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i’ve gotten rlly cool prompts but my brain has been fried lately yall~~ i will get 2 them~~ someday~~ my classes are starting soon so i will need things to procrastinate with soon enuff~~~~~~~

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Could you do hcs of an awkward first date with Steve?

how bout yES 
(i don’t think he’d be too awkward cause he’s a cocky lil shit but here we go)

- he had a two hour conversation w soda beforehand bc he really wants to impress u
- he def asked soda if car talk was acceptable during dinner
- soda told him no
     - “well then can i talk about my car when we’re in the car??” 
     - “steve, no”
     - “then when can i talk about my car”
     - “just dON’T TALK ABOUT THE CAR”
     - “why not”
     - “u know what steve if u wanna talk about ur car go ahead but u can bet ur ass i’m yelling ‘i told u so’ when u can’t get a second date”
- told u he’d be there to pick u up at 7pm
- homeboy is there literally a half an hour earlier bc he rlly couldn’t wait
- he’s actually just sitting in his car counting down the minutes 
- but then he gets rlly impatient and comes up ur walkway and knocks on ur door
- he trips on one of ur front steps and he whisper-screams
      - “what the FUCK”
- resisting the urge to slap/pinch ass is a real struggle for him tonight
- he usually has a hard time paying attention to detail but tonight he’s rlly tryin
   - “wow, you look awful pretty tonight”
   - “i mean- not that you don’t look pretty all the time”
- he isn’t normally this awkward but he’s just tryin real hard to make a good impression 
- when u get into his car and he opens the door for u cause he’s trying to b a gentleman, he actually kinda hits himself swinging the door open
   - cue the grumbling
- he takes u to the dingo
- he would’ve taken you someplace nicer but his wallet told him no
- at dinner he runs out of things to talk about so *awkward silence*
- he forgets what soda told him and he ends up talking about his car (what can ya do, the boy loves his car)
- trust me, u are not prepared for the number of cheesy pickup lines as the night goes on
- when he drops u off at ur door and u go and try to kiss him on the cheek, he turns quick enough to catch ur lips (slick lil shit)
- on his way home he stops by the Curtises’ to talk (nonstop) to Soda about u
   - “i talked about us, the rest of the gang, school, my car, wor-“
   - “i told u not to talk about the fuckin car”
   - “well, i got another date. so fuck you”

(these are my v first headcannons so b gentle w me; homegirl’s tryin)

You’ve Lost Your Mind - William Nylander

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I don’t think I’ve ever proclaimed my love for Willy but I do!  He’s the cutest little human!  He could probably run me over with a truck and I’d be chill with it! Anyways, this is definitely the longest I’ve ever written and I got carried away but I hope you enjoy it! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 1727

Warnings: some smut, swearing, mention of drinking

Request: “Hiiii! Ok so I love your imagines and you like Willy too so you’re awesome. I was wondering if you could do a #2 “Have you lost your damn mind” with William Nylander? Like maybe (y/n) is one of the athletic trainers so the guys are used to seeing her in athletic stuff so when they all go to a club the boys are blown away by how good she looks, especially Willy. And they dance and get all flirty and maybe a bit smutty??? I know you’re busy so do my imagine (if u want) whenever you get a chance!” - @pookie-cleary

Prompt: “Have you lost your damn mind?”

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“You’re coming out tonight right Y/N??” Mitch Marner asked as the boys all filed out of the dressing room.  The Leafs had won a pretty crucial game so everyone was going out to celebrate.  You were an athletic trainer for the team and it resulted in you becoming friends with all they players.

“Maybeee” you pondered.

“Oh come on!  You have to!”  Auston Matthews exclaimed, “you’re done school and everything so you have no excuses!”

“But I’ll be so tired!” you whined, slipping on your Leafs athletic jacket.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” the small group of boys started to chant.

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Palette woke up to see Cupcake, missing from the bed? He got up and searched for him, finding him in the living room, eating. That was a first… “Morning Gothy” Cupcake smiled and waved a bit. “Morning….” “Fell Palette is coming over in a bit..” Cupcake nodded “Yeah, I know”

Cupcake smiled more at the thought of his Palette. Unlike what people believed, he was actually pretty sweet to him. He just….drank sometimes….. He heard a knock on the door “O-oh, he’s here..” Cupcake went to go answer it, being greeted by Pudding’s normal smile. 

“Good morning love~” Cupcake giggled and kissed his cheek. Goth nervously waved and smiled “H-hi Palette…” Goth went over to Palette, hugging him gently. Cupcake kissed Pudding sweetly, wrapping his arms around his neck. He pulled away and cuddled into his chest.

“I missed you baby…” Pudding smiled and picked him up “So did I” Cupcake kissed him one last time before going home. They arrived home after a short walk through the woods. Pudding set him down “Ladies first~” He opened and held the door open for Cupcake.

Cupcake rolled his eyes but thanked Pudding and walked through the door. Pudding walked in as well and shut the door behind him. He pull Cupcake back, into his arms. Cupcake gasped in shock, backing away in surprise. Pudding softly shushed him.

“It’s ok, it’s just me~…..” Cupcake smiled nervously and relaxed into Pudding’s strong but gentle grasp. “Honey, I wanna talk to you…” Cupcake felt a pang of fear in his chest. Was he gonna break up with him? Is something bad happening?? Cupcake nodded anyway. “Talk to me about what…?”

Pudding motioned for Cupcake to follow him, Cupcake obeying. His heart beat quick as anxiety started to increase. Pudding got something out, hiding it behind his back. Cupcake stood in front of him, his fear obvious. Pudding sighed a bit. “I wanna ask you something, and you’re free to say no.”

“O-ok…what is it?” Pudding brought the object out from behind his back. It was a black leather collar, with Cupcake printed onto it. It had a skinny material Cupcake couldn’t identify as a leash. 

“C..can you wear this? I know it’s a weird thing to ask, but….it’s because I wanna make the town finally see that you’re not something to stare at.. I’m so tired of people yelling at you, and whispering about you when they see you. I want them to know you belong to me alone!”

Cupcake backed away in fear, scared that Pudding was gonna do something to him. Pudding sighed angrily, attempting to calm down. “I..I’m sorry…it just, bothers me a lot..” Cupcake nodded and went back to him. “N-no, I understand what you mean…. A-and yes, I’ll wear the collar…”

Pudding smiled at him. “Thank you sweetheart.. It..somehow makes me feel safer knowing that people won’t do that to you anymore..” Pudding kissed his cheek and put the collar around his neck, making sure it wasn’t too tight or too loose. After all the adjustments he did, the collar pressed into his neck only slightly.

You look really hot like that…“ Cupcake blushed at his comment “Thanks….” Pudding jerked his leash forward as a test, causing Cupcake to run into Pudding’s chest. “W-what was that for??” “Just seeing what it does… Did I hurt you??” Cupcake shook his head “No, I’m fine..”

Pudding nodded “Ok, good…” Pudding kissed his cheek again, letting go of his leash. “I…I’m gonna go out real quick…..I’ll be back soon..” Pudding rushed out the door, leaving Cupcake in tears. “No no no no no no… were doing so well…..” Cupcake took in sharp breaths as he cried harder into his sleeves.

Pudding’s POV

I felt shame push away any sense of any other emotion in me as I took my fifth shot…. “God I’m a wreck…” I heard the sound of heels hitting the floor become louder as a young blonde haired bunny come up to me. She was obviously looking to hook up, or she was a prostitute… There were a lot of hookers where Gothy and I lived…

“Hey big boy~ How about you come back to my place and fuck me silly?~” I cringed at her words. Even thinking about having sex with her made my stomach churn. “No thanks lady, go and hit on someone else, I’m already taken” She just smirked and rubbed her breasts, which were definitely fake, on my arm. 

“Oh, you mean that nervous wreck of a skeleton Goth? I bet he isn’t half as good as I am at getting you off~” I tightened my grip on the shotglass, trying to contain my anger. “Lady, I said no. End of story." 

She rolled her eyes and walked off, but not before saying something to me that nearly made me knock her out cold "Fine, but next time you’re doing him, you can thank me that you don’t have to fake it anymore” I shattered the shot glass, getting up and storming over to her before the bartender held me back.

“Easy Palette, we don’t want another problem, do we?” I growled angrily and gave up struggling “No…..” The hooker ended up going home with a bird monster. The bartender let me go “About time you headed home to your man, isn’t it?” I nodded silently “He’s gonna be so disappointed in me….." 

"Well, look on the bright side. If you go home now, you haven’t dranken nearly as much as you used to. Normally, you’d finish three entire bottles by now…..” I smiled at his words “Yeah, I’m just a bit tipsy, not full on wasted..” I paid the bartender and headed out the door, stumbling a bit.

Cupcake wasn’t crying as hard as earlier, but tears still fell down his face occasionally. He snapped his head towards the door when he heard it open. He ran towards Pudding, hugging him tightly “P-Palette…..” Cupcake cried into his chest

Pudding felt a lump in his throat as he hugged Cupcake back. “Y…you promised…..y-you promised you wouldn’t d-drink again!!” Pudding flinched, but didn’t blame him. He broke his promise to his one and only love of his life. Cupcake calmed down enough to talk, sorta normally.

“Why did you do it…..?” Pudding was silent for a few moments. When he spoke, his voice sounded broken. “I needed it so badly… These months have been tortuous without even a drop… But….I didn’t get drunk…I-I’m just tipsy..” Cupcake backed away so he could get a good look at Pudding.

It was true. He didn’t reek of alcohol, his speaking wasn’t that butchered, and he could stay balanced. He sighed, and kissed Pudding “I should hate you for breaking your promise to me, but I can’t…. And, I’m proud you didn’t get that drunk..” Pudding smiled “I’m proud of myself too….” Cupcake smiled and hugged him lovingly.

He would get better. Just wait..

All the angst in here tonight…

fanfic by creepychick420


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Hello! Would love to hear your analysis on the Late Late Show performance. Always look forward to reading those posts of yours. Thank you!

The Late Late Show was the best set-up so far of the three U. S. televised performances. The lighting, staging, number of fans, and energy level of fans was the best of all three (LLS, Tonight with Jimmy Fallon, Today).

Louis and Steve did fine. As usual, Louis sang live without a backing track. His vocals were good. He hit the high notes in tune. There were minor pitch problems, like in the other performances.

To my ear, he didn’t sound better or worse than the other performances. And Steve looked okay… just okay. I felt like they did a rote performance but they weren’t really that psyched. And the interview? Tell me Louis had 1/10 the energy level of any previous interview he did with 1D on the LLS.

And, unpopular opinion here. Louis does not appear that excited to perform this song anymore. He looks very tired to me. I’m not sure what’s going on with him, with his nonexistent management team. They are allowing the song to run out of air, the way Zayn’s Mind of Mine petered out. Until there is indication otherwise, I will assume that, for whatever reason, his team is actively working against him.

I think Louis’s body language shows it, and I don’t know. I feel sad and angry about it.

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Hello my sin friend, can i ask for a svt reaction when he is in a tour And u call him, but in the middle of the call u say another name like "Simon" or something like that, so he is angry And start to think u are cheating, but in the end u only adopted a cat. Thanks, Sorry my awful english, Hope u understand!!

Hello, Evil Empress of Sin here! Don’t worry, I understand! Your English is good! So I chose a Korean name for the cat because Simon the Cat is a YouTube series, so writing the name as Simon made me laugh really hard. I hope that’s okay! Thank you for your request! 

“The acting in this is faker than Jihoon’s hair colour,” Jeonghan sighed, flopping back against the pillow where Seungcheol was already dozing off. The members all collectively tensed, eyes wandering over to where Jihoon was perched in the desk chair looking at his Instagram.

“Do you wanna die tonight?” Jihoon asked softly, not even looking up.

“My feet are killing me so I wouldn’t mind it too much,” Jeonghan answered snippily, popping a jellybean into his mouth without a care in the world.

They continued ‘watching’ the movie, half of them on their phones by this point when a loud buzz vibrated on the bed between Hansol and Chan. Hansol leapt to his feet, careful not to step on Mingyu on the way down. “Excuse me, excuse me,” he rambled as he jumped and tripped his way over the stack of boys on the hotel floor.

“What’s your big hurry?” Soonyoung mumbled through a mouthful of peanuts, looking back at the television.

“Y/N is calling me!” Hansol exclaimed, throwing open the connecting door that led to his and Seungkwan’s room.

“Dude, it can wait! We can’t rewind on this TV!”

“Y/N’s been busy all week and hasn’t called me once, I need to go talk for a little bi- heeey, babe!”

Soonyoung rolled his eyes as Hansol disappeared into the other room. “They’re gonna sext.”

“you’re so gross, Soonyoung,” Wonwoo muttered, scandalised.

Soonyoung shook his head. “Nah, they gonna sext.”

“Hansol!” Y/N exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, I’m sorry I haven’t talked to you much. It’s just been so busy over here.”

Hansol closed the door softly behind him, just in case Seungkwan was in bed. He and Seokmin had been in there earlier, but noticing the silence, he guessed they went off in search of a vending machine.

“Oh, no, it’s totally okay!” he answered sincerely. “I get it. We’ve been promoting a ton too over here, so we’re all sorta just done.”

“I’m sorry, Honey,” Y/N sighed. “I heard you and Jisoo on the radio yesterday. I meant to text, but I was busy.”

Hansol flopped down on his bed, noticing all the Starburst wrappers Seokmin forgot to pick up. “It’s okay, I promise! What’s been keeping you so busy?”

“Oh, just little things. Cleaning up my apartment’s been a hassle the past few days. Also, I’m getting a new couch.”

Hansol frowned. “Why? I like your couch.”

“I know, but it’s just kinda old, I guess.”

Hansol was still frowning, but he nodded. “I guess I understand.” Plucking up a pink Starburst, he continued on more brightly, “So aside from busy stuff, have you done anything fun?”

There was lots of shuffling on the other line. Hansol guessed Y/N was getting into bed or changing into a sweatshirt or something. “Um… no, not anything too special.” More shuffling. “I just ate dinner.”

Hansol smiled. “What did you have? We found a cool sushi place by the hotel. The owner’s daughter knew us so he gave us free ice cream.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet!” Lots of shuffling and a slight grunt. “Just ramen. I didn’t have time to cook much, so we- I! I- I decided to just stay in and watch a movie.”

At that, Hansol perked up a little. “Did your friends come over to watch with you?”

“No, they were busy tonight. I just wanted to be by myself.” There was a small grunt again, sounding something between a laugh and annoyance, and then much more shuffling.

Hansol laughed slightly, more in confusion than anything else. Something was not right in how his partner was talking to him, and it was worrying him a bit. “What are you doing over there? It sounds like you’re doing gymnastics, Babe.”

Y/N laughed easily. “No, I promise I’m not, I’m just kinda-,” The phone was jerked away, and a slight, “No, let g-!” was heard before it was returned. Y/N’s voice came back far too loud, “Sorry, I’m just antsy right now.”

Hansol was sitting up now. “Is someone with you right now? Because if I’m being honest, I’m actually kinda worried right now. Tell me the truth, is something up?”

Just as he said this, the hotel door clicked open. He glanced over to see Seungkwan and Seokmin entering with Cokes and potato chips, but he ignored them when they waved.

“No, Hansol, I promise there isn’t, I just-,” Y/N actually yelped, and Hansol was on his feet in an instant. Seungkwan and Seokmin noticed and stared at him, their expressions obviously questioning him.

“Y/N, what the hell is going on?” he demanded, worry and aggravation written plainly on his face and edging in his voice.

“Hansol, I,” Y/N faltered, sounding ready to spill everything when they exclaimed, “I gotta go.”

“Y/N, wait-,”

“I gotta go.”

The phone was yanked from Y/N’s mouth, and just before hanging up, Hansol heard loud and clear, “Ji-Eun Seongsaengnim, you need to knock it the hell off-,” before the call ended angrily.

Hansol just stood there, feeling like a total idiot, and without saying anything just let the phone fall to the bed.

“Hansol-ah…?” Seungkwan started. He and Seokmin watched him carefully; his back was to them, but they could see the tenseness in his arms and shoulders. “Hansol, what happened?”

Hansol turned around, his brows furrowed so tightly that they looked ready to burst. “I… I don’t know yet,” he mumbled. Seeing their confusion, he said slowly, “Y/N doesn’t sound well. Something was wrong. I think someone was in the apartment, but when I asked, Y/N kept telling me ‘no’. Then right before hanging up, he/she yelled at someone. Do we know a Ji-Eun?”

Seungkwan and Seokmin stared at one another, their brows now knit similarly. “No,” Seungkwan said, immediate accusation flooding his features.

Seokmin coughed. “But Y/N doesn’t lie like that, Hansol,” he said comfortingly, setting his Coke down so he could sit. “You don’t really think there’s cheating or something, do you?”

Hansol was still frozen, brows still knit. “I really don’t know.”

His friends were quiet for awhile. Finally, Seungkwan murmured, “I’m sorry, Hansol.”

“We’ll be going home soon,” Seokmin added kindly. “You can talk about it then, right?”

Hansol smiled, just enough to upturn the corners of his mouth, but his brow didn’t loosen. “Yeah. I hope so.”

Seventeen returned to Seoul the next week just as the sun was setting. The members were all exhausted and Chan had to be carried from the van upstairs by a very disgruntled Seungcheol.

As they all moved their luggage upstairs, Hansol hurried over to Seokmin. “I’m running to Y/N’s place, okay? I already got permission from the manager.”

Seokmin nodded with an encouraging smile. “I hope it goes well, okay?”

Hansol smiled. “Thanks, man.”

Turning the corner from the dorms, Hansol ran all six blocks to the apartment despite how tired he was; he had been worried sick since the day of the phone call, and the worry had only increased with each passing day. He had tried hard not to think about it, he really had, but so many concerns plagued him. Hansol knew it had always been hard on you with him always being gone. Time together was near impossible with his schedule, and even when you could see each other, it had to remain hidden so the public- mostly his fans- would not lash out at either of you. Hansol almost tried to convince himself that cheating would be okay under those circumstances, but he knew that it really was not; if you could not handle the lack of company, he would just hope for you to break up with him. He would understand why you were struggling and not be nearly as sad as if you were actually with somebody else, something he knew his heart could never handle.

All these thoughts swarming around his head with each step, Hansol practically sprinted up the steps to the gate of your apartment. Pressing the buzzer for number 12, your apartment, he stood frantically tapping his hand against the side of his thigh, awaiting your answer. Soon enough, a crackle fizzed through the speaker, and he stood petrified as you spoke, “Hello?”

Hansol almost broke the button as he held down to speak. “Y/N? It’s Hansol- er, yeah, me. I’m home. Can I please come up?”

There was a moment of silence. Then the intercom crackled to life. “I- of course! Yes, that’s fine! Come on up!”

The door unlocked, and Hansol tore through it, pounding up the stairs to the thirds floor since the elevator was too slow. Reaching your door, he pounded down hard with his fist, still bouncing on his heels with nervousness. Then the door clicked open.

You popped your head out, trying to keep your apartment hidden. You smiled brightly quite aware of your flushed cheeks and messy hair. “Hansol! I didn’t expect you tonight!” You stepped out, throwing your arms around his neck in a tight hug. He hugged you back, but you could feel how tense he was, and it put you on edge. You pulled away, slightly confused. “Are you okay? I’ve missed you!”

Scratching the back of his neck uneasily, Hansol smiled. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine, I missed you too. Just- could I come in real quick? I swear I won’t stay long, I just have to talk to you real quick.”

At that, you froze. You motioned feebly at the door as if you’d never seen it before. “In there?”

At that, Hansol looked thoroughly distraught. “Uh… yeah. In your apartment.”

You peeked behind you pathetically, taking a deep sigh before stepping aside to let him in. He stepped inside and took off his shoes, but you could see his eyes carefully scanning everything. He took a few steps in, taking far too long to glance over your kitchen counter.

“Hansol?” You stepped in after him, not sure what to do with yourself. “What’s wrong? You’ve been acting funny since you got here.”

Hansol turned and looked at you, and he looked ready to vomit. “Can we please sit down?”

“Um, sure.” You led him into your small living room, to the new sky blue couch you just moved in. You could see his dark hazel eyes staring at it before sitting down.

“Oh my gosh, could you just please tell me what’s wrong?”

Hansol looked up at you, that weird look still on his face. “I, um… I… ugh.” Pulling you down next to him, he said slowly, carefully, “Something is wrong. Or at least I think so. Last week when you called me, you literally sputtered and couldn’t talk the whole time, and then you kept saying how ‘busy’ you’ve been, but you couldn’t tell me with what, and then you even mentioned someone’s name. A guy’s name, and um, and…” His eyes scanned the living room desperately, falling on the couch you both were sitting on. “And this!” he cried suddenly, causing you to jump. “This couch! You got it because the other one was too old, which is understandable, but… it was the way you said it. And you hung up on me.” Seeing the total alarm in your eyes, he sighed and hung his head. “Look,” he said, “I just need to know if something is wrong, mostly between us, because I feel like for some reason all that stuff you were mumbling about has to do with me. And I get that I’m basically the world’s worst boyfriend, because I’m never here for you, but if you’re unhappy then you have to tell me. I can’t just sit here and guess how you feel. And also, I don’t know who that guy is you were yelling at, but if you’re into having him around then we need to break up right now, because I refuse to be cheated on no matter how bad of a partner I might be, okay?”

At that, you could feel fear, sadness, and laughter building up inside you, and in a shaking voice you said softly, “Um… you’re not wrong, but you’re not right either.”

Seeing the total alarm on his face, you actually laughed slightly. “I wasn’t planning on telling you this early, mostly because he’s not being good these days, but I have a surprise for you. Come with me!”

You stood up quickly, grabbing his hands and ignoring his confusion, and dragged him down your small hallway to your closed bedroom door. Turning the knob excitedly, you threw open the door and tugged him in, watching as his face went from confused to very confused to sudden shock, then total joy. The small gray munchkin cat curled up on your bed looked up from his sleep softly, his round eyes locking with Hansol’s equally round ones immediately.

Hansol looked at you, his eyes watering and mouth wide open, then back at the cat, then back at you at a complete loss at what to do with himself. You just giggled, relief finally washing over you that he was not angry anymore. “Surprise!” you sang in a small voice, waving jazz hands feebly.

Without even waiting for you to say anything else, Hansol practically threw himself onto the bed to pet him. “This is the surprise? Oh my god, where did you get him?”

You sat next to him as he let the cat lick his finger in total awe. “I got him at a pet store,” you said wide-eyed, like it was a big secret. He almost rolled his eyes at you, but was too pleased by the cat to do so. “His name is Ji-Eun, and he belongs to the both of us. I know you miss your cat back home, so I figured Ji-Eun would be nice. And honestly, he’s nice company to me for when you can’t visit. He’s bad though; he shredded up the old couch entirely, so I had to get a new one and get him a scratching post.” You motioned to the corner where you had kept it. Hansol didn’t look though, he now had Ji-Eun buried in his jacket and looked like he was ready to cry. You put a hand on his shoulder, preparing to speak again, when he cut you off with a soft kiss.

He pulled away slowly, watching the blush spread over your cheeks, and he said immediately, “Y/N, I can’t say sorry enough. I accused you of cheating on me when you were trying to hide a gift to me, and I…” His head hung, and you could see him searching for words, something comforting to say, but you just rested your head on his shoulder.

“I can understand why you would think that,” you laughed with embarrassment. “I wasn’t good at hiding it at all. I mean, Ji-Eun clawed my leg when I was on the phone with you and I about screamed.”

Hansol bolted straight up, eying you in shock, like he put something together inside his head. He swallowed. “He did?”

You leaned over to roll up your jeans, revealing the bottom of five long red streaks on your calf. Hansol gulped again.

“I thought, that, um, I thought someone was tou-,”

“No, no, but I can understand! I’m sorry about that. And it’s true, I’m lonely when you’re not here. I needed someone with me. But it would never be another man, and I can swear to God on that.” You lifted his chin to look you in the eyes. “I love you, Hansol. Even if it’s hard, please don’t doubt that, and I promise I’ll never doubt you, okay?”

Hansol smiled softly, his eyes watering slightly in the corners. He started to laugh a little bit, something he always did when he was trying to overcome any sad feelings, to cheer himself up, and he pulled you into a hug. “I feel so silly now… You were having an affair with a tiny cat.”

You laughed at him, hugging him tighter, reaching up to wipe his tears with your fingers, making him laugh in turn.

You both sat there, petting your new family member, and even if Ji-Eun was just a cat, he was a promise between the two of you to not doubt again. 

Seungkwan and Seokmin were sitting in the kitchen, distracted by their worry about Hansol when a Snapchat rolled in. Seungkwan pulled out his phone lazily, opening it. His eyes lit up.



“Hansol is a dad!”

Seokmin dropped his water all down his shirt and he almost slipped running over, the need to vomit, scream, cry, and swear like a sailor mixing together inside his head when Seungkwan shoved the phone in his face. On the screen was Hansol, a tiny gray cat latched to his face by its sharp baby claws and him simultaneously screaming and dabbing with #1 Dad stickers everywhere.

When Hansol returned that night, the other ten were cleaning the dorm, which confused him since they had not been around long enough to make a mess. Nobody told him that when Seungkwan screamed, “Hansol is a dad!” as loud as he could, they all collectively dropped, ripped, crushed, or snapped whatever they were doing. They were even more concerned by the deep red claw marks all over his face as well. It was a night of surprises, indeed.


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i got this modern au hc as of yesterday that minatos friends in high school were all kinda bitter n mad at her bc she was clearly the best looking one in the group n no one else stood a chance. like they all loved her bc who doesnt love minato but also they were just so fucking tired bc who tf looks that good n is that nice all the time?

so like one night theyre all going to this party n minato shows up n somebody is like. “WHO INVITED HER” n somebody else is like “uh sorry i did? was i not supposed to?” “i mean its no big deal but i thought we all agreed that tonight was ugly girls night n that id actually stand a chance 2 hook up w somebody since minato wouldnt be there” (minato is like “but none of u are ugly” n also offers to leave but everyone is like [GROANS] OH MY GODDD MINATO WHY ARE YOU THE FULL PACKAGE)

also idk if i ever told u guys this story but my last bike was stolen out of my yard by my cousins ex-boyfriend… who sold it for drug money and later apologized lol but like….i loved that bike (i also understand that mindset so, mostly forgive and mostly forget, its cool mike** its cool)

but anyway !!! i’m finally getting a new bike tonight !!! and it’s gonna be cute and yellow !!!! and it has a basket !!!! look !!! all that would make it cuter is if it came with a free puppy in the basket!!!! but that would just be TOO good to be true right

(**some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.)

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why does perfect make youc r y so much?

im glad u asked so here’s a thread of why this song is the most beautiful emison song ever. ps it’s three in the morning and me and lucy couldn’t sleep until this was done

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My heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest it was beating so fast. Why though, I do admit that Evan was very handsome. ’Did I get the right number?’ Evan sent another text, drawing me out of my thoughts. ’Yes you did. Lol xD’ typing the quick response while hitting send. I took a quick breath and smiled to myself. The phone started to vibrate.

Oh lol if you’re busy then I can text back another time.’ I smiled at the screen and fell back onto my bed.

Nah I was just walking into my room so it took me a minute lolbut anyways whats up?’ I wonder if I can ask him about Tyler and Craig? Would he get mad? Does he even notice the glances between them? Craig and Evan are really go friends so he must know. Before I could really think about it any farther Evan had text back.

Just sitting around about to get cracking on some homework.’ I looked over at my bag and sighed.

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Dance with Me

Anon Request: “it’s the spring dance and you’re pretty bored, but then a slow song comes on (like adore you by Miley Cyrus) and he grabs you by the waist and starts dancing with you and maybe after the dance ends you come over to his house and…?” 


“hihihi can u do 1 where thers a dnce and he dances with u a lot and stares @ u from across the room and smut @ the end please????? ”

A/N: I hope you don’t mind that I combined these, they were similar so I mean what can I do

The one dance you actually wanted to go to! The spring dance. You were pretty excited. You had just gotten dressed and prepared with all your friends at your house. You were wearing the cutest dress that amplified all the good features on your body. Some of your friends were jealous of it but who cares. Thankfully tonight you did your make up flawlessly and when you looked at yourself in the mirror, you were so pleased at how you looked. Your confidence was soaring through the roof. But right now, you’re at the dance getting yourself something to drink. As you’re drinking, you see (C/N) staring at you from across the room, and he’s staring into your eyes even know he knows you can see him doing it. You bite your lips and continue to drink your drink and he approaches you.

The songs that have been playing had been okay, the weren’t to fast and they weren’t too slow, but when he came to you, a slow song started to play. He strokes your arm and says, “I know you didn’t get yourself all pretty to dance with no one, so come dance with me.”

“Thank you for noticing,” you say, “and I would love to dance with you”

He takes your hand and the two of you slow dance to Adore You, by Miley Cyrus. He held you a little tighter when she sang the phrase, “I love lying next to you, I could do this for eternity. You and me, were meant to be in holy matrimony, God knew exactly what he was doing when he lead me to you.”

The song ended and you said, “thanks for giving me that dance.”

“Oh we’re not through yet,” he says with a devious smile, “there’s a lot more to come… trust me.” Right then the song Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars started playing. “Yes this song is the shit!” You can tell he kinda had a few to drink. “You’re gonna have to dance with me to this one.” He then pulled you into him and he felt so strong. He did it in a way that his pelvis was touching yours and you two were extremely close. He started dancing on you singing along, “Dance, jump on it, if you sexyyy then flaunt it it….”

"Excited much?” You joke.

He gets close to your ear and stops dancing and he whispers, “yeah, I actually really am. We need to get out of here, I love touching your body, it feels incredible.” Just feeling his alcohol stained breath in your ear sends shivers down your spine. You can’t help but feel turned on because the guy of your dreams has just been dancing  on you all night and flirting with you, and the fact that he wants to be even closer with you sends you over the edge. “Let’s go,” you say.

You guys end up going to his house and he immediately starts kissing and licking your neck. You flinch a bit but he says, “It’s okay (Y/N), there’s no one home. I just want to make you feel good.”

You two begin ripping each others clothes off and you can feel member, already hard. You begin stroking him, and he moans. He throws you on top of him and he slides inside. You’re feeling overwhelmed with pleasure, and as you ride him he says, “just like that”

You feel so close and then you come. After that you spend the rest of the night in his arms, until it’s your curfew. You get up to leave and he says, “I’ll take you home.” and he walks with you to your house hand in hand.

Once again sorry for combining them, and sorry that it’s kinda not good but oh well. Send me more requests and questions if you wannnt..sorry again that this was rushed, my laptop deleted my first draft😑

nighty 9/14/17

this posted prematurely originally so we’re gonna try this again lmao

4 days until the new moon woohoo heck yea

anywho y'all make me laugh so hard thanks pals i really appreciate it. i also REALLY appreciate all the asks i for today bc i love love love answering them. they’re so great and i really appreciate them

i am thiiiiiiinking abt looking into shadowwork bc hmmm i think it would be very helpful to implement into my path as a lightworker. gotta have the dark to have the light tbh. so if anyone has any resources for that, feel free to h m u

good night my chickadees and chickabiddies. love u ppls to pieces!!!! hope everyone has a restful sleep and good, relaxed dreams tonight

we’d be good

Pairing:  Neville Longbottom/Pansy Parkinson
For:  @sleepygrimm
Prompt:  [this list],  “you invited me to your brother’s/sister’s wedding as a plus one bc we’re hella best friends but we end up making out at the afterparty and now everyone thinks we’re fucking so uh,, u wanna go out for a drink sometime? try this whole couple thing out?” au

Neville looked kind of cute with her lipstick smeared all over his face.  She’d never really noticed before tonight.  He was fit as hell.

Pansy reached over to take his hand. “Wanna get a drink, Neville?  We could try this out… bet we’d be good at it.”  

He smirked and nodded.  “Yeah, okay.”

Flizzy Files pt 7

couple years ago i was on one of those sites where u make a profile and you meet people and shit so i made mines few days later i see this badddd chick so i write her we talking for a couple mins shes like call me so i call her we talking for 10 mins and shes like so when u tryna come see me ?  im like this chick is bad as hell she ready to fuck hella quick i thought i looked that good so im like shit u free tonight she was like ok what u tryna do..

i tell her a whole bunch of freaky shit she like hell yeah we can do all that gave me the address shorty gave me a hotel im like damn she rented a hotel room just for us.. this chick is sexy as hell  and said she was gon eat my ass and suck my dick from the back at the same time soon as i hung up the phone i was like

so i go over there she open the door in this lace bra and panty set with the socking body was flawless she got abs and a bellybutton ring im like whewww

so she like sit down, she start rubbing my back im like fuck all dat i grab her put her on the bed slide her panties off eat her for 25 mins no breaks didnt come up for air one time then i ate the ass for like a good 10 mins, she starts topping me off crazy, head so good it sound like when u flush the toilet, head so good it sound like when u let all the water out the tub, head so good sound like when u using a straw to suck up the last bit of soda in the bottom of the cup under all the ice, so then we fuck or whateva… then she like wanna go again ? im like hell yeah so we go again for another hour… im like i put in work, i was ready to wife this chick… so then she goes that was great that will be 725 i thought she said hi 5 so i put my hand up like

shes like no silly 725

i look at her like

what that mean…

shes like money u aint read my profile ? she pulls up her profile shorty and escort and it has prices in her little about me section ….. u know niggas dont read profile we just look at the pictures.. so im like i ain even see nothing like that.. im like why u aint tell me that before i came over shes like i had to make sure u werent a cop im like shawty… but too mee i seen hbo specials so im like arent u supposed to ask for the money before hand shes like no cause u could be a cop… im like shawty i aint got no money i ain even know she starts wilding out goes and stands by the door and blocks me in saying i aint leaving till she gets paid im like fuck it im calling the cops you’re not allowing me to leave she say call em, so i dial 922 i fake dialed i aint really bout to call no cops and get arrested even though technically i aint know i was soliciting so im fake talking to the operator im like yes this woman is trapping me in a room and wont let me go yes im like yes she says she has a gun too

this bitch like why u lyingggg omgg comes over to get the phone… soon as she grab the phone im like… shorty smh i cant believe you would…

run for the door i get out she chasing me im too fast i was like a track star, got in the whip and pulled off at like 70 mph soon as i get home she sent me mad messages going off so i look at her profile and i see mad dudes commenting “ had fun with u tonight” “had fun with u this afternoon so i realize i just ate this hoes puussy for 30 minss and i ate her ass too and i was problably the 10th dude who ate and fucked her that day…. on god that night i brushed my teeth, rinsed my mouth with baking soda, mouthwash and tears… for like an hour..

moral of the story: Read girls full profile

have any of u seen sing, the animated movie that came out in 2016? you’ve probably seen the commercials for it. this one

it looks… not so good, from the trailer, right? that was my first impression too. but then my friend was like “hey let’s go see sing” and i was like “sure i’ve got nothing going on tonight” and

it was so good??? all the characters were so genuine and lovable?? the plot had surprising twists and turns?? there was a scene that made me CRY?? i mean it doesnt take that much to make me cry im a pisces but still. im just saying it’s a surprisingly good movie and i’d recommend watching it!