all of the mirrors in my house need a clean

honestly laughing at the people getting mad about the Viktor not doing the dishes hc

Vik and I are the same age. I had strict parents. I’ve been living alone for nearly a decade and am generally a very clean and tidy person. I vacuum twice a week, I clean my toilets and shower and bathroom mirrors every week, I do my laundry regularly and keep my linens clean and take the trash out when it needs to be done.

And I






Literally my house will be perfectly clean and I’ll have a pile of dishes in the sink and I’ll like…reorganize my closet just to avoid doing them. Being a responsible adult does not mean you love and perform all chores when they need to be done. And let me tell you, living alone can definitely lend itself to gross habits (like Viktor hasn’t picked a plate out of the sink and thought ‘meh clean enough’ I KNOW HE HAS)

so be salty all you want, Vik and I will be chilling with our non-pruney (or non-rubber smelling) hands, eating over the kitchen counter because we couldn’t bring ourselves to tackle the disaster pile that is the sink