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It Happened One Night

Summary: You and Bill have been best friends since you were 6, and you’ve been secretly in love with him for just as long. On the night of his bachelor party, you finally confess how you feel. 

Words: 3961 (I am so, so sorry)

Paring: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: Bad language. Angst. Fluffy fluff. Some intense kissing. Disgusting declarations of love. Obnoxiously cute flashbacks. Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anything. 

Requested by the awesome @mirachowder. I loved writing this. “It Happened One Night” might actually be my favorite thing I have ever written. I worked really hard on this and I hope you like it. Side note, almost all the locations in the fic are real and located in around Los Angeles; just fyi. 

Past events are italicized

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H&L - Taehyung

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Hate and Love - Taehyung - One Shot - Requested by the lovely @bright-amber-lights 💜 

Pairing; Taehyung x reader

Genre; Angst(but a light angst)

word count; 4.025

“When is Taehyung coming home?” You looked at your friend and shrugged because who knew? Officially he would be done with his schedule in August but as BigHit kept adding dates to their online schedule, you really didn’t know. “I really don’t know, he is going to call me when he arrives.”

“Wait you don’t call every night?”

“We usually text, it’s a bit hard as he is always busy.”

“Yeah okay but still don’t you think it’s weird?”

“Not really.” You looked up seeing her al annoyed and you couldn’t help but smile. “Why are you so concerned about it anyway?”

“What, I’m not concerned, I just think he should check in with you more often.”

“Yah, you’re making it sound like I’m a little kid.”

“Do you want me to call him right now?”

“Look all I’m saying is that you should hold on to him a bit more.”

“Okay, I will, can we just drop it now?” she seemed really agitated and you couldn’t help but wonder why she was like this. You were just not asking her right now because it would only make her angrier. “Let’s get something to drink.” you linked your arm with her and together you walked into the Starbucks.  “So tell me how are things between you and Bo Gum?” they hadn’t been dating that long and but it had been great to go on double dates, as he was the best friend of Taehyung but the look on her face said it.

“I’m not really sure.”

“How come?”

“I really don’t want to talk about it.” that shut you right up, the thing was you weren’t sure why but you just had a bad feeling as she kept beating around the bus. “Are you sure..” You couldn’t even finish the sentence as her eyes suddenly lit up. You expected Bo Gum but instead, you met Taehyung’s eyes but they weren’t looking at you but at your best friend. You got up and blocked their view, this way Taehyung had to look at you. The second he saw you, he looked surprised which got replaced by guilt and that’s when you knew why she had been talking to you like that because she wanted him for herself. “Oppa, you’re already back.” you ignored your best friend and quickly walked towards Taehyung and hugged him. He did hug you back but there was no love.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” he then locked eyes with you and you realized there was no love in them, they were cold when he looked at you. “We need to talk.” you turned to your friend was wringing her hands nervously and your heart started to beat real fast. “Come.” he grabbed your arm and pulled you with him, he didn’t stop until you reached the inside of his dorm. He first checked if the other guys weren’t around and when he was done, he pulled you to his room.

“Maybe you should sit down.” You shook your head and folded your arms across your chest, waiting for him to explain what the hell was happening. “Suit yourself. Look there is no other way around but I think we should break up.” you blinked a few times because it didn’t make sense, why did he suddenly want to break up?


“Because I don’t love you anymore.” Well, that said enough and you appreciated his honesty but god the pain you were feeling inside wasn’t lying. “Since when?”

“Since I fell in love with someone else.” that was a slap in the face because you suddenly knew who that other person was. “You’re kidding me right?”

“I’m not and seeing your face tells me you know who I love now.” You never thought Taehyung was this cruel but he was literally stomping on your heart. You saw it earlier but the loving, weird Taehyung was gone, in front of you stood a cold guy who could barely look at you and you know you were crying by now but it seemed like he really didn’t care. “When did this happen?” you were whispering by now.

“It happened when she came to see us on tour in America.” She never once told you that she went to the concert and you felt stabbed in the back by her because she must’ve planned this but the concerning part was that Taehyung thought she was actually interested in him, while she was just going after his fame and money as she was trying to get into different companies and BigHit was one of them. This was also the reason why you never asked her along on events because she would do anything to get into big companies. It seemed like Taehyung fell for it though.

“Did something happen between the two of you?” he stayed quiet and looked away whilst biting his lip, which meant he was nervous and it confirmed your question because why else would he act nervous. “Did you only kiss or.”

“We spend the night together.” you just nodded and turned around when he suddenly grabbed your arm with much more force than you expected and you actually yelped as he dug his fingers into your arm. “Where are you going?”

“Let go of me Kim Taehyung.”

“First tell me where you’re going.” his voice was even lower than normal and it scared you as he had never used a tone like that. “I’m going home, where else would I go.” he pulled you closer and as he studied your face you tried to stop crying but the tears kept falling. “You should stop the crying because I know everything.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know you were just going out with me because of my fame.” your mouth almost dropped the floor because he was seriously accusing you of being a golddigger. “Why would you even think that?” You were hiccuping by now as you were shocked to the core. “She told me and as you two are best friends, she wouldn’t lie.” this made you snort because it was exactly something she would do especially when she wanted something for herself but you never thought she would steal your boyfriend. “You are despicable, please never show your face in front of me again.” he literally pushed you out the door making you stumble to the ground, you knew instantly that you had scrapped your knee but as Taehyung walked out he did not once look at you. This was the last time you saw Taehyung for at least two years.

Two years later..

You were reading the script you just received and couldn’t help but wonder who the male lead would be, you were thinking about Lee Jong Suk as he just returned from the army or Kang Ha Neul, he would be awesome as well or Yoon Shi Yoon, you would definitely not complain about that one, when the door of the room suddenly opened. You immediately looked up and it was as if the world froze because there was none other than Kim Taehyung, he looked around and was being polite to everyone when his eyes fell on you, the didn’t turn cold though it was more like he was indifferent which couldn’t be said of you, you were just feeling some kind of rage. How dare he walk in here acting as if he was nice and what was he doing in the acting world, shouldn’t he be singing or making photos. He took a seat next to you which told you all you needed to know, this guy was going to play your love interest.

“Hi.” you looked up from reading your script when you heard his deep voice and you couldn’t help but cock up your eyebrow because of his tone. He was sounding friendly as if he hadn’t cheated on you. You rolled your eyes and turned back to the page you were reading. The director thought we were just shy so when he noticed us he chuckled. “Taehyung why don’t you start.” he gestured at him when he sat down and as he read the lines, you fell in on your part, which wasn’t easy but luckily your character wasn’t really nice to him and you never knew that acting could be this easy and apparently the director liked it as well because at a certain point he was laughing and you felt good about yourself. After this, you immediately had to take promotional pictures, which was going to be an issue because you had to look in love for a few shots and well that was going to be the hardest thing ever.

“Y/n?” you looked up to see Taehyung standing behind you. “What?”

“I’m sorry.” You locked eyes with him but when he saw the coldness in yours he sighed. “You really hate me do you?”

“I don’t hate anyone but I definitely don’t like you.” you smiled a fake smile and focused back on the script in front of you. “You know that we have to shoot romantic scenes right?”

“Of course I know Taehyung but I’m a professional actress so it shouldn’t be a problem for me.” he nodded and as he walked away you were scolding yourself, as your heart betrayed you, you still had feelings for him and him being even more handsome then he was two years ago, well that was not fair. The photoshoot was done quickly and even though you really didn’t want to be in Taehyung’s pictures you had to admit it looked good.  “Do you two know each other?” Suddenly the director asked and both of you looked mortified about this. You really didn’t want to answer him but Taehyung scraped his throat. “She was my first love.” you almost choked when he said that because there was no way you were his first love and if it was true why did he cheat in the first place. “What about you?”’

“Me, oh well I was in love with him yes.” You said truthfully. You didn;t dare to look at Taehyung because you didn’t want to see his mock, you felt pathetic by admitting this but the director clapped happily in his hands. “I thought I spotted that, there is tension between the two of you.” You rolled your eyes because that tension wasn’t romantic at all, at least not for you. “Can I leave now, I need to do some things.” you were trying to get away. Knowing you would see Taehyung every day for at least three months.

“You can don’t be too late tomorrow.” you nodded and bowed before you almost ran out of the building, you didn’t come far as Taehyung was right behind you and as he grabbed your wrist you yelped because he got stronger. You pulled your wrist out of his hand and looked at him angrily. “Don’t touch me Kim Taehyung.” you sneered at him and this surprised him.

“Since when are you this cold?”

“Since you cheated on me.” you knew this was below the belt, as he recently broke up with that awful person, you read it somewhere and that was literally the best day in your damn life. “It has been two years by now, shouldn’t you let it go by now?”

“I have let it go, does this mean I wasn’t really happy when I read the news you broke up with her then I can’t lie because I laughed when I read it. So tell me who cheated?” He narrowed his eyes and reached out to grab your wrist again but this time you weren’t going to give him the chance as you swiftly took a big step back. “Well, who was the one? It was you wasn’t it?” you snorted happily with yourself for acting like this even though you knew it was petty, you just couldn’t help it.

“She did.” that’s when you lost it. “Ha, that’s karma right there. How does it feel? Does it feel awful, does it feel like betrayal?” you took a step in his direction and was actually right on his face. You could tell he wasn’t happy about this. “Don’t you think you’re acting a bit harsh?” By now you were almost peeing your pants because this was way too funny. You could tell he was trying to keep it together, as you were in the street, where everyone could see you, so this actually turned out really well for you. “Harsh? I don’t think so, it’s just funny and satisfying, so if you’ll excuse me now.” you bowed mockingly and turned around “See you tomorrow.” you threw in his way before getting in your car. You couldn’t help but feel ten times better after this. It felt like you had taken your anger out on him without getting angry. This was going to be fun.

The next day filming started and when Taehyung past you, he didn’t say a word but he looked like hell. He must’ve been up all night, at least that’s how he looked like and again it lifted your spirit. Today you didn’t have any romantic scenes, only funny scenes, in which you made his life miserable and again you two didn;t really needed to act and the director was loving it so much that we were done quite early. “Are you sure you are not dating right now?”

“Believe me, we’re not.”

“You wouldn’t say because your chemistry is really good and because we are done early, I like to shoot one of the first romantic scenes.” You weren’t prepared for this though but there was no way you could say no to the director so when you heard Taehyung chuckle, you felt the urge to hit him, which you did when you walked past him. You just hit him at the back of his head. “YAH!.” you smiled sweetly at him before disappearing in your trailer, where makeup was waiting for you. It was the first kiss scene, which had to be a bit rough as you met in a bar and got drunk. You knew this was just acting but the second he grabbed you by your waist you were completely thrown off and you messed up. “Cut!.” You quickly moved away from Taehyung and when you locked eyes with him, he was actually smirking, as if he was confirming something. “I’m sorry.”

“Are you ready to try it again.” You took a deep breath and counted till ten in your head, whilst reminding yourself that you were an actress and that this was nothing to you. “Yes, let’s try it again.” you smiled and as the scene started again, you held your breath when Taehyung grabbed your waist again and pushed you against the wall. He put his hand in your hair and pulled you closer and before he kissed you he told you he loved you and that’s when his mouth was on your and even though this was just a staged kiss, it felt like something exploded inside of you, something you hadn’t felt in a long time and the fact that this was Taehyung’s doing, made it even worse. You kissed for what felt like hours when he pulled back slightly, he had to hover a bit before pulling back completely and as he was looking you in eyes, you felt your heart go absolutely crazy and that’s when he did the smile you loved so much. If this was real you would have thrown yourself on him but you couldn’t and as he finally pulled back, you had to act to be in shock as he walked away. “CUT, that was perfect!” the director yelled and you felt the blush on your face. You just really wanted to go home by now because this had thoroughly messed you up.

“So can we go home now,” you asked and the director chuckled at this. “Let’s call it a day, tomorrow we will have a long day, so please get some rest.” you thanked everyone and quickly went home. This was how your shooting days went, you always ended up doing some kind of romantic scene and a number of times you had to kiss Taehyung, well you couldn’t count it on one hand anymore or on two hands. It also didn’t help that he was being nice all the time. He acted like the old Taehyung and even though you tried to resist him, he was slowly winning you over and he knew this all too well. You first discovered this turn in events when you were just chatting about your life with him. It went all so easy that you even looked forward to seeing him.

You were done shooting again when you heard a knock on your trailer. “Y/n, would you like to grab something to eat?” Taehyung stuck his head through the door opening and waited for you to answer him but you were hesitating even though you thought of him as a friend again, you still kept your distance, what if something happened and you let it drop? “I don’t know about that.”

“I know why you’re hesitating but I promise I will behave.” You thought about it for a few second when you nodded slowly. “Okay. do you want to go now?”

“Ah yes, if you don’t mind.” you looked at your outfit and wondered why you didn’t bring something nices than sweats and a sweater but then again why would you care about this, it was only Taehyung. “Okay let’s go.” you grabbed your coat and followed Taehyung but when he stopped in front of the karaoke place you always went to when you were still dating, you stopped. “Why are we here?”

“I really need to talk to you and we always communicated the best when we were here or at our place but since we don’t live together I thought this was the  best place.”

“I really don’t think.”

“I know but I need to talk to you.” you looked at him and for the first time ever you saw him nervous so you stepped inside and greeted the Ahjumma behind the desk. “We would like a karaoke room for two hours.” you smiled friendly at her and she quickly gave you the room number. Taehyung ordered food and drinks, you noticed he ordered Soju and you cocked your eyebrow because he normally wouldn’t drink so you couldn’t help but wonder why he did now but you didn’t say anything.

You sat down and started a playlist with peaceful songs, knowing you weren’t going to sing anyway. He sat down and as you waited for the food to arrive you just scrolled through your phone when there was a knock on the door. “Thank you.” you looked up when Taehyung put the food in front of you. You were happy about the tteok bok ki because it was your favorite night snack. “You still like Tteokbokki right?”

“I do.” you smiled at him and put another one in your mouth. “So what do you want to talk about?”

“I want to explain myself.” you sighed and sat back with your eyes closed. “I really don’t want to talk about it Tae.”

“I understand but I want you to know the real reason.”

“What, was it because you didn’t love me anymore, or was it because I wasn’t attractive or was it because we had too much distance or was it because she was just so damn beautiful that you forgot you had a faithful girlfriend waiting for you to come home?” You could clearly see that he felt really sorry but this wasn’t the time to sympathize.

“I loved you to death and it’s not an excuse but I missed you so much that when I saw her, I couldn’t help but miss you even more and that’s when I started to drink, which she took advantage off and I know it’s not an excuse because I messed up but after that night, I tried to forget it but she was always in my face and she even pretended to be pregnant and that’s why I broke up with you.” You must look like you saw a ghost. Because he grabbed your hands to make you look at him again, you blinked a few times and took a shaky breath. “So it’s not because you didn’t love me?” he moved his hands to your face to make you look at him and as he shook his head, you felt like killing your ex-best friend for doing something like that to you.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I just felt so ashamed and I really wanted to do the right thing.” you nodded slowly and moved away from him. “You better be telling the truth Taehyung.”

“I am and I know I have been with her for two years but I just couldn’t leave her as she always threatened me to hurt you or herself.”

“That’s ridiculous, she’s not strong enough to even touch me in any way.” his eyes were moist from holding back tears. He must really feel bad about this but if he had been honest with you from the start then you wouldn’t be in this mess. You really hated him with all you had and for you to let him in again even if it was only as a friend, was a lot. It took a lot of effort to lower that wall slightly.  “You don’t know what I went through after you broke up with me like that Taehyung.”

“I know I don’t and I know I haven’t been talking nicely about you on shows but I hated myself so much for doing that to you. I realized how much I missed you when I saw you in that room the first day, it was like someone hit me but it shocked me when I saw how cold you had become, the sparks in your eyes were gone and you even tensed up when I sat down next to you. That really messed me up and from that moment on I thought of ways to bring the sparks back but that really wasn’t easy.”

“I really hated you Taehyung and I even thought about dropping the drama.”

“Really? Was it that bad?”

“It was but now I actually like working with you.” you felt a bit better after he told you how he felt but you still tried to keep him at a distance but you knew that it wouldn’t take much to break down the wall. “You do?”

“I do.”

“When we had that first kiss, did you?”

“I did but that doesn’t say.” you didn’t get the chance to finish your sentence as he suddenly moved too close. You could back up anymore as you were in the corner already. “Taehyung,” you whispered as he moved his face closer. He stopped and looked at you but you could tell he didn’t care by now and to be honest you did feel the need to taste him again. “I know I’m moving fast but I just need to kiss you.” you nodded and without any hesitation, he kissed you. It felt like it always had and you were cursing at him for wasting all that time. You sat like this for a while when he pulled back. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t.”

“It’s fine.” you smiled as you touched his face for the first time without a script and as he leaned into the palm of your hand you knew he had kicked through that wall and you knew this was probably so naive of you but who cares wight?

“Are you sure, I mean I don’t want to take.” you silenced him with your mouth as you kissed him again. “Can’t we just start over?” you smiled and moved your head and tried to put as much as the distance between the two of you. You stretched out your hand slightly, which he took hesitantly.

“Hi, I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.”

ok just listen

so in iron man the first (it sounds so dramatic that way i love it) rhodey gets hammered on a plane and while the air stewardesses are dancing provocatively he’s just like “Tony is a good man. Did u see that boy? What a good boy.” and now all i can imagine is the avengers frantically getting rhodey drunk so they can hear the entire story behind tony, not just the He Was Doing a Thing and It Turned Out Hilarious story. 

Rhodey will wax poetic on Tony’s facial hair. He’ll cry as he tells you the story of the time Tony went grocery shopping and bought six bouquets of flowers because he could. (”His mom liked roses, but fuck roses man,” Rhodey would say. “Daisies were cool as shit.” “Oh my god, stop,” Tony would moan and groan. The Avengers cracked up.) 

Or they get Rhodey to tell them the story of Dum-E, which was sadder than anticipated. “Don’t cry,” Rhodey tells Steve, trying to pat his shoulder and missing entirely, instead patting his abs. “Dum-E still doesn’t know how to spell the word ‘crayon.’ I think Tony coded something wrong, but I’m too lazy to fix it.” this is how they learn that Rhodey???? he’s on par. He can follow along with Tony, but most of the time he’s just too lazy to. If he really wanted to, Rhodey could build an Iron Man suit. He just doesn’t want to, and complains that it would take too much effort. 

Tony turns bright red when Rhodey mentions that Tony will blush at any genuine flirtation or compliment. This leads to many positive statements, and Tony nearly cries when Sam Wilson shows up and learns this, because Sam Wilson is the Suavest Man Alive. (True story.) 

Rhodey tells them a lot of things, most of them being true. (”Guys, I didn’t steal a dinosaur bone from the Natural History museum,” Tony argues. “I swear to god I would’ve just bought it. Rhodey tends to think he’s funny when he’s drunk off his ass.” “To be fair, he tried to tell Bucky that he looked like an angry seagull and ended up just saying ‘angery gullsea,’” Sam says. “Best moment ever.”) Bucky is not pleased with this, because he doesn’t look like an angry seagull. 

“Yeah, you look more like an angry badger,” Sharon teases. 

“Sharon, you look like a naked mole rat.” 

“Oh shut up. Rhodey, tell them the story about Tony’s rollerskates idea.” 

So then, they get to hear about how Tony went through this phase where he went to the roller rink every Saturday of junior year in college. At first, Rhodey thought it was because of one of the employees. (”Like, I don’t swing towards his type of dude, but man that dude was cute,” Rhodey says with a sigh. “Boom! That’s how he looked like.” Everyone refrains from laughing.) 

“No, but that wasn’t it,” Rhodey continues. “It wasn’t because of Cute Roller Dude. Honestly, he was pretty irrelevant.” 

“Rhodey, shut up,” Tony groans. “They don’t wanna hear this.” 

“I have pictures,” Sharon says. “Aunt Peggy and Jarvis wrote letters back and forth.” 

“What the fuck?” Tony responds. “WHy do you keep them?” 

“Blackmail purposes,” Sharon answers with a shrug. “I was planning on blackmailing you into girl scout cookies if you didn’t buy them.” 

“Okay, so glad I didn’t hang out with you until Peggy introduced us, next. Rhodey, don’t.” 

“Tony, man, I love you. Guys, Tony is great!” Rhodey cheers. (He frequently says that Tony is great A Lot. Like, so many times. At least thirteen times an hour when he’s drunk.) “But Imma tell the story about the time you made roller skate rocket boots.” 

The Avengers hear about the story. Tony shows them the prototype. “For a while, they were gonna go on a suit,” Tony admits. 

“Why do you trust yourself to have fashion taste?” Clint whispers. 

“Because I don’t wear deep v-neck purple t-shirts,” Tony retorts. “Come sugarbear, off to bed before you tell anymore stories.” 

“They haven’t heard about how you almost married me!” Rhodey protests. “Guys, guys, guys. This great man, i love you Tony, this great man almost married me. He had to take this improvisational theater class, and he nearly married me because the priest was legit. I’m so glad he didn’t. Now I get to brag about my best friend, because bragging about your husband isn’t as cool.” 

“Is that the only reason you haven’t considered, you know, dating Tony?” Sam asks. 

“Nah,” Rhodey says. “Goodnight.” Tony grins. 

“He fell in love with this awesome pilot he knew in the service. Her name was Carol, and he’s a nerd about her. She doesn’t visit often. She’s in space or something right now.” 

“No fair,” Rhodey pouts. “Now I get to tell them about your cookie fiasco!” 

“NO!” Tony yells, frantically dragging Rhodey to the elevator. 

“So, Tony–i love my friend so much–Tony can’t bake for shit–” 

“We’re LEAVING!” Tony yells, the elevator door closing. They hear a muffled scream and a thud. 

Male Mc: Mystic Messenger Third Day Casual Route: Yoosung Call+ Yoosung and Male MC Play LOLOL + 19:42

**NOTE** 17:56 + 23:00 are combined in the Yoosung and Male MC LOLOL chat. 
**NOTE PT 2** I’m sorry I couldn’t get everyone in the LOLOL chat. Maybe there will be more shoutouts next time ;) 

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Before Zack could even reply back he received a phone call from Yoosung. “Too excited eh?”

“Yeah! I can’t wait!”

“Good.” Zack smiled. Ugh! He just had to ask. “D-did you read the chats from early this morning?”

“Hmm? Yeah I read them…O-oh..”

Dammit. Zack rubbed his temples and sighed. He shouldn’t have brought it up. “R-right um I-“

“Heh heh…”


“Well I was a bit embarrassed yesterday, but heh, well thanks for saying that.”

Zack didn’t even know what to say. You’re welcome for me wanting to date you? Oh sure whenever you’re feeling lonely just hit me up? Yeah right. Like he’d ever say that. “Yup.” Was all he managed to say. “Anyways, LOLOL.”


“What’s wrong?”

“I wanted to say thank you…for what you said to ZEN and Jaehee. When I don’t play games life get’s to hard for me to handle. Thank you for understanding me.”

Zack smiled. “Sure.”

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Just Be Careful

“They’ve started to gather.” Joe comments, letting the curtain fall back into place as he steps away from the window. I look up from my suitcase, trying to figure out how I’m going to fit everything.

“How did they find us?!”

“Your fans are crazy, love.” He chuckles, falling onto the bed.

“Not as crazy as yours.”


“Shush, and help me pack.” I frown, glancing back down at the suitcase. “I have too much stuff.”

“I’m fairly sure I said those exact words to you before we came on tour, Y/N.” Joe rolls his eyes, but makes no move to help.

“I don’t recall such words being said.”

“Sure you don’t.”

“Just help me, please?”

“Can’t hear you, too busy sleeping!”

“Joe!” I grab the pillow closest to me and throw it at him, giggling as it smacks him in the face. “We have to be out of here in less than an hour, help me!”

“Throwing pillow’s doesn’t make me want to help more!” He laughs, finally sitting up. “If anything, it just starts stuff.”

“Like what…”

“Pillow fights.” Joe smirks before swinging the pillow.

An hour later, the two of us finally leave our hotel room, although the cleaners are probably going to be unhappy with us and the feathers we ended up leaving everywhere.

When we stop in the lobby to check out, I glance out the front door and wince at the amount of fans that have gathered.

“How many do you reckon are out there?” I mumble to Joe, waving as they notice us there.

“Double from what I saw an hour ago.”

“Awesome. And what time is our flight?”

“You’ve got time to see them, no worries.” He reassures me, dropping a kiss on my forehead.

“Are you going to just wait in here, or come out as well?” I lift my head to look up at him.

“I think I’m going to just stay in here. Fairly sure they just want to see you today.”

“They love you too, you know that.”

“But they love you more.” He smiles, leaning down to kiss me on the lips quickly, and we both laugh as the fans go crazy. “Just,” He glances towards the excited crowd before meeting my eyes again, “Be careful.”

“It was a one time thing, Joe.” I roll my eyes.

“And it can happen again, Y/N!” He huffs.

The memory of a fan wanting to get just a little too close at one impromptu meet up flashes through my head, and I can’t help but nod in agreement.

“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” I smile before I turn and head towards the door and the waiting mass of people.

For the most part, the crowd is good. They remain calm and patient, and I do my best to talk to everyone, but then they start to get antsy, and begin to crowd in a little more.

I can feel a small burst of anxiety bubble in my chest, but I do my best to push it back and focus on getting through the people. Reassuring myself that there is staff, and Joe, ready to help me if need be, I keep smiling.

But the crowd only continues to grow, and in the back of my head I know that we do have to head for the airport soon, which only adds to my anxiety, worrying that we might end up being late.

I glance around the crowd, trying to find a break so I can check in with Joe, just needing to see him to calm myself, but all I can see is the faces of the fans, all calling out to me. I can feel myself growing frantic, and I reach up on to my toes, attempting to see over the crowd. I can see a glimpse of Joe, but he’s turned away, talking with someone else just inside, and then the crowd shifts again and he’s gone. I take a few more pictures before lifting onto my toes again, and this time, Joe turns his head to look at me. The smile on his face disappears as he reads the silent message I’m sending him, and the next thing I know he’s out the door and heading for me.

“Sorry everyone!” He calls out, and the crowd parts suddenly, in awe that the Joe Sugg has joined them. “But we have to get going. Plane to catch. So I’m going to have to steal away Y/N.” He smiles sweetly at the fans, and they swoon at it. I can feel his hand slip into mine, our fingers lacing together and I instantly feel myself calm a little.

“I’m sorry!” I shrug, letting him pull me towards the car that is waiting for us. Our stuff is already loaded up, and while the crowd follows us, they don’t get too close as we climb in. When the door shuts, muffling the chatter from the fans, I slump against Joe’s side, closing my eyes.

The car pulls away, and neither of us speak, but he runs his fingers up and down my arm to calm me.

It isn’t until we’re a couple of blocks away from the hotel that he finally speaks up.

“You alright?”

“Mmm, I think so.” I mumble.

“I really don’t like you doing uncontrolled meet ups…”

“It was fine, Joe.”

“You looked terrified, Y/N.”

“They just got too excited.” I sigh, lifting my head off his shoulder to look at him. “But I knew you were right there.”

“And what about the next time it happens and I’m not there?” There’s a hard look in Joe’s eyes, and I realize its fear. Fear of what could happen to me, fear of him not being able to help me.

“I guess we just have to make sure you’re always there.”


“No, Joe. It’ll be fine. You need to not worry so much.” I lean over, kissing him softly. “Because you will always be there. Whether in person, or just a phone call away, you are there.”

“I just want you to be safe.” He mumbles.

“And I will be. I told you I would be.”

“Guess I’ll just have to be there all the time to ensure that you are.” Joe finally smiles, and I smile back before I settle back against him, resting my head on his shoulder.

“I’m going to get sick of you, aren’t I?”


Boyfriend YUTA

•So you were visiting your mom

•and you were lost

•you always lived in America

•You lived there for four year lmaoo

•Anyways you were walking around trying to find your moms house

•and you saw street performers

•You took a closer look

•and a boy was there dancing

•he caught your attention

•because his dancing was so on point

•and he was cute

•when he stopped dancing you

•were the only one clapping

•He looked up as he smiled and bow

•"Wow that was awesome"

•Lost af

•Then you try to say it in korean


•He thinks youre cute

•"Are you from America?“

•You nodded


•"Do you know where __________ is?”

•"Yeah, i would take you there but i am busy at the moment, and my manager wont let me"

•You nodded

•I understand

•You bowed as you held up your fist


•so then you found the place

•Your mom suggested to go to the night market

•You loved everything about South Korea

•Sooo you asked your mom if you could come


•and she agreed

•Soo you went with you mom

•you were ordering fish cakes

•"Can i get one too? I’ll pay"

•You turned around to find the guy from earlier

•"You dont-“

•"Yuta! It’s so nice to see you again.”

•"Mom you know him?“

•"Of course I taught him Korean”

•"I’m Japanese"


•"Yuta if it’s not too much of a burden, could you please show my daughter Around Seoul tomorrow? I have to help Winwin tomorrow"



•"Y/n you dont Mind right?”

•You shook your head as Yuta smiled

•Yuta had a healing smile

•it was just so beautiful

•"Well Y/n i’ll pick you up tomorrow, we are going to explore seoul!“

•Okay so you couldnt sleep

•like you were so nervous

•because this cute

•Handsome guy

•was your touring Guide

•So many questions

•anyways you met up with him at this Agency

•And you waited outside for 30 minutes

•"ah he ditched me-”


•You looked at the black car as the window rolled down

•Get it.

•"Yuta why are we in a ca-“

•"It’s because of Dispatch and Fangirls?”

•"Dispatch and fangir-“

“I’m and idol”

•You were shook af

• so the tour went great

•you and yuta had fun

•but then something happened

•Dispatched somehow got pictures of the

•two of you

•and here come the scandals

•opening your Computer all you see is

•You and yuta eating in the car


•And your house phone started to ring

•"Y/n! Did you see the news”


•You dropped the phone as the bell rang

•Yuta came in questioning you

•"why- i - what is going on?”

•so he explains

•It was awkward

•but then you got comfortable with

•each other

•He introduced you with his friends

•and ofc the idiots had to be saying stuff like

•"Oh you hit the Jackpot” or “Damnnn son”


•Because the idi- boys always steal your


•Like one time The Dream team wanted to get

•Ice cream with you

•and Yuta got jealous liek “NO ITS JUST THE


•And Winwin tagged along

•which made everyone come along

•And Ten always wanted you to help him

•With Dancing.

•Nct took all the chances they had to flirt with you

•and YUTA didn’t have it

•so one day he dragged you out

•and slammed you on the wall

•"You think this is a game?“

•you had never seen this side of Yuta before

•"Im tired of seeing you with them”

•"but they are my frien-“

•"and i’m your boyfriend”


•He kissed you

•you didn’t pull away

•and this ended up into a make out session

•So you both started to date

•And everyone got out of Yuta’s way because

•he is scary

•specially to Jaehyun



•Yuta loves skin ship

•Specially around his Hyungs

•because he knows he has you

•and he brags about it

•Yuta is a Ninja

•He can tell when a boy talked to you

•bitch tf

•Yuta only does aegyo to you

•and his smile

•he calls it “When i see Y/n smile”

•Which makes everyone cringe

•Yuta is a Yandere





•Yuta calm tf down.

•Yuta is calm at times

•like he is innocent and pure

•BUt thEN


•Yuta loves to spoil you and protect you

•You call him Prince

•Because thats what he looks like

•and he calls you his Everything


•Y/n one day i will travel around the world

•and then he walks around you


•"You are my world”


•Yuta is the boyfriend we see in Dramas

•Someone we wish we could have

•And thats what you have


Seventeen’s reaction to you taking their sweaters.


“(Y/N), have you seen my sweater” He’d ask you and he would look everywhere for it, not noticing that you have it on and when he finally looks at you, he’d smile and hug you.”Why are you taking my sweaters?” He would ask you but he’d let you wear them.


He’d notice right away that you were wearing his sweater, and he’d see most of his sweaters were missing too.”(Y/N), Do you like my sweaters that much?! You could have just asked for them~” He would take millions of pictures of you so he can show off to the rest of the members.


“Ah, you look really good in my sweater~” He would compliment you as soon as he saw you.”My sweaters are pretty awesome, right? You can use them if you want, I don’t mind.”


Jun would take 130128038208017 photos of you, send them to everyone he knows, set them as his phone wallpaper and make you wear his sweaters all the time.


Hoshi would compliment you and he’d let you use his sweaters, he would just watch you wear his sweaters for the entire day  and he would die inside.


Wonwoo would be surprised when he’d see you wearing his sweaters and he’d ask you why you were wearing them.”Do you like them?” He’d ask you and when you would say yes, he’d go out to buy you more sweaters.


When he’d notice you stealing all his sweaters, he’d say he doesn’t mind and that you could wear them if you wanted to, and he’d purposely buy more sweaters for you so he could see you wearing them.


Seokmin would tell you that you look adorable in his sweaters and that if you wanted more, he’d buy them for you. He would even ask you if you wanted couple sweaters.


Mingyu would love it if you wore his sweaters and he would die from your cuteness but, later on he’d annoy you and say stuff like,”(Y/N), do you like my sweaters more than you like me?! Is there something you aren’t telling me??” And you’d just be like Mingyu calm down, it’s just a sweater.


Minghao would get so happy when he’d see you with his sweaters, he’d smile and giggle and tell you that you look very cute. And that if you wanted to use more of his sweaters, you could.


“Why are you taking all of my sweaters?! Stop and give them back to me!” He would chase you until you’d give up.


Hansol would be surprised, but he’d tell you that you look very good, and that you should wear more of his sweaters if you wanted~


Channie would ask you why you were taking all of his sweaters, and he’d say it’s ok as long as you share them with him! But he’d tell you that you look cute.

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5SOS Preference : He Holds The New Baby

Luke: “Am i even holding him right?” he asked looking around the room hoping that someone would answer his question since you were asleep. “Please someone tell me if i’m holding him right, i don’t want to be holding him wrong my first time holding him and i don’t want to wake (YN) up. She just went through over a days worth of labor, am i doing this right?” he was in a full surge of panic and finally his mom put her hand on his right shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “Luke, honey, you’re doing just fine. You’re cradling his head, supporting his body, he’s not slipping, you’re doing a fine job. Relax, okay?” He nodded. “This is going to take some getting used to.” His mom laughed just as you cracked your eyes open after hearing the laughter. “It always does, but don’t you worry Luke, you’re going to be a natural i’m sure of it.” He smiled. “You really think so?” “If she doesn’t, i do.” you whisper and he smiles at you. “Thank you so much. For everything, you just had our baby boy!” You couldn’t help but smile at seeing him so happy being a new father. “You’re welcome, Luke, i’d do it again in a heartbeat too.”

Calum: “Is she supposed to be screaming like this?” you ask the nurses as you bounce her gently in your arms in your bed as you wait for Calum to come back from the bathroom. You were quickly losing your mind. “Baby girl, please stop crying, i don’t like seeing you cry. You just got here, there’s no need to cry, mommy’s holding you and mommy loves you so much!” You used your spare hand to wipe a tear away as you smiled down at her. “Your daddy loves you too, do you already miss your daddy? Want him to hold you? He’ll be back in a minute. Just a few hours old and already you’re a mega daddy’s girl huh?” “Who’s a daddy’s girl?” Calum said with a grin as he exited the bathroom and carefully took the pink screaming bundle from your tired arms and placing her in his own, singing softly to her. You closed your eyes and started to relax as Calum sang to his baby girl. “She loves it when you hold her, she doesn’t cry that way.” You say and Calum chuckles. “Having a daddy’s girl really does have it’s perks huh?”

Michael: He watched as the nurses cleaned up his newborn daughter, making sure they didn’t hurt her. The nurses had no problem of him being right there, he was a new daddy and wanted to make sure no harm was coming to his prized creation. “Is she okay?” you call out from your bed and he steals a glance at you over his shoulder. “She’s perfect. Ten fingers, ten toes. My lips, your eyes, a perfect mixture. Is it alright for me to hold her?” he asked the nurse closest to him, his eyes begging them to let them hold his prized baby. They nodded and finished wrapping her up in a blanket and placed her in his arms and he slowly walked over to you, almost as slow as a penguin. When he finally sat on the bed next to you, you moved the hat from the top of her head and smiled. “Look at all the hair she’s got on her head, Michael, so much hair!” Michael nodded with a grin. “Another thing she got from you.” “You’re a natural holding her, you know that?” you whisper, lying your head on his shoulder and a tear falls from his eye. “For her i will  be.”

Ashton: A first time daddy holding his newborn baby is the sight any new mother absolutely loves to see, for you, it was a picture perfect moment worth a thousand words. “What are you staring at?” Ashton asked, not taking his eyes off of his little boy who clung to the shirt on his chest, his tiny fingers curling around the fabric, twisting it every which way he could. “My two perfect boys.” you say and he smiles. “We did good, (YN), he’s by far the cutest kid i’ve ever seen.” He then focused on talking to his newborn son. “I’m going to do anything and everything i can to teach you how to be in a band, a drummer just like your awesome dad. I’m going to make sure we raise you right, you’re going to be respectful of women and everyone you see. You’re going to be slightly spoiled, but we’re not going to let that effect how you treat and talk to others.” You giggled. “He’s an hour old Ashton and already you’re giving him life lessons he’s not going to understand until he’s like in high school?” Ashton smirked. “Just trying to be a dad, i doubt i’m going to be any good.” You scoffed. “Ashton, like i said, he’s just an hour old and already you’re a great dad, one of the best i’ve ever seen. I mean, look at you holding him, it’s the best sight i’ve ever seen.”

(Personally i love Luke’s and Michael’s the best)

Ship ||Nate Maloley||

This was requested by adorkable16 ! Who is amazing by the way, but she wanted this imagine so here it is! Want to read more? Masterlist      Request:Can I have one with Nate? Where your a popular YouTube and like in a q&a you say you like him and fans start to ship? Then y'all like meet or something?

     I had 45 minutes before I had to leave home for LA to go to Vidcon and I knew I had to film a quick video before I left so I wouldnt be uploading late. I decided to do a Q&A so I sent a quick tweet out asking for questions and within minutes I had over 600 questions. So I got my camera out and put out all my lights up and started to record “Hey Guys! Its Y/N and this week ill be doing a Q&A because I havent done one in a long time and we need to catch up! So I got a tone of questions on twitter with you guys using the hastag #askY/N!” I said enthusiastically to the camera.

     I scrolled through a ton of questions and decided to randomly stop on one and answer a few from there on “Okay so the first question is Do you have a boyfriend?” I read off of my phone “No actually I do not at the moment im just trying to focus on youtube and all that I really don't have time for any distractions.” I said smiling at the camera, but It was all a lie I really did want a boyfriend I just had to find a guy who wasnt needy and didnt need my constant attention.

     I ran through the same old questions I get asked almost everyday then one question caught my eye but then I looked at the time and I had to leave soon so this was going to be the last question. “Okay so this will be the last question, so this one says Oh my gosh please tell me you know Nate Maloley everyone who loves the Omaha Squad ships you two!, Well actually Ive heard of him and a friend of mine who is really into Magcon told me that he was going to be at Vidcon so I might see him there but ill keep you guys updated!” I said wrapping up the video.

                 *The next day at vidcon*

     Vidcon is one of my favorite events of the whole year I got to meet a bunch of fans and they all adored me and made me feel so special, but my meet and greet wasnt until tomorrow so today I was just walking around Vidcon and chillin basically. I was with one of my best friends Asteria and we had just arrived at Vidcon, “What do you want to do?” Asteria asked me “I dont know whatever im going to be here for all 3 days and your only here for today so I guess its whatever you want to do.” I said to her as we entered the huge building, there were screaming girls and boys everwhere and I couldnt believe how many people there were it was insane.

     "I want to go see all the Viners.“ Asteria said to me excitedly  "Okay I think they’re on the other side of the building.” I said trying to weave through the huge crowd of people. “Why are there so many people here?” I asked Asteria “Because all the Magcon boys and the Omaha Squad are here today and I mean they are incredibly hot and everyone wants to meet them.” Asteria said to me like I was stupid “Its not my fault im involved with the youtube community and not the whole vine thing.” I said the her but she just ignored me and pulled me into a line.

     People swarmed around me asking for pictures and asking me to sign stuff, but security came up to me and grabbed me out of the crowd. “Mam im sorry but we cant have you out in the general area, its a security hazard.” One of the guards told me “See me and my friend just want to meet the Omaha Squad thats all.” I told the guard practically begging him “This is what I can do for you, I can put you in the green room and when they go on brake which is in about 5 minutes they will be in there and yall can meet them.” He said to me “Oh thank you so so so much sir, this means so much to me.” I said thanking him

     We waited in the green room and socialized with a few other youtubers that were in the room as well. Asteria and I were talking to Connor Franta when one of the backdoor opened and 4 boys walked in I felt Asterias grip tighten on my arm “We’ll be right back Connor it was great talking to you.” I said to him smiling and giving a small wave “Is that them.” I whispered in her ear she gave a frantic nod “Okay so were going to sit on that couch and mabey thay will come over to us,” She told me, so we walked over to the couch and took a seat I was glad I was finally sitting I felt like my legs would give out at any second because hot boys made my legs feel like jelly.

     We were only 10 feet away from the boys and Asteria and I were pretending to make small talk as the boys were stealing shared glances at us. But occasionally Asteria would whisper something into my ear “I want to fuck the tall one that Jack Gilinsky.” She whispred into my ear a wicked grin plastered on to her face I laughed so hard it caught all the boys attention “Something funny ladies?” Sammy asked us “Yes actually Im not laughing my ass off for no reason.” I sneered back to him, but Nate pushed him back “Wait um what my friend here ment to say was do you ladies want to go out with us later maybe to get some drinks or something?” He said nervously “Yeah that would be great.” Asteria said smiling and getting up I followed her lead. 

     "Hi um im Nate.“ He said scratching the back of his neck "Im Y/N.” I said back to him smiling “Yeah I know all my fans tweet me photos of us all the time saying that we should get together, and I mean there not wrong your gorgeous.” He said to me, I could feel myself starting to blush “Yeah do you want to go out tonight?” I asked him “Yeah that would be awesome.” He said flashing me the cutest dimpled smirk I had ever seen.

My R5 Concert Experience

On July 10th, 2015 I went to see R5 perform at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Alpharetta, GA, and I wanted to share with you my exciting adventure throughout the day leading up to the best night of my life. 

So here I Go….

My name is Jessie, I am 19 years old and this past friday was my first time seeing R5 perform live. I got my tickets during general sales which turned out to be the best seats to get possible. I was so lucky to get Riker’s side (Orch 1), 3rd row and the aisle seat, so basically I had so much space to go crazy and could move up if I wanted to without getting yelled at by security. 

So my day began at 8:00 am getting ready for Rydel’s signing which was only 10 minutes from the concert venue but 1 hour away from where I live. So I got ready and headed to Barnes & Noble where I bought “Rydel: Rock your Life” magazine for her to sign. I waited in line for about 1 hour before Rydel arrived, they announced Rydel was coming out of the hidden room but as she walked out I saw 2 blonde heads instead of one…  little did anyone know Riker came along for the ride and surprised everyone at the signing. If anyone knows me, Riker is my favorite so when I saw him I freaked out (aka shaking uncontrollably and my heart was pounding). So the line moved farely quickly and as I moved up and was the 3rd person in line Mark told us Riker can sign the album and Rydel only can sign the magazine/or another item,I didn’t have a cd for Riker to sign so he signed my phone case, & Rydel signed my magazine. I was so nervous I don’t remember if I said anything if anything I said Hi and awkwardly waved as I approached them. I do remember Rydel saying my name and freaked out a little inside. The signing ended around 12:30, and I waited around at the starbucks next door, waiting to see where they would walk out but my “stalking abilities” are weak and stormie ended up driving the white van around the back and took off. So this was my moring/afternoon about meeting Rydel & Riker, again I literally was so excited I didn’t think I would’ve met Riker. 

So my day carried on, and I ad nothing to do for 5 hours b/c the venue would not allow us to park until 5 pm so I shopped, hung around the mall, etc. 

5:00 came around and headed to the venue, which was outdoors and it was so hot, hour later gates opened and headed to my seat and meet one of my internet friends who I had been talking to for the majority of the day. So Grace, if you’re reading this I am so happy I finally met you and I hope we can go to an R5 concert together one day <3. 

Probably should’ve mentioned this earlier but I went to the concert alone, no friends, no parents, no body, so I was sitting by strangers, but the girls were nice and not little kids (big plus lol). The concert began at 7:00 with Ryland who got the crowd pumped and excited, I wasn’t into it as some people but I eventually started getting into it. Being an introvert is tough when your alone so for me to do this all alone was a big risk, and I am so glad I did. After Ryland’s set, Jacob Whitesides was next, who I had never really heard of, and knew no music, so I didn’t do much listening and watching, overall he sounded good and is pretty cute ;) 

Now for the best night ever, around 8:45 R5 began; the stage production and lights made it so awesome. They opened with All Night which got everyone jumping, including myself. Like I mentioned earlier I was on Riker’s side directly infront of him ( maybe 6 rows) I had clear view of him ( as you can see from photos below) The night went on as the sun went down, which Ross kept saying the sun needed to go away. Rydel sang Lighting Strikes, which by the way is amazing live, she seriously killed it! After that, it slowed down with Ross playing “You and I” by Lady gaga, which was so beautiful, he could literally sing any song and It would make me smile. (wow that was cheesy). Ross finished it and then went on to play parts of Drops of Jupiter <3. The night kept going and I wish it didn’t stop. Riker made eye contact with me (at least I think he did), rocky and his palm tree Jefferey, Ross and his “hip thrusting,” Rydel and Ellington’s cute eye contact throughout the concert. Literally anything else made me even more happy. 

Over all this night made me realize why I love R5 as much as I do, because They love what they do, and they love all their fans. (this was not me bragging to any extent, just thought I’d share my first concert experience). Sorry it was so long. Here are pictures from the show I attended (please do not steal, and if you take them please give me credit).

Thanks for reading! <3 

rydelr5 rikerr5 officialr5 pakkratt


Cheezy: Ken. My second bae. Your cyborg is the only one that I didn’t find really creepy at first. I remember when you used to be fluffy, now you are just bonafide sexy.

Dearly: I can’t even tell you how much I love this concept! When I first saw them in this costume I was like: “Awwwww shiiiit! Gotta go to the ovary factory tomorrow and pick me up a new set.”

Cheezy: This part was just beautiful. The choreography was full of emotion and N with blue eyes had me all in my feels. N is perf.

Dearly: Oh gosh the choreography! They plugged him in and charged him up and it was just WOW. But then I was like: “Why is someone always getting stabbed in your dances?”

Cheezy: I love this outfit. I’m feeling these tassels a little too much. N looks really…inviting right here. Take that however you want it.

Dearly: No. No no no NO. This is call kinds of no. It’s better than the tassels he had on in Voodoo Doll, but just fuckin…stop.

Cheezy: HongBin’s voice was deeper than the Mariana Trench at this part. Oh, can I put you in a picture frame? A frame that says best friend, lover, and forever around it. It’ll be made out of marble to represent the marble stone you were carved from. 


Cheezy: To the left!

Cheezy: To the right!…and then you never see him or hear from him again. They are going to stop doing that to you! T_T

Dearly: Don’t get me started. I’m so pissed. So pissed I don’t want to talk about it.

Cheezy: Bruh, I only got two things to say: 1) Who put that tin foil on your head? 2) You remind me of Jaejoong in his Mine video.

Dearly: I literally had to pause the video and say “What the fuck?” Every time he reappeared with that shit on his head I groaned. I was already trying to get over N’s hat and here he goes looking like a metal banana.

Cheezy: Ken…you look like you’re wearing a broken slinky. A slinky that was cut up and then they were like “Put your arms in it and sing!” DearlyB said that you can’t cut a slinky, but I beg to differ and I say someone in Jellyfish found out how.

Dearly: This shirt actually isn’t that bad, but when he turns to the side it’s just no. NO.

Cheezy: This choreo was on point. The synchronisity, the emotion, the facial expressions. Bruh, Vixx slayed.

Dearly: Ravi…is that a safety pin belt? Wait. That’s not even a belt. They’re just attached to your shirt? Wait N has one on his tie. And Leo has them on his ass? Alright Jellyfish.

Cheezy: ISN’T HE JUST SO BEAUTIFUL?! There’s was so much Leo in this video and I loved every minute of it. Someboy go write me a Leo fan fiction based on Error! PLEASE. Das BAE y'all.

Dearly: If anyone is going to write a fic based on this it’s gonna be about Hongbong. I NEED MY BEANDIP!

Cheezy: Okay? 

Dearly: Lol wait! I laughed at this part because like, the Men in Black just popped up out of nowhere and tried to steal his girlfriend. And why did they use that word? There could have been a better word than that.

Cheezy: Everyone stop what you’re doing and pretend that you’re YoungGi for a moment. Pretend HongBin is kissing your hair and pretend like you may never see him again. Feel the love radiating from his robot body. FEEL IT! This was one of my favorite parts of the MV because it just screamed true love even though she died and he brought her back just for them to separate again. Can I have a HongBin?

Dearly: The only thing I noticed in this scene was Kong’s ass. Like did it get bigger or are his pants too big? It just looks so round.

Cheezy: I was a dancer for 14 years, and I can say that I have never seen a more graceful turn than Ravi’s. The arch of his back and the perfect bent shape of his leg. I forgot the technical term for this ballet looking move, but Ravi I applaud you. You would think that you would see N giving this kind of gracefulness, but he’s too busy over there being manly with it. Let’s not talk about how awkward Hyuk’s is. And HongBin looks like he’s trying to scratch something he can’t reach.

Dearly: Ah Ravi. I could watch you spin all day.

Cheezy: Error. Ha.

Dearly: Yes! I got an error when I was making the screens for this post! I almost threw my computer! But this has to be a sign!

Cheezy: Seriously? 

Dearly: Yes. Seriously. I swear tumblr did that on purpose. Either that or Jellyfish hacked our shit when we watched the video. Now I feel like I’m being watched.

Cheezy: Overall, I give this MV 10/10 stars and more. Everything about it was awesome except I wish some of them had more screen time. I really love the song and Vixx…Vixx they slayed. I know I said that already, but I’m saying it again. I love them. Now everyone, please go and watch their video like crazy and vote for the music shows if you can! ^_^ P.S.: DearlyB is threatening to take Leo away from me because of this video. Ha. HAHAHAHA. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

Dearly: This song, video, concept, dance are all amazing. I could sit here and point put some technical things I didn’t like, but that’s dumb. The video rocks. I had to watch it 4 times to figure out what the eff was going on, but I eventually understood it. I watched it about…5 more times after that just cuz. The more I watched it the more I wanted to cry. It’s such a nice story. Brayvo Vixx. I’m still mad about Hyuk. Hongbin is my new side hoe. And Leo…I’ll go get some marriage papers ready. How does Cheezy expect me to stay away when he’s all up in my face for 5 minutes looking like a cyber faerie prince?! I just declared that N was my new bias last week (sorry Hyuk, but you still my boy) and now Hongbin and Leo tagged teamed stomping on my heart. Ugh. How do I go on…

tooemotionallyinvolvedingoalies  asked:

Hi! :) I just wanted to say I loved your Stars College AU fic. You mentioned that you wished Tyler ended up with Sharpy? What's the stepdad life like for Tyler?

ah! thank you so, so much. that au is so close to my and @saader‘s hearts. when we were writing it, we would be like “au of this where ____” and some of them were sad af but most of them where “au of this au where sharpy and tyler work it out and are so happy and make a family together” and those headcanons still rattle around inside my brain and make me c r y.

stepdad life for tyler is the softest thing you can imagine!!! if everything in that fic went exactly the same way except sharpy and tyler never stopped seeing each other, it would have been this very sweet slow progression of what happened on that snowy-getaway: the i-want-to-be-with-you-desperately, the i-want-everyone-to-know, the i’m-probably-falling-in-love-with-you-but-i’m-very-scared-of-that. and maybe they would have had that big blow up conversation but maybe it went a little differently. tyler wants to have a life, and sharpy has a life, and sharpy being like “tyler, my kids are everything to me,” and tyler is like “that’s okay!! they’re awesome!!! i don’t blame you!! but maybe there can be space for me in that, too? maybe our lives don’t have to be so different. maybe we could, you know, share our life.”

you straight up know that sharpy’s girls would love the shit out of tyler. tyler would be the sweetest stepdad  e v e r. he’d be all about pushing them around Too Fast in the grocery store carts and he’d be all about letting them pick the paint colours to paint their rooms, no questions asked. he’d sneak maddie away one day for Big Kid Time and they’d come back from the animal shelter with a dog, and tyler would be like “it’s not my fault, look at the puppy eyes” and sharpy would be like “….what. the fuck.” and then they’d turn and there would be maddie and marshall, both puppy dog eye-ing them like crazy, and even sharpy would cave. 

when sharpy goes on sabbatical, the girls miss going “to dad’s school” so they start playing tag-along to tyler’s office hours whenever they line up with, like, the end of preschool or whatever. tyler’s students being like “your kids are?? hilarious? you’re so young i didn’t know you were married” and he just shrugs like, whatever, can’t bring that up with sharpy because i am so soft int he middle and what if he says no. and then ofc when they all pile into tyler’s car on the way home, sadie is like “/are/ you and dad married? i’ve never been to a wedding” and then tyler is like “baby, you know you’d be the bell of the ball if we had a wedding” and she’s squinty and suspicious but she drops it. UNTIL. until they’re all eating dinner and sharpy is like “how was school today” and maddie is like “WHY ARENT YOU MARRIED TO TYLER” 

maddie and sadie whispering together at breakfast one day and then both nodding and being like “hey papa can i please have more juice” and sharpy is like “may i have more juice” and the girls are like “not you, dad, we asked papa” and then tyler, like, cries.

we had a deleted scene in that fic that had maddie tricking tyler out onto the roof of sharpy’s house. her being like “i need that thing and i dropped it out the window in my bedroom and i am not allowed to go out there, dad says so.” and so tyler climbs out her bedroom window to get her toy from off the roof and she locks him out and sits on the other side of the locked window giggling like a maniac. and then sharpy comes home and he sits them both down at the kitchen table and is like “what did i say about going on the roof?” and he mostly means it for maddie but then tyler and her answer in unison like “no going on the roof.” and sharpy raises his eyebrow at tyler and tyler, like, blushes and stutters. and then obv when the kids are asleep sharpy is all “so, ty. you, uh, you went on the roof. that was …bad.” and then they have sex and i explode along with the whole sun.

maddie and tyler having heart to hearts as she gets older, sitting on the roof that sharpy disavowed. her struggling when she gets older abt having divorced parents and him being like “yeah, me too.” and they talk about that and tyler is super honest with her, doesn’t treat her like a kid, and she loves him a lot, trusts him and needs him. and she’s like “it’s shitty but it means i get to have you, too. you’re a good dad.” and tyler being fucked up over it even though they’ve been a family for like. 10 years. 

you also just know that they would make a very funny, very sweet family. the girls would indulge tyler and sharpy in their nerdiness. they’d roll their eyes but they’d put on the tacky christmas sweaters and go take picture with santa at the mall well after they were too old for it, just so they could re-create their first family photo every year. and you know they’d have like, a chore wheel on the fridge that got ignored all the time. and you know they’d all cheat at monopoly and they’d never get through a full game because no one would run out of money because everyone would be stealing from the bank or from free parking. 

mostly i just think they could be really happy. once they got past tyler being a student, once he was a prof, then they could just. be together. they wouldn’t have to worry about what anyone would say, and no one could call tyler stupid, and they could just love and love and love each other. they’d laugh a lot. sharpy’s kids would come squish in beside them in bed and they’d all snuggle. there would always be someone for tyler to come home too, there’d always be three people who needed him. and he would need them back, but not in a scary way. they would love each other and they’d be a family and they’d be so, so happy.