all of these names make so much sense though

Choi Twins’ names analysis

after thinking about this for a while, i came to this conclusion: 

you know how given names in korean have two ways to be written: hangul && hanja. hanja is not used often but as far as i know it is necessary for some documents. in korea there is this tradition in which they hold a character for generations, normally are the grandparents who choose it ( like the twins: 새영 && 새란. 새 being the character of the family )

in normal hangul: 

새 (sae): bird
란 (ran): to be called 
영 (yeong/young): forever, eternity

that means that the name for the twins could be bird called && bird of eternity. makes sense, but not that much, that is when hanja acts. the meaning of the name is given through the hanja though there are DIFFERENT forms to write those characters. there are a lot so in order to not write them all i chose the ones that fit with their personalities. somewhere i read that there is also a belief that the meaning of your name will mark your future. i chose these ones:

勢 (새)= power, force, tendency 
亂 (란)= disoderly, chaotic
英 (영)=  flower, outstanding, petal, brave, hero

so in short:

새영 (saeyoung/勢英): powerful hero
새란 (saeran/勢亂): powerful chaos

i’m NOT completely sure since i’m still learning but this could be the meaning of their names. but it makes sense considering their roles in the story.

For this post, I’ll be using fuku-shuu translations of chapter 83. 

Can I just say that I love the little flashback to their first meeting? It was perfect to me and so much more.

I say perfect because Isayama wrote that encounter in the likes of what I always envisioned. For one of my fic I did a flashback for Eremin meeting and all I could think of was Eren defending Armin against bullies, before asking his name and initiating their friendship. In a way, this chapter got a similar moment which makes me very happy. It was also adorable to boot!

But unlike what I imagined, there are differences. I always saw Eren protecting Armin from bullies, based on how Eren even as a child seemed driven by his own sense of right and wrong and couldn’t stand injustice. Yet that’s not how they started and Eren didn’t protect Armin from his bullies. Instead it sounds more like he had been witnessing the situation for a while without interfering, while he waited for Armin to fight back against his bullies. When it never happened it made him curious enough that he directly asked Armin. 

Why didn’t you fight back?
They think you’re a loser because you don’t.
You’re really fine with being bullied all the time? x

Eren is curious about Armin’s actions and become interested in him after he hear his answer: 

I haven’t lost… Because I…didn’t run away. x

Armin’s answer left such a big impression on Eren that he asked him his name. Unlike what we saw and assume before, their friendship doesn’t start because Eren protects Armin but rather because those events leads to him becoming interested or intrigued by Armin as a person. He becomes Eren’s very first friend. 

I love this a lot because we’re shown here that it’s Armin himself who attracts Eren’s interest. It goes perfectly well with what happens in chapter 73, where Eren admit that all the talk about going to the sea doesn’t affect him as much as Armin himself does. The look in his eyes. 

Be it with their first meeting or seeing the world outside, Armin leaves a big impression on Eren, always. And while he’s admitted that thinking back to that moment with Armin and his book gives him courage, this chapter also made me realize that Armin may have inspired him elsewhere. 

Eren never leaving the fight even when he’s losing. Armin’s attitude from that time was that as long as you don’t leave and run, you haven’t lost the fight yet and that immediately caught Eren’s attention back then. It makes it very likely to me that Armin’s philosophy may have affected Eren’s outlook on his battles in general after that. 

Something else that made the flashback even more cute is how Eren went from not bothering to jump to Armin’s help and being unaffected to basically getting so mad and wanting to defend Armin at all costs, even comfort him.

Even Armin’s flashback about Mikasa and Eren defending him against the bullies shows the same thing. 

Like Eren legit goes from “I don’t really care if you get hurt, save yourself” to “nobody lays a finger on you, I’ll protect you” with Armin. And I just love this way too much. 

Like I love how Isayama did the flashback because you can clearly see how Armin was able to affect Eren from the get go but also how Eren changed after that, same with their relationship. The shipper in me is really happy with this, even if the rest of the chapter hurt like hell. 

thoughts on fae vriska au:

  • Terezi is assigned to the case bc it’s obvious there’s something magic going on and people keep getting stolen so they have to do something
  • (Terezi is either part fae or she is Sighted [though, obviously not literally in so much as she can sense nonhumans and sniff out glamour]) but regradless of why she was originally aware of the fairy world, she acts as a bit of a bridge between them and humans and is… extremely familiar with all of their rules
  • especially the deal making stuff and what kinds of thing give you leverage over one another (like knowing their true name)
  • anyways vriska is kidnapping people (possibly to feed to a large spider monster?) and terezi, being terezi, finds her and does not fall for her wily ways
  • (vriska’s going by some moniker like “marquise” because: true name, see above)
  • anyways terezi manages to turn the whole thing around and tricks vriska into owing her MAJOR which is a great boon to have
  • but rather than cash it out immediately she just asks for her name so they can meet up again in the future ;-)

alright so i know nursey has already filled the writer™ role but what if jack has a journal too

maybe after the overdose his therapist tells him to take up writing. hands him a blank composition notebook and says that if he can’t talk to anyone, maybe he can try writing things down instead. he takes it and throws it under his bed, where it collects dust for a few weeks… until things get bad again. it’s the middle of the night and his hands are shaking. there’s a bottle in the bathroom calling his name. so he reaches for the notebook and a pen, and spends an hour just scribbling into the book. when he reads it the next morning it doesn’t make much sense, all scribbles and shorthand and even some drawings in the margins, but it doesn’t matter. it’s better than doing something destructive.

he keeps doing it, surprisingly. it helps. sometimes, though he won’t admit it, he even takes it out when he’s just bored, writes down a few rambling lines. he forgets about it after a good few months at samwell, leaves it in his nightstand anyway, just in case. and then bittle arrives.

bittle, who makes him want to write paragraphs and sonnets and poems, for god’s sake. the first time bitty looks him in the eye, his hand twitches. he ends up writing down stray lines about bitty almost every day-casual observations, funny quotes. eventually they manifest themselves into real lines and stanzas, twisting and rambling and clumsy, but jack likes them. whatever this feeling he has for bitty is, it’s clumsy, too. jack was never a bad english student, but he genuinely enjoys writing about bitty. like his therapist said: if he can’t say it out loud, write it down.

he breaks, eventually, texts nursey: what does it mean if someone makes you want to write poems about them with no context
bro nursey replies almost immediately. that means u got it bad

a few minutes later: you should show him sometime comes through, and jack thinks, “him.” maybe he’s not as subtle as he’d like to be, though he thinks that maybe this situation is particularly familiar to nursey, too.

India was perched on top of one of the low-rise buildings overlooking the main road, legs dangling still off the edge. It was all too much right now. How was she supposed to make sense of it all if she literally had no clue who she was? Nothing made sense. Where was she? What was she wearing? Was her name even her name? With the foreign, dirty residue it left on her lips every time she attempted to address herself out loud, she knew it couldn’t be.

So, she got away. And even though she knew nothing about herself anymore, she felt pulled to the roof. Closer to the stars in this dead of night. She didn’t know why or how, but she felt safe there. She also highly doubted that anyone would join her up here. She knew how to use her voice, how to command a group. But she needed to find that voice first. She needed to be alone to process it all, re-root from ground zero. Literally.

Sucking in a deep breath, she closed her eyes and shook her head lightly.  Every time she tried to remember anything at all, she was slapped in the face with a big, blank, unknown. A black wall. Void of any clues or memories of the past. Was this her life now? What had she done to land herself here?

Eyes startled open by the sound of footsteps emerging behind her, she cleared her throat to shake herself out of the daze she’d been in for what felt like hours. How long she she even been up here? Turning her head to face the stranger, she looked up at them and then back towards the expanse painted in front of them. “I guess this hiding spot wasn’t as creative as I thought.” She said with a light, insecure chuckle, gripping the edge of the pavement until her knuckles went white. As she processed the fact that she was sitting on the edge of a foreign building, joined by one of the twenty-five strangers she was suddenly stranded here with, her eyes burned with tears. This was some sick joke.


They call me ‘the scientist’. Well, alright by me, at least it’s gender neutral. And, condescending or not, they are right. I AM a scientist. Obsessed with time and the changes of elements while time passes. I sometimes invent nice futuristic things too, but mostly I just analyse all kinds of materials.

The name’s Nill Fluorescent. I come from a long line of raw white berries, so long that the genetics glitched out at some point and I was gifted with a thing called chameleon syndrome, meaning I can change colors - not the whole me though. Just a splotch of skin on my face and one of my eyes. Special, I know. But just wait, it gets much more special, because I’m going to tell you my story. It might not be the nicest one, and it will definitely not make sense. Who am I kidding! I would have been totally okay with it being half as crazy. But it’s how it is, and I wouldn’t want to change anything now. Not again.

mxcasual replied to your postImpulse Review: Cymbals Eat Guitars’ Pretty Years

I am consistently amazed at the popularity of that band and absolutely astonished when literally anyone has heard of them. I haven’t actually listened to basically any of their shit since my brother stopped being their bassist and they changed their name…

Weird, I’ve been hearing about them on and off again a good bit this year. Lots of people I follow in indie music circles were saying good things about this album, it was a pretty well-reviewed album all-around this year, a band I really love opened for them on a few shows too. I never heard of them this year, though, so I guess that makes sense. (Out of curiosity, what was their old name? I’ve tried looking it up but searches aren’t turning much answer up.)

(Also, holy shit, your brother was their bassist???)