over the syllabus, and tried to get to know each class. Most of the students were nice, some of course could have cared less, and then there was one who stood out. Liam Dunbar. The whole time I spoke during 1st period his eyes never left mine, like he was genuinely listening and interested in what I had to say. The little stunt he pulled before sitting down that first day still rings through my head, he called me hot. His words clouded my thoughts, I had to shake him. Come on get it together y/n. He is a student, you are 5 years older than him. He is off limits.

A week later….

Liam’s P.O.V.

“So the new anatomy teacher, she is really cool and not to mention hot. Definitely a 10.” Stiles said from across the table. My eyes shot up to see who he was talking to. Scott smiled and replied. “Yeah, she is nice and just so happens to be gorgeous. It will be an easy A.” The boys high fived each other. Malia spoke up this time. “I thought you guys already took anatomy?” Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I hated the thought of them talking about her like that, okay so maybe I am jealous. “We did. We are taking her AP course for extra credit and I need it for college.” Scott replied. Oh yeah he was going to be a veterinarian. Makes sense. Stiles is just a nerd wanting extra credit. “Liam don’t you have her too?” Malia asked. “Uh yeah 1st period actually. She is pretty great.” I said trying to play it cool. “Oh come on dude, you know she’s hot. Don’t deny it. You aren’t with Hayden anymore. You can talk about other chicks now.” Stiles said with his trademark grin plastered on his face. “Okay yeah she’s hot. Very hot. “ I finally admitted with a defeated smile. “Scott your little beta is blushing! Look how cute! Liam has a crush on Miss Y/L/N. That’s adorable.” Stiles yelled out while laughing. My blush faded into a scowl. Scott must have felt my chemo signals because he told Stiles to shut up. I wanted to punch him but I knew that would end badly. My anger is seriously my only weakness, well it was now its that along with her.

After finishing up with the pack I decided to head home. Walking on the side walk I couldn’t help but think about what just happened. What if Stiles tries flirting with her and she flirts back? After all he is 18. Ugh why do I torture myself? She has only been here a week and I am already a mess. The sound of a vehicle slowing down beside of me yanked me from my thoughts. I looked over and noticed it was Miss Y/L/N. “Hey Liam, its getting ready to pour the rain. Do you need a ride?” She yelled out through the passenger side window. She was smiling and looked absolutely perfect. I glanced up and noticed the sky was completely grey. “Uhm yeah sure thanks!” I replied while hopping in. I felt myself becoming nervous almost instantly. She was wearing a black dress with a red cardigan over it. Her cleavage was hidden enough to be suitable for school but my eyes were still glued to what I could see. Her hands gripped the steering while and I pictured them wrapped around my di…”So Liam how am I doing so far?” She spoke up. “Wha? What do you mean?” I replied. I barely registered what she had said. “How am I doing in class? This is my first year teaching. I don’t want to be so boring that I am torturing you guys.” Her voice was like a song and I could listen to it all day. Little did she know that just being in the same room was a form of torture to me. “Oh no you are great, really. I mean you are far from boring, the complete opposite actually. I love 1st period. It’s my favorite class now.” I said trying not to sound so desperate but I failed miserably. She blushed like crazy at my response. I made her blush. How was this possible? “Well thank you, I love hearing that. Especially coming from you. I always look forward to 1st period, I enjoy having you in class Liam. “ I couldn’t believe my ears, she was actually saying this. I knew my wolf ears were not deceiving me. Okay I have to calm down. She is just saying that in a teacher to student way, not is a flirtatious way. “Seriously? I mean cause I feel the exact same way, you make me want to come to class. ” I said while looking down to fidget with my hands. “I have to be completely honest with you Liam. I heard what you said on the first day. I’m not mad. You don’t have to be embarrassed. I’m very flattered. “ She spoke so sweetly but she had a hint of something else in her voice. My werewolf senses started picking up on a very familiar chemo signal. No way, she is attracted to me….sexually. The scent was intoxicating as it poured off of her. “ I really meant it Miss Y/L/N. You are hot, beautiful, beyond sexy actually.” I spoke lowly, my voice sounded more rough now than before. She was making me crazy. A burst of adrenaline shot through me giving me more confidence. My hand instinctively went to her thigh where I rubbed soft circles onto her exposed skin. Her heart suddenly started to race. I could hear it pounding from her chest. “Liam you are going to get me into a lot of trouble if you don’t move your hand. This is a warning.” She said seductively. She didn’t really want me to stop but I did. “Sorry I couldn’t resist.” I let out a breathy laugh. I think I was holding my breath, I really didn’t want to overstep my boundaries. “Its okay, I’m not mad. Trust me. Okay now where do you live? I should get you home, its late.” She spoke now in her teacher tone sounding more professional. I told her which turns to take since she was new and wasn’t very familiar with Beacon Hills. We pulled into my drive way and I was sad that I had to get out of the car and leave her presence. “Okay so this is me, thanks again for the ride Miss Y/L/N. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” Just as I went for the door handle she cupped my whole package into her hand. Her grip tightened and I couldn’t fight my now growing erection. “Here’s a little something to help you out later tonight.” She rubbed up and down my cock and moaned while she bit her lip. Then she took my hand, shoved it down the front of her dress and made me cup her bare breast. I almost came in my pants, she felt amazing. Her nipple was perfectly hard, I rolled it between my fingers. Gasping I lunged my hips upward to gain more friction. I had little self control. I wanted her so bad. “Fuck that felt so good Liam.” She called out. Hearing my name fall from her lips was heavenly. I gave her nipple a soft pinch, earning a louder moan this time. “Okay that’s enough. I have to stop. You are driving me insane.” She completely pulled away from me. The loss of her warmth made me mentally frown. “Bye Liam. “ She said as she fixed the top of her dress. I jumped out and gave her small wave as she pulled out of the drive way, she smiled back and winked. I watched her drive away, not caring that the rain was starting to come down harder. My erection was still making itself known and not going away anytime soon. I threw my bag over my crotch and walked into the house. “Hey buddy how was school?” My step dad yelled from the kitchen. “Uh it was fine. I don’t feel so good. I’m going to take a shower.” I replied. “Oh okay well dinner will be ready in about an hour if you feel like eating?” He asked. “Yeah its just a headache. I should be fine after a hot shower.”

I quickly jogged up the stairs and into my bathroom. I stripped my clothes off and threw them in the hamper. I turned the shower on and waited for it to heat up. Images of what just happened with Miss Y/L/N were racing through my head. I needed some sort of release. Right now. I hurried in and let the hot water run over me, my hand went straight for my length. Slowly I started moving up and down. I imagined that was her hand not mine as and that she was kneeling down in front of me. I grew harder by the second. All I could see was her face, biting that bottom lip and giving me the heart stopping eye contact that she was famous for. Pumping faster I so close but I needed a little more of a push, I pictured her taking my member into her mouth, swirling her tongue all around and sucking lightly on my tip. That was all it took, I came undone right then. Releasing what I had into my hand I moaned out her name, it sounded more like a growl. I finally caught my breath but still I was thinking about her. Getting myself off didn’t help at all. Fuck I’m screwed, I said aloud to myself. How was I going to get through the rest of the year now? All first period I am going to stay horny and distracted. The only solution was that I had to have her, no matter the risk. I was going to make it happen.

EXO Reaction when they switch bodies with another member

Who would you guys change bodies with? Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol as Baekhyun:

*Not sure what to do* “So… this is what it feels being short… I can’t see a thing!”

Kris as Suho:

*Literally doing this* “Money.. money.. money… I’m a daddy yay!”

Sehun as Kyungsoo:

“I’m going to kill you all…. kekekekekeke”

Tao as Kai:

“I’m going out! This baby needs some Gucci in his closet… and so do I!”

Kai as Tao:

“I’m going to hide all his Gucci clothes… he won’t see that coming” *Evil laugh*

Xiumin as Luhan:

*Desperate* “I need to find it! Where do you have it Luhan! What’s your secret to not age! How do you look the same” (We all want to know tbh)

Baekhyun as Chanyeol:

“I’m getting all the girls, baby yeah!” *Out of control this bacon boi*

Luhan as Xiumin:

*Finally gets that cake*

Chen as Lay:

“Woaahhhhhh! So this is how it feels to be an unicorn… Suddenly I feel like visiting Baekhyun’s grandma…”

Kyungsoo as Sehun:

*Really confused* “Why do I see everything so different… Everything seems so.. small… why am I caring the other members?”

Lay as Chen:

*Unicorn goes wild*

Suho as Kris:

“I’m ready to be a dad! Imma share the dad role with me-suho! This is my time, they will listen to me!” 

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

sebastian stan when anthony mackie isn’t around:

  • “what anthony mackie movie do i wanna pick”
  • “hi, leslie. see you at the club. i’m trying, ok? he’s not here, i’m trying. we all know who i’m talking about”
  • “i’m probably gonna facetime him later and tell him how it was”
  • “[benedict cumberbatch] never returned my emails but then again nobody really does except for anthony mackie, which is why i always have such a soft spot in my heart for him”
  • “you can’t ignore the mackie thunderforce, you either join him or be swallowed up by it”
  • “he didn’t send a text back for 48 hours. and it just said, ‘thanks, playa’” 
  • “my relationship with anthony mackie is one of the perks of my life, knowing that man”
Forever Together

Original Imagine: Imagine being Stiles’ boyfriend/girlfriend and pretending to choose the Nogitsune (to gain it’s trust), all the while using hidden meanings in words to let Stiles know you choose him

Author: Mary 

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1702

Warnings: Minimal swearing, pretty fluffy

The cold night air pierced against your skin, as you closed your eyes, and exhaled softly, trying to slow down your increasingly rapid heart rate. This was it. After weeks of planning, after weeks of trying to find ways to execute this task perfectly, the moment had finally arrived. And you were the star. 

It had been unbearable for a long amount of time. Ever since Stiles had been possessed by the Nogitsune, it had led to many sleepless nights, mostly out of fear and an aching heart. 

You and Stiles had been inseparable ever since Kindergarten, when he had somehow tricked Timothy Greene, the school’s most feared bully, away from tormenting you ever again. Little Stiles had beamed proudly as Timothy ran away from you, offering his small hand to help you up. “Forever together, right?” Stiles questioned nervously, and you had giggled, not understanding what he had meant, but had simply nodded your head. You had began dating Sophomore year in high school, even before Scott had become a werewolf. 

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I Still Love You [Hansol Seventeen Angst]

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Summary: Arguments are unavoidable in relationships but you’ve never had to deal with one this intense. 


My first ever Hansol fic!!! I hope I kept the storyline well and that you enjoyed it anon :-) Thanks again for this lovely request <333 (I wrote Vernon as Hansol….is that okay? Sorry!! I tend to write their real names ;(  Also, I think it’s too short. Ahhhh I need improvement~~) 

Quarrels were inevitable. That, you knew. For the past 2 years, there had been small disagreements and maybe even some fights but none of them had ever escalated to the extent where Hansol and you were shouting at the top of your voices at the same time, shooting each other down with harsh words and trying to shut the other one up by doing so. 

“Do you know how long I’ve been tolerating your-”

“Tolerating me? More like even bothering to care-”

“I don’t bother to care? You’re not even worth caring-”

“You see what I mean?” 

From the living room, the Seventeen members could hear you and Hansol’s verbal war which had been going on for 20 minutes. 

It wasn’t this loud at first, starting off with just a simple comment he blurted out about you visiting too early in the morning. Hansol’s tired face and nonchalant behavior were easy to ignore but his thoughtless words got to you eventually. 

The second thing he said carelessly was that you didn’t bring enough food. You laughed at first, finding it cute that your boyfriend’s need for food would make him whine like that but his third remark made you think twice. 

“Stingy.” That word hit you hard. You’ve never been rich, being from a single parent family. With the little money you earned from working part time, you bought breakfast to feed 13 hungry boys and he called you stingy? 

“Excuse me?” Scoffing, you stopped laying the food on the table and walked up to him. “I’m, stingy?” Hansol rolled his eyes and walked away from you, pulling out a chair for him to sit on. 

“I mean, you bought ham sandwiches. How is that going to be enough?” Grabbing one of the slices from the container, he stuffed it into his mouth as he spoke which disgusted you. 

“If you think it’s not enough, then stop eating. At this rate, the rest are not going to have any left.” Snatching the container away from him, you offered it to Seunggwan who took it with a nervous smile. 

“That’s my point. If you know it won’t be enough, then you should have bought more!” Looking around you, the other 12 boys were looking away awkwardly, not daring to take the sandwiches to eat as two of you were starting to get more frustrated with each other by the second. 

“Can you not raise your voice here? The boys can’t even enjoy their breakfast. I came here to treat you, not to argue.” An argument was about to start, you could sense it. Walking away to allow Hansol to cool down would be your best option. 

Laughing sarcastically, Hansol got up from his seat and went into his room. “What a treat.” 

That, was all you could take.

“What do you mean?” Hansol yelled with a particular tone in his voice which made you feel like duct taping his mouth and throwing him into a cupboard. Despite the door being shut, you were sure that the members could hear the never-ending, back and forth shouting. 

“You treat me like shit, Hansol. That’s what I mean.” You spat, hands clenched by your sides. 

“I treat you like shit? Of course I do, because you are shit.” That came out so easily from his mouth which surprised the both of you. Hansol’s eyes widened in shock but changed to one of indifference almost immediately as he refused to admit his mistake. 

“I’m…I’m what? Fine, I’m sorry for you then.” Smiling grimly, you shook your head with disappointment and crossed your arms over your chest. “Because your personality is so low and so disgusting that even shit wants to leave you.”

That, made him snap. Before you could turn around and leave, you saw his hand raise and then descend at great speed with immense strength, slapping your cheek within seconds. The stinging pain was intense but your heart hurt a hundred times more. Hansol hand fell to his sides. What did I just do? Tears escaped your eyes as you backed away fearfully from him. 

“You scare me Hansol.” Turning away from his panic-stricken face, you opened the door to 12 horrified faces as you whispered loud enough for only Hansol to hear. 

“I hate you.”

“__________…he didn’t mean to.” The maknae tried to assure you as you started packing up the containers into the bag. 

“Y-yeah…he’ll apologise…he’s just tired-”

“If being tired is a good reason to slap people, then millions of people would get slapped every day.” You were in no mood to hear his friends defending him, even if it was to make you feel better because nothing at that moment could make your anger go away.

“We can talk things out-” Seungcheol started but you ignored him, taking your things and leaving the dorm. 

Your mind was blank. Did that really just happen? Hansol’s attitude was horrible unlike what he normally was and you were starting to regret your actions. Maybe I should have just let him be. He might have had a bad day yesterday. Thoughts started popping up in your head and explanations for his sudden change in character but you stopped your train of thoughts. Am I really thinking of reasons to justify the way he treated me now? That was just how much you loved him. Nothing he could ever do could seem to make you lose all hope in him, this time was no different. 

Seeing a red light turn green, you stepped off the sidewalk and onto the streets. “Hey! Get off the street! What are you doing” Hearing shouts from behind you, you looked over your shoulder and frowned at a man who was desperately using body language to ask you to come back. Do I know him?

“Why are you-” You called but you couldn’t finish your sentence. Something rammed into you and it hit you hard.

Adjusting to the light, you slowly opened your eyes to find yourself in a hospital room. “W-what…am I doing here?” The Seventeen boys heard you and rushed immediately to your side, pelting you with questions like ‘are you okay?’ and ‘how did you get into the accident?’. You were grateful for their concern and assured them that you would be okay with some rest but the question that you had for them was…

“Where is Hansol?” Looking around you, he was nowhere to be found. He didn’t come?

“I think he’s too ashamed to face you, ________. He keeps saying that you’re scared of him and that he was scared of himself.” Soonyoung pouted and took a seat on the chair beside your bed. 

“Does he know that I’m…like this?” You couldn’t move your left leg as it was in a huge cast and your right arm was in a cast too. The rest of your body had bruises and cuts here and there. Basically, you looked like a mess.

“We didn’t tell him. You know Hansol…he would put all the blame on himself. Some members are back at the dorm with him so that he wouldn’t suspect anything. He’s in a mess and he needs time. As his friend I…apologise for his behaviour back then.” You looked at Jeonghan and knew that he was right. Hansol would say that it was all his fault which wasn’t the truth. You weren’t careful. 

“It’s okay, I understand Jeonghan. Thanks for being so considerate.” 

After a few weeks, your body had recovered almost fully except for your leg which was still in the process of recovering, having been extremely injured. Despite having to use crutches which was a pain, seeing Hansol was more important than your comfort. Again, that was how much you loved him. 

You didn’t want him blaming himself any longer. Expression dull and eye bags obvious, you could tell from photos Seventeen posted that your boyfriend was having a rough time. So were you, but you could bear with the pain more than seeing him suffer.

Pressing the doorbell, you struggled to balance as you waited for someone to answer the door. “W-woah woah woah!” Legs wobbling and body tilting, you would have fallen to the ground if not for a pair of strong arms, holding you before you could fall.

“_________…w-what happened to you?” Hansol’s eyes were opened wide and the worried look on his face was expected.

“I met with an accident…” Sheepishly grinning, you tried to sound positive but he was dead serious.


“The day we argued…” You muttered. Hansol’s head lowered with guilt.

“It’s my fault…It’s all my fault…” Raising one crutch and hitting his leg lightly, Hansol raised his head and met your gaze.

“Why do you think I’m here instead of resting at home?” But being the Hansol you knew, he didn’t interpret your statement correctly, thinking that you were there for an apology.

“Oh shit ________, I didn’t even say sorry! I’m such a horrible-”

“I’m here because I don’t want you blaming yourself, Hansol.” Smiling slightly, you sighed as he looked at you with such wide eyes, not being able to believe what he was hearing.

“You’re blaming yourself for how you treated me and you’re blaming yourself for the accident when it’s not even your fault. Hansol, you were maybe too tired that day or in a bad mood. I should have been more considerate. Don’t be so harsh on yourself anymore okay? I forgive you.” For a moment, Hansol stood there with his eyes slightly watery, simply looking at you standing there,caring about him even as your leg throbbed in the cast. 

“I love you __________.” Pressing his lips against yours, Hansol cupped your face with his gentle hands. Breaking the kiss, he whispered, “How can you still forgive me after all that I’ve done? I don’t deserve you _______.” 

Holding his hands for support while dropping your crutches, you looked up at him and glared playfully.

“Sometimes, I think I love you too much.”

Don’t Go

Prompt: Just a thought. Imagine Gerard going on tour and leaving you behind

Warnings: None

Reader: Not specified

Word Count: 383

A/N: just stupid angsty fluff

“You’re leaving again?” You whine, watching Gerard pack his suitcase.

You shouldn’t be complaining, you know how important the band is to him and touring is a huge part of his life now but you can’t help but be a little upset about it. He only got back a few months ago and now he’s leaving again. Gerard is your everything and watching him back and leave you behind is always the hardest thing you have to do, like watching the best part of you walk out the door.

“I have to, Y/N, you know that.”

He runs his fingers through his vibrant red hair and you look on with envy, wishing he would lie down so you could do that instead. He does that a lot, getting home after practice and asking you to come over so he won’t be alone-he isn’t so good at that anymore. He’ll fall asleep with his head in your lap and you’ll run your fingers through his hair and mumble off key lyrics to random songs-mostly his.

“But you just got back; can’t you stay a little longer?” You ask, hating how desperate you sound.

“No, I really can’t, babe.” He tosses a bunch of black jeans into the suitcase and you sigh. “Why are you being like this, I leave all the time?”

“Exactly!” You exclaim, frustration getting the better of you. “You keep leaving me!”

“I’m not leaving you.” He states, sounding annoyed. “I’m going on tour.”

“I know and I am so happy for you but every time you leave it feels like you left me and I just sit around waiting for you.” You explain, chest tight. “Sure I have work and friends but each time you go I feel like you took everything I care about with you. I just feel so alone and I fucking miss you okay?”

“Oh, honey.” Gerard drops to his knees on the bed beside you and pulls you close. “I’m sorry, I really am, but I have to do this.”

“I know.” You grip him tight and breath in his scent, knowing you won’t be able to again for months. “I’ll just miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too.” He tilts your head so he can kiss you, something soft and sweet and not nearly enough.

In Another Life - snowbaz

what an absolute 2012 reference. carry on countdown: underappreciated characters (except its lucy and natsha so,, not thaT underrated rip sorry sorry)

inspired by that one post that pitched the idea that maybe if lucy was still alive, she’d go find simon weyyyy. (tryin to find it for reference wait wait)


Explicit mentions of blood and death.

Our paths all cross somehow.

I know this is my only chance to see him.

My son, my boy…


He’s a tiny thing, he felt so much bigger when I was struggling to hold him inside of myself. Hands curled to his cheeks, chin on chest. My son. My son.

“Give him to me…” I plead, weeping. “I change my mind. Davy, please!

There’s a lot of blood. I see it spread around me in erratic stripes of dragged hands and kicked heels. My dress is soaked, sticking to my back as I rise to reach for him.


“It has to be done, Lucy,” Davy smiles. “He has to prosper as the greatest Mage to ever live!”

“He’s just a child!” I wail, feeling my body fail me and crash back to the floor.

“Simon…” I whisper as the pain passes unbearability and reaches into a states of being. “Rosebud… Simon…” I see them walking away, and I hear Simon shriek as the pass through the door. “I love…”


There’s a face.

There’s nothing. Black. The void that has taken my mind and body, too dark for any stars to shine and giide me out.

And then, there is a face.

All she says is ‘go’. All I see is medical equipment and a wand discarded by the door. And her face - I see a face I question to trust, even now.

Natasha Pitch.

“Run,” she says to me, helping me up. “As far away as possible. You’re in danger - he thinks you’re dead.”

I fail to see how I could trust this woman. A tyrant who feeds on withering souls and pleas of mercy. A woman who discriminated against the creatures of our world.

“Simon,” I whisper.

“I’ll find him, I’ll give him a home.”

A mother.

“He’ll be safe, but you’re not. Not here, not with him around.”

A human.

She thrusts a duffel back at me and examines my appearance. The wand is retrieved, as is my anxiety. Here I am, a woman who gave birth to the next generation, purely to usurp her. Could Simon really be safe with her? How could I know he’d live to meet the walls of Watford? Would he run a hand over the wall where I carved my name, and know its me?

“You’ll see him again, Lucy.”

You know me?

“I’m going to keep him safe.”

And the next moment, I had blinked into California.


“Do you ever wonder about your mother?” Baz asks me one day.

I don’t really know what to tell him. Yes, everyday. Every time I open my email or go to the letterbox. Whenever I get a call from an unknown number. Every morning, when I see the features the I don’t recognise on the Mage. All the time, she’s always there. Everywhere, except here.

Something about having this question asked by my boyfriend, who has taken apparatus in hanging off of the couch and throwing, catching the ball he stole off of me in Watford, confuses me in a contextual sense. His jaw is slack, words struggling against gravity to reach me. He doesn’t quite see the shock that he’s dropped on me. I consider my first option, but rethink how that could spiral into an intervention.

“Yeah, I guess,” is the preferred answer.

Baz hardly even hesitates.

“We should find her.”

That hits hard. A soft spot (a car crash). I stiffen, only a bit. Baz takes notice. Of course I’ve thought about finding my mum and reuniting after such a long time, but it’s always been intercepted by the looming question that has haunted me ever since I was a child: why did you leave me?

Baz can’t see me, but the ball stops moving. Neither of us speak, or move.




“No. I’m not find her. Either of them. They’re dead to me.”

The conversation ends.

I suppose its all striking chords with the two of us. It’s hardly an easy topic between two people from broken families. For a long time, we sit and soak in the issue, until apologies are exchanged and we talk through it. And it just becomes one of those things that we don’t talk about again, a path we don’t walk, a line we don’t cross. Baz’s eyes still linger on my skin, trying to decipher what I feel. I’m not sure he’ll ever know. I’m not sure I’ll ever know.

I don’t think I want to find her anymore.


It’s her that finds me.

A dreary Tuesday of late class and later shifts, a blessing after a Monday night with Baz, watching movies that we stayed up far too late with for me to have to retrieve the door at too-damn-early-o'clock. Baz groans when I leave him, so I groan back twice as dramatic and steal his football jersy (local team).

I’m still stepping into my jeans as I walk towards the door, hearing an urgent knock repeat itself as I zip up my fly.

“Yes, hello, please stop knocking,” I tell the lady. She’s no one I know, but her breathe catches when she sees me. “That was rude, I apologise - can I do something for you, ma'am?”

She’s frozen. “Simon,” she whispers.

I stare back at her, frowning. I don’t exactly give iut my name to random strangers. “Yes…well, it was very nice to meet you-”

“No, wait!”

“I’m really sorry, ma'am, I don’t think you should be here-”

“I’m your mother!”

Everything stops.

She inhales straight after her statement, looking as terrified as I feel. I almost closes the door on her, and even though I don’t, I’m still contemplating on calling the police. Even Baz, who was audibly walking towards me with a bowl of cereal, stops in his tracks, mid-chew.

My mother (apparently) doesn’t smile. I’m not sure she’s happy to see me.

“You’re alive,” I whisper, without thinking. Really, I’m just desperate. Desperate for some kind of proof, anything at all, that would validate all of this.

Then again: “I… are you joking?”

“Pardon?!” She shrieks.

“Are you? Because how am I supposed to know you’re my mother - you’ve just shown up at my door. How did you even get this address?”

She bristles. Not unkindly, but in fear. Her hair (the same colour as mine) sways the same way that her eyes (the same colour, same shape as mine) dart away. I don’t speak as I let her in.

Perhaps the last image that I wanted to imagine was having her showing up on my doorstep to early for me to stop looking like I’ve just woken up after a near-all-nighter, wearing my vampire boyfriend’s clothes while said vampire boyfriend wears nothing but sweat pants, and eats cereal in front of her (very slowly) (not breaking eye contact).

“Are you really my mother?” I ask, but I already believe her. Perhaps out of desperation, perhaps because I need her, perhaps because it feels rather convenient.

“Yes,” she replies. “I… I can’t prove it without a DNA test, you were taken from me by your father before I could even hold you-” She stops, determined to not cry in front of us. “He left me to die. Childbirth…it really should be done in hospitals.”

She manages a small laugh. I don’t. Baz is still eating.

“Why has it taken so long?” I demand. Although, it’s softer than a demand. It’s a plea. It’s a have a good reason, oh lord, I want to love you. At the same time, it’s also a please love me the way I thought you always did.

She sniffs and eyes Baz precariously. Almost as though she knows something about him. That doesn’t sit well with either of us. We exchange a look, a practiced one, one that asks ’what’s this about?’ and answers 'I don’t trust it’.

The lady - my mother - pulls out a large brown paper envelope and hands it to me. “I tried to get in touch. I always sent you letters, but I guessed they weren’t getting delivered. I found them in Dav- the Mage’s office, sitting in the fireplace.”

At first, I’m taken by surprise. The Mage’s office? Why would they be directed there? I take one out and shake the ash off.

Simon Snow Salisbury
The Acre Garden Orphanage
23 Littleton Road

The orphanage. The first one. How did this get intercepted? Why?

Lucy Salisbury
17a Beauchamp View

And that was her. The next letter, I had moved to Essex, she had gone to Ohio. Minnesota. New York. All over the country, just like me.

Just a few thousand miles apart.


“I heard that the Mage had died,” she stated. I see Baz tense, but the notes of it doesn’t affect me half as much as had we both anticipated. “That’s why I started looking. I saw your name - half of it, anyway - in the paper. It said you were suffering, and I’d never thought you would suffer like that. I couldn’t find you because the Mage would have killed me on sight.”

I know the answer. “Why?”

I know the answer. “He was your father. He took you away from me because he didn’t believe I would let you fulfil your potential. There was a lady-”

She stops. Her eyes drift to Baz. He has retrieved yet more cereal.

“Natasha Pitch,” Lucy says. “Your mother. She saved me from dying.”

Said cereal now appears to be on the floor.

Lucy turns to me, maybe slightly concerned about the cereal. “She promised to save you and put you into a good, loving home and take care of you until I came back, even though she knew that Davy - the Mage - wanted to use your power to kill her.”

Baz sobs. Actually, 'sobbing’ might not be the right word. More like he repulses, and it sounds pathetic and miserable. The shock of a realisation. “He wanted you to kill me,” is all he says. “And my family wanted me to kill you.”

“We were just weapons,” I whisper back, rethinking the past decade of my life with Baz.

However, Baz smiles. And he laughs once. And before I know it, he’s a laughing mess. “That really backfired on them.”

Lucy smiles. So do I. Somehow, all of this starts to feel right. The Mage - my father - Davy (Crowley, that’s a name) - might be dead, and I might have had a hand in that, but it’s becoming clearer to see that he was the evil I was born to defeat (apparently?).

Lucy looks about close to tears, halting all laughter as she looks at me again.

“I have never stopped trying to reach out to you, Simon,” she tells me. “I sent birthday cards, Christmas cards, letters when I missed you, letters when I was happy… because I wished you were there, my rosebud boy.”

Presently, though I’m not sure when it happened, I am crying. My mother, after all these years, never gave up on me. No matter what, no matter how alone I felt growing up, someone loved me unconditionally.

“Mum,” I breathe.

“I want to be clear with you, though - have another family. Well, I have a family - I hardly want to force myself in this life of yours - but they all would like to meet you and Basilton.”

Baz frowns. I don’t.

All I wanted, come true. A resolution. A reason. A happy life and at least a parent. Now, maybe even a family.

So I hug Lucy. My mum.

And for the first time, 18 years of longing, my mum holds me.

Companions React #4 - Part Two

What would companions name their baby if they had one with Sole, and how would they react to becoming parents?

This does not include Strong, Codsworth, or Dogmeat.  I’ve also matched a male SS with the women and a female SS with the men. Additionally, while I know it isn’t canon, in this scenario synth-child Shaun was never constructed.  This was a request by a friend of mine over on Ao3.

Read part one here:

Danse:  Danse had turned into an overprotective stiff. A month had barely past since Sole told him she was pregnant, but already he acted like she was made of glass. He helped her stand and sit, carried her from place to place, even tried to feed her.  At one week into the new month she finally hit her limit.  While cutting a mutfruit, he carefully slid the knife from her fingers and moved in, continuing where she left off.

“Danse, please. I can do this myself.  I appreciate it, but–”

“I have to insist,” he said, slicing through.  "No point in risking an injury.“

"Danse … I don’t like it cut that way.  I like it in slivers, not cubes.  The flavour’s too overpowering in cubes.”

“All right,” he said, changing his motions; but all he did was mutilate the fruit further.

“Danse, please. Give me the knife.”

“I got it,” he mumbled, carrying on.

She grabbed his arm, cautious of the blade.  "Danse, just give me the knife.“

"I’m almost finished,” he bellowed, his tone impatient.

Sole grit her teeth, annoyed.  "Damn it, Danse!  I can make my own food!“

"I’m not letting you do this!” he shrieked, yanking his arm from her grip.

The sudden shrill ferocity of his voice caused Sole to draw back.  She quivered fearfully as tears formed in her eyes.  Danse stopped his activities, staring at her in shock.  He couldn’t believe he yelled at her.  He dropped the knife on the counter and reached out to apologize, but Sole cringed and turned away.

“I’m sorry, I–”

“What’s wrong with you?” she cried, sprinting into the next room.

Danse followed, panicking the whole way.  They had shared a house ever since Danse was banished from the Brotherhood, but Sole ran to her old place a few blocks down.  Danse hurriedly removed his power armour, leaving it by her doorstep, then rushed inside.  When he reached her room he paled, hearing her soft whimpers.  He knocked on the doorframe, but she didn’t respond.  He didn’t know what to do so he peeked in, seeing her slouched on her bed, her face buried in her hands.  He felt terrible, like he had cracked a priceless jewel or ripped a famous painting.

“Can I come in?” he asked, diffidently.  Sole looked up, her teary eyes breaking his heart.  "I’m … I’m so sorry.  Can I please come in?“

Sole sniffed.  She couldn’t speak, so she simply nodded. Danse tiptoed in and took a seat next to her, but she didn’t look at him.  He tried to touch her shoulder but she pulled away, awkwardly adjusting her hair.

"Please don’t cry,” he begged, giving her some space.  "I didn’t mean to yell at you.  I just … didn’t want you to cut yourself.“

"It’s not just about the food, Danse!  Ever since I told you about the baby you’ve been acting weird.  Treating me like a caged animal.  You don’t want me doing anything.  You don’t want me in the field, you don’t want me wandering Sanctuary, you don’t want me taking a walk through the forest; even though it’s teeming with defences.  You don’t even want me upgrading guns because ‘something could happen’.  You won’t let me clean, you won’t let me cook, you won’t let me feed myself.  You’re smothering me!”

A chill set in as goosebumps stung the back of his neck.  "I-I’m sorry!“ he stumbled.  "I … I just want you to be safe!”

“I am safe! Give me some credit.  You have to let me take care of myself.  Let me do things.  I won’t let you control my every move.  I can’t live like that!”

“I’m not trying to control you, I just–”

“Just now, in the kitchen, you said you weren’t going to 'let’ me cut my own food.”

“I-I didn’t mean it like that.”  He brushed his forehead, wiping the sweat from his brow.  "I’m not like that,“ he swore.  "I’m not … controlling.  I–”

“I’m not one of your soldiers, Danse.  I’m your partner.  You know I’m capable of taking care of myself.  You’ve seen it.  So why are you being so unreasonable?”

He pulled his collar, shaken by the deep conversation.  "I’m not trying to be.  I just can’t….“

"You can’t what?” she pressed, staring intently.

“I can’t, I can’t–!”  He took a breath, her expression flustering him further.

“What?” she yelped.  "What’s going on with you, Danse?  Please, just talk to me!“

He lunged forward, grabbing her arms and pulling her into his shoulder.  "I can’t lose you!” he screamed.  Sole froze, feeling his hand tremble against the back of her head.  "I’m not … a soldier anymore.  I’m not Brotherhood.  I’m not human.  Everything and everyone I knew and cared for is gone, except you.  And now, with the baby, all I want to do is keep you safe … but I don’t know how.  I know you can take care of yourself, but I can’t shake the feeling.  Every time you step outside it scares me to death.  You’re all I have left.“

Sole stiffened her lip, holding back her tears.  "Oh, Danse.  Is that was this is about?”

He held tighter, refusing to let go.  "I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting lately.  I just don’t want to lose you, or the baby.“

She rubbed his back, then pulled away and took his face into her hands.  "Listen to me.  I don’t mean to sound harsh, but you didn’t 'lose’ the Brotherhood.  They abandoned you.  When they found out you were a synth, they chose to ignore everything you did for them and toss you aside.”

He looked away, wracked with guilt and pain.  "I’m afraid of that, too.  Now that I know I’m a machine, I–“

Sole cupped his chin, forcing his gaze.  "The fact that you’re a synth means nothing to me.  I’m never going to leave you, Danse.  Not because of that.  I promise.”

“I don’t think I could survive it,” he confessed.  "That’s why I’ve been acting so … ridiculous lately.“ He shook his head, trying to regain some composure.  "I’m just so frustrated.  Worrying if it’ll be a problem.  If our child will resent having a synth as a father.  I just want to be a good husband.  A good parent.  A good man….”

Sole smiled lovingly. She finally understood.

“You’ve been trying to compensate,” she whispered, caressing his cheek.  She fixed her eyes with his.  "But you have nothing to compensate for.  You’re perfect, Danse.  I love you and our child will love you, too.  Man or synth, it doesn’t matter.  You’re a great husband and I know you’ll be a great father.  That’s what’s important.“

He closed his eyes and traced his fingers along her wrist.  "I was afraid of pushing you away, but that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, isn’t it?  I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” she soothed, giving him a gentle kiss.  "I accept you fully.  You know that, don’t you?“

He bowed his head in shame. "Yes.  I never should have doubted that.”

She smiled brightly. “And it’s natural to feel protective of your loved ones, but do you think you can at least let me cut my own food?”

“Jesus,” he flinched.  "I’m sorry about that. I’ve been acting like a damn fool.“

"It’s okay,” she beamed, kissing him once more.  "I forgive you.“

Danse smiled back and placed a hand on her stomach.  "Alexander.”


“You asked me yesterday what I wanted to name it.  What do you think of 'Alexander’?”

Sole flicked her hair from her face, her cheeks finally dry.  "It’s a beautiful name.“

Danse laughed and sat back against the bed frame.  In one quick motion, he laid Sole against him and covered her with the bed sheets. He knew she was tired; she had been up since the crack of dawn, and he hadn’t made things easy for her.  As she relaxed, he kissed the top of her head, taking in her floral scent and tracing his fingers down her arm.

"What if it’s a girl?” he asked, holding her close.

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

He took a moment to consider.  "How about Sophie? I’ve always been partial to that name.“

Sole sighed softly, a smile forming on her lips.  "I love that name.  It’s so cute.”

“You’re all right with those name?” he asked, desperate for her opinion.

“Yes.  They’re both good, strong names.”

Danse smiled and rested his head on her shoulder.  "Then I’m glad.  I really am sorry for how I’ve been acting.  I promise, no more.“

Sole chuckled and snuggled closer, smelling his aftershave.  "Thank you.  And hey, tomorrow I was thinking of visiting Abernathy’s.  They don’t know about the baby and I think they’d be really happy.”

Danse exhaled loudly. “I … I won’t stop you, but please don’t take any unnecessary risks.  I know it’s a pretty safe trail, but–”

“Danse,” Sole laughed, looking up at his anxious face.  "I want you to go with me.“

"You do?  I mean, are you sure?”

“Absolutely.  I just want you to trust me.  Let me have a bit of freedom.  I’m not a glass figurine, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep me safe.  Just … moderation, you know?”

Danse grinned and tickled her with the scruff of his beard, and Sole laughed endearingly.  "I understand.  I promise I’ll do better.“

"I know you will.”  She tucked herself under his arm, her eyelids fluttering.  "I’m so tired.“

"Sleep.  I’ll be right here when you wake up.  I’ll always be here.”

“Me too,” she breezed.  "You’ll never be alone again.“

Danse felt his chest tighten.  He let out a gentle sob as she slipped into a peaceful slumber.  "Thank you,” he wisped, wrapping his arms around her. “I love you.”

Deacon: Deacon nearly did a cartwheel when Sole told him the news.  Literally– he tried but fell over.  She worried he might be discouraged, considering his past, but he couldn’t have rejoiced more.  He jumped about, clapping his hands and spinning in circles like a child.

"I’m gonna be a dad!” he screamed, grabbing Sole’s hand and dancing around the bedroom. “A dad!  Me!  A dad!”

“Shh!  Deacon, keep it down.  No one else knows yet.”

“Are you kiddin’ me?”  He picked her up and spun her around in his arms.  "I’m gonna tell the whole world!  I’m gonna shout it from the rooftops!“

Sole laughed, hugging his neck for purchase.  "Slow it down,” she wheezed.  "You know I get dizzy.“

"Sorry, sorry!” he said, laying her on the couch.  "I’m just so happy!“

"I’m glad,” she whisked, grasping his hand.  "I just found out yesterday, and I was worried you might be … concerned.“

"Concerned?” he parroted, arching his brow.  "Why?“  Sole flinched, remaining silent. "Ooh.  Because of … because of Barb and the UPDs.”  He sighed, taking a seat next to her. “Yeah.  I wish that were another elaborate lie.  But … it’s in the past now.  I’m a new man, and this time I’m gonna do things right.  I promise.”

Sole smiled, leaning against his arm, and he held her tight.  "I know.  I’m just sorry to remind you of it.“

"Don’t worry about it,” he sung.  "I’m an easygoin’ guy.  I fix my mistakes and I move on.  And I wanna move on with you.“  He kissed her hair.  "I love you.”

“I love you, too.”  She brushed his cheek, his five o'clock shadow tickling her hand.

“And as far as being 'concerned’, the only thing I’m concerned about is your health.”

“I’m perfectly healthy,” she promised.  "Carrington gave me a full exam.“

"Aw, you’re goin’ with that quack as your doctor?”

Sole slapped him playfully. “He may be a sanctimonious ass, but he knows what he’s doing.”

“That’s true,” Deacon admitted.  "There’s no doctor I trust more.  Just, uh … try not to be too offended by his shitty bedside manner.“

Sole laughed. "I won’t.  Actually, he seemed pretty excited about it.  He even suggested we pick names.”

"Really?  He did?  Already?”

“He said it’s a good thing to get out of the way, so we don’t stress over it later.”

“'Stress’ over it? 'Get it out of the way’, like throwin’ out your old clothes?  Pfft. Only he would use those words to describe something so fun and glorious.”

“No kidding,” she groaned.  "But what do you think?  Want to pick some names?“

"You’re damn right I do!” he jittered.  He sat silently, scrolling through the list in his mind.  "What about James?“ he winked, scratching his nose.

James?“ Sole mocked, crossing her arms.  "Like James Bond?  The popular spy from before my era?”

Deacon cocked half a smile. “Wow, was he that popular? I only know about him because I found some old, pre-war books.  Ha, ha!”  He could feel her disenchantment.  "Seriously, though. I honestly love that name. So sophisticated and gallant.  Do you … actually hate it?“

Sole blinked, then giggled fondly.  "No.  I love it.  I’ve actually always loved it.  My brother’s name was supposed to be James, but he ended up being a girl.  Imagine my mother’s surprise when she found out.” She sat back, shaking her head. “And the doctor was so sure, too.”

“Oh, hey, what if it’s a girl?!” Deacon yelled, his excitement flailing.  "Yeah, a little girl.  Just like you.  We can only hope.“

Sole blushed, humbled by his words.  "Well, what do you think?”

Deacon hummed.  He used a lot of pseudonyms, so coming up with a list of names was easy, but this was important.  This was his child.  He wanted it to be perfect.  Strong but feminine.  Something that told the boys not to mess with her, because she was the daughter of Deacon and the Hero of the Commonwealth.

“Carmen!” he declared.  "Yeah, I like that name.“

Sole smiled in agreement. "A beautiful name.”

“A tough name. A bright name.  A name worthy of our daughter.”

“Or son,” she pitched, poking his cheek.

“Or son,” he blushed, feeling at peace for the first time in a long time.  "You know, speakin’ of names, you still don’t know mine.“

Sole paused, then shrugged carelessly.  "Whoever you were, you’re Deacon now.”

“I agree,” he smirked, brushing back her hair.  "But just for shits 'n giggles–“

He leaned in, whispering into her ear.  Sole’s eyes sparkled as a smile filled her face.  She pulled away, then took his hand into hers, shaking it gently.

"It’s nice to meet you.  But … I think I like 'Deacon’ better.”

He laughed, closing the gap between them and kissing her softly.  "You know what?  I think I do, too.“

"You realize this also means you can’t keep telling lies, right?  I won’t have my kids growing up with that kind of influence.”

“I give you my word,” he vowed.  "I’m a liar, but I’ll never lie to you, or my children.“

She giggled, lining his lips with her thumb.  "I believe you,” she whispered.

He smiled and kissed her again.  "Thank you,“ he breathed.  "I never thought I would, but I actually care about that.  I wanna be someone you trust.  That … really means a lot to me.”

“I love you,” Sole beamed.  "And I trust you implicitly.“

Deacon sniffed, rubbing his eyes.  "Aw, stop it.  You’re gonna make me cry.”

With a grin, he picked her up again and slowly danced her around the room.  His face lit up, bashful and excited.  He had never told so many truths in his entire life.  It felt good.  It felt achievable.  He looked at Sole, her face glowing in the moonlight.  With her, he knew he’d never have to lie again.  Except for work, of course.

MacCready: Sole entered the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub.  MacCready was taking a hot bath, exhausted from another long day of work.  He smiled up at her, touching a hand to her belly.  There was hardly a bump there, but he wanted to feel it nonetheless.  He filled with a sense of pride as she stroked his hair.  He didn’t know how he got so lucky, but for the first time in a long time he was happy.

“I put Duncan to bed,” she whispered.  "Little guy went out like a light.“

"Thanks for doing that,” he beamed.  "I don’t know what it is about you, but he never does that for me.  Must be your overwhelming charm.“

"Must be,” she joked, placing her hand over his.  "So, what do you want to name it?  Any ideas?“

"Truthfully?  I wanted to name Duncan 'Junior’, but when Lucy suggested 'Duncan’, I couldn’t say no.  She loved that name and it was perfect.  Anyway, I guess 'Junior’s’ a bit narcissistic, huh?”

Sole shook her head. “Robert Jr., huh?  That has a nice ring to it.  But what if it’s a girl?” she asked, cocking half a smile.

“A girl?” He felt ridiculous.  How could he forget that there was a fifty-fifty chance? “Damn, I hadn’t thought of that. I’m not sure what I’d do with a girl.”

“Pretty much the same thing you do with a boy,” she laughed.

“Yeah?  What about all the … girly stuff?”

“If it makes you that uncomfortable, I think I can handle it when the time comes.”

“No, no.  I’m supposed to be her father, right?  I want her to be able to come to me for anything.  Even if … I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.”

Sole grinned, kissing his nose.  "How about this: if it’s a girl, you teach her how to shoot and I’ll teach her the 'girly’ things. Everything else, we’ll share. Deal?“

MacCready smiled, pulling her into the tub.  Sole gasped, splashing the water, the bubbles tickling her sensitive spots as her dress soaked to her body.  She told him to stop, but he couldn’t.  He loved hearing her laugh uncontrollably.  When she couldn’t take anymore he held her close, locking their lips in a sensual kiss.

"Deal,” he hummed, hugging her waist.  "Actually, I think I prefer a girl.  I know what it’s like having a bunch of boys running around.  Fighting, arguing, rough-housing.“  He shuddered at the thought.

"Duncan’s not like that.  He’s the sweetest little boy I know.”

“That’s because he’s a baby,” he teased.  "He can barely walk.  But just wait.  Soon he’ll have teeth and claws and he’ll tear around the house like a deathclaw.“

Sole shook her head. "Stop it.  I think he’ll make an excellent brother, whatever the baby turns out to be.”

“You’re probably right.  You always are.  So that just leaves me.  Things didn’t turn out so well the first time around, but–” He lowered his head, remembering Lucy and how Duncan almost died.

Sole shot him a sympathetic glare, then caressed his cheek.  "I’m not going anywhere,“ she promised.  "And you’re already a damn good father. Remember, things didn’t exactly go great for me the first time either.  We can’t control the future, but we can control who we are.  As long as we put our children first, as long as we love them and do everything we can to keep them safe, we can’t fail as parents.”

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.  But you’re right.  Even if things take a turn for the worst, we’ll be there.  Maybe that’s enough.”

“It is.  Believe me.  All kids really want is to be loved and for their parents to be there for them.”

“I hear that.  I know what it’s like to grow up without it. No matter what, our kids will know that we love them.”

“Yeah.” Sole sat back, laying against his chest, and MacCready stoked her hair affectionately.  "You know, I think we’ll be okay.“

"Yeah.  Me too.”

Sole drifted off, drowsed by the warm water.  "So, if it is a girl, what do you want to name her?“

"Hmmm.  How about 'Junior’, after you?”

Sole laughed, playfully hitting his chest.  She thought he was joking, but he was completely serious.  He hugged her tightly, scrubbing bubbles into her hair. They’d discuss it again in the morning.

Hancock: Hancock stood in silence, his mouth hanging open in disbelief.  His eyes were so wide that Sole couldn’t tell if he was happy or upset.  For the first time since she met him, he was speechless.  She stepped a bit closer, repeating the news, but it didn’t seem to connect.  While he took a moment to process, Sole curled her lips, growing more and more anxious.  She went to speak again, but he cut her off unintentionally.

“Sunshine!  Are ya , are ya sure?” he slurred, his knees weak.

“Definitely.  I had Curie test me six times.”

He looked at Curie, desperate for answers.  "But ghouls can’t reproduce!  Their gametes are completely ruined.  You’re the one who told me that!“

"Oui, but at the time I was unaware that you did not become a ghoul through archetypal means,” Curie explained.  "Your body is somewhat different.  While the chances of it happening were near non-existent, somehow you beat the odds.“ She folded her hands, resting them on her chest.  "Isn’t it wonderful, monsieur Hancock?  You’re going to be a papa!”

Hancock paled, which only worried Sole more.  "John? Are you–?“

Before she could say another word he ran into her arms, hugging her tight.  She heard him sob, but before she could remark on his state he pressed his lips into hers, stifling a mess of moans stuck between cries and laughter.  He cupped her head, holding her close as he stared into her eyes.

"Unbelievable…” was all he could muster.

“You’re … not upset?”

Upset?!” he screamed, kissing her again.  He couldn’t stop.  He worked his way from her lips to her cheeks to her chin, then back to her lips. “Why would I be upset, Sunshine?”

She shrugged. “Honestly, I wasn’t sure how you’d take it.  We both accepted that we couldn’t have kids.  We had a whole conversation about it.  You said you were happy without them.”

He clutched her hands, enjoying the feel of her soft, smooth skin.  "I am happy,“ he beamed.  "But this make me happy, too!  How could it not?!  I’m gonna be a dad!”  Sole lowered her head, hiding beneath her hair, and his smile quickly faded. “W-why?  Aren’t you happy?”  He gripped her shoulders, feeling her tremble against him.  "Sunshine?  Do … do you not want this?“

If he weren’t holding her so tight he’d slap his head.  She was probably terrified, having lost Shaun, and now finding out that she’d have to raise a child in the filth that was the Commonwealth.  He bit his jagged lip, nearly drawing blood.  He wanted to keep the baby, more than anything, but not if it meant hurting her.  Not if it meant reminding her of her past everyday, leaving her cheerless and devastated.

"Sunshine, if you don’t want this baby–”

She took a deep breath, looking up at him with tear-filled eyes.  "J-John, of course I want it!“  She rubbed her cheeks, nearly choking on her words.  "I’m just so happy you do, too!”

She sobbed loudly, barely able to catch her breath.  She tried to speak but couldn’t, lost in pure jubilance.  Hancock tied to dry her tears, but the attempt was pointless. Before he knew it he was crying too, infected by her irresistible joy.  Curie watched as they wept into each others shoulders.  Nothing was said for what seemed like an eternity.  The silence was all they needed.

"I will leave you two alone,” Curie chirped, turning away.

“Wait!” Hancock begged, his eyes shimmering.  "It’s not, uh, it’s not going to be– you know– a ghoul, is it?“ He wasn’t concerned, just curious.

"I do not think so, monsieur Hancock.  The sperm would have needed to be healthy to merge with a healthy host.  I believe your baby will be fully human.”

“But if not, it won’t make a difference,” Sole poked.  "We’ll love it all the same.“

"Aw, I wasn’t worried. Just wonderin’ who he’d get his good looks from.”  

Sole giggled, ruffling his collar.  "Or she.“

"Or she!” Hancock echoed, nearly jumping at the prospect.  "A beautiful girl, just like her mother.“  Curie smiled and turned to leave, but Hancock stalled her once more.  "Wait!  Is she going to be okay?”


“I mean, will the pregnancy be … difficult?  I am a ghoul, after all.  I’ll be– Jesus, I’ll be the first ghoul to ever reproduce!”  He began to fret, nibbling his thumb.  "We have no idea what kind of effect this could have on her.  What if … what if she gets sick?  What if–?“

"John, I’ll be fine. Curie’s agreed to be my doctor throughout the entire pregnancy.”

“Oui.  And as far as I can tell there are no issues. She’s been pregnant for several weeks, and thus far she’s experiencing exactly what a typical woman would experience.”  Hancock shivered, uncertain. “There is no reason to worry, monsieur Hancock.  You have my word.”

Sole smiled, gently pinching his ear.  "I don’t think that’s it, Curie.  I think the nerves are just kicking in.“

"Ah, you are nervous. Do not worry, monsieur Hancock. I promise you she is in good hands.”

Hancock smiled, feeling slightly relieved.  "Thank you, Curie.“

"You are most welcome. And now, I bid you adieu.  I am certain you have much to discuss.”

With Curie gone, Hancock smirked and lightly pulled Sole onto the couch.  He kissed her zealously, like it was the first time, then positioned her on his lap, resting her head on his chest.

"Guess it’s a good thing I quit chems,” he quipped.  "A father.  I can’t believe it.“

"Me neither,” Sole sighed, almost in a trance.  "I never thought I would get this chance again.“

"And you’re truly happy?” he asked, slowly brushing his knuckles up and down her arm.

“Truly,” she whisked, closing her eyes.  "Thank you, John.  Thank you for this.  Thank you for everything.“

"Nah,” he soothed, kissing her hair.  "That’s my line.“

"We’ll have to think of a name,” she beamed, curling into him.

“How about your name?”

My name? John, we’re not naming the baby after me.”

“Why not?  I wanna name it after the person I love most.”  Sole shook her head, ignoring his witty charms.  "All right,“ he rasped, a throaty chuckle escaping his lips.  "How about … Cassidy?”


“Yeah,” he shrugged.  "Or Cass, for short.“

"Where’d you get that name?” she asked, impressed by his answer.

“I don’t know. It just feels right, for some reason. We’re startin’ this new chapter in our lives and I want our daughter to have a good, strong name.  A name that will change lives and bring hope to the people of the Commonwealth.  'Cass’ just does that for me.”

Sole giggled, inspired by the choice.  "And if it’s a boy?”

“Lincoln,” he said, without missing a beat.

“Like Abraham Lincoln?”

“Who else?” he grinned, teeming with pride.  "Of the people for the people!“

Sole laughed, giving him one last kiss before dozing off.  She spent so long worrying about his reaction that she completely wore herself out.  As she slept, Hancock hummed a harmonious tune, rocking her in his arms.  He was done running away; he knew that the moment he fell in love with her, but now he had something to run toward, with Sole running right alongside him.

Nick: "Hey, Nick?  The other day, when you mentioned children, were you serious?”

Nick lowered his case file, his sallow eyes burning bright.  "I’m sorry.  I knew it was too soon to bring it up.“

"No, no, it’s not. I really want to know.  I was just taken aback, is all.  And when the raiders showed up … we never really finished talking about it.”

“Well, uh … we’ve been together for a long time now.  And I just thought, if I transfer into a gen three body, maybe it might be nice.”

“I thought you weren’t sure about the transfer.”

“I … I’m not. So many things could go wrong. But I am sure about one thing.” He stood, then met her at the couch. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  I might not be able to do that … as a machine.”

Sole smiled, forcing him to face her.  "Yes you can.  It doesn’t matter what you are.  Man, synth, gen two, gen three, I don’t care.  I love you. If you want to stay this way, I support it.  And if you want to change, I support that too.  Whatever you decide.  Either way, I want you to know that I’m happy.“

He gripped her hand with his metal fingers.  "I love you.  I want to give you everything. I know you want children; to try again, but in this body … I can’t give you that.”

You’re all I need, Nick.  I’m happy regardless.  But if you’re so adamant, we could always adopt.”

Nick flinched, his circuits buzzing.  "Adopt?  I, uh … I hadn’t considered that.  True, there are a lot of children out there without parents, but would you really be all right with that?“

"You know I would be. Being a parent means being selfless. I don’t need it to be my flesh and blood to love it.”

Nick took a moment to consider her words.  She was so forthright.  He wasn’t expecting it.  He had considered transferring to a gen three body for a while; even asked Amari to keep an eye out for a compatible host, but his mental components were so different.  There was always going to be a risk.  A high risk.

“I’m scared,” he confessed, his shoulders trembling.  "I want to change.  To grow old with you, to experience life the way a man should. But I … I don’t want to die.  I don’t want to disappear.  Not like that.  Not strapped to chair, losing my mind while you watch.  I know it sounds foolish, but–“

Sole kissed him softly, covering his gray lips with hers.  "Shh.  Nick, it’s okay.  It’s okay.  I’m telling you, I’m happy.  You don’t need to change.  You can experience all of those things with me as you are now. You don’t need to get wrinkles to grow old with me.  You just need to be there and be yourself.  That’s all I could ever want.”

Nick smiled, sprawling out on the couch and laying on her shoulder.  "I’m being a damn wimp,“ he groaned.  "Sorry, sweetheart.  This conversation got dark real fast.”  He looked up, reaching for the back of her head.  "I love you, so much.  Somehow, you always know what to say.“  He gently lowered her head and kissed her avidly. "How did I get so lucky?”

“You didn’t 'get lucky’,” she teased.  "It’s just who you are.  I’ve loved you almost since the day we met.“

Nick closed his eyes, her words cooling his overworked system.  "Are you really okay with adopting?”

“I really am,” she soothed.  "Actually, I’ve been thinking about opening an orphanage here in Diamond City. It’s been on my mind for a while now. Ever since we found Billy.  Most kids aren’t that lucky.  They don’t have parents at home, waiting for them.  And I’ve heard that a lot of people abandon their babies.  We could convince people to bring them here, instead of leaving them to die in the wastes.“

"The Valentine Adoption Agency?”  He chuckled.  "Yeah, it’s got a nice ring to it.“

"And we can keep one or two for ourselves,” she beamed.

“Yeah, sounds nice.”  He kissed her hand, then held it on his chest.  "I like that.“

"What would we name them?” she asked, lining his lips.

“Hmmm.  I’ve always been partial to Eliot, for a boy. And for a girl?”  He looked up at Sole with giving eyes.  "I think I know.“

"You do?”

He nodded. “Cordelia.  After your sister.”

Sole paused, then hugged his shoulders and set her chin on his head.  "Thank you, Nick.“

"No, sweetheart. Thank you.”  He sat up, lightly brushing his thumb against her cheek.  "Do you think– really think– a child would want someone like me as a father?”

“You’re the best man I know, Nick.  Any child would be lucky to have you as a father.”

He shook his head, flexing his metal hand.  "You know what I mean.  With how I … with how I look.“

Sole laughed, curling under his arm.  "Have you seen the way the kids look at you?  They think you’re awesome!  You’d be the coolest dad on the block!”

Nick smiled, embracing her warmly.  She was right.  Children took better to him than adults did.  He kissed her neck, holding her close and revelling in her touch.  He wasn’t sure if it could work, if everything she said was possible, but he was willing to give it a try.  With Sole at his side, he felt like he could do anything.  He felt human.  He felt alive.  With that in mind, maybe being a father wasn’t out of reach after all.


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Oh Misha - Misha Collins x Reader (Oh Westy - Part 5) - Final

Title: Oh Misha

Pairing: Misha Collins x Reader

Word count: 1,674

Warnings: None

Read Part 1 Here! l Read Deleted Scene Here! l Read Part 2 Here! l Read Part 3 Here! l Read Part 4 Here!

A/N: I know Misha is married but for the purpose of this he’s divorced because, yeah, no way he would cheat on his wife. Just to make it clear, Misha, West and Maison are used in this just like characters, just like I would use Dean, Sam or Castiel on others. So if anyone is bothered you ’re free to not read it. This is just a story after all.

This is the last part. Hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did! xx’

You quickly made your way out of the house desperately needed to breath fresh air. Your heart was hammering in your chest and you felt as if your whole body was on fire. Your vision was blurry because of the tears but you did not see Vicki’s car next to yours which meant that she had already left. Not that you cared anymore. Your stomach felt so tight and heavy that you really thought you might had caught a cold.

You started taking in deep breaths, trying your best to calm down. The silence that had surrounded you was only being broken from your heavy breathing and-

Misha’s voice.

“(Y/n)!” he exclaimed as soon as he saw you, but you really felt in no mood facing him so instead you turned and made your way to your car.

“No, (Y/n) no! Please wait! (Y/n), please!” his frantic voice could be heard coming all the more close to you until of course he caught up with you.

He took hold of your arm and spoon you around so that you were facing him, a look of, almost, horror washed over his face as he took in your condition.

Eyes red and tears never stopping to roll, cheeks flushed and lower lip slightly bleeding from the constant biting.

“Oh (Y/n)” he breathed out, quickly wrapping his arms around you.

“Oh no, no (Y/n). P-Please, don’t” Misha’s voice trembled as he spoke to you.

Your face was buried in his chest, your whole body shaking with sobs and tears streaming down your face even though you wanted them to stop. You bit your trembling lip so hard that you could draw blood. Your hands were shaking and your fists were clenched tightly, holding onto Misha’s shirt as if you were clinging to him for life. You did not know what had come over you but you really did not have the emotional strength to even think about it.

Hell, you didn’t even have the physical strength to stand. You felt your knees shaking and soon give away. If it wasn’t for Misha’s strong grip on you, you would surely have fallen.

“Come” he whispered, voice more husky than always “Come inside. It’s cold here” he added and supporting you, he helped you walk. And slowly but surely you got inside the house.

You let out a shaky breath as he slowly let go of you, after making sure you were siting comfortably on the couch of course. Your face was completely red and your cheeks burning hot. You brushed a few tears with your hand and only looked down at your hands, some occasional sobs escaping your throat. The few times you tried taking in a breath it always felt as if you couldn’t actually breath.

More tears had started to run now down your cheeks and you clenched your fists and teeth to hold them back, in vain anyway.

You felt a hand on your cheek and you immediately moved away, flinching at the contact of almost cold skin with your burning one.

“Don’t touch me” you mumbled but it came out a little more harshly than you intended.

Misha’s eyes widened and he quickly withdrew his hand, averting his glistening-with-tears eyes from yours.

“I-I’m sorry” he mumbled, running a hand down his face.

“No” you said in a trembling voice “No, I’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean it like that, Misha. I’m sorry. It’s just- Oh God, this is awful” you ended up muttering to yourself, and buried your face in your hands.

“(Y/n)” he let out a breath “We need to talk”

“Talk about what Misha?! About what just happened? About what was about to happen? What about?” you exclaimed and got up from the couch, turning your back to him.

“Yes, yes about all of that” he said firmly and you shook your head.

“You don’t understand. You just don’t” you muttered.

“No (Y/n), you don’t understand. Damn it, I though- I though you felt the same way, too, (Y/n). What the hell has changed now?!” his word made your head snap to his direction.

“Everything Misha!” you all-but-shouted but then remembered to lower your voice tone because the kids were sleeping “Everything, damn it!”

You ran a hand through your hair “She called me mom Misha! Maison said her first word today! It was mom but it was not directed towards Vicki, even though she was standing right next to her. It was directed towards me! Me, Misha! She called me mom! And so did West! You heard it yourself. You were there! They both consider me their mother but I’m not Misha. I’m not! And I don’t have that right! Vicki- Vicki says I do but I just don’t, Misha. She is their mother and I am not. Nor will I ever get to be close to that title. And it’s not their fault. They’ve got all mixed signals. Seeing me here almost every day, especially when they are here, being so close to you, me doing all of the things Vicki did for them when you were still married confuses them but- But damn it Misha! I’m not Vicki! I’m not their mother and sure as hell will never be because you and I are just friends!” you said clenching your fists and gritting your teeth to keep the tears in. Impossible.

“It is wrong Misha. So wrong. We are just friends! Nothing has ever happened and nothing will ever happen” you muttered shaking your head.

Silence followed for a while and the only thing that could be heard was your deep breaths, until of course Misha decided to break.

“And how do you know that?” he said firmly and you slowly looked at him.

“What?” you breathed out.

“How do you know that nothing will ever happen between us. I mean yeah, sure it won’t if you keep pushing me away but- I can see clearly that I am not the only one that felt something. I am not the only one that felt something up there when we were together watching Maison, (Y/n). And you damn well know it’s true. You keep saying that we are just friends because you don’t want me to know how you feel but I do know, (Y/n)! I know! And you’re not the only one that feels that way…” he ended up mumbling.

“I-” you couldn’t form any words, your heart was hammering in your chest and your eyes were wide.
“What are you so afraid of? Of ruining our friendship? Of getting hurt? Of me getting hurt? Of the children being affected by it? What?” he looked at you with such a desperate look in his eyes that you honestly could not stop yourself from whimpering, as a few stray tears ran down your cheeks.

“Yes. Of all of that. I am scared Misha because I know that this is not what you want. Not what you really want. Maybe it is what your children want but not you. We are just friends Misha. Nothing more” you muttered looking down at your feet.

“Stop saying it damn it! I know it (Y/n). I know pretty well that we are friends just like I know for how long I’ve wanted us to be more!” his desperate words made you look up at him “So stop-” he let out a breath “-Stop saying that you know what I really want because you clearly don’t.”

“So-” he swallowed the lump in his throat “-if even in the least bit you feel the same way then-” he forced a smile “-know that I am willing to wait and that you can take all the time you need but- but if-” you took in a breath “-if you don’t then, that’s acceptable. I was wrong to think that something could happen between us and- and don’t worry everything is going to be like before. I- We could still stay friends, even though I might have just ruined everything.” he mumbled and you could swear you felt your heart stop at hearing his words and especially him ‘taking the blame’ for ruining your friendship.

“Misha” your voice stopped him on his tracks just as he had turned to leave the living room. He turned to look at you and bit his lip.

“You asked me what I was most afraid of. And- it’s not just our friendship being ruined or anything else. It’s just- It’s just that I am scared of what I will be capable of doing when I love you this much. Loving you- loving you so much scares me Misha and I- I-” you trailed off, letting out a shaky breath not really knowing what more to say.

You kept your eyes to the ground, not knowing what to say anymore. You heard heavy footsteps make their way towards you and soon enough there was a figure standing in front of you. He slowly tilted your head up so that you were looking straight in his eyes. He cupped your cheek and brushed his thumb over it, a small smile was on both your faces.

He rested his forehead against yours and took in a deep inhale “I’m scared, too. I’m really scared that if this doesn’t work I will have to tell you goodbye but- I want to take that risk, (Y/n). I know- I know I want to be with you. And I’m going to do everything I can to keep you here. Because I love you and I, above all, don’t want to let go so easily.” he ended up muttering and you couldn’t keep the smile that spread on your lips when you heard those three little words.

“Oh Misha” you breathed out and before you could say more, he pressed his lips to yours in a sweet, short and yet loving kiss.

You both pulled away, but didn’t pull away from each other. You rested your head on his chest and wrapped your arms around him just like he did. Eyes closed and content smiles on both your faces…

…just like the little boy’s face that watched you from the stairs, a few giggles escaping his lips as he finally watched you and his father in each other’s arms.

Oh Westy

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Okay i'm very confused with myself and I wanted to ask a question. What should you do when your feelings are after something, but your, shall I say mental state (anxiety, fear, etc.) is desperately holding you back. I'm completely at a loss and am utterly confused... advice?

i don’t know how much i can really help without specifics, but following your heart doesn’t usually work out the way you want it to. on the other hand, following your (possibly not entirely sound) mind isn’t all that sure either. if whatever it is can’t go wrong in a way that will put you in danger physically or emotionally, i would say go for it. but if there’s risk involved, take the time to think it over and figure out what you’re feeling and what’s scaring you.

Imagine being nervous to meet Mark at a con but he is sweet with you all the time.

“Uhm well I uh wanted to say hello first to all of you.” you luckily managed to form a complete sentence, without stuttering a lot at the sight of them on top of the stage. It was your first Con, one you’d been saving up for long, and finally the time had come for you to meet them.

Well, if you were completely honest. To meet him. You admired Mark Pellegrino for so long, even before Supernatural, and when you found out he was going to come to your town with Richard, Misha and Mark Sheppard you were over the moon. Of course as the days approached you found your nerves getting the best of it. Being usually shy and getting to meet the man that had inspired you so much – and on who, you may or may not have had a crush ever since you couldremember- was not helping the situation at all.

Crazy was you had actually practiced with your friend the question so that you made sure you were not going to make a fool of yourself. But then of course, as expected, everything seemed to be wiped out of your mind. Your mouth went dry and when Mark’s eyes fell on you, you found yourself wanting to jump straight out of your chest.

“It is- It really makes me incredibly happy to be here.” you tried to keep your voice from wavering but with Mark looking at you with that kind of smile you could barely keep yourself standing let alone talk properly.

“It’s- it’s the first time a-and probably the last b-but that doesn’t matter anyway, not like you need to listen b-but it is really amazing to- to get this opportunity a-and I am incredibly happy” you swallowed, looking down nervously.

“Oh no, no of course we want to listen!” it was Mark’s voice that made you look up again, feeling the blush get all the more darker.

“So-” his smile got even bigger when he noticed how shy you were “-Your first Con huh? Might I say not a really nice choice with us four being on stage- I mean, just look at us!” he said motioning to all of them and you let a small giggle, already starting to loosen up.

“I wouldn’t really say that. I personally wouldn’t change this for anything” you looked at him, a wide smile on your lips that mirrored his.

“Aw this is the sweetest thing ever! Thank you!” Misha exclaimed with a wide smile and Mark rolled his eyes at him.

“What makes you think it has anything to do with you?” Richard raised an eyebrow at him.

“Why? You think it’s about you?” Mark (Sheppard) raised an eyebrow at Richard who scoffed.

Mark himself rolled his eyes “Uh hello? Maybe anyone thought it has to do with me?”

Richard scoffed “Please. You’re the devil!”

You let a small giggle at how childish they were being but it was cut short as Mark winked at you with a small smirk.

“So…” Mark started but trailed off.

“Oh. Oh uh my name’s (Y/n)”

“(Y/n)” he smiled to himself “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl”

You blushed even more at his words and certainly even more as Misha and Richard ‘Wow'ed at him.

“That’s Satan flirting everyone, keep a close eye!” Richard said and your, as well as Mark’s eyes, widened.

“Excuse me for a second while I go kill an achangel and I’ll be right back!”

“Ouch that’s evil you know!” Misha exclaimed and some laughed.

“Well if and when you’re done with your teasings- we have a panel going” he shot them a look “So (Y/n), try to ignore those morons I am forced to call friends and tell me- it is your frist Con right?”

“Uh y-yeah it is. I- I never thought I’d get to be here. I am so happy a-and nervous at the same time to be honest.”

“You don’t have to be sweetheart” he smiled warmly at you “We’re all a family here after all and you know it”

“It’s a family I-I am really happy to be part of to be honest.” you smiled at him as well “But uhm I uh actually had a question I wanted to ask and- it’s about Mark.” you stopped immediately when Richard made a suggestive sound and Mark rolled his eyes at him.

“Don’t pay attention to him, sweetheart. So what is it?” he smiled at you and taking in a deep breath you decided to speak again- desperately trying to ignore the fact that your cheeks were burning hot.

“S-So uh how- how was it to be back in Supernatural e-even for just two episodes?” you could hardly keep yourself from stuttering this time but of course Mark was kind enough to not point it out.

“Well about that…”


You let out a long breath you didn’t know you’d been holding. The cold air was welcomed by your burning hot cheeks. You knew your face was bright red the entire time even after Mark answered your question. It was his looks the entire time that made you chew on your lower lip to the point it had started to bleed.

“You know that’s not a really healthy habit, chewing on your lips I mean” a voice behind you made you jump for a second.

You turned around only to have your eyes widen at the sight of Mark approaching you. Great, you couldn’t deal with him being a few metres away from you on the stage much less this close to you. And oh damn he was coming closer.

“Uh y-yeah I- I know it’s j-just a nervous habbit” your voice trembled a little and he smiled at you.

“Sorry if this sounds weird but, you’ll probably have realized none of us is normal” you let a laugh at his words “But do you always stutter this much? I mean don’t take me wrong, it’s undeniably cute”

And sure as hell there you felt your face grow hot again “I uh- no- not really only when I get nervous I guess”

“And when do you get nervous?” he smirked slightly and you tried to keep your eyes from widening. You looked down at your feet shrugging.

Mark chuckled, placing a hand on top of your shoulder “Well it may sound a little evil but hey I am Satan so don’t expect anything less- But I am super happy to be the reason to all of this” he grinned widely and you felt your mouth drop.

“I mean… I am right?” he raised an eyebrow.

How could you reply to this?

Luckily you didn’t have to as Richard’s voice was heard, calling for Mark to get inside because they needed him. Marksighed, rolling his eyes.

“Well I gotta go unfortunately but-” he took your phone that you’d been holding on your hands and typed something in it “-this is my number. I may be leaving now but I cant wait for a call from you so that we can arrange a proper date, alright?” he winked at you.


He chuckled slightly, leaning in to kiss your cheek before he ran off.

What happened again?

I love you

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Warnings: a lil bit of angst, fluff other than that

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   Bucky didn’t know what it was about (Y/N) that made him feel this way; in love and angry all at once. He was constantly arguing with them all the while wishing he could just lean in and shut (Y/N) up with a kiss. His conflicted feelings usually led him to lash out, mostly at (Y/N). But they could take it, they had a fiery attitude and they weren’t afraid to unleash it. 

   “Is it really that fucking hard to follow directions (Y/N)? You just endangered the entire mission and the team!” Bucky yelled, the anger within him bubbling over. “God, you can be such a fuck up sometimes!” Bucky stopped to inhale deeply, raking a hand through his hair. Sure, he was a little harsh today but what (Y/N) had done was inexcusable, Not only had they compromised the mission they also put everyone else in danger, hell Steve had barely escaped with only a gaping hole in his abdomen. Bucky suddenly realized that (Y/N) was silent, much unlike their usually fiery self. They weren’t yelling back at him or pulling out their hair, they were just silent, just sitting there taking the heat. 

   “Aren’t you gonna say anything?” Sam finally pips in, his expression less than amused. “You did almost kill our asses back there,” And yet again (Y/N) remains silent, just sitting there, taking everything everyone had to throw at them. 

  “…I’m sorry…” (Y/N) finally murmurs quietly. “I didn’t mean to-” Bucky nearly groaned, rolling his eyes in annoyance. 

   “You still almost killed all of us,” Bucky sighed, raking a hand down his dirtied face. “I don’t think you should come on the next mission (Y/N),” (Y/N) finally turned to look at Bucky, their eyes wide and their mouth agape. 

  “But Bucky-” 

  “(Y/N).” Bucky states firmly, stopping the girl from making any more comments. “You are not coming on the next mission with us. In fact, you’re banned from any work until you’ve gotten your head in the game, got it?”  Now Bucky was most definitely expecting some form of argument, some form of yelling or something but (Y/N) remains silent, their expression slightly forlorn. 

   “…Okay…I understand…” Bucky was most definitely taken aback by (Y/N)’s quiet nature, a stark contrast to their usual self. He eyed them suspiciously, attempting to size them up. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary with them, they had been fine this morning and now all of a sudden they seemed…depressed. Bucky dismissed the thought though, instead slumping into his seat beside Sam. 

   Bucky continued to stare at (Y/N), perplexed by their sudden change but suddenly the jet was landing and (Y/N) hopped to their feet, obviously desperate to get away.

    Bucky didnt see (Y/N) the rest of the day, they had just disappeared as soon as they exited the quinjet. Usually (Y/N) was very socialable and would love to spend time with the team so it was a little concerning that they suddenly disappeared. But, the team had more important things to worry about, like patching up a nearly dead Steve. All day Bucky and Sam remained by his side, making sure he was stable and in better condition than when they had brought him in. 

   It was almost midnight when Bucky and Sam decided to go to bed, their exhaustion catching up with them. Groggily the two men bid each other goodbye before walking off in different directions. Bucky trudged down the hall, stopping just before the wide window that stood at the end. As he looked out at the starry night he couldn’t help but smile, it was beautiful and something Bucky never realized he had taken for granted until his time with Hydra. 

   Hydra made Bucky appreciate all things in life, the sun, the rain, the storm clouds, the raging grasses, the soft tick of clocks. He’d always had taken these things for granted and when he came out of cyrofreeze he vowed to never take anything for granted ever again. It was a nice night, why not go out and appreciate it. With a tired smile Bucky turned to the stairwell on his left and climbed up.

    As Bucky opened the door to the roof he was most definitely not expecting anyone to be there, much less the elusive (Y/N). Bucky stood within the doorway, staring at (Y/N)’s back. So this is where they had gone to hide, up on top of the roof. Bucky snorted, shaking his head in amusement. 

    “So, this where you been hiding all day?” Bucky can clearly see (Y/N)’s back tense up and their shoulders go rigid. Bucky thought this strange until a quiet sniffle filled the air. (Y/N) lifted their hand to their face, no doubt wiping away at their nose. Bucky eyes them suspiciously, his concern only growing. 

   Had (Y/N) been crying…? The thought was almost foreign to Bucky given that (Y/N) was such a little spitfire. He’d have never thought (Y/N) would be the one he’d walk in on crying. Sure, maybe Natasha or Steve but never (Y/N).

    “(Y/N)?” Bucky asks hesitantly, taking a wary step towards their back. Another quiet sniffle filled the air and the broken noise had Bucky’s heart shattering.

    “Leave me alone,” (Y/N)’s voice was no louder than a hoarse whisper. “I don’t want to fuck anything else up…” Bucky could feel his heart aching as (Y/N) recalled his earlier words. Guess (Y/N) had taken his words to heart. 

    “(Y/N),” Bucky sighs, taking another step forward. “I didn’t mean to-" 

   "That’s what you all say,” there’s another quiet sniffle and (Y/N) rubs at their nose once again. “You didn’t mean to call me an idiot, you didn’t mean that I was a fuck up, you didn’t mean that I was useless. ” Bucky bit his lip as (Y/N)’s voice cracked, no doubt more tears spilling from their eyes.    

   Bucky could barely contain himself as the words spilled from (Y/N)’s lips, all he wanted to do was pull them to his chest and tell them how much he loved them, how much he really did care for them. 

   "Sometimes I think that all of you guys would just be better off without me. After all, I am such a disappointment.“ Bucky could contain himself no longer, he rushed to (Y/N)’s side, pulling them into his chest tightly. 

    "Don’t you dare say stuff like that.” Bucky whispered harshly, his grip upon (Y/N) getting a little tighter. “Can’t you see how much we all love you?” (Y/N)’s lips parted slightly as the opened their mouth to answer when a small sob fell from their lips and more tears formed within their eyes. Their hands fisted in Bucky’s shirt as they sobbed, their chest heaving with effort. God, they’d all really fucked up. They had made their (Y/N), their amazing and precious (Y/N) feel useless. Bucky’s heart cried out at the realization that he too, had contributed to (Y/N)’s self loathing.

    “You guys hate me…” (Y/N) whispered so brokenly it brought a tear to Bucky’s eyes. 

    “No (Y/N),” Bucky sighs shakily, pulling (Y/N) even closer. “God no, we all love you, every single one of us,” Bucky tilts (Y/N)’s chin up, forcing their red and puffy eyes to look at him. Bucky’s heart aches more as he studied (Y/N)’s swollen and tear stained face. And it was all because of him. Had he just treated them with respect they wouldn’t be here right now, wrapped up in his arms as they sobbed heavily. “(Y/N), I love you…I love you a lot and I didn’t know how to tell you so instead I treated you like shit and I am so sorry. I don’t expect you to forgive me or anything-”

    “Do you really?” (Y/N) cut him off, silencing his apology. “Really love me…?” Bucky nodded immediately, more than desperate to convince (Y/N) he did. 

   "God yes,“ Bucky breathes out, "Yes more than anything.” (Y/N)’s red eyes stare at him earnestly, the orbs full of something Bucky had never seen before. Hope, perhaps? Love? Whatever it was was making Bucky feel all sorts of warm and pleasant, even though the chill of the night air nipped at his skin. 

   Everything was still for a moment, just the two staring at each other, each waiting for the other to do something. Finally (Y/N) moved, getting up on tiptoes to press a slow, tender kiss to Bucky’s lips. Bucky whined softly, the feeling of (Y/N)‘a lips finally on his nearly making him melt. 

   Bucky gingerly trailed his hands down (Y/N)’s back, stopping right at the curve of their spine. He rested his plams flat upon their skin and pulled them closer, making their hips jut up against his. (Y/N) gasped softy, pulling away to inhale sharply. Bucky already missed the feeling of (Y/N)’s lips against his, as if they were a drug and he was already an addict. Bucky panted softly instead choosing to nuzzle his forehead against (Y/N)’s, their lips barely grazing each others. 

    “I love you. So much.” Bucky whispered, gasping when (Y/N)’s lips would graze his. 

    “Then prove it pretty boy.”