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Reason 8

She’s super supportive of Jensen and is always bringing out positive qualities in him. You know why, cause she isn’t only a good woman she’s a good wife and she’s his backbone.

And here’s all the proof, along with all the mcm on ig.

Let’s not forget the time when Jensen was depressed and he said Danneel helped him out and acted as his own personal “cheerleader”

Get me a SO like this please ♥️♥️.

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Hello! I just got tumblr but I have been reading your pictures and such for a long time. And was wondering if you take fanart! I also wish to say all of your art makes me smile and I want to be able to be like you one day! An awesome artist! When I get older and if I can I am going to support your patreon! ~yoyr fan Sys

Ohhh yes I do take fanart owo you can post it on your tumblr and tag me~

((OOC: I am so sorry for not stating when my lunch break was over. Thank you all for the questions, please feel free to always ask me stuff, because I love that.

I’d make an “I love you” gif, but I am currently buck-ass nude, so here is an old gif of me with one of the cats. Know that it means that I love you. ))

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I had an employee who was super lazy and would manipulate me into doing all the work so she could just stand around. I got the courage to stand up to her and it felt so good I said no you make that persons order I'm sure you can figure it out and my supervisor was like good job! It was awesome.

Fanfic Recommendations

F = Fluff A = Angst (* = Warning, no fluffy ending) S = Smut 


The Switch (All, Supernatural! AU, S)


Buzz (S)

Distractions ft. Jimin 

Touch Starved Yoongi (F)

X (S)

Cursed (Supernatural AU! A, S)


Wake Up (A)*

Im Here (F, A)


Roomates (S)


No Strings (S)

The Dutiful Brother and His Sister’s Way Too Handsome Boyfriend 

Time of the Month (Werewolf! AU, S)

Vanilla (S)


P.S. I Love You (A) Prepare to Cry!!!

Instinct (Werewolf! AU, S)

(Sadly I have not come across many Hoseok and Namjoon fanfictions so I haven’t found any really good ones, but if anyone has any suggestions that would be pretty awesome!)


I’d Trade all my Tomorrows (A)

Pillow Cases (S)

Speak to Me (Deaf! AU, A)

Because Fries and Mixtapes (F, A)

Pull me Closer (F, A)


Sleepy ChimChim (F)

Love at First Sigh 

Curious Yoongi (S)


Coming Soon


I Want You (S)


Coming Soon

Yuuri!!! On ice


Safety Hazards in St. Petersburg (F)

Centripetal Force (F, light S)

Kingdoms of the Sun and Moon (Fantasy AU!)


Sweet Summer Mornings (S)

Heroes of Olympus


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Miraculous Ladybug

Coming Soon


Hello! This is the blog formerly know as JACK-ISMS and then ROSY-JACK! And first off I’d like to thank you for following me on this blog. It has been an amazing experience running a fan blog for one of my favorite people in the world. I’ve gotten to interact with awesome people, push my creative boundaries, and learn new skills, so thank you for all the support.

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been posting a lot recently on ROSY-JACK. I actually haven’t posted or reblogged anything for about a month and a half. This is due to a lack of inspiration and a want/need to focus on my own personal aesthetic and some other personal interests other than Jack. 

Another thing pushing me to make this change is that I have been exploring my gender identity, and I want to fully come out on tumblr as a non-binary individual who prefers the use of they/them pronouns. This is a big step for me so I would love some support and feedback from you guys who are going through similar things or just have a kind word to say.

With all of that said, I just wanted to let you know that I will still be posting Jacksepticeye content! I still love that guy! I might just not post him as often, or do the same types of posts that I have done in the past. I want to start posting some other things relevant to my interests as well. Aesthetics, nature, other celebrities/youtubers, original content, and even some of my writing may make it on to here. 

If the content change or the discussion of being non-binary prompts you to unfollow, I completely understand.

This long winded message is very typical for me. I really wanted to explain myself and my absence to you guys. Thank you for listening if you actually read through all of this, and feel free to ask me any questions! 


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Look if they ever start doing Dresden Movies I want the trailer to Skin Games to rip off all these gaudy, over the top, Mission Impossible Hollywodd heist films. Like put George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman and for no reason Chris Tucker does all these awesome heist film things. Then near the end just have the camera slowly pan back as a cop car passes by and then lead into a bird's eye of the standoff between Police vs Binder while Dresden and rest are running through Marcone's place.

Imagine the lift scene instead where they’re going down in the lift and have a voice of “So you want me to work with a 2000 year old maniac” while showing scenes of the fight outside Michae’ls house focusing on Nicodemus, “and his twisted daughter/lover” showing Deirdre turning in to her monster form “and whatever freak shows he’s signed on” showing the creature beating the shit out of Harry when he first meets it “to break in to a vault” showing blowing a door off its hinges “owned by the Barron of Chicago” Marcone sitting at his desk. “So we can rip a hole in to the underworld” show a view of the underworld “And steal from a literal God.” Hades sitting in his chair by the fire. Switch back to the lift “And you want me to survive?!”

Mab, facing forward, shot from behind. “I expect you to do more than survive, my knight.” she turns and looks at him, giving him a cold and beautiful smile. The lift pings, the doors open. “I expect you to skin them alive.” she walks out.

Cut to title card. Coming soon.

Then flip back to Harry standing dumb faced in the lift. The doors start closing and he has to jump out between the doors and almost gets his coat stuck. He disapeaers off shot as the doors close, and something moves just inside one of the shadows off screen.

It kills me so much, because all throughout Tallahassee you can just see how much Killian genuinely likes Emma.  He thinks she’s an awesome badass with the bonus of being extremely attractive.  He looks at her and thinks “fuck yeah, she’s a good choice for an ally” and all he wants is for her to trust him like he already trusts her.  Which of course is what makes her chaining him up and leaving him at the top of the beanstalk so much worse, because imagine what would have happened if she’d followed her gut and trusted him like she wanted to??  Imagine how much time they’d have saved??  Ugh, it just kills me to even think about it.

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Hi there! Can I ask you a bit of a random question? I was going through your tumblr checking out your awesome art and I noticed that you had ordered stuff from Fangamer. Being a fellow Australian wanting to buy all of the things from their store, I was wondering which shipping option you picked and if it was the cheaper one, did you have any dramas? I realise it was a while ago, so sorry if I'm bugging you. Have a good one!

I’ve ordered from Fangamer abooout… 5 times…. and each time i picked the cheapest option :)) No dramas, can’t remember EXACTLY but took around 3 weeks, you know, the average time it takes for anything internatonal to arrive at our doorsteps. i would never pay $70 for shipping that takes 2-5 business days, thats crazy. please dont do that. wait for your order, it’s fun when you forget about it then when it arrives and youre like OM Y GAAWWD ゚(ʘoʘ’) ノノ

I had this crazy realization about Captain Underpants yesterday that made the character more epic– he’s the living embodiment/personification of George and Harold’s friendship. If you’ve seen Frozen and you can see how Olaf is the living embodiment/personification of the sisterly love between Anna and Elsa, then you know where I’m going with this.

… Well, I mean its probably a ‘duh, the two collaborated on his comics together’ but its so awesome when you look really into it. He’s a character George and Harold created that was able to come into existence and he does have a naive, almost child like view on things, but he also has that silliness and fun about him that is part of their creativity. I also noticed in books 3 and 4 just how super protective he really is towards them (I haven’t properly sat down to read all the books but I’ve skimmed though everything beyond book 5 recently). Then I saw the little moment in one of the recent tv spots where he’s messing their hair up in an affectionate manner, but judging from how it was played out before he does the action, I think he was complimenting both of them for their talents/showing appreciation towards them. As much as a handful he can be for those two boys, he also represents an ideal adult figure to a child- someone who doesn’t have to be perfect, but is supportive, is able to be there for you, and is willing to embrace being silly and provide fun.

And this is where it gets more ironic when I saw how most of the adults in the books are the exact opposite towards children. One in particular, of course.

Captain Underpants was ‘born’ just for laughs for those two in the original books, but it looks like he was ‘born’ in the film out of a desperate attempt to save their friendship. The person who represents complete order, no nonsense/no fun, is not supportive of the boys’ creativity, enjoys making their lives hell, and who wants to separate them in the film and ends up causing the ‘birth’ is Mr. Krupp, who is the real/true identity of CU. One persona wants to keep the two apart and prevents them from fulfilling their potential because of his views on life/education, while the other is able to bring them together and never seems to object to their assistance nor does he ever look down on them.

And it makes the thing tragic in a way. After reading Pilkey’s reflection on why mean adults tend to be the way they are without being able to change, plus Ed Helm’s view’s on the characters, we see what COULD have been with Krupp through the Captain Underpants persona. Try as he might, he can never destroy the friendship between George and Harold, nor get rid of their creativity, and instead he only strengthened both when that potential for good came out and became the literal representation of that.

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Please tell me you remember the name of the lettuce fic because I'm actually collecting this kind of fic. Best one so far was a cherik fic where they were all crabs and the author was a fucking crab scientist and it was strangely awesome. i'm living for these crackfics <3 Anyway, have a nice day! :)

Omg, that’s hilarious! :’D

You’re in luck, seeing as the fic was literally called “Let Us”. Which should’ve been my first warning, but me being the oblivious idiot that I am, it flew right by me and I clicked it anyway. :p 

You can read it here –> 

Hope you’ll have a lovely day as well! x 

Daily Affirmation 511.

Just because you might have some romantic tendencies doesn’t make you any less a part of the aromantic spectrum. Are you romance repulsed? Cool! you’re part of us. Do you want a relationship sometimes but not always? Awesome! Maybe you’re aroflux. There are so many different labels, and you will find one that’s all your own.

(by anonymous)

I’ve been awol so have some love

Okay so I never bother with looking at follower count or any of that but I realise I’ve not been around enough lately so I’m hoping that this post can show you all how much I love and appreciate you and that I’m very sorry that I’ve let stuff overwhelm me!

@strivia <– this excitable weirdo right here is one of my best friends and I love her. She posts a lot of awesome content for a variety of different fandoms. My icon was commissioned by her, her art style is really lovely and fun so you guys should check it out! She is always there for me and we can spend hours (and we have) talking about fandom things. We once spent 8+ hours in an edit suite trying to finish editing on a project for class. Oh and she gives the best hugs.

@mobsterkara <— Xana is one of the nicest people I know. I didn’t really know a lot of people in the fandom and so I overcame some anxieties and hopped into her inbox. I wasn’t expecting such a good conversation (not that I was expecting a bad one) and I was kind of shy but she was so nice to me. We talked about the reasons why Winn and Lyra had become a bad thing and then she was kind enough to let me join a Supergirl chat group with her and some of her friends. I have felt so much happier since joining the chat and have made some really great friends. Xana is so wonderful, she is so brave and good and I’m very lucky to be able to call her my friend. Her blog is awesome so you should spam her with tons of love.

@luthores <— Neve, my weird food combination loving friend. What can I even say?! Neve is fantastic guys! Her gif making skills are fierce and she always posts such high quality content. Her headcanons are always so fun to read and they give me such great fic ideas (we won’t mention that horrible one that made people want to kill me). Neve is such a funny person and I love getting to know her more. Leaving her tags is especially fun because she always provides such colourful content that gives me so many feels. Y’all should check out her blog, especially if you are a fan of Lucy from Dracula! 

@gaylenaluthor <— This girl is incredible! She is such a good listener and has such great advice. Her content is always incredible. I was not aware that she loved Carmilla and so I was very blessed with this news because it meant that I could talk to someone else with just as much passion as I have. She is always really supportive and heartfelt whenever we talk. She is also just so funny and makes so many wonderful posts. Plus she is very helpful if you have something deeper that you want to talk about, she replies to anons that have questions whether that be about sexuality, mental health - they are responded to with such care and support. You guys should love her because I do.

@jessthesecretary <— Grace!!!!!!! HIGH QUALITY SINNING. I choked, Grace! She is wonderful, she always very supportive and she’s just a great person to talk to. She always tells us to go to bed at reasonable hours which despite the fact that I definitely won’t do that I very much appreciate it! She is a very understanding and lovely person and reblogs some awesome stuff. When she shows off the content that she makes you should expect something incredible, I always do and I’m never disappointed! 

@bezzie-mate <— Lauraaaaaaaa. She scarred me with bald!Kara and bald!Lena edits and I’ve never fully recovered. She always says that her blog is crappy but she is a liar, her blog is great! She always leaves me tags that make me smile and the way she drags a certain stale, white bread never fails to amuse me. She is a great listener and I enjoy talking to her about pretty much anything. She deserves so much love and appreciation!

@strange-the-emily <— Em! She is always so great to talk to, we have a lot of similar opinions so it’s always nice to have someone that I can discuss my opinions with. We’re both somewhat quiet but she always has such lovely things to say and is very supportive of everyone. Pop into her inbox and show her some love, she loves Supercorp so you know she’s a great person!

@lenazorel <— Mia! She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. Anyway…she is fantastic and always makes such beautiful gifsets, go check out the last one she made because it is incredible and she worked so hard on it. She created the famous Lena yeeting Mon-El lion king gif and it will always be my favourite post. She is always very supportive and I love getting to know her more. She is into a lot of the same fandoms I am and recently I got to talk to her about my experience at the Wynonna Earp panel at Fan-Expo. She loves Supergirl, Orphan Black and Wynonna Earp and I’m sure she’d love getting to talk about her thoughts on all of them. I know I love hearing her talk about them. She is so kind and thoughtful so you guys should love her!

@saving-from-falling  <— Gabby! I’ve not known Gabby for very long but I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her. She always has something nice to say and she’s very understanding, she’s sent me some really nice messages that have made me feel reassured and it’s been really helpful to me. She got to go the recent Supergirl event with Katie McGrath and tried to give as much info as she could, I’m insanely jealous still! I’m looking forward to talking to her and getting to know her more because from what I know she is an amazing person!

@mobsterlena <— Quinn!!!!! My dude I love you. He is a very kind, very funny and very awesome person. He works so hard and I’m very proud of all of the things he’s accomplished. He gave me inspiration to make some graphics and write little fics about having a trans Conner Kent and it was so much fun getting to express myself in a creative way. He always gives me such love and appreciation and I wanted to take this time to send it back! He is lovely and his inbox deserves to be showered with love. 

@mostazasa <– My very talented friend! They make such amazing Supergirl fan art and I met them through me reblogging some of their artwork. Their artwork is one of my favourites and they work so hard on it. They always have time for me and they are always available to listen and rant. I love having conversations with them because I love being able to show my appreciation and make them smile.

@sarcasm-with-sarah <— Sarah is amazing. She sends me headcanons and inspires my creativity. She always helps me with my writing and I love getting to bounce ideas back and forth with her. She once sent me a bunch of random headcanon asks and it made my day! She is a great listener and a great friend. I love that our mutual love of Supergirl and Supercorp has brought out such creativity and fun conversations. She is amazing and you guys should love her!

@schrei-lost-punk <— Ara, my wonderful friend. They are so random but I love them so very much. They always, without fail message me when I’m upset, they always send me fun gifs and play games so that I become less anxious. They are so supportive and understanding and they always do anything they can to make me feel comfortable. Our conversations go from being really random to sending gifs back and forth to deep and more serious topics. I wish I could hug them in person because I love them an awful lot and I’m very glad we became friends. They call me kitty kat and it makes me really happy.

@tacpee <— I don’t think we’ve ever spoken but you always reblog and like my posts and I really appreciate the constant love you show me! I’m 99.9% sure that you are one of my more constant anons and I always love seeing your URL in my notifications. If you ever wanted to pop up to me then please feel free because I think you are incredibly awesome and I would love to get to know you (but you definitely do not have to and I will never force you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with).

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So i have finally done what i have always wanted to do. I have convinced about 6 of my friends to read BCB, so they all did from the beginning. But now they all hate me because they are completely addicted to BCB, and they want more of your melodramatic cats and dogs. I let them peek at the Augustus you jerk BCI comic and now i think they are all ready to unload their wallets on a membership. so thanks for making such an amazing comic that helps me make my friends happy. You are amazing!

Veronica: Oh wow oH WOW AAAAA ;____;  Thank you so so much for spreading the word!! That’s really an awesome help for us and it’s so exciting to hear people interested in the story!! 

BCB feels like such an intimidating read these days and I’m just.. so happy to hear new readers still pouring in. It’s so great and so inspiring and so motivating and thank you thank you~~!!!

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Most of all I want to see Sana so comfortable with her two worlds that she can invite the girls over when her whole family is at home and everybody's nice and having a good time and sana is relaxed and open and looks the opposite of how she did when the girls and the balloon squad were on their way to the party.

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