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I have a doubt. Akashi cutting his hair with his lieft hand up on his entrance.. Could it imply akashi is left handed...WOWOWOW. May be he is ambidextrous? Do you see that as a possiblity.? He does handle the ball with left hand sometimes..?

I definitely think he is ambidextrous!! So happy someone also feels this! I mean how else would he be able to cut that bangs that perfectly… Akashi plays many instruments like piano and violin, so it’s very likely both his hands are skilful.

He absolutely play basketball with both hands -my knowledge about this sport is limited but I suppose most players do this? 

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But from many official art (even drawn by Fujimaki himself), Akashi’s chopstick-wielding hand is the right one:

somehow this becomes a post of Akashi eating with his friends ♡⊂( ´ ▽ ` )⊃

don’t think about the fact that there are hundreds of pictures of one direction we’ll never see. just pictures of them being silly/relaxed/happy together, and like writing or recording, or out to eat somewhere just like… all these painfully sweet, cozy photos of them loving each other and enjoying each other’s company and we’ll never :) see :) them :) haha :))))))) nice :) cool :) it’s fine it’s great :)))))))

I haven’t written in days and I’m trying to get back into a good headspace to do so, so if anyone has a Hannigram prompt pls feel free to send it my way and maybe I’ll fill a few of them this evening. <3

i bought and read the tangled bea novel tonight and i’m literally s o alive rn i feel like i could fight 30000000 bad guys off w/ one arm behind my back im INVICINIBLE

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omg i can't believe the hate that anon sent you but props to you for handling it so well + your legs look great :)

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don’t listen to that stupid anon cuz damn, ur legs are fine as hell 🔥🔥❤

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Ignore the anon hate, you are the most beautiful girl in all the USA and part of Canada 😂😂😂 (?) Just joking, but ignore it and love yourself because you deserve all the love bby ♡

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lmao @ the thighs anon, your response was perfect, seo! :’) also, you don’t need to loose any weight on your thighs at all. you have a really nice body weight and don’t feel pressured by anyone! (+ i agree, you are a smol bean)

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um what was that person on about?? you’re gorgeous and so are your thighs babs (I mean that in the least pervy way possible, no worries)

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may i just say that if your legs are big then mine are huge :333 you look great, don’t worry~~

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huh lmao seo you re not fat at all you re sooooooooo cute you know?

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Ok first of all, there is legit nothing wrong with her(the bloggers) thighs and you would think people would express their jealousy of successful people in different ways besides body shaming hello its 2017 @that-one-anon ;))))))))))))

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seo I love you so so much whether you know it or not you’ve made other people better bc of your inspiring personality so any hate coming your way is just out of jealousy or boredom and s/o for not letting the hate get to you! you honestly are one of the best people I’ve ever encountered

Let me just say that I absolutely ADORE you. You’re so young and you certainly have such a bright future ahead of you. Your response to hate anon is 10/10 amazing. You really stay true to your ideals because you certainly don’t respond back with hate but with positivity and sassiness haha. Hope I can be a great studyblr like yours!!

oh my god i’m crying with happiness because i logged onto tumblr and saw a whole lotta love and body positivity in my inbox + kind replies to the original anon hate and i’m so grateful to all of you brilliant people and your amazing support :’)))

thank you so so very much :’)


RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: “Brexit isn’t to blame for any bad stuff. You know what *is* to blame? The metric system. And decimalised currency.”