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I live on the 13th floor, and there’s this family that lives on the floor above me, really unpleasant people. Father’s a fat priest (this is an orthodox christian country, priests are decked out. BMWs or Mercedes cars, tinted glass, typically lots of cash…), no idea what the mum does, but she’s a very unpleasant person to meet, won’t even respond to a neighbourly hello, just keeps a scowl on her face 24/7. They have several children, all boys, the oldest being around 16, they all seem to be raised according to their parents’ assholeness. I can’t speak for the two little twins though, since they don’t really know what they’re doing is aiding their parents’ ultimate goal of being the biggest dick possible.

I was finishing up an assignment and was running just a little bit late for school. I go out, call the elevator which says it’s on the 14th floor, one floor above that is. It doesn’t move. I take my earbuds out and hear little children’s voices- immediately I realize the situation. The mum’s not yet out of the flat, but she’s sent her two little kids out in advance to call the lift up and keep it there, god forbid she wait a second upon exiting her apartment! You may think I was jumping to a conclusion, but all the noises pointed to it and this wouldn’t be the first time it happened.

This aggression will not stand.

Now, a thought crossed my mind that I should walk up the stairs, toss the kids aside, say “Sorry, running late!” enter the lift, close the door and leave. I was even prepared to argue with the missus if I were to come across her too. I don’t shy away from conflict.

But no.

They’ve pushed my buttons for far too long. It’s time I push some buttons myself.

Alright, you goddamn bloody walrus, is that how it’s gonna be? You apparently don’t mind making people wait when they’re already late, you can do some waiting of your own, you scowling, hag.

Despite risking being even more late, I took the stairs down. However I made sure I pressed the elevator button on every single floor on the way down, make them wait approximately 15 seconds on every single floor when the manatee manages to get out of the flat eventually.

Imagine# 7: Calum gets dominated.

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Requested: Yes

Request: Calum hood imagine where you get jealous because he’s talking to one of his model friends and shes flirting heavily. So you get home and kind of take charge with sex and have him submit ti you? You don’t have to write smut If you don’t want to, you can ignore me.

Word Count:1,409

Warnings: Smut!, Domination, jealously, cursing

A/N: I usually don’t write smut. But I made an assumption. I hope you all like it, I normally don’t do this.

“That bitch, if she touches his arm one more time,” You mumbled into the glass that was at the edge of your lip, Ashton heard from the other side of you. A small chuckle coming from him, “He would never cheat on you, you know that,” Ashton told you like you already did not know that, “I know he would never do that. But doesn’t mean that it’ll stop all these horny ass bitches from flirting with him, and see! She did it again!” You pointed a finger at her, Ashton just going back to shaking his head and pouring you more of whatever it was.

“Maybe you should go and say something.”

“It has crossed my mind, that is for sure. But I do not want to be one of those girls, that makes a huge scene in front of everyone because someone is talking to my boyfriend. I have enough faith and knowing that he would never do anything like that,” Ashton nodded his head in agreement at what you said, but it stilled boiled the blood in you watching her being so persistent at trying to get him to do something.

“Look at that, he is getting annoyed,” Luke confirmed from behind you, and he was right the stone face Calum came through finally and his eyebrows knitted together. “I will be back boys,” I beamed, placing the glass on the nearest table as I walked towards my boyfriend that was currently chewing out one of Mitchy friends.

“Seriously, you don’t keep on touching someone even after they told you to stop countless times!” Calum hollered over the music that was pumping out of the speakers, the girl face was a mixture of anger and embarrassment, since by now almost everyone was watching and paying close attention to one of the most mellow guys in the room lose his shit.

“I kept sending you signals to stop, even told you to stop. Could you just fuck off kindly, please?” He emphasized the please at the end, saying it a little more quietly since he finally took notice of everyone staring at us.

“Calum come on, you are embarrassing the poor thing,” Tugging on his shirt sleeve, a huff coming from him before he took his hand in your own. He left his cup on one of the speakers as the both of you walked out of the house, “God, I kept telling her if she could stop touching me, kept moving away little by little. But what did she do? Walk even closer to me!” Calum was ranting on and on, he didn’t even take notice by now that we were in the back seat of his car, till I took off my shoes and positioned myself on the floorboard of the car.

My hands roamed up his thighs till they came to the top of the buckle and the zipper, “W-What are you doing?” He stuttered out, tugging down his pants revealing his blue boxers that were underneath his jet black pants. “Well, I got kind of pissed off with you talking to that girl,” You admitted his you started to run a finger up and down the shaft of his penis, a low throaty groan coming from him in reply. “R-Really?” He whispered out, a small gasp coming from him as you took the tip of him in your mouth, but only the tip rolling your tongue around his tip. His hand started to push your head a little further down, pulling out his penis from your mouth, grabbing the tie that was on the floorboard of the car,     “What are you doing?” He asked in worry, grabbing his hands taking a seat on his lap, “Well I don’t want to be rushed babe, no touching, nothing.” Tying his hands behind his head, making sure to lift the headrest a little higher, double knotting the tie around his wrists. Leaning back his eyes holding a mixture of pleasure and curiosity, unbuttoning his shirt till getting annoyed and ripping it open all together, running a finger down his chest, nipping at his smooth chest. All the while giving him a handjob with the other hand, “Please, just let me fuck you,” He whispered out in a gasp, a smirk coming over your face, “Hm..I don’t know about that, tonight I decided when you cum. I am the boss,” You said, taking off your underwear and going over to the other side of the car.

Hiking up the dress a little further up the waist, spreading your legs wider putting two of your finger in your mouth making sure that they were wet while groping and foundling you’re breast with the other hand. Calum was hard as a brick, his eyes were fixated on you, the way you were sucking on those fingers and wet pussy that he could see the light shining off the wetness. Gasps and moans were escaping from you, running the wet fingers down your chest, slowly traveling down your chest, till it reached the opening.

“Oh my god, I am so tight and wet,” I moaned at as I put two fingers in, slowly starting to move them in and out of me ever slowly. “Babe, please,” Calum groaned in protest as he watched his girlfriend finger herself in the back of his car, while he was tied up and could not help in any way. “I wish my fingers were yours, or even that big long cock of yours, the way it feels me up whenever you enter from the back,” You taunted, curling your fingers at the thought of Calum in you. Pulling them out real quick when you felt the knotting the bottom of stomach, lifting up the hand that you used in the distant light of one of the streetlamps, taking a little lick of it before shoving them into Calum waiting mouth.

As he was doing that you scooted over a little more towards him, pulling out a whine coming from him in protest. Leaning over taking his cock back into your mouth once again, his hips making his cock go deeper into the back of your throat.  Moving a little closer, before taking it out completely again. Moving one leg over on the other side of his head, and the other on the opposite side. In a way it was the sixty-nine position, just a little more different since you both were in a car. And right when you re-entered his cock into the warmth of that mouth, his lips and face was in that pussy destroying it.

The way his tongue was moving in and out of the opening, his lips sucking at the lips and even nibbling a little bit. Was just overly organismic, it took ever bone and will power to move away from his experienced mouth.

“My fucking god, why did you stop!” He hollered but stopped when you shoved the underwear in his mouth, grabbing the shaft of him once again, though this time entering it into you. In all truths it felt more fulfilling than your fingers or his tongue ever could. He must have felt the same since he let out a deep throaty groan. You started out moving the lower part of the body slowly, grinding into him. He was bringing his hips upwards hitting all the right places, leaning back gripping his thighs as you started to move faster till you were bouncing all together. Coming up with a good rhythm between the two of you both, suddenly his hands were roaming all other your body. His arms wrapped around you the middle of you, bring you to lie on the seat, his hands took yours in his bringing gripping them above your head.

“Fuck me, please!” You shouted, by now you could careless about the bitch that was flirting with him and how she kept touching him. Now all you cared about was how Calum was bounding into you with your legs over his broad shoulders, the moans and groans coming from both of you. The way the car was rocking back and forth, how he was pulling the back of your hair, all that matter to you right now was how good Calum was fucking you and not that bitch inside.

“God I fucking love you,” You both said at the same time as the both of you came at the same time.

like viktor “1000+ pictures of my dog” nikiforov absolutely takes endless pictures of his beautiful fiance like it gets to a point where if he ever saves something important on his phone he absolutely cannot find it among all the pictures of yuuri or makkachin (or, the holy grail, yuuri AND makka) but never once does it cross his mind to delete a single one

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 35

Summary: You make a trip to Alexandria to continue for the hunt for Daryl.


“We are what we are. Nothing more, nothing less. There is good and evil among every kind of people. It’s the evil among us who rule now.” - Anne Bishop

“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” - T.S. Elliot


The next morning was face paced and there was little time to spare with Negan wanting to make it to Alexandria as soon as possible. All of his men were gathered in the yard, most of them chomping at the bit at the thought of getting to tear the place up from head to toe once you arrived there.

Once you had readied yourself, you headed down to one of the buildings that were considered ‘apartments’ where David shared and room with Katherine and Ben. As far as you knew, Eugene was also staying on the same hallway in his own room, but you hadn’t seen much of him since he was brought back for making a bullet for Rosita. He mostly kept to himself, and lately you were too busy to pay much attention to anyone else.
You knocked on the door a few times, hearing movement from the other side until the door opened.
David greeted you at the doorway and ushered you inside with his hand.
You gave a nod and entered slowly, looking over the quaint little room. It wasn’t a bad looking room at all, considering all three of them were forced to stay in it together, and of course it was no where near as nice as Negan’s room, or your room for that matter.

Katherine and Ben were both sitting at a table in the center of the room, spooning what looked like oatmeal into their mouths.

“How are you liking it here?” You said aloud, but mostly speaking to David.

Katherine and Ben both looked up at you, giving a few sparse nods here and there before finally uttering, “Fine.” Neither of them seem to care for you, or their placement here very much, and you could say you felt the same. You would have much preferred just being in charge of David, atleast he talked –at times too much – but still talked.

You turned back to him, waiting for an answer.

He shook his head a little, “Well, I’ve got a roof over my head and food. There’s really not a whole lot I can complain about, is there?”

“That’s a really good answer.” You said, relieved that you didn’t have to scold him for giving some smart ass remark.

“What’s the deal for today?” He asked as he sat down on the couch that furnished the room, reaching down to tie the laces on his boots.

“I’ve gotta take a trip to Alexandria with Negan and the others, see if we can find Daryl.”

He nodded as he kept looking down, “So, what do you want us to do?”

“You are gonna come with me, and you two-” You trailed off as you turned your attention back to the table and walked over to lean against it.

They both took note and stopped eating to sit up right, looking nervous at the eagerness in your expression as you stared the both of them down, “You two are gonna work in the kitchen again. Seeing as how both of you seem to be a package deal, I won’t split you up. This is me being nice, and trying to extend an olive branch to you. Do we have an understanding?”

“Why do you wanna be nice to us now?” Katherine asked, squinting at you suspiciously.

“Exactly when haven’t I been nice?” You breathed, your eyes locked onto hers.

“You did threaten to kill us.” Ben cut in, leaning back in his chair.

You rolled your eyes, “Jesus, really? I said if you fucked me over I’d kill you, that’s it. I’m not just gonna blow your brains out because the mood strikes me..” You paused again and pointed at Katherine, “But you are the one testing my patience. I’m tired of the disrespect.”

Katherine immediately averted her glare from you as the thought of you pulling your gun out on her crossed her mind.

“I threatened David, too.” You reminded them, throwing your head back in his direction, “And look at him, he’s going out on runs with me and everything. All I’m asking for is cooperation. That’s literally it. So, I’ll ask again; do we have an understanding?”

They both gave eachother glances as if silently debating whether or not they should, and finally nodding to you in approval.

“Yeah, just don’t kill us.” Ben said before he focused his attention back on his food.

You gave a nod, “Like I said, just cooperate and I won’t have to, I won’t say it again. I’m sure you’d both rather have to deal with me than Negan, right?”

“Yes.” They both managed to say simultaneously, that was the one thing they seemed to be sure of.

“Good.” You said plainly as you turned around, motioning David to follow you as you headed out of the door.

When you arrived back outside, everyone was loaded into the trucks waiting to leave and you were met with the familiar angry glare of the man of the house.

“Jesus-fuckin-Christ, did the goddamn tornado sweep you away to Oz, or what? What the fuck kept you so long?” He demanded as he leaned against one of the trucks, swinging Lucille.

He closed your eyes for a moment before answering, “I had to make sure the other two knew what to do while we are away.”

“Why didn’t you fuckin’ bring them?” He asked, throwing an arm up, shifting his eyes to David, “You brought that shit stick.”

You pursed your lips, “They’d be kind of useless to us, Negan.”

Negan’s forehead creased as he listened to you, “And what makes him useful?” He asked, jutting his head towards David.

You glanced back to see David doing his best to stand tall against Negan’s critique, but you could tell all he wanted to do was cower in a corner, far away from Negan incase he decided to interrogate him with more suggestive and confusing questions.

“He shows potential, and he did kinda save my ass.” You breathed, hating to bring attention back to your own screw up.

Negan snorted and let out a small chuckle, “Mmm, you fuckin’ got me there. Maybe we should give him your goddamn job, huh?”

You lowered your head, not wanting him to see just how much the sting in those words hit you.
Your hands began to twirl into fists, much like the way a snake coils itself when it was ready to strike.
Of course, you’d never lash out and hit Negan, but it was starting to become more prevalent that your time here had made your temper short.. But constantly being around a man as volatile as Negan would surely have that effect on someone sooner or later.
You lifted your head back up and gave a small nod, accepting it.

“It won’t happen again.” You said in a calm tone, walking to the front of the truck.

“I’m sure it fuckin’ won’t, darlin’.” He called out to you as you pushed past him.

David followed behind you, heading for the cab of the truck as you crawled into it. Negan reached out his arm, grabbing David by the shoulder before he slung him back around to his side, “And where the fuck are you goin’?”

“To get in the- the truck.. sir?” David said nervously as Negan held him with one hand and Lucille too close for comfort in the other.

Negan scoffed and shook his head quickly, “Hell no, the front is for me and the lovely wife. You get the privilege of sitting in the fuckin’ back, asshole.” Negan patted David’s face before pushing him in the direction of the back large storage compartment on the back on the truck.

You rolled your eyes as David stood there dumbfounded before turning to get into the back with a defeated look on his face.

“What kept you from treating me that way when I first got here?” You admitted as he hopped into the front seat next to you.

Negan cocked his head in your direction, studying your face before he spoke, “Why the fuck would I?”

You shrugged, “I gave you way more trouble than he does.”

Negan shut his eyes as he smirked, “But he’s not you, now is he, babydoll?”

You smiled as you leaned back into the seat, “No, he’s not.”

“Al-fuckin-right then.” He said matter-of- factly.

The rest of the ride was quiet and the whole way there you could feel the anticipation radiating off of Negan.
You knew when he got this wound up that he was unpredictable and at his most dangerous, much like a wild fire when it gets out of hand, it’s hard to get it back under control and leaves destruction in its path.
You didn’t know what he was planning to do when he got to Alexandria, you didn’t know if he’d kill everyone looking for Daryl, take everything, or just go there to harass Rick until he made him cower down like a scolded dog.

None of the options would have been much of a surprise to you, you had witnessed and done a lot of shit since you’re time here and it was beginning to change you.
Even killing someone wasn’t as big of a problem as it once was, especially if they posed a threat to you, or Negan, but you tried to avoid killing anyone who didn’t deserve it.
Your mind was in such a daze that you hadn’t even noticed when you arrived to Alexandria, and didn’t even notice e when everyone exited the truck, except you.
You were usually nervous when trips to Alexandria were made, but there was something different about it this time.

There was a rapid snapping of fingers that finally broke your train of thought and you quickly turned you head to the source, Negan was standing there, his eyes rows raised as he gave you a peculiar look, “Darlin’, are you fuckin’ there?”

You blinked and pinched the bridge of your nose, trying to gain composure, and bring yourself down off the edge before nodding at him.

“Yeah, I’m just thinking.” You said, sliding to the edge of the seat.

He gave you an apprehensive look, he could sense the anxiety you held, “Don’t fuckin’ think.” He outstretched his hand to grab your chin, tilting your head up to him, “Take a goddamn breath, and get your head on straight, baby.” He spoke softly, almost a purr as he tried to give you a moment of comfort.

You took in a deep breathe and let it out slowly as his hand still laid on your chin. Negan never really took moments to calm you down, so it was almost odd whenever he did, but once he finally did it was an instant release of any tension that you felt. Even if you never trusted anyone else, you knew that you trusted him and his words.
You looked back up at him and gave a nod.

“Alright, I’m good. Let’s go.” You gave a half smirk and jumped down beside him.

“That’s my fuckin’ girl.” He smiled running his hand through your hair to grip it before leaning down quickly to kiss you firmly.

He released you and turned towards the gate as it opened up, revealing the insides of the compound and the people all standing around, waiting to see why Negan was here.
You followed behind Negan as he strode toward Rick who was at the front, leading his group, David had climbed out of the back of the truck and found his way to your side.

“What’s going on?” He whispered roughly.

“Be quiet.” You hissed back at him as you stared at the group in front of you, spotting Michonne behind Rick.

“Rick, just the goddamn man I was lookin’ for!” Negan said in a cheerfully, but you knew that this tone of voice was more dangerous than an angered one.

“We don’t have any supplies for you, yet. We’re gonna have to go out further to get stuff. The places around here are getting empty.” Rick said, putting a hand up, trying to reason with Negan quickly.

Negan shook his head and held out Lucille to point it at his face, “No, no, no, fuck no. Believe it or not, I’m not fuckin’ here to take whatever ever shit you’ve gotten for me – I’m sure you know why I’m fuckin’ here, Rick.”

Rick looked around at all of Negan’s men and to you, letting his eyes linger over you a but longer than anyone else.
He always seemed intent on letting you know just how disappointed he was with you with his looks.
You didn’t back down, you held eyes with him - staring back at him with the same sourness.
The constant, silent guilt trips were growing tiresome.
Rick finally averted his gaze back to Negan when he saw that you were going do drop yours.

“No, I don’t know why you’re here.” He said, his calm tone growing into a growl.

Negan hummed and held up his hand, snapping his fingers, giving his men the signal to spread out and tear the place apart.
They all quickly dispersed and pushed past the Alexandrians at the gate to get by, spreading themselves out between the houses.
Rick looked around at all of them with his eyes narrowed, shooting a look back to you and Negan who were the only ones still standing there.
You watched as Michonne made her way over to Rick’s side, laying her hand on his shoulder.

“What do you want?” She growled to the both you, her eyes full of hostility.

“How long are you gonna act like you don’t fuckin’ know, babydoll?” Negan chuckled as he leaned back, his arms outstretched, waiting for an answer.

“Know what?” Rick sniffed as he approached Negan a little closer.

Your hand moved instinctively to your gun as he did so, resting on it – waiting.

“Daryl.” Negan said coldly, the smile dropping from his face, you could hear the anger rising in his voice.

“You have Daryl.” Rick said as he let his hands rest on the sides of his belt.

“Thank you for that excellent goddamn observation, Rick. Now, tell me why the fuck would I be here if I still had him?”

Rick shook his head, “He’s not here.”

Negan sucked his teeth, his jaw flaring as he clenched his jaw, “We’ll fuckin’ see about that, won’t we?”

Rick tilted his head, “Why would he come back here?”

Negan prowled over to Rick, his grip tightened on Lucille, closing the space between them.
You kept your hand on your gun as you took a step forward, your eyes glued to Rick, with Michonne lingering a few feet behind him.

“Because Rick, a goddamn dog always returns to its fuckin’ home.” Negan growled as he stood over Rick.

Rick looking back up to Negan, unflinching, “You won’t find what you’re looking for.”

Negan leaned his head back momentarily before giving Rick a dangerous grin, “For your sake, you better fuckin’ hope we don’t find him here… Come on, darlin’.” He called back to you without his eyes leaving Rick.

You made your way over to both of them as he pushed past Rick and Michonne, both them staring daggers into you as you walked past.
You were definitely walking into a lion’s den, not only were you already viewed as a threat for literally sleeping with their enemy, but you had become the enemy by killing one of their own the last time you were here.
As you walked down the street of the town with Negan you could hear the loud crashing of glass and other materials as the Saviors that were inside the houses were literally tearing them apart.
You knew that a lot of what they were doing was out of enjoyment in destroying property, and not just for the sole purpose of finding Daryl, and for that you felt the slightest hint of guilt, but of course you weren’t about to say anything.

“Is destroying our homes necessary?” Rick asked as he watched one of Negan’s men throw a small end table out of one of the houses, the wood cracking and splintering onto the pavement.

“I guess it fuckin’ wouldn’t be necessary if you’d follow the fuckin’ rules.. Besides, it’s an easier fuckin’ clean up than if I killed somebody, isn’t it? I mean, would you rather me fuckin’ kill all these nice people here, Rick?” Negan asked in an amused tone, as he drummed his fingers on Lucille’s handle.

“No.” Rick protested quickly, “I don’t want anyone else to die.” He shifted his eyes to you.

You rolled your eyes back at him, breaking away from him and Negan to walk over to a porch on one of the houses.

“They look like they hate you more than they hate Negan.” David whispered low, trying to keep out of Negan’s earshot.

“No shit. This is the group I used to be with.” You said, walking up the steps.

“No shit? Seriously?” He said urgently, turning his head to look over the neighborhood as if he couldn’t believe you were once here.

You nodded and leaned against the railing of the porch, “Yes, really. I’m even more unwelcome since I killed somebody here last time, someone I used to know.”

He shrugged, “Why’d you kill them?”

“She tried to kill Negan.” You said bluntly, looking up at him.

A look of shock came over his face, “Honestly, you don’t look like the type that would kill.”

“Looks are deceiving, aren’t they? What, you thought I was just fuckin’ around when I threatened you, and the others?” You squinted, almost getting angry that he thought you were joking.

“No. It’s like I said, you don’t look violent.”

Your forehead creased, “Well, stick around long enough to annoy me, and you’ll see how violent I can be.”

He smirked, “I’d rather live..” He ran a hand through his hair as he looked over to Negan “So, you’re really serious about him, huh? I mean, if you’ll kill for him.”

“He’s done the same for me. We have a bond, and it might be complicated, and at times it might be downright shitty; but yes, I’m serious about him.”

He smiled and leaned down to rest on the railing, “Sounds like a regular fairy tale.” He said jokingly.

“Shut the hell up.” You laughed, smacking him playfully on the arm, “Why do you care anyway?”

“It’s just the world with the way it is now, stuff like that seems unimportant - y'know 'relationships’ or whatever you wanna call it. There’s enough going on already.” He admitted.

You leaned back up and gave him a seriosuly look, “Or maybe it’s more important now than ever. Nothing would be worse than having to go through this shit alone relationship or not, people still need other people whether we wanna admit it or not.”

“Says the girl who’s husband beats other people’s heads in with a bat.” He said bluntly.

“It’s for your protection as much as it is mine. Rival groups are just that - rivals.” You snapped, as your eyes narrowed at him, you could feel your temper starting to rise up in you.

“But you used to be with this group.” He raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t think I’m aware of that shit, David? I don’t particularly like seeing them like this, but they are my fucking people anymore.” You growled.

He stood up and put a hand up, clearly realizing that he was crossing a line with you, “I’m sorry, I was just trying to talk.”

“Yeah, that’s your problem. Learn when to shut your fucking mouth.. Before it gets you killed.” You gritted your teeth, pushing him back out of your way as you went back down the steps.

The problem with being in charge of David was the fact that even when he got on your last nerve, you still had to be around him.
He followed behind you, keeping his distance but still too close for your liking at the moment.
Surely, you could have told Negan and that problem would have been solved on the spot, but it would also have meant David would probably get thrown in a cell when you returned to the sanctuary, or worse. You were nowhere near spiteful enough to have that happen to him over such a small incident.. Not yet anyway.
You liked David, and his company was usually welcomed, but his questions about Negan had began to grow old.
You knew that it struck a nerve so deeply because he had a point, you knew a lot of things that Negan did weren’t so nice, but it was what it was.
If people were allowed to get away with things, even seemingly small things, Negan would be viewed as weak, that he could be walked all over, and so would the rest of the sanctuary – even if the people were some you used to be apart of something with.
This world was too brutal to not be brutal right back at it.

The search for Daryl continued while everyone stood outside of their houses, listeningredients to their belongings being thrown around without a second thought.
You felt a push on your shoulder and turned to the source, Michonne was standing behind you, glaring as she usually did.

“How can you stand around and watch this happen?” She hissed in your face.

You furrowed your eyesbrows at her, “I think we’ve already had this conversation. Tell him where Daryl is at, and we’ll leave.” You lowered your voice, getting closer to her, “What the hell do you expect me to do anyway, Michonne. You really think I have the power to make him stop?”

Her lips stretched into a thin line, “No, but your gun does.”

“The only person I’ll shoot is you, if you keep threatening us.” You growled.

“Michonne!” Rick called out, taking a few steps towards her, knowing that there would be no reason for you two to talk, unless it was an argument “Stop it. Now.”

“You better listen to your fuckin’ leader there, darlin’.” Negan said as he looked over to see what the commotion was about, he had a less than pleased look on his face.

“Fuck that.” She scoffed turning her gaze back to you.

The next few moments were almost in slow motion, you took a step back as you saw her hand reach up, grabbing for your gun.
Her hand caught the collar of your shirt as she slung you sideways.
You planted a foot firmly on the ground, catching yourself before she could how you to the pavement, you slammed your hand into her chest, giving her a hard push. Michonne stumbled backwards her hand still gripped on your shirt, taking you down with her, it was a struggle between the two of you as you wrestled on the ground.
You swung roughly and landed a punch in her face, she let out a pained groan as she tried to claw into your eyes.
Your anger had reached its peak and you pushed her down again, her head knocking hard against the pavement as you exerted yourself trying to climb onto of her, wrapping a hand around her throat as your fist came down on her face again and again, her blood running freely over your hand from the busted nose you had given her.

“Stop it!” You heard a man’s voice bellow in the background, it was distorted and you couldn’t hear much of anything, but your best guess was that it was Rick.

You had completely forgotten about everyone else, until you were finally pulled off of Michonne as she lay there in the street.
You were kicked and screamed as you were drug away from her, trying to break away to get in another punch.

It took you a few seconds to snap out of the rage you were in, and you looked around; David had his arms around you, holding you back.
You watched Rick as he ran over to Michonne, calling her name urgently as he dropped to his knees beside her.
She wasn’t dead, but you had busted up her face pretty well.

“Christ, you fuckin’ girls and the constant catfights.” Negan said nonchalantly as he walked over to you.

You looked up at him nervously, afraid he was going to scold you for what had happened.
His eyes shifted to David and he jerked his head back, “You can fuckin’ let her go now, asshole.” He said giving him a sour look as his hands were still wrapped around you.

David dropped them quickly, backing away from you at Negan’s order.

“What the fuck was that shit, darlin’?” Negan said in a low, hostile tone.

You wiped the sweat from your brow, allowing yourself a moment for your adrenaline to settle.
You looked over at Michonne who seemed like she was finally coming to as Rick lifted her up off the ground, debating whether or not to tell him the real story, or just chalk It up to the fact that you two hated eachother.
You chose the latter.

“She’s just pissed at me.” You answered, shaking your head, “She wants me dead. I’m considered a traitor around here, you know.”

Negan glanced back at Rick who was standing there, holding up Michonne.
He looked utterly defeated, “Can I take her into the house?”

Negan sucked his teeth, ignoring Rick as he turned back to you, “Fuckin’ kill her, if you must.”

“No.” Rick started to beg, “Please.”

“Rick, there are fuckin’ rules. This is the second goddamn time your lady has fuckin’ attacked mine, and I’ll fuckin’ leave it up to her.” He snapped at Rick.

“No.” You said bluntly, “Not today anyway.” You stood there firmly, looking from Rick back to Negan.

Negan nodded his head slowly and as you glanced back to Rick once more, you could see a look on his face that you hadn’t expected.
He looked greatful.

“Please.. I’ll talk to her.” Rick stammered as he adjusted her in his arms, “Please, let me take her inside.”

Negan sighed and turned to him again, swinging Lucille playfully, “Goddamn, you are one lucky son-of-a-bitch, Rick. Extremely lucky. And for this fuckin’ act of kindness on both our parts, don’t you think you owe us a little something?” He smirked.

Rick looked down at his feet, not wanting to answer him.
You could see his body tensing up from just being asked.

“C'mon, Rick. I gotta fuckin’ hear it.” Negan chuckled as he laid a hand on his belt, “You know there’s no alternate fuckin’ version where this goes any fuckin’ better than it is now. So, fuckin’ say it.” He demanded as his eyes burned into Rick.

Rick nodded slowly, sniffing as he looked back up, you could see the anger in his eyes as he forced out a “Thank you.”

Negan gave a slow clap and pointed at him, “Atta boy! Now see, was that so goddamn hard? And look at that, everyone is still fuckin’ alive.. But you’re still giving me that same goddamn shitty look like I pissed in your cereal or somethin’. Why don’t you fuckin’ try it again, Rick.”

Rick clenched his jaw tightly, his lip trembling as he took in a labored breath, “Thank you.”

Negan clicked his teeth as he set Lucille back on his shoulder, “That’s more fuckin’ like it.”

Negan motioned for Rick to follow him as he walked down the street to his house, you followed behind them with David still at your side.

“Are.. Are you okay?” David asked timidly.

You gave a nod, your anger towards him had diminished, “I’m fine. It’s not the first time I’ve been in a fight.”

“I thought you were gonna kill her.” He breathed.

“It wasn’t for lack of trying, if you hadn’t pulled me off I don’t know if I would have stopped.” You said, shoving your hands into your pockets.

When you reached Rick’s house, Negan’s men were walking out after they were done searching, and throwing things around, heading for the next house.
Carl was standing on the porch with Judith in his arms, walking down the steps quickly to greet Rick, his eyes shifting to Negan angrily when he saw him.

“Dad, what happened?” He said in a nervous tone, clutching Judith to his chest.

“Get in the house.” Rick growled, walking past him into the house.

“Kid.” Negan said in an upbeat tone.

“What did you do to her?” Carl narrowed his good eye at negan, nostrils flaring.

Negan leaned his head back and pinched the bridge of his nose, “Still acting like a fuckin’ badass, huh? I didn’t do shit.”

Carl shook his head and turned to go back into the house.

“Hold the fuck up.” Negan called as he reached back, handing Lucille to you.
You took her from his hand and propped her onto your shoulder like he always did.

“What?” Carl growled.

“Well, you didn’t think I was just was gonna make a fuckin’ house visit without holding that little fuckin’ ray of sunshine, did you?” Negan held out his arms and motioned to Carl, “Hand her here, kid.”

A look of nervous came over Carl as he held Judith protectively, she was starting to get fussy.
You guessed she could sense the tension in the air.
Carl walked down the steps slowly as he approached Negan.
You could tell he was struggling between wanting to not hand her over, and also not wanting to anger Negan.
He sucked in a breathe and transfered her over to Negan’s arms reluctantly.

“There, see.” Negan said sweetly as he held Judith up and bounced her in his arms. She calmed down and even giggled as Negan rocked her back and forth in his arms, “I think she fuckin’ remembers me.” He cooed.

“You could atleast not swear around her.” Carl said, annoyed.

Negan shot a look back at Carl, “Christ kid, she’s not old enough to even talk. She’d probably be better off if her first word was 'fuck’ anyway.” He looked down at Judith, “Isn’t that right?” He cooed again.

Judith giggled again, babbling back at him. A big smile came over Negan face as he kept looking at her, she reached up to try and grab a handful of his beard.
You could never help but smile when you watched him hold her, it seemed to be the only time he was ever completely sweet and non-intimidating.

Rick walked out onto the porch, his face went pale as he looked on in horror as he watched Negan holding his daughter.
His submissiveness seemed to have worn off at the sight, and he walked heavily down the steps with a dangerous look in his eyes as if he was seconds away from charging at Negan.

“Give her to me.” The twang in his voice getting more prominent now, his hand balled up into fists.

You knew he wouldn’t attack Negan while he had his own child in his hands, but you weren’t willing to risk any of it, and you quickly pulled your gun out, pointing it at him.
He slowed to a stop a few feet away from the both of you.

“Look, what your lookin’ for isn’t here. Daryl isn’t here. We do everything you want, give me my daughter.” Rick began to plead, his eyes starting well up with tears as he scowled at Negan.

Negan smiled and patted Judith on the back, “I fuckin’ know he’s not here, Rick. That’s pretty goddamn clear since we’ve searched the place from top to bottom.”

“Then just leave. Leave us alone until you come to collect your shit.” He snarled at Negan.

“That would be the fuckin’ thing you’d like, isn’t it? But there’s a goddamn problem there.” Negan said calmly.

“What problem?” Rick shook his head, throwing his arms out.

“Daryl being fuckin’ gone. Now, I’m not fuckin’ stupid, Rick. Maybe he’s not here at the moment, but he’ll show up sometime, if he hasn’t already, and when that happens, I have no fuckin’ doubt you’ll show up at my goddamn doorstep wanting to fight. If you fuckin’ did, that’s cool. We outnumber you pretty fuckin’ bad.” He sighed and shrugged his shoulder, “But I’d rather not waste my fuckin’ time on it, and to make fuckin’ sure you don’t come to my doorstep with your bullshit, I need to take out a fuckin’ insurance policy.” He gave Rick a wicked smile.

“Please.” Rick started to beg as he watched Negan.

“Too late for that shit. you know how you can fuckin’ fix it, give me Daryl.”

“I told you, I don’t-”

“You don’t fuckin’ know where he’s at.” Negan cut him off, “I tell you what, Rick. You work on fuckin’ finding him then, how about that.” Negan gave an evil smirk, “Until then, this little angel is gonna a have an amazing fuckin’ life at the sanctuary.”

Your eyes widened as you looked over to Negan, in shock at what he was saying.
It was something that you hadn’t even expected, your hands began to shake nervously as you held onto the gun.

“Negan..” You breathed fearfully.

He shifted his eyes to you, “Calm the hell down.”

“I’ll kill you. Both of you.” Carl stepped forward, looking at you and Negan.

“You’ve got some fuckin’ balls, kid, I mean it. But I’m not the one with the gun to my goddamn head.” Negan smirked as he turned to walk away.

You moved your gun to Carl, your hand still shaking at you gave him a sympathetic look as you backed away from the both of them, not letting your eyes leave from fear of them charging at you.

“Sorry.” You whispered.

You turned quickly and jogged in the direction Negan was heading to catch up with him.

“You can’t be serious, Negan.” You said in a skiddishly as you walked along side him quickly, looking back to see Rick and Carl following you in a panic.

“I’m very goddamn serious, darlin’. You really fuckin’ think they wouldn’t try to come after us? Doing this ensures we don’t have to deal with their bullshit version of revenge.” He huffed, making his way to the truck.

You adjusted Lucille on your shoulder, almost forgetting you were holding her, “Negan, this is his child. Besides, we have Eugene.”

“Having that mullet wearing motherfucker wouldn’t stop them either, babydoll. Just fuckin’ trust me.” He opened the door to the truck and climbed in, holding Judith close so she didn’t fall.
She began to get fussy again as things got tense again.

“You’re not gonna hurt her are you?” You asked nervously.

Negan rolled his eyes as he gave you an angered look, “Fuck, you think I’d do that? Hell no, I wouldn’t fuckin’ hurt her.”

You shook your head and wiped your eyes on your arm as sweat ran down your face. Partly from the heat, and from the amount of stress.
David didn’t speak as he walked up to you just as wide eyed, you nudged your head to the side, silently letting him know to get into the back.

Rick and Carl stood feet away, watching as you climbed into the truck next to Negan. You holster your gun once you were inside, and he handed Judith over to you.
She wrapped her arms around your neck and you rocked her on her knee, hoping to God she didn’t start screaming.
Negan leaned out the window, pointing to Rick.

“Remember what I fuckin’ said, Rick. If I find out you know where the fuck Daryl is, I can promise you it won’t play out half as fuckin’ well as it did for your boy when I brought him back here. Well fuckin’ be in touch soon.” He called out as the truck started.

As you drove off, you hung your head out of the window as Alexandria was left behind once again, and watched as you saw Rick dropping to his knees, a man whom was completely broken.



Moonless Night

Alright!  Updated version with some tweaks that I hope are more canon compliant with your AU lol.

Marinette Agreste loved her Papa.   He had a chilly personality and had been known to make an intern or two cry with his blunt criticisms.  Even she’d gotten a little teary when the famed fashion designer, Gabriel Agreste, had picked apart her own design with a practiced eye.  However, for all his coldness, he always dried her tears with examples of things she’d done well.  He would point out how well the colors went together.  How the ruffles she’d placed on a dress would accentuate the fullness of the skirt.  Where the fabric she’d chosen would best serve the outfit.  Always with a gentle tone and kiss to the top of her head.

Marinette loved her Papa but he’d changed over the last two years.  Drastically.

“Are you going to be home for my dance recital this time?” she asked.  Her father disappeared from the video call’s frame for a moment as he bent to make some sort of note on his paper.

“Sorry butterfly.  Milan is very busy this time of year and the coordinators are all idiots.  They need constant supervision.”

Marinette didn’t bother to cover her frown.  “That’s what you said last time… and the time before that!  Then you were in Tokyo for my last tennis tournament.  And New York when I competed at my last horse show.”

In fact, she’d fallen off at that horse show and broken her arm.  Her dad hadn’t even come home to see her after that.  He hadn’t even reacted when he’d come home.  Looked at her neon pink cast and then back at his business report.

“I’m very busy Marinette,” he replied calmly.  

She grit her teeth and yanked on one of her pigtails.  “What’s the point of making me do all these stupid activities if you’re not even going to come see me when I compete!”

The words exploded out of her mouth as soon as they crossed her mind.  No filter whatsoever.  Gabriel raised an eyebrow at her.  “I thought you enjoyed your hobbies.”

“No!  You enjoy them!  You suck up all my free time with them and you don’t even have the courtesy to show up to appreciate it.”

“I’m very busy,” he repeated.  Frustration burned through her like a fire.

“If Mama was here I know she’d be there.”

Gabriel looked up at her in utter shock, eyes blown wide underneath his glasses.  It was a low blow.  Marinette knew that.  However, she couldn’t bring herself to care.  She was just too angry to care at the moment.  Deep in her heart she knew that she’d regret it sooner rather than later.  Probably in about twenty minutes.  Right now though, her anger was as cold as her father’s usual icy personality.  He’d lost a lot of his warmth when her mother had disappeared.  If he couldn’t spare any of the warmth he had left in him then he could shoulder a few cold words from her at the moment.

“Marinette!” he growled sharply.  His shoulders rose like he was tensing up.

“I’ll let you go since you’re so terribly busy father.  Call me when you have a second or two to spare!” she snapped.  Marinette ended the video call before he had a chance to admonish her for her less than civil behavior.  

Her tablet hit the table with a hard smack before she followed it up bringing her head down a little too hard on the table beside it.   “Headpressing is a sign of serious neurological dysfunction in cats.”

“I’m not headpressing Plagg,” she mumbled.  Exhaustion rolled through her shoulders.  She heard Plagg give a heavy sigh.  Then he sunk on to the top of her head.  Something rough and prickly brushed against her scalp through her hairline.  “I don’t need a bath Plagg.”

“Not a bath.  Grooming and care.  You know this.  Now hush and let me do it.” His voice had a bit of a bite to it but in a strange way it reminded her of her dad when he dished out constructive criticism.  Marinette let her shoulders sag and let herself take comfort in Plagg’s action.

She pulled her head off the table and gingerly plucked Plagg from her head.  Marinette cradled him in her arms against her face.  His purrs rumbled deep from his tiny body as if he were a lot bigger than the length of her hand.   “Thanks Plagg.”

“No problem kitten.”

“I just don’t understand why Papa acts as though his entire family has disappeared.  I’m still here.”

Plagg shook his head.  “Don’t go down this road Marinette.  Not again.”

“Maybe he really didn’t want me.  Ouch!”  Marinette yelped as she pulled away from Plagg.  Two neat little red dots rose on side of her hand from where he’d bitten her.  She shook it out and glared at Plagg.  He glared right back at her with zero remorse.

“We both know that isn’t true.  Your stick in the mud old man might not be able to see what he has right in front of him through his grief but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love or want you anymore.  He needs time.”

I need his time!” Marinette hissed.  She crossed her arms over his chest.  “If he won’t notice me the normal way then I guess I need to resort to extreme means… again.”

She raised her silver ring into the air.  A smile spread across her lips.  A matching smile grew on Plagg’s.  “That’s my girl.  It’s hard to ignore someone that’s holding a shiny stone the size of the mayor’s head.  You do know that your partner’s kwami doesn’t approve of you right?”

“Sourire?” she asked.  “Yeah, but that clumsy bug himself doesn’t think too little of me not with his silly jokes and horrible puns.”

Plagg flew in close to her again.  He clung on to her fingers as he looked up at her.  “Any ideas for tonight’s heist?”  

“Remember how Chloe mentioned that rumor about Dior’s new jewelry line being premiered on the runway at Paris Fashion Week?” smirked Marinette.

“Oohh!  Go on…”

“According to Papa it isn’t just a rumor.  The newest line is being stored at their headquarters here in Paris.  Kept safe and sound until fashion week under lock and key.”

“And several armed guards?” asked Plagg, sounding hopeful.

Marinette nodded.  “Oh yes… in the ballpark of ten by the vault itself.”

“You sneaky girl.  You’ve already cased the joint haven’t you?”

She gave a shrug.  “I do a lot when you’re napping in the bottom of my bag.”

“Oh yes, Tikki would have a heart attack if she knew about this.  This is going to be fun!”

“That’s the idea.”

Well, that and getting back at her dad for practically ignoring her.  That felt pretty sweet.

“You are literally the ‘dating Catwoman’ cliche from that website your classmate likes to frequent,” Plagg told her with a gleeful expression.

Marinette blushed at the mention of Adrien Dupain-Cheng.  She scratched the back of her neck before shaking her head.  “Any plans on what you’re going to do with such a treasure?”

“I assume that once the police have exhausted all their leads and can’t find anything they’ll offer a reward.  I’m sure there’s at least one needy family that can stumble across a necklace with a diamond the size of the mayor’s head.  They’ll put that reward money to good use I’m sure.”

“You’re a such good girl at heart kitten.”

“I love you too Plagg,” Marinette giggled.  She held her hand up.  “Claws out!”

When the electricity cleared, Sans Lune stood in Marinette Agreste’s place.  She looked towards Paris’s darkening sky line.  It was supposed to be a moonless night tonight.  Perfect for a wayward cat to run off some frustration and play.

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this is not the complete list of all the GOT7 JB fansites out there but just the ones that seem active.

‘Drunk in Love’ E.D / PT.2

Requested: No

Warnings: Cursing, Drugs, and Probably Sex

Word Count: 1,381

Summary; Basically you’re a drug dealer and you’ll get the point if you keep reading.

A/N; This just randomly came to the top of my head and I’m flustered by it so don’t mind me

I paced back an forth in the living room, trying to process what happened last night. I think I met one of the members but all I know is that he has watched one of our drug deals before.

“Does anyone know anything about Ethan?” I mumbled crossing my arms.

“All I know is that he has a twin.” Kian shrugged his shoulders.

“Anyone have a picture?”

“They have an instagram.” Jc piped up, motioning for me to come over.

I walked over, leaning down to see the twins. They both looked ridiculously alike but luckily Ethan had longer hair. 

“We need to get close with them.” 

I walked over and grabbed my keys, sliding on a pair of my flip-flops.

“Kian, Jc, you two go sell some of our stash. Jack, Jack, and Sam, you three come with me.” 

I couldn’t let Jack go an sell my products again, he’d probably sell it for less once more. Sam swung open the door, holding it open for me and the Jack’s. I’ve always found Sam handsome but he finally found him a girl. Stassie was very beautiful, she comes to the house most nights, it gives me another girl to talk to. 

I grew up in a small town in North Carolina, where drugs were very popular in my county. Before I left, I never even smoked weed, I always helped my brother sell it but never smoked it. I didn’t have any reason to but now, since my life is basically wrapped around drugs, I guess you could say I’m becoming one of my old small town friends.

I let out a big sigh, opening up the driver’s door. I unlocked my phone, scanning over Ethan’s instagram.

“Looks like he has a warehouse with his brother.” I mumbled, leaning over to show Sam. 

“Since they don’t know that I’m in this group with you, I can message him on twitter asking if we could hang.” 

I nodded my head and watched as Sam messaged Ethan. 

“Okay, here’s the address.” I quickly put the address into the gps, backing out of our driveway. 

“What’re we going to do when we get there? He already knows you want information.” Jack J recalled. 

“Yes, I know, but I have to figure out something Jack. Maybe if we can get him and his brother to trust us, we can get into their league and get more money.”

“True, we do need more money.” Jack G replied, making me roll my eyes.

Of course we need money, dumbass back there sold our shit for less. 

“I’m going to hide behind y’all when we get there and listen, we’re almost there anyways.”

I pulled down an alleyway, parking my car a little ways from the warehouse. I asked Sam if that was the right one and he was sure that it was. I grabbed a blunt from my secret stash when the boys got out, inhaling the scent. 

I walked behind Sam with the Jack’s behind me. Sam turned down a corner, bringing us to the Warehouse. I peeked around an seen three cars there. 

“Wonder whose here.” Jack J mumbled behind me.

I shrugged my shoulders and waited behind Sam as he knocked on the door. 

“Yo, what’s up?!” I watched as Sam was pulled into a hug. 

Of course it had to be Ethan.

“Oh, you brought y/n? How nice.” Sam stepped out of the way, rubbing the back of his neck. 

“Yeah, she’s our leader. We have too.”

Ethan chuckled, pushing some of my hair behind my ear, making me gulp.

“Don’t do that.” I growled.

“Why not princess?” He smirked, noticing that the Jack’s were stepping closer.

“So, what brings you four to the Dolan Twin Warehouse?” his brother said.

“We just wanted to talk that’s all.” Sam said, giving his brother a hug too.

Ethan continued to stare at me. He knew what I was up to but it’s for the business. 

“Hey Grayson, let’s show them around.” 

Grayson pushed open the door, allowing us in. I followed behind Jack J with Ethan hot on my trail. 

“Can I show you something?” Ethan mumbled into my ear.

I just nodded my head, following behind Ethan. He took me up a flight of stairs, taking me into a room at the end of the hallway. He pushed the door open, revealing pounds and pounds of weed and coke. 

“Oh, so you two sell it all?” I mumbled crossing my arms.

“Oh, it’s not just us two. It’s us, Dom DeAngelis, Nate Garner, Jack Dail, and Aaron Carpenter.” 

I just nodded my head, still shocked that they sold coke. I didn’t trust my guys with coke, well, maybe Kian and Jc but not Sam, Jack and Jack.

“So, why did you come here with three of your guys?” Ethan asked, grabbing a blunt from the counter.

“I just needed to know what you all sold, that’s all.”

He laughed, sending goosebumps down my spine once again.

“No, that’s not what you came for babygirl. You obviously came for more, so please, speak up.”

I rolled my eyes, earning a low chuckle from him. “I came here wondering if my group could join yours.”

He grabbed my wrist, pulling me out of the room, dragging me into another room which seemed like a spare room. He grabbed a lighter and walked out to the balcony, motioning for me to follow. I slowly walked out, taking a seat down beside him.

“So,” He mumbled, lighting the blunt, taking a quick hit, “What made you decide to join our group?”

I shrugged my shoulders and peered out over the city.

“We just need more money. I think my group could help yours and your group could help mine. Plus, my group has youtubers in it and I’m pretty sure you have youtubers as well. Gives us more publicity for the people around us. You need me just as much as I need you.”

He flicked ashes over the railing, leaning back in his chair, rolling his eyes at me. “I can’t publically announce that i’m in a drug group. You know that right?”

“Yes, I fucking know that Ethan. All I’m saying is that some of the more famous people know about Kian and Jc which gets us noticed and when people see your group around mine more often, we’ll get new customers from y’all and then we’ll both get more money. Got it?”

“Babygirl, here’s the thing, I’m willing to do whatever but you got to promise me one thing.”

“And what’s that?”

“You have to give me sex anytime I ask for it.”

“What the fuck?! Hell no!” I stood up, sliding the door open.

“Then there’s no deal. babygirl.”

“My name isn’t babygirl. It’s y/n.” I glared at him, earning another smirk.

“Obviously you don’t want that money as much as you put out.” He raised an eyebrow at me, falling back onto the bed. 

“Of course I want the money.” I rolled my eyes at the extremely attractive boy sprawled out on the bed. 

“Then do as I say and no one will get hurt.” 

“You wouldn’t hurt my men anyways. All of my boys could kill your guys easily.” I growled. 

“Yeah, yeah, maybe the Jacks and Sam but not Kian and Jc. They just have loud mouths, nothing new to us.”

He was true. Kian and Jc were the best to getting people sucked into our deals. The Jacks and Sam normally kept me safe when we went on dangerous drug sells. They were basically my bodyguards.

“Fine, I’ll do whatever you want as long as you keep my boys safe.” 

Ethan sat up, raising an eyebrow at me.

“They’re big boys, I’m sure they won’t need protecting but you have your word, princess.”

I rolled my eyes, “Thanks.” 

Ethan stood up, wrapping his arm around my waist. My breath hitched in my throat. I didn’t think he would make a move this early but hell, his lips were so fucking plump.

Ethan left a kiss on my head, slowly sliding his hand down to my ass, giving it a squeeze making me whimper.

“Guess I know your weakness, babygirl. That’ll be good when we’re in bed.” 

Ethan pulled away, giving my ass a quick slap, leaving me there in shock. I looked in the mirror and saw a glow that I haven’t seen since I left North Carolina. I shook my head and followed his faint footsteps down to the rest of the boys. 

Okay, since this is officially a mini series, I will update as much as I can. I will probably update this before I write any of my requests but you can still request as much as you want! Thank you for requesting this mini series! xx


Redefining Normal

I’ve always thought that the Gryffindor boys’ discussion at their first Welcoming Feast should have raised alarm bells, so here we go. I’ve kept things canon-compliant/plausible where possible.

“Enter.” At Severus’s drawled permission the owner of the timid knock slips into the room, his orange hair bright in the dim light.

“Mr Weasley. And what pray tell brings a Gryffindor to the dungeons?”

The boy comes closer to stand nervously before his desk. After a moment of fidgeting Severus sees him take a deep breath, obviously gathering what little Gryffindor courage he possesses.

“Well, you see, I was going to go to Professor McGonagall, after all she is our Head of House, but I never see her in the dorms or common room, none of us do, and then I heard that you were the one to come to in these sort of situations, and, well, I need to know…” His babbling trails off as his courage fails beneath his professor’s scowl.

“Mr Weasley. Get to the point, or get out and stop wasting my time.” The threat seems to work.

“What’s the definition of abuse?” The first year blurts out the words, his face turning red to match his hair.

“Why, in Merlin’s name…” He looks at him strangely; why is a Gryffindor, a Weasley, asking him this question? The one topic that will cause him to put aside his snarky attitude and respond in all seriousness. His blood chills as a thought crosses his mind. Surely the boy can not be asking for himself? Surely he is not being asked to intervene in the family of red-headed terrors? He shakes his head and turns his attention back to the nervous child before him, he is getting ahead of himself.

“Very well, Mr Weasley. I will answer your question, but then I do expect you to tell me why you find it necessary to know. There are four main categories of abuse; physical, psychological or emotional, neglect, and sexual. The non-accidental infliction of injury or pain. Verbal assault, threats, intimidation, or emotional manipulation. The withholding or lack of provision of necessities both physical and emotional. Any sexual contact with a minor or without consent.”

The boy nods to himself and Severus marvels at the expression on his face. Gone is the earlier nervousness, instead he is serious, thoughtful, taking in his words and comparing them to some previous concept. His manner is completely different to what he has seen so far, and he waits to discover what has prompted the change. Blue eyes meet his and he suddenly finds himself wanting to look away. He doesn’t want to hear what he will say next; it is a Gryffindor problem, not his. Yet the boy’s expression says otherwise.

“Professor, I’ve got some new definitions for you. Neville, Seamus, Harry. Neville, Dean, Harry. Possibly Dean, probably Neville, definitely Harry. And, bloody hell, I hope not Harry.”

The teacher in him notes his language, but the rest is reeling. When he saw the direction the conversation was taking he knew it would be bad, but all of them? And Potter. Perfect Prince Potter. He is supposed to be pampered and arrogant like his father, not… this. His mind shies away from the thought but runs into another equally uncomfortable. If he never saw it in any of them – and even this early in the year, he should have – what else has he missed?

“How…?” For once, his mind is too incoherent for words, but the Weasley boy understands.

“The thing you have to remember, Professor, is that I grew up with five older brothers, including the twins; I know how to read people. Besides, we talk, in the dormitory; most of them don’t really understand that what happens is wrong.” His voice is hard and Severus has trouble remembering that he is just an eleven year old.

“Dean, you know, is a muggleborn. They didn’t know what was happening when his accidental magic started, his parents thought he was possessed or something, tried nearly everything they could think of to fix it. He hasn’t gone into a lot of detail, but I know that discovering it was magic really didn’t help anything. I think he almost had to run away to come here.” This is not a story Severus has heard often, working with his mostly pureblood Slytherins, but it is more common among those from other Houses. He makes a mental note; this is a situation that will need to be resolved before the summer holidays.

“Seamus had it slightly better, at least his mum knew about magic and was able to help him, a bit. Didn’t help with his Da though. He’s muggle; she couldn’t tell him about magic until after the wedding, he didn’t take it too well. Things sound like they’re pretty much fine as long as his Da can forget about it. It seems that he’s learnt how to feel his accidental magic building, and to hold it in it until he can release it again out of his Da’s sight. Unfortunately, the results then tend to be slightly explosive…” Severus nods, that would account for the boy’s tendency towards pyrotechnics, then. He tries hard to avoid focusing on the rest of the explanation; the child’s situation far too familiar for comfort.

“Neville, on the other hand, has the opposite problem. For years his family thought he was a Squib, and kept half-killing him to try and draw his magic out. When they finally did, it was by dropping him out of a tower window; they were more excited about the magic than they were about him surviving! Now, he’s still not really convinced he’s a proper wizard and is terrified of disappointing people and not living up to his father’s example.” He winces. Blasted Gryffindors. That… explains a lot about the boy. As frustratingly inept as the child can be, even he knows that approach can only have made things worse.

“As for Harry, I don’t even know where to start with those bloody muggle relatives of his. I mean, his bedroom up until a month ago was a cupboard; literally! From what I can tell, if you think human house elf working for a Death Eater family you get the idea. And the worst is, he seems to think he deserves it.” No. That is not Potter’s son, Lily’s son. It can’t be…

“Professor, those are my dorm mates. Four out of five. Think about it; that is the boys, of one year, of one House. What is wrong with the world?”

Severus feels his preconceptions crumbling around him. Thinking of the list of students from his own House, and those who have been uncovered in Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, for once he can only agree.

Sleep Without You

Requested: Can you do one based of the song sleep without you by brett young please?? o you’re amazing :)

a/n: I was stoked to see this request because this song was one of the songs I listened to so much over this past summer so I pretty much know it inside and out. I know that the song is from the guy’s point of view, I normally write it from the girls point of view, so I just did that, but it still follows the song.



I’m on my way home You text Shawn as soon as you get into the cab with your three best friends. You had all gone out for a girl’s night, no boyfriends allowed. Shawn was fine with that, which is one of the things you love about him. Some of the other girl’s boyfriends questioned why they weren’t allowed to come, asking them if they were going to be flirting with other boys, but that thought never crossed Shawn’s mind, and he didn’t even ask anything about that. He wanted you to be able to spend time with just your girl friends. He stayed home. Brian had come over to play video games and hang out, but he had gone home a couple hours ago, so Shawn’s been home alone since then. You only knew because you had texted Shawn an hour ago, knowing it was already pretty late. You told him you would be out a little longer and that he should just go to bed. He told you that he probably wouldn’t and to text him when you were on your way home.

When you stumble into the house about forty minutes later, maybe a little drunk, you make your way straight to the bedroom. The bedroom light is still on and you can’t say you’re surprised. Shawn had left the kitchen light on for you and the door unlocked too. No matter how many times you’ve told him to lock the door, he won’t if he knows you’re coming home. But yet, if you leave the door unlocked waiting for him, he freaks out saying that it’s dangerous.

When you enter the bedroom, the clock on the wall signals that it’s nearly two am. You had a lot of fun, these girls nights don’t come around too often. You half expect Shawn to be asleep, even though you know that the light and the tv are both on, but when you enter the room you see that Shawn’s still awake. He’s shirtless in your bed, but he doesn’t look like he’s slept at all yet. “What are you doing up?” You ask him as you stand in the doorway.

“You’re home,” He says, a lazy smile on his face, “I couldn’t sleep without you.” He tells you. And you immediately enter the room, taking off your heels, and sliding out of your dress to pull on one of Shawn’s t-shirts. After brushing your teeth and removing your makeup, you turn off the lights and then crawl into Shawn’s waiting arms. “How was your night?” He asks.

“It was fun.” You tell him, “It was nice to be with just girls, as much as I love you hanging out with us, it was nice to have no boyfriends there.”

“Yeah, I know baby, I’m glad that you got to spend time with just them.” He says, puling you even closer to himself.

“Yeah,” You remark, closing your eyes. Before you even have a chance to finish thinking and winding down, before you have a chance to say goodnight to Shawn, he’s already snoring next to you and you just chuckle, knowing he only stayed up because he was waiting for you to get home.

anonymous asked:

Have you heard about the svt issues about the rumors spreading that svt said that carats are money makers? I know it's not true... Has pledis heard of this? 😢😢😢😢😭 I'm so sadddd

Hello! As a carat to another carat, let me ask you this: Do you genuinely think Seventeen have ever done anything, anything at all, that would make you think, Hey, I don’t think they’re treating us very well? Because I don’t think that has ever crossed my mind. Which should give you some peace of mind about our boys and their attitude towards carats. 

Seventeen love us a hell lot. They worked hard, to the point of Wonwoo’s health suffering, last year just so they could give us one full length album, a repackaged album, an extended play, an entire tour, went on multiple shows, constantly did vapps, multiple fansigns and concerts. Just for us. They’ve told us time and time again that they always put us first. They’re willing to share their music, talent, time and thoughts with us and they work hard to always show us the best sides of themselves. They’re a group of boys who are crazy passionate about their job, and have prioritised being an idol, loving their fans and being a Seventeen member on top of their personal lives. As idols, they have also been taught how to handle themselves in public, in front of a camera, how to interact with fans, etc. Do you really think they would say something as careless as that? Even if they did think it, which I really highly doubt, they would be smarter than to actually say it aloud. They’ve come this far, it’d be pure stupidity to voice careless thoughts like that (WHICH I DOUBT THEY’D EVER SAY OR THINK). So LOL good one, antis, stop trying to find a fault with Seventeen because I promise you really wouldn’t be able to find anything for now. 

In case you’re still upset, I ask you to remember that one time during their Going Seventeen showcase when Seokmin cried because he was so grateful for Carats’ love. I ask you to remember when during a vapp, they asked us not to believe weird rumours and trust them. I ask you to remember their countless sleepless nights, practicing the same choreography hundreds of times, putting their work before their health. I ask you to remember how much Seventeen love us. So please don’t worry too much! Don’t let baseless accusations ruin the image the boys have built for almost two years of debut. Don’t let negative false rumours shake your faith in Seventeen. 

Pledis has seen the rumours, and they have addressed it here, and a translation of it can be found here. In case you heard dumb rumours about svt throwing fan letters away, please read this. I have no idea what else is circulating, but please please remember how genuine our boys are. Let’s have faith and put our trust in them because so far, they’ve never done anything to disappoint us or break our trust. 

I hope you feel better after reading this ♡

I loved him
God I really did
I still do
And probably always will
He is burned in my mind and soul
But he always kept me at a distance
No matter how close we got
He would confide in me
Telling me all of his secrets
But always keeping me on the
back burner
Because if he didn’t cross that line
with me
Then I would always be there for him
It wouldn’t be messed up to the point where we couldn’t go back
So he would choose girls over me
And it broke my heart
Time after time
I just wanted him to choose me
Just one fucking time
To put me first for once
But he never would
Not until it was too late
So I’m the one who had to put the distance between us
No matter how much it killed me
to do so
But I couldn’t be his emotional fall back
Not anymore
—  Chapters from my life || melindacarolinee

anonymous asked:

Request: RFA+V+Saeran reacting to a heartbroken MC when she delivers the news that she's infertile and can't have children after they have spent MONTHS trying to have a baby. She's so heartbroken that she tries to convince her s/o to leave her.

being infertile, i think, isn’t a tragedy or something to be sad/depressed over unless it’s dangerous to someone’s health or something. idk if i’m being insensitive by stating that. but i just wanna put my opinion out there: a woman being infertile isn’t a travesty. but, let’s get to the reaction prompt!


  • after both of you graduated university, engaged, and settled in, he brought up the idea of kids, albeit awkwardly and adorably
  • so you tried at it. this goes on for an entire year, but no cigar
  • you decided to make an appointment to get some medical advice 
  • a couple of weeks later, the doctor reports you’re infertile
  • you weren’t sure how to react at first. sad? heartbroken? it wasn’t a big deal, you suppose - the rational part of you knew you and yoosung can find other alternatives. but a tiny part of you was scared - scared maybe yoosung might be - disappointed?
  • but you needed to get a hold of yourself! yoosung wasn’t that type of guy to give anybody shit for being infertile
  • you tell him the news, and yoosung’s first concern was if you were infertile because you were hurt or sick. you reassure him quickly, of course, that isn’t the case
  • he wasn’t even initially disappointed, saddened, or upset from this news. what mattered to him in that moment was you
  • see, this is why you were engaged to the cinnamon roll in the first place
  • you two don’t let the news of infertility slow you down, and move on to the option of adoption


  • the first time he brings up kids around you, you go a little quiet. there’s a troubling look on your face, and zen can immediately sense the change of aura from you
  • “babe, what’s wrong?” he questions, putting a hand on your knee
  • you halfway meet his gaze
  • “i don’t think we can do that.” you murmur, hiding behind your hair. he brushes some strands behind your ear, and looks at you. he didn’t need to say anything, not really. he’s here and prepared to listen, even if it takes all night
  • fiddling your fingers, you explain, “when i was younger, i had to get pelvic surgery. and it left, uhm. scar tissues in the fallopian tubes - hope i pronounced that right. so i can’t have kids.” you felt like you had to explain this a dozen times. you hated how your family members talked in secret amongst each other, as if your condition were a disease
  • zen wouldn’t be like that…right?
  • he gives you a huge hug
  • “I’m sorry,” he whispers
  • you kinda pull back and say sharply, “don’t say that. that’s just the way it is.” you shrug, not all that bothered. “look zen, i hope you’re not going to treat me any differently after this. cuz in all honestly, me being infertile isn’t traumatic or anything. life goes on as it is.”
  • zen gives you an apology kiss, assuring there are other options
  • “yes,” you say thoughtfully. a smile stretches on your lip. “we can adopt a cat. won’t that be adorable?”


  • i don’t think jaehee would be into the whole process of baby-making
  • asexual!jaehee for the win, fight me on this
  • if kids ever cross her mind, she’d be the one to suggest adoption 
  • so really, if you happen to be infertile, there won’t be an issue between you two; or you needing to bring up the issue at all
  • you two go crazy with adoption though, adopting mostly older kids, kids w/disabilities, kids from unwanted families 
  • my bad for jaehee’s part being so short, but in all honesty even if she does find out, she won’t make a big deal out of it. hell,  it won’t even matter in the first place

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Still Worried

After the movie known as “Justice League vs. Teen Titans”(I personally call it “Teen Titans vs. Trigon ft. The Justice League), I began to ship Damirae/Demonbirds (Damian Wayne x Raven). I was so in love with the ship that I made the first ever Damirae fanfiction ever on Wattpad (maybe even on the Internet, considering I wrote it the day after JLvsTT came out). After Judas Contract was confirmed, I became scared that the writers would chicken out and give us BBRae (no offense to BBRae shippers, but I was afraid it would be completely out of left field after so much Damirae we got in the previous movie). But my worries were for naught, as we got even more Damirae (SHE GAVE HIM TITUS GUYS).

But now we’re getting another Teen Titans animated movie, that’s a given, though I’m not sure what the name of it is yet (feel free to tell me). And I’m getting similar feelings I had when Judas Contract was confirmed. Even after all of this Damirae proof, I’m still scared that the writers will chicken out and give us BBRae. Again, no offense to BBRae shippers, but at this point, canon BBRae in the animated movies would be completely out of nowhere.

Basic storytelling points to Damirae, but thanks to shows like "The Flash” and “Bleach” have me getting doubts. The writing points in the direction of one ship, only for the writers to completely switch course and go to another ship. I do not have good luck when it comes to ships on most occasions.

So, all in all, crossing my fingers for more Damirae, but my hopes are not all the way up.

Deny It

Originally posted by marvelgifs

Sam Wilson x Reader

My entry for @bionic-buckyb ’s 5k au challenge!

Every Friday night, you would watch a movie. Usually you’d go to the movie theatre and pick between horror and romance- horror always won out- with Sam. However, this week he was on a mission, so you had to go by yourself.

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Connected Hearts (G.D.)

Hello my little muffins! I had a dream the other night and the wonderful @scuteedolans gave me the courage to write and post this! Im sorry if this sucks but i’m tryin real hard lol its a whole whopping 1,383 words and its based in a bagel shop because i work in a bagel shop and its easy for me to write about hahaha but let me know what you think!


I headed toward the front of the bagel shop, carrying four tubs of bulk cream cheese. The containers were full and very heavy, but I knew if I balanced things just right I’d make it to the line just in time. I hauled the tubs up on to the counter and started pulling off the lids. I felt someone nudge my arm and I turned to see one of my best friends, Ethan, grinning down at me. “What’s shakin’, bup?” he asked. “Really? ‘What’s shakin’ ‘ E? Are you 80 years old?” I said with a giggle. “What?! I’m trying to keep our banter fresh and exciting!” Ethan said with a dorky smile. His smile faltered a bit when he saw my boyfriend coming up to the front of the store. Me, Ethan, and my boyfriend Jason, all worked together at the bagel shop, and while Ethan was one of my oldest and dearest friends, he and Jason did NOT get along. Ethan tried to be his friend and made an effort to be nice to Jason, but because Jason was our manager and also very territorial, he immediately disliked Ethan. And he liked Ethan’s twin brother, Grayson, even less. “Hey man! How’s your day goin?” Ethan asked, attempting to make polite conversation, bless his precious heart. Jason just glared at him and then said “It could be better.” Jason continued walking passed us and into his office to probably do some “paperwork”. And by paperwork, I mean texting other girls. He’s an awful person and he treats me terribly and honestly, I don’t know why I’m still with him. Things used to be good between us. We used to have fun and we used to be happy, but now I wake up next to him and feel nothing. I have more fun with the twins than I’ve ever had with Jason. Today it was the same thing again. I woke up, I somehow irritated him (probably just from breathing), and the subsequent car ride to work together was awkward and uncomfortable.

All of a sudden the sound of shouting filled the bagel shop and I looked up to see a group of Jason’s friends. I sighed and Ethan looked up to see what had me so distressed. At the sight of Jason’s friends, he groaned and said “Why do they always come in packs?! Please, Y/N explain this to me.” I chuckled and shook my head because I had no answer for him. Jason’s friends strolled up to the counter to order and as soon as they did, one of them snapped in my face and proceeded to laugh. “Hey Y/N, is Jason here? We’d rather talk to him than you and your faggot friend here.” One of them said. Ethan raised his voice to a rather high pitch and adopted an effeminate tone and said “Sure thing babe, I’ll go get him for ya right this very second, sugar.” Ethan walked towards the office, adding a little sway of his hips that made me giggle. I clapped my hand over my mouth and tried to suppress a full-body laugh. Jason emerged from his office, Ethan trailing behind him making silly faces causing me to giggle yet again. Jason glared at me when he heard me laughing and responded with “What the fuck are you laughing about? Don’t you have something to clean? Go.” Jason turned to talk with his wild pack of friends and I could feel myself getting more and more angry. I spun around to carry the dirty metal pans into the kitchen. I could see Ethan typing wildly on his phone, ignoring the situation. I started walking to the kitchen and my shoe caught on a broken tile and the tower of metal pans in my hands went crashing loudly to the floor. Everyone went quiet and stared at me, judging my clumsiness. I could feel my cheeks heating up and I just knew my face was red. I felt a hand on my arm, helping me up and I knew it was Ethan. “Thanks E.” I whispered. Suddenly, Jason’s voice boomed through the restaurant. “WHAT THE FUCK Y/N?! WHY CAN’T YOU EVER DO WHAT I ASK?! YOU’RE SO FUCKING STUPID!” he screamed, his friends snickering behind him. Before I knew it, I was up in his face and the words were exploding out of me. “YA KNOW WHAT JASON? I CAN’T FUCKING STAND YOU. I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN ABLE TO LOOK AT YOU WITHOUT GAGGING FOR THE LAST 3 MONTHS. YOU ARE REPULSIVE AND LOUD AND ANNOYING AND SO FUCKING SELFISH THAT I FEEL GUILTY FOR HAVING MY OWN THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS.” At this point Jason was staring at me in complete shock and I was just so angry I just couldn’t stop screaming. “WE AREN’T GOOD TOGETHER AND WE HAVENT BEEN FOR A LONG FUCKING TIME. YOU’RE ALWAYS SO MEAN TO ME AND I HAVE TO CALL ONE OF THE TWINS TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER. SO YA KNOW WHAT?” I inhaled deeply, held my breath, and exhaled slowly before whispering “I’m done.” “What the fuck did you just say to me?” Jason hissed. “ I said I’m fucking done. We are OVER. Get your shit out of my apartment and get the hell out of my life.” I spat back at him. Ethan put his hand on my back and said “C’mon Y/n.” “Oh one last thing Jason. I QUIT. So have fun covering my Saturday closing shift, asshole!” I grinned at him over my shoulder and waved goodbye. “I’ll call ya later bup, okay?” Ethan said quietly. I nodded and made my way to the back of the store. I could hear Jason’s “Have fun walking home bitch! We took my car here today!” in the distance but I couldn’t care less. I felt weightless and free for the first time in a long time. I hung my apron up and slung my bag over my shoulder. I shoved the door open and the sun hit my face as I smiled. I heard someone clear their throat and I opened my eyes. When my eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight and I could see again, my face split into a grin because standing before me was the one and only Grayson Dolan, leaning all strong and handsome with his arms crossed over his chest against his big pick-up truck. “Gray how do you always know when I need you the most?” I asked. “Our hearts are connected, don’t you know that by now?” he said with a grin. I crossed my arms and smirked back at him, raising an eyebrow. “Alright, Ethan texted me and told me what that jerk-off was doing to you. You know I have half a mind to walk in there and knock him the fuck out, right?” Grayson said, pointing at the door. “Yeah Gray, I know.” I said smiling down at my feet. I could feel the tears pricking at my eyes, threatening to spill over. The watery image of two shoes became four, as Grayson stepped forward into my space. He put two fingers under my chin and lifted my head to look me in the eyes. I sniffled and he wiped a stray tear from my cheek. “Stop it sweetheart. Don’t cry. You know I don’t like seein’ you cry.” He said smiling softly. “I know Gray. Our hearts are connected, remember?” I whispered back. “That they are sweetheart, that they are.” Grayson said quietly. We locked eyes for a few moments and I could feel the electricity between us. “Grayson, I need you.” I whispered. “I know. I always know.” Was all he said before he gently pressed his lips to mine. He pulled back and searched my face for any kind of sign that what just happened wasn’t okay. I smiled and said “Now I know why Jason never liked you.” Grayson held a hand over his heart and gasped in mock surprise. “What?! Jason doesn’t like me?! Well I never!” I threw my head back and laughed loudly and unashamed. “C’mon babe, lets go for a ride.” He said, pulling me towards his truck. For the first time in along time, I could say I was truly happy. It felt so damn good.

Keep What Remains, Part III [Gladiolus Amicitia/Reader]

“What do you think about holding onto something when you’ve lost everything else?”

Remember how Gladio mentioned getting a girlfriend during all those years of darkness? Here’s how that happened. Spoilers up to Chapter 13 of the game, so proceed with caution!

Part I | Part II

D’you think something can mean everything and nothing at the same time?

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To all the BABYz out there

Shame on us, shame on our fandom.
Sorry, I won’t sugarcoat any of this.

A few hours ago GOT7 got their first win on The Show with Never Ever. And I want to be glad for them and I can’t. I’m bitter. I’m sad. I’m ashamed. It’s not GOT7′s fault, it’s not iGOT7′s fault either for getting their group a win (or more, because I think it’s obvious they’ll be getting all of the wins for a while). It’s not B.A.P’s fault either for not winning. It’s ours. That’s what we’re supposed to do for them. And it’s not like we can’t, we can somehow support a world tour but not get them a win? No way.
The members have said multiple times that they don’t care about wins and prizes. That’s not true. Wins is not the reason they’re making music, but it IS what will allow them to keep making it. No one can deny how satisfactory it is to be aknowledged for your work, and that’s what wins will do for them. But it’s not only that, it will also open up more doors for them in the music industry. How can that not be important?
A lot of peope will say that we need money to get them wins on some shows, that the system is unfair, that other fandoms are bigger etc. But, guys, we have gotten them wins in the past. And I’m not just talking about the 3 wins that they got for 1004, they won one for each comeback since the hiatus (excluding That’s My Jam since they didn’t promote it on music shows and Wake Me Up that they’re still promoting). And theoritically, they’re supposed to have more fans with each comeback, so how did this happen? And it’s not a money issue, there are things we can do to support them without paying if we can’t afford to. But how many of us actually voted on M Countdown, how many of us streamed the MV, how many of us watched their performances on official channels, how many of us posted on twitter using hashtags to give them points? If you think about it, we shouldn’t even have to stream that much, 1 million views on the MV should be a child’s play for such a big fandom. But it took us one month (!!!) to reach 1 million views on Skydive’s MV on TS’ channel and 4 days or so for Wake Me Up. Views aren’t everything, you’ll say. No, they’re not. But they are important because the most viewed MVs are the ones that pop up as suggestions. TS might not be doing a good job at promoting them, but we’re not the ones to talk either, are we? 200.000 fans that attended the world tour, if only those watched the MV 5 times each the million would be right there. As a friend pointed out to me, more than 700.000 followers on V App, assuming some of them are double accounts etc, half a million are the real ones I say, can’t we all just watch the MV twice? And that’s just a small thing, I won’t even start on voting etc.
Do I really have to say more? If they call us a lazy fandom we get angry, but where is the lie? How many of us are actually active? I’m not even reffering to those that spend hours on a daily basis streaming and posting and doing search attacks on naver etc, those are a handful. How many of us actually follow B.A.P’s work? Because that’s all we have to do. It’s so damn easy for us to promote them and support them properly, but we’re just not doing it. Why?

I have no idea if there’s any cohesion in what I just wrote, I have no idea if any of it makes sense, I have no idea if I was offensive or rude to anyone. I’m just sad and I wanna cry. I have a test in a few hours and I am so sad I can’t even focus on that. But I want to say one more thing. I was so disappointed that even the thought of leaving the fandom for a while crossed my mind. But what good would that do? I am in this fandom because I sincerely believe that the B.A.P are amazing artists, all of them. So I won’t give up. Wake Me Up is probably their best work so far, even if we don’t manage to get them a win, it’s still a piece of art that should reach more people. I’ll keep streaming at least, I’ll also vote even if I don’t think there are much we can achieve at this point. So I ask of you to do the same. Remember what Himchan said on One Fine Day? That it’d be nice if we could slowly move forward? (or sth like that, I don’t remember the exact quote) Let’s do that then. It would certainly be nice if we did more, but since we’re not, please, at least don’t give up. Let’s help them and support them one step at a time.
I’m sorry if I offended anyone. To those of you that worked your asses off this entire time, thank you. Please don’t give up. I won’t either.


Genre: Angst

Characters: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1596

A/N: I don’t even know where this came from, but I still hope you all like it~

- Admin Snow

Our Masterlist

 “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.”

He made me feel special.

“You make me so happy. I hope I make you even happier.”

His words were always so sweet.

“There isn’t a moment in my life that I don’t think about you.”

I wanted to believe everything he said to me.

I want you here next to me. I want to hold you in my arms forever.”

I needed to believe everything he said to me.

“I miss you.”

Because they made me happy.

“I love you.”

Unfortunately, there were times he wouldn’t even remember our conversations.

“I love you too.” I hung up the phone and watched as the bright numbers 3:41 glared back at me. I waited until my phone screen went black on its own before letting my head fall back on to the pillow. There was no point in trying to fall back asleep now, I never could after his late-night calls.

Getting up, I dropped my phone on to the bed sheets silently wishing that it’d get lost in the folds of the fabric for good. That device only caused pain at this point anyway, I didn’t want it anywhere near me.

As soon as the thought crossed my mind, an ugly voice in my head reminded me that if it were to ring once more I’d immediately turn back around and frantically search for it without a moment’s hesitation. The realization made me sick.

The kitchen’s tiled floor was cold against my bare feet as I treaded across towards the cabinet that held all the glasses. I lifted myself on tiptoes to grasp my fingers around one and tried my best to be as quiet as possible when closing the door, remembering that the hinges tended to whine when falling back in place. I didn’t want to wake my roommate by accident and have to give an explanation as to why I was up so late.

As I walked over to the sink I began thinking back to his phone call, all his phone calls and his texts. Phone calls that came with beautiful slurred words and texts that consisted of so many misprints that at times it was hard to make any sense of. But I loved them. I loved them so much that I hated myself.

I knew that he didn’t mean it. I knew that all his words were influenced by alcohol. If I did mean anything to him he would still call me in the morning. He would ask me to spend time with him and respond to my messages, but he didn’t. At least not when he was sober.

Our relationship was long over, he had broken it off months ago. He claimed that he had found someone better, someone that could love him better than I ever could. His words cut deep, especially because I had never loved someone as much as I had loved him. As much as I still love him.

So when the calls had begun, I clung on to the small bit of hope that we could make this work. I swore to myself that I would make this work.

I would try to justify his drinking.

He’s out with his friends, why wouldn’t he drink? He’s probably tired and just wanted a few beers to relax. There’s nothing wrong with drinking every now and then, or every day. He is old enough to know what he’s doing. He calls me late at night because he isn’t able to find the time to do it during the day. He hasn’t messaged me back because he’s probably busy. I’m so fucking selfish and needy, no wonder he left me in the first place. His life doesn’t revolve around me. I need to give him his space. I’ll just wait and be here for him when he needs me. He loves me. I know he does.

Lost in my thoughts, I hadn’t realized that I had slowly loosened my grip on the glass. The sound of it shattering was what brought me back to reality.

Vision blurry, I looked down at the mess. I quickly began picking up as many pieces I could. Pain shooting up from the tips of my fingers as I felt the glass slice my skin. I winced at the feeling but I ignored it. Droplets of red began coating the glass in my hand and parts of the tile, but that was the furthest thing in my mind in that moment.

“Y/N?” I didn’t look up at the voice and continued my actions, hoping that he’d leave if I didn’t acknowledge his presence. “Oh my god! Y/N! Stop!”

Next thing I know he is holding on to my arms, pulling me up. He shakes the glass in my hands out of my weak grasp and carefully places his arms under my legs and brings me into his arms and away from the mess of glass around me.

“Taehyung, pu-put me down. I-I need to clean it up.” He didn’t say a word. Instead, he pushed the door of our shared bathroom open and set me down on the counter. He stepped away from me and knelt under the sink to reach for the first aid kit. Glancing down at my hands, I realized that the amount of blood that coated my hands did look alarming, but it didn’t hurt anymore so it mustn’t be as bad as it looked.

“Tae, I’m okay. It’s just a few cuts.” He stood back up and made his way in front of me. “I can clean them up on my own.” But he ignored my words and forcefully pulled my hands away from my lap where I held them tightly together, not caring that it stained my oversized t-shirt in red. He reached behind me to run the water to wet the gauze he held, and gently, he began cleaning my cuts.

“Why were you crying?” His tone was dark, voice deeper than the norm. I was hesitant in answering. I knew that he would be mad if I told him that I was crying over my ex, again.

“No reason.” He set the red tainted gauze aside, done with cleaning the majority of the blood.

“He called you again, didn’t he?” I’m sure that my silence was enough of an answer for him.

He took a deep breath and continued his work on my cuts. I had been right, the amount of blood exaggerated the actual magnitude of the situation. There were many cuts but all were shallow and small, and for the most part, had already stopped bleeding. The deepest wound being the one on the tip of my forefinger.

After he finished disinfecting and bandaging up the worst of them, I thanked him softly. I began moving forward to stand up but Taehyung stopped me. He placed a hand on either side of my thighs, effectively trapping me. I looked at him in surprise, not being used to him being so close.

He faced down at my lap, his blonde hair tickling my chin. Slowly, he bought his brown eyes to meet my own, his gaze giving off a mixture of determination and sadness.

“You need to stop this.” He started softly. “This is unhealthy and I’m worried about you.”

“Taehyung, I don’t nee–”

“No, you don’t get it Y/N. Look, I know he broke your heart, I know he cheated on you, and I know you still have feelings for him, but you have to realize that he doesn’t really love you.” His tone was cold and harsh. The first time he had caught me crying I had told him to mind his own business. This didn’t involve him and I didn’t care what he had to say.

“No, you’re wrong, he does love me. He told me he does!” I fight back. “You don’t know shit!”

“He’s lying! That sick son of a bitch is just using you, and I’m tired of just letting all this happen!” His words rang in my head. He is just using you.

“Get away from me!” Even though it strained against my wounds, I tried pushing against his shoulders, but he didn’t budge.

“No, not until you fucking admit that you know that he doesn’t love you!” His voice boomed, echoing in the small bathroom. He doesn’t love you.

He is just using you.

“He does love me!”

He doesn’t love you.

“Stop being so delusional!” He grasped my shoulders, forcing me to look at him. “Admit it!”

“No!” I scream back, fighting my tears and the voice in my head that screamed that he was right. Taehyung was right.


I broke down, all the tears and emotions I tried so hard to hide came out in to the open. All the pain and heart break exposed for him to see. It was like I was reliving all the emotions from the first time and I couldn’t control it. I felt so vulnerable.

I let myself fall into his chest, hiding away from his saddened eyes. My whole body was shaking with my sobs, lungs gasping for air, and my hands grasping for him, for his help, for his comfort, for anything.

“I love him, Taehyung. I love him so much.” He fell silent for a few seconds, but slowly, he let his grasp on my shoulders go and reached around me and enclosed me in his arms, pulling me close.

“I know, Y/N.” He held on to me tighter. “I know.”

anonymous asked:

I am just here to say that I love your fanfiction "A Little Change"! It is one of the best fanfictions I've read about Trolls. Keep it up! I love the chemistry between Poppy and Branch! They are just too adorable. Also, I've seen how Poppy would act when she dates Branch, but; how you think Branch would act now that he is dating Poppy? What is he thinking.

Aww thank you! I’m doing my best to keep it up. Okay, this is a long one. Not that it needs to be this long, I just ramble a lot.

Keep reading

curvingfuckerysince94  asked:

I'm super excited for the game to be finished, but aren't you all the least bit worried that people will kinda lose interest because of how long the wait has been so far? I get why the waits been so long but has that crossed any of your minds?

Hey there, 

We’ve already addressed this in the past, and I usually would have answered you in private, but with our surges of new followers recently, it may be best for us to re-address this very frequently asked concern.

There are 3 points you guys need to keep in mind when it comes to the waiting time in general:

  • The average video games takes up to 3 years to produce. And that’s with a team full-time working professionals. We’ve already stated in our FAQ that Sweet Elite would take up to 3 years to fully complete…But, it hasn’t even been a year and a half since we started development and we are already around 60% done with the demo. You guys may feel like it’s taking a long time to produce, but when you look at the big picture, no. It’s not. 
  • Our team is NOT a full-time working professional team. We average around 22 years old, most of us are full-time students or full time workers or both. We work on Sweet Elite like we would work on a part-time job, which already takes up time to begin with. We have lives, loved ones and personal obligations to attend to. We really do try our best, but you cannot expect us to reach the standards of time of actual professionals. 
  • For every person that loses interest, there are many more that gain interest. It might surprise you, but we have been steadily growing since we have started development. We gain followers everyday and very rarely lose them. Even if a big part of our followers are “inactive” in the sense that they don’t like and reblog everything they do, they do react to our more important updates. 

We definitely understand why a lot of people have heard of us and have decided to be on “standby” until we release the demo. They don’t want to participate until they know exactly what they’re getting into, and that’s totally fine and understandable!

While starting the project, I have done my best to plan all of the variables that would be related to Sweet Elite’s success. The estimated completion time of the game was one of the top 5 factors I’ve considered. It’s one of the most basic things they teach you in business school since a project’s timeline is related to its marketing and success (it’s also very basic common sense). So yes, of course it has crossed my mind. It has been on our minds since the very beginning of this project.

That’s the point of us being so active on social media, posting regular updates and interacting with the fans is to help them wait. We understand how frustrating the wait can be, that’s the whole point of us being here and answering your questions, like I am now. We want to release the demo with you guys having a good image of Sweet Elite in your heads, despite the wait.

And it’s working too! You just have to research the metrics. We have no real reason of being worried of losing people. Again, we have been steadily growing, Sweet Elite fan blogs on Tumblr have been surging, fanart and fanfics are appearing non-stop on our dashboards (<3) our other social media accounts are gaining attention and we’ve estimated that around 15% of our current followers are actively following our updates…which is pretty big for an otome game. 

We are very optimistic not just because of our personal feelings, but because we know that we, rationally, have a good chance of succeeding. The overwhelming support we receive daily really motivates us to work faster too!

If you have any concerns about the game’s development, please feel free to contact me. 

Serena, Project Manager

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