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your found cats au is one of the greatest things ever and at some point i'll leave a proper comment on ao3 but i just wanted you to know how much i love and adore it. so gentle and sweet and nuanced and just sooooo lovely. thank you x

you know. i had been thinking to myself that it’s all self-indulgent wanky garbage, but i just reread it for the first time and you know, there’s a message there. it may not be my message, and it may not be for me, but it came through me somehow and it’s got to mean something for someone. And so I stand by it.

meanwhile i need to convince my sister not to read that after all, because i sent her the link to it when it was a one-off, and now it’s in much more depth and i’ve stolen not only her cat, but also her other cat, her grad school, her three jobs (she has three, Poe has three, they’re a different three but the number is constant), her study group, her apartment, the way her fucking door locks all fucking stick and I can’t get her goddamn door open, the fact that the building dates to 1830 and parts of it make that painfully obvious, the way her cats mug her when she comes in the door, her decorating aesthetic, and her fucking hallway curtain (she’s one thousand percent sure her orange gauze curtain keeps food smells from getting into her bedroom). i’m kind of inexcusable here. 

(i even stole justin, her former downstairs roommate, who was a sweet gay boy who smoked on the porch with her cat, and got horribly domestic-abused and she had to call the cops and then hold him and tell him it wasn’t his fault and he needed to press charges so his ex didn’t do this again to some other poor bastard, and he’s gone and it’s the new neighbor who scanned the cat’s QR code and called her. I’m usually better at disguising stuff.)

(None of Poe’s more serious issues are hers though!! she’s not a traumatized combat veteran!) 

(girl cannot get her shit together but it is absolutely undeniable that she works harder than fucking anybody)

(a gay fanfic in tribute to her is the last thing she needs but it is all that i have to give)

(someday ill write my masterwork about my sisters. the lieutenant colonel supermom, the trashfire overachiever shining hero, the farmer. i can’t actually convey how much i love them and how collectively and individually awesome they are.)

(At one point last time I was home I said to Shining Hero sister, “Nobody ever said I was the smart one”, which sparked a debate among the three of us present as to which of us *was* the smart one. We theorized that baby [farm] sister was the Valedictorian of pain tolerance because she’d had both a broken femur and a natural homebirth, and she said, no way man, Lt Col Sister had a broken shinbone she still jumped out of planes with, and then THREE births– one a vaginal birth and then TWO C-sections she just healed from by sheer force of will. The humorous footnote is that we’d already had the discussion about which sister you’d ask to help you hide a body, and baby sister had won it with “I have 150 acres and 20 pigs”, so in this discussion we could just take that as read. [Baby sister was like “i researched this, pigs’ll demolish a skull no problem but not a femur so we gotta have an alternate plan for that”])

For the record, I’m extremely genetically blessed.


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