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Feeling Heartbreak..

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^ tbh this scene had me cryinggggg. His tears looked so genuine. 

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter and Reader are out on a date. Peter’s spidey senses aren’t quick enough in an attack causing the Reader to die… won’t say how so read (,:

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,) Mentions of death. Angst,sadness, all the :( emotions. I cried while writing it. I’m just emotionally unstable but..I still cried like a lil bitchh.

Word Count:1,219 (so short :,( I’m sorry you guys..)

A/N: Writing this while i’m doing leg press and leg workouts. This has no connection to my Deadly Sins post btw :)

[Reader’s POV]

“Peter! Let me go” you laugh trying to get out of his grip.

“You can never escape the clutches of your precious boyfriend” he teases tickling you more. You had no strength compared to his Spidey strength.

  Tonight was your date night and Peter always tried making it fun for the both of you. We graduated High School together six months ago. Peter was going to have to leave Queens and join the Avengers. You knew it was going to be hard without him being around. He distracted you from your awful life at home. Peter made your life seem a lot brighter than the dull one you have. He distracted you from depression and abusive parents.

  Even though Peter’s identity was figured out when a villain attacked him at school our senior year. Mr. Stark had to announce he was joining the Avengers as Spider-Man.  Sure people at school freaked but it wasn’t insane. He didn’t get that much attention besides having to move to a new place with his Aunt May for their safety.

Life was good with Peter, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

“I love you babygirl” Peter grins bringing your hand up and kissing the back of your palm. The gesture immediately bringing a smile to your face. The two of you walked to your favorite spot in the park. Hand in hand,enjoying each others touch. Peter’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink after you place a kiss to his cheek.

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“to describe kevin in 5 words… i am always really grateful.”  
-choi chanhee (new)

(i cried a lot throughout this episode but i think this part was one of the most)

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Okay but vulnerable/crying dark is my aesthetic tbh especially if he's showing it accidentally to someone (*cough Wilford cough*) aaAH

(( It’s 5 am and I can’t sleep so here’s some Darkstache-ish angst for you ))

Weakness and tears weren’t something that Dark did. He was strong, manipulative and sure, he didn’t have time for such emotions and never had since he had sold his humanity. The cracking shell, the ringing and creaking of wood, they were all a sign of strength, and Dark never gave in to the exhaustion, to the grinding feeling in his bones that came when the human form he tried to force this new power into broke down around him.

At least not when anyone else could see.

He wasn’t weak. He didn’t give in. But sometimes he had to let his shell break, had to let his power out to roam and wriggle and destroy. It wasn’t possible to keep it contained 24/7, it was too chaotic and wild and Dark wasn’t even sure where he ended and this power began anymore. But he wasn’t weak. This was just part of his process, something he had to do alone every so often to make sure that the egos stayed on the right path.

Until Wilford came looking for him.

It was bad this time. Dark was trembling, his entire body cracked and broken, bent out of shape, barely human anymore. Because that was him, he knew, he wasn’t a human, he didn’t have a human form really, he was just a monster wrapped in human skin. Tears were running down his face because it hurt, it hurt so badly to be like this and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. Dark didn’t even here the twist of the door handle, the loud footsteps that announced Wilford’s presence wherever he went or even the cheerful announcement the reporter gave as he entered the room.

And Wil, well, he got more than he bargained for as well.

The mass in front of him was definitely Dark, but Wilford could sense something was wrong. As soon as Dark noticed he was there, everything snapped back into perfect place, the suit and tie, side swept hair, bright red eyes and cold smile, the image of a gentleman, but Wil couldn’t wipe the sight of tear tracks from his vision.

“What do you want, Wil?” Dark snapped. Oh how he hated the other egos sometimes. They made it all the more harder to keep control, and Wil especially.

When Warfstache didn’t reply, just gawked at him, Dark felt his control slipping.


Not now.

He would not let Wil see that side of him. He was strong, the leader. If anyone saw that side of him, they wouldn’t follow him anymore, especially someone as hard-headed as Warfstache. Dark had to exude power, otherwise what was the point.

Wil stepped closer, cautious movements revealing to Dark the moustached ego had already seen more than what he wanted him to. If he didn’t take control of this, he was going to snap.

“Are you dumb, Warfstache?” Dark demanded, “What do you want?”

“Is it painful?” Wilford asked, his usual drawl hiding sympathy that made Dark want to tear his hair out.

Still, the question stumped him for a moment and that was all Wil needed to continue and clarify.

“When your aura does that? When your shell can’t even form a human shape…does it hurt?”

“What does it look like?” Dark sneered.

“That you’re putting on a false act of bravado because you’re afraid of everyone finding out you have weaknesses.” Wilford stated nonchalantly.

The urge to strangle Wilford was strong at those words.

Dark couldn’t help but laugh, even as the truth behind the words stung him. “Are you blind?”

Wilford cocked his head to the side, confused as more laughter bubbled in Dark’s chest.

“Don’t lump me in with those of you who had to adopt more human traits!” Dark wasn’t even aware he was shouting, or that his form was bending and breaking again. His red eyes were a touch too watery as he screamed, “I’m not weak! I don’t have weaknesses Warfstache, only strengths! And if you can’t see that,
maybe you’re the problem!”

Any other ego would have balked under the ringing of Dark’s aura and the pressure he exuded but not Wilford. Instead he stood, letting Dark rant and rave and cry, laying himself bare without realising it and showing Wil just how strong he was.

“You don’t have to view it as a weakness.” He murmured, reaching out and taking Dark’s hand to give him an anchor point, something to
ground himself so he could rebuild his shell. “It’s a sign of your strength, that you understand and recognise your limitations and you deal with them accordingly.”

Dark said nothing, body slowly returning to normal as Wil leaned in and gently kissed him on the cheek. The shock of the action slammed Dark’s shell and aura back into place and he barely had time to react before Wilford let go of his hand and turned on his heel. Countless words of thanks danced on the edge of Dark’s tongue, but he couldn’t voice them as Wilford left the room.

He missed the smile on Wil’s face as he closed the door that said he didn’t need to.

who the signs should really date

aries: a nokia phone bc you’ll never be able to destroy it :))))))
taurus: money money $$$$$ u just love money tbh $$$$$$$$$$$$
gemini: a swing bc only they can put up with your mood swings hahahahaha
cancer: an empty room so you can explode in emotion at any given time
leo: a computer that generates compliments, there’s someone who really cares
virgo: toilet paper bc they’re organised, clean AND they’ll wipe ur tears :’)
libra: an app that makes decisions for you, there all ur life problems solved
scorpio: a diary, now you have something to confide in, read and tear apart !!
sagittarius: a car bc the only thing you can commit to is running (driving) away
capricorn: a pillow so you can sleep your way out of stress, and it’s something that can’t get in your way of doing anything !!
aquarius: the internet, because that’s the only thing that holds your interest for more then 5 seconds (and that gets u)
pisces: an aquarium, it give you somewhere to actually allow yourself constantly wallow in self pity

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im actually thinking a lot about the reunion scene tbh and it makes me so emotional?????? like just wanting to yell at him for disappearing again but he just. runs and snuggles while trying to hold his tears but really he is angry but so glad and living again??? like all the stress is going away?? so he just. let go of all the stress in shiros arms. Bonus for Lotor in the background being all "what about me guys, can i join"

lotor stop ruining the moment

The M&G with Colin on Sunday at FT5

Hi guys, so I understood from @hookedmom that people hasn’t report on the M&G with Colin yet. So in that case I will happily update you on the one I was taking part in on Sunday.

It was kind of different than the last year experience because while last year it was pretty obvious that everyone is asking one question to give a chance for all the girls to ask, this year there was one girl who decided to ignore this, and for some reason the translator gave her permission to ask 3 questions although there were girls who were lifting their hand for the first time (basically she was siting next to the translator and Colin, and so the translator immediately saw her as she was lifting her hand…) but anyway, I hate these kind of things, but it did give me the nerve to raise my hand for the second time (after I saw all the girls that wanted to ask something already did) and asked THE QUESTION that everyone wanted me to ask.

So Colin talked about the acting career, as a life choice, how hard it was and that you should take into account that it’s very frustrating to be constantly rejected when you believe you have something to offer. I asked him later about the preparation for a specific episode/scene and not generally to Hook’s character (this question was an idea of @athenascarlet  thanks sweetie!) he told me that when they are finishing filming at 3AM he’s then sitting until 5AM to learn the text for the next day because he has to come prepared for it. He said that he doesn’t know how, but when he reads the lines it’s just stuck in his head and he remembers them. He also said that it is hard, but when you are doing something you love you don’t mind the hard work. I really took this thing as a general thing he said, which really helped me too because I’m currently looking for a job myself. 

Before my question I was telling him how excited I am to be there, and thanked him for being there. He simply answered “thank you for having me”, and I was saying “well, any time!!!” that was sweet and funny :)

Someone asked him about what he would miss the most from filming with Josh, and he answered “his lashy lips” that was so funny lol. He kind of hinted about having Josh/Gosh as guest stars on the show because he was saying that there’s a possibility for them guest staring, but he can’t really tell us what will be on season 7. I think it kind of hinted that he knows for a fact that they will be involved somehow on the plot at least in the beginning. 

Someone asked him if he would like to make a musical with Jen, or to record a CD and have Jen singing with him on it. He said that he doesn’t have plans for it at the moment, but he doesn’t know if he’s good enough and that if we would want to hear him out, and we were like “of course we do! You are so good!” . He said that he would love to sing with Jen again one day.

Someone asked him about how he feels about his family being exposed and people being curies about his personal life. He said that the most important thing for him is his family, that they didn’t chose to be exposed like he did, that protecting them is the most important thing for him. He said that no one has the right to have a picture of his son, this is HIS son, and that Helen also wants to have her own life and to do her own thing and she’s entitled to do so in peace. 

A sweet friend of mine simply asked Colin “how are you”. He said that he’s happy to be there with all of us, and that he hopes we are having a good time as well.

One girl had suffer from an accident this year, and she said she doesn’t have a question, but she wants to tell him how she had such a hard time these last few months, and knowing that she would meet him really helped her holding on. It was very emotional and made us all in tears. Colin just walked up to her and gave her a big hug.

For my second question I asked about CS in season 7. I told him that this is kind of a tough question, but as much as we are all excited about season 7 (tbh, not that I’m that excited about it, but obviously I didn’t say it…) because Jen is leaving we fear of what will happen with CS. We had the wedding and saw their happy beginning, but then it kind of felt like ending, so, should we worry?

He told me that he honestly doesn’t know. That the wedding was such a good moment and that the vows truly reflected their journey together, but he doesn’t want to say something and then it ends up being something else (which makes me think that maybe in general there isn’t a beginning of Emma dying or something, at least not one that is already scripted and he knows about). But yes, I clearly knew he wasn’t going to answer it, but I wanted to see his reaction to the big question (btw, when I asked it people have started to whisper in the room, everyone wanted to know the answer), it did seem like he truly doesn’t know. 

Well, there were more questions, but I don’t remember them at the moment. But I will tell what happened after the M&G was officially over.

We went to take a group picture with him, and after it I kind of refused to go just yet lol, it’s really hard to go away from Colin. So I asked him about his leg and if he’s ok (I think I asked him the same thing 3 times at the con, because he seemed like he was stressing it doing some challenging posses that people asked for, like kneeling and doing the pose from the wedding). He kept saying and here too that he was truly fine and ok. Then I told him that we were so amazed that he broke the leg at the beginning of the song and good for him that he was able to continue and do the rest after it. He just said, I hoped it didn’t show on the filming, and we said that not at all. 

He’s truly the most modest and professional person on earth.      

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heyhey!! can you do a silly imagine with charles like right after cuba where its like nighttime and hes sad so y/n tries to cheer him up by telling him stories of stupid things they did when they were high (tbh if you want inspiration just look up ThatHigh comps or smth theyre really funny) and after a while he ends up laughing at it and yeah just fluffy thank you!! (sorry its a weird request i just thought it could be cute !)

Charles Xavier X Reader – This One Time

A/N – I’m finally settled in my new place ^_^

Warnings – Mild drug use.

Rating – T

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You wiped away fresh tears, trying to quell the melancholy that came with your mutation; empathy was a tough power to host when all you wanted was the simple, underrated gift of only feeling your own emotions. Naturally, you knew where the emotions were coming from, there were only four other people in the house and Charles had lost the most in Cuba; of course he was depressed.

You sighed impatiently, getting up, knowing you had to cheer up Charles if you wanted any rest at all in the coming weeks. It was the only solution really, or so you told yourself, denying your feelings for him until he could be in a better place to accept them.

You crept silently down to the make-shift hospital wing, taking extra care to be quiet when going past Hank who was posted outside, making sure nobody would disturb Charles; if the mansion ever did become a boarding school, you’d bet that Hank would make an excellent matron.

Opening the door and seeing Charles made you just as miserable as he was, the way he laid on his back, staring bleakly at the ceiling, probably contemplating life’s course, brought you close to tears again. You breathed deeply, fighting to control your emotions before taking a seat beside Charles’ bed. He didn’t acknowledge you, not even when you greeted him; his eyes merely flickered to you momentarily then back to the ceiling. You sat awkwardly wondering what you could possibly say to make the situation any better, all the time feeling self-conscious that Charles was most-likely seeing all your thoughts, especially the stupid ones which would get you nowhere. After an overly long, stumped silence, you blurted out, “I licked a cat once.”

Charles snapped to attention, his expression one of wholly confusion, “What?”

“When I was high.” You rushed. “I licked a cat because that’s what their mothers do and she looked lonely… In fairness, she purred the entire time.”

Charles observed you curiously for a few seconds before laughing hysterically, an action that your mutation made you mirror. After the two of you calmed down again you apologised. “Sorry, that was random, wasn’t it?”

Charles shook his head. “No need to apologise, quite frankly, it’s nice to have someone who isn’t tip-toeing around me all the time; Hank tries but, well, you know how it is.”

“Yeah, I get it, nobody knows what to say really. Things’ll go back to normal eventually, until then though, want some company?”

“Only if you have more stories like that.”

You grinned eagerly. “Yeah? All right uh, okay, I got one. Once, I decided that it was an amazing idea to go for a drive after smoking a blunt but I saw this cop pull in front of me on the road and I was like, freaking out, thinking that he’d come to pull me over and arrest me. Now, like any sane person, I didn’t wanna be pulled over so in my drug-addled state, I decided it’d be a really good idea to follow the police car; that way it couldn’t pull me over because I was behind him. Anyway, long story short, I followed it for 30 minutes before coming to my senses and going home.”

Charles laughed even harder and you joined in of your own volition this time, enjoying odd memories of the past. He grinned, relieved to just relax after days of medical questions and unsavoury conversations about Erik. His smile quickly faded however, with a thought that made him uncomfortable.

“(Y/N)… are you just reacting to my emotions or are you actually happy here with me?”

“What? Why’re you asking?”

“I-” He hesitated. “I don’t want you to be a slave to your mutation.”

You glanced uncomfortably at your hands, picking at your nails while thinking through your options. “I… When I’m with you, it doesn’t really feel like it does with other people. I… I guess I kind of like sharing your emotions.” You blushed and waited for a response. When Charles didn’t say anything, you felt the familiar seeds of panic welling up inside you. With a decisive nod, you got up, your chair scraped loudly across the floor, somehow managing to make you feel worse.

“I should go.” You turned to leave.

“Wait.” Charles requested courteously.

You stopped, frozen in place, listening for what he would come up with next.

“I make it a policy not to read friends minds, most of the time it makes people uncomfortable. You know as well as anybody that I have perfect control of my abilities but with you… With you I tend to read your mind because I can’t stop myself. No. That’s not true. I don’t want to stop myself.”

“Charles, what’re you saying? I don’t understand.”

He sighed. “(Y/N), I’ve waited for you for a long time now and if I’m honest I want to be with you but-”

“Don’t let there be a but.” You laughed in a weak attempt to make the situation easier.

“But,” he continued seriously, “right now, isn’t the right time. You understand, don’t you?”

“…Yeah, I get it.”

“Then, will you wait for me? I don’t know how long it will be and I realise I have no right to ask but please, wait.”

You turned back to Charles, kissing the top of his forehead lightly, “For you, I’d wait an eternity. Get some rest Charles, it’s the only way I’ll get some bloody sleep.”

Charles exhaled, relieved that you were okay. “Goodnight (Y/N), sweet dreams.”

Hey guys! This is just my reaction/summary post of the BTS Concert in Newark (Thursday, 3/23)! I’ll be going into a lot of detail, but bare with me. I’ve linked all the fancams I took throughout the post, so you can check that out :)

[Full Fancam Playlist]


Alright so first things first…I’ve been following BTS since ~May/June 2014, and this was the first time I was actually able to go to a live concert. I WAS LITERALLY BEYOND THE MOON when I got tickets, and I was so excited that I was badgering everyone I knew with my fangirling. BTS means so much to me, they got me through some of the hardest times in my life, and they gave me happiness and hope. So getting to go to one of their concerts, see them and support them in person, was such a blessing.

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wanna one as members of a symphony orchestra.

A/N: as a classical musician myself, i had so much fun doing this! i apologise beforehand if i’ve made errors with any of the instruments.. i would like to think i know enough about an entire orchestra to write about it… but one can never be too sure! (do let me know if there are errors anywhere, please! i will appreciate you iMMENSELY)
+ purely based on my imagination.

yoon jisung - violin/viola
the conductor literally couldn’t find enough viola students in the music institute so he rang up his pal yoon jisung, who is in his final… and i mean, final year of study. jisung was originally a violin player, but could easily adjust to the viola in a short amount of time. it worked out well though, because he really needed the extra orchestra experience/credit points in order to complete his degree. he’d be the responsible one - constantly helping out the other two younger, less experienced violas players. das right you know he’d be flirting with the cello girls much to minhyun’s disgust

ha sungwoon - french horn
ok why is this guy still here? the conductor was pretty sure he’s already got his bachelor degree last semester but… voila - he turns up to the first rehearsal like nothing’s changed. uh. i mean.. not that the conductor is complaining or anything, sungwoon’s literally the best french horn player in the entire music institute, so it’s great he’s not already whisked away by the marching band or the rowdy jazz bands. a loyal h*e to the symphony orchestra. grown attached to the younger frenchies so i guess that’s why he’s still sticking around. challenges freshmen to do cover battles with him. everyone loves him (who doesnt tbh)

hwang minhyun - cello
he’s nearing his final year of study, but is very lowkey about everything. everyone basically knows him and he basically knows everyone too.. but?? they don’t know much about him apart from the fact that he’s pretty amazing on the cello? super handsome and all the girls and boys lowkey highkey have crushes on him. probably the reason why there’s been an influx of cello players in the orchestra. if only some could pick up the viola smh. is gonna make it to julliard one day. you bet you’d see him in the julliard symphony orchestra on the television one day. y’all just wait and see. secretly in a rock band with the other nu’est boys. but even in a rock band he still plays the cello. yes, an electric cello. 

ong seongwoo - trombone
literally friends with everyone!!! the guys, the girls, the strings, the woodwinds, the brass, the conductor… e v e r y o n e !! always makes trombone jokes 25/8. “what do you call an arrogant trombonist? … a brass-hole”. makes the trumpeters laugh though, which is bad because they would go on the laugh for a long time after everyone else stopped… and everyone would know seongwoo was at fault so… he’d be in trouble. but not really. because everyone liked him too much? would attempt to befriend all the freshies, but sometimes scares them away with his jokes. bffs with daniel!! always the one to cover for kangdan’s lateness and missed rehearsals. sometimes want to throw his trombone at his best friend (but obviously doesn’t. it’s too precious to him). named his trombone but tells everyone it’s a secret “of course i can’t tell you!! tina only has eyes for me. oh wait - ”

kim jaehwan - tuba
the cool af dude who has a psychopathic scream, plays the one irreplaceable brass instrument of the orchestra!! literally the only tuba in the orchestra after the other tubist graduated last year… so .. he’s on his own!! not that anyone’s complaining.. because he’s skilled af. the conductor discovered him playing simple scales in one of the practice rooms during his freshman year, and decided this boy had potential to go Big, so he personally invited him to join the orchestra (sans audition!!). he wasn’t wrong about jaehwan’s talents. ;^) the marching band had their eyes on him for the longest time but like sungwoon, he’s Loyal™.

kang daniel - clarinet
one of the coolest kids in college but was dragged to audition by his high school buddy/best friend seongwoo. he obviously got in because he has them skills!! but when the pink sausage™ duo started goofing around in the first rehearsal, daniel almost regretted joining. stayed for seongwoo and more so because he needed those extra credit points. loves music too much anyway so he’s not complaining. also actually a bit of a goofball. on the Rare occasions when he would turn up to rehearsal on time, you know the clarinet section would be extra !! giggly !! cue kangdan’s Cheesy Pickup Lines™. tbh most of the other clarinet players are girls. i wonder why.

park jihoon - violin
freshman. scouted by the conductor during the official orchestra auditions. came in with his best friend woojin and insisted on playing a duet for audition. his request was sadly denied so he had to do a solo. blew the conductor away on the first note!!! played a violin rendition of a chopin nocturne!! wasn’t a tricky piece at all but dAMnMNnn bOII… the feels. the emotions. the passion legit made the conductor tear up. needless to say, he completely aced the audition!!! violin prodigy right here!!! directly landed the position of concertmaster / first desk and shares desk with woojin. often comes to rehearsal as a pink sausage™.

park woojin - violin
jihoon’s best friend and desk mate. entertains amazes the rest of the orchestra with their amazing duets. completes the pink sausage™ duo. yes, he comes to rehearsal as a pink sausage™ too. manages the sausages’ youtube cover channel. uploads crack vids of random orchestra members so watch out if woojin comes to rehearsal with a camcorder… he’s probably recording everyone… but mostly jisung tbh. substitute first violin if jihoon ever fell sick on performance days or if he missed rehearsal. the conductor secretly regret assigning them to the same desk. sometimes trolls the rest of the orchestra by tuning them to the wrong note. and gives poor daehwi a heart attack because he thought he broke the piano

bae jinyoung - flute/piccolo
that one super cute, tall, gentle freshman in the woodwinds section. blew the conductor away with his audition piece which was a mozart piece for flute. also managed to play a bit of piccolo in high school so guess who’s that one and only piccolo in the orchestra!! (literally jumped in and replaced the existing piccolo player because she’s too swooned by his perfection and talents… and couldn’t stop giggling during the first performance because jinyoung was That Close to her!!! smh. me tbh.) would smile so widely when the conductor compliments him and the violinists would literally grin with him (even if they’re in the strings section gdi) because his smile is just! so! contagious!

lee daehwi - piano
another freshman!! nobody expected him to rank first amongst 128374345 other talented pianists who came to the audition, but… he did, and showed everyone who’s boss. sight reading skills is A+++. amazes the heck out of everyone with how fast he learns music… because duhh… he’s lee daehwi, the one who won the hunger games, symph orch piano edition. loved by most of the people in the orchestra, especially the seniors who play the violin, sitting closest to the piano. obvs good friends with the percussionists as well but don’t really know what to do about guanlin tbh.. the freestyler…  daehwi is all about following the music sheet, keeping to rhythm and playing what he practiced. slightly obsessed with jinyoung in the flutes but what’s new tbh

lai guanlin - percussion
doesn’t really know why he’s here. confused most of the time, but is a super super fast learner. 1/3 of the percussionists. assigned to be on the timpani so he’s gotta be super on top of everything. in the first rehearsal he missed a beat so he was two bars behind for the entire piece. when everyone else finished, he still had more to play. basically earned himself a mini solo (which he aced and extended it into a five bar freestyle drum solo). almost made everyone deaf and sent half of the tension screws on the drum flying.. guess who had to clean up afterward!! on the conductor’s black list but literally everyone wants to be his friend. such swagger, much loved.

Choir Boyz

So yeah, here’s this one, a thousand years after I said I’d start working on it. I think The Hiatus is just about over.

•Jack, Roger, Maurice, and Simon all continued in choir as they got older
•Sam ‘n Eric dropped out of it after a few years to pursue their shared dream of becoming champion golf players
•Jack is the choir director’s “prized vocalist”, and often has a say in what songs they sing and who gets to sing the solos (he most often advocates for himself)
•He’s a high tenor
•Roger and Maurice are both bases, but Maurice’s voice is slightly higher than Roger’s
•Simon is that kid who stayed an alto for too long, and only just recently moved to tenor (his voice is technically higher than Jack’s, but it isn’t as powerful)
•Maurice cannot stop fidgeting whenever he sings
•He’s always tapping his foot, or bobbing his head, and occasionally he smacks Roger in the face while flailing his hands and arms to the beat
•Jack gets a good laugh out of it, but it makes Simon very nervous because he knows that one day Roger’s just gonna explode
•Roger sings with a surprising amount of emotion, displayed both in his voice and visibly on his face (singing is one of the only times Roger shows emotion tbh)
•If he’s really feeling a song, his eyes will close and his face will scrunch up, and if it’s a sad song there WILL be tears in his eyes
•Jack has multiple videos of him singing like this, in case he ever needs to blackmail Roger for anything
•Simon likes to connect with the songs they sing as well, and he’ll often draw or journal about how they make him feel
•Ralph doesn’t do choir, but he shows up to all of their concerts and to enough random rehearsals that the entire choir has sort of adopted him as a mascot
•And you best believe that the whole choir goes to all his soccer games as well (Jack always sits in the front row)
•Piggy wants absolutely nothing to do with the choir

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Hi, can you rec some webcomics that include LGBT, POC and especially - disabled characters, please? Thanks so much! X

hi!! to start i recommend checking out this search on lgbtwebcomics’ list for disabled characters, this search for poc characters, and this search for both!! the list is also super useful for looking for specific lengths and other content but here’s some of my faves!! (titles bolded for readability):

  • The Life of Alexis Perkins - a young aspie trans girl at a new school and her troubles there. (disabled+lgbt)
  • Portside Stories - “A.K.A Huggy Gender Dorks” is in the description and is pretty much all u need. (disabled+lgbt)
  • Sharp Zero - tiny angry child elliot accidentally becomes a super hero when he meets danny (disabled+lgbt+poc)
  • Job Satisfaction - really cute short abt some superpowered girls (poc+lgbt)
  • Closer to Home - honestly i just started reading this one and i love it SO much wow. about a spaceship crew captured by aliens  (poc+lgbt) (+ a girl who uses sign!! i’m not sure the reason has been explained but!!!!!)
  • Digi@Lili - 4 girls called upon to save the world (poc+lgbt) (and the creator is a sweetheart omg)
  • Taproot - about a gardener who can see ghosts. the art is absolutely gorgeous tbh (lgbt+poc)
  • Love Not Found - a world where human touch is considered disgusting and a girl who’s actually kinda into touching ppl (lgbt+poc)
  • Best Friends Forever - holy SHIT tbh this one is one of the Faves. abt a pair of best friends in high school and unrequited(?) love and expectations and. ah. (poc+lgbt)
  • The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal - honestly if you never read another webcomic again PLEASE read tj and amal. it’s the queer roadtrip strangers-to-friends-to-lovers story that everyone needs in their lives tbh. i am always lowkey screaming abt tj and amal in my heart. nothing has quite surpassed my love for it yet. (poc+lgbt)
  • Shades of A - okay wait no shades of a is the ONE u’d need to read. i’m so conflicted tbh. ace parody of 50 shades. also deals with kink/bdsm culture really really well. (lgbt+poc)
  • As the Crow Flies - queer black 13-year-old girl heads to religious camp only to find it all white kids. (lgbt+poc) (also has 1 of the best coming out scenes possible ever tbh)
  • Bad Bad Things - SO GOOD okay. a bunch of kids in a magical post-apocalyptic world. this is another 1 i’m always lowkey yelling abt in my heart. (lgbt+poc+disabled)
  • Discord Comics/Khaos Komix - 8 kids, 4 couples. lots o tears and emotions. (lgbt+poc)
  • Les Normaux - SCREAMS TBH a bunch of magic kids being magic and queer and cute and help me. (lgbt+poc)
  • ShootAround - oh goD okay. girls basketball team gets caught in the zombie apocalypse . (lgbt+poc)

okay i should really cut myself off there before i never stop reccing things ahg. 

feel free to send me asks if you’re worried abt mature content, trigger warnings, or read it and want to scream w/ someone!!! i got u friends. enjoy :*

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Yandere headcanons for Deku, Kacchan, Monoma and Kaminari please? (non romanticised)

Thank you for adding that last little bit, it means a lot to me. I think in future I’d only take these requests in scenario format seen as it’s kinda hard to just come up with personality traits that aren’t actually theirs without some kinda surrounding information . Also I’m sticking this under a read more

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beautiful - newt x reader

Prompt: Hey, I’m not sure if you’ve done something like this before, but could you possibly do a Newt x Reader where the reader is kind of insecure? I’m feeling pretty down about my appearance rn. Thanks and I hope it isn’t too much trouble.

I relate, honestly, and it’s no trouble at all! Writing and reading imagines always cheers me up a little, so this request was perfect! I hope you enjoy!!

I got up at six and despite that, all I’ve accomplished today is finishing season one of Friends. I don’t even like Friends that much, I’m just so bored and lonely rn so when I remembered about this draft it was a very welcome distraction. Also, I listened to Halsey while writing this so all things considered it ended up super angsty.

Warnings: reader gets drunk in an irresponsible fashion. Drink responsibly with concern for your safety, and wait till you’re 21 kids!! (reader is over 21 in the fic, but drinking just to get drunk is not good!! don’t do it stay safe) also reader is super insecure and I think I wrote Newt ooc, I apologize 


Newt was shyly excited when an owl delivered the news that the publishers had loved his manuscript. You were thrilled for him, and you had insisted that the two of you go out for drinks to celebrate. You had been his editor, and you had read through his notes over and over and organized them for him, and in the meantime he had introduced you to the beasts and the two of you had become very close friends. You were fascinated with the peculiar man, and you had grown incredibly fond of him and his magical suitcase. You would even admit that you had a lot of affection for him, affection that transcended friendship and made you a little bit nervous. He was beautiful, and you really didn’t see him choosing to be with someone like you. It was just the way things were, you had told yourself sadly, and there was nothing you could do about it. Women like you were not meant to end up with men like him, and that was that. You loved his freckles, his lopsided smile, the way his eyes glowed when he got excited, the unusual way he walked, the concentrated face he made while writing…you shook yourself from your thoughts sternly. He didn’t necessarily perfectly fit the commonly accepted male beauty standards, and he wasn’t traditionally masculine, but he was successful, handsome, and intelligent. You knew that despite his awkward tendencies, young women would soon be tripping over each other to throw themselves at him. The thought made your stomach twist uncomfortably, and you reminded yourself that it wasn’t your place. He wasn’t yours, and he wouldn’t ever be. That was the end of it.

The two of you sat at the bar, and you refused to let him pay for his drinks. He was embarrassed, but eventually he gave in to your generosity. “It’s a celebration for you!” you had insisted. “You aren’t buying the drinks here! That’s my job, buddy,” you pushed his hand, which held money in it, away playfully and he blushed a deep crimson. You felt a longing pang when he smiled you gratefully, peering at you through his messy cinnamon hair. You ordered another drink for yourself. You couldn’t be sober tonight if he was going to keep looking at you like that. It was out of the question. Drinks would keep you from thinking rationally, and maybe, just maybe, they would help you forget for just one night that he was unattainable. You weren’t a drinker usually, but tonight was an exception.

You were not nearly as drunk as you would have liked by the time Newt was ready to leave, but it was his day after all, and when he offered to walk you home you decided it was best not to argue. You were still drunk as hell, but it wasn’t the right sort of drunk, and you thought wistfully that maybe a few more moments at the bar would have changed that. You pulled on your coat and blushed as he offered you his arm. You took it, and the two of you started a comfortable stroll back to your flat. It was freezing, and you pressed close to Newt, half because you were cold and half because you were drunk. You weren’t the right sort of drunk, either. You had intended to be carefree drunk, perhaps flirty drunk or at the very least happy drunk, but you had somehow managed to land yourself in the depressing state of “emotional drunk”. The warm brush of Newt’s arm was enough to make your heart heavy, and you found yourself trying desperately not to let on that you were unhappy. You didn’t want to spoil this day for him, and you knew if he caught on to your misery he would want to know what was wrong. You didn’t have the energy to make up a lie, and you didn’t have the guts to tell him the truth, even after drinking.

The sidewalk was empty, and the only company the two of you had was the slight drift of snowflakes catching on your coats and in your hair. You leaned yourself on his shoulder ever so slightly, feeling bittersweet. It was lovely to walk with him, and you felt a little bit better. Even if he wasn’t yours, the two of you definitely had a wonderful friendship and you were incredibly grateful for it. 

Your eyes drifted around the shop windows, and you felt yourself drawn to a beautiful display of paintings. You pulled Newt over to admire them, a small smile tugging at your lips. It was the window display for an art gallery, you realized upon closer inspection. You didn’t feel his gaze, but Newt was more interested in you than in the paintings. He silently admired your expressions, watching with a small smile as your face lit up. The cold had nipped at your nose and cheeks, flushing them, and snowflakes were caught in your eyelashes. He loved to see you smile, which was maybe why he invited you down to the case so often. You beamed when you were with the creatures, and seeing you happy made his heart flutter. Suddenly nervous that you’d catch him staring, he moved his gaze to the paintings. 

You studied each one with interest, admiring the beautifully blended colors and the expert brush strokes, until your eyes fell on the last painting in the window. It was a stunning portrait of a woman, and it looked so real, almost like a photograph. Her shapely red lips curved upward in a small smile. She had a beautifully sloped nose, and she peered at the observers with striking doe eyes. She had high, prominent cheekbones and immaculate skin, and a slender neck held her head at a slight tilt. Ebony hair was pinned to one side and cascaded down her left shoulder in dark waves. You were in awe, partially because of the artist’s incredibly realistic style but mostly because of how striking this woman was. 

Your gloved fingers brushed the glass, and in that moment you caught a glimpse of your own reflection in the glass and you felt a lump immediately settle itself in your throat. You couldn’t help but compare your features to hers, and in your drunk, emotional state you felt tears pricking at your eyes. You forgot about Newt’s presence for a moment. All you could think about was the woman in the painting and her immaculate skin. Her stunning bone structure. Her perfectly painted lips. Her wide, stunning eyes. And all you could do was stare at your own reflection and think about how that wasn’t what you were. Your nose and your cheeks were flushed from the cold, and you felt like a clown with your messy hair peeking out from underneath a warm winter hat that was settled lopsided on your head. Tears started to prick at your eyes. Your eyes that didn’t fit so perfectly with the rest of your features like hers did.

Rationally, she was just a painting. Thinking about it later, your face would always grow hot with embarrassment and you’d desperately try to forget about the way that painting had made you feel. She was just a muggle painting in a muggle gallery. She wasn’t even flesh and blood, You weren’t even jealous of a person. You were jealous of a canvas full of colors, but in the moment you were too drunk to care. 

This was not the pleasant, carefree sort of drunk you had intended to get, and you hated yourself for it. You felt so stupid for crying, but you couldn’t control the emotions that were bubbling over, spilling out your eyes in the form of hot tears. Everything was fuzzy, and the insecurity seemed to be the only thing that mattered in that moment. You placed your trembling palm flat on the glass to hide your reflection and ducked your head, not even bothering to try stopping the tears as your shoulders shook with silent sobs. You had almost forgotten about Newt, and when he said your name you jolted your head up to look at him, startled.

He looked just as startled as you felt, and you realized with a pang how you must look, drunk and crying softly in the middle of the night about a painting.

Newt was concerned, and he reached up carefully to brush the tears from your cheek with his gloved hand. He was wary, studying your expression to make sure you didn’t mind the contact, and being as gentle as he could as though if he wasn’t careful enough, you would cry even more. The tears had melted the snowflakes in your eyelashes, he noted sadly, and he wanted desperately to make you smile again, so he pulled you wordlessly into his chest. There would be time for talking about this later, he reasoned. Now, you needed comfort.

You let out a strangled whimper and grabbed his jacket, pulling yourself closer so your sounds were muffled in the scratchy fabric. You let the tears fall freely, and he rubbed soothing circles on your back, troubled at your sudden outburst. He had never seen you like this before, and it was strange. He had observed that you weren’t always the most open about how you felt, and in the months the two of you had been close, he had never seen you so vulnerable. It was startling.

You pulled away slowly, still sniffling, your arms still at his waist. He ducked his head down toward yours. “What’s wrong?” he murmured gently. You started to cry all over again, and he felt your fingers grip at his jacket.

“It’s stupid, it’s so stupid, but I can’t…” you chuckled a little bit, lifting your head but not making eye contact. “I just can’t seem to be reasonable about it,” you said, sniffling and shifting your gaze to where your hand had shifted to rest on his chest.

“I won’t laugh,” he said seriously, not wanting to push you or to make you too uncomfortable.

“I just saw myself… in, in the reflection of the glass, and I…” You glanced over at the display again. “I don’t look like her,” you mumbled. That was the best way you could describe it to him, and you found yourself unable to look him in the eye.

“Of course you don’t,” his firm reply came immediately, and you looked up at him quizzically, your heart sinking a little. His gaze was steady and concerned, and he had caught on to the insecurity that made your tone waver.

“What?” was all you could manage.

“Of course you don’t look like her. You look like you,” he said, furrowing his brows.

“What do you mean?” you stammered out, not following him at all.

He shifted, his gaze flicking away. “She has the things that make her beautiful, and you have your own,” he said carefully. “that’s why you’re you, and she’s…her,” he said, as though he was reaching for the right words. “If you were her, you’d lose the things that are unique to you,” he murmured, his hand slipping up to play with a strand of your hair. “I’m sure the woman who posed for that…her eyes don’t light up the way yours do when you smile, and her laugh doesn’t sound like yours, and I’m sure she doesn’t have this,” he brushed his fingertips over a scar on your face nervously. You wanted to duck shyly from his touch, but you stayed still, cheeks aflame. “She’s beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t,” he was starting to ramble, his cheeks flushed, and not just from the cold. “Nobody else is quite like you, and it’d be a shame if everyone was exactly like her. Everyone would be off posing for paintings and doing whatever she does for a living and there’d be nobody left to edit my book for me,” he said teasingly, a smile playing at his lips. “(y/n), she’s lovely. But frankly,” his eyes lingered for a moment on your lips, then leapt back up to meet your gaze. “She isn’t you.”

You breathed up at him, eyes glowing, but still feeling somewhat unconvinced. “But…” you struggled to find an argument to back your feelings, but trailed off lamely.

He continued, his voice low. “And I’d…I’d rather be around you to see you smile, and to watch the snowflakes get caught in your hair, and laugh with you, and see the way you care for the beasts with me, and hear what you have to say about my writing…” he started to get flustered, as though he was regretting letting you know so many of his observations. “You can’t capture all of that in a painting,” he paused, swallowing hard, and you could practically hear his frantic heartbeat. “You’re beautiful,” he finished softly, and you started to cry all over again.

Startled, and terrified he’d said something wrong, he placed his hands on your arms. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, forget I said-”

He couldn’t finish, as you’d grabbed his collar and pulled him in for a teary kiss. He didn’t know what to do with his hands at first, taken aback, but they settled comfortably on your waist. Yours flew up to grip his face, and he could feel them trembling through the soft fabric of your gloves. You pulled away, breathless, eyes bloodshot and face streaked with tears. All he could do was stare at you, and you stared back. Snowflakes were settled in both of your hair, and you grinned shyly up at him, blinking the last of the tears away.

Wordlessly, he gave you a bashful smile and reached up to grasp one of your hands in his. The two of you were both flustered, embarrassed, and still drunk, but you turned without saying anything to continue your walk home, hands entwined shyly as you shuffled through the thin layer of snow. You didn’t talk about that night again, but things had definitely changed between the two of you, and in the best way possible. 


YIKES I’m sorry if this was super cheesy or something!! I did my best to convey my message without assuming too much about you, the reader, and without bringing Newt too far out of character, but I’m not sure if I did it right. I read a fic that really bothered me a while ago, where it described the reader as thin and pale. Writers of imagines, don’t assume too many things about your readers (unless a request asks you to), and don’t tell them that they’re beautiful and then describe this narrowly.

I guess what I was trying to say is that just because someone else is beautiful, that doesn’t mean you aren’t. If everyone fit physical beauty standards that were set for us, there would be no diversity. Embrace diversity. Embrace the fact that people look different, and embrace the fact that beauty is also found in a person’s personality. It’s found in the things you love and the way you talk. It’s found in the things you say and the way you treat others. 

I’ve met people who had traditionally pretty features, but who treated people in a way that was so ugly that I couldn’t see past that at all. And I met a girl who hated her crooked teeth and the way she laughed, but I fell in love with these features because they were attached to the rest of her. Her teeth were part of her. Her laugh was part of her. It broke my heart that she tried to hide them because she thought they were ugly, when the sound of her laugh was so pretty to me. She was beautiful because she was funny, sweet, and friendly. I met a boy who was shy and silent for the most part, but I fell in love with his beautiful drawings and the things he said when the rare occasion arose that he would say something. Beauty is different in everyone. It can be found everywhere.

Besides, some people get freckles tattooed on, and other people hide them with makeup. Some people wish they had curly hair so they curl it, and others hide their curls by straightening their hair. Diversity is beautiful. If you want to curl your straight hair, go ahead, but it’s beautiful either way. 

Sorry if that made no sense?? I have a lot of feelings about this I guess. Beauty is different in everyone. Please remember that. You have beauty, even if it’s not exactly the same as someone else’s beauty. Ok, rant over, I hope you have a lovely day <3

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Okay but how would James be if you were in an argument and he reached his hand up to touch your hair or something and you flinched?

omg i heard my heart break just reading this prompt :O

  • Usually when you guys fight it’s about something small, like you leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor or James using magic for things that are honestly better done without it
  • But you’d have one fight that was particularly bad
  • It all started because you went to a Harpies game without telling him
  • Which would have been fine if it didn’t happen to have been the same day as your two-year anniversary, which you honestly forgot about and didn’t blow off on purpose, but that didn’t make him any less angry when you came home in a new Harpies jersey raving about how great the game was 
  • You didn’t understand why James, who was such a big Quidditch fan, wasn’t excited to see the Gwenog Jones bobblehead you had gotten him
  • Then it clicked and your stomach just totally dropped because you never forget these things??? how could it already be your anniversary???? oh my god????
  • He’d be pissed because he had a whole night planned out and you’d start out by apologizing but then he’d make some angry accusation that you don’t even care about him and then you’d both start screaming
  • And James was holding his wand, not intending to use it but just because it was in his hand when he got home, and because he was so riled up he’d accidentally cause some sparks to shoot out and narrowly miss you
  • He would be horrified because he would never ever do anything to hurt you and he’d drop his wand with a clatter and then he’d be the one apologizing over and over and even though you knew it was a mistake you’d be really shaken by it
  • He’d come over and stand in front of you and try to brush the hair back from your face where the sparks flew by it to make sure the spell didn’t hit you at all and you would flinch ever so slightly but enough that he notices 
  • And it would break his heart tbh he’d start crying on the spot and that would make you cry
  • And sometimes actions really do speak louder than words because you can both tell how sorry the other is because of your tears and the way James was standing back from you as if he was afraid to touch you (fuck this is killing me)
  • There’d be a long silence where you just stand feet away from each other but then you’d catch his eye and see how much emotional pain he was in
  • And then you’d just walk over and fling yourself into his arms and he’d mumble into your hair something about how this wasn’t how he wanted to spend your anniversary :’(
  • And you’d pull away from him and sniffle and you’d both say you’re so so sorry
  • “It’s only 8, though, we can still make this a good night <3″ So you spend the rest of the evening cooking dinner together and then eating on the couch in your pajamas and okay sure it’s not the romantic night out James had planned but you’re just happy to be in each others’ company as you make up for what happened earlier <3

Jeez I didn’t mean for that to get so dramatic??? Hope you liked it?

Cait :)

I was out all day so I didn’t get to listen to the newest taz until just now and I’m.. Really emotional, it was so good. This arc is making me like Merle a lot more tbh? His sermon actually made me tear up a bit, it was simple but nice. And just the fact that he stayed with those people in their time of need instead of ditching them, and the image of him ascending as threads of light while the whole town sang in harmony was just fucking cool. Plus it was really sweet of him to think of the legacy of the robot world(which btw the taz nights world cameo was sick as hell and that one robot who was pretty obviously Troth was 👌👌) and help Lucretia document as much as they could. And I love Lucretia so much?? And Lup oh my gosh Lup… Everything she says and does just makes me love her more. I really hope they do put out the next episode next week, I’m really enjoying the structure of this arc.

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The daddy question should’ve been a non-issue. It never really bothers people in the show. Liz has stop suspecting long ago. The task force should know the answer from day one. Why are TPTB still trolling us? They can drop this baiting business and Daddygaters will still be watching the show.

I really have no explanation for the lingering bio dad question other than tptb seem to want to play to every ship, theory, group out there. Problem is when you do that the story boomerangs all over creation and everyone ends up confused. Frustrated. Irritated. Nauseated. Lizzy’s genetic origins bore me to tears tbh so let’s get on with it. Shake that family tree and put this issue to rest writers!

Speaking of irritating. They don’t mind daddybaiting us week after blessed week but do tptb think of Liz actually meeting her Grandfather Dom. A living relative and the only one we definitely know she has at this point. What would this take away from her Tom plot device duties? Would it actually add a layer or two to her rather transparent character? Would it be too emotional so she should just keep snarking at Red? I mean god forbid Red tell her there’s someone you should meet and let’s take a drive. No no please just keep daddybaiting us. That’s much more entertaining.


Now it’s time for our sunshine, our hope, Hoseok

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Father of three, a lil girl and two boys
  • The youngest is his lil girl bc you two had made a deal, you’d keep trying until you had one of each but he was so happy to have two boys and honestly the more the merrier
  • Without a doubt, he’d cry at each and every birth
  • You’d think by the third one, he’d be used to it but nope he’s bawling just as hard as he did when his first son was born
  • The first time he held his bby boy in his arms, he literally had to just take a moment to take it all in bc you two had been talking about kids for so long and when he’d heard you were pregnant, he’d been so excited but it hadn’t kicked in that he was actually a father until he had his child curled up against his chest
  • When bby #2 was born, he was just as nervous and just as happy except now he had a lil boy running into the room after the bby had been cleaned up, asking if he could see his brother
  • And when he found out you two were having a girl, he got so excited and immediately told all of the boys, like he was still in the hospital after you had gotten your ultrasound, the nurse hadn’t even left the room and he already had Jimin on speaker
  • All of the kids adore him beyond words bc he’s basically one of them
  • He starts most of the chaos fun tbh
  • Like his kids will calmly be coloring or some shit and he just comes in and ask if they wanna build a fort and they’re not about to refuse
  • You walk in to find the living room converted into a giant blanket fort so many times, it becomes normal
  • They spend hours in their lil forts and you just always hear giggles
  • Let’s be real, that house will be giggle-filled 24/7
  • Hobi’s just a ray of sunshine and his kids are his mini rays
  • If any of the Jungs are ever sad or just has a bad day, the rest immediately spring into action
  • There’s this one day Hobi couldn’t pick the choreography up as quickly as he normally did and then he’d messed up when he was recording his rap and he was just really bummed out
  • They know something’s wrong when he only gives them a small smile when they run up to him screaming “appa” the way they always did when he came home
  • They all huddle up and start mumbling and he’s just trying to cheer himself up for them so he goes to watch whatever movie was on last night to distract himself but he’s basically just frowning the entire time
  • The next thing he knows, he has three lil bodies jumping onto him with a battle cry of “group cuddle!!!”
  • He’s got one of his boys clinging onto his arm, the other is hugging his waist as tight as he can and his princess is peppering kisses all over his cheeks
  • It’s really hard not to smile at that so he just returns the yell and swoops them all into this gigantic hug and he’s just so grateful for them
  • Both of the boys say “eomma” for their first word and he’s still just as happy bc they spoke but a part of him really wanted to them to say appa but then lil princess says it as her first word and he’s just so :D
  • He takes them with him whenever he goes to the studio to rehearse and they’ll just chill on the couch in the practice room and snack on their animal crackers and color while the boys rehearsed
  • Bby #1 is the first to start copying the boys and he just kinda stands up and start mimicking them and then bby #2 gets up and joins and princess just shrugs her lil shoulders and joins in
  • The boys don’t realize until they hear the choreographer laughing and then Hobi turns around to see his bbys all in laughing fits bc the choreo was too quick for them and they looked silly doing it
  • They all do love to dance (and are amazing at it bc Hobi is basically water in human form with how smooth he moves) but bby #2 is the only one to officially get into it but Hobi doesn’t mind bc as long as his bbys are happy, so he is
  • He’s honestly s u c h a sucker for his kids
  • They don’t even have to worry about all of that puppy dog eyes shit, they want something, they get it
  • But they're all good kids so they never take advantage of it bc they honestly love just spending time with him way more than any present he could give them
  • They go to him for anything and everything and he’s such a supportive father tbh
  • Like they just put their full trust into him and they’re never afraid to tell him anything and he finds it so endearing and it makes him so happy
  • He’s also really protective over them
  • Like he’s always making sure they’re dressed warmly and he has them create a lil train whenever they’re walking around (bby #1 holds Hobi’s hand, bby #2 holds bby #1’s hand and princess holds bby #2’s hand, it’s basically like a lil line of ducklings following their father around)
  • But like we all saw how emotional Hobi got when he saw his parents’ and sister's video for his birthday so just imagine how he’d be after a long tour and he’d finally come home to his bbys
  • He’d honestly just hold them so tight and he’d be crying and tbh they’d be crying and all of the Jungs would be in a group hug for like an hour then he’d take some time to individually hug everyone
  • And lil princess would wipe off his tears for him and it’d almost make him cry more bc she said quietly told him that if he cries she’ll cry in her sweet lil voice and he just loves them all so much and he’s never felt so happy
  • All in all, Hobi would just gain three new best friends and he’d be such an amazing father