all of these names make so much sense though

That...makes so much sense

I have to thank @strixmoonwing for randomly reblogging the original post, which I didn’t just add to because this is a ML post, not a Superman one.  Even though it’s the same basic concept.

Go read the original Superman post (link) for all the mind-blowing concepts and credits.  The gist is that:

  • they can’t find your secret identity if they don’t think you have one 
  • that no one is going to think Superman, the suave, brave, protector of the world, is a clumsy reporter named Clark Kent who lives in a crappy apartment
  • they probably think being Superman is his day job.

So, what does that have to do with Ladybug?  Simple.

The majority of viewers (myself included) get annoyed by how obvious Marinette and Adrien are with their superhero identities and how their closest friends don’t figure it out.  Alya came close that one time in Lady Wifi

…which is entirely plausible because Adrien IS Chat Noir.  However, even the person that’s closest to him as Chat Noir (Marinette) and is also a masked superhero doesn’t connect those dots.  In fact, she denies it because Adrien is “so much cooler than Chat Noir”.

Fast forward to Simon Says / Jackady.  I recently posted a bunch of stuff (look under Gabriel Agreste for links) about how Gabriel probably knows his son is Chat Noir.  It took Adrien talking back to his dad while he was in costume for it to click.

Even then, Gabriel still had to check both Chat’s ring:

And Adrien’s ring:

Before it fully registered.  Granted, Gabriel isn’t what I’d call an attentive parent and probably doesn’t know Adrien as well as he should.

The point is that even though Adrien looks like Chat Noir and they’re never seen together, Adrien’s personality is so different as Chat that even his own partner refuses to believe they’re the same person and his dad only got it when the evidence was literally staring him in the face.

Read the Ladybug side of this after the cut…

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For real though, the day that Magnus Bane realises he’s met *the* Merlin is the best and most embarrassing day of his entire life.

I can just imagine Magnus meeting this gangly British guy on the streets of New York. He seems a little lost and confused, and Magnus, feeling sorry for him, decides to buy him a coffee. He soon finds out that the guy is a warlock, that he goes by the name Merlin (it’s not all that uncommon for warlocks to adopt the name so he doesn’t think much of it) and that he has no idea why, but he feels like he needs to be in New York for some reason so he portalled there without thinking through the logistics. Magnus instinctively trusts him, offers him his spare room and they become fast friends.

It’s only a few weeks later at Pandemonium that the realisation dawns on him.

Magnus and Merlin, distracted from their drinks by a disturbance on the other side of the dancefloor, rush over to help a small group of Shadowhunters who are trying to take down a sizeable pack of demons. It takes a few moments and some really impressive magic from Merlin, but they eventually manage to get the situation under control.

Magnus is temporarily distracted by the tall dark-haired Shadowhunter hovering near the a back of the group, but turns around quickly when one of the Shadowhunters introduces himself as ‘Arthur Pendragon’. When Magnus sees the look of recognition dawn across his and Merlin’s faces, suddenly everything makes sense and he cringes as he realises that he’s spent the last week or so making the oldest and most powerful warlock who’s ever lived watch reruns of RuPaul’s Drag Race with him.

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Pennywise imagine where Henry Bowers tries to harass the reader and then she runs away from him into the river under the kissing bridge. This causes Henry to throw a rock at her head. The reader sits down in the water and starts bleeding out and eventually faints instantly in the river. When Henry runs away to leave the reader to die PW saves her. He also vows to kill or get back at Henry for doing that to her. The reader also wonders why PW didn't kill her and he explains why thank you!

(I changed this up a bit, thanks for the prompt I hope you still like it!)

You were walking home late one night, the street lights illuminating only parts of the small town streets you were walking down. There were dark areas in between that had your mind playing tricks on you and making you see figures in the dark. You just wanted to be home already.

This was your predicament because Henry Bowers and his gross friends had stolen your bike earlier that day, forcing you to walk home in the dark. Now here you were, approaching a dark bridge and your heart was pounding in your chest. You scared yourself even further wondering why you were so spooked.

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Wooden Stakes Don’t Work On Werewolves

Elias/OC: You’re highly aware of Elias’s weird habits, but don’t think too much about it. Until, that is, a Halloween party he comes to dressed as a werewolf. It’s there you decide to test him, just a little bit, and learn something new along the way. Fluff. (Shoutout to @fandommofia for sending me the fake fic title and inspired this idea)


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The boys ages.. and wtf?

The boys ages is a… mystery. No one knows….

Klaus and Elias freak me out.
In MY head Klaus is like 22 or something.
And Elias is like.. (you know that picture of him when he laughs, during his own route) he looks like 13-15. But it makes no sense. It’s supposed to be five years in between them. *Dramatic music* But it still looks to be so much more… (now cry a few tears please).

How old can Luca possibly be??? 20??? I don’t know.

And what the f*ck kinda name is Gedonelune? Can anybody even pronounce that?
I usually pronounce it ‘Gwendolune’. Though I’m pretty sure that’s not it.

Please tell me how old you think the boys are (all of them if you wish) and tell me how you pronounce Gwevnolune or Guenolune or whatever…

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Why do you hate D so much? I'm not attacking you, I'm just curious and wanted to know your reasons. To be fair, I'm not a fan of her myself. I'm not that far in the series, but she's giving me strange/bad vibes. I'm not too fond of her. (Don't worry about spoiling anything. I love spoilers and even tho I just started watching the show I already know what happens in s7, I'm weird, I know) ❤❤

Hi faceless man!

There are many reasons why I don’t like her in the show and I’m going to list them as accurately as possible. These are all my opinion, so please don’t take it personally. 

There are going to be so many spoilers ahead, reader discretion is advised.

 I’ll only talk about the show reasons in here because my feelings and thoughts about her get more complex when it comes to the books:

1) she’s obsessed with the iron throne and her claim on it even though she has no claim, Robert conquered the iron throne, he fought for it just like her Ancestors did. Gendry would have more of a claim as the bastard son of Robert or even Cersei as his Queen wife. But not Daenerys. 

2) she made a giant mess in slaver’s bay. She’s too stubborn to at least look at something from another perspective. It’s either her way or no way. Even Aegon adapted to the different cultures of Westeros. But no, Daenerys ignores what her people want and decides to act on her own will. And afterwards she left those same cities with Daario Naharis. I’m sure the warlord will do a great job at keeping the peace there. 

3) she would be dead whiteout her Dragons. How many times has she been saved by those fire breathing Lizards and how many times did she get out of a sticky situation thanks to diplomacy and her own planning? 

4) they disagree? They burn. She says the people who follow her have a choice but do they? Do they really? In a deleted scene she tells Missandei “never betray me”. What does she mean by that? If Missandei wanted to get away from Daenerys would she be free to do so or would she see that as a betrayal?

5) she loves to burn people alive. Not even people that did her wrong but soldiers, suspected nobles in Mereen, Dickon and his father, just anyone. She seems to not give a fuck or out right enjoys it. 

6) she’s arrogant. Not even my Spanish relatives have so many damn names. She wants to be seen as a savor even though she creates 10 new problems every time she does something. And than she covers everything up with a good BBQ.

7) she takes pride in her Valyrian ancestry even though they themselves were slavers and the cause so much death and hurt.

8) she’s manipulative, in a bad kind of way. Seriously, Season 7 was practically Daenerys manipulating Jon into bending the knee with reasons that make no sense at all. She tries to bond with him over the fact that they both have lost brothers. The difference is that Jon loved his brothers. Dany didn’t know one and the other was an abusive asshole to her and she didn’t bat an eye when he died before her eyes. She says Jon is too proud to bend the knee even though it has nothing to with pride that he doesn’t want to give the north to a southern leader.

9) if she really loved her people she would give the northerners their so much needed independence. But again, she doesn’t want to compromise or she’s really so blind to her own arrogance that she thinks she’s doing them a favor.

10) Targaryens are, how should I put this…unstable. The inbreeding has brought them so many Illnesses and mental problems it’s a matter of time until she looses it completely. I quote: “Every time a new Targaryen is born the gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land.” The reign of the Targs was a mess, even before her father, the mad king Aerys. 

I’m sure there are more reasons, but I didn’t want to go too much into detail. If you search “anti dany” on my blog you’ll find more things I’ve written about her. 

I have nothing against people who like this character. Hell, I like Cersei and she’s just as bad. The difference is that Cersei doesn’t hide the fact that she’s horrible. Plus, Lena Headey is a wonderful actress, she knows how to bring her characters alive and Emilia Clarke is a pale contrast in my opinion. I like her as a person but not as an actress (sorry not sorry).

That’s all.

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You got to admit though that stand together does make some sense. The seat of the Freys is the twins, a bridge, and a bridge can only hold when the two points stand together

You know who else it makes sense for? Literally anyone. The statement is so vague and general that pretty much any House could use it for its words. After all, what is courtly politicking all about than advancing the family as much as the individual - using influence to secure positions for kinsmen and to promote the family name? “Stand together” doesn't just apply to virtually anyone, it also fails to capture House Frey as a whole; after all, the Freys who reject the family’s renunciation of guest right, like Olyvar and Perwyn, certainly don’t “stand together” with the rest of the family. (And as far as architecture goes, I can think of a few other families just off the top of my head who could have that as much as the Freys - the Caswells with their bridge at Bitterbridge, the Costaynes with their Three Towers, the Harlaws with their Ten Towers.)

Look, I’m not gonna say every House words I’ve come up with are the best that could ever be done and GRRM himself should weep to read them. But I really do think “We Take Our Toll” is much more fitting for House Frey than what the show came up with. Other families could have bridges or towers that stand together, but no family is so focused on its toll as House Frey (“… for six hundred years they have never failed to exact their toll”, “This will be a marriage of cattle thieves and toll collectors”). It hits directly at the Freys’ insecurities as “only” a 600-year-old House: they don’t have the blue blood or royal ancestry some of their neighbors do, but they have the toll bridge, and they will make anyone from lowly serf to mighty lord pay it. Too, as many a House motto is, “We Take Our Toll” is a warning - an indication that the Freys will always exact the price for crossing, though not the price one thinks one will have to pay. And unlike the show’s phrase, this motto works for both the Red Wedding Freys and those who rejected it: those who murdered Robb and his companions had taken the toll for Robb’s betrayal of his marriage pact, but Olyvar Frey too seems poised to take a toll against the Lannister regime which rewarded his treacherous kin.

Bullymagnet |Soul Mate Mix n Match AU

So I wrote a good chunk of this in the bullymagnet discord chat and well, decided to add more and share it with the peeps who are too shy to hang with us in the dumpster club house.

also idk how many words this is.

and here’s the fic!!

“Ahrgh, I cant read this stupid thing,” an irate voice whispers through Max’s mind, the words he’s heard thousands of times now, his soul mate’s ire towards what must be the compass mark. He could probably recite it perfectly, recreate the same emotion and tone - heck even the actions probably, but then people would know. So instead Max coughs, attempting to cover up his snort.

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I dont really understand Stan's fear (the woman)? Could you explain? Movie and book?

Hii!! So Stan’s fear and encounter with It in the book is completely different, it’s not the woman. In the book he goes to bird watch at the park and ends up feeling that the standpipe is almost calling for him to go. When he goes in, he hears dead kids calling for him and trying to follow him. He ends up using his bird book as almost like a shield and shouting all the names of birds he can remember to make them go away before running away. 

In the movie though, when he sees this woman with her face all “messed up”, I feel like it totally speaks to his fear of disorder he has that goes in part with his OCD. First we see the picture frame tilted and although he tries to avoid the sight of it, it bothers him so much that he has to fix it. I think he’s just as scared of the painting of the women itself though, since her face doesn’t look right and would probably upset this sense of order that he has. 

Thats just my theory though! As always, feel free to add on :)

Jared x Reader: Part III

(Part I and Part II)

Pairing/characters: widowed!Jared Padalecki x reader, Jensen Ackles, other members of the cast mentioned

Word count: 1721 ish

Summary: You and Jared had an incredibly awkward moment the last time you saw each other, and now it’s even more awkward. (Hint: Jensen’s a sweetheart who sticks his nose into other people’s business [helpfully, ya know? lol.]) (Also, coffee again. I’m sorry if you don’t like coffee.)

Warnings: swearing (anybody surprised?), fluff, mentions of punching in the A/N (don’t ask. just don’t ask.)

A/N: Okay. Y’all (shit, I just said y’all and don’t usually/didn’t used to say y’all) Anyway. You guys have permission to punch me if you ever meet me. (Okay, I really wouldn’t recommend that. I’m jumpy/defensive and you’re probably gonna get hurt more than me. Just ask two of my friends who have accidentally gotten hit. Okay. Sorry. Totally off topic. It’s been a long day. hehe) I am so so sorry for taking so long in posting this. I may or may not have had most of it written for a while. But since it’s Jared’s birthday, I figured I just kinda have to finally post part iii. 
(Once again. No disrespect meant to any of the cast or anything.)

(gif not mine.) and maybe it’s not completely related, but he 
looks kinda nervous, and also very pretty, so whatever.

Originally posted by bittersweetsam

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JARED PADALECKI. (You amazing, incredible human who has helped me so much.)

I grabbed my jacket and hat, trying to get out of the green room before Ruth, Gil, Misha, or Jared, God forbid, came in.

It was Jensen. Jensen came in before I escaped.

I bumped into him as I hurried out, and he grabbed my arm gently. “Hey, what’s up? You’ve been acting kinda weird today… Especially around, like, Jared.”

I shrugged, backing up to face him. “What do you mean? I’m fine!”

Riiiight. And that’s why you and Jared have pretty much been avoiding each other since we all got here last night.”

“We…” My voice trailed off, because I wasn’t sure what to say.

“You…?” He waved his hand, trying to get me to talk.

“Holy shit, Ackles…” I gave him a look, but I was more frustrated with myself than with Jensen. “Just… Something happened two weeks ago, so now it’s awkward.”


I glanced down at the floor, shaking my head, and blurted out, “Jared almost kissed me.”

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aconfusedwriter  asked:

So I have a cephalopod question that pertains to their sense of hearing; can cephalopods hear? I ask because I know other vertebrae don't need ears like us, (lizards, tortoises, other reptiles and amphibians,) but cephalopods aren't vertebrae, so do they hear like we do? Or do they even need to hear, being underwater and all? If they don't hear, do they have another sense to make up for no hearing? Thanks! (I'm not a scientist btw, but I love the blog!)

This is not something that we know very much about, but from what we know so far, pelagic squid can hear at least low-frequency sounds, but octopuses don’t seem to be able to hear. I actually did my undergrad thesis on cephalopod hearing! A scientist named Aran Mooney played sounds for squid and monitored their brain activity and they responded to low-freqency sounds but not higher freqencies. I haven’t done a literature search lately though so we might know more now than we did in 2011. I tried to train octopuses to associate a sound with food, but either they didn’t figure out they were associated (and octopuses are pretty good at learning that kind of thing), or they didn’t hear it. Since the results were negative, we can’t really say “these animals can’t hear” we can only say that these experiments showed no evidence of hearing ability. 

In terms of HOW they’d be able to hear, cephalopods have a statocyst in their heads that are accelerometers but may also be important for hearing.

Here’s some more information on that study by Aran Mooney!

I did it all for love

olicity hiatus fic-a-thon | prompt: at odds
au. best friends reuniting after college
rated T. 2634 words 

tagging: @scu11y22 @felicityollies @misaralullaby @maryhn @ladyimara @felicityschattycathy @tjmartinez98 @lovethishealthylife @theirhappystory @lucyyh @muslimsmoak @thebookjumper @malafle (if you wanna be tagged/untagged, let me know :)

It’s unnerving.

Like an itch under the surface of her skin, making her feel uneasy, off.

It’s not like this is the first time they’ve had an argument, being best friends for so long. Lord knows how easily they’ve riled each other up through the years. How often she’d had to snap him out of the loop of self-destruction he’d dived into during his senior year, right after she’d moved out. How frank and forward he’d been through Skype and phone calls –once college kept them further apart– teasing her to no end while also throwing the truth on her face; things she didn’t want to hear but desperately needed to.

In each case they’d quarrel away and sometimes use their loud voices, which always led to weighty pauses or days offline; only then they’d come back together again. Always.

This time, however, feels different.

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‘There’s a Softness’ Preview

Just some word waffle I’ve been slowly working on between lectures, though I don’t know if I’ll continue it? It’s GoT, so, here;

 Near twelve years after the rebellion, Aegon I awakens, surrounded by dragons and yet, utterly alone. An Usurper on the throne, his house exiled and the Kingdom nearing crisis, Aegon the Conqueror does what he does best. He begins reuniting the lands once again; there is so much wrong with this world he has woken to.

Most certainly there should not be a Stark bastard sporting Visenya’s hard frown and Rhaenys’ kind eyes. (Female Jon Snow)

Aegon wakes, three and ten all over again. 

He knows from the nick to his skin, right at the crook of his elbow, a small slice he’d gained during his last name day at two and ten, but without the scar from sparring with Visenya at four at ten. 

He wakes cocooned in Balerion’s warmth, Vhagar and Meraxes a short distance away, but still blatantly present. Both painfully absent of their riders. His head swims with misinformation, with different thoughts that keep warring back and forth, pushing and pulling like waves. Meraxes should not be here. 

But it doesn’t sound like a fact in his mind, more a hazy recollection. 

The last remnants of a dream he can only half recall. But there is no Visenya here, no Rhaenys. He needs only look into the eyes of the dragons to know for certain. They are unbound beasts, looking to him for cues as a duckling glances to its mother; familiarity. Perhaps were it not for that the two would have already flown away. 

Aegon reclines back into Balerion’s side, his mount far more docile than he has ever known him before. There’s a softness to the great dragon now, the black dread that is smaller than he remembers. 

But his mind, Aegon is finding, is far from reliable right now. 

He needs to know what is happening, why he recalls a murky future when he is but three and ten. 

There are battles, names of men and declarations of victory that he… he cannot claim for certain. 

All that and more is slotted away within his head and it makes no sense.

He needs more information.

And clothes.

He needs information and clothes.


It is night when Balerion soars across the mainland, Meraxes and Vhagar near enough to nip at his heels. 

The sensation of flight is as exhilarating as always, though the chill bites deep beneath his skin. He does not know how Rhaenys could love it so very much. The thought of her brings a stabbing pain to his chest, a reminder she is not here now. 

But he will find out where she is soon enough, where both she and Visenya are. 

A Poetry Analysis of The Deeper Well

Hello! I don’t have a blog dedicated to Sherlock, so I wanted to submit this to someone who does. Hope you don’t mind. Firstly, I want to say that this is the first meta I’ve ever written, so apologies if this isn’t as beautifully done as most of them are. Anyway, I wanted to write this because there’s just something that really stood out to me in that whole Dale Pike thing; the poem for another fandom that he has written, that apparently isn’t about Sherlock. (I’m going to be calling this person him, assuming that I’m talking about Mark, although it could be both him and Steven, or someone completely different.) Also, I feel like I need to have a disclaimer, that reading and analyzing fiction is always subjective and this is just my personal interpretation of this poem and not the truth. So, feel free to disagree with me.

 So now, onto the poem.

“Some things are best expressed in really bad poetry, squirrelled away on fan-fiction sites.” The name of the poem, to me, seems like a reference to the deep waters constantly mentioned in Series 4, or the well that John was in. (I also remember someone calling the well a metaphor for John being shot and slowly bleeding out.) As for the bad poetry part, Mark’s making that warning because he’s trying to make this look like an amateur wrote this, so it has to be kind of cliché and badly punctuated.

 “sleepwalking steps / through the woods at night / strange and lovely” The narrator is half-asleep in a forest at night but thinks that it’s beautiful. The first thing that stood out to me with how this whole poem is how it’s written. It doesn’t sound the same as the other poem Mark wrote, but he did warn us that this is going to be bad poetry. A lot of the times when amateurs write poetry they don’t bother with punctuation or upper case letters, because they think it looks aesthetically pleasing, so this seems deliberate to me.

“in clouded light / a glint in the shadows / catches my eyes” While this whole poem upon first look seems to be formatted badly, the words are actually beautiful and seem to me like they are written by someone who has written poetry before. In this case the correct phrasing however would be “catches my eye”, not “eyes”. Might be a deliberate mistake. The narrator in the woods sees something shiny in the dark now.

“you left your trinket here / at the deeper well” We are introduced to the motive of this poem: a trinket. No idea what that is yet though, or whose it is, but right now it’s left in the deeper well. The trinket is shiny, considering its glinting.

“this grand adventure / feels like coming home” To me this sounds like the insane wish fulfillment they have been talking about. This whole show and everything surrounding it (The subtextual narratives, the ARG) are the grand adventure, and this is something they have wanted to do for a long time. The narrator seems to change here, from the person in the woods to the person writing this poem, but that’s just a feeling I have.

“there’s a hole in the world / that goes all the way down / was this always here?” This could be a reference to TFP or possibly the whole of Series 4. The hole is the well, the well is a place to get lost in, or to die in, like in Johns case, and the narrator is questioning whether this trap has always existed. It’s also questioning whether Redbeard and Eurus etc. exist or not.

“feels like / we ought to have known.” Now the narrative includes us fans too, since the narrator is using the word us, instead of me, as opposed to the first verse. We, as in the fans and the makers of the show, should’ve guessed that getting the ending we want wasn’t going to be easy and straight-forward.

“I turned around / I stumbled away / such fragile things vanish / in the light of day” The real nature of their relationship couldn’t have seen the light of day back in the Victorian times, it could only exist at night, in the darkness. Possibly about TPLoSH too, because the story was going there, but then turned around, because the story still wasn’t ready to be told.

“it’s like that fairytale / that childhood friend” Victor Trevor in TFP? Or the Redbeard and Eurus being a fairytale? A reoccurring theme from the show, a fairytale being mentioned.

“you think you know it by heart / until you read it again” For the casual fans who call themselves hardcore fans and even know and are very familiar with the original stories, but still have managed to miss or to ignore the true nature of their relationship and the actual main motive of the stories completely. After the insane wish fulfillment, a lot of these fans will go back to the original stories and read them in a completely different light.

“the paths are unkempt / arrows flipped; markers pried / one always tells the truth / one always lies” The paths that the show is going to walk are completely new, but I don’t really understand what the arrows and markers mean in this. Is it about the direction the show is going take? The arrows now point to the relationship instead of the mysteries? But are the markers us or something else? The truths and lies, I don’t think I need to cover that, we all know what’s going on there. They lie.

“but I find my way back / awake and breathing fire / your trinket guides me to the deeper well.” The narrator will not get lost in the forest and will find a way back. He’s awake and breathing fire, which obviously reminds me of dragons. The trinket guides him to the well, which I still don’t fully understand because I still don’t know what the trinket is referencing to in this poem. But nonetheless, he goes deeper into the well.

“this grand adventure / feels like coming home” A repetition of a line from before, so this is significant. The grand adventure is like home to you Mark and Steven, we get it. It’s starting to feel fun for me too.

“I stand on the bridge / and look all the way down / was this always here? / feels like / I ought to have known.” Bridges in literature symbolize progress and connections. They are viewed as the only way to reach a destination and a way to overcome obstacles. He’s standing on the bridge, asking whether the possibility to reach the ending the story deserves, was always possible, now that we finally have the bridge. He’s also telling himself that he should’ve always believed that this would happen, and that there would be people making this possible, that including us.

“the wind shifts; I feel the breeze” The East Wind in biblical context symbolizes dispersion of falsities, and it’s finally here. But the wind shifts now. I just for fun I googled what West Wind symbolizes, and apparently West Wind is sometimes considered an agent for change.

“I see the forest, I see the trees” He sees the obstacles, but he’s also understanding them for what they are, as opposed to the saying that you can’t see the forest from the trees. He sees the real thing.

“I can’t find you, but it’s alright / stars are out / and / the moon is bright.”  The narrator here in the last verse is back to being the person who was in the forest in the beginning. He’s fine with the darkness of the forest, because he can still see the stars and the moon.

“my path is narrow / but laid in stone / I leave your trinket here / and I take my own.” His path is niche but sturdy and reliable, laid in stone. Probably to do with the amount of the people who understand the stories. The trinket of someone else’s owning he found in the beginning is left here, and he takes his own instead. I don’t know if what he takes is another trinket of his own, or something completely else. To be quite honest I don’t really understand this trinket motive at all, but I think it’s all very interesting.

Why Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Labyrinth?

I don’t know the answer for this. I’ve never seen Buffy, but I did some googling for this. Buffy is the main character of the story (obviously) and Spike, or William Pratt as is his real name in the stories, is the main villain. According to Wikipedia “Spike was supposed to be dirty and evil, punk rock, and then dead.” I don’t really get much more from the Wikipedia page other than the same first name as Sherlock, and I can’t be bothered to read it all, so if someone knows more about the series, feel free to add. Oh, and Spike is a vampire.

Also for Labyrinth, though I have seen it when I was little, I can’t really say anything about it. I barely even remember the plot other that it’s about teenage girl whose baby brother gets kidnapped by this weird stranger and she ends up in a weird magical world where nothing makes sense. Also, I remember it having a lot of dancing dwarfs and David Bowie in a magnificent blonde wig. I did find a little interesting detail on the Wikipedia page though: “The New York Times reported that Labyrinth had a budget of $25 million. The film was a box office disappointment, grossing $12.9 million during its U.S. theatrical run.” But I know that after it’s released it has slowly claimed a cult following, becoming something of a classic to a certain audience.

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Omg, thanks so much for taking the time to do all this, amazing! And for ‘the grand adventure’ line, we also have in “The One Word Test” a subtle reference to The Princess Bride being “an unforgettable adventure” here. 

I also find it very interesting that “””Dale Pike”””” is also a poet. ;)

6x21 - San Diego

I loved this episode. 

First of all, I’m glad Nick and Reagan broke up. It was a mistake to make them a couple in the first place, though. Reagan’s exit was disappointing. Some of you may not like her character or Megan Fox, but she’s an amazing woman with a great sense of humor and she did her best with the material. She didn’t have much to do this season and the writers wasted so much potential. A Schmidt/Cece/Reagan storyline would’ve been so much fun, tbh. She deserved a better exit. If there’s a season 7 I think we could see her again. 

Schmidt’s name reveal was hilarious, imo. It was time for another Schmidt/Winston storyline and connecting it with Schmidt’s name was pretty great. I was hoping for Nick Schmidt, but Winston’s also good. Loved how they fought and Cece and Aly were just sitting there, watching. Had to shoot those scenes several times, lol.

Next week: NESS! And so many more great stuff is also coming next week.

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My enfding headfcanon - Sai/Ino is more business arrangment than love story - Ino has a house husband who takes her name while Sai gets a family and betters defined place in the community. Choji's marriage was probably a flat out political arrangement in response to Shikamaru and Temari's leaf/sand alliance and you will pry the headcannon that Sauske was sperm donor to Sakura and Karin before their messy breakup from my cold dead hands. No explaining Naru/Hina though.

That honestly makes so much sense. All right, headcanon accepted

Peach verse fic tease…

Here, have Thomas and Anne being curious gays. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Anne looked at him with a hard frown which Thomas had come to learn meant she was thinking, not that she disapproved.

“Said your name was McGraw,” she continued. “I know that name. I asked Jack about it. Said he recognized it but couldn’t remember how. Then it came to me. Something I overheard Eleanor Guthrie sayin’ to Mr. Scott a long time ago. Caught my attention so I listened. Turns out Flint was a navy man, she said. He’d done something to piss off England so they kicked ‘em out. Didn’t say much more except Flint’s real name. It was McGraw.”

Thomas’s breath caught momentarily, but then he inhaled deeply and released his breath. He was in no immediate danger here. He decided to simply acknowledge Anne’s findings.

“Yes,” he said simply.

There still must have been something about his manor that was uneasy though, because she poured him a glass from a decanter and offered it to him.

“Thank you.”

He tasted it. Not rum but still something dark-brandy, he thought.

“So why the hell would you take his name?” Anne continued. “Don’t look like his brother at all. Doesn’t make no sense that I can figure. Just like it don’t make no sense that you’d risk this much to save him. Unless…”

She frowned again and looked away.

“Go ahead,” said Thomas. “Ask me whatever it is you want to ask me. I won’t be angry.”


the foxes hunt the hounds | a Jophelia fanmix

01. I never thought I could love anyone but myself, now I know I can’t love anyone but you / 02. young blood, heaven need a sinner, ‘cause you can’t raise hell with a saint / 03. we’re doing this for good, for worse, the gift, the curse, we’re not gonna back down / 04. I know there’s no one left to save me, I am the only one / 05. we are anti-venom, we’re the beginning of the end / 06. scrape my knees, whatever, I’m gonna let them bleed, got no turning back, I'mma flirt with that / 07. wrapped up, so consumed by all this hurt, if you ask me, don’t know where to start / 08. I can only promise the girl that I am, I’ll do anything that I can / 09. history will hate us, but they’ll never forget our names / 10. though I’ve never been through hell like that, I’ve closed enough windows to know you can never look back / 11. angels cannot fall, and devils won’t be caught / 12. so let’s be sinners to be saints / 13. hands, put your empty hands in mine, and scars—show me all the scars you hide

[ L I S T E N ]

You know I’d be okay with ASS if the arguments made since and considered the context of the series + manga facts. However from what I have seen it’s really just hypocrisy, headcanons and bias forming the arguments and what have you. Let’s not forget the ‘feminism’ involved. 😂

The fact that Sasuke and Sakura are isolated from the rest of the manga and compared to real life in 99.99999% of the rhetoric says a lot tbh. Context is key and as opposed to comparing Sakura forgiving Sasuke to Naruto doing the same people prefer to compare it to a real man hitting his wife and trying to kill her though the woman forgives him and goes back. That’s why I can’t take it seriously. ASS ignores context and pretends that Sasuke loved to pick of Sakura and only ever tried to kill her when he was in his right mind. Meanwhile he was cool with everyone else. It also paints Sakura as some victim / stalker who liked evil Sasuke and obsessed over him and wanted to have him as hers despite the manga showing that she was in love, wanted to save him and hated his darkness.

How could I forget the claims that Sasuke never cared and was forced to marry her despite him showing to care since part one and telling their child that she is proof of their bond or him giving Sakura a gesture better than a hug and kiss or Sasuke risking his life to save her?

It also strips Sakura of her femininity as any time she blushes or acts like a normal girl she is bashed. Meanwhile others attempt rape and they are lauded as strong, independent and admirable women. People hate that she acts womanly especially when it comes to Sasuke. Why? OMG and she gets bashed for taking her husband’s name, Uchiha. 😂 furthermore people get mad about her using the name saying that she isn’t so by blood as if women don’t usually do that.

I could write so much more but I’d take all night. In sum though, ASS pretty much makes no sense when it comes to SS and the manga.


* Alexander × Reader
* Modern
* Requested by @stupidships3335
* Request: a story where the reader sleepwalks into one of the guys’ room, and then she wakes up at the foot of their bed and think that she and the guy of your choice did it last night, then she fights with that guy until another guy of your choice tells her that he saw her sleepwalking, then it ends with fluff?

A/N: another request on private message. I liked this one, I haven’t seen a request like it so I was excited to write it. I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 1,749


When you were a child, it was a constant problem. Sleep walking. You couldn’t help it and honestly, it was a little annoying. You’d wake up in some place different then where you went to bed. Luckily, as you grew up it just sorta stopped. Apparently it’s something you can grow out of. Once every now and then you would sleep walk, but never far. And it only happened once every few years. You never told the guys as it never seemed relevant. You sorta wished you mentioned it earlier, as it became a problem one night.

“Alright. Time for bed.” You said at a late hour. You were all still up and having a few drinks, except you were all doing your own thing. Alexander typing, Lafayette reading, Hercules working, and John studying. You had been mindlessly scrolling on your phone.

“That’s probably a good idea.” John agreed with you as he slammed his book.

“Yeah, I work better after a night’s rest anyway.” Hercules added.

“Oui. It is pretty late.” Lafayette also chipped in.

“Alexander?” You asked.

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