Random Headcanons because I’m too tired to do anything else.

Irathar bonded with Lasvala the quickest when they were born. Courage struggled with the bonding a bit and Mystery isn’t a baby person (he loves parenthood, just not a big baby fan). Courage didn’t bond with Lasvala until Lasvala started smiling and being able to interact more, but Irathar was locked in as soon as he held them. 

Irathar’s family raised the clan’s chickens, that’s why he wants them so much. 

Courage grew up in a negligent household, they had to learn to be self-sufficient pretty early on and enrolled in the military to get away from their parents. 

Irathar and Mystery were an item before meeting Courage. When they all met, they all clicked. 

Mystery is a software programmer. 

Lasvala’s eyeliner game is ridiculously strong.


Kass is insistent that Ash gets swim lessons in pretty much all AU’s. In AU’s where they aren’t so much as classes, she still takes the time to teach Ash how to swim. 

As such, Ash is a very strong swimmer.

Ash is terrified of leeches though, they freak her out. 

Kass likes rum.

Melarue gets Ash a bedazzler one year for her birthday - it’s one of her most prized possessions. 

Asaaranda has her nanae’s beauty - and her mama’s awkwardness. 

Asaaranda’s favored animal form is a ferret (because cat-snake).


Serahlin does spin classes.

Adannar loves peach cobbler.

Ileth insists on baking the cakes and goodies for all of his siblings’ and cousins’ weddings and birthdays. 

Serahlin adores Ana’s skincare items and swears by them, she tells all about how wonderful they are. 

Ileth has white hair like Adannar’s mother, Hara, so he gets ‘Hara’ as a middle name. When Ileth starts baking, Adannar thinks it’s because Ileth has a lot of his grandmother in him since Hara loved to bake as well.

I wish straight people knew how heartbreaking queerbaiting actually is for us. Like, you’re not just teasing a relationship. You’re dangling equal representation in front of our faces, being treated like human beings in front of our faces, with amazing and varied characters whose storylines are more than how straight people kill us (bullying) disease kills us (hiv scare) or we kill ourselves due to the tragedy of our story.

You dangle it and go “am I gonna? Am I gonna? ….Lol no, a show with gay lead characters?! No one would *ever* watch that!” and don’t see why it hurts us.


It’s all Hallows Eve the moon is full

                                              will she trick or treat  I bet she will