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Just another detail about that analysis of Jimin hiding in JK's bedroom is that the very next day, Jimin went live on Vapp as well, and he was really salty at Taehyung for no apparent reason. He made Tae wait a long time before he let him in his room, and even after he entered, Jimin was having none of Taehyung's shit.. So.. It would make a lot of sense if Jimin was indeed pissed at Tae, if you know what I mean 😉

i talked about that analysis here btw

i totally agree!!!

at the end of tae’s vlive you can hear jimin and jungkook talking (very loudly)  and they sound pretty pissed honestly,they were probably agreeing to kill taehyung  for trolling them so damn hard, i mean first he interrupted them in the middle of whatever the hell they were doing with lights dimmed and jungkook “naked” with his make up smeared but that’s besides the point..

then he mentioned going to jimin’s room it wasn’t his intention at all to do it for real [he went directly back to his own room after leaving jungkook’s room] , and he didn’t even check his phone when he said he would visit jimin’s room if he saw the message .which means he only said that to troll jungkook which by the way worked . because you can tell that jungkook panicked as soon as tae said jimin’s name he was like “jimin?jimin?” but he still managed to control himself.

like you said that could be the reason why jimin was salty af with him the next day in this vlive . 

but before we get to that there’s another suspicious thing that conviced me even more that jimin was indeed hiding in jungkook’s room that day .. 

after jin came in , he noticed that he didn’t bring his keys,and jimin immediately told him :” that happened with v yesterday” . i mean of course it could be because tae told him, but the chance of that is very slim because do they really have time to talk about such small details? i don’t know.. OR it could be because he was indeed hiding in jungkook’s room .

back to what we were talking about.

after tae came and rang the door , jimin asked jungkook who it was and when he knew that it was tae he literally ignored him and was like “let’s eat” and left him wait for a long time before opening the door

and even after letting him in he was being really salty and bitter.. maybe it’s because of how hard he trolled him and jungkook the previous day? that makes sense honestly..

he even pointed out that jungkook kept scolding taehyung during the rehearsal that day too .. they’re both sort of  taking their revenge :)

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The trolls find out blinky and aaarrrgghh aren't married and panic deciding to marry themselves with a traditional troll wedding. It goes supringly well, blinkys fascinated by the traditions, arghs just happy blinkys happy and weddings are pretty rare so all the trolls are excited. Untill it turns out part of the ceremony is to carve matching ruins into the couple at which point argh grabs blinky bridal style and runs out, probably with Jim telling them it was a bad idea and a laughing Draal :)

TBH i think blinky would’ve been interested to see what was gonna happen next hahaha

thIS ASK might be one of my all-time favorites it was so fun to draw this one :D troll weddings honestly sound so pretty i could just imagine so many beautiful gems everywhere and just- 

i am all for this like a hundred percent

Kookmin world’s videos got deleted...

So like… Maybe this is going to be an irrelevant post for some of you but I’m thinking Big Hit wants to protect the boys (JK & JM’s) relationship (whatever it is, yes, I’m a shipper and I’d love for them to be dating, there’s alot of proof but…Nothing comfirmed).

We know that Koreans in general are very private about these stuff, doesn’t matter if the relationship we’re talking about is a straight or gay one, they’re all pretty private and honestly I think we should respect it… I mean, I don’t want JK & JM to have to stay away from eachother infront of the camera because of us analyzing everything.

Do you guys get me? I don’t know, maybe I’m exaggerating…

Okay wow, this chapter is a blessing. I’m super glad we get to see more and more of Tanaka and his relationship to Kanoka including their past. He is an amazing character and it seems like he finally gets the backstory/background information he deserves. 

I really loved that Atsumu talked to Kageyama, although that was expected, and I don’t know, it’s just my feelings, but it’s a little like we’re going to get a setter’s showdown and I AM SO HYPED. Damn, those intense looks… 

Also, Karasuno in their reverse jerseys.. can’t wait to see that animated! And Kageyama being savage as fuck calling Hinata a mandarin, I love him so much omg. 

And Inarizaki is so fucking extra like?! They nearly have a whole orchestra/marching band with them, and they’re all tall and pretty and confident, they have lots of TV interviews, and they are nearly treated like idols?! And they’re wearing pitch-black jerseys…. might heart can’t take this… send help…

Bill: All of these…for me? Why?

Dipper: Everyone knows you’ve changed, so they wanted to show how they’ve changed too.

Dipper: With all these gifts, you’ll have a stash of sweets for weeks! Of course, I won’t let you eat it all at once.

Bill: I’d rather not get sick.

Dipper: Good….ya know, you’ve got all these Valentines Day cards, but none of them are from me. To be honest, I don’t have a card for you.

Bill: Wha?

Dipper: A simple card wasn’t enough…and I thought about what to give you for the longest time. It was very hard to choose. Not to mention obtain, but I think it trumps some candy and poetic words…

Dipper: Surprise~!

Dipper: This little gal is a Munchkin. I know you’ve been pretty bored while I’m away from the house, so I thought a feline companion would be nice.

Bill: Oh gosh Dipper…I- Look at her pink nose! I don’t even know how to take care of this thing!

Dipper: I’ll help you. Kittens are pretty energetic.

Bill: Her fur is so soft~

Dipper: Heh, she likes you already.

Bill: I love her! She can sunbath with me, and we can read together, and so many other things!

Dipper: Hehe~ (your so cute.)

Dipper: Happy Valentines Day~! <3

Dipper: I’m going to feed the cat now~

((Very VERY late Valentines Special. I had my reasons, and I’m sorry to make you all wait. Please enjoy~ ))

((Part 1, 2 ))

((Wanna ask something?))

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I was a irl hockey fan for a long time and my friends would kind of all poke fun at it and reduce my love for a Sport™ to like, it being stupid hobby (these were like "nerdy" gamer girls who automatically said all sports were dumb, and they were better than you for not liking them, you know the ones). But now they all read Check Please and act like hockey is the greatest thing ever :/ It's really annoying bc they think they know EVERYTHING about hockey when in reality they know jack shit (1/2)

(2/2) And one of them wrote a fanfic for it and I read it (my friends might be annoying sometimes but it was her first long fic and I wanted to read it for her haha) and it was so…. Uninformed? idk the hockey part seemed really fake and they just handwaved a lot of things that are actually pretty simple once you Look it up. We went to a Bruins game and the whole time they were like “Jack would do that” or “can you imagine Bitty here"and it was getting so obnoxious ://///
(3/2) also sorry for ranting, you’re one of the only irl hockey people I know who doesn’t like check please

i think all check please fans should read this to undersrand why some of us don’t like them because this is literally the perfect explanation of why. THese are the same people that a few years ago were talking about how student athletes shouldn’t get scholarships. or making superbowl jokes. or just yeah putting us down because we like sports and that’s somehow inherently less than whatever they like. And now they’ve found gay boys to fetishize so they can finally be apart of this !! liek tis’s so fucking sketchy. and you can tell who writes fic because they’re a hockey fan or because they’re a check please fan. i’ve seen someone say fighting was all for show in the NHL. it’s just so. They don’t get it.

But therea re definitely more hockey blogs that don’t like it. and i don’t dislike all check please fans i follow quite a few. but there are definitely some that still go out of their way to fetishize gay men and put down the sport that is the base of all of this. and then they wonder how we can dislike them.

Who’s behind it all and why? You get so much backstory and it goes so deep. It is definitely not someone I saw coming. A.D.’s connection to the girls and why is just incredible. It’s a beautiful story, Marlene wrote it so wonderfully. I think it surprised all of us. While most of the cast had theories, none of them were close to what it actually is.
—  Janel Parrish

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Excuse me, but will there be any straight characters in the game? Also, why is everyone female?

there are straight characters in slarpg’s world, and also men. you just haven’t seen any of the men because i’ve only revealed like… the four party members and six NPCs? out of the entire game? i’ve mainly focused on revealing major characters first and most of the major characters are women. not all of them, but a majority. also noel is nonbinary, not female

i mean i don’t think it should really be surprising that so many important characters in a game with “lesbian” in the title, made by a bisexual trans girl, are women who aren’t straight? i think that part is pretty self explanatory


Thanks for tagging me @whateverbellamy 💛
My hair has grown so much! I didn’t even notice because I almost never straighten it anymore. I’m pretty stoked for tonight’s episode and far less stoked for the hiatus…rip us. Let tonight be wonderful to carry us over.
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Pretty pleasee Drarry 2, 5, 6, 11, 15, 24, 31, 39, 41, 45....I'm sorry!!!! At least some of them? Please? 😇 💛

I have this condition where I can’t say no to people. o_0 

So, sure, here you go: 

2. Who is the big spoon/ Who is the little spoon?
Harry is most often the big spoon. Mostly ‘cause he’s really warm like all the time and Draco is nearly always cold (he wears socks to bed even in the summer, it’s weird, honestly).

5. Who usually has nightmares?
Although Harry did have his share of bad dreams, he actually just suffered from insomnia for nearly two years after the War. 

It’s Draco who continues to wake up from terribly vivid nightmares, although they’re relatively rare now ever since Harry moved in with him.

6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/ Who would have them in the middle of the day?
Draco started keeping a journal after the War just so he could pen his thoughts down - he had a lot of them. He still writes in it, sometimes several times a day.

Harry sometimes comes home in a troubled/pensive frame of mind after a particularly disturbing case at work, although if Draco were to be honest, he secretly yearns for those evenings because then they just spend the whole time talking; about all the stuff that really matters to them and it somehow always seems to bring them closer.

11. Who likes horror movies/ Who likes romance movies?
You’d think The Boy Who Lived would have the stomach for some good old demon exorcism and vengeful spirits. But Harry can’t stand them; he spends most of the movie with his eyes shut while Draco sits beside him, leaning forward in place, wide-eyed with excitement. He never misses an opportunity to tell their friends about how Harry’s such a wuss.

And they’re both (although Draco would rather eat a Screwt than admit it) big suckers for romance movies. They both (inconspicuously) cried watching The Notebook.

15. Who is scared of the dark? 
Draco. He wasn’t a big fan even as a child, and the War - the nearly pitch dark Room of Hidden Things and being holed up in the dimly-lit Manor with Voldemort, exacerbated the phobia further.

Harry sort of got over his fear of the dark very early on - being shut up in cramped, enclosed spaces for long periods does that to a person, I suppose.

24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener? 
They both talk, and they’re both great listeners. Harry’s learnt to watch out for the signs of when Draco’s had a stressful day - he opens a bottle of wine and lets Draco rant and he actually listens to all of it. Draco loves when Harry gets excited about something and starts prattling on and on about it - it’s quite endearing, really.

31. Who is more affectionate? 
You mean openly? Harry. He has no qualms about showing Draco/anybody else how much he loves the blond. He always kisses Draco when he meets him somewhere, regardless of where and who else is in attendance. He always holds Draco’s hand while out with him (the number of pictures in the press of them holding hands while out together is not even funny). He’s not opposed to PDA either (much to Draco’s frequent mortification).

Draco, ever the dignified Pureblood is less enthusiastic about his feelings in public. While they’re at home is a whole other story altogether - he will quite literally sit in Harry’s lap (rather than anywhere else in the whole damn house) and he will insist on being cute and snuggly while Harry’s in the middle of something (cooking, very often), demanding kisses. So yeah, they’re both rather affectionate in their own ways.

39. Who buys cereal for the prize inside? 
Harry. He never got to keep them as a kid (thanks ever so much to Dudley). Draco doesn’t really get it, but he will always stock up on Harry’s favourites.

41. Who cries during sad movies?
Harry sniffles during the movie. He’ll subsequently find Draco crying to himself in the bathroom sometime later.

It’s adorable.

45. Who is more likely to get drunk?
Harry gets drunk the minute he touches anything but beer. 

Draco gets drunk the minute he picks up his second glassful of anything.

I had way too much fun with these. Thank you! :D  ❤️

I will say though that scene with Cindy and Joe was, like, so dope. I never dreamed I’d actually get to see their dynamic and them coming at a situation both as law enforcement was great. Jesse and Jessica’s acting was on poiiint. The fact that they were both giving as good as they got was awesome, and I’m pretty sure Cindy’s the first person Joe’s faced off with that didn’t flinch at all. I’d love to see more of the two of them. 


Help me, I don’t know what I love more:

  • Aoi being ‘so you just kind of ran the fuck off before when there was burnt cake and explosions, didn’t you. I am starting to suspect you are not much of a team player’.
  • Yukari not giving a single fuck about being called out because the smell of her perfect hair, washed with only the finest of imported shampoos and conditioners >>>>> helping the others with whatever mess Ichika’s created
  • Akira’s cheerful ‘well, her hair is pretty bloody gorgeous, so I get it’
  • Yukari beaming at her girlfriend, doing a pirouette so that everyone in the room can behold her beauty, and then the most absolute sincerity, confirming that everyone tells her all the time that her hair is the prettiest in the land. As they should.
  • Akira’s excellent ‘….’ because Yukari cannot be controlled

Conclusion: I love them all.

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Not to sound so rude but I love how for Kaneki It is always Touka and others,Im not saying that Kaneki doesnt care for others,He does care them,But for all of us,for people,for characters,There is always one specific person is more important(especially with romantically)And there is Hide too,One true friend,irraplaceable friend of Ken,He was the only one there for him in the past,now,future,Hide knows Ken so well,ButTouka didnt have much time with Ken,But so important?And knows him more than him

(omg that’s not rude at all, it’s actually pretty accurate and touching)

I think the main difference between Hide and Touka is that Hide is nice? at the moment of saying things, maybe he’s more careful with his words and it’s not very confrontative with Kaneki, he knows he has secrets and things he doesn’t want to talk about, things he’s hiding, and he doesn’t dig very much into it. But Touka is very confrontative, especially when she gets angry, and she says things in a harsh way and they have more impact in others. I think both know Kaneki in the same way, Hide a bit more bc he’s been his friend for years, but both have a different way to react to Kaneki’s secrets/personality.

Now, I do agree with you about Touka being very important to Kaneki. In many panels from the first Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki always mentions Touka and Hide together in big panels, we all know that Hide is Kaneki’s most important person to him, and the fact that he puts Touka on the same place, it means that she’s as much as important as Hide was, they’re basically on the same level, which says a lot about how much Kaneki cares for her. Even at cochlea, “Touka and the others”, after years of not having a close relationship with her, he still gives her some priority above the rest. 

The Wind Talker

I make friends when walking down a street, because a Jay is pretty good at that and I talk with lots of things. And some of them are pretty surprised a Jay can talk to them – sometimes even that they can talk! – but my new friend isn’t at all.

“I have an uncle who is a tornado.”


“Everyone talks about him. Not just other winds. The waves. Storms.” The zephyr let’s out a sigh smaller than it is. “Even the earth knows his name.”

“Oooh! So you’re all kinds of sad-face about being a gentle breeze?!”

“Yes. I’ve felt you change winds. Move storms. Make things – more. Bigger. Terrifying!” Each word a gust, and after the zephyr barely manages a whisper: “Change me. Help me.”

“Jaysome is jaysome; it doesn’t have to be like that you know!” I stop walking so it isn’t tired when following a Jay. No one else is about. “Honcho knows that change isn’t always a helping. Sometimes help is learning to be you, not wanting to be other things. It’s a happiness if no one knows your name like they know tornadoes and typhoons and lots of other things starting with t I bet!”

“But I’m so small.”

“Uh-huh. And they were too once. They grew, and you can too: but you don’t have to grow the way they did. You can be big and not be feared!”

The breeze quivers when I’m firm like a Jay, but keeps on going too!

“But you are big. You are Jay, of the bindings, and the wind that howls between the worlds knows your name.”

“Well, I am jaysome. But that’s me being me and making friends and doing loads of helpings. Being big is more this -.”

And I reach, for a moment. Down inside, but also sideways and upside-ahead as well. It’s not waking up. (it hurts.) It’s not – it –


I let go. Push it away, and back, and far to the edges of jaysome. I think I almost don’t manage it, but I’m not sure because it’s the biggest binding I’ve ever done! I’m sweating and I have a headache, which is pretty new and my head doesn’t want to stop aching.

“… that is very big,” the zephyr says in a voice so small I almost don’t hear it.

“Uh-huh! There are lots of kinds of big, and some bigs even a Jay doesn’t want to be. Being small is better since it’s hard to big like a storm and not hurt and have people scared of you!”

“Thank you,” the breeze says, and goes off to be a breeze and nothing like a storm at all!

I head back to the hotel and hope Honcho can help with my headache.

This is my ‘I need to take a break from working’ look & also my ‘I forgot to put on makeup this morning because I was too tired’ look

This week I’m actually pretty out of the loop with like trailers and promo stills so I have no idea what is going to happen tonight so im excited !

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HOLY CRUD, okay so i was watching Wall-E the other day and replaying dr1 for free time events when I figured out something amazing to imagine! So through the whole movie just imagine Wall-E as Makoto and Eve as Mukuro and everything else in the movie is pretty much the same, but its adorable to think about honestly. Makoto's just a lonely garbage collector with a pet cockroach and Mukuro's this badass future soldier and they go through all this space adventure stuff and fall in love. Its great

This is so cute wtf. Why you gotta feed me with this good shit. And you know what the best part is? EVERYTHING. Like how in character they’d still be if you fit them in this au. Mukuro is that badass soldier who’s all about the mission and Makoto is just this harmless garbage collector who brings change to his surroundings. And let’s not forget how hard makoto will be crushing on mukuro. This is good shit. Thank you so much for making my day.

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New figure skating fan here! Who all do I watch out for the Men's SP? I can't watch all of them skate, i have no time (ಥ~ಥ)


I would recommend the following skaters:

  1. Boyang Jin
  2. Denis Ten
  3. Nathan Chen
  4. Yuzuru Hanyu
  5. Shoma Uno
  6. Javier Fernandez
  7. Patrick Chan
  8. Jason Brown
  9. Mikhail Kolyada
  10. Michal Březina
  11. Maxim Kovtun

All of these skaters have placed pretty highly at Worlds and other international events in the past couple years. Incidentally, this is PRETTY MUCH just the last couple groups. The only one I didn’t list was Alexei Bychenko of Israel. He could have a shot of placing high (he’s the 2016 European silver medalist) though, so we’ll see.  

Basically I’d say if you’re pressed for time just watch the last two groups? If you just go through youtube videos and don’t stay around for all the kiss and cry stuff/waiting for scores, you should be able to breeze through them relatively quickly! SPs are less than three minutes long, after all. 

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Salutations do u got them headcanons for all the champions dance moves?!?!???!!?!!? HOW DO THEY BREAK IT DOWN NOW YALL

This is it. The best ask I shall ever receive. ~skeleton


-obviously the best dancer, after all he is light on feet

-constantly lets the whole world know how sick his moves are


-gurl can slay on the dance floor

-I can see her being good at belly-dancing too

-has dance offs with revali (revali has tried belly-dancing to try to beat her…he admits that he has one weakness)



-doesn’t mean he doesn’t try tho

-dances like a straight white guy

-he’s having a good time tho so who cares


-pretty good

-she just gets really nervous if there are a bunch of people watching her and freezes up


-knows all the ballroom dances and waltz

-graceful af

-tries to help daruk, that ends up with both of them laughing their heads off, daruk considers that a win


-….he’s trying ok

-eventually zelda takes pity on him and teaches him

-the student eventually passes successfully