all of them of reita tbh


The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! (Maybe, probably not. No one asked for this, tbh)

Earlier today, I asked what animals you all thought the gazemen were, and I took some of those suggestions and made them into a (horrifying) reality!

Firstly, we have Ruki x Chihuahua. Together, they are the Chiruru!

Next, we have Aoi x Peacock. Together, they are the Aoicock!

Up next, we have Reita x Cockatoo to form the Reitatoo!

Then, of course you have Uruha x Duck to come together as the Uruduck!

Last but not least, because you all say that Kai has no friends, we have Kai x Cat to create Sad Kaitty Cat!

Yes, I know they look like complete shite, but that’s what makes them more enjoyable, amirite? I’m just glad I can kinda be a part of the shitposting gang now!

Feel free to tell me what you think! I worked “so hard” on these!

Rajigaze Oct 14

Reita (reading question): “On the theme of ‘Your Manifesto,’ I wish brightly coloured hair and piercings were accepted, and that people could work etc without hiding them. There are some clothing stores etc where they’re accepted (for employees), but I think there still aren’t many in Japan. People are often scared of me or think I’m a bad kid because of my appearance, or they end up surprised that I’m actually a very talkative person. That being said, the day after Makuhari I got lost in the street, and an old lady approached me so kindly, and that made me happy.” 

(Ruki giggles)

Reita: “I thought about how nice it would be if we lived in a world where people didn’t judge others based on appearance. Ruki-San, Reita-san, has someone ever been scared of you because of your appearance? Please let me know! We rock!” 

Ruki: I see.

Reita: Yep. 

Ruki: People being scared of us because of our appearance…that happens all the time, doesn’t it? We’re often told that in interviews and stuff. Well, maybe not that they’re scared of us, but that we don’t seem like we talk. 

Reita: Ahh, yeah people do tell me I don’t seem like I’d be talkative. 

Ruki: I didn’t think you’d be talkative, actually. 

(both laugh)

Reita: But if you do actually talk, they’ll be pleasantly surprised, so it’s kind of a good thing, no? 

Ruki: Hmm…

Reita: Like, it would be worse if people thought, “oh, this guy seems super talkative and friendly!” and then they weren’t at all…

(both laugh)

Ruki: But appearance doesn’t really…hmm…I guess we just live in a world where people are judged by their appearance, huh. 

Reita: It’s true…I think it’s especially still true in Japan. 

Ruki: But I think that a bit of dying your hair is wanting to be rebellious, no?

Reita: Yeah, eh, I wonder if people would do it if everyone was dying their hair.

Ruki: Mhm, like when it’s specified at a school or something, that like, it’s okay to dye your hair and stuff, it becomes normal right? 

Reita: Uh-huh, uh-huh…

Ruki: Then people don’t really dye it, right? 

Reita: Yeah it’s true. People usually do it because everyone else isn’t.

Ruki: Yeah, people usually dye their hair or get piercings cause they want to be original, right? 

Reita: Mhm…

Ruki: But that’s fine, isn’t it? If they’re being judged by their appearance, people will say “wow, that person’s original.”

Reita: I guess in a sense, but I mean, if everyone was dying their hair, or getting tattoos, then people [who want to stand out] would just take it even further and like, split their tongue in two, or split their lips.

Ruki: Yeah, that’s how the world is, isn’t it. 

Reita: Yeah, but the way it is now, you can still stand out pretty easily, just by dying your hair. But yo, that guy at immigration when we went to France, he was covered in tattoos!

Ruki: Yeah, he was. Tattoo culture is just different in Japan. 

Reita: Japan just doesn’t really understand tattoos  yet. 

Ruki: They don’t, and people who have tattoos probably think so too. 

Reita: Mhm…

Ruki: Like, we can’t go into onsen, right. 

Reita: Mhm.

Ruki: But people who have tattoos, if you asked them if they wanted to go to onsen, they probably don’t. 

Reita: Ah…so they should have a “Tattoo only” one? Like, people who don’t have tattoos can’t go? (laughs)

Ruki: Would wabori be allowed? (*Traditional Japanese tattoo that covers most of ur body)

(both laugh)

Ruki: But that shit is actually kinda scary. 

Reita: Yeah, they’re intimidating, eh.

Ruki: They are…

Reita: They are…I mean, if I went to a pool, and everyone there had tattoos, it would definitely feel more intimidating compared to people who didn’t. 

Ruki: It would…

Reita: Like “ah, I’m kinda scared…”

Ruki: But even if they didn’t have tattoos, if they had like, light sunglasses and a wood necklace, they’d be kinda scary, no? (*if someone knows why this is threatening pls tell me lol)

(Reita laughs)

Ruki: Hu-hu……

Reita: But people who dress like that, do you think they want to intimidate people? Or they really just like those clothes? Maybe they’re doing it cause they don’t want anyone to fuck with them..?

Ruki: Like people from the country who wear tracksuits and stuff.

Reita: Yeah, tracksuits and stuff.

Ruki: Hmm… I think it’s just a cultural thing, no? 

Reita: Culture, eh?

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: Ahhh…

Ruki: It’s scary, eh. When you see a person like that. 

Reita: It is. 

Ruki: But every place has different types of clothing…

Reita: And rules.

Ruki: Yeah, and rules…and that’s part of the style.

Reita: Mhm.

Ruki: Yeah, so I don’t want people to just say “oh, he’s scary” at first glance. 

(both laugh)

Reita: Especially us, we stay away from light colours.

Ruki: We dress all in dark.

Reita: Mhm.

Ruki: Mostly black.

Reita: And the police keep their eyes on us. 

Ruki: No, I’ve actually never had that happen to be before tbh…

Reita: That’s weird, cause someone told me all musicians (*idk what he said but I guess that cops watch them lmao)

Ruki: What? That’s crazy…all of them?

Reita: All of them (laughs) 

Ruki: If that’s true, they gotta crack down more. 

(both laugh)

Ruki: But I really don’t think you have to worry about that.

Reita: Hmm…

Ruki: But of course, if a company says you can’t [have tattoos etc], you can’t.

Reita: Yeah, that’s true. Companies have their rules…but if you can’t see them, it’s fine, right? Like, if you have tattoos underneath your clothes.

Ruki: Yeah, that wouldn’t be a problem, I think… 

Reita: It’s the same at gyms and stuff, too. They ask you if you have tattoos.

Ruki: You know, more than tattoos, I wanna be able to show my piercings. 

Reita: Ah, yeah. Your ears. Why?

Ruki: Cause I mean, you can easily hide tattoos, right. But you can’t hide piercings. (*I guess the hole)

Reita: Yeah, it’s true. You’d have to wear headphones (laughs)

Ruki: So like, if you go to someone’s wedding…

Reita: Ahh…

Ruki: You can hide your tattoos, but you can’t hide your piercings. 

Reita: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ruki: It kinda feels inappropriate, it’s bad, like you don’t fit in…

Reita: Yeah, for sure…piercings, eh…

Ruki: Yeah, and there are even people who get them on their mouth, or their eyes…

Reita: Eyes? 

(both laugh)

Reita: Eyelids? 

Ruki: Yeah, eyelids. So, that would be even worse, you know? 

Reita: You know, I really wanted to pierce my eyebrow…

Ruki: Are you not gonna?

Reita: I really wanted to…but I just left it and after a while I didn’t want to anymore. (laugh)

Ruki: That makes no sense. 

(both laughing)

Rajigaze Dec 16

(Revenge Mail) 

Reita (reading mail): ”My then-boyfriend cheated on me, and we broke up. At first I didn’t think anything of it, until one day I started feeling vengeful.”

Uruha: Pfff

Reita: “Then I heard from a mutual friend that he was having car troubles, and hadn’t been feeling well for a while. I was like, serves him right. 14 years later, I got a message from him. He said that he’d ended up marrying the girl he cheated on me with [because he got her pregnant]. I felt even more vengeful. I wished that their family would fall apart and they would all die. Then, it turned out things weren’t going well for them at home, and apparently he regretted having broken up with me. I bitched out all my pent-up anger at him, saying ‘it’s too late now you idiot!!’ I haven’t heard from him since. He ended up unhappy, and I just thought, good. What do you think of a woman like me?” 

(Uruha takes a very deep breath)

Reita: This coulda been some Dark Side mail. 

Uruha: Man…that’s just…I can feel her anger……

Reita: (laughing) Yeah, she…she didn’t use any commas or periods or anything…

Uruha: She just scribbled it out?

Reita: No consideration for the person reading it…(laughs) it’s so hard to read!

Uruha: But that’s what anger is you know? 

Reita: Yeah I guess if you were writing and just letting all your anger out it would be something like this. 

Uruha: But isn’t that crazy? I mean…all that stuff she wished on him came true…

Reita: Yeah…well like tbh I think his car troubles were unrelated but

(both laugh)

Uruha: Idk man it might have had something to do with it

Reita: Oh really?

Uruha: I hope her ikiryo doesn’t come out…

(*it like when ur still alive but ur spirit leaves and goes and haunts ppl and makes bad things happen to them lol)

Reita: Nah man it already did

(both laugh)

Reita: So, real talk what do u think of a woman like this? 

Uruha: Well, I think…if they got married, and they’re happy…she should just move on.

Reita: Yeah and like this was 14 years ago

Uruha: (laughs) 14 years ago!?

Reita: Yeh

Uruha: Damn she’s attached!

Reita: Yeah it’s deeply rooted…but…reading this mail –

Uruha: Can you kinda sympathize with her, Reita-san? 

Reita: Hmmm…I…I’m sorry like, I do get the feeling of being cheated on…but I think this person is…you know…kinda scary.

(both laugh)

Uruha: Well yeh

Reita: Hmm…I mean, that you can’t just say ‘congratulations’ and move on after 14 years…

Uruha: I guess she just doesn’t like that she can’t control him anymore. 

Reita: She can’t even control herself.

Uruha: True.

Reita: Yeh…

Uruha: She’s kinda dumb…

Reita: Yeah she is…

(*they said clumsy/awkward so maybe socially awkward is better anyway lol)

Reita: I mean, if you’re awkward in a cute way it’s fine but…

Uruha: I think things would be easier for her if she were a bit smarter [about the situation]

Reita: Yeah, for sure. Nothing good can come out of being attached to someone. It’s best to just forget and move on.

Uruha: Yes.

Reita: You will be much happier.

Uruha: Yes…I think you know a lot about that, Reita-kun. 

Reita: (laughs) Nah not really…

(Cute Uruha Giggle)

Reita: But to hold a grudge for 14 years…

Uruha: She should use that energy on her future.

Reita: Like we’ve been doing our band for 15 years…that means she’s basically been resenting someone as long as we’ve been active.

Uruha: She’s been holding a grudge…for the span of the GazettE’s career…isn’t she tired!?

Reita: (bursts out laughing) Right?

Uruha: She’s pretty persistent…

Reita: Yeah, definitely…I mean, doesn’t being angry make you tired? 

Uruha: Yeah

Reita: Even just being irritated is tiring…

Uruha: Mhm

Reita: But I guess not for her…?

Uruha: Mhm…

Reita: That’s kinda scary tho

Uruha: Pls use ur energy on other things!!!

Reita: (chuckles) Yeh