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i just saw an ad about how the founding fathers wouldn’t foster safe spaces or trigger warnings and all i can think about is when john adams made it illegal to make fun of him

I’m watching an older season of Hell’s Kitchen and there’s a bit with a guy who had a shitty abusive childhood getting triggered (and like, nobody uses the word “trigger” but it’s pretty obvious: his eyes glaze over, he becomes spacey and disoriented, he bursts into tears at inopportune moments) by Gordon Ramsey calling him by a nickname he associates with his abusive father, and like, he explains this to Ramsey, and Ramsey is like “I totally understand and I’m sorry, I only wish you had told me about this sooner so we could have avoided this issue compromising your performance in the kitchen” and it’s like… there’s all these ridiculous anti-sj types who are like “TRIGGERS R DUM, NO TRIGGER WARNINGS IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!” and meanwhile Gordon fucking Ramsey, the guy whose JOB it is to berate people until they break down on television, understands the validity of trauma-based triggers and is willing to work around them? like come on


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* = popular (200+ notes)

From oldest to newest. 

Late Night Call*

Close to You (Smut)*

Trying Something New (Smut)*

In This Moment - One, Two

Dance For Me*


Sex Bomb (Smut)*

Better Together (Smut) - One, Two

Come Home to Me*

Turning Me On (Teasing)*

This Isn’t You (contains a fight)*

Playing Nurse (Smut)*

Try My Best*

Hickeys (Smut)*

Treat You Better*

Losing My Mind* 

Always Be The Same (Smut)*

Craving You (Smut)*

Falling To Pieces*

Bad Reputation*

One Hundred Miles Away (Daddy Shawn)*

Panic Attacks* 

Running Low (Smut)*

Promises (Smut)*

Moans (Teasing)*

Don’t Be A Fool (Smut)*

This Isn’t Love*

So Much More (Smut)*

Turning Me On (follow up + smut)

Car Sex (Smut)*

Priorities (Smut + jeep sex)*

Kids in Love (Valentine’s special)*

Tease (Smut)*

It’s Not Jealousy (can be a trigger)*


Anchor (sexual + trigger warning)*

Save A Life*

Keep It Down (Smut)*

One Last Time (Smut)*


Sunday Mornings (Smut)*

L’Uomo Vouge (Smut)*

Holding You Back (Smut)*

Hold On (trigger warning)*

Good Girl (Smut)*

Broken Dreams*


Monsters (daddy Shawn)*


Too Much*

Your Body Is My Wonderland (Smut)*


Vive el Momento (Smut)*

Just Right*

Quickly (Smut)*

The Only Exception*

Bad Temper*

Issues (Smut)*

Hang on To That Feeling (Trigger warning)*

Views (Smut)*

All My Love*

Little Things*

Boys Like Him*

Harder (Smut)*

Blurred Lines (Smut)*

Act Like You Love Me:

Part One*
Part Two* 
Part Three*

Bring It Back:

Part One*
Part Two (smut)*


Part One*
Part Two (Smut)*

Line blurbs:

Waking up to Shawn’s boner (smut)*

Do You Miss Her?*

I’m Sorry He Broke Your Heart 

What The Hell Are You So Scared Of?

Today Was The Happiest Day In His Life

Do You Ever Think About Marrying Me?*

You Want To Have Kids With Me?*

Not As Much As She Likes Her

We Don’t Make Each Other Happy Anymore*

I Promise You, Nothing Had Ever Happened At That Point* 

Baby Please Wake Up, You Promised You Wouldn’t Do This Again*


Dating Shawn would include*
Dating Shawn would include pt. 2*
Shawn dating a short girl*
Shawn dating a tall girl
Shower sex
Bedtime (not sexual)*
Shawn coming home from tour*


I haven’t updated this in about 9 billion years so I’d say it’s time I updated it… Because there are so many reactions, I’ve put all of them under the cut!

As of February 5, 2017…



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Steele Rose

Lonely Heart

Second Chances

- The series where you’re his ex-girlfriend and see his new girlfriend wearing one of your t-shirts

It’s Because I Love You

Not Worth It

He Needs You

- The series where you’re in love with him but he likes your best friend

Even When Your Demons Become Too Strong

I’m A Monster

Stay Away From Me

You Let Me Go

- The series where he’s dangerous, but not around you


Borrowed Time

- The series where Harry doesn’t talk but falls in love with you

Pretty In Pink 

- The one where Harry fake dates Kendall but is in love with you

I Think I Know Why

- The one where he disrespects you when you take care of him on tour even though he’s ill

I Know You Didn’t Come to Apologize 

- The one inspired by Love You Goodbye

Lips Of An Angel

- The one where you call too late

My Wonderful, Beautiful, Psychotic Girlfriend

- The one inspired by Stockholm Syndrome

I’m Sorry

Marry Me

- The series where Harry won’t have sex with you

5 Years


- The series where Harry misses Anne so you surprise him with plane tickets to visit her

As You Wish

- The one where you’re shy and he secretly draws you


- The one where you’re blind

Missed You

- The one inspired by Spaces 

All I Have

- The one where you’re anorexic *trigger warning*

I Can’t

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Fight

- The series where Gemma doesn’t like you

I Need You

- The one where Niall’s an overprotective older brother

Don’t Leave

- The one where the power goes out

The Way It Was

It Hurts

I’m Not Leaving You

Don’t Ever Let It Go

- The series where you’re divorced and Harry and your daughter spend Christmas without you

Do You Love Me?

- The one where you have paranoia disorder

I’ll Always Save You

- The one where he saves your life


- The one where you’re involved in a car accident

***** Some of these imagines are under construction. They are in the process of being edited due to grammatical/spelling errors and have been being written when I was a less experienced writer. The content will not change, and neither will the characters, however, there may be changes that vary from very slim to very extreme. These will be done shortly. *****

You’re His Sister and You’re Jealous Of Gemma 

He’s Getting Married, But Not To You  

There’s a Rumor Being Spread About You

You’re Sick

He Falls In Love With You On Tour

He Keeps Your Relationship A Secret  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

First “I Love You”

You’re Lonely 

You’re A MILF and He Gets Over-Possessive

Your Best Friend Talks Negatively About Your Relationship With Him and Harry Overhears 

You’re Best Friends But End up Kissing

Management Makes You Breakup    

He’s Going To Propose, But Not To You  Part 2 Part 3   

You’re Poor and He Doesn’t Know   

The Boys Tell Him To Breakup With You Part 2  

BSM: You’re In the Hospital For an Eating Disorder  

He Sends You Mixed Signals  

French TV shows rec list:

Fais pas ci fais pas ça:

Comedy about two very different families living right next to each other: The Lepics and the Bouleys. There are nine seasons so we can see the characters evolve on a really long time period. Some serious issues are tackled with humour, like education, how to cope with the death of a loved one, or how parents react to one of their children coming out as gay, for instance. Most of the characters are really lovable and you easily get attached to them even though they can be annoying sometimes. Also, there are some really funny moments. I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favourite shows ever but I had a nice time watching it (though, I haven’t watched all the seasons yet).

Trigger warning: none that I can think of (this show is suitable for children).

Level of difficulty when it comes to French: I think it should be fine (there’s nothing really technical, the show’s about everyday life, so it mainly uses colloquial/casual French).

Les Bleus premiers pas dans la police:

A four-season show about rookies in the French police. I used to really love this show when I was in middle school, and I have very fond memories of it now, even if I haven’t watched it for a long time. This show has diversity and representation: a Muslim man (who is one of the main characters) and his family, gay men (one of them is also a main character), a bisexual woman (also a main character in the first seasons), and so on. It also portrays strong female characters (including a woman in a position of power, from season 2 to the end I think). The characters are very lovable (in my opinion), and funny. By the way, this show has very funny moments as well as serious moments (including the scenes showing how the LGBT characters and the women deal with discrimination at their workplace or elsewhere). The only problem with this show is that the end is a bit unsatisfying considering it stopped because it failed to get renewed (or at least that’s what I understood at the time).   

Trigger warning: depiction of discrimination (for instance, homophobia), and of course the usual warnings when it comes to cop shows (even though it is far less graphic than most other shows of this kind, and there are less murder investigations than in most investigation shows).

Level of difficulty when it comes to French: I think this one is okay too. There might be some terms describing police stuff, but all in all it’s pretty casual.

Le Bureau des Légendes (ongoing show):

A show about the DGSE (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure), which is basically the French intelligence agency concerning foreign matters. It has three seasons so far and it’s one of my favourite TV show ever. It’s captivating, I got really attached to many of the characters (and most of them are not completely good or bad, there are a lot of grey characters, which is great), and it’s also really moving (especially the last season I think). One of my favourite thing about this show is its subtlety: it’s deeply moving, but in a subtle and somewhat low-key way. There are close to no typical tear-jerking scenes, with sad music and close-ups on the crying faces of devastated characters. There are really sad scenes, but they are played out with a great sobriety.

Trigger warning: psychological and physical torture (nothing too graphic though).

Level of difficulty when it comes to French: it should be mainly okay, I think. There are probably some technical terms, since it’s about an intelligence agency, but it should be understandable as a whole. Also, many scenes are in other languages (English, Farsi, Arabic, etc) and are subtitled in French, which is really good in order to practise your written French ;)

Les Revenants (ongoing show):

A show about dead people coming back to life in a village of the Pyrénées. It only has two seasons so far, but I’m really looking forward to more. The show is really mysterious, with a gloomy atmosphere that I absolutely love. The dead people (who are from different generations and died at different times) come back to their family/loved ones (when they have some), and no one understands what happened, including the dead people. After their arrival, other very strange events take place in the village. Some characters have very dubious motives and you’re often unsettled, not knowing what to think of them. However, you can’t help but to get attached to some of them anyway. This show has some very serious themes like how to cope with the death of a loved one, death in general, love, family (by blood or by choice).

Trigger warnings: death, suicide.

Level of difficulty concerning French: I think it’s pretty okay… The show aired on American TV so you can probably find a subtitled version quite easily, which is pretty cool :D


My favourite French tv show (and even my favourite show ever). This show depicts the Arthurian legend in a humorous way, and it’s one of the funniest thing I’ve ever watched. The humour is unique, the characters are really lovable, and the entire show is extremely creative: this is honestly pure genius. Plus, the atmosphere evolves from something exclusively light and funny to something that is serious and deeply moving at times. The show goes from episodes that last a few minutes to far longer episodes in the 6th (and last) book (=season). I could go on and on about this show, but nothing I could say would make it justice. Honestly, just give it a go, this is brilliant.

PS: Alexandre Astier (who plays Arhtur, wrote the scenario, the music and basically came up with this entire masterpiece) is a national hero. That’s all I had to say.

Trigger warning: it’s really funny and you’re having the time of your life, and suddenly there is a serious/sad scene and you feel like crying (but it’s worth it)… just be prepared ^^

Level of difficulty concerning French: it might be pretty hard at first, because they speak quite quickly and use weird expressions (but then, use these expressions in front of Kaamelott fans [ie a looooot of people] and see their faces lit up => it could be really rewarding I think).

Apart from these, all the creations canal + (Braquo, Engrenages, Cercle polaire…) have a good reputation/positive reviews I think, but I’ve only watched Les Revenants and Le Bureau des Légendes for now, so I only talked about those ^^

I think many people like 10 pour cent and Hero Corp too, but I haven’t watched them (yet) so I couldn’t include them in the list.

Baby boy (Jungkook one-shot smut)

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A/N: Just had it lying around. Will edit later.

Summary: You and Jungkook get carried away at school.

Themes: Baby boy Jungkook, sex with risk of being caught, sex at school, battle for dominance, dom Jungkook, sub Jungkook

Pairing: You x Jungkook

Genre: Pure smut

Word count: 4k (like all smut lol)

Trigger warnings: Dominance, sex at school, teasing, swearing, graphic smut, oral

thank you, @lindlovesbts <3

You’d first hooked up with him 56 days ago. It was a party. Another one. One you shouldn’t have gone to, just like the 5 before that. The liquor rang strong in your veins and your body shuddered with sexual frustration as you watched him from across the room. He hadn’t noticed you until you made it impossible for him not to. You got real close to where he was sitting on a random couch and danced as seductively as you could. You knew your plan to get his attention worked when you were in the kitchen pouring another drink and he approached you.

“Y/N, right?” He asks, casually leaning back against the counter, which holds the red cup your eyes are still on. You know it’s him and don’t bother to look up- adding to the game.

“And you’re Jungkook.”

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anonymous asked:

hellooo, do you know any good 100k+ fics that include all the members? I just read Young Forever and wondered if you knew any more that I can drown in :)

Ahh, I remember when I read Young Forever and then the only thing I wanted to read was long ot7 fics. Those were the times! Let’s see how many 100k+ fics I’ve read.. Probably not a lot lolol

Burning Memories by Novasweet (orphan_account) [Yoonmin, T, 196k]

Passengers by unclassified_senpai [Yoonmin, M, 151k]

Shifting On My Feet by MarionetteFtHJM [Taekook, E, 131k]

Blood Work by nunastro, SaltyAuntSuga [Yoonmin, E, 103k]

Don’t Think, Don’t Speak, Just Smile for Me by Ragi [Jikook, M, 144k]

looking for redemption by Iyrs [Yoonmin, E, 167k]

House of Cards by sugamins (orphan_account) [Taekook, E, 394k]

Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka [Namjin, M, 123k]

Testament of Youth by sugamins [Vhope, M, 265k]

GAME OVER by mintsoda [Yoonmin, M, 210k]

Out of My System by xxdevilishxx [Yoonmin, M, 101k]

Like Fire, Like Stone by PinkBTS [Jikook, M, 108k]

Two Sides of Us by rxv [Vmon, M, 213k]

Brotherhood by sugamins [Yoonmin, M, 274k]

함께 라면 웃을 수 있다 by giuliawords, nenecle [Yoonmin, M, 104k]

Hiraeth by haruguk [Taekook, M, 100k]

you make my heart beat (faster) by onyu [Yoonjin, T, 124k]

what it takes to make him sleep by abucketofchicken [Yoonmin, M, 104k]

That was a lot more than I thought……… I realize I didn’t know I’ve read this much, oh my god when did I have time???? Well I don’t regret anything- Enjoy all these lolol it’s gonna take a while to read tho

**Remember to read all the warnings on the fics for some have trigger warnings!!!

-Admin Nana


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Patrick Stump
Cure To Loneliness
Couch Cuddles
More Than Friends
The Only Exception
Ever Since Last Night (smut)
My Angel (smut)
Only The Beginning
Most Definitely

Well Prepared (smut)

Nobody’s Perfect

Dangerous (smut)

Forever (smut)

Pete Wentz
Surprises (part 1)
Surprises (part 2: Another Surprise In Store)
Love By Midnight (part one)
Love By Midnight (part two: Fix My Broken Heart)
Favorite Band
The Metallica CD
Best Brother Ever (transboy reader)
You’re Mine (smut)
Right Here (part one)
Right Here (part two: Be Yourself)
Most Beautiful Thing

Party Animal

Thinking About You

Andy Hurley
Missing Ticket
Broken TV
A Lovable Drunk

Happy Holidays

So Close

Joe Trohman
Call Me
First Date
A Little Company
Still Into You

Not Alone (trigger warning: abuse, self harm)
Not Alone (part two: Just Right and trigger warning: abuse, self harm)
Not Alone (part three: First Tour and trigger warning: suicide)

Gerard Way
Late Night Coffee
The Comic Book Courtship
My Everything (trigger warning: self harm)

Proud of You

Me Too

Frank Iero
In My Arms (trigger warning: mentions of abuse)
Heartthrob in Handcuffs
She’s The Prettiest Girl
His Eyes
Don’t Worry

Cemetery Drive (trigger warning: suicide)

Second Chances

Lonely Hearts Club

Brendon Urie
Crazy In Love
Periscope Predicament
Here Goes Nothing
Date With A Dork (part one)
Date With A Dork (part two: You’re My Dork)
Date With A Dork (part three: Adorkable)
Date With A Dork (part four: What A Dork smut)
Whatever You Say (Brendon/Sarah/Reader threesome smut)

Happy Easter

Dallon Weekes
Sweet Dreams
Blind Date


Ryan Ross

Fully Exposed

Trip To Taco Bell
Friday Night Fun

Josh Dun
First Day At Chipotle (part one)
First Day At Chipotle (part two: Dinner Date)
A Big Question (part one)
A Big Question (part two: The Problematic Proposal)
A Big Question (part three: Perfect Husband)
Convinced With A Kiss
Good Behavior
My Heart
Couldn’t Be Happier
Understand (smut and trigger warning: anorexia)
Just Kiss Me
You’re Gorgeous


Birthday Queen (smut)

Best Undressed (smut)

Pinky Promise


Valentine’s (short af drabble)

Grammys (part one)

Grammys (part two: light smut)

Grammys (part three: smut)

Temptation (josh pov f/m hardcore smut)

*Rainy Days Series*
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten

*Mistletoe (Christmas) Series*

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Part Twelve

Tyler Joseph
Reason To Live (trigger warning: suicide)


Saudade (Josh/Brendon/Reader): all chapters and info for series within link

A Poem For Emos

Twenty One Pilots Poem

Fic Recs!

Okay so, I’m not going to like put a summary with these at first, but if I will put trigger warnings and all that on here. Just know that if a Fic is on this list, I liked it enough to bookmark it and that means alot because I’m picky as hell. You might notice a lack of Taekook as a main pairing. That’s because I’m picky and idk, but if you want I will get on the Taekook train and read enough of them to recommend. I’m a hoe for MemberxMember.


House of Cards - Trigger warning for literally anything you can think of, this fic is a ride and a half. But it’s worth it.
Relax Don’t Do it - Smut
The Bet
Let’s Not Fall in Love - This fic is incomplete but it’s fucking good.
Would You Still Love Me
Into You
Sugar, We’re Going Down Swingin’
No Strings Attatched Smut
Glass Diamonds Smut
What The Fans Want - Smut
The Jeon Family-Smut
Thirst - Smut
Rubies for a King Smut
Shameless- Smut
Pink Lemonade, Tattoos, and I Love You’s
Can You Give Me My Breath Back- Smut
Constraint Smut
The Greatest


Out of My System -Smut
Because of You
Why are you Shaking Up My Heart
Act Natural - smut
Strawberry Lube smut
Just Want to Be Your Fantasy, Maybe You Can Be Mine -Smut
Tear the Moon from the Stars Tonight -Smut
When You’re in Love and All The Lines Get Blurred
Nude’s in Return
Cocoa Puffs
Hey, Piano Man -Smut
Dear Min Yoongi- Smut


To Whom It May Concern
Summer, Winter,Spring (I’m Falling for You)
Just to Get a Taste-Smut
Promise Rings - Smut
Call Me(Whenever You Want me)- Smut
I Keep Forgetting (My Mistakes Were Made For You)-Smut
Fuel - Smut
Locked Up in Love- Smut
All The Kings Men - Blood and Smut

I will update this periodically when I find new fics that I need to share! Like this post if you found something you liked! ♥

13 Reasons Why Trigger Warning -- Episode/Scene List

Netflix was good enough to put a trigger warning at the beginning of all the episodes with graphic scenes that may be hard to watch, but, if you skip over the entire episodes to miss some potentially triggering scenes, you may miss an important part to Hannah’s story. Especially if you didn’t read the novel first.

So I took the liberty to make a list of points you can skip to avoid seeing something you don’t want to see, since I wasn’t sure if anyone had done this yet.

Before I post it I want to remind anyone watching this show that there are repeated mentions of suicide, rape, and abuse that may still be hard to listen to. This list is only to skip over the graphic scenes where they fully act out some potentially harmful moments.

I hope this is helpful to any new viewers who want to watch the show without witnessing the abuse, as I admit it was VERY hard to watch.


Episode 9 - Tape 5, Side A

                  - At 40:00 to around 42:27: there is a semi-graphic rape scene                                 between Bryce and Jessica, which is brought up numerous times                             throughout this episode and the next few episodes, verbally. (After                       Bryce leaves there is a minute where Hannah leaves her hiding                           spot and comes out into the room to cover up Jessica before                                   leaving, if you want to see this part of the scene it begins at about                         41:38)

                 - The scenes between Jessica and Justin, and Hannah and Clay are                       supposed to be consensual scenes as far as I can tell and                                     remember from reading the novel. But if anyone finds those scenes                     hard to watch feel free to let me know so I can add them, or add                           them yourself when you reblog so others who see this are aware.

                 - At about 46:43 to about 47:02: there is a scene where Justin busts                         into the room where Bryce and Jessica are, to try and break Bryce                        off of Jessica. This scene is included because you can still see                            Bryce on top of Jessica, and I’m not sure how some people may                          feel about this particular part.

                 - At about 50:26 to about 51:20: there is a scene where Jessica has a                    flashback, remembering what happened to her.

Episode 10 - Tape 5, Side B

                    - At about 40:09 to about 40:53: Although quick, there is a slightly                             graphic shot of a person who was injured in a car accident. This                           particular shot is very bloody and slightly gory.

Episode 12 - Tape 6, Side B

                    - At about 42:56 to about 47:19: there is a scene where Bryce rapes                         Hannah in the hot tub at his house after a house party. In this 5                             minute section it flashes between the Hannah and Bryce scene                             and Clay confronting Bryce at his house about what he did. If you                         want to see that part, proceed with caution as it is a quite difficult                         scene to watch.

Episode 13 - Tape 7, Side A

                    - At about 35:53 to about 39:00: this is the scene where Hannah                               commits suicide. In this section, like the previous episode, it                       flashes between the scene involving Hannah’s death and a scene where Clay is telling Mr. Porter, the school counselor, about what                         happened to Hannah, and how he could’ve stopped it. so again if                         you feel Clay’s scene is important for you to watch please proceed with the                               most caution, this scene is very difficult to watch and very graphic.

These are the scenes I found hardest to watch, but please feel free to add any other scenes to this list that you found particularly hard to watch and feel other people might want to know about. The times might not be exact, I tried my best but it is a little hard to get the exact time on Netflix, so be cautious. 

Masterlist Sebastian Stan Fics

I think it’s clear I will be writing a lot more of this man in the future and my Hiddleston Masterlist is already way too long, so I’m going to split them up from now on.

These are all the Sebastian/Bucky fics I’ve written so far. Any warnings or triggers are in the posts.
Most of these stories are 18+nsfw and quite explicit, some are just pure fluff. I don’t write Bdsm and I don’t take requests (sorry).

Thank you all so much for following, liking, reblogging and leaving me sweet comments!


One shots:

Rebound: (Sebastian) Erin finds comfort in the arms of a friend after her boyfriend cheats on her. Fluff

The late shift: (Sebastian, based on Lance Tucker) When Kira works the late shift with Sebastian things heat up quickly. 18+ nsfw 

The man on the train: (’Romanian’ Bucky Barnes) After traveling home from a disappointing trip with your boyfriend, who ignores you constantly, you meet a dark handsome stranger on the train who is more than willing to give you the attention you deserve. 18+nsfw

Last Christmas: (Sebastian) You were supposed to spend Christmas with a couple of friends in a cabin outside of the city. When they all fail to get there on time you end up alone with Sebastian, the guy you slept with last Christmas and who then left you for dead. 18+nsfw

All that glitters: (Sebastian, Tom Hiddleston) When Tom surprises you with a very expensive big gift on New Year’s Eve your friend Sebastian, who’s always been in love with you, witnesses the whole thing and feels jealous and embarrassed because he got you a much simpler gift. Fluff

Oblivion: (Bucky Barnes) A sad Bucky drabble.

Be with me: (Stucky) After a night of too much drinking Bucky finally confesses his feelings to Steve. Fluff

Take off: (Tayte Hanson, Bucky) You and Bucky end up on a plane with porn star Tayte Hanson who makes you a member of the Mile high club. Also, Bucky is a little shit. 18/nsfw

Warm bodies(Stucky AU): Bucky is a young lost vampire wandering the city when he meets an older lonely bearded Steve. Both men are inexplicably drawn to each other. 18+nsfw


Multi chapters:

Who says you can’t go home?: (Bucky Barnes) Jess meets the mysterious Bucky at the homeless shelter where she volunteers and he saves her from an attacker, but is she really safe with Bucky? 18+ nsfw Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 (finished)

You can cry on my shoulder: (Sebastian) After a break up with your boyfriend you meet your friend Sebastian in the bar and he comforts you. 18+nsfw Part 1, Part 2 (finished)

Amends: (Sebastian, Tom Hiddleston) Sebastian lives right down the hall from you and one night you end up having amazing sex with him. The morning after however your ex, Tom, is back in town. 18+nsfw Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 (finished)

Summer charm: (young Sebastian) During his summer job a young Sebastian meets Tess, a married woman who is bored with her life and intrigued by his attention. 18+ nsfw chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4 (finished)

My best friend’s girl: (Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers) Bucky’s been in cryo for a year now, during that time you and Steve have grown closer together. You both want more but are scared to give into your feelings, until one night… 18+nsfw Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 (finished)

Can I be him?: (Sebastian, Tayte Hanson) You’ve been trying to get Sebastian’s attention for years but he never seems to notice you, until your friend Tayte decides to help you out and try and make Sebastian jealous. 18+nsfw Part 1, Part 2 (finished)

All I wanted was you: (university Sebastian) Your roommate Sebastian is the typical frat boy, overly confident and constantly partying and flirting with any girl that isn’t you. He stands for everything you hate so why can’t you stop that silly crush you have on him? 18+nsfw Chapter 1, Chapter 2


Masterlist Chris Evans

Masterlist Tom Hiddleston

WWE Masterlist Post!

Here they are, in stunning technicolor! I do my best to keep my tags organized and any triggers labeled. If you think I missed anything though, please let me know so I can fix it. Enjoy!

Random Fandom Masterlist

(9/3/17: Because nothing is complete without an Ambreigns twist [or RoMox, in this instance] it’s ESC Part Two!)

(9/10/17: Another drabble up [this one centered on Seth], Finally Part Two!)

(9/17/17: The whole Shield makes it onto the list in Bookish!)

~Ambreigns (Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns):

Affection (Dean Ambrose [Jon Moxley] x Roman Reigns, brief Roman Reigns x Seth Rollins) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Best I Have (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [kayfabe divergent!AU] Rated M for smut

Chance (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) Rated M for language and feels

Defense (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [roommate!AU] Rated M for smut

ESC Part Two (feral!Jon Moxley x feral!Roman Reigns) [feral!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Peace Of Mind/Day Old Hate (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns, implied Roman Reigns x Dean Ambrose x Seth Rollins) Rated M for language and feels

Reasons (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) Rated M for smut

Stitches (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) Rated M for smut

Swap (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [soulmate!AU] Rated M for smut

Thirty-Five (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [high school!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Baron Corbin:

As Usual (Baron Corbin x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut

Day Off (Baron Corbin x female reader) Rated M for smut

ESC Part One (feral!Baron Corbin x female reader) [feral!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Quiet Prologue, Quiet Part One, Quiet Part Two, Quiet Part Three and Quiet Part Four (werewolf!Baron Corbin x female reader) Rated M for smut

Us (Baron Corbin x female reader) Rated M for smut

~Coreigns (Baron Corbin/Roman Reigns):

Despite It All Part One and Despite It All Part Two (Baron Corbin x Roman Reigns) [AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

The Empire (Baron Corbin x Roman Reigns) [Suplex City!AU] Rated M for smut and feels

For The Pack Part One and For The Pack Part Two (alpha!Baron Corbin x alpha!Roman Reigns x omega!female reader) [A/B/O] [college!AU] Rated M for threesome smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Bo Dallas:

Always (DaddyDom!Bo Dallas x littlegirl!OFC) [AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Business (AlphaBiker!Bo Dallas x Omega!unnamed OFC) [A/B/O] [biker!AU] Rated M for smut

Nobody Important Part One and Nobody Important Part Two (Bo Dallas x female reader) Rated M for smut and feels

Touch (professor!Bo Dallas x female reader) [college!AU] Rated M for smut and feels

~Chris Jericho:

Only One (Chris Jericho x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut, trigger warning listed inside

~Colin Cassady/Big Cass:

Satisfaction (Colin Cassady x female reader) Rated M for smut

~Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley:

Broke (Jon Moxley x female reader) Rated M for smut

Different (werewolf!Dean Ambrose x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Green (Dean Ambrose x female reader) [Roommate!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Intense (Dean Ambrose x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut

Kitten Part One, Kitten Part Two, Kitten Part Three, Kitten Part Four, Kitten Part Five, Kitten Part Six, Kitten Part Seven, Kitten Part Eight, Kitten Part Nine, Kitten Part Ten and Epilogue (Jon Moxley x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut and feels, trigger warnings listed inside various parts

~Irwin R. Schyster (I.R.S.):

Deadline (Irwin R. Schyster x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut

~Jeff Hardy:

Downright Neighborly Part One and Downright Neighborly Part Two (Jeff Hardy x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside part two

~Kevin Nash/Diesel:

It’s Going To Take A Lot and Epilogue (Diesel [Kevin Nash] x named OFC) [Trucker!AU] Rated M for smut

~MoxLea (Jon Moxley/Leakee):

Help Part One and Help Part Two (Jon Moxley x Leakee) Rated M for smut

~Roman Reigns:

Careful (Roman Reigns x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Finally (Roman Reigns) Drabble. Rated V for violence

Need Part One, Need Part Two and Need Part Three (werewolf!Roman Reigns x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Nerves (Roman Reigns x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut

New Year Part One and New Year Part Two (Roman Reigns x female reader) Rated M for smut

~Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose (not Ambreigns):

Reigning Champions Part One, Reigning Champions Part Two, Reigning Champions Part Three and Reigning Champions Part Four (Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns x female reader) Rated M for threesome smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Seth Rollins:

Finally Part Two (Seth Rollins) Drabble. Rated V for violence

Lost (Seth Rollins x female reader) Rated M for smut

~Sheambrose (Dean Ambrose/Sheamus):

The Saloon ([Dean Ambrose x Sheamus] x female reader) [Suplex City!AU] Rated M for threesome smut

~The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins):

Bookish ([Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns x Seth Rollins] x female reader) [bodyguard!AU] Rated M for foursome smut, trigger warning listed inside

~Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper):

Lamb Part One and Lamb Part Two (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Xavier Woods:

Gauntlet (Xavier Woods x female reader) Rated M for smut

anonymous asked:

Hey could you please explain why youre not an anti? Im not trying to be rude or anything its just that as a teenager the same age as the paladins i dont see how a seven/eight year difference can be good

Short version: It doesn’t matter.

Long version: Sigh. Without getting into a whole long diatribe on this whole age discourse thing, I’ll just sum it up by saying that no, a gap of 7-8 years is not a big deal. There are plenty of RL couples with gaps that big that are perfectly healthy and happy. The difference between a teenager and an adult can be a bit of a maturity issue, sure. The power dynamic between a leader and a subordinate can also make relationships tricky to navigate. But this is fiction. It’s easy to fix. Just age one character up or the other down. Or assume that they are all ACTUALLY teenagers, as multiple “official” sources have stated. (No, the Guidebook is not especially reliable. The show writers had nothing to do with it.)

Even if it WAS a problem, it still doesn’t matter. This is fandom. People are allowed to have unhealthy ships, not that I’m saying that any ship with Shiro and another paladin is unhealthy. It’s fiction. It doesn’t matter. This is not a moral issue. You are allowed to be squicked by ships you don’t like, for any reason, but that doesn’t mean that you have a moral mandate to oppose them, vocally or otherwise. Nor does anyone else. That is not your job.

If you don’t like what someone is doing, unfollow them. Download xkit and block the tag. If me NOT being an anti makes you uncomfortable, even though I don’t reblog or create fanwork with ships, unfollow me. It’s okay. I won’t be upset. Do whatever you need to do to protect yourself and make sure you’re comfortable. You are in charge of your own experience, especially in a fandom setting where lots of people make an effort to tag and add trigger warnings all over the place so you don’t have to be exposed to anything you don’t like.

What you can’t do is police the fandom. You can’t convict other fans of thoughtcrimes because they don’t feel the same way you do about a ship. Not only is it a very unhealthy and unproductive road for you to go down, it’s literally impossible. There will always be people out there who ship things that you don’t like and find problematic. The sooner you learn to accept that fact, the better off you’ll be.

anonymous asked:

excuse me, but can you do any...Prince Sidon Scenarios or headcanons when his s/o is fatally injured in battle? Like, how does he react?

Imma make this headcanons because I’ve pumped out a lot of scenarios and need a break, (because there are more to come). But if you specifically want a scenario next time, hit me up!

S/o is fatally injured in battle (Sidon) (Trigger warning: Death)

  • First of all, HOW DARE YOU
  • Second of all, it really will be similar no matter the outcome.
  • Panic. Protective. Fear. Rage at the enemy.
  • Regardless of the battle, he’ll rush to their side, keeping as calm as he can while checking their injury. 
  • He’ll lift them up as painlessly as he can, and rush them to medical attention, talking to them, begging them the entire time to stay awake.
  • The second the healer has stepped away from them, he’ll be by their side, watching, hoping, holding their hand in his and praying to the Goddess for courage and for your swift recovery.
  • His duties will inevitably interfere, but still, the second he has a spare moment he’s by their side again.
  • When they awaken, there is not enough willpower in existence to stop the tears of joy as he pulls them close, laughing and crying in relief.
  • Afterwards, he becomes a lot more protective, refusing to let them go too far and needing a lot of time to be comfortable with the idea of distances between them. 
  • However
  • I doubt you asked this for fluff.
  • So, if the s/o is fatally injured, and cannot be moved
  • He holds them, begging them to stay awake long enough for a healer to come by.
  • Before being cut off by their hand on his face, holding it one last time.
  • “I love you. I’ll always believe in you, my love.”
  • Through his tears, he’ll whisper it back before realizing that their warmth was gone. 
  • A thousand no’s would escape him as he prayed, begged the Goddess to return them, to not let them leave their side, not like this.
  • The rage that goes through him blinds him, and there’s not an enemy alive as he returns to Zora with a wrapped up body.
  • Even after the funeral, he mourns. Zora is not as bright as it used to be, his happiness drained as his father does everything to help his son through this, mourning together.
  • With time, he learns to smile again, if only for the sake of keeping the spirit of his s/o satisfied, for he knows they would be furious if he let himself wallow.
  • He never does truly love as strongly again though.
  • If you want EXTRA angst 
  • There is no last “I love you.”
  • There is no last hold.
  • There is no proper funeral.
  • All there is, is Link or Zelda or a messenger they have sent, with a letter, stating that Sidon’s s/o, the love of his life, was killed.
  • He is BROKEN.
  • With no closure, with no funeral, he is inconsolable, mourning, letting out a scream of agony when he finds out.
  • For days he is silent and stoic, swimming out to the places they used to spend the most time in, holding their closest possessions close to his heart.
  • With time he goes back to his duties, continues to prepare to be a ruler.
  • But he never really does smile like he used to. Only the memory of you occasionally does that.

You sick twisted people how can you make me write that with my own two hands I’m so proud of you guys but still ow.

-Mod Pinks

Being Bruce’s S/O and Getting Kidnapped HCs

Because we’re all disgusting sadists and I obviously have issues. Trigger warning for kidnapping, torture, and some cruel language from the kidnapper’s side … I have a lot of problems …

  • Bruce has a crapton of enemies, even without the members of his Rogues Gallery being taken into consideration
    • From the nameless thugs to the morally bankrupt dirty cops to the monstrous traffickers, everyone wants to take down the Bat of Gotham
    • But for Bruce, it’s a nearly entirely different crowd…
    • Overzealous competitors and enemies of Wayne Industries, people who just want to slander his name to detrimental effect, people who’ve never met even met Bruce yet have an intense obsession with his existence that could easily tread into murderous territories, even a few villains from his moonlighting job who simply want to take a crack at the Prince of Gotham
      • Of course, being that Bruce is a taller-than-average guy with pretty decent coverage, there aren’t many opportunities that can be taken to kidnap him
    • You, on the other hand…
    • You, the significant other of one of the richest men in not only Gotham, but the entire world, the one people liken to Cinderella, who still keeps an apartment in the city as well as the humble job they’d had even before dating the billionaire… You’re easy pickings

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