all of the zeldas!

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BPIC responded and pretty much dismissed your whole statement. Toga's about 18, at the youngest 16. Lusamine is in her 50s, all the Zeldas except for Toon Zelda is at least 17 and up. Splatoon's girls are young adults, so 18 and up. All the gems are older than 500 years, and etc. BPIC want to be technically, lolicon refers to 14 (maybe 15) and below. If they did any research, they would know that. Takes a google searches and clicks. Their callout lacks two things, actual proof and research.

i saw the response too lmao yeah, i knew that’d be exactly how they responded too. i made actual points and they just started yelling about me being a “pedo” again. like, these people are just screaming about shit that they don’t know anything about and just want to hate me for no real reason. whats more sad is how they’re painting it up like its anything more than just me not agreeing with them about steven universe.

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I was thinking about a pretty cool concept for a Zelda game, where some of the bosses are previous incarnations of the Hero, all proper boss style. First Hero: The Hero of the Sky, Twilit Wolf: Hero of Twilight, and a two part battle against the Masked Savior: Hero of Time and the Hero's Shade

☑ the goddess’ trial

☑ the master trials

the Hero’s trial

YES PLEASE! the idea of fighting a protagonist you spent time with getting stronger and stronger is like, the coolest thing to me! (best example of this would be trainer Red)

I’ve finished it! Zelda end up getting a bit weird (I don’t know why), but I guess it’s fine.

I didn’t expect this eye piece to get quite populair! And a big thank you and welcome to the people who suddenly followed me! I’ve been losing some followers lately so I got a bit discouraged. But all the lovely comments and notes that I got made me happy! :)


watched the 13th warrior recently and doodled these guys.  it was fun drawing essentially the same character but adding as much variation as possible.

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