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Do Not Call Him My Brother: Chapter One

Fic Request: Is it awful of me to ask for a Stydia step-siblings au? (I don’t however agree with Stilinski and Natalie. Stilinski and Melissa forever!)

Rating: M

Genre: Romance

Author: chanciwrites

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A/N: This is only the first chapter. This will be a multi chapter fic so stay tuned! This fic will eventually contain smut but not for a while.

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In Abortion Case, Supreme Court Asks: How Far is 35 Feet?

On an ordinary day, Chief Justice John Roberts asks pointed questions of counsel and brief-slaps them if their answers don’t measure up. He also acts as kindergarten cop when his colleagues all speak at once. He is a formidable presence on the bench.

Except Wednesday during oral argument in McCullen v. Coakley, the Massachusetts case testing whether a state can establish a 35-foot “buffer zone” around clinics offering abortions so that patients can get inside without fighting their way through pro-life and pro-choice demonstrators.

There are two possible meanings to the chief’s silence. One is that he is genuinely undecided about a case that pits the rights of pregnant women against the rights of protest and advocacy on a public sidewalk.

That one’s not likely. Hamlet John Roberts is not. That’s particularly true in the First Amendment context, where he usually sides against government restrictions on speech.

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