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maythetriforcebewithyou119  asked:

Hello! I've just finished Carry On ( I cried I love it so much!! ) and I was wondering if you knew of any books similar to it? ( preferably gay and quite light? ) thank you!

YES! I’d love to recommend some books. Actually I get this a lot from Carry On fans and made a Carrying On after Carry On book chart:

Carrying On after Carry On.

All the books on the chart are fantasies with gay mains. Now you have specified that you are looking for something light so I would recommend you look at the books under “Fluff that doesn’t go past kissing” all of those are light. If you like fairytales I would recommend Fairytales Slashed, which is a bunch of short m/m romantic fairytales, it’s my comfort read. 

If you have any other questions about those books or any others let me know.

Happy reading!


Wallpaper version of the first panel from comic-66 of ‘A Tale of Two Rulers

(I’ve been meaning to share the wordless version of this panel forever, and the holiday seemed like a good time/excuse to do so! )

Happy whatever-you-happen-to-celebrate! And if you don’t happen to be celebrating anything today, I hope you have a very nice Sunday! <3

This guy. Makes me laugh. Thanks.