all of the romance options get some love

It’s finally coming!!  There’s six days until our event officially starts so it’s time to announce the info!

What is this event?

Yu-Gi-Oh Femslash Week is a celebration of the yuri/girl’s love ships in our fandom!  Sometimes these ships get ignored and they definitely don’t get the same amount of fanwork as the boy’s love and even het ships in the fandom, so this week is an attempt to get some of the creativity juices flowing and add more content to a sometimes slower corner of the fandom!

When is this happening?

January 8th-January 14th

What are the prompts?

There are 3 prompts for every day; this doesn’t mean you have to do all of them, it just means you have options!

Sunday, Jan 8: Dueling: tag duel / duel monsters cosplay / series swap

Monday, Jan 9: Romance: formal wear / moonlight / first date

Tuesday, Jan 10: Aesthetics: music / ribbons / crystal

Wednesday, Jan 11: Seasons: flowers / snow / beach

Thursday, Jan 12: Domesticity: home / daydream / together

Friday, Jan 13: AU Day 1: fairy tale / witch / angels and demons

Saturday, Jan 14: AU Day 2: magical girls / pirates and mermaids / idol

What am I allowed to do?

If it involves girl’s love ships in Yu-Gi-Oh, then anything goes!  Pairs and poly are all fair game, as long as they’re revolving around girls in the series.

Any form of content works: writing, art, videos, manips, gifsets, whatever your talents are, use them in whatever way you’d like!

Keep in mind that while NSFW is allowed, a lot of the characters in these series are very young and it may be discomforting for many people to see certain scenarios.  Make sure you tag things!

Please check out our RULES for any other notes!

How do I tag event submissions?

You can tag us specifically in the post @yu-ri-oh, and also tag your works as #ygofemslash2017!

We hope you all have a lot of fun with this event!

-Mods Homura and Princess

Teen Titans Valentines

So, the other day, someone wanted Teen Titans show Valentine cards, and the options were… not all family friendly. So, I threw some together that were ;)

please overlook the flaws… it was a rush job ;_;

All drawn by me, using my own stock for the fire, and there would be more if V-day wasn’t right around the corner. ;) Mas y Menos is coming up, though, as a friend helped me translate what I wanted said.

Please don’t remove my little watermark. I slaved over these to get them done fast. 

* I made up “xirfand’r” as a Tamaran word. Since Starfire and Blackfire were “Koriand’r” and “Komand’r”, I figured “and’r” meant “fire”, and I invented “xirf” as meaning “special loved one”. So, “xirfand’r” is like “boy/girlfriend.”


one more of Mas y Menos [link]

Way back when, at the start of the meteor journey, when dave and karkat were playing penis ouija and getting suplexed, I saw a spark. The fandom knew nothing of real black romance, the disaster that would be gamzee and terezi. All of the fics were caliginous. I shipped it.
Later on in the meteor, in an optional scene in a game, while they spoke of awkward conversations and dave told karkat to get some rest, I saw a spark. Pale fics started to appear. I shipped it.
Near the end of the journey, while dave promised to carry karkat to safety and be bros for life, I saw a spark. I finished reading all the pale fics that I could find and then searched for what few flushed fics existed. I shipped it.
Now, all that development has been undone, replaced. But what was replaced was years of loneliness and broken relationships, with years of warmth and love and support. Together they cuddled, watched movies, played hopdick, mixed music. Dave can open up about his fears, his childhood, his sexuality. Karkat can finally deal with his insecurities as a leader. I see more than a spark, I see a true relationship. Fics are flushed or beyond quadrants, but I read fewer of them. Their relationship is already there in the pages of homestuck for everyone to see.
I ship it.