all of this was supposed to be on the animation jeeze

So like, as much as we joke about it (and lbr, are totally intended to given that he’s one of the more ‘comic relief’ characters), I’ve noticed that in pretty much all of Junkrat’s canon material he’s shown having tons of attentional/memory issues. 

The biggest example is in his comic, in which he’s basically constantly forgetting what he’s doing/supposed to be doing. 

He forgets he’s supposed to be quiet.

He (despite trying harder to remember than he does with anything else, really) forgets that there are supposed to be hostages in the building waiting to be rescued.

When that cop calls Mako fat he gets upset, forgets what they’re doing, and nearly gets shot!

In this ending joke, he even forgets who’s idea it was to try and leave behind their life of crime at all (it was him). 

(And you’ve all likely already seen this, I know!) But jeez, even his little title screen animation of all things has a moment where he looks like he forgot where he was or what he was doing:

And like, obviously all of this stuff is meant to be funny, he’s a jokey character in general, I know I know. But it’s honestly a pretty irrefutable part of his character that he has problems with paying attention to directions/memory- nearly every page of that comic had him forgetting something important! 

There are tons of different things that could cause issues like his, all the way from neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD to certain injuries, but unfortunately, since he’s such a comic relief character we probably won’t ever get a specific reason in canon. But I think it’s worth noting anyhow, being such a consistent part of his character!

(Edit: @killermage added that chronic pain can cause memory problems too, which makes sense given his missing limbs as well! So there’s that to consider)