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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Yoongi:</b> I've decided to live on my own.<p/><b>Jimin:</b> Okay, good.<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Do what you want.<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> Your luggage are outside.<p/></p><p/></p>
Full names list!

I’ve finally thought of full names for all of my OCs by far! Here’s the list:

Moonlight Wishes Full names:

Elora Wakanda
Zephyr Saehrimnir
Rowena Tenanye
Saphira Muirgen
Glaciera Muirgen
Primrose Arethusa
Alverdine Melia
Polaris Amaterasu
Bedilia Amaterasu
Hulda Orpheus
Sakari Melosa
Galena Bernardea
Seraphine Concordia
Horatia Athaiah
Fauna Amaterasu
Kendra Wakanda
Arian Wakanda
Nirvana Spiridon
Flammetta Amaterasu
Aquilos Fontayne
Senka Bezaleel
Sonata Lyrica
Hope Speranza
Pallando Bayard
Durmada Spiridon
Maya Spiridon
Husk Orpheus

No last names:


I don’t normally like to use my blog in order to get people that follow me to harass other people I argue with, normally I like settling things myself and letting my blog just be a space for debate.

HOWEVER, if you guys see me arguing with someone who is either excusing or defending the sexual exploitation of children, please, by all means feel free to harass them or dox them or whatever y'all wanna do until they delete their blogs.

I do not respect the privacy or humanity of anyone who is a pedophile or a pedophile apologist. Leave no safe spaces for these fucking monsters.

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What's the main differences between Tarot, Angel, and Oracle cards?

Tarot cards are all generally similar (they have a major arcana, and a minor arcana of 4 suits like a playing card deck) and they all have the same meaning (like the Fool card means generally the same thing in every deck, they just have different art work depending on the deck).

Oracle cards are completely different depending on the deck. I see them sort of as advice cards? Each deck has different cards depending on each deck, they are really lovely! 

And angel cards I’m preeeetty sure (correct me if I am wrong) are pretty much just oracle cards but are decks that have “angel messages” on them?

We’ve reached our seventh and final day of Philinda Valentine’s Week. Today is all about celebrating our creators- all the gif makers, artists, fic writers, pic and video editors, people who come up with theories, everyone and anyone who works tirelessly to support our fandom. We have a long six week hiatus ahead of us, and wouldn’t survive without their creativity! Send them a message and tell them how much they mean to you, make a post, say it out loud! If you aren’t one for words, you can use the card below to share your love!

Of course…last but definitely not the least…*drum roll*…KARAMELl!!! 🎆🎆🎆 WOW! The struggle was real! They totally looked like a married couple the entire ep! I mean, at the beginning them acting all cutesy and making eyes at each other like teenagers falling in love for the first time…then the conflict happened with Mr. Mxy getting all sorts of annoying…both of them breaking each other’s hearts when Mon-el practically begged Kara not to marry Mr. Mxy and Kara telling Mon-el that they’re too different and that they don’t belong together…and ohh did I mention how much I love seeing them bicker back and forth all day long and then kiss and make out in the end??!! Gosh! In this episode, Melissa and Chris brought the house down with their portrayal of Kara and Mon-el, a girl from Krypton and a boy from Daxam trying to figure things out with all the tension, angst and overwhelming chemistry!!! I don’t even know if I make sense rn but jeez! I’M IN LOVE WITH KARAMEL!!! 😍😍😍 AND WITH MELISSA AND CHRIS!!! 😍😍😍 THEY ARE MY ONE TRUE PAIRING AS THE KIDS SAY AND I’M GOING DOWN WITH THIS SHIP!!! Thank you very much! 😘😘😘

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ok totally random question but i just need to know. do you think its normal (and maybe even okay) when friends bully each other? bc i see that all the time here on tumblr and it makes me really sad. so called 'friends' calling each other horrible names and saying its what best friends do and its all fun and games. and i'm just like? no? they dont? (i personally have been bullied my whole life by 'friends' and realized too late that they meant all these things but concealed them as jokes :/)

well that depends because sometimes it genuinely is a joke and the people involved in it have no problem with it and they have an agreement because they know it’s all play so that’s not a problem (good communication is key), but sometimes there are people who say mean things to others and call them “jokes” when the other person gets mad or upset in order to discredit their feelings and that’s when you should be worried, because if you’re not comfortable with it the other person should stop immediately

this definitely isn’t for everyone and it’s not a bad thing that you’re not comfortable with it! people shouldn’t force you to act like that if you don’t want to but there are people who genuinely don’t mind that kind of thing


if they are not moirails I will consume my entire tablet


top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)


I guarantee your safe passage. Though you’re always welcome to take your chances down there.


Even + New Found Friendships in S3

To everyone saying that Victor and Yuuri pair skating is impossible: That’s enough.

Yes, competitive same-sex pair skating is impossible.

But I’m pretty sure most of us just want to see an intimate moment between Victor and Yuuri back in Ice Castle Hasetsu, where they play Stammi Vicino/Stay Close to Me and skate out their feelings for each other together, perhaps holding hands/each other’s waists and trusting the other to lead them with closed eyes or something along those lines.

We don’t want them to compete in pair skating. We want to see a moment that is only their own, shared and expressed through their mutual passion and the thing that brought them together.

That is all.



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12x03 vs. 12x12.  That time Castiel got resolution on where he belonged.  

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.