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okay so i’m going to need a crack video featuring “Never Ever Getting Back Together” and the entire fandom changing its mind a million times just because one casting decision conveniently dropped the day after the latest ratings came back low, an announcement that was promptly followed by spoilers galore meant to make everyone forget why they were mad and keep watching.

for people so quick to ID toxic relationships, the lack of awareness that y’all are in one is impressive.

Destiel moments in SPN 12X12

Time for my weekly, gif-filled, Destiel recap. I’m going to try and put away all my squeeing and try to be as professional as I possibly can. 

Extremely Gif heavy post ahead. 

(gif credits to @peculiar-angel, @ahoyspn, @weallneedcastiel,  @codestielckles, @mishacolins, @mishastiel, @novaks, @angvlicmish, @flydestiel and @hazeldomain

Okay I already wrote volumes about Dean’s weird posturing in the diner here, but I also wanted to add this bit here. 

Dean knows Cas is not interested in the waitress. Cas does sniff her (?) just to check up on Dean’s stupid theory of waitresses smell like food, but he’s not interested. So what does Dean do? Mary has just told them all off, but he still postures for Wally’s benefit, pretending to be wingman to Cas, when he KNOWS Cas is disinterested. He can’t help but give himself away though-

Seriously, Dean? My devastatingly handsome friend? That’s not being a wingman, that screams I have a secret crush on my ‘friend’.

And Cas is clueless, even after Mandy is clearly interested -

And Dean? Dean’s just thrilled. So thrilled he looks like he wants to die inside. 

On a more serious note, after the boys reach the barn, look at how fast Dean abandons the conversation and rushes to Cas’s side. And he knows it’s bad, so bad. Dean’s method of dealing with people he loves dying? 

Step 1: Try to gauge the situation by using humor-

 Cas is luckily alert enough to snark right back.

Dean asks to see how bad the wounds are, and two seconds after Cas starts showing him, covers it up. He can’t bear to see it.

Dean Winchester, seasoned hunter who’s seen more than his fair share of gore since he was fucking four years old, makes him cover it up because he just cannot bear to actually see Cas in agony. And he’s so gentle about it.

Step 2: Pure denial.

Cas looks BAD. And he’s never been one to exaggerate.

Did you see those micro-expressions? That little lip wobble? The tiny gasp of shock and disbelief? The swallow? Jensen is the the fucking master of these. This is the brief instant where the enormity hits Dean, but he shuts it down. 


Seriously Dean? Time for WHAT? He is DYING and you know it. And this is when he calls for Sam, calls for Sam to abandon everything and come right away because Cas is dying. And this brings us to the next step for Dean -

Step 3: Anger

Dean’s furious. At Crowley, at himself, at every damn thing in the world that stands in his way to saving Cas. And he’s being beyond unreasonable here, it’s not Crowley’s fault and Crowley has no obligation whatsoever to help them out. But Cas, Cas is dying. And Dean’s *this* close to cracking. 

Now, for Cas’s speech. Cas knows this is it. But he has his family surrounding him, he has Dean with him. And he needs to make sure they live. This is the last chance he has for telling them (and Dean) what he feels for them and boy does he!

Mary looks at Dean when Cas makes this statement, cementing who it is that Cas is addressing. 

And Dean, Dean’s unhappy. He knows that the things they shared together did change Cas, did put him into this mess where he has to die slowly and painfully. 

Look at that. Sam’s upset, but Dean can’t even meet Cas’s eyes anymore. He’s feeling responsible for Cas’s impending death.

And finally, FINALLY, after years of Dean telling him over and over again, Cas says they are his family. More specifically, Dean. Cas is thinking of that day, so long ago, when he said-

“You’re not my family, Dean – I have no family.”

But he’s not just family now.

The camera immediately panned to Dean there. Cas was addressing Dean, and Dean only till now. It’s only when he says “I love all of you” that Sam’s reaction is showed at all.

(as a side not, look at how touched Sam is. How many people have told him this?)

And true to form, the Winchesters refuse to leave. And they fight. Mary STILL doesn’t give the game away, I admit I was a bit :O at that, but that’s for another post entirely… Sam kills the Price of Hell, but there’s still no saving Cas. Sam is one who rushes to Cas first, because he’s still able to function. Sam is the one who reassures Cas, tells him that they’re there, that he won’t die alone… :(

But Dean, Dean’s pain is beyond words.

Tell me that is not the face of someone who is watching the love of his life dying in front of him. Tell me Dean doesn’t care. Just try. He’s praying. I just know he is.

But yay, Crowley saves the day! And Dean’s reaction is the only one showed.

Look at the utter disbelief in his eyes. Look at this entire montage afterwards -

The look they shared in the first one, Dean’s expression in the last gif, the pure amazement and relief in his eyes.. It was almost painful to watch. By the way, Sam’s already let go. It’s Dean who’s still unable to believe his eyes, unable to take his hands off…

And this, this was the most perfect ending anyone could hope for -


Cas said he loved Dean. It’s fucking canon.  

I know we’re all still squeeing about Alex but can we take a minute to talk about Lena in this ep?

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Like really Lena, YOUR GAY IS SHOWING. 

Can we also talk about the fact that she has it bad for KARA DANVERS not Supergirl?

YOI Fandom: We want Yuuri and Viktor to kiss!

YOI Creators: All right! *EP7 happens*

YOI Fandom: SQUEE!

YOI Creators: Anything else?

YOI Fandom: Can they get engaged?

YOI Creators: No problem! We’ll give you bonus pole dancing too! *EP10 happens*

YOI Fandom: SQUEE!

YOI Creators: Want more?

YOI Fandom: YES! YES! YES! But… what else should we want.. idk

YOI Creators: Anything you want is fine. We’ll make any wish come true.

YOI Fandom: Really? Ok. Yuuri needs to win gold medal. So someone has to fuck up. JJ! We hate JJ! Yeah! Give him the humiliation of defeat! He deserves it. Haha! With him out of the way, Yuuri will surely win gold!

YOI Creators: *grins* Wish granted! *EP11 happens*



MARKJAE (got7 otp challenge 2/21)–

‘take my hand and my heart and soul, i will only have these eyes for you…’cause you are the only one’– ed sheeran“ONE”


I commissioned @thetwelfthpanda to draw the first kiss from my fic Guilty Secrets and it is so beautiful I am dead.

Something that started as complete crack fic somehow turned into 8 chapters, 24,000 words and counting and I wanted something to remember this by because yay! I’m writing again.

I’ll just be over here squeeing and hopping around all day. Thank you so much Panda my dear. <3 <3 <3 <3

the upd8 tag be like...
  • johndave/johnkat/davekat shippers to each other: AHA!!!1! MY otp is canon and YOURS isn't! have fun on that sinking ship lol
  • me: *stands in corner and enthusiastically waves cherrypepsicola flag*
For all the squeeing over the Flash/Supergirl musical episode interviews

I thought that Grant Gustin worrying that Iris might feel left out on a double date with otherwise only superpowered attendants was the most adorable, precious thing of all the interviews. 

I tend to not care or try to not care about what actors think about their shows, but having actors that come across at actually giving some deeper thoughts to their characters situation and motivations just warms my heart. 

A Missed Opportunity

OMG, what a missed opportunity for Sam and MM to not both do Q and A’s at 6PM EST, from an airport in NC to each celebrate follower milestones. Of course they wouldn’t have interacted but like it would have been cutesy and squee worthy as all fuck right that they both happened to be at an airport in NC doing Q and A’s at the same time for the same reason?

I lurked around the tumblr Sherlock fandom since early 2011, but I didn’t get my own account until shortly after series 3 aired, so this is the full first season that I’m going to be experiencing live with all of fandom.

I am so excited to scream and cry and squee with you all. This is gonna be hell and the raising from it. I cannot wait.

I’m sure there will be stuff that happens that we love and stuff that happens that we hate and stuff that happens that we debate or wank over, and that’s what makes fandom such a fun place to be.

Whatever happens, we are all in this together. Giant internet hugs to you all!! 💖🌈😘👬🐘🐝🚨🔪🔬🗑

Hvitserk was like a kid in a candy store when he saw that harem of women.

His inner monologue was probably like, *Squee* “Look, Bjorn! Girls! Look at all the girls! There’s so many! *giggle* Let’s take ‘em! All of ‘em!”

HEY EVERYONE. I know that 2016 sucked in a lot of ways but it was certainly good to the Saezuru fandom, and I just wanted to send a clingy shout-out to all my followers. Thanks to all of you for being there with me as I point and squee and analyze and freak out and thanks for letting me watch you do the same; Saezuru is amazing and it gathers the best people to it. 

I hope everyone had a great holiday and here’s to another year of ugly sobbing over our favorite manga!

I was kinda zoning out at work today and this random guy was like ‘you look happy, are you excited for Christmas?’ and I was like…

yes…Christmas…that’s what I’m excited about…that’s what I’m looking forward to…this festive season…

not like I actually spent all day just squeeing internally over the two seconds of kabby in the trailer or anything…


A favorite series takes on another favorite series!