all of this was yummy!


I managed to get a lil’ editing done tonight! My throat is so effing sore, bc it’s infected eughhh so I am eating ice cream (which I find revolting, but it’s all I have that’s cold af) and like any good Australian I have smothered it in milo. Mostly to mask the taste of cow utter mucous 😂

🍣 without the 🐠 Last night all of my friends gathered to watch the first round of the French elections results, we ordered in and it was sooo gooood ⭐️ although I love making my own sushi, ordering them is pretty nice too. I had cucumber makis, mixed veggie maxis, sushi rice, à miso soup and a green tea doriyaki with red bean paste

Poldark FACE …in which Ross has an epiphany. 

Imagine pocket-sized Dino making you a special cake for Valentine’s Day. (with the help of pocket-sized Gyu of course)
*covered in flour and whipped cream*
*picks up a strawberry and tries to feed it to you*

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Poldark FACE … the boys are back in town! 


It’s been 3000 years since i didnt draw anything undertale related so ya here’s shitty ddl

Feeling guilty for eating something is not rational

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is fucking delicious don’t you dare feel bad about yourself for eating some

Food does not equal guilt

You wanted it so you fucking ate it

And you are HAPPY