all of these names make so much sense though

That...makes so much sense

I have to thank @strixmoonwing for randomly reblogging the original post, which I didn’t just add to because this is a ML post, not a Superman one.  Even though it’s the same basic concept.

Go read the original Superman post (link) for all the mind-blowing concepts and credits.  The gist is that:

  • they can’t find your secret identity if they don’t think you have one 
  • that no one is going to think Superman, the suave, brave, protector of the world, is a clumsy reporter named Clark Kent who lives in a crappy apartment
  • they probably think being Superman is his day job.

So, what does that have to do with Ladybug?  Simple.

The majority of viewers (myself included) get annoyed by how obvious Marinette and Adrien are with their superhero identities and how their closest friends don’t figure it out.  Alya came close that one time in Lady Wifi

…which is entirely plausible because Adrien IS Chat Noir.  However, even the person that’s closest to him as Chat Noir (Marinette) and is also a masked superhero doesn’t connect those dots.  In fact, she denies it because Adrien is “so much cooler than Chat Noir”.

Fast forward to Simon Says / Jackady.  I recently posted a bunch of stuff (look under Gabriel Agreste for links) about how Gabriel probably knows his son is Chat Noir.  It took Adrien talking back to his dad while he was in costume for it to click.

Even then, Gabriel still had to check both Chat’s ring:

And Adrien’s ring:

Before it fully registered.  Granted, Gabriel isn’t what I’d call an attentive parent and probably doesn’t know Adrien as well as he should.

The point is that even though Adrien looks like Chat Noir and they’re never seen together, Adrien’s personality is so different as Chat that even his own partner refuses to believe they’re the same person and his dad only got it when the evidence was literally staring him in the face.

Read the Ladybug side of this after the cut…

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aconfusedwriter  asked:

So I have a cephalopod question that pertains to their sense of hearing; can cephalopods hear? I ask because I know other vertebrae don't need ears like us, (lizards, tortoises, other reptiles and amphibians,) but cephalopods aren't vertebrae, so do they hear like we do? Or do they even need to hear, being underwater and all? If they don't hear, do they have another sense to make up for no hearing? Thanks! (I'm not a scientist btw, but I love the blog!)

This is not something that we know very much about, but from what we know so far, pelagic squid can hear at least low-frequency sounds, but octopuses don’t seem to be able to hear. I actually did my undergrad thesis on cephalopod hearing! A scientist named Aran Mooney played sounds for squid and monitored their brain activity and they responded to low-freqency sounds but not higher freqencies. I haven’t done a literature search lately though so we might know more now than we did in 2011. I tried to train octopuses to associate a sound with food, but either they didn’t figure out they were associated (and octopuses are pretty good at learning that kind of thing), or they didn’t hear it. Since the results were negative, we can’t really say “these animals can’t hear” we can only say that these experiments showed no evidence of hearing ability. 

In terms of HOW they’d be able to hear, cephalopods have a statocyst in their heads that are accelerometers but may also be important for hearing.

Here’s some more information on that study by Aran Mooney!

6x21 - San Diego

I loved this episode. 

First of all, I’m glad Nick and Reagan broke up. It was a mistake to make them a couple in the first place, though. Reagan’s exit was disappointing. Some of you may not like her character or Megan Fox, but she’s an amazing woman with a great sense of humor and she did her best with the material. She didn’t have much to do this season and the writers wasted so much potential. A Schmidt/Cece/Reagan storyline would’ve been so much fun, tbh. She deserved a better exit. If there’s a season 7 I think we could see her again. 

Schmidt’s name reveal was hilarious, imo. It was time for another Schmidt/Winston storyline and connecting it with Schmidt’s name was pretty great. I was hoping for Nick Schmidt, but Winston’s also good. Loved how they fought and Cece and Aly were just sitting there, watching. Had to shoot those scenes several times, lol.

Next week: NESS! And so many more great stuff is also coming next week.

A Poetry Analysis of The Deeper Well

Hello! I don’t have a blog dedicated to Sherlock, so I wanted to submit this to someone who does. Hope you don’t mind. Firstly, I want to say that this is the first meta I’ve ever written, so apologies if this isn’t as beautifully done as most of them are. Anyway, I wanted to write this because there’s just something that really stood out to me in that whole Dale Pike thing; the poem for another fandom that he has written, that apparently isn’t about Sherlock. (I’m going to be calling this person him, assuming that I’m talking about Mark, although it could be both him and Steven, or someone completely different.) Also, I feel like I need to have a disclaimer, that reading and analyzing fiction is always subjective and this is just my personal interpretation of this poem and not the truth. So, feel free to disagree with me.

 So now, onto the poem.

“Some things are best expressed in really bad poetry, squirrelled away on fan-fiction sites.” The name of the poem, to me, seems like a reference to the deep waters constantly mentioned in Series 4, or the well that John was in. (I also remember someone calling the well a metaphor for John being shot and slowly bleeding out.) As for the bad poetry part, Mark’s making that warning because he’s trying to make this look like an amateur wrote this, so it has to be kind of cliché and badly punctuated.

 “sleepwalking steps / through the woods at night / strange and lovely” The narrator is half-asleep in a forest at night but thinks that it’s beautiful. The first thing that stood out to me with how this whole poem is how it’s written. It doesn’t sound the same as the other poem Mark wrote, but he did warn us that this is going to be bad poetry. A lot of the times when amateurs write poetry they don’t bother with punctuation or upper case letters, because they think it looks aesthetically pleasing, so this seems deliberate to me.

“in clouded light / a glint in the shadows / catches my eyes” While this whole poem upon first look seems to be formatted badly, the words are actually beautiful and seem to me like they are written by someone who has written poetry before. In this case the correct phrasing however would be “catches my eye”, not “eyes”. Might be a deliberate mistake. The narrator in the woods sees something shiny in the dark now.

“you left your trinket here / at the deeper well” We are introduced to the motive of this poem: a trinket. No idea what that is yet though, or whose it is, but right now it’s left in the deeper well. The trinket is shiny, considering its glinting.

“this grand adventure / feels like coming home” To me this sounds like the insane wish fulfillment they have been talking about. This whole show and everything surrounding it (The subtextual narratives, the ARG) are the grand adventure, and this is something they have wanted to do for a long time. The narrator seems to change here, from the person in the woods to the person writing this poem, but that’s just a feeling I have.

“there’s a hole in the world / that goes all the way down / was this always here?” This could be a reference to TFP or possibly the whole of Series 4. The hole is the well, the well is a place to get lost in, or to die in, like in Johns case, and the narrator is questioning whether this trap has always existed. It’s also questioning whether Redbeard and Eurus etc. exist or not.

“feels like / we ought to have known.” Now the narrative includes us fans too, since the narrator is using the word us, instead of me, as opposed to the first verse. We, as in the fans and the makers of the show, should’ve guessed that getting the ending we want wasn’t going to be easy and straight-forward.

“I turned around / I stumbled away / such fragile things vanish / in the light of day” The real nature of their relationship couldn’t have seen the light of day back in the Victorian times, it could only exist at night, in the darkness. Possibly about TPLoSH too, because the story was going there, but then turned around, because the story still wasn’t ready to be told.

“it’s like that fairytale / that childhood friend” Victor Trevor in TFP? Or the Redbeard and Eurus being a fairytale? A reoccurring theme from the show, a fairytale being mentioned.

“you think you know it by heart / until you read it again” For the casual fans who call themselves hardcore fans and even know and are very familiar with the original stories, but still have managed to miss or to ignore the true nature of their relationship and the actual main motive of the stories completely. After the insane wish fulfillment, a lot of these fans will go back to the original stories and read them in a completely different light.

“the paths are unkempt / arrows flipped; markers pried / one always tells the truth / one always lies” The paths that the show is going to walk are completely new, but I don’t really understand what the arrows and markers mean in this. Is it about the direction the show is going take? The arrows now point to the relationship instead of the mysteries? But are the markers us or something else? The truths and lies, I don’t think I need to cover that, we all know what’s going on there. They lie.

“but I find my way back / awake and breathing fire / your trinket guides me to the deeper well.” The narrator will not get lost in the forest and will find a way back. He’s awake and breathing fire, which obviously reminds me of dragons. The trinket guides him to the well, which I still don’t fully understand because I still don’t know what the trinket is referencing to in this poem. But nonetheless, he goes deeper into the well.

“this grand adventure / feels like coming home” A repetition of a line from before, so this is significant. The grand adventure is like home to you Mark and Steven, we get it. It’s starting to feel fun for me too.

“I stand on the bridge / and look all the way down / was this always here? / feels like / I ought to have known.” Bridges in literature symbolize progress and connections. They are viewed as the only way to reach a destination and a way to overcome obstacles. He’s standing on the bridge, asking whether the possibility to reach the ending the story deserves, was always possible, now that we finally have the bridge. He’s also telling himself that he should’ve always believed that this would happen, and that there would be people making this possible, that including us.

“the wind shifts; I feel the breeze” The East Wind in biblical context symbolizes dispersion of falsities, and it’s finally here. But the wind shifts now. I just for fun I googled what West Wind symbolizes, and apparently West Wind is sometimes considered an agent for change.

“I see the forest, I see the trees” He sees the obstacles, but he’s also understanding them for what they are, as opposed to the saying that you can’t see the forest from the trees. He sees the real thing.

“I can’t find you, but it’s alright / stars are out / and / the moon is bright.”  The narrator here in the last verse is back to being the person who was in the forest in the beginning. He’s fine with the darkness of the forest, because he can still see the stars and the moon.

“my path is narrow / but laid in stone / I leave your trinket here / and I take my own.” His path is niche but sturdy and reliable, laid in stone. Probably to do with the amount of the people who understand the stories. The trinket of someone else’s owning he found in the beginning is left here, and he takes his own instead. I don’t know if what he takes is another trinket of his own, or something completely else. To be quite honest I don’t really understand this trinket motive at all, but I think it’s all very interesting.

Why Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Labyrinth?

I don’t know the answer for this. I’ve never seen Buffy, but I did some googling for this. Buffy is the main character of the story (obviously) and Spike, or William Pratt as is his real name in the stories, is the main villain. According to Wikipedia “Spike was supposed to be dirty and evil, punk rock, and then dead.” I don’t really get much more from the Wikipedia page other than the same first name as Sherlock, and I can’t be bothered to read it all, so if someone knows more about the series, feel free to add. Oh, and Spike is a vampire.

Also for Labyrinth, though I have seen it when I was little, I can’t really say anything about it. I barely even remember the plot other that it’s about teenage girl whose baby brother gets kidnapped by this weird stranger and she ends up in a weird magical world where nothing makes sense. Also, I remember it having a lot of dancing dwarfs and David Bowie in a magnificent blonde wig. I did find a little interesting detail on the Wikipedia page though: “The New York Times reported that Labyrinth had a budget of $25 million. The film was a box office disappointment, grossing $12.9 million during its U.S. theatrical run.” But I know that after it’s released it has slowly claimed a cult following, becoming something of a classic to a certain audience.

That’s it, bye and thanks for reading!


Omg, thanks so much for taking the time to do all this, amazing! And for ‘the grand adventure’ line, we also have in “The One Word Test” a subtle reference to The Princess Bride being “an unforgettable adventure” here. 

I also find it very interesting that “””Dale Pike”””” is also a poet. ;)

Bullymagnet |Soul Mate Mix n Match AU

So I wrote a good chunk of this in the bullymagnet discord chat and well, decided to add more and share it with the peeps who are too shy to hang with us in the dumpster club house.

also idk how many words this is.

and here’s the fic!!

“Ahrgh, I cant read this stupid thing,” an irate voice whispers through Max’s mind, the words he’s heard thousands of times now, his soul mate’s ire towards what must be the compass mark. He could probably recite it perfectly, recreate the same emotion and tone - heck even the actions probably, but then people would know. So instead Max coughs, attempting to cover up his snort.

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My enfding headfcanon - Sai/Ino is more business arrangment than love story - Ino has a house husband who takes her name while Sai gets a family and betters defined place in the community. Choji's marriage was probably a flat out political arrangement in response to Shikamaru and Temari's leaf/sand alliance and you will pry the headcannon that Sauske was sperm donor to Sakura and Karin before their messy breakup from my cold dead hands. No explaining Naru/Hina though.

That honestly makes so much sense. All right, headcanon accepted

Play Me Like a Puppet- Chapter 2

Read the first chapter HERE

NOTE: Two things! One: If you’re wondering about character portrayals, I don’t particularly have anyone in mind for Melanie, Rosa and Daniel (all these names will make sense when you read lol) but Leo is Andy Leo. Or just make people up in your head or whatever works.

Two: Thanks so much for the feedback from the first chapter. It’s great to know you’re as excited as I am for this story. :)

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* Alexander × Reader
* Modern
* Requested by @stupidships3335
* Request: a story where the reader sleepwalks into one of the guys’ room, and then she wakes up at the foot of their bed and think that she and the guy of your choice did it last night, then she fights with that guy until another guy of your choice tells her that he saw her sleepwalking, then it ends with fluff?

A/N: another request on private message. I liked this one, I haven’t seen a request like it so I was excited to write it. I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 1,749


When you were a child, it was a constant problem. Sleep walking. You couldn’t help it and honestly, it was a little annoying. You’d wake up in some place different then where you went to bed. Luckily, as you grew up it just sorta stopped. Apparently it’s something you can grow out of. Once every now and then you would sleep walk, but never far. And it only happened once every few years. You never told the guys as it never seemed relevant. You sorta wished you mentioned it earlier, as it became a problem one night.

“Alright. Time for bed.” You said at a late hour. You were all still up and having a few drinks, except you were all doing your own thing. Alexander typing, Lafayette reading, Hercules working, and John studying. You had been mindlessly scrolling on your phone.

“That’s probably a good idea.” John agreed with you as he slammed his book.

“Yeah, I work better after a night’s rest anyway.” Hercules added.

“Oui. It is pretty late.” Lafayette also chipped in.

“Alexander?” You asked.

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((A little preface… So, Bro and I were gonna do a Christmas getting a tree rp. Nothing really, uh, exciting. Then I brought up the RP wishlist meme I’d done and one of the suggestions, plus something we’d been joking about… and, well, it evolved into this. We’re still debating a name for this RP… will tag appropriately when we find it. XD For now I’ll be using the tag ‘drama for christmas’. Feel free to block if not your cuppa cause this might not be the happiest. XDa MERRY CHRISTMAS??? lmao))

What had he gotten himself into? It was a question he’d asked himself several times so far from where he sat among those he’d thought he was going to be rescuing. Virgil hoped he still would be able to help them if he could find a way. That, however, was easier said than done.

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Words are so weird.

Words are WEIRD.

We literally flap around random bits of meat in our vocal tracts to make sounds, and the combination of these fancy, systematized sounds creates words that have socially defined meaning across a population. Then we put a bunch of squiggles down on a computer or on a paper and arbitrarily agree that the “p” squiggle means a voiceless bilabial stop, and the “g” squiggle means a voiced velar stop, and so on and so forth. It’s a huge compounding compound of bizarre abstraction, and yet it make so much sense and gets so internalized within us that it alters the way we think and understand the world!

The meaning of some words is freakishly abstract like “phenomenalism.” We have other words that are literally names we give people to identify Dude 1 from Dude 2 from Dude 3. Except when Dude 2 and Dude 3 happen to have the same name. 20% of people with Korean origin all have the same last name “Kim.”

In English we have words like “floccinaucinihilipilification” which almost no one uses (I do though!), and then we have “wedgie,” which is literally a word dedicated to the sensation of having your underwear uncomfortably pulled up between your butt cheeks. We have words like “of” which are almost impossible to define, and it’s hilarious to see people try.

We have words with multiple definitions. “Literally” has two definitions that are literally the opposite of each other! One of them means authentic and actual, the other is an exaggeration function that literally isn’t literally.

In other languages an entire sentence is a word is a sentence is a word, and there is a whole lot of meaning embedded in a “word.” The word for lawyer in Cherokee essentially means “someone who argues repeatedly on purpose with a purpose.“ 

And words are constantly changing. “Cute” used to be an insult, meaning “bow legged.” The word for “hound” used to mean “dog” and the word “dog” used to mean “hound.” The word “counterfeit” used to mean a legitimate copy of a document. People pronounce different words differently, too. Talk to your neighbor. Ask them how to pronounce “asterisk.” They’re probably saying it differently than you do even if you grew up as neighbors.

Then we keep on making new, redundant words because these weird random arbitrary sounds flapping out of our mouth become offensive to the public. We’re constantly coming up with new terms and phrases to talk about things like body functions and sex. I mean, come on. To bang, to screw, to have sex with, to fornicate, to copulate, to have coitus with, to make love, to “do it”, to lie with someone… it goes on and on and on and on.

A typical sentence you speak is only two seconds long. You’re processing a freakish number of sounds in a short period of time. When you’re reading this, you’re probably reading this really ridiculously quickly, too, despite the fact this is all abstract nothingness.

Words are so, so, so, so, so, SO weird. It’s why I study them. Because human language is incredible, complex, incredibly organized and structured, very subconscious, socially stigmatizable, psychologically defining… words are everything. They’re weird, random things… but they become so MUCH. We can’t live without words really. These strange things that we yab about day-to-day are a PART of us.

Word are weird.

And downright awesome.

So I was watching Kingsman again the other night

with my sister and I noticed that Harry Hart is not the prim and proper agent he likes to pretend he is. Here are my reasons why:

- His first words on screen include both “shit” and “fuck”
- He slouches in his seat when in the company of Arthur
- He calls Arthur a snob and criticizes him to his face
- He beat up an entire bar of people, not that they didn’t deserve it, to let off a little steam
- He is notoriously known for being late, which is mentioned by other people at least twice in the film
- He is so sure Eggsy is going to become a Kingsman he has a suit made for him even though they are only for agents
- He password protects his video feed so no one can see it without his permission
- He shares the same level of maturity as eggsy, and if you think i’m wrong just think back to all the shared smirks and the stealing of Merlin’s tablet and the “Popping the cherry” comment and the “Charlies about to go next, want to watch?” comment and just rewatch the movie and tell yourself Colin Firth is actually Eggsy’s age and it makes so much sense.

…to name a few. And yet we still believe he’s charming and gentlemanly because he can be both at the same time because Colin Firth is ridiculously talented.

and these are just a few reasons why Harry Hart is an amazing character who needs to not be dead this very instant.

To the writers of Kingsman 2: As a storyteller why would deny yourself the luxury of having such a complex character in your sequel?

@grumpytth replied to your post “

It’s the Princess with a trucker voice Himchan and the giant baby Zelo! 🐥🌼

X’D OH MY. Those descriptions are gold

I definitely see these two the least, though, so I’ll have to keep my eye out for photos and gifs and things and try to commit the names + faces to memory.

Also I still am not sure why I’m doing this?? Like, legit, I still have yet to really listen to much BAP. 

But they’re just so…

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a brief (?) history of hizamaru and higekiri

“shanna you should be doing your TA work, not writing a brief amateur history of Genji clan dynamics and sword symbolism” look i am FOLLOwING MY DREAMS HERE

okay so! Higekiri and Hizamaru have been announced! i am so excited!! i am the most excited!!!!! i will fight everyone, i’m that excited!!!!! i’m gonna pretend that someone asked me to do this and write up a brief (?) post about Higekiri and Hizamaru’s paths throughout history, partially bc i fucking love Minamoto clan history (’wow, like we couldn’t tell by your URL’) and partially because i want everyone else to love these two like i already do.

alright so. before i start, i want to try and clarify a few things: i’ll be referring to the Minamoto clan as both the Minamoto and the Genji interchangeably; genji is an alternate reading for the kanji for ‘Minamoto clan’ (源氏). i will try my absolute best to refer to Hizamaru and Higekiri by these names, except when i note that their names were changed by an owner.

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out. can we talk about the fact that diana doesn’t actually really like the name wonder woman ? myndi mayers made her a household name, made her popular as all hell, but even though diana considered her as a friend, they clashed when it came to the ways she wanted to further diana’s popularity as ww and earn some coin lmao sh. all diana wanted to do was help promote peace and justice while working in the name of the amazon ideals, and though the name of ww let her do that in a greater capacity than she could’ve before, she doesn’t really see it as her identity so much as it is just some title humans have given her, both to idolise and commodify her existence. it doesn’t sit too well in her stomach, what with some of it verging too close to blasphemy ( she always says that religious affiliation is private and personal, but it is a fact that she’s sworn to aphrodite’s service ). but what can she do ? to make meaningful change in patriarch’s world, she has to compromise. become that kind of public figure. 

SHIPPING INFO     //   answer  the  following  for  your  muse(s)  so  people  know  how  shipping  works  on  your  blog.   REPOST.   don’t reblog.


my OTP for Gale is undoubtedly, Jaded??? Jay…Gale…JudexGale. yeah, i don’t have a ship name for them but they are my OTP af. they’ve got so much backdrop now that my heart goes doki for the two and all the turmoil that they face. i won’t say it is my ONLY pairing that i love though! my heart breaks knowing that GalexZuri were a thing and it was heartwrenching to watch as their paths twisted, twined, and frayed at the ends. there’s a couple more but Gale might murder me if i actually mention them, as none of the others have become an actual thing for Gale.


pretty much anything… the only place where i start to draw the line is if it starts to involve something non-consensual? like god forbid, that happens–? especially with a ship cause that wouldn’t even make sense… i guess what i’m trying to say though, is that i haven’t have limits with shipping. i love to write NSFW, fluff, angst–you name it. i’m willing to write a toxic ship, too, if it’s done right and doesn’t make the characters OOC. also, i will draw the line if the mun is underage and/or starts to get overbearing with the muses in the context that it becomes uncomfortable. i don’t know how to explain the latter, but i’ve seen it happen where muns will get possessive, PO’ed, and generally ill-mannered to get what they want out of a ship…


wow uh… Gale is a bad example of this cause he’s always trying to go in for the much older people. LOL! i know this is speaking to the mun and what makes the mun uncomfortable (not thy muse). but in saying that, i don’t have a limit when it comes to roleplaying UNLESS they’re (the muse/s) extremely underage and something iffy is going on in the RP–then i back away 1000x steps and do a 540 degree angle of disappearing off into space where i hope to not see/hear anyTHING A GAIN. aka, do not trespass if thy likes to rp some creepy/nasties. no thanks. not on my agenda. did not sign up for that to be on my dash. like, go ahead and do your thang but i don’t want to see it so i’ll prob unfollow at the speed of lightning.


LOL YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. it takes me a year sometimes for my muse to ship? and sometimes my muses that i make never get into a ship because of this. hell, Gale hasn’t even said ‘i love you’ yet to anyone. i crai. i also crai for my ship partners that have to put up with this gradual process and serious development they have to trek through.


… i don’t usually hide any of my NSFW shit but i will tag it once the clothes come off, or if there’s any moment in time where i’m having to describe the prickly dick or knoTS.


uh… wait i just kind of said this in my OTP section? ZurixGale… lol, there’s possible other ships but none of which have happened. esp now Gale’s pretty much dating Jude—?!


no, honestly they do not? i don’t multiship, so in this single verse that i have, Gale could fall in love with multiple people or just one. it depends on how the RP goes. if there is chemistry, how the story unfolds… but just be careful–you all might lose an arm if you get too close to Gale. i kid you not.


i would say i OFTEN LIKE A SHIP. it’s not unusual that i’m excited about potential ships and silently really think about all the various ships that he could get involved in. BUT, they RARELY do happen because i will never force Gale to like someone he doesn’t naturally find chemistry with through RP. not only do i really focus on how Gale feels/reacts to a person, but how well me and the mun’s rules coincide for shipping. i draw the line when it comes to multishipping and/or multimuse blogs simply for the sake of fairness. if Gale is going to be single-verse & ship, with all our time/energy spent into one muse and one ship, we’d just like that in retrospect. we’ve just had better luck/time with it in regards to development and commitment toward sticking around longer than a couple months. that all also goes to say we look to find a partner that can mirror our activity or be close to it. so, when you take these components together, the chances i will like a ship are HIGH but for it to WORK is slim.


i love all ships! i love to look into characters, see how they unfold through interaction, and hope to build a tree of different ships for my muse. however, i have realized that with Gale having a past that involved solely cats, it’s VERY difficult to come up with pre-ests. so if there was one thing i would change in regards to ships, it would be that Gale had an easier past that people could place their muses in to be a part of–but either way, Gale’s been around an awful long time and i adore him and those that he’s connected with to bits. i wouldn’t say i’m OBSESSED, maybe so with those he’s closest with and/or those that are heavily involved, and i’m always ready to pour my guts into plotting with them, but otherwise i’m p chill when it comes to ships.




lMFAO HOW MANY TIMES DO HAVE TO S AYYYY THIS. @catastrophicur – tags the ho.


write the helL OUT WITH ME and HOPE TO STARCLAN THAT GALE IS INTERESTED IN YOUR MUSE or eventually is dRAWN TO THEM. also, beware of the dog. the dog does bite. woof. aka, to ship with me, i just encourage to write with me and Gale… and if we both see chemistry unfolding then it doesn’t need to be said? the course of RP will unfold. i do warn anyone though, that since i’m single-verse, if Gale gets involved with more than one person… yes, it would then all be in the same universe. the last thing to note about this one is that i will only ship with those who have rules that mirror mine in terms of shipping and carry one muse on a blog.

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how do Jungkook and Taehyung react when they had dinner with their girlfriend at home and she accidentally drunk one full cup of alchohol despite she was the type who easily get drunk? ^^

lol how do you “accidentally” drink alcohol though? I think the proper description would be losing control of your alcohol take in :)

Taehyung would be calm about it and would just go through the usual routine of getting you cleaned up and calmed down if ever you get punch drunk. Why? Because he’s right there with you so there’s no need to worry. Taehyung would be quite amused too because being in your drunken state means being overly clingy and tendencies of saying silly thing like: “Tae Tae can we get a puppy?” or “Tae-ah! I wuuvv youuuu!”

Taehyung would be such a caring boyfriend and would gladly dress you down for bed (without being cocky about it) and you can bet that he’d be right there in the morning to help you out with your hang over.

“Get some rest, baby.” he says as he kisses your forehead and pulls the blanket to your chin. 

“Night Night Tae Tae~” you giggle before looking thoughtful. “Tae Tae… I like that.”

Taehyung chuckles and pokes your nose. “I like you too.”

“I wanna name my son Tae Tae.” you say which makes Taehyung’s eyes go wide. 


“Let’s name our baby Tae Tae… okay?”

Taehyung blushes deeply and coughs awkwardly though his “feels” are all over the place right now and he wishes so much that you weren’t drunk. Because to have a family with you is probably on top of his dream list.

“Okay, baby.” he says. “Now get some sleep.”

“Love you…” you yawn before knocking out and Taehyung just smiles warmly at you, watching you sleep and feeling a sense of contentment filling his chest. 

“I love you more.”

Jungkook’s that type of boyfriend who knows your limits and I don’t think you’ll ever get drunk on his watch when he’s probably the one controlling your drinking for you. But there are some night’s when there’s only the two of you that Jungkook lets you get loose (because he doesn’t have to worry about watching over you with a bunch of other people or other guys who would try to take advantage of your drunken state). 

Jungkook would be sighing and shaking his head slightly when you actually get yourself drunk because (duh) he already knew this would happen once he let the bottle of soju within your reach and unattended. Nonetheless, Jungkook would be caring and would be like Tae although he’d be a tad more serious and would be scolding you a bit like: “I told you to watch yourself.” ; “You know you get drunk easily…”; “What would you do without me?”

Once he finally got you to bed, he’d sit by your bed and run his fingers through your hair soothingly while saying, “You’re going to get a massive headache tomorrow.”

“Shut up, Jeon.”

Jungkook chuckles and holds your hand, “I had fun tonight.”

“You mean you had fun laughing at me while I’m drunk.”

His grin widens, “That, and I’m glad we really got to spend time with each other. I know I haven’t been around much–”

“It’s fine, Kookie.” you smile at him in understanding. “I really had fun tonight too.”

He brings your hand to your lips and gives you the warmest of smiles. A realization undertakes him and just  by looking at you he feels so contented and suddenly everything is beautiful and perfect. “I love you.” he blurts out. 

“Hey, I’m the drunk one here.” you joke because Jungkook is rarely affectionate and you don’t think you’d ever get used to the way your heart would pound when he says those three words. 

“I did drink a bit, myself.” Jungkook sticks his tongue out at you and you laugh, before yawning. 

“Sleep, love, I’ll be here tomorrow when you wake up.”


“Okay.” he says before standing up to leave.

“Hey Kook?”


“I love you.”

Jungkook flushes at your words, “Love you, Y/N.”

“Good night.”

“Good night.” he answers, while trying to calm his beating heart. “Oh uh, don’t go drinking without me. Ever. Okay?”

“Okay.” you giggle before feeling your eyes droop and eventually knocking out.

- Kaye Allen 

I Need U

Request: hii <3 can i request a scenario where bts misses their s/o on tour? thank you~

admin k: this is more of a reaction x text convo than a scenario, but i hope you like it anyway! lmao

ps. this posts requires quite a bit of scrolling, so i apologise in advance lmao

pps. omg this was so fun to do HAHAHAHAHA

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What He Loves

My belated fourth entry for Gajevy Love Love Fest- Foreplay prompt.

Short one again, but much more explicit. :)

Title: What He Loves
Pairing: Gajeel Redfox x Levy McGarden
Genre: Romance
Rating: MA (explicit sexual content, 18+ only)
Word Count: 675
Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or the characters, they belong to Hiro Mashima.

Summary: There are certain assumptions one would have that are easily broken by a man in love.

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Samurai Shopper | The Sweet Smell of Raúl Esparza
By: S.S. Fair

Actors go to great, often absurd lengths preparing for roles: Robert De Niro gained more than 60 pounds to better portray Jake LaMotta in “Raging Bull”; Nicole Kidman did Cyrano de Bergerac one better by growing a formidable Virginia Woolf-like nose in “The Hours.” But real method acting is less complicated and literal than that. It’s about making connections to sensory experiences — sights, smells, tastes, sounds — in order to flesh out a character’s character. The consummate Broadway actor Raúl Esparza is very clever in this regard: he picks a cologne/perfume for each role he takes and wears the scent until the the show shutters.

“A particular smell puts me in a place so much faster than any intellectual work I could do,” he explains. It makes perfect, Proustian sense. Right now Esparza is starring as the religious con artist Jonas Nightingale in “Leap of Faith,” a musical adapted from the 1992 film of the same name. The Samurai Shopper attended a preview weeks ago and said: Positively electrifying! Audiences were ecstatic. The almighty critics, however, were not. Though “Leap of Faith” won a Tony nomination for Best Musical, Esparza takes his final bow at the St James Theater on Sunday; all the fire and music in his performance will be history.

But the sweet smell of Raúl will undoubtedly linger on. Esparza’s been sporting Tom Ford for Men for his role as the flimflam man. “Tom Ford smells musky on me and a little bit trashy, in a good way,” he said. “And it’s not ridiculously expensive; it’s something Jonas — my character — could afford. The cast likes it, too.”

In “Speed the Plow,” Esparza went with Red, a honking, hyper-masculine scent by Giorgio of Beverly Hills from the ’80s. “It reminded me of a truck stop on the Florida turnpike,” he said. “It was so, so wrong. I smelled it and I was back in high school. My character was a cokehead, wore power suits and drank till he couldn’t see straight; today he’d be one of those frat-boy investment bankers, an overgrown boy.”

Esparza also chooses scents for sentimental reasons. “As the M.C. in ‘Cabaret,’ I wore Guerlain’s Imperiale because my grandfather used to wear it,” he said. “My grandmother would spray handkerchiefs with it when I had a headache, and put it on my head. It worked. As Lenny in ‘The Homecoming.’ I wore Old Spice because my dad always wore Old Spice.”

Everyone’s dad wore Old Spice. “I’m drawn to those tobacco-y musky smells,” Esparza admitted. This was the Samurai’s cue to whip out Frapin 1697, tobacco-rich, rum-laden and smelling like Havana. Esparza, a Cuban-American, was hooked: “Mmm. Cigars, leather, burnt sugar, espresso that’s been boiling for too many hours.” He died for Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. “This could be Jonas in ‘Leap of Faith’ too. Totally Jonas!” Ouarzazate by Comme des Garçons struck another chord. “This is Sundance, not the film festival but the actual town, the mountains and again, the woods and smoke.” Richwood, by Xerjoff XJ at $670 per 100 milliliters caused the first nose wrinkle: “Too rosy and sweet.” But as it dried down he had his epiphany: “Actually, this smells amazing.” Then the Samurai went in for the kill: Copper Skies by Kerosene, chockablock with amber, tobacco — loud, macho spices that end in a delicious whimper. Esparza was halfway to olfactory heaven. “These may be great for some future characters, but right now they’re for me.”

No matter the vagaries of life on Broadway, Esparza’s done time with the best of the best: Shakespeare, Stoppard, Sondheim, Pinter, Mamet. Whatever’s next, I’m certain he’ll come up smelling like roses. Or tobacco, amber, citrus.


What’s in a (Tokyo Ghoul character’s) name? PT.2

Seeing as many people seemed to like PT.1, I have returned with a second batch of uncovered hidden meanings in Tokyo Ghoul character’s names. Also, I’ve been particularly busy lately, so this is a quick thing I can do to make you all happy (it’s a little shorter this time around though). I’ll be unpacking the names of some characters that have recently been in chapters to keep things relevant. Let’s begin!

Amon Koutarou - 亜門 鋼太朗
亜 - This one doesn’t make too much sense (to me at least), but when read as “a” in “Amon”, it is used to indicate low oxidation state (like adding sub-, -ous or –ite to elements in English to achieve the same effect).
門 - When read as the “mon” in “Amon”, it may mean gate, branch of learning based on the teachings of a single master or division.
鋼 - Means “steel”.
太 - When read as “ta”, it is used in words such as sun, solar, drum and wife.
朗 - May mean reading aloud/recitation, good news, bright/clear/cheerful, fair/fine/serene.

Arima Kishou  - 有馬 貴将
有 - May mean possess, have, exist, happen, occur or approx.
馬 - May mean horse/promoted bishop when read as “ma” from “Arima” in words.
貴 - When read as “ki” from “Kishou”, this kanji may be used as an honourific/familiar suffix. It can also mean precious/valuable.
将 - When read as “shou”, this kanji may represent a commander/general/leader.

Kirishima Ayato -霧嶋 絢都
霧 - When read as “kiri”, this can be read as “fog”, “mist” or “spray”
嶋 - Can be “island”, “territory” (for illegal gangs, prostitutes, etc.) or “turf”.
絢 - Means gorgeous, brilliant, dazzling, gaudy, flowery (speech) or colourful pattern/brilliant fabric design.
都 - When read as “to” in “Ayato”, it means metropolitan/municipal.

Fueguchi Hinami -笛口 雛実
笛 - When read as “fue” in “Fueguchi”, this kanji may mean flute, fife, pipe, recorder, shakuhachi, clarinet or whistle.
口 - Means mouth.
- May mean young bird, chick, hina doll, doll displayed during the Girls’ Festival, green, immature or juvenile.
実 - When read as “mi”, this kanji may mean fruit, nut, seed, (in broth) pieces of meat, vegetable, content or substance.

Yomo Renji -四方 蓮示
四 - Means the number four.
方 - May mean direction, person or alternative.
蓮 - Means lotus (the lotus flower).
示 - May mean show, indicate, point out, express or display.

I’ll write a separate third piece for the past and present Quinx soon, so watch out for that if you’re interested. If you have anything to add, want to ask a question or just talk to me about anything Tokyo Ghoul/:re related, feel free to do so any time.

Thanks for reading!