all of the tears and emotions tbh

Here's what I don't get

How can you spend so long telling someone that they mean so much to you and then in an instant throw it away and cheat on them? How can you tell your significant other that you love them for months on end and then sleep with someone else? How can you call your girlfriend/boyfriend-baby, babe, loml, cutie, etc. and be seeing someone behind their back? How can you do that to someone? I cannot fathom cheating. It’s happened to me twice and I still cannot wrap my head around what goes into a person’s mind to make them think that it is okay to do that to someone. If you are not happy with someone, break up with them. Do not cheat on them, for the love of all that is good in this world. That leaves a person in such a mess. Thinking “What did I do wrong?” “Why wasn’t I good enough?” “What did they have that I didn’t?” It hurts a person to no end. It tears your heart up to no end. Don’t cheat. I don’t care what your reasoning is, it isn’t good enough to cheat.

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im actually thinking a lot about the reunion scene tbh and it makes me so emotional?????? like just wanting to yell at him for disappearing again but he just. runs and snuggles while trying to hold his tears but really he is angry but so glad and living again??? like all the stress is going away?? so he just. let go of all the stress in shiros arms. Bonus for Lotor in the background being all "what about me guys, can i join"

lotor stop ruining the moment

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heyhey!! can you do a silly imagine with charles like right after cuba where its like nighttime and hes sad so y/n tries to cheer him up by telling him stories of stupid things they did when they were high (tbh if you want inspiration just look up ThatHigh comps or smth theyre really funny) and after a while he ends up laughing at it and yeah just fluffy thank you!! (sorry its a weird request i just thought it could be cute !)

Charles Xavier X Reader – This One Time

A/N – I’m finally settled in my new place ^_^

Warnings – Mild drug use.

Rating – T

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You wiped away fresh tears, trying to quell the melancholy that came with your mutation; empathy was a tough power to host when all you wanted was the simple, underrated gift of only feeling your own emotions. Naturally, you knew where the emotions were coming from, there were only four other people in the house and Charles had lost the most in Cuba; of course he was depressed.

You sighed impatiently, getting up, knowing you had to cheer up Charles if you wanted any rest at all in the coming weeks. It was the only solution really, or so you told yourself, denying your feelings for him until he could be in a better place to accept them.

You crept silently down to the make-shift hospital wing, taking extra care to be quiet when going past Hank who was posted outside, making sure nobody would disturb Charles; if the mansion ever did become a boarding school, you’d bet that Hank would make an excellent matron.

Opening the door and seeing Charles made you just as miserable as he was, the way he laid on his back, staring bleakly at the ceiling, probably contemplating life’s course, brought you close to tears again. You breathed deeply, fighting to control your emotions before taking a seat beside Charles’ bed. He didn’t acknowledge you, not even when you greeted him; his eyes merely flickered to you momentarily then back to the ceiling. You sat awkwardly wondering what you could possibly say to make the situation any better, all the time feeling self-conscious that Charles was most-likely seeing all your thoughts, especially the stupid ones which would get you nowhere. After an overly long, stumped silence, you blurted out, “I licked a cat once.”

Charles snapped to attention, his expression one of wholly confusion, “What?”

“When I was high.” You rushed. “I licked a cat because that’s what their mothers do and she looked lonely… In fairness, she purred the entire time.”

Charles observed you curiously for a few seconds before laughing hysterically, an action that your mutation made you mirror. After the two of you calmed down again you apologised. “Sorry, that was random, wasn’t it?”

Charles shook his head. “No need to apologise, quite frankly, it’s nice to have someone who isn’t tip-toeing around me all the time; Hank tries but, well, you know how it is.”

“Yeah, I get it, nobody knows what to say really. Things’ll go back to normal eventually, until then though, want some company?”

“Only if you have more stories like that.”

You grinned eagerly. “Yeah? All right uh, okay, I got one. Once, I decided that it was an amazing idea to go for a drive after smoking a blunt but I saw this cop pull in front of me on the road and I was like, freaking out, thinking that he’d come to pull me over and arrest me. Now, like any sane person, I didn’t wanna be pulled over so in my drug-addled state, I decided it’d be a really good idea to follow the police car; that way it couldn’t pull me over because I was behind him. Anyway, long story short, I followed it for 30 minutes before coming to my senses and going home.”

Charles laughed even harder and you joined in of your own volition this time, enjoying odd memories of the past. He grinned, relieved to just relax after days of medical questions and unsavoury conversations about Erik. His smile quickly faded however, with a thought that made him uncomfortable.

“(Y/N)… are you just reacting to my emotions or are you actually happy here with me?”

“What? Why’re you asking?”

“I-” He hesitated. “I don’t want you to be a slave to your mutation.”

You glanced uncomfortably at your hands, picking at your nails while thinking through your options. “I… When I’m with you, it doesn’t really feel like it does with other people. I… I guess I kind of like sharing your emotions.” You blushed and waited for a response. When Charles didn’t say anything, you felt the familiar seeds of panic welling up inside you. With a decisive nod, you got up, your chair scraped loudly across the floor, somehow managing to make you feel worse.

“I should go.” You turned to leave.

“Wait.” Charles requested courteously.

You stopped, frozen in place, listening for what he would come up with next.

“I make it a policy not to read friends minds, most of the time it makes people uncomfortable. You know as well as anybody that I have perfect control of my abilities but with you… With you I tend to read your mind because I can’t stop myself. No. That’s not true. I don’t want to stop myself.”

“Charles, what’re you saying? I don’t understand.”

He sighed. “(Y/N), I’ve waited for you for a long time now and if I’m honest I want to be with you but-”

“Don’t let there be a but.” You laughed in a weak attempt to make the situation easier.

“But,” he continued seriously, “right now, isn’t the right time. You understand, don’t you?”

“…Yeah, I get it.”

“Then, will you wait for me? I don’t know how long it will be and I realise I have no right to ask but please, wait.”

You turned back to Charles, kissing the top of his forehead lightly, “For you, I’d wait an eternity. Get some rest Charles, it’s the only way I’ll get some bloody sleep.”

Charles exhaled, relieved that you were okay. “Goodnight (Y/N), sweet dreams.”

Hey guys! This is just my reaction/summary post of the BTS Concert in Newark (Thursday, 3/23)! I’ll be going into a lot of detail, but bare with me. I’ve linked all the fancams I took throughout the post, so you can check that out :)

[Full Fancam Playlist]


Alright so first things first…I’ve been following BTS since ~May/June 2014, and this was the first time I was actually able to go to a live concert. I WAS LITERALLY BEYOND THE MOON when I got tickets, and I was so excited that I was badgering everyone I knew with my fangirling. BTS means so much to me, they got me through some of the hardest times in my life, and they gave me happiness and hope. So getting to go to one of their concerts, see them and support them in person, was such a blessing.

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who the signs should really date

aries: a nokia phone bc you’ll never be able to destroy it :))))))
taurus: money money $$$$$ u just love money tbh $$$$$$$$$$$$
gemini: a swing bc only they can put up with your mood swings hahahahaha
cancer: an empty room so you can explode in emotion at any given time
leo: a computer that generates compliments, there’s someone who really cares
virgo: toilet paper bc they’re organised, clean AND they’ll wipe ur tears :’)
libra: an app that makes decisions for you, there all ur life problems solved
scorpio: a diary, now you have something to confide in, read and tear apart !!
sagittarius: a car bc the only thing you can commit to is running (driving) away
capricorn: a pillow so you can sleep your way out of stress, and it’s something that can’t get in your way of doing anything !!
aquarius: the internet, because that’s the only thing that holds your interest for more then 5 seconds (and that gets u)
pisces: an aquarium, it give you somewhere to actually allow yourself constantly wallow in self pity

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The daddy question should’ve been a non-issue. It never really bothers people in the show. Liz has stop suspecting long ago. The task force should know the answer from day one. Why are TPTB still trolling us? They can drop this baiting business and Daddygaters will still be watching the show.

I really have no explanation for the lingering bio dad question other than tptb seem to want to play to every ship, theory, group out there. Problem is when you do that the story boomerangs all over creation and everyone ends up confused. Frustrated. Irritated. Nauseated. Lizzy’s genetic origins bore me to tears tbh so let’s get on with it. Shake that family tree and put this issue to rest writers!

Speaking of irritating. They don’t mind daddybaiting us week after blessed week but do tptb think of Liz actually meeting her Grandfather Dom. A living relative and the only one we definitely know she has at this point. What would this take away from her Tom plot device duties? Would it actually add a layer or two to her rather transparent character? Would it be too emotional so she should just keep snarking at Red? I mean god forbid Red tell her there’s someone you should meet and let’s take a drive. No no please just keep daddybaiting us. That’s much more entertaining.

I was out all day so I didn’t get to listen to the newest taz until just now and I’m.. Really emotional, it was so good. This arc is making me like Merle a lot more tbh? His sermon actually made me tear up a bit, it was simple but nice. And just the fact that he stayed with those people in their time of need instead of ditching them, and the image of him ascending as threads of light while the whole town sang in harmony was just fucking cool. Plus it was really sweet of him to think of the legacy of the robot world(which btw the taz nights world cameo was sick as hell and that one robot who was pretty obviously Troth was 👌👌) and help Lucretia document as much as they could. And I love Lucretia so much?? And Lup oh my gosh Lup… Everything she says and does just makes me love her more. I really hope they do put out the next episode next week, I’m really enjoying the structure of this arc.

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Hi, can you rec some webcomics that include LGBT, POC and especially - disabled characters, please? Thanks so much! X

hi!! to start i recommend checking out this search on lgbtwebcomics’ list for disabled characters, this search for poc characters, and this search for both!! the list is also super useful for looking for specific lengths and other content but here’s some of my faves!! (titles bolded for readability):

  • The Life of Alexis Perkins - a young aspie trans girl at a new school and her troubles there. (disabled+lgbt)
  • Portside Stories - “A.K.A Huggy Gender Dorks” is in the description and is pretty much all u need. (disabled+lgbt)
  • Sharp Zero - tiny angry child elliot accidentally becomes a super hero when he meets danny (disabled+lgbt+poc)
  • Job Satisfaction - really cute short abt some superpowered girls (poc+lgbt)
  • Closer to Home - honestly i just started reading this one and i love it SO much wow. about a spaceship crew captured by aliens  (poc+lgbt) (+ a girl who uses sign!! i’m not sure the reason has been explained but!!!!!)
  • Digi@Lili - 4 girls called upon to save the world (poc+lgbt) (and the creator is a sweetheart omg)
  • Taproot - about a gardener who can see ghosts. the art is absolutely gorgeous tbh (lgbt+poc)
  • Love Not Found - a world where human touch is considered disgusting and a girl who’s actually kinda into touching ppl (lgbt+poc)
  • Best Friends Forever - holy SHIT tbh this one is one of the Faves. abt a pair of best friends in high school and unrequited(?) love and expectations and. ah. (poc+lgbt)
  • The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal - honestly if you never read another webcomic again PLEASE read tj and amal. it’s the queer roadtrip strangers-to-friends-to-lovers story that everyone needs in their lives tbh. i am always lowkey screaming abt tj and amal in my heart. nothing has quite surpassed my love for it yet. (poc+lgbt)
  • Shades of A - okay wait no shades of a is the ONE u’d need to read. i’m so conflicted tbh. ace parody of 50 shades. also deals with kink/bdsm culture really really well. (lgbt+poc)
  • As the Crow Flies - queer black 13-year-old girl heads to religious camp only to find it all white kids. (lgbt+poc) (also has 1 of the best coming out scenes possible ever tbh)
  • Bad Bad Things - SO GOOD okay. a bunch of kids in a magical post-apocalyptic world. this is another 1 i’m always lowkey yelling abt in my heart. (lgbt+poc+disabled)
  • Discord Comics/Khaos Komix - 8 kids, 4 couples. lots o tears and emotions. (lgbt+poc)
  • Les Normaux - SCREAMS TBH a bunch of magic kids being magic and queer and cute and help me. (lgbt+poc)
  • ShootAround - oh goD okay. girls basketball team gets caught in the zombie apocalypse . (lgbt+poc)

okay i should really cut myself off there before i never stop reccing things ahg. 

feel free to send me asks if you’re worried abt mature content, trigger warnings, or read it and want to scream w/ someone!!! i got u friends. enjoy :*

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Can we get the make up angst head canon for the main three? I can totally see Yuri. p like gripping his s/o by the shoulders shaking his s/o and then like tearing up.

i can definitely see that too and it destroYs me on the inside bc he is just so precious dowaudhwoia

i hope you like them x

part one to this is here 



  • when he finally finds his s/o his first reaction would be to glomp them in a masSive hug and just never let them go 
  • but he would freeze up when he realises that that might scare his s/o away
  • he walks up to them quite hesitant bc he is just sO SCared of accidentally chasing his s/o away from him forever
  • the moment they make eye contact the tears just droWN his face
  • he’s trying to stop the tears like his face is just contorted in frustration and pain and he wants to stop crying in front of his s/o and just talk them into coming home but there are just sO many emotions running through him
  • and he can only manage to get out ‘please come home,’
  • and his voice is cracks and he can’t even finish his sentence without almost choking on his tears
  • would drop to his knees in front of them
  • his s/o never heard him sound or look so fragile
  • he could only repeatedly mutter ‘please,’s 
  • his heart is beating sO fast and he’s trembling and he honestly can’t get any of the words he had planned to say out
  • normally he doesn’t think over what words come out of his mouth and isn’t afraid to be blunt or say something stupid
  • but this time he’s so terrified of saying one wrong thing and having his s/o leaving him for good
  • his s/o would have to kneel in front of him so that they were at eye level so that he would understand that his s/o was willing to listen to him before he would start trying to reason with them
  • he wouldn’t try to belittle their feelings and say that they were stupid for believing that their love wasn’t enough as it obviously was, but instead he would just apologise for making them feel like that but he would reassure them with his liFE that it was 300% enough
  • he can’t even put into words how his s/o means to him he honestly doesn’t know how to express it
  • he would just pour his heart out to them and hope that it was enough
  • the moment his s/o accepts what he’s sad and just holds him he will wEEP LIKE BABY
  • he’s so overcome with joy but he’s still in shock from all the feelings he experienced from when he read the letter to know and tbh he will probably just fall asleep in their embrace bc he’s tireD and can finally rest

Yuuri K

  • this child will gather every piece of courage he can when he confronts them
  • he wants to keep his shit together
  • he honestly can’t speak for a bit and just kind of stands there bc the moment he opens his mouth he knOW he’ll just lose it and break down
  • and his s/o’s heart has gotta break honestly hOW can it not 
  • and he can only whimper out a ‘please come home,’ ‘i need you,’
  • he won’t even try to wipe his tears away bc tbh he’s scared that his s/o will disappear if he looks away for even a second
  • if his s/o tries to argue that they aren’t good enough for him etc he will start screAMING
  • he just loses it okaY

Originally posted by rhythmofaporttown

  • his emotions are just a mess at this point like he’s mad at himself but mad at his s/o for not having more faith in him and their relationship but then he’s mad at himself for not being better at helping his s/o have faith in their relationship and he’s just in pAIN
  • honestly when they make up he will just need some time to sob with his s/o bc he has plENTY of tears leftover from that whole ordeal
  • when he’s done he’ll have this glow to him just because all of the pent up stress is gone and he’s just beyond grateful to have his s/o back

Yuri P

  • he doesn’t admit to himself how scared he was of losing his s/o forever until he realised how much relief he felt when he saw them again
  • but then he quickly becomes heLLA pissed again 
  • stomps up to his s/o
  • honestly grabs them by their collar bc mAd
  • gets right up in their face and his expression looks sO tortured 
  • like he’s fuming but it’s obvious that there are so many other emotions mixed in there too
  • ‘YOU IDIOT,’
  • his rage at his s/o leaving him shows his s/o that he actually reALLY cares about their relationship like he is sO mad at the thought of it being over
  • and while he may not be saying stuff like ‘i can’t live without you please come home,’ (yet) this is his way of showing his s/o that he actually very much cares and that his s/o leaving him actually did impact him massiVELy
  • after he gets out a little bit of his anger his body just starts to tremble
  • and he can’t look them in the eye and he’s clenching his teeth and his s/o can see the tears pooling in his eyes before they finAlly fall down his face and he just loses it
  • both of them probably collapse to the floor and he’s just sobBING
  • this boy is sO used to expressing all of his emotions as anger and it normally works for him but this time he couldn’t mask all of the emotions that he felt and he just couldn’t contain it anymore and he snaPPED
  • his tears acknowledge that he was terrified and in pain and genuinely hurt
  • honestly all the grief he felt since he found the letter just overfloweD
  • and he’s still gripping his s/o and he’s trying to steady his voice to talk between the sobs but he still sounds destroyEd
  • ‘idiot …,’ ‘i wouldn’t be with you if your love wasn’t enough,’ ‘stupid,’
  • ‘don’t scare me like that,’
  • *quietly mutters* ‘come home,’ ‘what did you say, yuri?’ ‘dwadwhoad i said come home, idiot,’
  • would hold his s/o’s hand the entiRE way home and his grip is honestly so tight bc no way in hell is he going to let his s/o go again
  • extra clingy at home too
  • cuddles with them on the couch and honestly he’s reluctant to even let them leave to go to the bathroom

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why u gotta play with my emotions like this. like selliot!! but at the same time clelliot!! and sonia kinda deserved that but at the same time nobody deserves to be cheated on??

yall are all killing me tonight lmaooo tbh tho it was very hard for me to end selliot :( eli is such a good dad and sonia is such a good mom?? and they had such a cute lil family???? it broke my heart to tear them up, mainly bc i wanted to use a sweet family pose when the tots were kids, but like, idk, it had to end anon :( but u kno, dont get your hopes up too high for clelliot, i mean, who knows whats gonna happen amiright?????

Boyfriend! Wonho
  • made it very clear that he liked u from the start.. srsly he winked and flirted wtih u all the time and was straight up with his feelings for u and didn’t even hesitate to ask u out.
  • loves to show skinship of any kind. whether it’s private or out in public. loves all types of skinship with u tbh and doesn’t mind showing u off to others.
  • calls u cute and silly nicknames in front of people and has kept ur name in his phone as “babe” or “mah gurl” srsly..  he also made u keep his name as “sexy beast” u ain’t that sexy mate.. chill
  • makes u cook ramen for him all the time pls son u’ll get constipation  but on days when u do actually cook him an entire meal of his fav food he’ll be a mess of laughter and emotions.. this is where the tears come in lol 
  • loves to have play fights with u which end up with y’all trying to tickle each other to death.. not to mention likes to mess with u.. where he comes from behind while ur busy doin smthng and he’ll start to kiss ur neck and put his hands under ur shirt and this leads to hardcore makeout sessions.
  • his phone wallpaper is of u sleeping next to him or when ur not lookin he’ll take pics of u  bc he thinks ur beautiful and amazing and he looks at them when he misses u.. which is all the time.
  • walks around the house shirtless and flexs in the mirror. even sends u pics of him working out or showing off his “biceps”  or “Abs” and a really cheesy caption along with it.
  • dates with him are soo fancy or more like he tries them to be.. makes u feel soo “lady like”  by taking u to some expensive restaurant but it never works out and y’all end up at some street side food which is way better and affordable.. 
  • likes to show off his sexy dance moves to u so he’ll be lie “jagi look what i came up with” and he’ll start dancin to some random song being all”SexY” and ur like @____@ “wass happenin” but u play along sayin it’s super sexy bc u want him to be happy lmao
  • cuddles the hell out of u tbh.. and once u’re in his arms he ain’t letting u go… so it doesn’t matter if u have to pee or the food is burning up (THAT REFERENCE THOO) u’re not coming out of the bed
  • fights with him are on a rare bases and even if they happen u both end up coming together and solving the situation to the point where it’s no longer a problem. 
  • he likes to keep things to himself bc he doesn’t want to trouble u but every now and then he’ll try to share and say that he’s having tough a time.. and those are the moments when he needs u the most… and when u’re there he’ll love u more than anything in the world.
  • he’ll call u at night before sleeping and sometimes sings u to sleep when u say u miss him… loves to have late night talks which end up with them being super long and when u look out the window its morning.
  • he’’ll do anything to keep u happy and if u’re ever sad he’ll try his best to help u even if he’s not there with u and makes u feel super loved and special.. tbh he’s going to make u believe in fairy-tails.. he’s a prince..
beautiful - newt x reader

Prompt: Hey, I’m not sure if you’ve done something like this before, but could you possibly do a Newt x Reader where the reader is kind of insecure? I’m feeling pretty down about my appearance rn. Thanks and I hope it isn’t too much trouble.

I relate, honestly, and it’s no trouble at all! Writing and reading imagines always cheers me up a little, so this request was perfect! I hope you enjoy!!

I got up at six and despite that, all I’ve accomplished today is finishing season one of Friends. I don’t even like Friends that much, I’m just so bored and lonely rn so when I remembered about this draft it was a very welcome distraction. Also, I listened to Halsey while writing this so all things considered it ended up super angsty.

Warnings: reader gets drunk in an irresponsible fashion. Drink responsibly with concern for your safety, and wait till you’re 21 kids!! (reader is over 21 in the fic, but drinking just to get drunk is not good!! don’t do it stay safe) also reader is super insecure and I think I wrote Newt ooc, I apologize 


Newt was shyly excited when an owl delivered the news that the publishers had loved his manuscript. You were thrilled for him, and you had insisted that the two of you go out for drinks to celebrate. You had been his editor, and you had read through his notes over and over and organized them for him, and in the meantime he had introduced you to the beasts and the two of you had become very close friends. You were fascinated with the peculiar man, and you had grown incredibly fond of him and his magical suitcase. You would even admit that you had a lot of affection for him, affection that transcended friendship and made you a little bit nervous. He was beautiful, and you really didn’t see him choosing to be with someone like you. It was just the way things were, you had told yourself sadly, and there was nothing you could do about it. Women like you were not meant to end up with men like him, and that was that. You loved his freckles, his lopsided smile, the way his eyes glowed when he got excited, the unusual way he walked, the concentrated face he made while writing…you shook yourself from your thoughts sternly. He didn’t necessarily perfectly fit the commonly accepted male beauty standards, and he wasn’t traditionally masculine, but he was successful, handsome, and intelligent. You knew that despite his awkward tendencies, young women would soon be tripping over each other to throw themselves at him. The thought made your stomach twist uncomfortably, and you reminded yourself that it wasn’t your place. He wasn’t yours, and he wouldn’t ever be. That was the end of it.

The two of you sat at the bar, and you refused to let him pay for his drinks. He was embarrassed, but eventually he gave in to your generosity. “It’s a celebration for you!” you had insisted. “You aren’t buying the drinks here! That’s my job, buddy,” you pushed his hand, which held money in it, away playfully and he blushed a deep crimson. You felt a longing pang when he smiled you gratefully, peering at you through his messy cinnamon hair. You ordered another drink for yourself. You couldn’t be sober tonight if he was going to keep looking at you like that. It was out of the question. Drinks would keep you from thinking rationally, and maybe, just maybe, they would help you forget for just one night that he was unattainable. You weren’t a drinker usually, but tonight was an exception.

You were not nearly as drunk as you would have liked by the time Newt was ready to leave, but it was his day after all, and when he offered to walk you home you decided it was best not to argue. You were still drunk as hell, but it wasn’t the right sort of drunk, and you thought wistfully that maybe a few more moments at the bar would have changed that. You pulled on your coat and blushed as he offered you his arm. You took it, and the two of you started a comfortable stroll back to your flat. It was freezing, and you pressed close to Newt, half because you were cold and half because you were drunk. You weren’t the right sort of drunk, either. You had intended to be carefree drunk, perhaps flirty drunk or at the very least happy drunk, but you had somehow managed to land yourself in the depressing state of “emotional drunk”. The warm brush of Newt’s arm was enough to make your heart heavy, and you found yourself trying desperately not to let on that you were unhappy. You didn’t want to spoil this day for him, and you knew if he caught on to your misery he would want to know what was wrong. You didn’t have the energy to make up a lie, and you didn’t have the guts to tell him the truth, even after drinking.

The sidewalk was empty, and the only company the two of you had was the slight drift of snowflakes catching on your coats and in your hair. You leaned yourself on his shoulder ever so slightly, feeling bittersweet. It was lovely to walk with him, and you felt a little bit better. Even if he wasn’t yours, the two of you definitely had a wonderful friendship and you were incredibly grateful for it. 

Your eyes drifted around the shop windows, and you felt yourself drawn to a beautiful display of paintings. You pulled Newt over to admire them, a small smile tugging at your lips. It was the window display for an art gallery, you realized upon closer inspection. You didn’t feel his gaze, but Newt was more interested in you than in the paintings. He silently admired your expressions, watching with a small smile as your face lit up. The cold had nipped at your nose and cheeks, flushing them, and snowflakes were caught in your eyelashes. He loved to see you smile, which was maybe why he invited you down to the case so often. You beamed when you were with the creatures, and seeing you happy made his heart flutter. Suddenly nervous that you’d catch him staring, he moved his gaze to the paintings. 

You studied each one with interest, admiring the beautifully blended colors and the expert brush strokes, until your eyes fell on the last painting in the window. It was a stunning portrait of a woman, and it looked so real, almost like a photograph. Her shapely red lips curved upward in a small smile. She had a beautifully sloped nose, and she peered at the observers with striking doe eyes. She had high, prominent cheekbones and immaculate skin, and a slender neck held her head at a slight tilt. Ebony hair was pinned to one side and cascaded down her left shoulder in dark waves. You were in awe, partially because of the artist’s incredibly realistic style but mostly because of how striking this woman was. 

Your gloved fingers brushed the glass, and in that moment you caught a glimpse of your own reflection in the glass and you felt a lump immediately settle itself in your throat. You couldn’t help but compare your features to hers, and in your drunk, emotional state you felt tears pricking at your eyes. You forgot about Newt’s presence for a moment. All you could think about was the woman in the painting and her immaculate skin. Her stunning bone structure. Her perfectly painted lips. Her wide, stunning eyes. And all you could do was stare at your own reflection and think about how that wasn’t what you were. Your nose and your cheeks were flushed from the cold, and you felt like a clown with your messy hair peeking out from underneath a warm winter hat that was settled lopsided on your head. Tears started to prick at your eyes. Your eyes that didn’t fit so perfectly with the rest of your features like hers did.

Rationally, she was just a painting. Thinking about it later, your face would always grow hot with embarrassment and you’d desperately try to forget about the way that painting had made you feel. She was just a muggle painting in a muggle gallery. She wasn’t even flesh and blood, You weren’t even jealous of a person. You were jealous of a canvas full of colors, but in the moment you were too drunk to care. 

This was not the pleasant, carefree sort of drunk you had intended to get, and you hated yourself for it. You felt so stupid for crying, but you couldn’t control the emotions that were bubbling over, spilling out your eyes in the form of hot tears. Everything was fuzzy, and the insecurity seemed to be the only thing that mattered in that moment. You placed your trembling palm flat on the glass to hide your reflection and ducked your head, not even bothering to try stopping the tears as your shoulders shook with silent sobs. You had almost forgotten about Newt, and when he said your name you jolted your head up to look at him, startled.

He looked just as startled as you felt, and you realized with a pang how you must look, drunk and crying softly in the middle of the night about a painting.

Newt was concerned, and he reached up carefully to brush the tears from your cheek with his gloved hand. He was wary, studying your expression to make sure you didn’t mind the contact, and being as gentle as he could as though if he wasn’t careful enough, you would cry even more. The tears had melted the snowflakes in your eyelashes, he noted sadly, and he wanted desperately to make you smile again, so he pulled you wordlessly into his chest. There would be time for talking about this later, he reasoned. Now, you needed comfort.

You let out a strangled whimper and grabbed his jacket, pulling yourself closer so your sounds were muffled in the scratchy fabric. You let the tears fall freely, and he rubbed soothing circles on your back, troubled at your sudden outburst. He had never seen you like this before, and it was strange. He had observed that you weren’t always the most open about how you felt, and in the months the two of you had been close, he had never seen you so vulnerable. It was startling.

You pulled away slowly, still sniffling, your arms still at his waist. He ducked his head down toward yours. “What’s wrong?” he murmured gently. You started to cry all over again, and he felt your fingers grip at his jacket.

“It’s stupid, it’s so stupid, but I can’t…” you chuckled a little bit, lifting your head but not making eye contact. “I just can’t seem to be reasonable about it,” you said, sniffling and shifting your gaze to where your hand had shifted to rest on his chest.

“I won’t laugh,” he said seriously, not wanting to push you or to make you too uncomfortable.

“I just saw myself… in, in the reflection of the glass, and I…” You glanced over at the display again. “I don’t look like her,” you mumbled. That was the best way you could describe it to him, and you found yourself unable to look him in the eye.

“Of course you don’t,” his firm reply came immediately, and you looked up at him quizzically, your heart sinking a little. His gaze was steady and concerned, and he had caught on to the insecurity that made your tone waver.

“What?” was all you could manage.

“Of course you don’t look like her. You look like you,” he said, furrowing his brows.

“What do you mean?” you stammered out, not following him at all.

He shifted, his gaze flicking away. “She has the things that make her beautiful, and you have your own,” he said carefully. “that’s why you’re you, and she’s…her,” he said, as though he was reaching for the right words. “If you were her, you’d lose the things that are unique to you,” he murmured, his hand slipping up to play with a strand of your hair. “I’m sure the woman who posed for that…her eyes don’t light up the way yours do when you smile, and her laugh doesn’t sound like yours, and I’m sure she doesn’t have this,” he brushed his fingertips over a scar on your face nervously. You wanted to duck shyly from his touch, but you stayed still, cheeks aflame. “She’s beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t,” he was starting to ramble, his cheeks flushed, and not just from the cold. “Nobody else is quite like you, and it’d be a shame if everyone was exactly like her. Everyone would be off posing for paintings and doing whatever she does for a living and there’d be nobody left to edit my book for me,” he said teasingly, a smile playing at his lips. “(y/n), she’s lovely. But frankly,” his eyes lingered for a moment on your lips, then leapt back up to meet your gaze. “She isn’t you.”

You breathed up at him, eyes glowing, but still feeling somewhat unconvinced. “But…” you struggled to find an argument to back your feelings, but trailed off lamely.

He continued, his voice low. “And I’d…I’d rather be around you to see you smile, and to watch the snowflakes get caught in your hair, and laugh with you, and see the way you care for the beasts with me, and hear what you have to say about my writing…” he started to get flustered, as though he was regretting letting you know so many of his observations. “You can’t capture all of that in a painting,” he paused, swallowing hard, and you could practically hear his frantic heartbeat. “You’re beautiful,” he finished softly, and you started to cry all over again.

Startled, and terrified he’d said something wrong, he placed his hands on your arms. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, forget I said-”

He couldn’t finish, as you’d grabbed his collar and pulled him in for a teary kiss. He didn’t know what to do with his hands at first, taken aback, but they settled comfortably on your waist. Yours flew up to grip his face, and he could feel them trembling through the soft fabric of your gloves. You pulled away, breathless, eyes bloodshot and face streaked with tears. All he could do was stare at you, and you stared back. Snowflakes were settled in both of your hair, and you grinned shyly up at him, blinking the last of the tears away.

Wordlessly, he gave you a bashful smile and reached up to grasp one of your hands in his. The two of you were both flustered, embarrassed, and still drunk, but you turned without saying anything to continue your walk home, hands entwined shyly as you shuffled through the thin layer of snow. You didn’t talk about that night again, but things had definitely changed between the two of you, and in the best way possible. 


YIKES I’m sorry if this was super cheesy or something!! I did my best to convey my message without assuming too much about you, the reader, and without bringing Newt too far out of character, but I’m not sure if I did it right. I read a fic that really bothered me a while ago, where it described the reader as thin and pale. Writers of imagines, don’t assume too many things about your readers (unless a request asks you to), and don’t tell them that they’re beautiful and then describe this narrowly.

I guess what I was trying to say is that just because someone else is beautiful, that doesn’t mean you aren’t. If everyone fit physical beauty standards that were set for us, there would be no diversity. Embrace diversity. Embrace the fact that people look different, and embrace the fact that beauty is also found in a person’s personality. It’s found in the things you love and the way you talk. It’s found in the things you say and the way you treat others. 

I’ve met people who had traditionally pretty features, but who treated people in a way that was so ugly that I couldn’t see past that at all. And I met a girl who hated her crooked teeth and the way she laughed, but I fell in love with these features because they were attached to the rest of her. Her teeth were part of her. Her laugh was part of her. It broke my heart that she tried to hide them because she thought they were ugly, when the sound of her laugh was so pretty to me. She was beautiful because she was funny, sweet, and friendly. I met a boy who was shy and silent for the most part, but I fell in love with his beautiful drawings and the things he said when the rare occasion arose that he would say something. Beauty is different in everyone. It can be found everywhere.

Besides, some people get freckles tattooed on, and other people hide them with makeup. Some people wish they had curly hair so they curl it, and others hide their curls by straightening their hair. Diversity is beautiful. If you want to curl your straight hair, go ahead, but it’s beautiful either way. 

Sorry if that made no sense?? I have a lot of feelings about this I guess. Beauty is different in everyone. Please remember that. You have beauty, even if it’s not exactly the same as someone else’s beauty. Ok, rant over, I hope you have a lovely day <3

anonymous asked:

can i get some hc's for atsushi, dazai, chuuya and aku on how they would handle an s/o who is very emotional; someone who cries a lot (even at non-sad things), is empathetic and sensitive? i get called these things a lot by my family and it makes me feel like im weak or something.. aaa...

I feel you on this I cry over dumb shit all the time like I cried watching the finale of Ink Master today. Empathy doesn’t make you weak either nonnie don’t worry. It’s harder to deal with emotions imo anyways so be proud you’re stronger than 98% of the people I know lmao. We all live under a banner of avoidance~


• Relates pretty easily. His emotions are pretty intense and when he feels something he usually feels it to the maximum even if he doesn’t want it to so he’d end up sharing his s/o’s emotions even if the situation/reason had nothing to do with him.

• Would snuggle his s/o really tight if they were crying while watching a movie or something—even if it wasn’t sad he would understand and just hold them.

• One of his favorite qualities in his s/o tbh he thinks it’s really endearing and kindhearted of them to feel such raw emotions for other people even if they’re in a book or on TV.

• Atsushi would be very hyper sensitive to his s/o’s sensitivity and would be really adamant about not doing anything that would upset him which in turn makes him a bit anxious. His s/o would have to reassure him that it’s okay if he does something on accident and they just need him to be okay with their reaction.


• Would very dramatically squeeze them into a tight hug if they were crying—regardless of what it was about—and ‘take over’ their emotions so they don’t have to be sad anymore.

• Smothers his s/o in presents if he even senses they’re going to cry about something. Literally has a box full of ‘happy things’ to give his s/o like candy, tiny presents, once he even had a kitten waiting for them.

• Reassures his s/o that whatever they’re feeling is okay and that they’re perfect the way they are.


• Gets a bit flustered if his s/o cries over something on TV because he doesn’t really know what he supposed to do it at first.

• Kind of questions them if they’re tearing up over something like a cooking show contestant being voted off and he’s just got his eyebrow raised and pats their head saying the person isn’t being sent off to a firing squad.

• Ends up pulling his s/o on his lap and just sighing whenever they’re having a waterfall of feelings. He doesn’t really get it but he just wants his s/o to be happy so he’ll tickle them until they cheer up.


• Most startled and confused of them all like he just stares really wide-eyed with a million thoughts running through his head on why his s/o has tears streaming down their face because a character on Grey’s Anatomy died.

• Awkwardly slides his arm around their shoulders or pats their head because he isn’t entirely sure why they’re having such an intense reaction but he hates to see them cry it makes him die internally tbh.

• Would never admit that he admires his s/o for having a grasp on their emotions—even if he doesn’t get why they care so much about everything—because his emotions are a hot fucking mess.

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Lately I feel that 8th house placements, Scorpio dominance, and Pluto dominance are being hyped up and people are being overtly proud of them. I feel like if people actually knew the struggles and the painful transformations that came with those placements they wouldn't be glamorizing them. Like at first when I found out I thought it was all fun and games because I saw the keywords SEXY and MAGNETIC and it was the only thing that stuck out, but transformations can hurt and tear you apart. 👌👌

This is true tbh, I think having an 8th house stellium myself I tend to talk about these placements’ transformative and deeper natures than the glamorised stuff we tend to see. There is a lot of depth and discovery - of hard emotional times, in a lot of cases - of these placements and that shouldn’t be overlooked quite as much as it is
However, equally, it’s not all doom and gloom! Transformation may be painful but it doesn’t have to be bad or harmful, so it’s always helpful to remember where those placements aim to take you in the long run

new fun and hip au:

Mahiru is able to stop Sato from murdering Natsumi by walking into the music room beforehand. Mahiru literally drags her out of the room before anything bad can happen. She’s so emotional that she’s able to confess to Sato. They both have a good cry and Sato is also able to confess all of her feelings towards Mahiru. Natsumi realizes in this moment that ‘’hey i’ve really hurt them and i need to deal with some internalized issues’’ and has her own good cry with Fuyuhiko (tbh he started tearing up a lil too and broke his record) and Peko. 

This prompts Fuyuhiko to try even harder to properly express his feelings and care towards Peko, and through more tears and a lot of effort, his relationship with her and Peko’s own well-being improves. Fuyuhiko also attempts to become a better big brother, mellows as a person, makes friends with some of his classmates and decides to give up his heirship to Natsumi, because he never really wanted to become the next clan leader anyway and she had the yakuza qualities much stronger than he ever did. Peko is set free from the responsibility of being a hitwoman and is able to slowly become her own person and find value within herself with lots of love and support behind her (she also starts hanging out with Mahiru, Sato and a bunch of other female classmates and they spoil her and it’s precious).  

Sato and Mahiru are loving girlfriends (the cutest ever) and double date with Peko and Fuyuhiko somewhere down the line. Natsumi become a badass clan leader (possibly with an equally badass girlfriend?), yet has learned from her mistakes and has become a somewhat nicer person. There’s no despair and the tragedy never happened. 

Fuyuhiko can reach for his own dreams and learn how to show positive emotion without feeling the burden of family honor and being forced to become an instigator of violence. He never has to depend on his family, or anyone else ever again and is allowed to be sensitive and caring. Peko will never have to kill anyone again and is no longer doomed to exist as a tool. She’s allowed to be as soft and gentle as she wants. Fuyuhiko gives her space, although he’s always there when she needs support and also buys her a puppy.

When they’ve both properly healed and found themselves, they grow a precious relationship of mutual adoration, trust and support. They always make sure the other is 100% comfy in their relationship and date for many years. Their love matures like a fine wine and their bond as individuals and as romantic companions is unbreakable. They’re each other’s best friend, not one totally dependent on the other for worth and protection, but both perfectly bonded together in mutual, healthy affection. They basically become that couple who can show intimacy just by knowing what kind of socks the other prefers and slow dance in the kitchen or some shit. 

Basically, everyone is happy, and it’s all sunshine and rainbows (mostly).

Also, did I mention Sato lives and is forever in love with Mahiru? They hold hands, share pajamas, go on cute dates and Mahiru helps out with Sato’s mental health and everything becomes A-ok. Mahiru travels the world for her photography and Sato is there alongside her. Sato is so, so proud of her. They have albums full of photos of them in different countries being cute. Sato proposes in the world’s romantic way. Their wedding is the most beautiful event known to grace the face of the mortal earth. They live happily ever after. Sato brews coffee for Mahiru every morning and Mahiru makes them breakfast and they cuddle while they have cute bedheads and it’s 👌

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Hi I would like a request too > < Um, the guys are dying and their s/o are beside them crying their eyes out and all that. How would they act, what would they say?

I’m feeling this one 😢 Altho please excuse if it comes across as awkward, I’m not very good with emotions vocally, so the dialogue may seem off? Also imagine its after a battle or something because drama.

Noctis - Okay, so Noctis’s s/o would be crying as they sat next to him, pleading for him not to die, not to leave them alone in this world, and tbh, I think Noct would be crying along with them, like tears would be rolling down his cheeks as he lays there, feeling his last few breaths slowly starting to escape him. He wouldn’t be crying because he’s afraid however, it’d be because he hates seeing his s/o so sad and so full of pain. His only wish would be for his s/o to be happy. I can imagine him gulping in a big breath of air as he slowly brings his hand up to brush away his s/o’s tears. He’s not so good with words but I think this would be different. ‘Please…stop…I just…I just want you to be happy’ he’d say to his s/o, staring into their eyes pleadingly. Honestly, he’d feel so helpless knowing that he’s dying, and that nothing he says is gonna ease his s/o’s pain.

Prompto - Omg Prompto’s death would be heart breaking. Like his s/o would just be knelt on the ground next to this sunshine chocobo, sobbing and crying their eyes out. They’d be holding onto his hand tightly, trying to comfort him. Prompto would definitely be crying with them, I think he’d be scared tbh. Like what’s gonna happen once he’s gone? Is his s/o gonna be okay? Is there life after death? Is he ever gonna get the chance to see them again? His s/o would desperately be trying to comfort him,but their tears would probably hold them back. I can see Prompto turning to s/o as he feels himself starting to fade away, telling them ‘I love you, y'know? I…I’m never gonna forget you either….y-you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me’ and please excuse me whilst I sob into my pillow.

Gladiolus - I think we all remember that last scene where the chocobros set up camp for the last time, and Noct makes that speech and then you see Gladiolus hastily wiping away his tears? Well, like that, this would be one of the rare times Gladio would cry. He’d try so hard to stay strong for his s/o, to show them that he’s not scared, and that even if he’s gone, everything will be okay, but seeing his s/o sobbing and heart broken would really break him. He’d probably cup their face in his hands, pulling them down for one last kiss, before pressing their forehead against his. He’d stare fiercely into their eyes, trying to ignore the little droplets rolling down his cheek. ‘Promise me you’ll stay strong! Promise me you’ll be happy…you’ve got your whole life ahead of you…so give it all you’ve got!’ He’d just want his s/o to be happy and live life to the fullest, and it’d kill him seeing them in so much pain emotionally.

Ignis - I don’t think Iggy would cry tbh, he’s good at holding in his emotions, however, inside he would be heart broken at the sight of his crying s/o, knowing that theres nothing he can do to ease the emotional pain. I can see him just sitting slumped against a wall, and he’d just hug his s/o, allowing them to bury their face into his chest as they continue to sob uncontrollably. He’d plant a gentle kiss on the top of their head, his heart beat slowly starting to fade as he tells his s/o, ‘I just want you to know…I really do love you…and I’m honoured to have had you in my life…you’re everything I could’ve ever hoped for…’, and then I think he would just sit there with his s/o, gently rubbing a soothing hand up and down their back, until the last light finally fades from his eyes.


Now it’s time for our sunshine, our hope, Hoseok

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Father of three, a lil girl and two boys
  • The youngest is his lil girl bc you two had made a deal, you’d keep trying until you had one of each but he was so happy to have two boys and honestly the more the merrier
  • Without a doubt, he’d cry at each and every birth
  • You’d think by the third one, he’d be used to it but nope he’s bawling just as hard as he did when his first son was born
  • The first time he held his bby boy in his arms, he literally had to just take a moment to take it all in bc you two had been talking about kids for so long and when he’d heard you were pregnant, he’d been so excited but it hadn’t kicked in that he was actually a father until he had his child curled up against his chest
  • When bby #2 was born, he was just as nervous and just as happy except now he had a lil boy running into the room after the bby had been cleaned up, asking if he could see his brother
  • And when he found out you two were having a girl, he got so excited and immediately told all of the boys, like he was still in the hospital after you had gotten your ultrasound, the nurse hadn’t even left the room and he already had Jimin on speaker
  • All of the kids adore him beyond words bc he’s basically one of them
  • He starts most of the chaos fun tbh
  • Like his kids will calmly be coloring or some shit and he just comes in and ask if they wanna build a fort and they’re not about to refuse
  • You walk in to find the living room converted into a giant blanket fort so many times, it becomes normal
  • They spend hours in their lil forts and you just always hear giggles
  • Let’s be real, that house will be giggle-filled 24/7
  • Hobi’s just a ray of sunshine and his kids are his mini rays
  • If any of the Jungs are ever sad or just has a bad day, the rest immediately spring into action
  • There’s this one day Hobi couldn’t pick the choreography up as quickly as he normally did and then he’d messed up when he was recording his rap and he was just really bummed out
  • They know something’s wrong when he only gives them a small smile when they run up to him screaming “appa” the way they always did when he came home
  • They all huddle up and start mumbling and he’s just trying to cheer himself up for them so he goes to watch whatever movie was on last night to distract himself but he’s basically just frowning the entire time
  • The next thing he knows, he has three lil bodies jumping onto him with a battle cry of “group cuddle!!!”
  • He’s got one of his boys clinging onto his arm, the other is hugging his waist as tight as he can and his princess is peppering kisses all over his cheeks
  • It’s really hard not to smile at that so he just returns the yell and swoops them all into this gigantic hug and he’s just so grateful for them
  • Both of the boys say “eomma” for their first word and he’s still just as happy bc they spoke but a part of him really wanted to them to say appa but then lil princess says it as her first word and he’s just so :D
  • He takes them with him whenever he goes to the studio to rehearse and they’ll just chill on the couch in the practice room and snack on their animal crackers and color while the boys rehearsed
  • Bby #1 is the first to start copying the boys and he just kinda stands up and start mimicking them and then bby #2 gets up and joins and princess just shrugs her lil shoulders and joins in
  • The boys don’t realize until they hear the choreographer laughing and then Hobi turns around to see his bbys all in laughing fits bc the choreo was too quick for them and they looked silly doing it
  • They all do love to dance (and are amazing at it bc Hobi is basically water in human form with how smooth he moves) but bby #2 is the only one to officially get into it but Hobi doesn’t mind bc as long as his bbys are happy, so he is
  • He’s honestly s u c h a sucker for his kids
  • They don’t even have to worry about all of that puppy dog eyes shit, they want something, they get it
  • But they're all good kids so they never take advantage of it bc they honestly love just spending time with him way more than any present he could give them
  • They go to him for anything and everything and he’s such a supportive father tbh
  • Like they just put their full trust into him and they’re never afraid to tell him anything and he finds it so endearing and it makes him so happy
  • He’s also really protective over them
  • Like he’s always making sure they’re dressed warmly and he has them create a lil train whenever they’re walking around (bby #1 holds Hobi’s hand, bby #2 holds bby #1’s hand and princess holds bby #2’s hand, it’s basically like a lil line of ducklings following their father around)
  • But like we all saw how emotional Hobi got when he saw his parents’ and sister's video for his birthday so just imagine how he’d be after a long tour and he’d finally come home to his bbys
  • He’d honestly just hold them so tight and he’d be crying and tbh they’d be crying and all of the Jungs would be in a group hug for like an hour then he’d take some time to individually hug everyone
  • And lil princess would wipe off his tears for him and it’d almost make him cry more bc she said quietly told him that if he cries she’ll cry in her sweet lil voice and he just loves them all so much and he’s never felt so happy
  • All in all, Hobi would just gain three new best friends and he’d be such an amazing father

Vivi is not a passionate character !
I’ve seen so many people saying Vivi is a character who thinks about her emotions first and too much.. literally WHEN? Yes Vivi is nice, cares so much about people & worries too much, but that doesn’t make her ‘a passionate character’, Vivi is officially the opposite, Oda has proved that many times and yet people still call her a passionate character? Since nobody talked about this -unfortunately- i shall do so. (this post is also for people who call her a crybaby).

Vivi being a crybaby & a passionate character is something contradicts the manga, she even proved that she is not since she was 10 years old!

When Wapol hit Vivi at the reverie because he was pissed off of Cobra, Igaram was about to make a fight with him but Vivi stopped him, she knew from this very young age that this might cause a war, this 10 years old girl knew that more than all the adults around her, even though she is 10 years old and should be crying so hard right now, but she didn’t!

A 10 years old girl stopping a war from happening because she, herself refused to cry isn’t enough for you? Sure i have other things to prove it..

When Igaram got blown up, the man who raised Vivi, the man who’s always been beside her.. she did not cry, not even a single tear, she chose to withhold her tears..

Pell, the man who was the closest to her since she was a child, she saw him blowing up with a bomb that should take out the whole Alubarna city, she saw that gruesome scene of her precious bodyguard infront of her eyes!

however she didn’t just ‘did not cry’ she stood and tried to stop the war like nothing happened, she chose not to cry because she didn’t want to waste a second..

she didn’t care about her emotions, her people’s lives are more important than that, that’s why the whole crew even Zoro got so emotional at her in that scene, that’s why it was Oda’s toughest scene to draw, can you imagine how aweful this was?

As for people who say “Vivi wanted to kill Crocodile because she hates him and that means she follows her emotions” seriously? ok so why do you think Vivi hates him? Because she knows he was the one who caused the deaths of her people, she knows the most what he have done to her kingdom, how can she not hate him? seriously people having feelings & emotions does not mean ‘being passionate’, for god’s sake people Vivi is a human! but yet look at how many times she threw her emotions away to save her people!
“You are the one who wants to kick Crocodile’s ass the most” Luffy said to Vivi, she wants to kill Crocodile the most, however she chose her people’s lives first, she chose to prevent the war before it starts, she wanted to open her people’s eyes before they kill each other. Not to mention when she was about to blow up Alabasta’s 4000 years old palace to caught people’s attention at her so that she can tell them the truth, who’d think of this insane idea? Everyone refused it, but she didn’t care, her people’s lives are more important than an old builing!

And when she got shot..

Luffy was about to fight but Vivi despite her pain, stopped him and told him not to fight for Nami, without her Nami would have been dead.

Also when everyone was panicked after they knew about the bomb that will be blown up in less than one hour..

Vivi was the only one who was thinking clearly that even Crocodile was impressed by that.

Vivi kept her tears since she joined the crew, she never teared up till her fight scene with Luffy happened..

“So you DO have tears?” even Luffy knows that she was preventing her tears despite all the horrible things she had seen. Alabasta is Vivi’s arc, it’s normal for her to get out all the pain in her chest that she was keeping for the whole time, like Nami & Robin AND SANJI who cried multiple times but yet people chose to call Vivi a crybaby??? Nami cries/teares in most of arcs at least one time but no one metiones it, and yes i’m glad no one did, because the fact that people hate characters because they are being normal & cry is stupid tbh, personally i think it’s great to see characters getting out their emotions sometimes, it is more realistic & i love it.

See? that’s why i don’t trust people call Vivi a passionate (and a crybaby) character, and i hate it!! this contradicts Vivi’s personality, everything Oda has done, eveyrthing Vivi has did. I don’t know why A LOT of people don’t understand Vivi’s character correctly, i feel like they just see her as a “nice girl” and skip what’s lets in her personality, why!? Vivi is an amazing, incredible & emotionally a strong character, i’m not exaggerating if i said she is the strongest character emotionally, she controls her emotions/feelings even in her worst times, not to mention that she didn’t have to follow Luffy’s way to make things right, she had/has her own way!

Note for people who don’t know : passionate doesn’t just mean ‘loving something’, it means following your emotions, and that’s exactly the opposite of Vivi’s character, her emotions/feelings did not affect on her decisions at all.