all of these looked better in photoshop


Ships page is finally up!

Go to my blog and click Ships (shown in the first picture), then you choose one of the characters in your ship (second picture) and then there’s a list of ships. Click on the ship you’re looking for and it goes to that tag on my blog. I’m working on better icons but photoshop isnt my best skill.

I also have a page up for heroes

if you’re just trying to find any and all posts when one specific character.


Milf Sweatpants - MIlf Jeans Recolor original by @savage-sims

  • You need this MESH by @savage-sims
  • 10 swatches, to see it in game you should remove the ‘female’ label
  • No custom thumbnail sorry, my s4s freezes every time I try to import the damn thumbnail

DOWNLOAD [sfs no adfly]

Thanks @savage-sims for the mesh! And like always thank you all the creators for your time to get our games look soo much better. And sorry for the shit photoshoped pic Im no inspo today xD

This is old and bad now, off-model and off-colored with awkward timing, but it did take me 60 years, a blood-sacrifice, and a deal with Satan to finish, so I should probably at least share it. Learned a lot and got faster after this. All done entirely in Photoshop because I’m shit at Flash and I like the finished look better anyway. The method is more like traditional pencil animation which is my favorite style.

Anyway Ruyak’s an asshole and I’m G/t trash bye


There’s a place I know that’s tucked away
A place where you and I can stay
Where we can go to laugh and play
And have adventures everyday
I know it sounds hard to believe
But guys and gals it’s true
Camp Campbell is the place for me and you!

I made some Camp Camp wallpapers (fits iphone5s), please like/reblog if you use; requests are always open!

Bioware: *Tries to make realistic, unique looking female characters. Not some overused design of a weird looking barbie creature with facial proportions that no woman has*

Some Guy: Look what I did in 15 minutes in photoshop! See how much better this looks? Bioware why do you suck? Why can’t you make me, a man who is probably average-looking at best, a video game waifu who looks like a supermodel-anime hybrid and not a normal human woman?

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you know how i can make a watercolor edit? most of the tutorials use brushes and things that are hard for me to do, im looking for something more easy it would save my life if you would tell me some

of course we can help you sweetheart (:

you’ll need

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Your posts from concert makes me so happy and emo at the same time ^^ I'm glad that you got to see Namjoon irl <3 He is even beautiful up close, isn't he?










signs as kardashian quotes
  • aries: why does mom have a picture of you as her screensaver and not me
  • taurus: give me the fucking bread
  • gemini: are you going to be a boring whore your whole life?
  • cancer: I think I'm getting, like, fucked up
  • leo: I don't need to be walking around like I'm some peasant. I need to be walking around like royalty.
  • virgo: I've got better things to do. like driving my yellow fucking lamborghini
  • libra: I'll cry at the end of the day. not with fresh makeup
  • scorpio: I'm literally so exhausted. I've been having sex like 500 times a day.
  • sagittarius: first of all, I'm incredibly athletic. so fuck you.
  • capricorn: thank god I have no friends
  • aquarius: what are your thoughts on mermaids?
  • pisces: i think she's just concerned she's gonna look old and fat in the photos and there is a thing called photoshop so she needs to relax

Steps to my painting, ‘Lay Me Down’, inspired by Sam Smith’s song of the same name! I’m going to attempt at explaining what I did to achieve this result (which I’m not entirely ecstatic with, but what else is new!). >.<

Step 1 - Black + White

So when I’m working this way, I normally start off in black and white and with reaaaallly soft, subtle values - super low contrast. The reason why I do this is because although I have an idea in my mind, it’s really quite blurry in there, so I’m not entirely certain how it’s going to look when I paint it on my Photoshop canvas, so using low contrast-y values really helps me to visualize it all better.

I start off with a SUPER rough value sketch - you can see it really just looks like messy blobs of nothing at this point. But I’m trying to work out the poses, and because it’s a pretty difficult angle (particularly for the dude), and I don’t have any particularly useful references that I can work with (I suppose I could’ve taken some pictures, but, you know, I can be a bit lazy sometimes =P ), working it in lightly really helps me to figure out the shapes. If I was to go in there with dark, highly contrasted values, the likelihood of me messing it all up would be pretty high. It’s harder to visualize things when you have definite lines and shapes, so I find keeping the values low contrast and somewhat blurry is key here.

So I’ll keep working out the image in B+W until I have a pretty clear indication of the shapes (which I’m always, always, always trying to keep in mind!), and composition. Here, I’m really trying to just lead the eye to her face (and to the dude’s sadness) so I’m trying to make sure all (or most) elements of the image leads the eye there. And also, I wanted the lighting to feel a little dramatic, so I’ve decided on a harsh diagonal gap of light that shines only on the area of the image I feel is important.

Step 2 - Colour

Once I’m relatively happy with how the B+W image is going, I’ll add in some colour on a ‘Color’ layer, and I’m using a ‘Color’ layer (as opposed to ‘Overlay’ or anything else) so it doesn’t mess up my values. But anywho, I’ve plopped on some colours and they’re really under-saturated at this point. And I’m doing this on purpose because I find that it helps me find a harmonious colour palette with hues that work well together. If I was to jump in with saturated colours (just from my personal experience), I’ve found that my colour palette becomes a bit of an eye-sore and it’s just really hard to get the colours to work together. I also end up having to de-saturate areas of the image that don’t need too much attention anyway, so may as well start off with a low-saturated palette. I am quite honestly terrible with colours (I just can’t get my head wrapped around it!), so I find this way also helps me with visualization much in the same way that starting off with low contrasted values helps.

Step 3 - Fleshing it Out

So really this step entails just going in there, adding in more saturated pretty colours, and fleshing out the image with details until the end. I’m doing this all on Normal layers now. I’ve added little cracks and other details to the stones, fluffed up the flowers, extended the canvas a touch, and reworked the fabric of her dress. I also noticed at this point that I’ve made the guy’s head way too small initially lol, and he also looks a little awkwardly hunched over so I’ve switched up the angle a bit and enlarged his head so the foreshortening feels more natural.

By the end of this I’m really just fiddling around with the lighting and contrast of the image, adding in hints of colour here and there on overlay layers in areas where I felt there needed some. They’re very subtle changes, but I feel as though they help to bring it all together.

Anywho, that is all! I hope it helped at least a little for those of you who are trying to learn! Any questions? Just shoot me a message! :)

Thanks for the view!



Hello everyone!
I’m planning to make Kogitsunemaru cosplay and bring it to Lucca Comics 2016, so I looked for all the references available online.
The official design can be found in the Touken Ranbu Kenran Zuroku book, but it is quite expensive and Japanese only, so I translated it into English.
I did also some Photoshop to have better quality images and rewritten all the Japanese part, so that it can be read clearly as well.

Hope it helps! ^^

HQ images here!

Thanks to Flavia for the help in the translation work.
The original scans can be found at i0990 tumblr
The official illustrator is sata3.

Aelin and the Nightgown

Inspired by this piece belonging to ashiibell (because who wouldn’t be inspired by her absolutely gorgeous coloring?!)

Hopefully it looks better than it currently does on my screen. Photoshop’s color profiles are giving me a really bad time, so right now everything look kinda muted.
Apologies :/

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius © Sarah J. Maas

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Reading your concert updates made me really happy (idk why) and I just wanted to say im so happy for you that you got to go :) I bet namjoon was really handsome in person. (Man bc that man is gorgeous)


Gonna Love you Better Cover so far

Well, this is what I have so far, But my eyes are hurting with all my lights on and it hurting my eyes, I will have to tell you the story about my eyes if you want it lol.

But yeah the MINE won’t be there when it’s done I just wanted to mark it since I have not go around to putting my name on it,
I did have a woman on it as well but it was just not looking good at all so I just have Daryl by himself, I was thinking of putting the bike in too but I feel that maybe a little too much, But I will try it tomorrow and see how it looks.
I’ll put a photo up as well of it if I remember.

I had to have the wings I fucking love that vest and even if I am only on Season 3 I fucking know that douchebag of a Dwight has it and he better give it back to Daryl or I’m throwing a fit, and when I mean fit I mean Asking Negan if I can borrow Lucille and work on my swing with Dwight’s head and any other please I want to fuck up. *sorry Dwight fan I’ll try and be nice,*

But yeah What you all think of it so far, 
you think the colors are ok to my they not too dark and not too light,
I did not want a really dark and strange, but I did not want it all light and happy, 
I hope I got the in between ok =P 

If I put anything to do with the story up I will tag people that are tagged to the story so they can see what’s happening, you know like behind the scenes type of shit =D

Lovely tags - @shinydixon X @jodiereedus22 X @onlydarylnormanfic X @kingdixonreedus