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Adore has said (I asked in an instalive vid) that they consider fanfiction to be just another facet of fanart and that they love everything we create for them. (Yes I'm using gen neutral prefered pronouns since I am not sure what they prefer and they were not in drag) As the most ancientest member and grandparent of AQ I just wanted to also say that I hope you are all having a fab day! Don't forget to take care of yourself! Eat, drink, rest, lather, rinse, repeat. Love n Glitter, Remény


Yuri on Ice “With a WISH” Tuxedo Collaboration ★ Yuri Plisetsky
↳ See also: I’m dying and have ascended to a new atmosphere

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Your hair is gorgeous. Who's tried to style it?

well, most of the avengers have at some time or another. steve, tony, thor, and clint are all surprisingly good hairstylists.  i used to be able to do basic braids for my sisters, but the asskicking robot hand makes it pretty hard. hair tends to get stuck in the plates.
also–and my memory is pretty spotty, so this could be wrong–i think a hydra tech gave me french braids once??? i dont know why.
fuckin nazis.

Study break involving a big bowl of goodness! Sweet potato chips, green beans, chickpeas, Brocolli and avocado ! Now back to studying structural biochemistry 📚😩 AKA. The worst subject of the semester 👊👊👊 hope you’re all having a fab weekend !!


Black Mirror: Playtest (2016) dir. Dan Trachtenberg

What, a girl never beat you at Street Fighter?

If Tony dies I want Peter crying over his body for like a minute then I want him to start getting angry and look up and see who/what did it

Then I want him to put Tony’s head down slowly, shake himself off, and run at the murderer and take him the hell down

Then I want the others to see what he’s doing and be like ‘oh s*** that kid’ and then they all attack at once because they’re not going to let Peter die

Then they win

(And preferably Tony would somehow be back alive)