all of u are so heart eyes emoji pls

anonymous asked:

Y’all just earned yourself another anon lmao it’s so hard to find good text imagine accounts like yours like bro I don’t want these fluffy ass emoji heart eyes texts i want the memelord shit. So thank u for appearing in my dashboard let’s enjoy this ride together xD - Brit Anon ☕️

frick bro you literally just typed out the exact words that i’ve (we’ve) been wanting to hear since we made this account. don’t you worry, we can’t be fluffy even if we tried, so you’ve come to the right place. and yes, let us enjoy this wild ride together :’)

- milo :-)

yeah, i kind of cringe at most text imagines out there (not their fault, i’m just eh like that) because of how fluffy or angsty or just overly sappy it is. so why the fuck not make a text imagines account where someone can laugh? -tofu

so i just hit 500 followers YAYYYYYYY here’s some people i think are super cool also s/o to troyleralltheway for being lucky number 500 ur gr8


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special mention to all my baes from the creative phans network!!

and of course my little cupcakes danisnotonfire and amazingphil bless ur precious little souls

if i forgot anyone i’m super sorry i love you all so so so so so much thank you thank you thank you seriously omg

and yes i did go back in and add a few people but u saw nothing shhhh