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I just want to point out (again) how cute Daryl’s body language is here. Because he’s literally never gotten like this around anyone else.

This is one of the only instances in which Daryl has been so awkward and fidgety while carrying on a conversation. He’s shuffling his feet, gesturing haphazardly, kicking at the ground.

All of this alludes to the fact that he was nervous while giving this speech to Carol. It took a lot for him to work up the courage to say this to her - and his body language gave away that much - which means that saying this to her meant a lot to him.

It was extremely important to Daryl. He wanted her to start over - with her - so badly (and still does) and asking her to do this was difficult. Because Daryl seemed to feel that it was a huge thing to ask. It was something that mattered so much to him. And to ask Carol, who is the only person who gets him all awkward and fumbly.

Daryl was having some serious butterflies during this moment, and I’m sure that those emotions most likely led to this clumsy moment.

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Daryl Dixon becomes a clumsy awkward dork, only in the presence of Carol because he loves her and that’s what she does to him.

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I have a friend who's recently made a tumblr account and started following me when I found out she was I immediately deleted all my otp stuff off my tumblr since she's homophobic and all my otps are gayand don't want her to judge me what should I do?


i think you should be more concerned about your friend being homophobic than about being judged for having gay ships

Sansa chewed on her lip as she watched Jon mope around their apartment sulkily moving from the office back to their bedroom.

Apparently, Robb had cancelled on some bromantic hiking trip that Jon had been planning. Sansa didn’t really get their passion for extreme hiking and rock climbing, but she hated to see all of the planning Jon had put into this hike go to waste. Plus, she knew on more than one occasion Jon has sucked up his dislike for an activity she loved just to see her happy.

The familiar chime of her phone let her know it was okay to propose her idea to Jon. She would owe Brienne big time for covering her shifts for her, but it would be worth it.

She found Jon slouching at his desk. She kissed his cheek and smiled when he turned to give her a deeper kiss.

Sansa pulled away from the kissing and tried to stifle a giggle at Jon’s pout. He wouldn’t be pouting when she told him her idea.

“I know you’re upset about Robb bailing on your boys trip” Sansa started but was cut off by an indignant Jon who insisted he wasn’t upset.

Sansa put her hand on his lips to shush him. “Just hear me out, I won’t be as good as Robb but what if we went instead” she made sure to give him her sincerest smile.

“You want to go hiking? Like a prolonged outdoor activity?” Jon teased.

“If it makes you happy then yes” Sansa mumbled. Any other person wouldn’t have understood what she was saying but somehow Jon knew. His eyes softened towards her.

“Then we will go” Jon said before kissing her.

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I know Madpat is the official part of the AU but whenever I watch GTLive it always feels (to me) that he's the one with a gentle soul. Like, this is your AU and i don't wanna sound like I'm trying to change it (I'm not because I love it) but I propose this thought- Natemare and MadSteph (?) with oblivious Matt who wonders why his wife smells like blood or his friend is always busy "with other things"

You can have your own versions of the au that are completely separate from mine! Thats no problem at all! 

but I’m also gonna end up having like 20 versions of the sAME FRIGGIN AU LIKE. because I love the idea of CrazyCordy/SerialSteph in general. ESPECIALLY after happy room.

but I wouldn’t say Mat has a more gentle soul than Steph. they’re both equally cinnamon rolls and both have their moments. I mean, how could anyone forget the pure innocence of “So is yiffing like….when the internet mashes two words together so ‘yiffing’ someone would be like to yell and sniff someone!! owo ” 
Like christ Stephanie. HOLD ME.

theyre both too cute and wonderful for this world wowie and we put them in murder aus. life is beautiful.

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1. Royai - Fullmetal Alchemist (manga/Brotherhood)

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2. AlucardxIntegra - Hellsing (manga/Ultimate)

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3. Nuxable - Mad Max: Fury Road

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4. Noctluna - Final Fantasy XV

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5. RxJulie - Warm Bodies (novel)

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congratulations on your drama debut, actor kim taehyung~