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A Different Place (2/2)

Summary: Things aren’t all that different ever since Y/N came out of the pit and since her and Dean’s fight. That is until Dean comforts her after she wakes up from another nightmare 

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader 

Word Count: 2,310 

Warnings: It’s a little sad at first but then things get so much better, and Dean is the cutest person ever

A/N: IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! OH…MY…GOD! I hope this meets everyone’s expectation and I hope you guys like this part. Please, please, please let me know what you think! I love you all so much and thank you so much for being patient! 

Feedback is welcome and is much appreciated ♡

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It had been a month since Y/N had been out of the pit and she couldn’t believe it has been a month since she had her fight with Dean. Even though she desperately wanted to leave, she promised Sam to stay at the place that seemed the same but was truly different. Just to see if things would change back to the way they were. However, things haven’t changed ever since she came back and she had her argument with Dean. The two barely said two words to each other, while Sam tried to make the two communicate with each other. Y/N’s nightmares also haven’t changed, keeping her up every night. She hated going back to sleep.  

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Parker, pick a fight with Hardison’s date.

EDIT II: This post has been going around as definite proof that the Cult Ending is fact, and the real way the game works. As such, I’ve been accused of spreading misinformation, to a degree that I’ve been getting extremely toxic and damaging messages.

I want to clarify at this point, this post was made as a vent, back when the data-mine of the Cult End was beginning, and we first got the info that it was a file in the game. The Data-Mine is pretty much finished now, at this point; nothing new to find. And it’s revealed that, while the ending is in a playable state, no coding in the game actually makes it possible to play it. There’s no outcome you can get to trigger this end.

No one is sure if this is a cut ending, future DLC, or if it’s a bug messing up the coding trigger. All we know is we found it, and I made a post too hasty in assumption. I made it when we still thought it was possible to achieve.

So please. Take this with a grain of salt. I don’t want to delete this post, as I feel like it would give the bad impression that I simply wanted to spread fire, with no care for repercussions. But I do want people to know I’ve learned now.

I’m sorry to everyone that I deceived with this. It wasn’t my intention at all, but execution doesn’t always pan out like we hope.

EDIT III: Good god, how often am I going to be updating this post.

Well, we have verification the ending isn’t as scrapped as we thought it was.

An update patch for Dream Daddy to fix bugs and add Robert’s Whittling minigame also secretly updated the coding of the Cult Ending. This info was found VIA data-mining the Level18 files as they were before and after.

The updated files include more trigger codings, and has added the achievement trigger for what we presume is “Escape the Margarita Zone,” as it is listed as “ACHIEVEMENT_SECRET.”

While it doesn’t necessarily mean the ending is definitely going to be playable in the future, it does make the ending’s chances of becoming a possible canon that much more of a reality.

Man. The reveal of what Joseph actually is both amazes and horrifies me further than what we’ve seen.

Okay, so data-mining revealed that Joseph does have a good ending, but it’s not much different from the bad. He still remains with Mary, but he takes you in as a side-man (AKA, he stays with you to continue an affair on Mary.) It’s not very good either, so I won’t be surprised to see people voice disappointment when they get it.

HOWEVER, data-mining found something even worse in the code. And that is Joseph has a third ending, a secret ending, and potentially, the TRUE ending of not only his route, but the game entirely. This ending has been dubbed “cult ending.”

This ending ended up revealing that Joseph is not at all what he seems. He’s not a man living a broken marriage, forcing himself to stay with an alcoholic and cheating wife to have some semblance of a family life with his kids. No, this family he’s created is simply a facade to hide who he is.

Joseph isn’t human. He some sort of demonic entity that has an ulterior motive. His children aren’t truly his children in the sense that you’d assume, they’re more like broken portions of himself, inhabiting child-like forms. And Mary is a woman who was forced to play a role to paint a picture, an illusion. Something she can’t escape from, because Joseph literally has her wrapped around his finger.

Joseph also is a leader of a cult (Obviously, given the fact that this ending is dubbed “cult end.”) I’m not too knowledgeable about the cult, but apparently it’s a front to rituals and the like. We know Robert was, at one point, a part of the cult, but isn’t any longer.

And finally, we know Joseph is drawing forth energy from other single dads, possibly both sexually and ritualistically, to bring the “Eternal King” back to life. He specifically needs the energy from single dads, and with some sort of dark magic, he lures them to his part of town for ease of access. He also is responsible for causing the events of them all being single. Every single dad, he influenced their destinies to fuel his own ambitions.

And once you find this out, you start noticing shit everywhere! There’s symbols of his cult in practically every part of town. Certain behaviors give an odd feeling. It’s just… it’s shocking to go back in to see this.

The cult end finishes with a man name Saul Graves coming to speak to you, and telling you to try and live your life normally. I’m not sure the entirety of the end, I guess it implies Joseph is on the run now? I don’t know, if anyone can clarify it, let me know.

Now, this was a beyond shocking twist to a lot of people. Especially since the game is so comedic, and the other routes, while they may have poignant moments, it’s nothing completely horrifying. I know I certainly was beyond stunned to discover this, but I honestly had a feeling something would happen like this. Though I wasn’t expecting it to actually be Joseph’s route to cause this; I thought it would’ve been a route where you don’t date any dads!

And I know that there’s some speculation that the “cult end” isn’t truly canon (As in, Joseph isn’t actually in a cult or is a demon, it’s just there for intrigue) and is just a dream end. But the fact you start noticing shit after experiencing the end, imagery and encounters, it just… I really can’t see this as being nothing but the truth. Even if you don’t get the ending where you find out what Joseph truly is, he’s still a demonic entity with dark motives, influencing the town and its people to his goals.

And then there’s something that’s honestly quite saddening to think. It’s because of the fact that, even if you don’t get the cult end, it doesn’t change what Joseph is. He’s using single dads’ energy to summon his King to the world. He SPECIFICALLY needs single dads. He has caused all of the other dads to lose their significant other to further his goals, from divorce to death. He’s the reason they’re single in the first place.

Because of this, you pairing up with a dad doesn’t give me a good feeling. Because he needs the dads to be single to draw their energy. And he doesn’t care about “true love” or “good ends.” He’ll tear you apart to forward his goals.

Joseph doesn’t care if Craig’s ending was the cutest thing anyone’s experienced. Joseph doesn’t care if you truly have a connection to Mat.

He needs you two to be single to feed off of you both. And he knows how to break you two apart without anyone ever expecting a thing.

Basically, the reveal of what Joseph is makes me look in fear at all of the other dads, look in fear of their good ends. Because even if it’s a happy end we experienced in what we saw, it implies it’s not meant to last. Down the road, we’ll either be broken up by Joseph’s influences, or he’ll influence one of our’s deaths.

And we won’t think anything odd about it. We’ll just think it didn’t work out, or that life is a cruel mistress.

This is so sinister, like I both love it for the intrigue, but hate it because I genuinely wanted cute moments, and now knowing what Joseph is, I can’t see them as cute anymore. I can’t see myself being happy with any of the Dad’s routes, because there’s that looming thought that it’ll just end in sadness again.

Fucking christ. I didn’t sign up for Dream Daddy to be this dark.

EDIT: This post really blew up, to the point that people are wondering if I’m making shit up due to lack of sources. I wasn’t intending this to get big, it was a vent/personal post, with at most some theories on implications that I thought would get lost to the various other posts people make. I made a reblog showing links that give more info, but for future people that find the post, here are various links on the info we have on the route.

Here’s some images found that pertain to this ending.

Here’s a transcript of how the route goes, from people descrambling the code. Also contains some more images.

Better quality textures of “Cultist Joseph.”

And finally, here’s how people did the data-mine.

BTS at the BBMAS
  • (Sitting next to Justin Bieber)
  • Jin: hi, I'm jin. You know anneyonghassayo?
  • Justin: yeah
  • Suga: dis..(points at Justin's necklace) dis 3 dollar chain?
  • Justin: what! No it's expensive
  • J-hope: (goes a bit too close and whispers) I hate snakeu
  • Justin: ...okay
  • Jungkook: (mouths I love you @ JB)
  • Justin: ....
  • Justin: (looking at Jimin)
  • Justin: you seem like the normal one here lol, what's your name man?
  • Jimin, with the cutest smile on his face: hi ^^
  • Justin: ...(triggered bc Jimin is really cute)
  • Rap monster: I apologize for all this, we're really nervous that's why
  • Justin, not paying attention to RM, still looking at Jimin: ..I'm gay
  • Justin: ...I MEANT IT's okay...

reasons to read the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue:

  • it’s the queer historical road trip novel you never realised you needed
  • the friends-to-lovers trope! the sharing-a-bed trope!! the mutual pining trope!!! the everyone-knows-their-feelings-are-reciprocated-except-for-them trope!!!!
  • basically monty and percy are the cutest and i can 100% guarantee they’re going to be everyone’s new otp
  • a super smart, no-nonsense girl who is basically the embodiment of a slytherclaw (and also seems very aroace after deciding that kissing isn’t really her thing)
  • main characters with disabilities! incl. a disabled love interest who adamantly doesn’t want a cure-all, and whose disability doesn’t make him any less desirable
  • comically inept and lovable pirates
  • tl;dr: a historical novel that acknowledges that queer people, disabled people and people of colour have always existed and puts them front and centre, while acknowledging the hardships they faced
a review of rainbow now that all my thoughts are together
  • bastards: great opening song. a++ gravelly/sorta raw vocals. i feel like this is gonna be an especially good anthem for high schoolers tbh like it's just such a nice "it's gonna be alright" message.
  • let 'em talk: 2010 kesha meets 2017 kesha. play this at the club tbh. but like....a classy club, u feel me?
  • woman: i'm a boy and this makes me wanna scream that i'm a motherfucking woman out the car window at random passerby
  • hymn: if kesha wants to start a church where they play this song i will be at every goddamn sunday mass.
  • praying: what can i say about this that hasn't already been said? i am just sO PROUD OF KESHA ROSE SEBERT
  • learn to let go: this is the ultimate upbeat anthem of recovery. the kind of thing that you dance to in your bedroom to feel better on a shitty day.
  • finding you: um???? did someone say 'sequel to past lives'??? this is just so cute y'all put it on your mixtapes and all that gay shit.
  • rainbow: no wonder this is the mf title track. the way her voice is so genuine and kind of shaky and powerful all at once. the piano. the way it swells and grows stronger just like she's gotten stronger. this is where i died the first time tbh
  • hunt you down: the "boy i'll murder you if you piss me off" anthem all the lady country singers wish they wrote
  • boogie feet: once again, a throwback to old kesha. eagles of death metal are the reason we put eagles on the list of protected animals obvi
  • boots: soundtrack for the female james bond movie we all know we want
  • godzilla: this shit is the cutest thing i've ever fuckin heard what the goddamn fuck
  • spaceship: i could fall asleep to her voice in this song but in the best way. what a nice, soft way to end an album. a++. 10/10

happy kyunsterday ! ♡

thank you for blessing humankind with your presence & angelic vocals. your dorkiness, playfulness & delightfulness completes Monsta X. im very grateful for your hardwork & courage to share your dreams with them too. may all things are sweet & bright for you always!

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26.03.17: happy birthday to exo’s resident mochi, xiumin!  (=^ ◡ ^=)

Yuuri squirmed under Victor’s kisses as they tickled his ear. With each sweet brush, Victor dotted the line of small diamond marks along Yuuri’s skin. The roughness of his morning voice melded with the compliments he whispered, of cute and lovely, and everything that had Yuuri’s cheeks flushing redder than the wine Victor had brought on board for them the previous night.

Yuuri bunched his hands against Victor’s chest, giggling silently at how Victor’s lips swept at the sensitive spots. He pushed lightly in protest, felt the joy expanding in his chest as Victor continued with mutters of beautiful and lovebird. A lifetime spent living on the solitude of jagged cliffsides, and now he awoke in the warmth of Victor’s embrace and the fondness of his kisses.

Teeth scrapped playfully over his earlobe, and Yuuri moaned, the exhale soft and hushed. He did not realize he had let it slip his lips until Victor’s laugh rolled across his skin. Bubbling with glee.

“Yuuri, you sprouted.” Victor teased another kiss just below Yuuri’s ear. His lips tickled tiny feathers, blooming from the tattoos he had been tracing.

Cheeks burning hot, Yuuri clasped his hands over his ears, while Victor laughed all the more.

“Oh darling, don’t hide from me,” Victor said, delicate as he pulled Yuuri’s hands away, kissing his fingertips, the inside of his wrist, and up the tattoos twisting up Yuuri’s arms. “That’s the cutest thing in the world, my kisses got you so excited. You know that I adore you, feathers and all.”

Scowling, Yuuri let his feathers bristle, but Victor just beamed in response. Beamed and kissed at Yuuri’s ears again, until the siren’s giggles filled the room with the magic of their delight.


Pairing; Jeon Jungkook  x Reader

Words; 4.2k

Genre; Smut with a plot 

Summary;  ❝Envy is the art of counting another’s blessing instead of your own❞

Aka; Jungkook is envious of your new relationship after he rejected your feelings

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Chubby body appreciation post tho???

Soft bodies are so?? GOOD??
Big tummies are good pillows and good kissing surfaces.
Tummies with stretch marks?? GOSH, YES??? It’s like nature itself is putting down a trail of lightning that says “KISS HERE PLEASE”

And chubby/fat arms though? Can we JUST? Thighs and stomachs get a lot of love (and rightfully deserved) but can we talk about ARMS??
That cute arm chub that I just want to be wrapped up in a hug and a snuggle in? SO PRECIOUS?? 
People with such soft, cuddly arms that there’s lil bumps and stretches from cellulite?? CUTE??

And soft necks? Necks with some squish on them? Very extra kissable?? And squishy cheeks GODDD I WANNA SMOOSH YOUR CUTE CHEEKS KISS ALL OVER YOUR FACE!!! And when people have chubby cheeks and lil dimples?? Or when they have high cheekbones so when their cheeks are chubby they’re VERY prominently chubby?? THIS IS GOOD AND FANTASTIC??

And THIGHS. My god. Thick thighs are never praised enough no matter how hard one tries. Big, soft laps are so perfect for laying your head on! And stretch marks on big thighs? Cute lightning patterns to trail your fingers over or gently kiss when you’re already laying in their lap?? YES!!
Cellulite on thighs is also so so good and cute!! Dimples in cheeks are wonderful and so are dimples in thighs and butts?? CUTE!!!

Hips with squish over them?? GAH!! I CANNOT HANDLE!!! Please be more confident with your hips (if you feel comfortable) because when you are you give me LIFE!!!

Back rolls?? CUTE and very fun to trace hands over and hold onto during snuggles!! Looks very cute all the time! 

Chubby/fat bodies in crop tops and short shorts?? YES!!! CUTE!!!

Chubby/fat bodies in sweat pants and a tshirt? EXTRA SOFTNESS TO THE SOFT CUTIE!!!

Chubby/fat bodies in swimsuits?? VERY CUTE?? Swim trunks and soft belly is very very good!!
One pieces that cling tight to your stomach or ride up your thighs are still cute no matter what anyone says!!
Two pieces? GOOD!!! You look so cute! Don’t feel obligated to cover that adorableness if you don’t wanna!! 

Chubby/fat bodies in lingerie?? SO IMPORTANT TO ME!!! When stomach is tucked into cute underwear it is very very adorable and when there’s chub over low rise underwear it’s also very very cute and endearing!! THIGH HIGHS?? UGH, MY HEART. I KNOW THAT THEY PROBABLY ARE FALLING DOWN CONSTANTLY BUT THANK YOU FOR WEARING THEM YOU’RE DOING US ALL AN AMAZING SERVICE.

In conclusion:
Softness is good
I will kiss you all over
Holding you and feeling handfuls of squish is amazing
I love you


YES, this, is for today’s prompt “Confession” and I’m absolutely NOT ASHAMED OF IT 8DD

I was kinda sad when I realized the crossover prompt didn’t win the poll so last week I was like “WELL SHIT I’M DOING A CROSS OVER ANYWAY” and litteraly made this one before all the other prompts

Lapidot reminds me a lot of other ships I love but the most similar is Alphyne but Lapidot is still my big fav tho so I felt the need to make this because it thought this was fun and because this is one of my favorite parts of Undertale and because I’m a huge trash

I mean come on you got  the small blonde nerd having a huge crush and a cool, blue and strong one. The small one takes their blue gf in their fandom, they look at each other with the weirdest and cutest faces…Also you got a child, who help them making it work

I…just love these dorks <3

Btw I first didn’t know who would replace MTT but Sardonyx seems to be a good choice. I’m just currently laughing at what I’ve done lmao


i think peridot is a little too tall in this one

i’m so not sorry for all this

(boop @lapidot-anniversary-week and @luclipse85)

(By the way I actually made another cross over, made before the poll results. I’ll post it tomorrow with the selfies :^) )

You Guys Are The Worst (Tom Holland x Reader)

since tom has been doing live streams on Instagram, do you think you can do a fluffy imagine with the reader and tom and Haz (tom and the reader are dating) and tom does a live stream with all 3 of them

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“So, we are at a basketball game. (Y/N) has already expressed their opinion on the game being, and I quote, ‘stupid as fuck’.” Harrison was talking to a crowd on Instagram while the three of you were watching a game. You were sitting front row, practically on the court, because a friend had offered Tom the amazing tickets.

“Oh, shut up Haz. You know I don’t like sports,” you complain, the smile on your face showing that you’re kidding. Tom’s fingers intertwined with yours and Harrison faced the camera towards them. “Look at that. Ladies and Gentlemen, the world’s cutest couple!”

You giggled and ran your hand down his face before telling him to shut up again. Tom leaned in and kissed your cheek and a wide grin spread over your face. “I think Haz feels a little left out, Tommy,” you say to both the boys and the camera.

Tom grinned cheekily before going to kiss Haz’s cheek. You laughed as Haz backed away from Tom’s lips nearing his cheek. “Come on, Harrison, come give your best friend a kiss!” Tom exaggerated before leaning closer to him. Harrison fell suddenly from his chair and landed on the floor in a heap.

“You guys are the worst,” he groaned before lying down on the floor. He didn’t stand up until it was time for the game to begin.

Going to the Yule Ball with Draco Malfoy would include...

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request -  Dancing with Draco at the Yule Ball.

a/n - i kind of changed it up and made it into a yule all with draco thing since i had a lot more ideas to offer into the request, hope you don’t mind!!! xxx

- he probably asked you by using a charm to be all cutesy

- he only went all out because he thinks you’re the absolute cutest in the school

- also would probably beat crabbe and goyle up if they called they said anything about you that was negative

- him asking fellow slytherins to tie his bowtie

- ‘draco all you’ve ever told me to do is go stick a dragons egg up my arse why should i help you now’


 - waits for you at the bottom of the staircase in front of the great hall

- might i mention that you’ve already tripped on your dress a good 5 times already

- your mom sent you that dress okay!!! it was special and you hope he would like it

- and oh boy did he

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Dating Zach Dempsey would include...

• Lots of basketball games, where’d you’d be on the side lines holding up a cheesy sign saying “# 7 on the field # 1 in my heart.”

• Him looking and winking just as he is about to make the game winning point!

 • He’d run to you after a game through the crowd, just to get his winning kiss. “y/n!” “Oh no Zach! Get your sweaty self away from me.” You said running through the stands. But he catches you in less than a minute and envelopes you in his arm. “Caught you.” He whispers “You’re an idiot.” You say with a smile “Yes, but I’m your idiot, so it’s okay.” He says right before he kisses you. 

 • Ice cream dates, he’d smile and watch you as you ate your ice cream. “What’re you doing?” You said with a giggle, “You’re so weird.” He rolled his eyes, “is it bad that I love my girlfriend so much I can’t help but stare at her beauty?” You held out your spoon. “Oh shush and let me eat my ice cream in peace.” He leaned over and ate it as you gasped! “Zachary! How dare you?!” He chucked and winked. “Maybe next time you’ll take my compliment, so I don’t have to take you ice cream.”

•Movies at the Crestmont, where you two would sit in the back and cuddle into him.

•cuddling non stop.

•lots and lots of kisses, on your forehead, nose, lips

• You always wear his letterman jacket and it’s huge on you because your boy is a giant. “You’re tiny.” “I AM NOT.” “Y/n you are so small.” “I am average height, you fricking giant.” “Gosh you’re feisty, and you look so cute in that.” “Can I keep it.?” “No.” “But Zach…”

•he’d surprise you from behind and always make an effort to walk you to your classes. “Zach you’re gonna be late for your class.” “But I have to walk with you to class..” “I’m a big girl I can walk by myself.” “Yes, I’d rather spend time with my girl, than be in class, unless that class is Bio.”

•you and his sister are best friends, and you guys are always whispering. And he loves how good you are with her.

•his mom loving you because unlike the rest of his friends, you’re such a good influence on him. She sees the way you two love each other and can’t wait to call you her daughter-in-law

•Zach gets jealous easily, especially when you laugh at Jeff’s jokes and hang out with him. He will give you the silent treatment until you make him realize he’s the only boy for you.

“Zach, I love you. No one else” “But Jeff..” “He’s a friend, one of my very good friends and you need to stop being jealous about small things. You know i’d never leave you.” “I-I’m sorry.” You kissed his forehead. “I love you okay? Don’t forget that.”

•you play video games with him, and sometimes he lets you win, just to see you smile and jump around. “OH MY GOD. I BEAT YOU.” Zach chuckled, “yes you did.” “I BEAT ZACH DEMPSEY AT COD.. HOW IN THE WORLD.” He scoops you up in his arms, “yes you did y/n, and I’ve got a prize for you.” He says as he kisses you!

•he’s super protective, especially after hearing Bryce’s tapes, and makes sure you’re never alone with him.

•He comes to you whenever he is sad, or upset about life. And the two of you cuddle and eat lots and lots of ice cream.

•You always make fun of how he’s allergic to strawberries. “It’s kinda sad, you know? You’ll never be able to bite into a juicy strawberry.” He rolled his eyes “yes y/n I’m so sorry that the small little fruit could possibly cause me to die.” “I’m just saying it’s a shame, they’re so good.” “God, you’re so mean.”

•He loves PDA when he’s drunk, but when he’s sober, he’d rather it be more personal, just between the two of you.

•He’s never fails to make you laugh, and cracks jokes just to see your eyes light up and to see your smile grow.

•When he gets drunk, all he’s does is think about you and tell you how much he loves you, and will not stop kissing you. “My girlfriend y/n, she’s such a babe. Like damn she’s the hottest girl in the school and she’s all mine. And have I told you I love her so much.” “Zach I’m right here.” “You’re really pretty you know that.” “Oh dear Zach, how much did you drink.”

• He’s always super embarrassed after hearing what he did while drunk, and you think he’s the absolute cutest.

• Zach is so fit, and loves the gym, and half the time you joke you’re dating him just for his abs. “God you’re hot.” He looked up at you. “Well that was random.” “Like I’m definitely dating you for your abs.” “Wow y/n so superficial” “Kidding I love every little thing about you.” “Oh sweet little y/n, nothing about me is little.” “ZACH!”

•Zach leaves the weirdest compliments in your compliment bag, and you keep them all to look at whenever you need to smile.

•Justin being like another brother to you and always jokes about how you have Zach wrapped around your finger.

•Justin and Zach are so close you always joke that he’s Zach’s boyfriend. “Hi I’m y/n and this is my boyfriend Zach and his boyfriend Justin.”

• He always tells you the cheesiest science jokes, because he’s a bio nerd. “Hey y/n, are you DNA helicase cause I’d like to unzip your genes.” “You’re an idiot”

•Zach dreaming about spending the rest of his life with you and growing old, because you’re everything and more he’d ever imagine in a girl.

dating tom holland...
  • okok but he would be the sweetest 
  • like he’d always ask about how you were doing
  • and he’d instantly know if you needed cheering up
    • so he’d just bear hug you until you finally gave in, finding his warmth comforting
    • “wanna talk about it?” he’d ask and if you said no, he’d never push for it
  • i feel like he’d be the one to wake up first cause of all the travel so his sleep schedule is all messed up
  • so he’d just sit up in bed and grab his phone while his free hand just gently played with your hair
  • and when he stopped or removed his hand you’d whine until he continued playing with you hair
  • lazy cuddles where you two are just draped over each other
  • after sex cuddles where you’re tucked under his arm as he holds you
  • sleep cuddles where you’re both barely awake but still playing with each others fingers
  • i think’d he’d be ok with pda tbh cause like fuck everyone else he’s happy 
  • he’d always be touching you, but not in a sexual manner just a sweet one
  • like an arm around your waist or shoulder or his hand in yours as you strolled through parks on sunday mornings
  • he’s a whiny bitch let’s be real
    • so needy in the mornings 
    • “five more minutes” which end up being five hours
    • its too cold without you”
    • “if you leave i wont ever cuddle with you again” followed by “NO I DIDNT MEAN THAT IT DOESNT COUNT”
  • he adores you and would literally do anything for you
  • “darling” and “love” 
  • calling you ‘mommy’ in front of tessa almost making you cry because he’s so fucking cheesy
  • “who’s that tessa? could it be mommy?” when you visit him at home
  • tessa also being super excited to see you and always invading you and tom’s cuddle sessions because she needs cuddles too ya know
  • you and him could be sitting on the couch and he’d be drinking tea or something and you’d just go “wanna a blowjob?” and he’d nearly choke
    • “uh, I-I, you, uhm” while he stutters you can’t help but laugh at how shy he can be
  • but you know he can be dominant when he wants to be
  • like when hes had a rough day and needs to take that energy out somewhere 
    • “darling” he’d practically growl while you were reading on the bed
    • “strip. now” 
    • i wanna hear you, kitten”
    • but also “are you okay” and “you’ll tell me if im hurting you, right”
  • there’d also be lazy sex where you’re both really tried but too horny to fall asleep 
  • l o v e m a k i n g
    • he is so big on that dont even fight me
    • he wants to make you feel the way you deserve to feel
    • everything is about you and only you in that moment
  • he definitely will pinch and squeeze your bum, especially if you’re in line at like starbucks or something too busy with the menu he’ll pat your bum to tell you to move up 
  • or when you refuse to get out of bed for early morning flights he’ll tap your bum until you let out a giggle and finally get up
  • you don’t even have to steal his clothes cause he deadass just gives them to you
    • “you look really hot in them” with no shame and a smirk on his face
  •  whining when you refuse to give him attention
  • his entire family loves you so much you’re practically family to them 
  • his mum calling him to ask how you’re doing
    • “i know you’re doing fine I asked about [Y/N]”
  • “wanna do the spiderman kiss????????” “tom, no” 
  • so. much. pouting. 
  • begging to do the spiderman kiss because it would “look so cool”
  • finally agreeing to do the kiss but he ends up snapping the tree branch and falling to the floor
  • trying to stop laughing but you cant because he literally ate dirt
  • what if i was really hurt” “but you’re not so its ok to laugh”
  • so many “c’mere darlin’”
    • especially late at night when all he wants to do is hold you
  • convincing him to get a manicure with him (no polish for him) and he just whines and grumbles the entire time
    • “what if the paparazzis see?”
    • “is she taking pictures??”
    • “are you taking pictures??”
  • but he turns out to like it saying its “relaxing”
  • eskimo kisses all the fucking times alright mate dont fight me on this
  • cheek and forehead kisses whenever because he fucking can
  • but you dont complain because you’re so heart eyes for him
  • he would take so many pictures of you
    • “tom will you stop im just making dinner”
    • “what if i get amnesia and forget these moments and the only way to remember them is by pictures??? what then????”
    • you just rolling your eyes playfully 
  • squeezing your cheeks in his hands when youre mad to make you laugh 
  • “youre my second favourite girl” “uhm whos the first????” “tessa obviously”
  • he would try to do your hair in the morning to try and save you time but you’d have to re do it cause itll fall out in the next three seconds if you dont
  • showering with him after the gym yo 
  • showering with him in general 
    • “it saves water” he says while wiggling his eyebrows
    • shower sex is messy and dangerous so you both just opt for actually showering
    • tom getting shampoo in his eyes every single time 
    • “it hurts get it oooouuuut” 
    • you got yourself into this you’re getting yourself out of it”
  • him singing in the shower and you recording it because have you heard his singing voice 
  • playing pranks on each other
  • declaring truce on the prank wars but as soon as you do he sprays you with silly string
    • “i hate you”
    • “nonononono you love me, c’mon repeat after me [Y/N], i love you”
  • him leaning in for a kiss but he ends up licking you at the last minute
  • tom is always so full of energy so you tell him to go for a walk to calm down and when he returns he’s picked a bouquet of wild flowers
    • you nearly crying
    • “did i do something wrong????” he asks worried as you shake your head
    • “i love you, you dork”
  • he is your dork™
  • so much love for each other
  • always giggling and making jokes
  • him asking “im your dork, right??” 24/7
    • “you’ll always be my dork”
  • him trying to make ‘i love you’ pancakes but they just end up looking like a huge blob
    • “its about the effort” you tell him as he smiles shyly, pressing a kiss to your cheek
  • “i’ll always love you, you know that right?”
    • “yes tom, i know”
  • having to take care of drunk tom 
  • drunk tom is excessively touchy with you
    • “i jus’ wanna hol’ you hand” as he squeezes your bum
  • complaining about his hangover even though it was all his fault 
  • never taking his eyes off of you whenever you’re at an event together
  • he would wanna talk about you for days 
  • he would be the best boyfriend i wanna die rn

i am currently deceased goodbye world

a/n: part two to this????