all of time and space and there's not an inch between you


Characters:  Dean x Reader

Summary:  Drabble about Dean and reader sharing a bed on the job.

Word Count:  877

Warnings:  Smut/Language

The semi-trucks rolling down the highway make the windows rattle in the motel room. The room is dark, the mattress lumpy. For the last three weeks, I’ve been on the road, staying in motel after motel. We haven’t been to the bunker since we started this case. For three weeks, I’ve shared a bed with one of the Winchesters, alternating beds every night to make things fair.

For the last three weeks, something has been happening in the bed I share with one of the Winchesters. Dean, specifically. Tonight, I’m  hyper aware of his body next to mine, of the way his foot touches mine, the way his hand strokes the small of back. His breath ghosts over my neck for a moment, just before his lips meet my skin. I’m also completely aware of the fact that Sam is in the opposite bed. I listen to his breathing, waiting for the reassuring sound of his sonorous snores. I know Dean is waiting for the same sound.

We haven’t once talked about it, about what we do under the cover of darkness. Not in the bright daylight, not over coffee and research. The topic is mutually and silently agreed upon as taboo. When the sun comes up, we go back to being us - coworkers-slash-friends. I guess that I should add ‘with benefits’ to that list, because it definitely seems like a benefit, what we’re doing.  

It all started by accident, I guess. I woke up in the middle of the night to find Dean pressed up against my back, an arm slung around my waist. I must have been having one hell of a dream, because I woke up seriously aroused. Like panty-drenching arousal. Maybe the dream was inspired by his closeness, the intimacy of our nocturnal cuddling. Even now, I don’t know if he was awake at that moment, or if he only woke up because I shifted to face him.  

I didn’t have any ulterior motive or any intention, it just…happened. Dean made a quiet moan-like noise and pulled me closer to him, his chest pressed to mine. We laid there in silence for what seemed like an eternity, our mouths a fraction of an inch apart. There was so much tension in that moment, his breath mingling with mine, heat filling the space between us.  

I remember that feeling, that anticipatory feeling. Would he kiss me? Should I kiss him? Will we remain in this stand off until we both fall asleep and pretend this never happened?

And then we kissed. It began as a soft kiss, graduating slowly to something more explosive, a deep, searing kiss. Dean’s hand slipped under the waistband of my shorts, his fingers slipping into me. Everything was fast and urgent, his fingers pumping into me, his mouth smothering my gasps. We didn’t speak, we tried to not to make a sound, aware of Sam’s presence only feet away.

When his fingers withdrew, slick with my arousal, I slipped my shorts off. He followed suit, removing his pants before climbing on top of me, my legs parting to welcome him.  In the heat of the moment, I was only dimly aware of the slight creaking of the bed springs as Dean moved inside me, his mouth next to my ear, whispering encouragement.

Dean, as a lover, was far more tender than I expected. He took his time, he moved with me, his lips blazing a trail of kisses wherever they met my skin. Nearly silent sex, it’s seriously fucking hot. It’s a challenge, trying not to gasp or moan or sigh or scream.  

When we finished, there was more silence. We didn’t talk about what had just happened. We didn’t talk about whether or not it would happen again. Dean cuddled up behind me and gently ran his hands over my ribs, down my arms. Eventually, he kissed my temple and rolled away, drifting off to sleep.

Every other night, for the past three weeks, we’ve done this.  In complete and total silence.

So I lay here, now, with Dean at my side. Sam’s not yet snoring, so the fact that Dean’s hand is down my pants and mine is wrapped around his cock makes things more exciting, more dangerous. It’s like a silent dare, who can stay the quietest. I bite my lip to hold back a moan and feel Dean’s lips on my earlobe. “Shh,” he whispers, so faintly that only I can hear it. I’m trying not to buck my hips because I’m greedy for more.  

God, I’m so fucking horny right now. All I want to do is climb on top of Dean and fuck the shit out of him. But that’s what makes it all the more desirable, the sex, I have to wait. I have to hold out until we’re sure Sammy is asleep. Jesus, what’s taking him so long?

Like I said, we won’t talk about this tomorrow. I don’t know what’s going to happen when we get back to the bunker, back to our own beds. I don’t know what Dean is thinking. I don’t even know what the hell I want out of this.

All I know is I want Dean deep inside me, and I want it now.

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Wiggle Room

A/N: this is just a lil smutty, cuz i cant write full blown smut rn, but theres a hint of sin

Stupid Keith and his stupid mullet getting us stuck in a stupid closet. Why does he have to be so stupid and- Lance was pulled away from his thoughts by a loud banging noise. “Keith!” He whisper-yelled. “What the hell are you doing?!”

Keith sighed and hit his head against the wall. “I was trying to get us out of this closet after you got us stuck in here!”

“I didn’t get us stuck in here! You got us stuck in here!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

They tried to hit each other, but in the small space it hardly worked. It only served to get them tangled up in each other, becoming a mess of limbs and pain.

“Hey, get your knee off of my leg!”

Keith mumbled something about where he’d rather put his knee, but sensing that it wouldn’t get them out of the closet he restrained himself. Pushing himself up and forcing Lance to lean back a bit further, Keith moved his knee from Lance’s leg to his stomach.

“What are y-”

“I might be able to get us out through the roof. Don’t. Move.”

Hearing the urgency in Keith’s voice, Lance pouted and leaned his back against the wall. Keith was trying to reach the ceiling, but couldn’t find a way through. He stretched further up, putting himself off-balance. As Lance watched Keith struggle not to fall, he laughed to himself. ‘At least I don’t have to be up there working. HA! Suck it Keith!’

“Little help here?” Keith asked, voice strained. Lance sighed and put his hands at Keith’s hips to steady him. “Thank you.” ‘There’s no reason to sound so uptight, mullet. Who put that stick up your ass anyway?’

A few minutes had passed and Lance was bored again. His fingers started fidgeting, playing with the hem of Keith’s shirt. Once, he pushed a little too far up, and he could see the jut of Keith’s pale hips. Lance gulped and slid his hands back down. After a few more minutes, Lance tried to do all he could to distract Keith. Pushing his shirt up inch by inch, letting his fingers skim over the exposed skin. Keith was hiding it well, but he honestly had no clue how to get them out of this closet. He sighed, and ran a hand through his hair.

“Alright Lance, hold me steady.”

“Um, okay? Why, exactly?”

Keith didn’t answer his question and instead lifted his other leg and placed his knee on Lance’s hip. A strangled noise escaped Lance’s throat, and his fingers tightened against Keith’s skin.

“What are you doing?” Lance asked nervously, suddenly aware of the distance between his face and Keith’s lower body, or lack thereof.

“I’m getting us out of here. Stop trying to distract me and sit still.”

Lance sighed again. Out of nowhere, he got an idea. A smug grin danced across his face as he formulated his plan. ‘How’s this for a distraction, Keith?’ Lance pushed Keith’s dark grey shirt up a bit more, exposing his stomach. Biting back a laugh, Lance leaned in, and brushed his lips against Keith’s stomach. Seeing no immediate results, Lance changed his approach. He started just where Keith’s hipbone appeared from above his jeans, and started to kiss his way up, licking and sucking and biting along the way. Glancing up, he could see Keith biting back a moan. ‘What’s the matter, prettyboy, can’t handle a little distraction?’ Lance continued his ministrations, going to the other hip, then up Keith’s stomach and onto his chest. By the time he’d gotten up to his neck, Keith was leaning against the door, trying to keep quiet.

“In here? You’re sure?” Shiro waited for a response. “Alright, princess.” Shiro opened the closet, and out fell Keith with Lance on top of him.

“Ohh, hii Shiro.” Lance grinned nervously. “What brings you here?” Both Keith and Lance had turned bright red, and Keith was struggling under Lance to cover up his hickey-covered chest.

Shiro sighed. “I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see this and you two are going to stop making out in closets. Capisce?”

The couple on the floor nodded frantically, both of them trying to hide themselves from Shiro, who bit the inside of his cheek and walked off, shaking his head. After he left, Lance turned back to Keith. “So, finish what we started?”

“Hell yeah.”

My "Not-on-Normal-Packing-List" List-- Things I plan to bring to College and WHY

*See My Full Packing List on My Blog*

-Christmas/Fairy Lights: dorm lighting can be SUPER harsh, especially at night. If you and your roommate are on different sleeping schedules or if one of you wants to stay up later and study, Christmas lights will be perfect. Make sure you have a strand and your roommate has a strand. Obviously, your strand will be on your side and her strand will be on her side. If you want to go to sleep and she wants to stay up, just unplug yours and hers will be bright enough to see her books but not too harsh that you can’t fall asleep. (OR VISE VERSA) I used to keep Fairy Lights in my room at home and they were on all night and I slept just fine. They offer the perfect amount of glow. This will also help on weekends if you and your roommate are doing separate activities, if one of you is out late, then when you come back to your room you can plug in your strand to see and get ready for bed without waking your roommate. *remember to hang them with Command (or a similar style) Hooks, so you don’t leave any damage on the walls when you leave*

-Duvet and Cover: I plan on buying a duvet and separate cover. Comforters can be expensive and I like to switch things up. I am going to buy one Duvet for all four years (and maybe beyond) but maybe switch the cover up every year or two. This can also help if you and your roommate sophomore year have a different “vision” for you and your roommate freshman year. 

-TWO Sets of Twin Sheets: Two Words Man, Laundry. Day. 

-Bedside Caddy: Not everybody has heard of this, but its like a little pouch that has a flap that tucks under your mattress and hangs beside your bed. You can keep your phone in here while you sleep, maybe a book or study material, tissues, a flashlight. Whatever you want, its just like a nightstand for people that don’t have nightstands. 

-Curtain Rod/Curtains: I’m not sure if I will buy these yet, but my sister suggested it just incase you hate your roommate so much you can’t even bare to look at her/his face (which is unlikely, but whatever). You can attach a curtain rod to the ceiling using command strips or something similar and hang a curtain as a room divider. Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures. 

-Safe: Your roommate may have some sketchy friends. You never know who he or she will invite into your room. Keep your jewelry, wallet, extra money and other valuables safe in a safe. 

-Small, Folding Step-Ladder: In college you need to take advantage of every storage space possible, even if its at the top of your closet or on top of a tall dresser or wardrobe. A small, collapsable/folding step ladder will allow you to access your stuff in storage without taking up much room on its own. Most are small enough to tuck between your bed and the wall.

-AirFreshener: Whether its a spray or a wall plug-in, everyone needs to avoid being “the one” with the stinky room. 

-Steamer: Irons and Ironing Boards are great but they take up SO much room. A little hand held steamer is perfect for getting wrinkles out of clothes and you can store it anywhere you want. 

-Bath Sheet: I suggest everyone get a good, large-but-not-too-hot bathrobe if living with a community bathroom, but I also like a real towel too. A Bath Sheet is just a towel with a few extra inches in all directions so theres no need to worry about any of your bits and pieces showing. 

-Washcloths: A lot of people skip washcloths and go straight for hand towels, but I really like using washcloths to wash/dry my face and they are smaller, saving on space. 

-Lip Balm: Bring Extra. You know you lose these all the time. Keep them in your desk in their package so you know where they are until you need them. 

-Mirrors: One full length for the back of your door (check with your roommate so you guys only have one) and one small one to keep on your desk. This will be helpful for makeup and stuff. I don’t want to have to go to the bathroom every time I want to do my makeup. 

-Batteries: For various electronic devices (headphones, remote controls, video game controllers, etc)

-Camera: Really not necessary because of Smart Phones, but always fun to have. I would NOT bring an extremely valuable camera, even if you do have a safe.

-“Flex Your Power” Surge Protector: Google it. You’ll know you want it and you know it’ll be helpful. 

-External Hard Drive: For when you have a 1000000000 page paper due and you’re paranoid your computer will crash. 

-Printer: At my school, printing is included in tuition so I don’t have to pay per print, but I also don’t want to have to go across campus to grab something off the printer before class. ALSO, a nice way to print new pictures with new friends. ALSO not all schools include printing so you DO have to pay per print and that sucks and you should save money and buy a printer. **ALSO BUY EXTRA INK AND PAPER**

-Video Game Console: *with multiple remotes* I totally want to be able to stay in some times and chill with my roommate or by myself or invite some friends over to my dorm to play. 

-Cards/Notes to Send Home: Your mom/dad/grandmother/grandfather/aunt/uncle/sister/brother/friends/whatever will LOVE this. I think handwritten letters are so much more heartfelt than texting or e-mailing. 

-Planner: Its always important to stay organized (or at least try to) especially freshman year. With all your new found freedom it may be hard, but having an actual book may help keep you on track. *Personally, I think the Lily Pulitzer one is REALLY cute and SO helpful.*

-Bandaids, Neosporin, Cold/Flu Medicine, Pain Relievers, Upset Stomach/Heart Burn Relievers: Basically everything that your parents keep in the medicine cabinet. You will get bumps and bruises and cuts and scrapes; keep them clean and covered. You are going to be living in VERY close quarters with a lot of people. You will get sick; be prepared ahead of time to soften the blow. You will get hurt, you will get hungover, and if you’re like me, you will get cramps. Keep tons of your favorite Pain Reliever near by. (my favorite is Aleve). And finally, another two words: CAFETERIA FOOD keep Pepto Bismol and Tums in a place where you can grab them if you need them. 

-Earplugs: Your roommate might have house guests the night before your big test. You roommate might snore. You might live below partiers. Earplugs can help with all of the above. *a sleep mask might also be helpful if your roommate refuses to cooperate on the fairy light suggestion*

-Pepper Spray: I got some as a graduation present because my school is not in the safest city in America… Always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. 

-Small Tool Kit: As long as someone in your hallway has one, you’ll be fine but it is always good to have. 

-Playing Cards: For nights where you don’t want the technology. Hang out in the common room and play poker or go fish or war or learn a new game and make friends.

-Vacuum/Dust-Buster 2-in-1: These are going to be so helpful especially if your room is carpet. Spills and crumbs happen, but Ants can and should be avoided. 

-Umbrella: A storm is coming. Its name is college. Prepare accordingly. I’m just kidding. But just because its sunny on move in day, doesn’t mean it will never rain. 

-Winter Coat: Same as the umbrella, It’s going to be hot on move in day, but for the past couple of years near my university, there have been snow storms in October and I don’t want to be caught in the cold. 

HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL. If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know.

Dirty Dancing


Summery: Dance practice turned steamy is probably the best way for you to end your day

W/C: 2570

You moved from America to Korea thanks to your dance abilities. You had been doing what ever it was you could to become a professional dancer and when the all girl group Red Velvet called upon you for your assistance to ‘Americanize’ their dancing you couldn’t help but chuckle and happily accept their offer to fly you out. You knew by the term 'Americanize’ and watching the girls perform that this term was just a nice way of them asking you to teach the girls how to look sexier in their dancing. You didnt mind though, sexy was your specialty.

You had been working with the girls for weeks now and found yourself loving their company. They were so sweet and worked so hard that by the time you got home and kicked off your shoes you held no grudges against how tired you were; this was your dream.

Word spread that a new professional dancer was helping Red Velvet out and soon your 9 to 5 days were turned into 6 to 12 with all the extra lessons you had been giving. Your favorite, aside form Red Velvet of course, was the boy band BTS. Though their members varied in ability they took every pointer you had with stride and did their hardest to work to improve, even when you weren’t there yelling at them to step on a certain count.

Within this group you spent the most time with Jimin, why you had no idea. He was definitely one of the more talented dancers of the group and picked up the choreography extremely fast. But still you found yourself meeting up with him and two of the other boys at 8 and even when the others left at 10 you were still working with him till midnight almost every day of the week. You kicked it off with him right away and would be stupid to not admit half the reason you enjoyed working with him so much had partly to do with how gorgeous he was, both inside and out. Tonight was different, though. Hoseok and Jungkook had stayed behind basically begging you to finally perform a dance they had seen you do a month before moving to South Korea.

“Guys I don’t think thats a good idea.” You laughed shaking your head as you remembered the dirty choreography.

“Oh common, we’ve already watched you do it on youtube, why can’t you do it now?” Hoseok said as the three of them sat against the glass staring up at you.

“Yeah, and then when your done you can teach it to us and we can do it.” Jung kook said smiling up to you.

Biting your lip you raised your hands to stop the boys from talking over you and agreed, mainly because you wanted to see these three rolling around and twerking on the floor.

“Fine, but you can’t act weird.” You said pointing a finger at each of themas you fixed the large cut up tee you were wearing over your dance spanks. When they all agreed you pulled the song 'Privacy’ by Chris Brown up and walked to the opposite wall.

You took a deep breath before nodding to Hoseok to press play and when the right part came on you started your strut forward, making sure you popped your hips with every step you took. This room was alot smaller than the floor you originally danced this on and you soon found yourself extremely close to the boys as you dipped down from your kneeling position and flicked your butt in the proper motion. Your eyes met Jimin’s as you did this and for half a second you almost forgot your next step. You saved yourself by improvising and twirling on one of your kneepads and swinging your left leg around until you landed in the splits catching back up to the beat, Smiling as you realized how close your long leg was to where Jimin sat with open knees. You dipped and rolled again landing in another set of splits before rolling once more to twerk on the beat again.

Finishing you stood up and covered your face with your hands as the boys clapped and stood.

“Y/n, I don’t think I can do the whole.. You know.” Jungkook said spreading his legs as far as they could to indicate a split.

“Thats okay, theres different choreography. I kind messed up a little” You said still red in the cheeks which was caused by the dark look Jimin was giving you.

“What if we made it a pairs dance? Jimin, you have experience in pairs right?” Hoseok said leaning forward to look at Jimin.

When the two of you agreed You took your place infront of Jimin and shuttered at the feeling of his hand on your hip as you waited for Hoseok to play the song. This was the first time you were running it through after the boys helped you add a more masculine part to the dance and you couldn’t help but blush at how dirty it was, and coming from you that was saying something.

The two of you stepped and then double stepped twice together when the time in the song came and your couldn’t help but only focus on the feeling of Jimin behind you. To make it even worse, as you snaked your body to the side and placed your hands on your knee as you popped your hip the feeling of Jimin’s crotch hitting your body as he mimicked your move and thrusted forward sent a chill up your spine. You let him spin you twice before catching your back and dipped you till you were left in a back bend where you kicked over to land in the splits once more, twerking for two beats as Jimin stepped around you.

You took his hand as he pulled your body back up and stuck his leg between yours as you ground upon his thigh till the two of you were kneeling on the floor and as you dipped your body again so your cheek was now pressed to the floor
 you rose your behind to snap it you watched as Jimin rolled his body beside you, not taking his eyes off of your exposed skin. The next move was worse as you followed the original choreography and laid on your side to Lift your leg so your knee was by your ear. You almost forgot that Jimins part was to hold your leg up while hovering over your body so when his hands wrapped around your ankle you forgot to finish the move out.

“Alright!” Hoseok clapped as the dance finished and Jimin held a hand out to help you rise from the ground. The touch of his fingers once again making you forget about the other two boys.

You went home that night flustered and not quite sure what to do with yourself. You found yourself on the couch freshly showered with a smoothie in your hand watching and rewatching the video the boys were talking about when they brought up dancing for them, Jimin and his touch still very much in the front of your mind. There was a knock on your door and without looking up, or even thinking you called out.

“Its open!”

You took another sip expecting to see one of the Red Velvet girls as you had been placed in the same dorm building as them, but as Jimin walked into the apartment and stood in front of the coffee table you choked on a strawberry seed.

“What are you doing here?” You said suddenly becoming very selfconcious with your choice of pjs; an old sports bra and your class of 2014 highschool sweatpants. You watched as Jimin looked at you with the same look he had when you first danced for him, pure lust and you felt yourself fighting the urge to look at his lips, so you bit yours instead. You waited for him to say something but he seemed just as lost for words as you felt. The stare down became unbearable so you shifted so now both your feet were on the hardwood floor.

“Jimin?” You breathed he still hasn’t said one word. You watched as he finally looked away from you, obviously having a battle within himself before his eyes set back on yours and he moved from behind the coffee table and lent down with his arms straddling your body.

You couldn’t take it anymore and finally let your eyes move down to his lips, causing you to see something that make you smiled. In his bent over position his loose shirt fell forward so you could see straight down it. You but your lip and let your eyes gaze down his now slightly exposed chest. Not being able to help yourself as you took two fistfuls of his shirt and looked back up to meet his gaze. He chuckled and bit his lip before leaning down till your lips were barley apart. He hovered there, trying to make sure that this was okay for you, but it more than was. You were the one to close the space between the two of you by letting go of his shirt with one hand and hooking it behind his neck.

The kiss was heavy and needy between the two of you. With all the sexual tension that had been building up between you two the past few weeks you were surprised this didn’t happen sooner. His hands had traveled up so his palms rested against your cheeks while his fingers hooked around your neck holding you in places. Without him even needing to ask you let him slip his tongue into your mouth, giving up the fight to control him sooner than you wanted to. It just felt so good to have him powering over you. Frantic hands reached down to his shirt and in one swift motion you were tossing it over the back of the couch, now eyeing your new candy. The kiss picked back up and you couldn’t help yourself when you started to run your hands all over his chest, making sure not one inch of skin was left untouched. This included all the way down to the hem of his pants, where his member was already filling any wiggle room he had to spare. This make you gasp into the kiss, the need for him now was stronger than ever. He took your hint and sat next to you to encourage you to swing a leg over him. You tugged at his hair making his head snap back as you started to grind on his lap, letting your dancer hips control his new found stimulation. With his hands now tracing up your bare back and his fingers intertwining with the many crossing straps of your bra he sat up giving him your open neck to trail kisses down. He found your sweet spot to be right in the crevice between your collarbones and your breath hitched. You felt him smile against your skin  as he nipped and sucked at your quick to mark skin. Groaning you tugged his hair again so you could press your face to his. Pressure pulling at your shoulders told you he was tugging at your bra, which you quickly let him take off of you before he laid you down on your back. You reached forward confidently as and started to palm his member through his jeans while he kissed you feverishly once more. You decided to take this part slow, palming him than stoping to unbutton, than palming just to stop and unzip. It got tot he point where he growled and sat up to take his pants and boxers off before ripping yours form underneath you. He didn’t take a second to pause and look at you, his lips needed yours too badly so as he crawled back over you and lent down to kiss you couldn’t help but groan at the feint feeling of his member against your slit. You started to raise your hips up and down again just to feel him close to you. To try and get him to touch you. He bit your bottom lip and smiled a mischievous smile as he let his fingers travel down your body till he hit your core. You gasped at his touch now grinding your hips to mimic the movement of his fingers. He entered you and started to pump, his lips finally leaving yours so he could take one of your breasts into his mouth where his skilled tongue flicked and sucked on and around your over sensitive nipples. You bit back a moan and tried to reach for his member but it was just out of grasp.

“Jimin.” You said in a husky voice through a shutter

“Tell me what you want.” He said, his hot breath against your wet nipple causing a shiver down your spine as it became even more erect than it was before.

“Fuck me.” You barley breathed, the sensation of his fingers starting to drive you to your favorite feeling.

“I can’t hear you.” He said slowing down his pumping on purpose.

“Dear God just fuck me!” You said a lot louder than you intended.

He chuckled again before kissing his way back up to your mouth. You felt him line himself up with your opening and you groaned, this teasing was too much. Once aligned he started to press his tip into you slowly causing you to break out of the kiss so you could moan into his shoulder. You were surprised just how much of you he took up. You started to roll your hips against him as he teased you by staying still. He cussed at your movement and instantly picked up to a speed you weren’t fully ready for, but still you let a cry out in pleasure as you started to fit to him. He crashed his lips to yours once again but the kiss was sloppy between shaky breaths and moaning from the both of you. His pumps became staggered and rough as he reached down to rub your clit. With every pump you felt yourself getting closer the edge and you knew he was right there behind you. His forehead was pressed to yours and you grabbed tighter to his now dampening hair trying to hold yourself still but with your orgasm was this close to spilling over your back arched and you pressed yourself up into Jimins chest to the point where he had to hold you down. The moment his free hand grabbed onto your hips was the moment you came. And you came hard. He rode out your high until his came and he quickly pulled out and gasped when you pushed him to his back so you could finish him off with your mouth. His hand found your hair and knotted it around his fist as you bobbed your head against his bucking hips. You heard him cuss your name before groaning once more and releasing into your mouth. You swallowed before he could even let go of your hair. Sitting up you looked up to see him staring at you with lidded eyes and goofy grin. You reached your smoothie and took the straw between your lips to tease him with a wink. A wink that made him grab your hand and pull you into your open bedroom for another round before the two of you passed out in each other’s arms from exhaustion.

got my heartbeat racing

“I’m pretty sure this is a fire hazard,” says Eddie, watching Richie warily, a superman print cased pillow clutched to his chest.

They had gathered all the blankets and pillows from Richie’s room and the spares from the linen closet and strung them along the threadbare couch, mismatched chairs, and soda ring stained side tables in the Tozier family’s basement.

“Get your ass in the blanket fort, Eds,” Richie replies, pinning the final quilt between the arm of the couch and his father’s favorite lazy chair and stretching it across the furniture to drape the other side over the table lamp.

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Joavin fanfic

“I’m just a thrill to you, arent I?” he asked, his eyes moving between the other’s dark eyes. “A passing craze." 

A long drag from the smoke. Joaquin flicked the cigarette, the ash dropping to the floor by his feet, scattering in the air.

"Answer me.” Kevin demanded, the joyful edge that usually accompanied his voice replaced by something else.  "Answer me.“ he said again, perhaps this time a little less demanding, and a little more desperate.

Joaquin’s head titled down, refusing to look at the other’s face. He took another drag, chest heaving, and released the smoke slowly, still silent.

"You can’t just leave me hanging. I’m not some toy, you know? You used me, and I’m worthy of answers.” he said, stern. Serious. Hurt.

Joaquin wanted to say that no, he wasnt. He was worthy of so much more than answers. That he was worthy of nothing but honesty and genuine love. But he didn’t.  Instead, he tossed the smoke aside. It hit the wall and fell, slowly dying out on the ground.

“I-” he started, unsure of how to continue. It was true. He used Kevin for his dad. But he didn’t really have a choice, did he? He was part of a machine. He wasnt just himself. He wasnt just Joaquin, who would’ve given Kevin all his heart and more. He was a Serpent, whose hands are rough and his heart isn’t owned by him. Who is not a human being.

“You should go.” he finally said, lifting his conflicted eyes from his worn out boots and to Kevin’s soft eyes. What else was he supposed to say? The truth? His feelings? These privileges were left for other people.

Kevin stared at him for a moment, and then laughed. Joaquin wanted to cover his ears. “Youre joking.” Kevin said, taking a step forward, a bewildered, angry smile still on his face. 

Joaquin wanted to punch him. To knock sense into this gorgeous boy who should have never gotten into this mess of a life in the first place. “Go. Find yourself some straight As quarterback and live a normal life. I was just using you. Theres nothing for you here.” he said, taking a step back, and felt like he wanted to break his own teeth saying things like that to Kevin. Here he was again, just giving Kevin more lies. He really couldn’t be who Kevin wanted.

“I-” Kevin tried to speak. This time, it was his turn to find no words. “I don’t believe you.” he decided, pulling that determined face Joaquin liked so much. “You can’t fake that.” he said, taking another step forward and motioning at the space between them with his hand. “And I don’t want a straight As quarterback. I want you.” he added, as if it made all the difference.

Joaquin took a step back, unable being this close to Kevin.  "Well, we can’t get what we want, Kev, can we?!“ he finally said, his temper rising, his brows knitting over his narrowed eyes. "Not all of us get to do and feel what we want to do all the time.” he said, glaring up at the taller teen. He hoped Kevin would leave. That he’d go and get over Joaquin and be happy and safe. Because the word is harsh and cold and people don’t always do good things. 

Kevin seemed to understand something. His eyes searched for something in the Serpent’s eyes. Something Joaquin didn’t know, but Kevin seemed to find.

The silence between them was suddenly filled with a new feel. Kevin’s face hardened with a decision he made in his mind. 

Joaquin didn’t have time to think what could it possibly be, before the taller one closed the distance. His large hands gripped Joaquin’s face with a new force, and his own nose stopped an inch from Joaquin’s. His intense stare moved from one brown eye to the other and Joaquin found himself not wanting Kevin to go. His cold fingers somehow snuck to wrap around Kevin’s torso, and he didn’t know who moved first, but suddenly their mouths crushed together, their chests pressed, their eyes closed.

Their lips moved hungrily, expressing everything they wanted to say but couldn’t. Their tongues fought a battle between them and their breaths passed between their open mouths, mingled. Together.

Kevin pushed them back, against the wall. Joaquin took control again, turning them over and pressing Kevin’s back to the stone. He kissed and sucked and bit, trying to convey to Kevin everything. Trying to explain. To apologize. To beg. To get closer.

Maybe, Joaquin would think later, maybe their story wasnt doomed to end. Maybe love was enough to hold them together like that, after all.

[A/N - its been a real long while since I last wrote any fanfic. Tell me what you think! ]

There's a Gravitational Anomaly out past the orbit of Jupiter.

warning: very long story

It’s the strangest thing; during launch there is a cacophony of sound, and a tremendous, shattering, mighty force of pressure - so much so that it feels as if in that moment the whole world is collapsing - and you grit your teeth, and your knuckles flush white on the grip, and you trust your harness, and you shut your eyes so tight you feel they’ll bleed. But then, some minutes after leaving that pad, it is all over, and then there is nothing but silence to be heard, and the beauty in the silence, and no weight of gravity at all to tie you down.

So you turn around as you fly off and see the whole of the earth there in your own little window. And you realize, when you look at the sphere of it, that on that sphere is and was everything that is and that has ever happened, and every man and woman and child, and that all the wars and loves and songs and stories that ever were, were fought and cherished and sung and told right there, on that little blue marble that you can almost hold between your fingertips, so small it is. I was born and was a child there, right by that ocean, and I became a man in a town twelve hundred miles away; a distance that from up here represents not more than an inch. It is surreal; every time I am out here among the stars I feel the same smallness that is both awesome and terrible in equal measure.

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anonymous asked:

Please tell there's gonna be a part 2 of your Every Pain story!! Love your writing💕

1 |


“Find her. Use my name, pull some strings — I don’t care. Just find her. Please.”

Harry was now sought clueless with the call with his agent and representative and even management, dropping it once he said the last word since he was so desperate.

He sunken down on the floor again, genuinely not knowing what to do after he searched all the boys’ houses, inch per inch and he couldn’t believe himself on what he read and what he heard from them, saying that you weren’t there.

He even went to your flat to see you weren’t there, even going to the extent to make a call to open its door as quickly and as legally as possible, only to find empty space.

Harry closed his eyes shut tightly, swallowing the lump on his throat as he felt the tears he were dreading, pouring down on his cheeks nonetheless.

He could remember clearly when he was woken up by a call in the middle of the wee morning made by Niall, an immediate irritable answer coming out.

He could remember not wanting to what he was told since it wasn’t his obligation to, but nonethless comply with what he said so it could get over earlier, wanting to go back to sleep.

He remembered when he picked up a piece of folded paper and asking Niall what it was and how he could’ve put it in his mailbox, but not being able to finish since his friend already dropped the call to avoid confrontation.

Harry could clearly remember how his heart dropped the moment he finished reading the letter since he was still feeling it, this time though, it was stronger. It was lingering. Every inhale he would take, only to remember what happened would make him immediately look down the floor and try not to cry.

So by the moment his phone rang, this time being that it was his and not him waiting on the line for a friend that could’ve known you to answer, a lie would be made if he didn’t say he expected it would be you.

It would be an understatement that he felt disappointed when he saw Jeff’s name flash across his phone, probably to either invite him to something or record in the studio.

Nonetheless, he already prepared the words he’s about to say the moment he’s gonna answer, going along the line that he couldn’t go. Harry picked up the phone, mouth going dry once Jeff spoke ahead.

“We know where your Y/N is.”


Harry felt nervous, thinking if he had a reason to and confirmed his thoughts that he should be, clenching and unclenching his fists as he breathed deeply, waiting for you to answer the door.

So once you opened the door, unknown to you that it would be him and instead would be one of the packages of your furniture from New York, heart dropping once you saw that it was him.

You just stood there, looking at him in a distrought way while he looked at you expectantly, mouth slightly parting open.

You didn’t even bother closing the door on him, finding it no use.

“I — I, uhm, I don’t know what to say to you.”

You wanted to stay quiet so bad but you couldn’t, huffing slightly before looking up.

“Then don’t talk.”

“No, no. ’S not like that I-…”

Harry started stuttering, hands gesturing towards you and trying to continue, making you look at him straightly which made him stop.

He looked at you, admitting to himself that he didn’t know every detail of you but he knew to himself that your eyes were happier; that you were happier than this.

“I’m sorry.”

He meant it, voice cracking out as he looked up at you, hands shaking and his lip caught in between his teeth.

Your heart softened at the sight, remembering the vow you made to yourself to stop falling for him all over again every time you see him, even without the chance of him doing the same because in the long run or not, you’re the one who gets hurt.

You built your walls, not even towering you in the slightest bit that it got broken again, seeing Harry in front of you.

He called off the engagement, the wedding and everything else that reminded you of him with his fiancée that’s now in the past.

You know that Harry willingly gave up what’s going to be his life, what was supposed to be his future for you.

Yet, you also knew that you didn’t do that, instead, you sacrificed your whole life and being for the chance to see Harry do that for you.

So you loosened your grip, exhaled slowly before letting go of the vow you made to yourself bit by bit.

Harry swallowed the lump in his throat again, his self being a mess before he whispered the words again, the only words that seemed right in this situation he prayed for you to accept.

“I’m sorry.”

To Be Continued

do you think you could do a lil thing where youre one of the dancers in the whats wrong video and theres a little bit of ~tension~ between you and lynn??

Hope you enjoy this one, anon. Had fun writing it. Still taking requests so hit me up beautiful humans. 

You locked your car as you threw your bag over your shoulder. You hadn’t realised you were shooting in such a creepy set. It was like some kind of old abandoned church like building. You kind of had a thing for the dark and supernatural though, you just weren’t usually dancing around in the midst of it. You waved to your colleague, watching as her and the other dancers and actors rolled up to set. Your call time was 5pm, but you had decided to drive down early. You liked to get a feel for the set instead of just jumping right in there. And since you hadn’t actually rehearsed the choreography in the shooting space, chances were you’d have to move a few things around to fit the scene. You’d done a few music video shoots before, but this was the first one where you’d really like the song you were dancing to. The whole theme behind the lyrics and the arrangement really had you excited, and the fact that the members of the band were going to be joining in with the choreography made it that much better. You hadn’t heard much of their music before, but after rehearsing for the single you dove deep into their discography, listening to everything and anything you could find of theirs. You hadn’t even met the band yet, the director calling you over to the dressing room as soon as you made it through the big and creaking wooden doors.
“Y/N, I wanted to introduce you to both the band and one of the other directors for this shoot. This is Brian, Alex and Lyndsey. We really ran with her ideas for this one, she’s got an amazing creative eye.” You nodded, shaking hands with the boys before reaching Lyndsey.
“He’s being way too kind. I’m Lynn, what was your name again?” Her skin was soft, her rings brushing against your knuckles as you regretfully removed your hand from hers.
“Uh, Y/N. The brief for this was amazing though. I really love the supernatural theme throughout all of your music. You guys really created a look and such  unique sounds, it feels unprecedented.” You said, unable to remove your eyes from Lynn’s. She was smiling at you, nodding sweetly as she listened to you ramble.
“That’s awesome. You’re a fan?” She asked kindly.
“To be honest, it was after doing the choreography for What’s Wrong that I really got into your guys sound.” You said honestly.
“Oh no way, you’re dancing and you did the choreography? I’m not really a dancer. Well, none of us are. But we thought this shit was so cool, we really wanted to be involved this time.” She was mesmerising you as she spoke, a voice in your head reminding you to speak.
“Yeah, that’s me. I just really wanted to be a part of this project. Um, speaking of. I got to get to hair and make up, but I’ll see you out there?” You said, desperate to be alone so that you could collect yourself.
“For sure, we’ll see you soon, Y/N.” Lynn said lowly. You felt your stomach flip as you paced away from her and toward the dancers own private dressing room.
“You okay, Y/N?” One of the other dancers asked, clearly sensing how flustered you were.
“Yeah, I’m good. Excited to get rolling.” You said unconvincingly.
After an hour of prep, you were called to shoot the first scene. Of course, it had to be the most intense set up that there was going to be all night. The band were all sat in chairs, with their back to each other. While you and two of the other girls gave them seductive yet haunting lap dances. You loved the way the art matched the lyrics, you just hadn’t realised you were going to literally be all over someone as beautiful as Lynn. You were a professional though, and you weren’t about to let anything get in the way of your best performance.
“Okay so, Y/N. You’re going to focus mainly on Lyndsey whilst Rebecca sticks with Alex and Molly pairs with Brian. You guys will look identical once the footage comes through editing so there’s no point in over complicating things. Everyone remember what they’re doing for this scene? We’ll run through the verses first and then do a few sections of the chorus. Sound good, everyone?” You nodded to your director, smiling softly at Lynn as she gave him a thumbs up.
“Let’s do it.” She said excitedly. 

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Even more starco oneshots

Marco contemplated whether this was all just a big tease, another one of Janna’s pranks gone wrong, or if he really died and went to heaven. There’s no way Star actually said what she just said. Right?

After a few moments of awkward silence, the boy began to laugh. “Haha, that’s- that’s funny! I thought… I thought you said you wanted to, you know, kiss me! Hahahaha…”

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anonymous asked:

i just reread raised spirits because its one if my favorites and im curious how the next chapter is going (this isn't a push for you to work on it faster or anything, and i hope it doesn't come off as such, im just genuinely curious. take as much time as you need if your having trouble with it ;w; )

I…..  haven’t touched it in so long, due to writing slump.

That being said, I started working on it again today! Take a Sampler.

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“I made it,” Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik breathed, ashes and dusts to his lungs. He was rigid in his Egg-o-Matic. Eyes behind spectacles clouded with utmost disbelief and awe. “I finally made it. I-“ A pause, then a chuckle. It erupted into triumphant laughter soon after, roaring and deafening in the ash-coated world – marking him as the ruler for the first time ever. “I MADE IT! THE WORLD IS MINE AT LAST!”

Countless Death Eggs Robot, sentinels and mooks alike are deployed all over. Bombs rained from the sky like a meteor shower. Red lasers cutting through the skyline, tearing apart anything it touch – buildings and living beings alike, not once discriminating its victim. Flame burned the land – the ruins – and the sound of despaired screaming of creatures down below felt like music in the madman’s ears.

Another robot –  small, blue and perfectly crafted, merely eyed the burning horizon a blank look. His red eyes glowed in the dark of the night, intimidating every soul who has not known of him yet in place. Metal Sonic peered at his creator. Jet ablaze and steady on the air, the doppelganger stopped examining Dr. Eggman once he found out he’s not going to stop anytime soon. Metal moved his gaze to the newest ally of Eggman Empire.

Infinite – majestic and deadly – hovered in the air. Red energy cubes floated all around them, red aura apparent. They stared, at the destruction, at the doctor, at Metal Sonic, with little to no interest.

“Good,” Eggman wheezed after his laughing frenzy, one gloved hand wiped a tear from the edge of his spectacles. It’s apparent that he never felt so alive before, so accomplished. “Very good job, both of you – no,” He extended his hands. Not only to Infinite and Metal Sonic – but to the Death Egg Robots, to all of his creations down below in the raging fire, doing each of their own respective programming. “ALL OF YOU! WELL DONE!”

The laughing continued with no blue hedgehog(s) in sight to spoil for the first time in forever. Metal Sonic and Infinite remained by his side, not once objecting nor commenting.

It was then when Infinite shifted. Something in the distance, among the devastated town, captured their vision.

A lone wolf in glasses – red, battered, dressed in a pair of green gloves and shoes– pushing away the remains of a house. He coughed, holding his broken arm in an useless attempt to reduce the pain. The wolf let out a cry of pain as he fell down yet again.

Infinite stared.

A little part of them is impressed and yet another is annoyed. This wolf survived the impact of mass attack launched by Death Egg Robots and their own power with only a broken arm – something they considered as a mild injury due to the force of the attack. Annoyed because – why doesn’t this wolf just die?

And there is something … odd about this wolf. Something Infinite could not describe even with their vast vocabulary. Something they could not describe with words.

Eggman must have noticed them spacing out. Because the fat man is already leaned a bit too close. “A fine demonstration of power … Infinite. I’m more than just impressed with this result! Within a few days, we will be able change this land the way I wanted it to be!”

Infinite nodded – and hovered a few inches away. “Think nothing of it, Doctor.” They spoke – a distorted voice of countless souls, fading out from reality for a split second. “We should move on by now. There is no point wasting time here. You have more things to do, do you?”

“Ohohoho! Indeed,” Dr. Eggman smirked, already pressing various control buttons in Egg-o-Matic. “Although I would like to spend time and savor this victory I so desired, you made a fair point. We must make haste!”

Infinite made no attempt to remind him that there are survivors, and that wolf is one of them. After all, their objective is to obliterate the town, planting terrors into the people’s heart – a mere display of what the Egg Empire is capable of. Deaths are only bonuses they are willing to accept.

Metal Sonic seems to know this too (there is no doubt about it - They are facing to the same direction, how Eggman failed to see the previous red wolf is perhaps his vision is failing), yet he didn’t really care for his objective is Sonic and only Sonic the Hedgehog. His participation in this is only prioritized direct order.

Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic left the area rather quickly. Infinite lingered behind for a while. They looked to the wolf from their shoulder.

The wolf – still attempting to stand – saw them. He stared back.

Infinite fully turned their body to his way.

Silence fell between both of them – despite the explosions, the screams, raging flames.

Something inside Infinite stirred (they didn’t know what happen, but it’s there – the weird sensation they couldn’t describe, same as before – a sense of familiarity) and the red wolf still bore his eyes into them, unmoving.  

He was aghast. As if he saw a ghost. But they don’t understand why.

Infinite was snapped back into reality then they felt someone tapping their shoulder. It was Metal Sonic. The robot glared down at the very survivor they had been staring a few moments earlier before patiently waiting for them to move.

Infinite hovered towards the direction Eggman went, slowly. They casted one last look at the wolf before taking off with Metal Sonic.

They still don’t understand what that devastated look was supposed to mean.

They are more comfortable interpreting it as ‘fear’ and never thought about it ever again.

Keeper of Words, Keeper of Worlds

Pairing: Solangelo

Summary:  Nico has a divine gift and uses it to search feverishly for a sister whose death is his fault. Will might be his answer.

Word Count: 2,265

Warnings: it’s ?? 

A journal made of paper scraps and scrambled words.

It is a heavy leather thing, nearly bursting with all of the fragments that have been pasted in. Sticky notes and odd corners erupting from the edges. A bookmark made from a red ribbon that is much too long; spilling from the center pages, trailing across the table, pooling against the floor like blood. A rubber band holding it all together, stretched nearly to the point of snapping.

Nico’s fingers tremble– quake– falter– twitch, twitch, twitch against the cover. Snag against the rubber band. It finally gives, biting angrily against his skin. Nico hisses between his teeth as its covers thud against the table, pages spilling open.

Mouth trembling, eyes flicking, searching, diving across the arrows and symbols and diagrams and pictures. A twisting, hideous road map with no end in sight. He snarls angrily at the sight of it.

Surely, by now, it should all make sense.

“A god? A monster? A fable? Ley lines cross here… too much iron. No, no no… I can’t go there. I do not want to be a man of war. Not again. Ares does not favor one man twice. That is why… after all…” Images flash across his vision, he shakes his head to rid himself of them.

Teeth chattering together, scarred hands painted with swaths of color flicking through pages. Fists slamming against the table again and again and again.

His palms skid across the wooden surface, eyes clenched shut in agony. “Athena, have mercy. I seek revelation. A spear of divine epiphany. Just a bit of hope… I seek…”

Stacks and stacks of tombs scattered around the room, spilling open, pages marked by anything that happened to be nearby–spoons, pencils, smaller books. Gutted pages are tacked onto the walls haphazardly, random sentences highlighted in glaring color. On the far wall, a mural born of divine inspiration is being overtaken by it.

“Mercy, Hades. Thanatos. I pray, I ask… Oh, gods. You have been so quiet. I don’t…” His breathing is coming in rough and ragged gasps. “Why now? When I was so close? So… So…”

Slowly, he crumples down as if being pressed by an invisible hand, fingers clawing across the table, struggling helplessly to keep him up. His knees find the ground and his whole body tips forward, fingers still seized against the ledge, the only thing keeping his forehead from meeting the tile.

“Who are you?” It’s hardly a breath, a broken, helpless breath. Tears press against the back of his eyelids, building gradually. His fortification will not be enough to fend them off, not this time. (He supposes, not every battle can be won.)

Dandelion fluff brushes against his cheeks and falls onto his shirt. No doors or windows are open.

Several minutes pass and then, like a blessing, a flower blooming, his trembling lips slowly part. “Ah. I see… I see.”

Head nodding, body flowing to the tides of unheard music. Fingers lurching from the table and palms cracking down against the cold floor. His arm lurches upward as if pulled by the wrist by a string and his hand clasps the ribbon dangling down in front of him, glinting.

“A chain, yes. To reality. I won’t let go. I won’t. You can trust me… Yes.”

All of the air rushes from his lungs at once and then slams back against him, leaving him reeling.

“Thank you,” he gasps, and unfolds himself, body stretching upward and head tipping back, tears slipping through his defenses. “Thank you.”


He clutches the journal tight against his chest, rushing wind from the trains blowing past, buffeting his clothes and stinging his cheeks. The red ribbon is snapping and thrashing, tied so tight around his wrist it’s almost suffocating. His hair flails wildly around him.

“Just breathe deeply,” he chokes, his words snatched away just as quickly as they’re uttered.

“Just one last time,” the voice agrees, so quiet he hardly hears it.

Standing there between two tracks, the freights wailing past in opposite directions, it’s like being the eye of a storm.

When they finally come to an end, the wind cuts away so sharply that he gasps and almost folds downward. The same hand that had forced him down now holds him ups. Barely, by the collar of his shirt.

It lets go and he stumbles forward, eyes wild.


White fluff brushes his nose, dances in the air in front of him, carried by the wind, taunting him. It floats ahead of him, bobbing up and down.

His nails bite into the cover of his journal. “Yes.”

Nico presses on until his bones are aching. And finally, finally, he is here. Among the hollowed-out and lifeless forms of metal monsters put to sleep. In the dead of night, it truly feels like a grave yard.

Spray paint clouds the frames of metal queues, slowly wrapping around him with its fumes. He coughs and hacks and shakes up another can until it’s finished. Just as promised: a door.

But not for him. There is another. He is thanked, and he trudges on. Follows the dandelion seed sprinkled on the wind.

Exhaustion makes his vision swim and dwindle, his eyelids feel like heavy drop curtains whose ropes are failing. Still, one foot in front of the other, even if it is only inches at a time.

Driven by an unseen force, he scratches symbols into the dirt with a stray stick, his breath shaking and his mindless murmuring coming in irregular spurts, filling the air with their presence.

He drops forward in the middle of nowhere, his mind has finally given in where his body had hours ago.


Light stabs in against his eyes. He’s lying on his back now and the sun is bright up above him, an unforgiving assailant.

It’s as if sand has been poured down his throat and soaked up all of the moisture. He is now filled with it, weighed down against the dirt and grass. Unused to the load, his muscles cannot lift him.

“Spirit.” His voice rasps roughly against his tongue. “Why have you brought me here?”

A dandelion sways in the wind and, impossibly, the corner of his lip lifts in a smile.

“Ah. I see…” His eyes drift closed. “I see.”

The wind sighs against his skin.

“Until nightfall, then.”

Somehow, he manages to haul himself to his feet as the moon climbs the steep ridge of the sky. Knees wobbling underneath him, hands shaking at his sides, jaw quivering helplessly. The ribbon snakes down from his wrist through the grass, pools against the journal.

He plucks the dandelion and holds it out in front of him, twisting it back and forth in his fingers. Tilts his head to the side like a quietly interested cat.

“O, genus spiritus. Ostende te quaeso ad me.”

His life is made of fervent, hopeful prayers as he blows away the seeds and watches them float off in the breeze.

For a long moment, it’s completely silent, and Nico wants to collapse into the dirt, his last hope snatched away that easily.

All of this.

For nothing.

But then the wind picks up. At first, a change so slight it’s hardly noticeable. Over time, the force behind it shifts until it’s plowing into him from behind, until he feels as if he’s trapped between the two trains again; the eye of a storm.

Every dandelion seed for miles is snatched away, thrown into the wind. They come together in a swirling, massive cloud ten feet in front of him.

Slowly, slowly, the air stills again and the seeds start clearing away, revealing a man who is so achingly beautiful he may very well be a god.

Nico drops to his knees.

The man’s head slowly circles to the side and then tips back up at the sky, welcoming the cool moonlight upon his features.

His hair is spun gold and his skin is a map of the sky, charted with freckles like stars. His Adam’s apple bobs and his ribs lift and retract, his lips parting, drawing in the crisp air.

“It has been so long,” he breathes, and this is not the voice that has been speaking to him. Not the ugly, confounded grate of a long-dead thing, but as gentle and sweet as birdsong.

Nico stares at him in shock, his wrist is throbbing where the ribbon is cinched around it. “You are not the thing I have been talking to.”

The man smiles and lets his chin dip downward, his eyes flutter open. Looking into them, Nico feels as if he’s gazing upon the entire universe. He feels like he’s sinking further and further into the ocean and when he reaches the bottom, he’ll fall through into the crushing vastness of space.

“You wouldn’t think so, would you?” he muses, lips twitching. “I was imprisoned. You have set me free. Come, allow me to show you my gratitude.” He holds out his hand and Nico drags himself to his feet and stumbles toward him.

As soon as he touches him, the strength rushes back into his limbs, his thoughts feel more clear than they have in decades. The man lets out a soft noise, “You… have a beautiful mind.”

“I’ve been told that it’s a bit chaotic.” Nico’s voice is clenched and dry, his eyes blown open wide in wonder. “I’ve never met a god before.”

The man throws his head back and laughs, his grip tightening fractionally on Nico’s hand. Something inside Nico’s chest is unraveling.

“I am no god.” He lifts his other hand and slides his fingers across Nico’s wrist, over the ribbon. It falls away and coils into the grass, a sleeping snake; Nico feels like he can breathe again. “Though people have worshiped me as one.” His head tilts, his expression is so open, so guileless. It makes Nico’s heart ache. “Why is that? That humans flock to power?”

“We are broken creatures. All we want is for someone to repair us.”

The man nods. “My name is Will. I know that yours is Nico.”

Will holds out a thick scroll to Nico and he wonders where it came from. He didn’t see it appear, it feels as if it was always there and he just could not see it.

Nico takes it from him gingerly and starts unrolling it, eyes flicking across its inscription. “What is this?”

“A list of things human beings are afraid of. Which would you be saved from?”

Really, his asking: which do you fear the most? that you would have me take that blight away from you?

Nico’s fingers skip down the endless scrawl. Youth seeping through fingers. They falter. He sees his sister’s head lolling against his arm, blood pooling around her like a ribbon. Finding loneliness buried deep inside. They tremble sideways against the letters.

“This, here. I cannot be by myself any longer.”

Will smiles and touches his chin. “And you won’t be. I shall stay.”

Nico’s heart plummets. “No. No… I need my sister. Bianca. You must have known that… that’s…”

Shaking his head, strands of sunlight spilling down his forehead. “Death is the one thing I will not tamper with. It is definite, final, and reversing it only causes grief and pain and chaos. You do not want to see your sister reborn.” The way he says it makes a sick chill go down Nico’s spine.

He stares sightlessly at Will’s chest, his expression hollow. Dreams seen through eyes clouded with grief, slipping past his fingers. His chest feels like it’s caving in. “My sister. My baby sister. I thought that I could make it up to her, that I could bring her back.”

“She would not thank you.” His words are soft, meant to be an assurance, but they slice through Nico’s skin. “She is at peace. The dead do not want to be awoken… Pain… is such a human thing.”

Tears flee down Nico’s cheeks. “I’ve wasted so many years of my life.”

Distantly, he feels Will’s rough fingertips wiping them away. “I can give them back. Nico, come with me. I can give you purpose.”

How did he know? How could he have known what I need so desperately?

He nods, feeling numb, and feels wind swirling wildly around them, sweeping them away.


Hundreds of thousands of years pass in a whorl.

Years of Will by his side, Will holding his hand, Will spinning him in dances, Will asking him for help, Will teaching him how to heal.

Letting go of his sister was not easy, but Will made the task possible. Gave him something to hold onto, to hope for, to focus on instead of his unhealthy obsession.

They rule together, fair and just. Nico is his voice of reason, his mediator.

They lay side-by-side in a large bed made of branches that have been wound together. Flowering vines hang down over their heads and sunlight streams in from the glass ceiling, casting them in patterned shadows.

Nico stares at the man in front of him; his husband, his stronghold, his foundation. Will’s hair fans out around his head and his chest rises and falls just the slightest bit, his arm is thrown above his head.

Nico leans forward and kisses the soft skin of his wrist and smiles against it when he feels the tendons there twitch along with Will’s fingers; his hand pulls downward and cups Nico’s cheek, so he leans into it, a sigh breaking free from his lips.

And Will was right; he has found purpose.

Spy Kiss 2: Now With Even Less Plot

I just really enjoyed writing these two, so here is more of their plot-less makeouts! Hope you enjoy!

The procedure for ending a case was the same every time. Turn in the intel, debrief, and, in Matt’s case, beg for Allura’s forgiveness. Shiro was the ever present witness to her lectures and threats, but seeing as he was the son of one of the founding members and a brilliant mind when he wasn’t being a complete loose cannon, she kept him on every time.

“Now, I want to be perfectly clear, this behavior was unacceptable.” Allura might not have been much taller than Matt, but in that moment, she positively towered over him. “And to ensure you get the message this time, Shiro is going to be taking you through his morning drills for the next two weeks. I know how much you enjoy jogging for two miles at 0400 hours.”

Shiro barely restrained a smirk. “Oh, I’m happy to bring him along, Princess.”

“Good. You’re both dismissed.”

Matt grimaced as he followed Shiro out of the room. “Two weeks? Shiro, please tell me you’ll go easy on me and-”

“You know I won’t. It’s supposed to send a message.”

“I’m only going to slow you down.”

“I"ll make sure you don’t.”

Matt groaned. “Can’t you just tell her I joined you?”

“She’d never buy it. I’m a terrible liar.”

“You lie for a living.”

Shiro glanced over at him. “Be ready to go at 4:00 sharp.”

“Shiro…” Matt whined softly. “Have mercy. That’s in three hours.”

“Well, debriefing would have been over hours ago if you hadn’t decided to set off explosives on your own.”

“I’m sorry, okay? I-”

Shiro grabbed a fistful of Matt’s shirt and pinned him to the wall, his voice low and laced with irritation as he spoke, “Sorry? We were almost caught. You could have put us both in danger all because you refuse to be part of a team.”

Matt stared up at him, already wide-eyed and blushing, which seemed particularly embarrassing given that Shiro hadn’t even kissed him yet. Not that he was expecting Shiro to kiss him or even wanted Shiro to kiss him. “I… I’m sor-” He cut himself off before he could repeat the same phrase that had gotten him into this position in the first place. “It won’t happen again.”

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purple lavender clouds

summary“we met through a mutual friend.” 

or the one where dan and phil aren’t bitch ass liars and actually met while dan was still a student at manchester uni. if you can cue student stress, shitty studio apartments, and copious weed use–  you’ve got the right picture.

genre: general/fluff/lil angst

word count: 3.6k

warnings: tw for weed, internalized homophobia, wanting to pitch yourself off a building because of law school, and cheap ass rum

a/n: this whole fic is written in the pov of someone high so heyo for experimental syntax and free association . also don’t do drugs kids :)

read on ao3 // playlist esp these songs x x x x 

excerpt: “Phil, I don’t think anything is real.”

“That’s okay. Me either.” 

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Newt Scamander x Reader 

 Prompt: Newt shows the reader, to whom he is engaged, his scars from past creatures. 

Word Count: 964

Warnings: Angst, implied smut


 “Newt? Love?” You stepped down the halls towards your shared bedroom with your fiancé, a scandalous thing for this time, but as you lived alone with him, commonly separated from other people, you two didn’t care. “Where are you, Newt? I’m sorry, I just get so worried! Every time you get out there I always wonder. Will you return? Will this time the dangerous animal be to dangerous?” You get to the bedroom and turned around to see a looming figure sitting on the bed, his red hair falling into his face. “Newt,” you whisper inquisitively. “That’s exactly what you don’t understand.“ He whispered back looking up now. You see his angular face is streaked with tears. He’s sitting there wrapped in a shimmering golden robe with a black trim and a small Hufflepuff insignia on the inside with his hands folded in his lap.

“Do you see my scars?” You gasped as he rose to his feet letting the golden robe fall to the floor. The tall man was substantially more muscular than you expected. Astoundingly so. He had a distinct v down his hips, tucking into his trousers defining the groin. His abdominal muscles were columned into 6 distinct lumps of firm muscles, ridges and valleys you felt a embarrassing urge to run you fingers down. His pectorals where large firm planes, as well, leading off to large defined arms and biceps. But despite his shocking physique, it was the plentiful array of silver scars that were scattered across his abdomen that caught your eye first. “It’s time you understand.” He whispered horsely, stepping closer with each word, desperately working to close the gap between you. “I need you to understand!” His voice was quiet but pleading.
“These creatures, yes, they are dangerous. But not how you think. These creatures are only dangerous because someone, somewhere once treated them as if they were and soon that’s all they were was dangerous.” The space was closed between you now, his breath pressed against you neck, your hands against his chest. Slowly he began to pull you back with him to the bed.
“Because of that, no one sees how extraordinary they are! If we knew more about these creatures, they could help in unfathomable ways!” Newt slowly sat down at the edge of the bed, pulling you atop his lap, smirking slightly when he heard your quick little startled shriek. Your lady trousers spreading wise over his, you wrapped your legs around his hips. Your foreheads pressed together, and you let you breathing sync, his warm on your cheek. Looking down, you let your fingers stretch out, brushing softly down his bare torso. Some scars where think silver lines, whereas others where large circles or unsymmetrical gashes. Their was one particular mark that stuck out to you, above all others. It was a long gash from right beneath his left nipple, stretching its end all the way down beneath the top of his trousers. You gently caressed the soft, delicate skin of the silver scar, tracing it down all the way to the top of his trousers were you looked into his eyes, asking for permission to dip any further. Instead, he knitted his fingers with your own and looked into you eyes. “But don’t think, for a single second that I blame anyone but myself for my scars, nor do I regret a single one. They are my fault, but also a reminder. My kindness and hope always come at a cost, and in the end, they are still wild animals. They’re just scared.” When Newt spoke, he had suck an intense passion in his eyes, that made you knew, there was nothing he loved more than his work and the creatures within it, and you loved that. 

    “I wish there was something I could say, Newt. All that I’m thinking is how much you love those creatures. More than me, but I love that about you.” You blurted. 

   “Strange.” Newt smiled now, the right side of his mouth quirking up. “Most the time people run faster than an Erumpent in mating season when they discover that.” He laughed in his signature awkward Newt fashion. You couldn’t but help but laugh, to. “But, the thing is, you don’t know just how much I do, in fact, love you.” You bent into his ear, feeling the brush of his hair against your temple.

   “Well then, Mr. Scamander, how about you show me?” Newt didn’t need another word. The second you leaned back up to face him, he pulled you down with him flat on the bed and gripped you tight as your lips collided with a passion, that just like the passion for work, couldn’t be falsified. All you could feel was his heart beating in sync with your own as you explored each other in the most thorough way possible, feeling every inch of him, within yourself.

    As clothes fell to the floor, they certainly didn’t stay there. Unseen by the busy lovers, a particular little well beloved Niffler snuck through the open door and began to rifle through the piles of clothing searching for a shiny broach, or maybe a tucked away dish of some sort beneath the bed. The little guy dug and dug until beneath all the trousers and sweaters and button ups, layers upon layers, he found the edge of a shimmery golden cloth. Greedily, he pulled and pulled at it up he found the silky, shiny, shimmering threads right in front of him. Dropping the shiny blue Ravenclaw broach he pulled off your sweater into his pouch, he quietly scurried to the robe and hurried himself inside it, letting it slowly slide behind him as he crawled out of the room, draped in the beautiful garment.

Sleeping Beauty

Bodyguard AU

Obi was only half joking when he asked Shirayuki if she was going to ‘sleep with him as well’. Yes, for a brief moment in time he entertained the idea that Shirayuki would lay next to him (with him even), but the daydream didn’t hold much real, actual weight. It wasn’t until he saw her dressed in nothing more than his t-shirt and a pair of jersey shorts standing next to his bed, that he realized that she was actually serious. She shifted on her feet, glancing around his apartment with a little flush to her cheeks.

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Silence (part one)

So here it is! My new NaLu AU in which Lucy is the new student at Magnolia High but she has a special characteristic… she’s mute.

Pairings: NaLu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza, others.

Setting: High School

Summary: Being new to the school wasn’t Lucy’s only problem; try being mute as well. Also add in being bullied for her disability, but fortunately for Lucy a pink haired male swore to protect her. Befriending the mysterious man, Lucy realized she wasn’t the only one with troubles in her life.

Lucy shifted her head to the right, looking at the vast school from her fathers car window. She seen students piling in the doors going to find their classes for the new school year. A tap on her shoulder brought her out f her daydream. Tearing her gaze away from her new high school she turned and faced her father, a soft look graced his face.

“Lucy dear, I know that nervous. Hell, I’m nervous for you. But I assure you we got you in all the proper classes and the best teacher aid to help you around.” Hearing his words, Lucy gave a slight nod and her own little smile.

Mavis knew she was nervous to start public school after being homeschooled for her whole life. She gulped, turning her sights back on her second home for the next eight months. Lucy reached her shaking hand, grabbing the door handle; trying to find enough courage to open the door.

“Do you have your class schedule?” Lucy held up a piece of paper, signifying she had her schedule.

“Backpack?” He questioned, seeing the light blue bag hanging off her right shoulder. When Lucy nodded, he sighed. He didn’t want to see his baby girl part from him. The two had been inseparable since her mother’s passing, even though all he wanted to do was sit alone in his bedroom and cry himself to sleep during those dark times. But he had an obligation as a father to make sure his daughter had closure before he did. The sound of the car door opening brought the elderly man out of his thoughts.

“Have a good day, Lucy.” She heard her father call through the ajared door. She twisted around to see him, giving him a little wave before closing the car door. She shifted back to the school, inhaling a deep breath before she made her way inside the unknown territory.

“Room 107…” Lucy thought to herself. She swore she’d been walking around in circles for the last ten minutes. Seeing a hallway she’s been down three times, she spotted a group of girls standing by a set of lockers. Lucy froze in her spot.

Did she have the gall to go over and see if they could help her? It wasn’t like she could ask them, all she could do was point to the classroom and hope they had enough common sense to understand what she meant. Looking up at the clock, she noticed that she only had a few minutes to get to class. Well, that explains why there wasn’t as many students lingering in the hallways. Sucking up her pride, she made her way over to the group.

She stood in front of the group, a polite smile on her face. They didn’t notice her presence until about a minute after she presented herself. Lucy seen the group of three give her a disoriented look.

“What do you want?” Lucy nearly flinched at the girls rude tone. Trying her best to not turn around and run, she lifted the piece of paper and pointed to the room number praying to Mavis that they got the message. The dull look she received told Lucy that the trio didn’t get what she was trying to say.

“Room 107? What about it?” When Lucy remained silent, the girls tempers flared. “If you’re not gonna tell us you can get lost.”

“Yeah, beat it!” The girl who hadn’t spoken yet shouted before shoving Lucy. Lucy wasn’t expecting to get pushed lost her footing, inevidently falling to the tiled floor with a loud thud. The blonde rubbed her aching backside as the trio of girls laughed at their actions.

“Nice one Mary.”

“That’ll teach her for ignoring us.”

“Thank you Kyoka, Briar.” Mary said with a celebratory smile on her face.

“Hey!” A new voice shouted. Lucy looked in the direction she heard the rushed footsteps coming from, eyes widening at the sight. A pink haired male, clad in dark blue jeans, a light red shirt with a black dragon decorating the right side finished with a pair of red converse, was dashing towards them.

“Oh great its the freak.” Lucy’s enhanced hearing caught what Briar had just said. The footsteps kept coming closer to them, when he finally reached the scene he positioned himself between Lucy and the three bullies.

“Whats your guys problem?!” His handsome voice shouted angrily at the trio of girls. Hearing them scoff at the boy like he was a nuisance. One of the girls stepped up to him, even though the boy was a few inches taller than he was.  

“Listen Natsu. That thing invaded our personal space and wouldn’t back off. So, we had to resort to violent measures.” She explained, the other two girls laughing in the background proving what the girl had just said was a lie. She spotted Lucy’s class schedule on the ground, picking it up.

“Its quite funny though, her having the nerve to come up to us like that. She probably doesn’t even realize who we are.” She pushed passed the boy walking over to Lucy. Crouching down, Kyoka look into Lucy’s brown eyes with her blue piercing ones. “Theres only one thing you need to learn this year newbie.” Lifting the piece of paper in front of the blondes eyes, Kyoka ripped the paper in her hands into pieces so small there was no possible way that Lucy could see which classes she needed to go too. She let the shreds fall to the ground, and stood back up towering over the defenseless girl.  

“You’re going to learn that you don’t mess with us.”

“Will you guys just leave now!?” Natsu was getting angrier each passing second, but he wouldn’t push the green haired woman out of the way. He would never lay a hand on a woman no matter how angry he was. Kyoka’s blue eyes bore into Natsu’s olive green ones.

“Seeing as if we only have a minute to class, we will. Come on Briar, Mary.” Kyoka said to her followers, who just gave dirty glance towards the duo before following their leader.

“Bitches man.” Natsu mumbled to himself before turning his attention back to the blonde girl who was still on the ground. “Hey, you okay?” She turned her head to look up at him and Natsu could see the glassiness of her eyes.

He waved his hands around frantically. “H-Hey its okay! Don’t pay attention to them, they’re the meanest girls in this joint. Their like that to everyone.” He held out his hand to her, offering to help her off the ground. He noticed she was a bit wary, but took his hand anyway. He gently pulled the girl up, hand still holding hers.

“I’m Natsu! And you are?” Lucy just looked to the ground confusing Natsu. His confusion was short lived as the first bell of the school year rang. “Ah shit! I’m late on the first day!” His expression turned solemn. “Erza’s going to kill me…” He seen the blonde put a hand over her mouth in a laughing way, but no sound was coming out. He was going to ask, but he didn’t want to be any later to class than he already was.

“What class are you going to?” When the blonde shrugged he gave a confused look.

“How don’t you-” Realization hit him. Kyoka had ripped up her class schedule. “Shit, well. The office will print you off a new one. Do you know where the office is?” Lucy shook her head no and Natsu sighed.

So much for trying not to be tardy once this year.

“Mirajane!” Natsu said making his way into the office with Lucy. Lucy observed as a gorgeous woman with long white hair and crystal blue eyes turned around to them, a pleasant smile on her face.

“Hello Natsu.” She responded. “Aren’t you suppose to be in class right now?”

Natsu sighed. “Yeah, well Kyoka and her followers ripped up this girls schedule and she doesn’t know where to go. Could you print her up a new one?” Mirajane looked behind Natsu too see the blonde, her face cutely flushed.

“Of course!” Mirajane beamed. “Can I just get your name sweetie?” The blonde’s face fell. Her heart beat racing feeling the stares of the other two in the room. She walked up to the counter of the front office, about to grab pen and paper when the sound of a bell chiming caught the trio’s attention. They turned their gaze to the front door where a short man clad in a brown suit waltzed in.

“Natsu Dragneel what kind of trouble are you causing now? It’s only the first day.” He grumbled angrily. Lucy seen how Natsu put his hands up in defense.

“Its not me Gramps! Kyoka and her bitch twins bullied this girl and tore up her schedule so I’m just trying to help her out! Honest!”

Makarov chuckled at the boys statement. “May Erza have mercy on your poor soul.” The short man turned to the blonde, eyes widening instantly recognizing who the female beside him was.

“You’re… Lucy Heartfilia correct?” The blonde nodded, relieved that the situation was averted. “I’ve spoke to your father quite a few times and informed me of your condition. The teachers aid we had set up didn’t pull through, so we’re looking for other options. But we did inform all your teachers of your situation.”

Natsu looked between the two. Condition? Teachers aid? Contacting her father? Telling the teachers? He looked to Lucy, seeing her just nod like she has been.

What exactly was wrong with this girl?

Noticing the awkward silence, Mirajane decided to speak. “So one schedule for Miss Lucy Heartfilia coming right up!” She said in a cheery voice heading over to the printer.  She pulled the piece of paper, walking back to the counter and handing it to the blonde.

“Looks like your first class is room 107 with Mr. Clive. I’ll write you two passes. Whats your first hour Natsu?”

“Oh, uh, same I have Gildarts too.” Natsu stumbled out, not completely out of his thoughts just yet. Mirajane finished the passes and handed them to Natsu.

“Have a great first day of learning you two!” Mira said waving them off. Natsu nodded his thanks, walking out the office doors behind Lucy. Still wondering what was wrong with the girl.

“So, your names Lucy huh?” Natsu asked trying to make conversation as they made their way to the classroom. Lucy nodded once again, not speaking.

He scratched the back of his head, trying to relieve some of his nerves. He couldn’t take when people didn’t talk, he couldn’t stand silence. “You don’t talk much do ya?” This time he got a different reaction, one that almost made him feel guilty for asking. She bowed her head almost shamefully, shaking her head from side to side.

He was about to speak again when he realized that they finally made it to room 107. “We’re here Lucy!” He said as happily as he could, trying to cheer her up at least a little bit. He seen her look up, her chocolate brown eyes brightening slightly. Natsu took a deep breath and turned the door handle to the door.

When he opened the door, he seen Gildarts writing some things on the chalkboard. The door suddenly made a noise, earning the attention of everyone in the classroom. Gildarts black eyes glaring at the students who interrupted his lesson.

“Oh its just you Natsu.” He said so nonchalantly Natsu took a little offense to it. Gildarts looked past him to the blonde standing behind him. “And who is this?”

“This is Lucy.” Natsu spoke for her.

“Ahhh so you’re the Lucy I heard about.” Gildarts remarked. “Well Lucy I am Mr. Clive, your history and homeroom teacher. Its a pleasure to have you in class.” He gave a teasing look to the pink haired male. “And my apologies that Natsu’s the first person you had to meet at your new school.”

Natsu felt a vein pop out of his forehead. “What the hell is that suppose to mean!?”

“Natsu watch yourself, I know who Erza has first hour.” Natsu audibly gulped at the mention of the red haired she devil. “Now, go ahead and find an empty seat. There will be a seating chart tomorrow, also get out a sheet of paper and a pencil for notes.” He instructed before the two made their way to their seats.

He watched Lucy as she set her backpack on the ground next to her, thinking the poor girl couldn’t even find her locker. She pulled out a blue and pink striped notebook along with a silver glitter pencil. He coughed awkwardly and leaned over his desk.

“Hey Luce, do can i borrow some paper and a pencil?” Lucy gave him an annoyed look but complied with his wishes.

“Thanks.” He said, not really expecting an answer back. He leaned back in his chair, ignoring the lector that Gildarts was giving. Suddenly an idea popped in his head. If Lucy wouldn’t talk to him, maybe she would write him!

Instead of taking notes, he scribbled the question that’s been bothering him since the office on the sheet of paper and handed it over to Lucy.  He seen her give a surprised look at the paper and tilted her head in his direction. He gave a sly grin, happy to see her unfold the paper and read his question.

“Why don’t you talk?”

Natsu watched as Lucy sighed, her eyes downcast. He wanted to apologize but seen her write down a reply and hastily throw the paper back at him. He quickly took the paper to open it up and see her reply.

“Because I can’t.”

Natsu was surprised at her short answer. He wrote down another question before quickly passing it back to her before their teacher seen it.

“What do you mean you can’t talk?”

The glare she gave him made him uneasy. She looked like she was about to reply to his message when Gildarts spoke up.

“Okay guys I don’t feel like teaching anymore today.” The older man said dropping the chalk and plopping down in his black mesh rolling chair. “Instead, we have a new student joining us today. Lucy, would you please come to the front?”

Lucy froze in her seat. It took her a moment before she got a hold of her senses and slowly stood up, making her way to the front of the classroom and stood face flushing feeling everyone’s gazes on her.

“This is Lucy Heartfilia. Please make her feel welcomed.”

“I’ll sure as hell make that cutie feel comfortable.” Someone spoke out making the class laugh out loud. Lucy felt uncomfortable by the comment, both Natsu and Gildarts could tell.

“Thats enough.” Gildarts roared, silencing the class. “Thank you Lucy, you may sit now.” Lucy didn’t need to be told twice, already mortified on her first day of public school.

She looked at the note on her desk, most importantly the question Natsu had asked her. She sighed before putting her still shaking hand to the paper and began to write. She finished her reply and handed the note to Natsu who instantly took it. Lucy put her head down, not wanting to meet his gaze when he found out her secret.

He took the note and unfolded it, eyes widening to the size of dinner plates when he seen her reply.

“I can’t talk because… I’m mute.”