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BotW Age

So Link grew up in/around Zora’s Domain, right? Like knew everyone well enough that even 100 years later a good number of Zora are like “Oh my god, Link?!” when you come back. I just like to imagine there was some off-screen time where a bunch of them just… kinda mob him. Like sit him down and are all sharing stories from when he was a kid that he doesn’t remember, trying furiously to jog his memory?

I like this idea that while he was able to jog things looking at all of Zelda’s pics, it actually takes a group effort from the Zora to get some of the older stuff back for him. Like just imagine a huge circle of Zora all yelling, “Remember that time Deza told him not to eat that fuckin Octoroc and he just scarfed it?” or “You nearly drowned like five times because you wanted to swim with your friends and forgot to come up for air.” and “When you were five you puked on the king. It was amazing.” also “Sidon used to attack your ankles because you called him an ‘ankle biter’ as a joke and he took it at a challenge.”

And Link is horrified and so fuckin relieved, because he’s starting to remember and the Zora are actually really important to him. Low-key adoptive fish family overly protective of their weird Hylian hero-boy. 


‘The Legend of Zelda: A New Reign’

“All is not as well as it seems in Hyrule, a dark plague has begun to spread across the land and it’s people are starving. People look to their princess for guidance, but the plan she purposes could change everything her and her kingdom have ever stood for.”

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This comic is R18+

Things are going to move along kind of fast in the beginning here, I’m not very good at setting things up;;
So Link hasn’t been in good contact with the princess it seems, I wonder why?
Also, I didn’t plan out these text bubbles out properly, sorry for the small text!

EDIT: there was a layer turned off, my bad!

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“You failed.”
“You slept for 100 years.”
“Save Zelda.”
“Save Hyrule.”
“Avenge us!”
“You let us down!”
“You don’t even remember me?”

Link sure is strong.