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Same with Nexswap thing with Nexswap, please don’t come asking “draw this AU crossover.” These are simple musings, pure and fun, and by doing it on our own time, we enjoy it a lot more. Please respect that opinion, and we’ll all have a good time. ;P

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I never realized how much I needed this until I thought about it. Sci-fi cyberpunk in space with beautiful nebulas and galaxies everywhere. I like to think it’s a cross between Star Wars, Star Trek and Gundam. 

Frisk’s life gets shattered in an attack on his home, and sent into space, where he’s picked up by the all-monster crew of the Ebott and joins them in their quest to restore peace to the quadrant, all while being pursued by Chara and her merciless space forces. 

…it’s pretty fun to think about, isn’t it?

We won’t be doing a story for it, but if some art pops up here and there, don’t be surprised. 

Outertale belongs to 2mi127 @outertale

Nextale…well…you know ;P

What if Star Trek took place in the universe of Avatar the Last Airbender? Like imagine during the first contact, the Vulcans see all those benders out there and are like “SWEET SURAK THESE PEOPLE CAN CONTROL THE ELEMENTS”.

And the reason why the High Command is paying close attention to Earth and humanity’s progress is gradual and slow is mostly because Vulcans are freaked out that if they let all those benders loose, they’re gonna wreck shit up in the entire quadrant.

Soon word spreads out that there’s an entire planet of beings who are able to control air, water, fire, earth, METAL, lava and BLOOD among other things. Thus the war with the Romulans is completely avoided - Romulans are passionate people but there ain’t no chance in hell, that they’d take on a fleet of humans who could easily wreck their ships from the outside as well as the inside.

Things began to change however, and several centuries from then on, most of the galaxy is somewhat familiar with different forms of bending, either through learning it (this applies to more “spiritual” races like the Bajorans, Aenar, Vulcans and Betazoids), being granted that power through spirit bending or inheriting it from a parent.

The Avatar becomes an important political figure - now not only having to deal with the well-being of the four nations, but the whole friggin galaxy. And whenever a young Avatar is chosen, the Order of the White Lotus (now a subsidiary of Starfleet) takes them across the galaxy to different planets to see and learn about their cultures and seek out their spiritual balance.

Also imagine that the warp drive was invented by Lily Sloane instead of Zefram Cochrane. And that she was actually descended from Korra and Asami.


i can’t believe i forgot to post this :c
eric and kyle are gonna end being matesprits cause i ship it, but they will get over all four quadrants (even moirallegiance because of kyle’s temporary break up with stan) and auspisticism with kenny
also tweek<3craig, of course
dunno i hope ill make them later too

A High-Spirited Auspistice Interferes In The Affairs Of Her Allies And Enemies In Ways That Appear Impulsive And Haphazard But Which In Fact Are Cunningly-Planned And Lead To Satisfactorily Filled Quadrants For All, by Troll Georgette Heyer

15 Oft Forgotten Facts About Homestuck's Trolls

- Trolls are nocturnal. Due to their sun’s intense brightness and heat, trolls rarely go out at night. Some however, such as Kanaya, can stand sunlight and will operate somewhat diurnally.

- Troll society is, in human terms, matriarchal. The females of the species, mother grubs, are revered and protected by the humanoid males, and castes that are in human terms feminine hold the most important roles of leading society and caring for the aforementioned mother grubs.

- Trolls have no concept of gender affecting sexuality, making them all, again in human terms, bi/pan. However, Beforans (if not all trolls) do have concepts of asexuality and aromanticism, separated out by quadrant.

- Most technology in troll culture is based in organic networks, using specialised grubs and other creatures in place of circuits.

- Most trolls have sharp teeth, and their diets consist mostly of various types of grubs and insectoid creatures, judging from their food terms.

- Recuperacoons are Alternia exclusive, and were created to protect trolls from the nightmares that plague their species ehile they sleep. This is not normal and Doc Scratch is to blame. Possible explanations for the nightmares are Gl'bgolyb (any emissary to the horrorterrors), Purpleblood chucklevoodoos, or species-wide trauma; nothing was confirmed by canon.

- Yellowgreen blooded trolls are oppressed on both worlds. On Beforus, they were treated as lesser peoples and insulted with the “Lime” slur, and on Alternia they were eventually wiped out. What powers they possessed is still unknown, but whatever they were posed a threat to purple bloods.

- Troll horns are not made of bone, and extend from holes in the top of the skull, allowing for the wide variation in horn shapes we have seen. Their hair grows around their horns with no problem.

- All troll skin is silvery grey, regardless of blood color. Color only shows when blushing. Additionally, all of their bodily fluids seem to be tinted their blood color.

- Trolls have 48 zodiac signs, and likely divide sweeps up into 48 sections. This is about 16.5 Earth days per division.

- Trolls’ fingernails are colored like their horns. This suggests it may be made of the same material.

- Most trolls have black lips naturally. Some, such as the Megidos, do end up with blood colored lips naturally (without makeup), but this is presumably rare.

- Another rare occurrance is blood colored hair, such as with Eridan’s tuft and thr Megidos’ eyelashes. It is unknown if this can affect a troll’s entire head of hair.

- Until adulthood, all trolls have slate-gray to black irises. Upon maturing (estimate 10 sweeps), they fill in with blood color.

- Alternia’s trolls are a warrior race. Most adults were out among the stars invading other worlds when they were suddenly killed by Gl'bgolyb’s psychic screams.

And there’s a lot more, but I might make another post sometime. Let me know if there are any other obscure things I missed!

Troll Quadrants: The Musical


(^parodies Call Me Maybe)


(^parodies Blank Space)


(^parodies You Belong With Me)


(^parodies He’s My Best Friend)

Congrats, now you know all about the quadrants.


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It’s really important to remember that there is a house of each modality in all of the four quadrants. Since each quadrant explains a different stage of life (establishment of the self, establishment of the personal world, engaging with others, engaging with the wider world) that particular stage would be very difficult if it lacked a certain modality.

The 1st House is naturally cardinal, because it’s the beginning. You’re trying to figure out who it is inside of you - who your consciousness is. It’s the raw basics of who you are; You begin to ‘sketch’ your personality.

The 2nd House is fixed because it’s about anchoring yourself into the world with material ‘things’. You draw your clothes and the land around you, and begin to colour in neatly, not going over the lines.

The 3rd House is mutable because it’s about exploring the dimensions of who you can be - on a more trivial level than in the 9th House, though, of course. You’re just starting out! You put in the fine ink details on your self-portrait.

The 4th House is cardinal because you’re starting a new picture! Now you’re drawing your house (your personal world). Firstly, you have to decide who’s going to live in it with you! You draw photos of them on the walls.

The 5th House is fixed because you’re settling into your house, and now you feel comfortable. It’s secure and you don’t have to stay in there all the time. You can go out and have fun! You start colouring it in.

The 6th House is mutable because it’s about the elements of your personal world that will keep changing - like health, or work. You put books on the shelves, food in the cupboards and clocks on the walls.

The 7th House is cardinal because I’m afraid you’re moving house. Don’t be scared, though - now you’re going to stay with your partner! You attempt to capture their likeness, fingers twitching with excitement.

The 8th House is fixed because you’ll need to stay calm throughout this stage; it’s difficult. Your house is burning down, ready to be rebuilt, only much better. You viciously rub out every lovingly drawn detail.

The 9th House is mutable because it’s time to invent a new you, and you’ll have to differ from who you thought you were. You draw yourself again, only this time you’re much more beautiful, in every possible way.

The 10th House is cardinal because now you’re in a new world, one you’ve never seen before. You sketch buildings and people, bank notes and documents, but most importantly, your ladder to the top.

The 11th House is fixed because you are determined to do what needs to be done. You draw a circle of friends around you, and the finer details on people, on places - things you never noticed before. You draw the whole world.

The 12th House is mutable because it is unlike any other. You don’t draw anything. You step backwards, you see your picture in a different light. Finally you notice how glorious it really is.

Post-Voyager Voyager Headcanons

This is something I think about a lot. I would give practically anything to see a Voyager movie or two, picking up where they left off. Until then, all one can do is make it up.

  • Despite all the briefings, the promotion, and all of the after war efforts going on in the Alpha Quadrant, Janeway finds time to visit with every single one of the families of the people she’s lost. The Ballards, the Jonas’, the Hogans, the Careys, the Langs, the Suders, even the Ransoms. She makes sure that everyone of their families knows how important they were and how much she wishes they could’ve come home.
  • Chakotay eventually resigns from Starfleet again and becomes a professor of paleontology, like he’s always wanted to be. He marries Admiral Janeway, naturally.
  • Tuvok is made Captain of Voyager. When Janeway tells him that the ship couldn’t be in better hands, she really means it.
  • When the inevitable questions concerning The Doctor’s rights as a sentient individual, as well as his claim to the 29th century Mobile Emitter, are brought to trial Seven of Nine is relentless in her arguments, and even calls in someone with experience in this sort of trial: Cmdr. Data of the Enterprise. He’s more than happy to help out.
  • After all of that is sorted out, in The Doctor’s favor of course, The Doctor and Seven go to Hugh’s planet to help rehabilitate all of the ex-Borg. The two marry at some point and The Doctor takes her last name, becoming universally known as “Dr. Hansen”.
  • Seven becomes comfortable with using the name Annika, but everyone from Voyager still calls her Seven. She doesn’t mind.
  • Harry gets promoted to lieutenant, but he still can’t find a girl. But on the plus side his mother was very please with how well he had learned to play the clarinet.
  • Tom and B’Elanna end up pretty much the same as how they were in the alternate reality in “Endgame”. Neither one stayed in Starfleet. Tom writing holonovels, he probably started with making some Miral and then decided to market them. And B’Elanna being an ambassador to Qo’noS. She was reluctant at first to work with Klingons, but Chancellor Martok liked her and wouldn’t take no for an answer.
  • Samantha Wildman took a considerable amount of leave to enjoy being back with her husband and finally being able to introduce Naomi to her father. She and Greskrendtregk eagerly show their daughter all of the sights of Earth and KTaris. Samantha went on to be one of the Federation’s leading xenobiolologists, earning her a posting on the Enterprise, where Greskrendtregk followed her.
  • Icheb and Naomi both joined Starfleet. Naomi choose to be in the command division and made captain in record time, while Icheb choose to be a science officer. Naomi still kept in touch with Seven and Neelix on a regular basis, she was the maid of honor at Seven’s wedding. Icheb still keeps in touch with Mezoti, Rebi and Azan via the Midas Array, on which he no doubt made some significant modifications.
  • Tal Celes choose to leave Starfleet. She opened a shop on Deep Space Nine, it’s one of Col. Kira’s favorite places to visit on the promenade. She’s much happier now. Telfer, who has become quite the medical officer, visits every chance he gets.
  • When Capt. Tuvok has to pick a new chief engineer Lt. Vorik is his first choice. By that time Vorik had found a wife, a nice Vulcan lady who wouldn’t break his jaw for declaring kunat so'lik.
  • Chell opened his own restaurant. It’s very popular among Bolians, not so much among other species…
  • Ayala remained in Starfleet, working in security. He is eventually recruited by Section 31 and accepts their offer.
  • Once every year or two the crew still gets together to celebrate Prixin on Deep Space 9 where it all began. The day will come when Neelix will be able to make the trip, but until then he enjoys joining in via the Midas Array, while celebrating with his wife and stepson.
reasons to love every quadrant of lucky charm
  • LadyNoir: fight scenes are so hard but there is so much canonical material to work off of just look at antibug
  • Adrinette: all other quadrants boil down to this relationship okay in the end they are Adrien and Marinette
  • Ladrien: THEY ALREADY LOVE EACH OTHER but also they love incomplete versions of each other so the potential for angst is AMAZING