all of their shirt says hyuk

When You Wear His Clothes

A/N: I apologize in advance to any Ken stans for the gif I inserted bc goddamn I damn nearly killed myself in the process. 

Hakyeon (N)

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“Yah! Wear your own!”

He finds it absolutely adorable that you like wearing his clothes. He would probably buy you guys matching shirts. But when you still insisted on wearing his, he’d joke saying something like, “Yah! Wear your own!”

Taekwoon (Leo) 

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He would be too shy to admit how much he loved you in his clothes, but you could tell by the way his eyes would light up after he saw you in one of his big sweaters. 

Wonsik (Ravi)

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“Damn, babe.”

His eyes would be locked on you from the moment you slipped on his t-shirt. His gaze would follow your every movement, practically undressing you with his eyes. 

Jaehwan (Ken) 

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*licks his lips*

You wearing his clothes would be such a turn on for him. He found it so sexy the way his shirt stopped at your mid thigh, and it’d take all his restraint not to have his way with you. 


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*smiles dorkily*

A big dorky smile would stay on his face, for quite a while, when he first saw that you were wearing one of his shirts. From then on, he would always insist on you wearing his clothes. 

Sanghyuk (Hyuk)

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*blushes profusely*

Ugh, this dork. He’d be a blushing mess at first, but then he’d try to play it cool by saying something cheesy like, “Looking good, hot stuff,” which would embarrass him further, so then he’d be a blushing mess all over again. 

“Guilty As Charged.”

Requested by an anon. A babe. 

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Hyuk loved you, you loved him. The two of you always talked about marriage and children. His fmily was tired of Hyuk waiting to propose to you. After all you’ve been together for almost five years.

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VIXX - seeing your bra through your wet shirt

Ayeee my starlights are so dirty~

N: “Oh it’s pink.. and so cute.” *laughs and blushes*

Leo: *sighs* “What if someone sees it? Do you want my jacket?”

Ken: “I like it… no, sorry I didn’t say that.”

Ravi: *watches you* *just watches…*

Hongbin: *gasps* *and that smirk at the end* “Um babe… you’re wet. I MEAN your shirt.”

Hyuk: “wOAH it’s all lace and dainty, it doesn’t look very comfy, but DAMN GIRL.”

Dating Taekwoon would Include
  • N to the O when it come to PDA 
  •  if it gets too crowded ; he’ll pull you as close as he can & make sure you don’t get bumped into or lost
  • A wild blushing Leo appears
  • ‘Shut up’
  • I didn’t say a word !
  • Will give you a death glare if you tease him 
  • Probably make the members sit 2215452 cm away from you
  • ‘Germs’
  • Would genuinely be happy if you get along well with them though
  • Possessive small actions
  • When you are around the members or ANY human tbh he is likely not to initiate any skin-ship unless he feel protective & jealous then he’ll be all over you 
  • Being a bit too friendly for Leo’s taste with N
  • Sending lasers from miles away toward you two If stares could kill , N would be done for
  • Would never admits that he’s jealous 
  • Leo said he gives his all once in a relationship so be ready to be spoiled to the core
  • but still  would Ignore you 100% of the time for a kid or a cat tbh
  • Have to save Ken & Hyuk from getting murdered after they teased him
  • Ravi to the rescue because there is no way you can stop him alone
  • Pokerface
  • Trying to make him laugh, but failing most of the time
  • Acting cute
  • “Don’t”
  • “No”
  • Ok fine
  • Playing a game with the members 
  • Let’s say you’re betting on who can do a handstand better
  • Oops your shirt falls down & too much of skin is showing for leo’s liking
  • Leo would LITERALLY tackle you 
  • and when you look at him , he’ll be like ‘What”
  • Sassy Taekwoon
  • Will tease the hell out of you , just to see your reaction
  • Will NEVER let you live something down 
  • -I thought you were the cool one
  • Unless it clearly makes you uncomfortable bc he’s a sweetheart
  • Shy ‘ I love you’
  • Secret giggles
  • His shy smile with half moon eyes
  • Or When his cheekbones goes up and he gets few wrinkled , he just turn into a ray of sunshine and omg
  • ‘ I just saw an angel’
  • Turn into a burrito
  • In private
  • Back hugs and a lot of them
  • snuggling , snuggling
  • Long peaceful cuddling sessions 
  • Make you sit btw his legs or on his lap
  • Putting his head in the crook of your neck
  • Little pecks 
  • or
  • Passionate making out
  • Leo got no chill
  • Staring across the room 
  • Temple kisses
  • Bites Hamster Leo
  • Dates
  • Before a date if it’s it cold , he’ll make sure you’re wearing 10121456 layers of clothes & you’ll be like ARE YOU SERIOUS
  • Coffee dates
  • Where you enjoy a little chitchat or just the comfortable silence
  • Arcade dates
  • Ok fine he MAY let you win once in awhile but you’ll for sure have a blast
  • Sport dates
  • Taekwoon is a competitive kitten so be prepared to play that game like your life depends on it , specially if the members play with you
  • He’d go from 0 to 100
  • Loud Leo
  • Babysit his nephew date 
  • & yeah will forget about you 
  • Send you LOTS of pictures of his cute nephew
  • Karaoke 
  • Blasting  to Trey Songz
  • You complimenting him on his singing
  • Him turning into a mess
  • High note battle
  • Homes dates
  • Netflix & Ramyeon
  • Cooking for you or together
  • Or jut sitting there each one doing their own things , just enjoying each other company
  • Pet store date , just so he’ll look at the them bc why not
  • -Can we get a pet ?
  • -Taekwoon we already have 2 dogs
  • Buys one anyways
  • Lots of naps
  • Hair flips 
  • Hiding under the table  and apologies 50% of the time whenever you  shower him with compliments 
  • ‘I’m sorry ‘
  • Him purposely putting your stuff on the top shelf to make you feel short and so that you’ll beg him to help you get it down
  • Fanboying over
  • Trey Songz
  • Park Hyosin
  • Random backhugs
  • Cute sneezes
  • Studio worm
  • Make you listen to what he composed & nervously watch each of your reaction
  • Sighs, lots of sighs
  • Unspoken communication
  • Acting all silly and he’ll just like stare at you
  • Always being about trusting each other
  • Contact you whenever he can while on Tour
  • Mostly listen to you talking 
  • Respond softly
  • Getting you souvenirs from each place he has been to
  • Couple stuff
  • Not too extravagant , probably couple rings & mugs
  • Taekasso
  • A cold-cool-chic guy , Leo cry the most badly out all the members so be GENTLE with /to him 
  • He’ll also take care of you like you were the most precious person on earth 
  • FoOd
  • Poking his cheeks when he’s glaring at someone 
  • Lullabies 
  • Pillow talk
  • having a very deep and meaningful conversations
  •  Bold Taekwoon when he wants to
  • Smirks & inappropriate lip bites ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • This kitten is quite the perfectionist so you’ll need to remind him to tone it down a little & it’s ok to mess up
  • Cute pouts
  • Hamster Leo
  • Taekwoon with beanies
  • Finds it abso-freaking-lutely cute if you wear his shirt
  • Catching him staring at you & he’ll just blush and smile
  • At times he looks like he’s planning to run the world
  • Taekwoon’s laugh
  • FoOd

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The spanking thingy with Vixx please 😩👌🏼👌🏼

tad hyped for this one: haven’t got ANY vixx requests for sooooo long !

N: when hakyeon spanked you, it would be to tease you before having sex, after pulling your pants down and leaving you usually bent over the kitchen counter in just your panties and a t-shirt. he’d try his best to be super cool and seductive, but would often end up laughing or panicking if your ass started to turn too pink…

Leo: I’m trying to picture taekwoon spanking hard and being daddy af and rough… but I can’t picture it that well at all. I assume he’d be really shy at first and, as much as I want to say he’d take control and be dominant, spanking you until you could barely shout his name… I feel like he just wouldn’t be able to harm you.

Hyuk: little hyukkie would be shy beforehand as well, but would probably give it a go anyway, checking constantly for your reaction and if you were in any pain. to be quite honest, Im not sure hyuk would really know what he was doing, but he’d make up for it by teasing you using alternative methods…

Ravi: he’d be so for it, with years of experience up his sleeve to treat you with. he’d spank your ass so hard that you’d have to throw your head back in shock and arch your back on the bed. wonsik would be sure to make you feel EVERY single moment of pleasure/pain from his smacks, there would be no weak ones.

Hongbin: he’d be cautious at first, but when he was really turned on and getting into it, he’d reveal that it was actually a massive fetish of his. his favourite thing would be having you bent over a sink or kneeling on the sofa stark naked, so he had you all to himself. he’d play with your ass a bit first, before landing a few spanks that would send shivers down your spine and the immense feelings being sent through your bones.

Ken: jaehwan would also take great pleasure in seeing you bent over and waiting for you. he’d leave your ass tender and sore, before soothingly kissing it and running his tongue across your sensitive spots, feeling a sense of achievement once you’d shivered with pleasure enough.

Jumbo-post! Vixx/BTS/Got7 reacting to their gf (you) wearing another group's merch.

Anon said: Holaa, how would vixx/bts/got7 (you have the choice of these 3 c: ) if their gf was wearing another groups merch (e.g. like the exo overdose jumper) I love your blog by the way, you’re just brilliant!!♡♡





‘That BTS shirt is awful. BTS is awful. No I’m not jealous, I’m just more attractive and talented, thank you very much.’


'Nah, I’m cuter than Jin. I’m better than Jin. Get out of that merch, girl.’


'But you have my merch. It says Ravi on your cap. We spent a whole saturday decorating it with studs. Why you don’t wear it?’

External image


'Yeah, bae, look. BTS is cute. But I’m hot. Cute.. Or hot? Think about that.’


*stares at your shirt judgingly*


'Mehhh, I’m cuter. My aegyo-game is stronger than V’s.’



'You sure you wanna wear a shirt saying 'BamBam’? I can give you mine. I could also put up a little show for you to go along with it..’


'I’m freaking handsome, okay. I’m your man. Wear my shirts. I don’t care if your boobs stretch out the print when you wear mine. JUST WEAR IT PLEASE.’


'Ah… Yeaaahhh, nice shirt, jagiya… really. Nice.’

*note the loath he is saying this with.*

External image


*bitter as Hell*

'Nice cap. Yes, JB is indeed handsome. Yes, amazing. Yup, not bitter at all. Everybody loves Got7.’


'Okay.. Imma need you to take that off, or I will see it fit to rip it off of you and then this Suga will turn into spice.’


'I don’t care how cute you look in that jumper, it has Yugeom’s face on it and I can’t kiss you while he is staring at my bellybutton.’


'Bish you think this is a freaking game?’



'I’m the cutest member in the group. I’m the cutest member in ANY group. What you doing wearing a Vixx shirt when 50% of my, and your wardrobe be BTS shirts?’


'I like Vixx and all, and I would wear their merch too, but you look cuter in OUR merch, with MY name on it.’


'You know.. I love you to look chic. We are chicer than Vixx. N is a ratchet hoe. Yes, I just called him that.’


'Really cool that you are a Vixx fangirl. They deserve that type of support. But I like Got7 jumpers on you too.’


*you are talking to BamBam and Jackson walks past you like*



'Girl I don’t think we are on the same page regarding my awesome compaired to any of those guys.’


*looks at his members like this when you turne around*


N: N would immediately pull up your shirt and flip you over gently to your feet. He’d then scold you for not realizing your attire didn’t permit the action and he’d also scold his so-called friends for making you do the dare, even though they, too, knew your attire didn’t permit the action. “Next time choose truth! And as for you five: Keep your hormones in check. You disgust me.” 

Leo: Leo would flip you over so fast that you might get whiplash. He won’t scold you as much as N would, but he would remind you to be careful, considering the company you are in. “Don’t be so careless. Tuck it in next time.”

Ken: Ken is too flustered to function, so he’ll run up to you and hold your shirt up while making screaming noises as if that’ll deter everyone’s attention. But it won’t. “No! Don’t look at her! Don’t look at her!”

Ravi: Ravi won’t touch you because he doesn’t want you to fall, so he’ll just stand in front of you as a shield from the prying eyes of his fellow members. He’d whisper to you to hurry up with that handstand, though. “I think you won the dare, so hurry up and come back down.”

HongBin: HongBin will make a big deal out of nothing. He’d sprint to your side and block the other’s view of you while he screams reasons why looking at you is completely wrong. “We are men, but we don’t have to live up to the stereotype that we’re hungry wolves. Please respect this woman’s body.”

Hyuk: Hyuk will hold your shirt up as you do your handstand while sending death glares to all his bros. If they so much as make a comment or noise he’ll give them a verbal maknae knuckle sandwich. Er…something like that. “Say anything stupid and I’ll tell her who in this room isn’t well endowed. *chuckles* Oh, the perks of dorming.”

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D&E 2nd Tour - Osaka Day 2

Introduction ment: donghae made a mistake saying ‘menna meccha sukiyanen’ (should be minna) and then he laughed and said that he was cute And hyuk was like 'yeah yeah you were cute’ AND PINCHED HIS CHEEK SAYING 'CUTE’

hae: good morning everyone
hyuk: what are you saying, it’s night already!
hae: i’ve been wanting to meet everyone since morning~

hyukjae did his usually greeting and donghae added '동꾸 동꾸 니’ and went to grab hyukjae’s jacket to wear LOL

hyuk took off his jacket and threw it on the floor, then donghae ran to the back and took off his jacket too, then he came back and put on hyuk’s jacket

hyukjae keep trying to touch Donghae’s right hand but donghae doesn’t let him and suddenly they are fighting LOL

Hyuk: This is my very important clothes, change it back quick. Hae: You are someone very important to me, so you just keep MC-ing

Hae was doing Aegyo and Hyuk threw the piece of tissue he used to wipe his sweat to Hae’s head

Hyuk laughed like an idiot, Hehehe, hehehe, am I sweet? Hae despised him and didn’t say anything

HJ: do u think im pretty?
DH: you’re crazy~

Hyuk said he wanted to tell us secrets about Hae, Hae didn’t let him, they started fighting with each other using both hands n legs

During intro, hyuk said 'it rained all day today didn’t it? Did u all bring umbrellas?’ Then donghae said if we didn’t, he could shelter… with his shirt and then he lifted his shirt up exposing his abs showing how we could go under it. Hyuk knelt and stared at his abs DEAD

When Hae discovered the big screen was focusing on his exposed belly, he pulled the shirt back down immediately

Symphony Hae on the moving cart shaked hands with every fan who sat at the first row

When hae was on the little car going around ELF he could touch ELF’s hand and he was so close. When he came toward us, he kept touching and even kissing all the hands on the frot row TT and smiling like crazy !! TT so sweet !!

Hae on the little cars touching ELF hands again awww
He also saw a little girl and made a cute face ~~^^

Hyuk said elf were cute and asked if we tought they were cool ! Hae did handsome faces to the cam and a kissssss

middle lcd had technical issues during mother. so during Kimi Ga Naitara eunhae rode the carts and performed at the stage at the back

Also hyuk made a sign to “eat” our love… i dont know what hyuk drank before LOL

Eunhae went to the cam, kneeled down and while hyuk was talking hae put the Whole mic INTO his mouth.. YOU KNOW THE ROUND PART ALL IN HIS MOUTH. And did it again, hyuk did it too but opened wide and didnt put as much as hae…. WTF GUYS OMG

hae said he’s hungry lmao and ate his mic again xD
then hyuk learn from him

When fans watching VCR, they sat tgr and analyzed the mics, when VCR finished, Hyuk wanted to get up, but Hae pulled him to sit down, Hae wanted to say sthg, but the pronounciation was wrong even Hyuk taught him many times, Hyuk laid on the floor looked helpless

Then they both found the camera and sat down right in front of the camera for the ment. IT WAS SO CUTE ARGH. donghae said he wanted water, and passed the water bottle to hyuk. Hyuk showed us that their water bottles are labelled with ’D’ and 'E’ (ehhh) Then donghae put down his water bottle AND TRIED TO SUCK WATER FROM HIS MICROPHONE Then he prob sat there laughing with the whole stadium for like five mins And hyuk took up the water bottle and microphone and was like 'this is water. This is microphone. Ok? This, you drink. This, you speak into.’ Donghae was like ok and started drinking from his bottle and hyuk pointed to the Mic again and said 'this is microphone’ HE WAS LIKE TALKING TO A BABY

they were about to choose which video of super show to show on screen, both eunhae were sitting down then donghae threw the draw papers on stage. hyukjae didnt look satisfied so he grabbed more papers and threw them on stage ㅋㅋ in they end, they /picked/ instead of randomly drew a paper from the box xD the song chosen was superman from ss4 tokyo haha they are really fond of it.

EUNHAE dancing to superman, Hahah hyuk made us sing superman and hae sang a little :) they were doing the superman strong poses ^__^

At the beginning of wine when they arrive in the big bottle hae was alone waving… Then a few sec after hyuk popped out XD he was hiding XD

eunhae were sitting at the small stage behind and fans in front all turn towards the back. eunhae asked those in front to face the front, so fans faced the main stage and sat with their necks turned to the back to look at eunhae.
hae: you all look so scary!! your necks turned to the back like this after that eunhae imitated them

during kiss kiss dynamite Hyukjae made a kissy face towards donghae but donghae pushed him away

Kiss Kiss Dynamite Hae tried to pull up hyuk’s shirt, didnt succeed the first time and he did it again

Hyuk Why can’t you even speak korean well? Hae Bos…l speak Japanese better.. Hyuk: But you don’t look that way. Hae: then you do it to show how to be fluent!

HJ: let’s go hotel~
HJ: its finish oh my god…

IWD, Hyuk chased after Hae wanted to blow air to Hae, but Hae pushed him away

During teenage queen hae on the little car took two flower that an ELF gave him and put him under his ear~
On oppa oppa eunhae didnt do the rock paper game and instead told us to do it together :)
During oppa oppa encore hae dis a big move and hit hyuk who was laughing !
At the end they came back on the main stage and started bowing and trolling us saying “goodbye” “its over”…
They were breathing so loudly and so sweaty hahaha
Hae damn hips move in front are sosjslsbskslsksms *dying*

Hae gave a signed ball directly to a little girl hands awww

after hello, both eunhae were frozen on spot. camera focused on hyuk who was standing still but doing cute expressions ㅋㅋ then suddenly
donghae shouted to the mic loudly, and hyukjae was surprised hahaha he patted his chest few times saying donghae surprised him ㅋㅋ

Hyuk is talking abt the meaning of present. Its also the present time :) they were thinking abt the 2 meaning when making the album :)
Hae said really really thank you for coming

Saturday Night, Hyuk said it was not Sat and wanted to sing Friday Night, but he couldn’t pronounce it, Hae did it for him, then Hyuk said it was not Friday Night, should be Saturday Night!

hae was talking while holding his mic slanted (like how heechul held during sry2), hyuk followed too and imitated heechul in sorry sorry then fans continued singing up till “baby”.
donghae: because it’s “baby” so fans are able to continue
then hyuk sang bonamana  everyone was singing well up till “will you look or not look” and it became softer then they started laughing

after that, they sang Saturday Night, fans sang softly until the “oh oh oh oh” part then suddenly sang very loudly and eunhae laughed super hard. then they imitated fans singing softly in front and super loud at “oh oh oh oh” part xD

They are making fun of us because when we sang saturday night we did the “oh oh oh” very strong but not the lyrics XDDD
We did the “huh huh” and hae was laughing at us because we were making it like boys XD He then asked us to make it with a very low voice

Hyuk said we are so perv and sang “you are like a sexual alien” and stopped the move his hand on his crotch and said “perv” lol

hyuk said 'you are all perverts. I know everything that you guys like.’ Then he pointed at us and said again 'I know everything’

Hae said thay he was strong and hyuk weak then actually hit him and hyuk complained that he was hurting

hae: it’s ok if you can’t remember the lyrics, but when there’s a joint concert, you must sing out loud~
hyuk: uh, so we’ll only sing motorcycle and teenage queen, the songs you all are good at
hyuk: i finally know the reason behind our popular songs, it’s all 2 syllabus, easier for fans to chant

They danced choki wa several times though they were tired and at the end hyuk flopped and said 'it would be better if we didn’t have it in the album’

During intro, donghae said his heart was doki doki (beating hard) and hyuk started to sing the doki doki part from kiss kiss dynamite

When they aired the new year video, we were looking at EunHae on the back stage instead of at the screen. So they kept gesturing to us to look at the screen haha

During intro donghae was trying to do aegyo but he failed soooo badly loool baby it’s okay

Before encore, they kept saying 'this is the last song’ but hae was dallying and finally hyuk yelled 'hurry up we need to prep for encore!’
When choki wa started, donghae was startled and made the cutest surprised face ever

donghae solo for choki wa
hae did choki wa but fell on the floor XD he hit his head stayed a but on the floor but stood up and smiled loool that baby

hyukjae solo for choki wa
when hyuk did his hip trust, he didn’t face fans, he kept facing lee donghae XDDDD i see…………… ;)))

Hae was caught yawning on the big screen and fans starting screaming. only then, hae knew he got caught and turned to the big screen. hyuk didn’t know what happened so he turned to the big screen too but the screen only showed their backs. so hyuk turned back doing the choki wa move … and choki wa started playing and they started dancing again hahaha. they did

They asked us what song from the Japan album we wanted to be tested on. Ppl were shouting and EunHae tried to understand but couldn’t, Then they were like 'all we can hear is shouting’ and started imitating us shouting away HAHA

when eunhae introduced the dancers, we were shown a hidden cam of the dancers being scolded by masao-san, the director. the clip ended with the dancers all dancing choki wa ㅋㅋ donghae said that this video can become choki wa’s PV (promotional video) haha

cr.trulyhae, ohnoeunhae, eunhaes_, Mininin_87, moaningEUNHAE, smackhyuk, imgoodnight

D&E 2nd Tour - Nagoya Day 1

Introduction :)
Hyuk “so next song”
Elf :“eeeeehhhh ?? (What)”
Hyuk “lets introduce ourself, what should we do ?”
Hae: now thats weird XD
Hae then wipped off hyuk sweat With paper towel and threw it on him XD
Then they introduced themselves in the same time with different Words XD konbanha and ohayo (good night)
Then they did it again until they said together “we love u”
Then hae introducing himself and saying “you have a little voice” and ELF screamed again
Hyuk did the same

Hyuk then faked to remove his jacket hae did the same to make elf scream
Then they removed it, hae walked all the stage to put in jacket away XD
then hyuk faked to remove his shirt and looked at us wrongly XD
then hyuk put his hand in his pocket. Hae put his hand on hyuk pocket too and they made heart sign with their fingers
They talked a bit thanked avex, sm and us and hae made a heart with his arms to ELF ~~~

They talked a bit didn’t quite understand sorry lol I think they said they are in live in korea today so we have to do it well~
Hyuk asked if we remembered the songs from other shows and said “test” ! 

We had to sing “ten years” we did it well but they laughed XD
Hyuk said to do it well for us and the ones looking in korea ?
Then hyuk wanted to show us sth, he said “one two….” “No wait” and hae and him laughed XD elf were like “whaaaat” and they did the crotch move from kiss kiss dynamiteeeee !!!!
Hyuk said to us “perv” and they did it again aaaaahhhhhh
Elf were screaming “one more time” omg

I think after they Were talking to korean elf watching us and showed us the many cams
Then they found out that a bug spot was showing a big ball light on the screen…. And hyuk went on the floor to do like the kamehameha ball in dragonballz and hae joined and they played With it making anime noises XD
Then they talked again to the cam I think for ELF from south america ? They are streaming too ? Woah
They played with the screen again, hae scratchibg hyuks head ^__^
Light cal action

Hyuk: previously we did in Nagoya hall, medium size now Arena large size . What’s next
Hae: dome, double large

Special service today by hyuk with kiss kiss dynamic toki toki pelvic thrust

Hae: there’s recording today. Ya practise the songs at home right?
Hyuk: feeling insecure

We sang 10 years well.
Hyuk: you all sang so well, don’t look like our fans
hae: not used to it
hyuk: if you all didn’t sing well, we can make slight mistakes. but since you all sang well, we must do well >_>

Hae: your voices are so soft! you didn’t eat breakfast?
Hyuk: I brought breakfast~ it’s in my pocket I’ll take it out for you~ /does a heart sign using his fingers/ eat more so you’ll have energy to scream

during intro, Donghae Wiped Hyukjae’s sweetly very gently with a tissue and said that his eyeliner is smudging and he doesn’t look good. So hyukjae let donghae to Wipe his Sweat donghae suddenly wiped hyukjae’s face roughly and threw the tissue at hyukjae’s face. Hyukjae pulled opened(?) his jacket and donghae threw the tissue at him once more. Donghae then proceed to intro dice himself as the ’D’ of ’D&E’ but because fans did not scream very loudly, he was not happy. 

Hyukjae was also unhappy with the volume so they said “you guys can’t make it.” Eunhae, then shared a look and started taking off their jacket. Fans began to scream loudly and hyukjae said “See they like it they are all perverts.“ Then hyukjae sis the hjpthrust in bari5! and fans started screaming again. Hyukjae then said "see you guys only like stuff like that. but the screams were not bad ah.”

lee donghae didn’t see donghwa when he passed by him LMFAO
hyuk sang halfway and he suddenly spotted donghwa tho hahahahaha
donghwa just laughed when hae passed by him.

hyuk: i know your wishes are to get married with me. but cannot, my heart isn’t ready
hae: im ready
hyuk: cannot!

At the end of kimi ga naitara, hyuk faked to play piano,
Then when the song ended hae asked if hyuk had a piano and faked to play too XD
Hae is complaining because they are on the back of the scene and everyone is looking at the screen and not them, XD so hae cant see our faces lol
So they sat down and waved at the camera XD

Hyuk asked hae to speak but he said his throat hurt, so he started to speak very slowly and asked the translator to do the same and it was very cute kk then hyuk spoke with a big voice.
Then they took water bottles and said “lets drink together” hae added “after the concert lets drink together” and “let have a date”
Loool when hyuk was speaking hae took the straw out of the bottle water with his mouth, smiled, but water was still inside the straw so he put some on hyuk XD
hyuk stood up and showed us his white pants wet XD then hyuk took a straw and did the same to hae XD he also slapped hae on his head ㅋㅋㅋ

hae suck water and sprayed on hyuk’s pants
hyuks: it’s all wet!!
hae: i thought you were hot
then hyuk suck water wanting to spray hae, hae use hand to cover and hyuk sprayed water on hae’s hand

Time for lottery~~~^^
Hae took the box and made the papers fall on his face then took one paper with his mouth. Then opened a little to let hyuk took it with his hand
Then they put head against head, hae made funny faces letting his tongue out haaaa
Hyuk said super show 4 then put the paper inside his mouth XD
Hae went to pick it but hyukkie throwed the wet paper on haes cheek ㅋㅋㅋ
Hyuk tried to show the paper on the cam but it was too wet kkk
Super show 4 superman in japan (osaka?)

Hae and hyuk stood on the stage doing superman moves while elf were singing.
Hyuk said to have fun~ us and elf Who are watching :)
Hyuk said they are looking for a girlfriend XD
They introduced where is she

Hyuk: the next song I will find my girlfriend.
Hae: I already found mine.
Hyuk: where
Hae: she will appear at the end
Hyuk: I will snatch her away from you when she appears
Hae: give you then

Hyuk: everyone’s legs must be sore? You can sit down.
Hae: everyone’s butt must be sore? You can stand up.

during kisskissdynamite hyukjae turned to kiss donghae but donghae used his hand to block

Hyuk said after saturday night “its really saturday”
Then they joked it was over XD They held hands and bowed ~~
Then 5yo old Hae bowed and ran like a crazy to the backstage XD hyuk then went on the floor, put his hand on his face and ran also on backstage, stopped shortly at the end and went inside XD
these 2 loool
Encore ~~

Hae saying ELF are beautiful and cute with strong japanese accent and hyuk did it  also~~
They pointed each other faces ^__^
Hyuk asked us if we had fun ;) he said i think elf watching and us are the same~ all elf are the same, Then hae screamed without his mike to ELF !! Hyuk asked if it was ok and hae said “its okay” still screaming than “thank you” in English
They kept talking some random words in English loool with a strong accent~ XDD
Hyuk asked if hae understood the theme of the concert ? Hae said and mimed a kiss “chuuu”
Hyuk said then theme was “chu~” lol

Hae randomly stood up and put his head upside down, his hair fallling down awww~
I have no idea why after they mimed playing basketball lol
Hyuk kept going in japanese and every elf were so surprised because he said it very well XD then he said he studied a lot XD
He then explained the 2 meaning of present~ and while hae did a cute face, hyuk read the screen in japanese so fast XD and made a proud and bad boy pose ㅋㅋㅋ
then they called themselves many elf XD “moron, garbage, toilet… ” lol

Hyuk kept talking abt present theme, and they spoke together at the end ~~
Hae put his hand on his eyes, like to cry then hyuk asked what happenned and hae casually said “i am hungry” XD
then hae “next song…… No”
Then hyuk said “next song mamacita !!” Hae started to dance and imitate siwon
hyuk said they gave us the last song~ present have so many meanings~

Hae put again his head down so long, his eyes tearing a bit but wheb hyukkie asked Whats going on~ hae said he was hungry lol
Hae put a confetti around his head XDDDD and made a node above his hairs XD

Today concert was showed in Korea and Chile. They talked about it and made intro
for Korea and Chile. When was time for Chile they said that they prepared to talk in
Chilean but the only things they said “Hello I’m Eunhyuk” and “Hello Im Donghae”
Donghae even added a cute “S" (Donghaesss) Eat the end of his name like a
good boy who think that you must add a “S” at the end of every Spanish word LMAO

Choki wa~
Elf screaming lee hyukjae and hae, they did rock paper game~ hae won so it was hyuk turn to do it. He ended on the floor so tired XD then hae took a bottle of water, opened it and threw it on hyuk XD
then hae turn he danced like crazy and fell on the floor XD hyuk had his revenge and put water on him too kk

They said they wanted to test us and they wanted to do the Doki Doki part. But at first
Eunhyuk was SO shy. But then he did it and when he pointed at his crotch everybody
scream and they said “I told you hentai desuuu”

Some girls in the arena were saying to do it one more time and Donghae said so to
Eunhyuk "Look they want one more time” and Eunhyuk was “why you are like this”
but did it anyway and when we chanted to do it again he said no

choki choki 4th time. Hyuk can’t already, just kneel down dancing choki
Hyuk dance till collapse. Hae say again. Hyuk dance
Hae solo choki. He collapse too
Hyuk: this dance really exhausting. Why ya like it so much

Last mc~ hae spoke a lot saying thank you~ and do not forget this time together TT
i think hyuk said he was sad to not be able to show the concert in Korea~ TT and then he thanked us and said because we are here they are happy
Then they bowed TT

Hae: let’s meet in our dream tonight~
Hyuk: let’s meet in the hotel
Hae: you pervert!
Hyuk: I’m perverts with everyone~

Hyukjae was speaking in Japanese (I think he was saying something like drink water) but couldn’t figure out the right form of the verb to drink in Japanese so Donghae helped him. The whole arena made a shocked sound and went all ooooh~~~~ and eeeeehhhh (cos usually it is Hyukjae who helps Donghae with Japanese) and Donghae looked very accomplished and very much proud of himself. Hyukjae then, said something in Japanese which sounded very complicated and all and they started a little battle (?) About who could speak a longer phrase in Japanese. Then Hyukjae said a word in Japanese that Donghae didn’t know and he whispered what is it" to Hyukjae in kor and Hyukjae struggled trying to explain it to him.

During the concert, when they were choosing papers, Donghae made a sound and Hyukjae asked “chu?” Donghae laughed then Hyukjae kept going “chu chu chu” Then Donghae asked “what are you doing!” And Hyukjae replied “I just want to kiss…”

cr. Mininin_87, ddaalki, , sj_iriszhu, eunhaes_,  _haengel


D&E Tour Osaka - Day 2
During intro, hyuk said ‘it rained all day today didn’t it? Did u all bring umbrellas?’ Then donghae said if we didn’t, he could shelter with his shirt and then he lifted his shirt up exposing his abs showing how we could go under it. Hyuk knelt and stared at his abs DEAD (c)(c)

SBS Prerecording Fanaccounts:


*The lyrics says shake Shake Shake a lot of times XD and they shake their asses hahaha they also have some hip trust

That sugar sugar honey is ‘shirt’ song

*Eunhae doing a little rocking thing together in the beginning.

*Donghae said maybe teuk will cry today… and teuk face already redㅋㅋ

*Before recording eunhyuk asked if we ate XD mixed responses

*They did the kill them all on stage !!! And then Shindong pretended to stab Hyuk

*Eunhyuk making his own fanchant.

*Eunhyuk ran onto stage and then stopped abruptly so sungmin came and manhandled his ass

*Eunhyuk has his arm on donghae’s shoulders And they bent down. But standby was too long, siwon hit eunhyuk And donghae




at the concert, donghae told us all to close our eyes because he had a gift for us. he then touched the back pocket of his pants. eunhyuk laughed and asked why donghae would say he had a gift for us and then touch his pants. donghae laughed, too. hyuk then started a “TAKE IT OFF!” chant that went on for a while. then both hyuk and hae sang the “baby i just wanna see you naked” part of skeleton. eunhyuk then said he also had a gft for us, and started fiddling with his belt. donghae reached out to touch hyuk’s hand and point at his crotch. then eunhyuk said he was just adjusting his shirt because it was loose, lol. (after all this, it turned out the actual gift was hae asking us to close our eyes, counting to three, and then making a kissing sound, aww. hyuk did the same.) // london korean film festival 13.11.2014

140828 Inkigayo Pre-Recording

Hyuk said do you know alo alo? And started doing like a Hawaiian dance bluebada_

ELF chanting “watermelon” and kangin just ignoring with a small smile. Shiwon pointing at kangin himurahimeko 

Kangin said everyone Leeteuk hyung is back! And we started chanting park Jungsoo  and then the boys started mocking him. And then Shindong came and said well we are going soon and we were like awww and then he said something like it’s better to go and come fast bluebada_

Eeteuk seriously talking with wook about dance timing and wook looks like he’s like “ur worrying too much hyung" bluebada_

Eunhyuk laid down on floor and Donghae stepped on his foot elf_ninida

Shingdong slaps siwon’s butt when they are preparing for recording @ParkHeeYoung13

Kangin was trying to say something but Eunhyuk kept saying ayayayaya super loudly bluebada_

There was this time where kangin was doing this "dongsaeng-ah!” And hugging all his dongsaeng and then he gets to heechul and does this cute “hyung-ah!” But doesn’t go thru with his hug and then heechul comes and hugs him instead And then heechul finds his nipple and starts poking at it himurahimeko 

At beginning of 5th take, eunhae was slumped over like they are hung over and pd kept saying stand by and siwon was like YA!!!  @dinoteuk

Super Junior have recorded Shirt 4 times already. After 3rd time they shouted “fighting” together. cutegirl315

Fans shouted name of each members when they go on stage .kyu imitate how fans shake balloon And shout their name. Hyuk do thumbs up to fans. Eunhyuk was the last to leave stage. He kept giving kiss ~thumbs up And lastly make a love sign to fans cutegirl315


D&E Tour Saitama - Day 1 :

➮  Hyukjae was talking in Japanese until he could not continue on so hae called him a pabo and pretended to hit him

hyukjae: this time we will present all the D&E songs to everyone because we don’t know when we will hold a tour again

➮ hyuk asked the audience if they liked him better between the both of them and asked hae to go back.

Hyuk:everyone thinks im more handsome right out of the two of us,im more handsome than donghae right?that is why donghae can go home now! 

Hae:o.k goodbye everyone! .

then hyuk said this is my concert and danced to motorcycle.

➮ at the ending of Skeleton, eunhae performed some sort of magic trick & disappeared into the “coffins”

➮ Wonderland & 1+1=Love  in  slow version !

➮ hyuk rapping and hae walking around him making cute faces

Kimi ga naitara -On that high note that hyuk often miss hae stood up, laughing, but hyuk did it perfectly haha 

2nd ment :

-Hae made a kiss to the screen then ran to hyuk so close to his hear..

-Hae & hyuk hi5ing, hae holding hae shoulders, hyuk touching hae 

-Hyuk: how are the mums pics? Their mums didn’t know It’ll be used here too. It’s a secret from them.

Hyuk: I used the mum pictures shown just now secretly 

Hae: you didn’t tell but I called and told my mum 

Hyuk: what are you saying

 -They asked us to think ten years but nobody remembered HAHAHA so hae said the concert is over XD.. Hyuk: but it’s ok cos it’s not going to be recorded into dvd. For tmr, pls call your friends to prepare well !SM reps are here so ya got to do a good job !! 

-They are chosing the songs fan can sing, they sing a lot then come to Mamacita, the Ayayaya was so loud, Hyuk: u only can sing yaya woohoo!

 -Eunhae said the fans are very restless. Did we went to another concert? who went to watch tvxq concert raise ur hands! Hahahaha 

Hyuk: did you all go to Tokyo done yesterday? 

Hae: went to watch tvxq? 

Eunhae: we can end the concert here

- Hyuk:is it okay if we take off some clothes?“ They took off his jacket, put it back and again to make girls scream 

members naked scenes. But the screen was broken, then they stop the video .They keep saying its very rated and under 19 cannot watch this. End up its Miracle from SS4 XD .

-Hyuk screamed Grossss at the part when Siwon taking off his shirt in Miracle (: 

-they were watching ss4’s miracle VCR and while watching hyukjae put his arms over donghae’s shoulders, half-hugging him

➮ They are doing rock paper game back to back ,the one who lost will have to take off the clothes. but hae looked at the screen and cheated so hyuk lost ! 

Hyukjae removed his jacket, belt, shoes and sock as punishment !


They said they have to find one person, Hyuk: who think u r the one pls raise ur hand. Everyone raises their hand

➮ VCR :They got chased by the cops, so they came back aS the cops, then again with swat, baseball players, school boys (awwww), but they got caught again and made sad faces
At the end they finnaly take the big bottle but it get stuck in the floor and they end up fighting.
The bottle at last open itself and they ran with it (:

HYUKJAE COPYING WHATEVER DONGHAE SAYS AT THE START OF OPPA OPPA..At the end of i wanna dance, they air punched each other and ended of with a fist bump .

➮ During oppa oppa, Donghae was saying "Welcome to the super-” then cut himself off and repeated it saying “D&E” instead XD

➮ 5th vcr :The VCR was like they drank a lot and dreamed about one girl.they took off their clothes in front of each other then the director came wake them up: Stand by! and tell them to go out XD

 4th ment:

- Hyuk was like thanks everyone to come, Hae was like why did u come here without rmb the lyric, today u n me fight one by one 

- Hyuk: “we wanted to give you a present so we named the album ‘present ‘..we want to give you a lot of memories before we go, we put a lot of efforts for this english present has 2 meaning, it also mean the present time, right now when i am is with you i am happy..” 

-Eunhae said you all are thieves who stole our hearts & live in our hearts, give us back! But yall have to wait two years 

➮ Hyuk forgot what he wanted to say in Jap again and asked hae for help. Hae leaned over and whispered to him.


the last song, Gift, eunhae the two of them were shown on the big screen, writing the lyrics in japanese. then donghae sung one line of lyrics, which was “i know that you’re always by my side” whilst staring at hyukjae’s face on the big screen T-T  
Hyuk was standing at the centre of the stage holding out his hand,waiting for donghae to come over,donghae walked over and just let hyuk rest his hand over his shoulder,then they walked to the front together..
- hyuk: the meaning of “Present” is that you guys are my present. you all give us the same present, which is love, and thank you so much. we don’t know when we can meet again, but i hope that we can meet again quickly.
donghae: even if we don’t have money, don’t have car, it’s okay, as long as we have your support, i feel very blessed
Hyukjae looks like he’s about to cry 

 cr:gheihyuk,sj_iriszhu,youngxbae,mish_shellx,Mininin_87,ki_tgiang,edith ♥ 

xxmercybunxx1234-blog  asked:

Hello!! I read all the pages in this blog!! I totally loved it!! How will vixx react if they came home then saw u wearing his shirt, hugging his pillows , watching their comeback in the tv, and then saying u miss him so much??? ( he dint came home in weeks due to the schedules) luv the blog!! Keep it up!! <3 <3

HongBin: HongBin would be bothe happy and sad. Happy cause his baby is missing him, giving him the feeling that you really love him. And sad cause he left you at home all alone. He’d put on comfy clothes and cuddle with you wathing the comeback too. He’d hold you really tight and whisper ‘i love you’s all night.

Hyuk: There would be a conflict between Baby Hyuk and Manhyuk. He’d like to make his woman feel better but i also feel like he’d want to be hugged and kissed and be told over and over again that he’s loved and that he’s been missed. You guys would probebly stay up all night catching up and snuggling.

Ravi: Ravi woul pull you in for a passionfilled kiss and tell you that he missed you too. He’d probebly bring you to the bed, and depending on tiredness and mood you guys might do the do. But if not he’d be content with cuddles and kisses.

Leo: Leo would pull you into a warm embrace in an instant. He’d draw circles on you back and he’d plant kisses on your neck, teling you over and over that he loves you and that he’s sorry that i left you for so long. He’d probebly feel really bad, for no reason, it is his job after all.

N: He would tell you he missed you and that you look cute and then he’d probebly just start rambling on about nothing. He’d sit next to you and bring you close and tell you everything that has happened. He won’t care if it’s important or not he’d tell you about it, so you could feel that you were there even if you weren’t.

Ken: Ken is Ken, Ken is jokes. He’d make jokes about that you couldn’t even be away from him a few weeks without breaking down. And he’d say stuff like “am i really that amazing?”. But in the end he’d cuddel with you in bed, telli ng you that he actully missed you too.

~Admin Chibi

Eunhae Interview for "ride me" :
  • -Hyuk mention about kimi naigtara being a touching ballad song and hae say when they listen to demo of that song they wanted to sing it badly.
  • -Hyuk mention about himself being attracted to ripped pants recently; hae mentioned about himself wearing leopard printed pants occasionally.
  • -Both wanted to try food in japan.. hae wanted to travel around too.
  • -Hyuk say he likes sponge cake(?) In japan and will always bring home.. hae say he likes scented candles and always lit in hotel room.
  • -Hyuk say memorable part about mv is with those sexy models[??]
  • -Hae said they requested the mv director to add in the wigs for their motorcycle mv. (We already know)
  • -Q: Attraction of the mv is..?
  • Hae: eunhyuk bold acting in the mv.
  • -Hae: everyone must watch the cheorography.. because its something only me and eunhyuk can do.
  • link:
  • cr: EunhaeBeMine