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  • Kakashi’s that friend that seems cool at first but is actually the biggest dork once you get to know em. He’s all suave in front of other people but when it’s only you two that facade just drops. 
    • “Where did your cool and aloof attitude go?” 
    • “Where all the fucks I gave went” 
    • “Fair enough”
  • You know that meme that’s like “she slapped my smirk away but luckily I was wearing a second, smaller smirk underneath” or something? That’s his mask. If someone tries to pull his mask off Kakashi has a second, equally-sized mask underneath so you still don’t see anything.
  • Steals your food tbh. No one knows how he eats it without someone seeing his face, but he does it. You suspect the mask may just be a very elaborate genjutsu
  • Got drunk and tried to teach Pakkun how to play fetch. Pakkun did fetch–he fetched Kakashi’s dignity from the trash can and then dragged him home
  • Replaced all the snacks in the jounin lounge with dog biscuits once. Was subsequently thrown out a window.
  • Reenacted Diogenes and Plato’s interaction in Plato’s Academy with Jiraiya. Jiraiya was Plato. Kakashi had the chicken.
  • Sculpted an owl’s head out of a banana. Has not done so since then
  • Would learn to play the accordion if he ever got his hands on one
  • Once fought off seven rogue nin using a carton of eggs, a plastic spoon, and a bedsheet
  • He insists the previous point is true to anyone who will listen

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I would like to point out that Kotetsu's eye shape is very similar to Tobirama's, and those hair spikes /have/ to come from somewhere

Nooooooooooooo D: 

“What do you mean, you’re related to the Nidaime?!” Izumo demands, hands flapping faintly like he can’t decide whether to strangle Kotetsu or flail.

Kotetsu blinks at him, honestly a little bewildered. “You didn’t know?” he asks, baffled. “It’s not like it’s a secret. Everyone tells me I look like him.”

Genma, sprawled out on the other end of the Standby Station couch with his head in Aoba’s lap, chuckles a little and tips his head enough to grin at them. “Technically, it is a secret,” he corrects. “Just one of those ones everybody knows, so long as you had family here a generation back.”

Oh, Kotetsu thinks with a sudden air of enlightenment. Izumo is from a civilian family living about a day’s travel east; that’s likely why he’s never heard it before. “My grandmother had a fling with Tobirama,” he explains, and can’t fight a grin at Izumo’s expression. “But, you know, Hagane Clan don’t tend to get married unless they’re black sheep, because of the seduction mission thing—”

“There’s a reason people say ‘make a Hagane proud’ when they’re talking about sex,” Aoba interjects cheerfully. “They’re the best at sex, on average, so they’re the ones who are picked first for those missions.” He catches the raised brow Genma directs at him and raises his hands, backpedaling hastily. “Not that I know from experience, okay, I never touched Kotetsu, I swear.”

The brow goes back down, and Genma’s grin takes on a wicked edge. “Of course you didn’t. Kotetsu’s too smart to go for an ass like you.”

Anyway,” Kotetsu says over Aoba’s offended cries and the dramatic way he’s clutching at his heart. “They didn’t get married, and Grandfather died before my mom was a year old, but she was definitely his.”

Izumo opens his mouth, shuts it, opens it again, and entirely fails to say anything.

Raidō leaves off rubbing Genma’s feet to pat Izumo’s shoulder soothingly. “He’s smarter than he looks,” he consoles. “It surprised me at first too, but there is a brain under all that hair.”

Hey,” Kotetsu protests, deeply offended. “I was top of my class, thank you!”

“You were,” Izumo says, looking like he’s reevaluating every interaction they’ve ever had. “And I never saw you study, either.”

“Study is boring,” Kotetsu complains, pulling a face. “Playing with sharp stuff is a lot more fun.”

The expression Izumo levels at him is entirely incredulous. Then he stops, face pulling into a pained grimace, and groans, tipping forward to bury his face in Kotetsu’s shoulder. “It doesn’t make sense,” he laments, almost a wail.

Kotetsu rolls his eyes and pats Izumo’s head. “You’re a jerk. I’m smart and good with weapons and I can totally cast perfect genjutsus only Hyuuga and Uchiha can see through, thanks. My grandfather would be proud.”

“Your grandfather, who is Tobirama,” Izumo says, like he’s still coming to terms with it. There’s a pause, and he tips his head to the side, staring up at Kotetsu through one narrowed eye. “Wait a minute. When I said we should take the jounin exam, and you told me to go ahead but refused because it was a pain—that wasn’t you being nervous, was it?”

A trickle of cold sweat slides down Kotetsu’s spine. “Uh. I mean, it would totally be a pain and I’m sure you can pass but I—”

“Don’t want to end up with all the paperwork jounin have to do,” Aoba finishes cheerfully, because he’s a jerk.

Kotetsu takes one look at Izumo’s face, and doesn’t need his genetics to tell him to bolt for the door.

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Do you have any Kakashi-centric fics you recommend (Naruto)?

One Tent Away from a Full-Blown Circus by blackkat

Kakashi had never though he’d end up here, that morning when Konoha’s most (in)famous semi-pardoned missing-nin marched into his office with two small children in tow and an aggravated Suigetsu mislabeled my DNA samples so these are yours, Hatake in explanation.

The life and times of Hatake Kakashi, the long-suffering jōnin-sensei by FeelingsDusk

Kakashi is being trolled. He doesn’t know how that can be, but he knows with utmost certainty that he’s being trolled somehow.


Kakashi gets saddled with the cheekiest little brats ever and wonders if it’s too late to become a missing nin.

Etch by ephieshine

A Kakashi character study, in which the words others say about you become etched into your skin.

Force of Nature by Ramabear (RyMagnatar) (KHRxNaruto; Xanxus as Kakashi)

He had died- honorably, he’d like to think, despite living as a villain and an assassin for over half a century- and that, as far as Xanxus had ever figured, would be the end of that. No heaven. No hell. Just life when you were breathing and nothingness when you stopped.

Except that it didn’t, quite, turn out that way. Except he came back as the son of the kindest, sometimes saddest father in the world. In both worlds. A father that he knew, without a doubt, to be his flesh and blood. All at once, Xanxus had everything he’d wanted as a child. A home. A family. Stability. And he was going to fight like hell and beat down anyone who tried to take it from him, no matter what his age.

(In which Sakumo raises a son who speaks multiple languages from birth, all of them gibberish to the poor single father jounin, spits vulgarity with the same ease as he does his praise and burns with an unshakable determination to build himself a family that will not fall, no matter who or what is thrown against it.)

Snapshots of The life and times of Hatake Kakashi, Nukenin by Hermionechan90

Approved spin off story of The life and times of Hatake Kakashi, Nukenin from Whispering Darkness. Kakashi may now have to live the life of a missing nin but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t have fun did it? …though there are a few things that he really hadn’t anticipated.

Nukenin by WhisperingDarkness

In the sealed scroll he finds a Bingo Book – his own page marking him as an S-class nukenin with flee-on-sight orders.

“Ok. That is definitely different.”

In his head he blames Naruto – even if his number one unpredictable student had been nowhere near him on this mission. When things go this stupidly impossibly wrong it must somehow be the future Hokage’s fault.

Just the Usual Habits by Applepie

Sakumo has no idea where all of these habits of Kakashi’s are coming from. In which five-year-old Kakashi forgets the existence of his left eye, loses his ability to lie believably, and is a little too knowledgeable about the Birds and Bees. Still, no matter what oddities went on in Kakashi’s head, one thing is certain – the boy will always love his father, through thick and thin.

Team Seven by WhisperingDarkness

Kakashi wanted to grab those little brats and wrap them all up in blankets, dump them somewhere soft and fluffy and summon his dogs to guard them and sit on them and keep them there. Then he could relax, read his book and listen to the most creative curses and rants his cute little students could come up with. One-shot. Because Wave should have enough of a wake-up call.

a heap of details, uncatalogued, illogical by 100demons

“Oh,” she says, white hands clenched into tight fists. “I’m– I was your student. Haruno Sakura.”

Kakashi tilts his head, gray eye analyzing her carefully for tells. He finds nothing. “I’ve never seen you before in my life,” he says flatly.

(Kakashi wakes up fourteen years old.)

#1 Admiration (For Tenten Appreciation Week)

A/n: Nejiten with a sprinkle of ShikaTen lol.

The first time a daisy found its way on her desk, a small smile bloomed on her lips and she directed a look at the Hyuga whose desk was situated across from hers. 

He glanced at her, eyed the daisy and went back to his paperwork, his monotone voice filling the silence in their shared office.

 "That’s not from me,“ he said with a shrug. 

Tenten frowned, twirling the lone flower in her grip before delicately placing it atop her stack of books, forgotten. 

The second time daisies made their way on her desk was a week after the first incident and one daisy became three. 

“Again?” Neji asked, entering the office. 

Tenten merely nodded, smiling slightly as she collected the flowers and sniffed the fresh scent. 

He passed by her towards his desk, a small tray with a pot of tea and two cups at hand. He wordlessly handed her a cup of the steaming beverage before going behind his desk, finishing even more paperwork. 

Tenten, on the other hand, twisted open her canteen and poured its contents into a tall empty glass found at the corner of her desk. Once three quarters full, she closed the canteen and submerged the daisies into the water. 

When she looked up, Neji’s eyes flicked towards hers before scribbling something at the paper at hand.

“By the way,” he started. “I saw Shino earlier this morning. He asked to pass his thanks for covering him at the academy when he was down with the flu.“ 

“Tell him no worries, I love those little munchkins,” Tenten chuckled before sighing and slumping back on her seat.

“Is this what being Jounin is all about? Tantamount to mountains of paperwork?” She complained. 

Neji’s shrugged at her and a small smile of exasperation lifted his lips. “You get used to it.”

It was a few minutes of scribbles and the sound of pages turning when Tenten spoke again. “I never ever ever see Gai-sensei do any of this boring stuff!” She threw her hands into the air, scattering a page or two of paper. 

“Tch, why do you think there’s so much paperwork for us to do?” Said Neji without missing a beat. Tenten groaned. 

The third time daisies were left at her desk, it was Neji who first noticed them.

“Okay, are you really not bothered as to who sends this to you?” Greeted Neji as she entered the office, a yawn managing to escape her mouth as she tried to cover it up. 

“What are you-woah.“ 

Littering her desk was almost two dozen of the same flowers that were given to her consistently every Tuesday the last two weeks. 

Tenten was not even fully awake yet when Shino gave the open door directly behind her a sharp rap, making her look at his direction.

“I think I found the culprit. How? Because I saw him exit the tower as I was going in and was quite concerned because he shouldn’t be here this early in the morning.”

Holding the door ajar, Shino twisted sideways to allow the said ‘culprit’ some space to enter the room. 

“You should get inside. Why? Because we’re very late as it is,” Shino said in a monotone. 

Tenten quirked her eyebrow at the gentle tilt his voice had changed. 

“How troublesome," 

Both Neji’s and Tenten’s eyebrows shot up high on their forehead as a familiar pineapple head entered their shared office. 

"You’re Nara.” Neji said, pointing out the obvious before snapping out of his surprised state. But everyone ignored him.

Tenten though, couldn’t help the small smile that graced her lips. 

“Shikadai, I didn’t know that it was you who gave me the flowers.” She said to the blushing boy who kept scratching the back of his head. 

“M-mendokuse, you weren’t supposed to.” He mumbled under his breath. 

Tenten chuckled lightly and she felt the heaviness of Neji’s frown directed at her. She shrugged him off. 

“Well that was very sweet of you,” she smiled and ruffled his hair. The boy’s cheeks were tinged pink and he turned around.

“Troublesome, I’ll head to school now. The class misses you a lot Tenten-sensei, they admire you a lot there.” Without preamble, Shikadai grabbed Shino by the arm and dragged him out. “Come on, Shino-sensei,” he said as he walked out of the door, shoulders stiff and not daring a glance back at his teacher. 

With a disgruntled look and a nod, Shino bid them a good day and closed the door behind him shut.

“Well,” Neji started. 

“Well,” Tenten said, walking towards her desk and collecting and arranging two dozen worth of daisies before covering the joined stems with a single scratch paper. 

“You are now officially a cougar." 

A stapler went sailing straight towards his forehead and he only barely had the time to block it, let alone catch it by hand.

"Piss off Hyuga, you’re just jealous because I still get admirers." 

Neji huffed and leaned on his desk, thumbing a fresh stack of paperwork to be done. "Am not. I’m just concerned for the boy, Mrs. Hyuga.”

In turn, Tenten scoffed and caught him unawares by sharply poking him on his stomach, making him jump slightly. "No need to be prissy Neji. It’s not my fault that Naras get attracted to me at one point in their lives. Don’t be bitter about it.“ 

She stuck her tongue out at him and Neji had this huge urge to roll his eyes but refrained from doing so. 

Instead, he grabbed the hand that poked him and lifted it to his lips, giving it a kiss. His wife gave him a soft smile and a raised brow. 

"You don’t need any admirers,” he enveloped her hand with both of his. “I’ve always admired you, you know." 

Her smile broadened and she closed the distance between them to peck him on the cheek. "That’s cute Hyuga,” she said, lightly tapping his cheek with the palm of her hand before moving away from him and lifting the daisies underneath her nose, "but you aren’t giving me any flowers and oh, won’t these look lovely in our bedroom’s window sill?“ 

She smiled at him cheekily.

She was somewhat surprised to see an elegant bouquet of carnations on her desk the next morning, a small notecard attached to it said, "I love you.” As soon as the words left her mouth, she felt lips smack on her cheek and she turned around to see Neji moving to sit behind his desk like nothing happened. 

She chuckled slightly, a warmth enveloping her chest. 

A/n: Because, yes. Hc where Shikamaru (and the succeeding Naras) would often take a liking to Tenten, just because.

Before I go to the other world, I figured I’d come back to remind you not to follow after me any time soon. I did just gave you that eye as a present for becoming a Jounin, after all if you returned it so soon, it just wouldn’t be right.
Not that I’ll be waking back to this world anyways, regardless.. What I wanted to talk about.. I told Naruto a while back to become Hokage. The Seventh Hokage that is. 
The Sixth Hokage needs to be you Kakashi.
Although you haven’t taken the position officially yet, I wanted to give you your congratulations present ahead of time. It may only be temporary, but it’s far from useless.. You know what I’m talking about right? .. You haven’t forgotten how your name resounds even across foreign lands?
The name “Kakashi of the Sharingan”.

Tsukista TV Ep 3 Summary Notes

This week’s episode focused on Menjo Kentaro, who plays Hajime, and Nakada Hiroki, who plays Haru. It’s also Six Gravity’s last episode before Procellarum is in charge starting next week. Read below the cut for a list of the notable stuff that happened with related screenshots. I even made some gifs this time! As always, feel free to add to the list or correct me if I got anything wrong~

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Happy Unbirthday. Here, have some fic.

Chances are high you’ve never heard of me. I retired from fandom over five years ago … but I found your stories and greatly enjoyed them. You inspired me to write, so this belongs to you–whether you like it or hate it. Thank you for reminding me why I love writing.


Shiranui Genma stood in the Hokage’s office, chewing on a poisoned senbon. He almost spat it at the Hokage as the final words left his mouth. “Leave immediately, Shiranui.” Sarutobi Hiruzen gestured to whatever disposable chuunin was his lap dog assistant for the day. The kid offered Genma a scroll. “No,” Genma said. He kept both hands tucked in his pants’ pockets, so he wouldn’t assassinate the Hokage for what he was attempting. The other jounin in the room, all awaiting their own mission assignments, turned their attention to Genma sharply. The majority appeared beyond incredulous, or narrowed their eyes at him as if he were a traitor and they were plotting his execution. A few, though, rapidly turned their attention to exits and obstacles; he knew they were calculating who to kill first if they had to fight their way out of the room. The Hokage’s office had seals on it that prevented teleportation jutsu of any kind. A cloud of smoke escaped Sarutobi’s pipe. “Your mission, Shiranui.” He withdrew the pipe from his mouth and gestured toward the scroll the chuunin held out. Genma didn’t take the scroll. He stood his ground. “No.” Nothing in the world could compel him to leave the village now. “I’m unavailable for missions for the next four days,” Genma drawled. He rolled the senbon from one corner of his mouth to the other. The chuunin shook, glancing between Genma and the Third Hokage. He lowered the scroll; Genma smirked. “What the hell is going on?” a jounin Genma had never worked with asked. “Treason,” another muttered. Sarutobi frowned. If it was meant to convince Genma to change his mind, or be a chiding correction, he didn’t care. Genma would die before abandoning his duty. He knew his sworn vows; he knew his families’ oaths and covenants; he would not betray them.  Genma wasn’t Konoha. “Why?” Sarutobi asked. If the Hokage really didn’t know … then Genma’s opinion of him, as well as Genma’s compatriots’ opinions of him, would only sink lower. He was a poor, pathetic man–clinging to power after Namikaze Minato-sama’s death.  “Kakashi is out of the village on a mission,” Genma drawled. Sarutobi blinked. “I know.” “Why does my eternal rival’s absence mean you can’t take on the Hokage’s youthful mission, Genma?” Maito Gai asked with great enthusiasm. Genma bit the senbon hard. He didn’t want to have to fight Gai, not seriously. But if Gai left him no choice, Genma would do it. It would hurt … but Genma was a shinobi. He couldn’t remember life without pain. “Uzumaki-dono is to be guarded by a Hatake or Shiranui at all times,” Namiashi Raidou stated, from where he stood at Genma’s back. “It’s the law.” Raidou’s voice was bitter, as all the Uzushio survivors were, at the loss of Kushina-hime and the last Namikaze, as Naruto bore his mother’s name due to its prestige. The second born child would have carried the Namikaze name … but now it was just one more thing of Uzushiogakure that was dead. It didn’t matter which Uchiha in particular had been responsible for ripping the Kyuubi from Kushina-hime. The Uzushio survivors would bide their time and see all of them dead for it. It would be a massacre so bloody that no one would ever, ever forget it. Ninja had long memories. “Truthfully, Uzumaki-dono should be guarded by both a Hatake and a Shiranui at all times,” Genma clarified.  Genma wondered if the Hokage would even notice he was a shadow clone. He would never leave Naruto alone, not even with a shadow clone of Hatake Kakashi. Kakashi hadn’t sent a shadow clone on this mission, as he normally did, because two Uzushio genin could not be trusted to a Konoha commander. Once Naruto was old enough, once the Uzushio survivors had more time to grow and recover, they were leaving for Uzushiogakure. And there would be an Uzumaki as Uzukage again. They would rise in might and strength, and the world would tremble before them. And when Uzushio rose again, there would be no treaties. There would be no allies. For Konoha had taught them that allies, that trusting, that letting outsiders in only led to the destruction of all they loved. No Uzushio ninja ever needed to be taught the same lesson twice. Konoha taught them what it was to be stabbed in the back by someone who was smiling that claimed to be a friend as close as family. “Ah, I see,” Sarutobi said. Genma laughed at him on the inside until his guts almost burst from his body. No, no the Hokage didn’t. Because if he did, he wouldn’t be smiling at Genma with fond indulgence. He would be attempting to separate Genma’s head from his shoulders.  Uzushiogakure had proverbs. The two every parent taught their child went like this: “War rages all around you. Its name is Hatake.” And, of course, “Death is your constant companion. Its name is Shiranui.” At seventeen, Genma was the Shiranui Clan Head. He had always lived up to his name. With Kakashi at his side … well, all of the Uzushio survivors and descendents knew what awaited Konoha. “When War and Death unite, desolation follows.”

Old-New Dogs, New-Old Tricks [Gai&Genma BrOTP]

AN: This is just a little ficlet I whipped up while answering this character ask for my lovely boy Genma.  I started writing it halfway through my rant about how I think Gai would never let Genma stop being friends with him after their genin team broke up (it’s Gai people, what do you expect?).  This takes place after the war, while Gai is in the hospital recovering from having opened the Eighth Gate and miraculously surviving.  How did this reach 1.5k?

“Ah, my most Youthful Teammate, it’s been some time since I last saw you,” Gai said, his cheer a little more forced than normal, as he was stuck in a hospital bed, still recovering from opening the Gate of Death during the war.

Genma sighed. “You idiot.  I can’t believe—no never mind.  I’ve been telling you for years that one day that technique would kill you.”  

“Ah, but I’m not dead quite yet.”  The words were said with a megawatt smile, but Genma could see behind it.  Even without roughly twenty years of friendship, Genma picked up on the underlying meaning.  For someone like Gai, who was so active and relied so heavily on his body, losing the ability not just to walk, but to be a shinobi, was a cruel blow.  

Of course, Gai would do it again in a heartbeat—Genma had lost track of the many times Gai had jumped in front of an attack, or attempted to sacrifice himself to save another.  But this penalty was different than what Gai had anticipated.  He thought he was going to die, not come back broken.  He wasn’t sure how to feel about it, not when it felt so much like gaining and losing everything all at once.

“That’s true,” Genma finally replied.  “I guess it’s a good thing the payoff was just your legs.”

“Yes…just my legs…”

“How else would you complete your daily laps around the village?”  

Gai looked at him confused.  Genma continued, “You need working arms to walk on your hands, don’t you?”  

Before Genma knew what was happening, he was encased in the aforementioned arms, his head straining at a weird angle as to keep the senbon in his mouth from stabbing a laughing, smiling, and sobbing Gai.  

“YOSH!  I WILL COMPLETE FIVE HUNDRED LAPS OF THE VILLAGE ON MY HANDS ONCE I HAVE RECOVERED!”  Gai’s voice boomed in Genma’s ear.  It was only because Gai was in the hospital that Genma held back from moving his head in a position where the senbon would be stabbing Gai.  Gai pulled back slightly to look Genma in the eyes, “You, of course, will join me, won’t you, teammate?”

Oh no.  Ooooh no.  Genma was not going to give into that.  But Gai was looking so hopeful, and he had almost died, and what was Konoha without her Green Beast.  Dammit.  “I’ll join you—”


“—for a couple.”  Genma sighed.  How did Gai always get him into these sorts of situations?

Eventually Gai is released from the Hospital—his delight only just barely overshadowing that of the hospital staff’s relief.  He is with Lee and Tenten, seated in a wheelchair he has had time to acclimate to in the hospital, although still feels cumbersome; a burden to carry the rest of his life, in spite of all that it helps.  But Gai picks up burdens as training weights, and a wheelchair isn’t going to be the end of him.  

Gai has been told to take things easy, to go home and rest.  But no one protests when he bends down, hands to the rough, rocky, dirt road—not felt through all the years and years of callouses not even his time convalescing can erase—and flips his universe upside-down.  It is different than it was before—where he used to use his legs for balance, they are now dead weight, pulling him backwards.  He ignores Lee and Tenten behind him; two-thirds of his students are left after the war, and he loves them all the more for the other’s absence.  But this is his recovery, his chance to take back something normal.  It takes a moment or two for him to adjust, but Gai has always been dynamic, and so he manages with the flair and finesse that only Konoha’s Handsome Green Beast can achieve.

When Gai is steady on his heads, he cannot contain the whoop of joy that leaves him, so filled with Youth and Excitement, the force almost knocks him backwards.  There’s a moment where he sways, Tenten rushing up behind him, ready to catch him.  But then, using his off-momentum, Gai—with all the panache he is known for—spins on one hand, the other in his patented thumbs up—err…thumbs down?  Gai flips his hand so that his thumb is pointing to the sky, so that his audience can receive the full brunt of his joy.  

“YOSH!  Today is an Excellent day for Completing Five Hundred Laps of the Village on my hands!  Who is Ready to Join me?”

“I AM READY, GAI-SENSEI!”  Lee is already on his hands before he finishes speaking.  Two pairs of bushy brows under shining eyes stare up at Tenten.

“Doesn’t someone need to push the chair?” Tenten hedges, dreading the thought of so much over-the-top exercise.

“Excellent Idea, Tenten!” Gai booms, spinning on a single hand once more to face away from her.  “Yosh!  Let us Prove that Nothing can Stand in the Way of Youth!”

But before they can move, they are interrupted.

“You’re always jumping the gun, Gai,” a low voice pops in from the left, causing three heads to turn and stare.  Tenten is already gaping, a light blush dusting her cheeks.  Gai and Lee look up-up-up past ninja sandals, bandaged calves, jounin blues, and the village’s iconic green flack vest. They continue past a shifting senbon perched in half-smiling lips, until finally settling on playful brown eyes.  “Yo,” Genma adds with a two finger wave.

“Genma!  My illustrious Former Teammate!  My Team and I were—”

Instead of listening, Genma casually bends over, until his hands, too, are on the ground, before pushing his legs over his head and into the air.  His hair flops over his headband, but luckily stays out of his eyes.  “Let’s get going, Gai, mini-Gai, and cutie-Gai.  I don’t have all day.”

“Yosh!  Your Eagerness to Engage in our Training has Fanned the Flames of Youthful Vigour inside of me!  I feel as if I can Complete Six Hundred Laps!”  Gai sets off, Genma on his left, easily keeping pace.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…” Genma adds, even knowing it’s for naught.

Behind them, Lee and Tenten are frozen in place, cheeks red as they watch their sensei and his friend walking further and further away from them.

Tenten sighs wistfully; she hadn’t thought someone could make handstands attractive.  Beside her, Lee finally slips from his trance.

“He…he called me cutie-Gai…” Lee mutters, hearts in his eyes.

“WHAT?” Tenten shrieks from beside him.

But Lee is already gone, running to catch up with the two jounin.

“YOU’RE NOT CUTE AT ALL!” She yells after him, just barely remembering to roll the wheelchair along with her as she makes her own persuit. “He was obviously talking about me!”

Gai is used to hearing peals of laughter when he races around the village, competing in odder and odder challenges—whether against his Eternal Rival or just himself.  But today the streets are quiet when Genma, Lee, Tenten, and he walk by.  Until there is shuffling to his right, and another set of hands come into view.

“Yo,” falls casually from behind masked lips, complete with two happy eye creases, instead of the usual one.

“LEE!  GAI-SENSEI!” comes a boisterous voice from behind, before two more hands and the scent of ramen drop in next to them.

“Hey!  Don’t think you can leave me outta this!” bellows a rough voice from the same direction, accompanied by two clawed hands, four paws, and excited barking.

“SHANNARO!” heralds pink hair and ten more hands—a blonde ponytail, the scent of barbecue chips, the soothing buzz of kikaichuu, a doujutsu, and a lazy occupant for the wheelchair, who can’t help the muttered ‘troublesome,’ that slips past his lips.

Shinobi and kunoichi alike join their impromptu, upside-down parade, from all walks of life.

By the time they have hit the three-quarter mark through the village, Ebisu’s voice can be heard vehemently denying the endless tales Genma and Gai insist on sharing with his own students—Konohamaru laughing so hard he’s on his back, Udon and Moegi fairing only slightly better.  Chouza is chuckling to himself by his son, while Chouji is working up the courage to ask Genma and Gai for stories about his dad.  Shikamaru is napping with Mirai now in his lap, while Kurenai pushes the wheelchair so Tenten can join in on the marathon.  

Gai is never more grateful to be alive.

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Hinata fans say she didn't defeat Hanabi because she is kind but they forget that she's training to be a ninja who kills people for money.

One of the recurring arguments of Shitnata fans is that she is as strong as Sasuke or Naruto but she’s just too kind so she tends to not use her full power in fighting which is why she appears weak when she is really super strong.

The bad characteristic of their fandom is showing again. They tend to make excuses for every little uselessness that Shitnata does. They don’t realize that the more they make excuses for Shitnata, the more that they are admitting that she is useless and weak. They are inventing too many excuses because they want to make her appear like the perfect princess she is NOT.

The crazy members of the Shitnata and naruhina fandom should really stop embarassing themselves with such crazy logic. Shitnata is WEAK against Hanabi. That is the only explanation why she is beaten. If her father sees potential in her then he would have told her, “You are strong but you have a kind heart.” Unfortunately, her father never said that. What really happened in the canon is their father replaced her as clan heir because she is weak. It is her father that knows her power more than anyone else.

Furthermore, Shitnata is a CHUNIN for a reason. She is really weak compared to jounin ninjas like Shikamaru, Neji or Sakura. If she is really strong then she should have at least advanced to jounin. Don’t tell me that her kindness prevented her from passing the jounin test cause that’s really stupid. All databooks also agree she is not the strongest female and no dormant superpower of any kind was mentioned under her profile. Wake up from your fantasy Shitnata fans.

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Kakasaku Week 2016, Day 7: Warmth

A/N: This is wing!fic. Which. I don’t even know where this came from. Like. At all. Don’t ask me to explain why there are wings. I don’t know. Why do some characters have them and others don’t? Reasons of which I am not aware. How might the ability to fly affect the way certain characters fight? I actively did not think about it. Yes. I do do a lot of world building for my fics, can’t you tell?

Just a heads up that there’s an attempt at self-harm. It isn’t particularly graphic, but I wanted to make sure to let you know so that you can make sure to take care of your own well-being. So, if you want to avoid it outright, it’s in the second scene (.

I can’t believe that it’s the last day of ks week!! I’ve written something like 25,000 words in seven days, which I never thought I’d ever actually be able to do, so thanks so much to everyone who liked and reblogged and messaged me. I couldn’t have done it without your support and love. Thanks especially to @bluefurcape and @lunamiru for organizing this whole shindig and being awesome, lovely cheerleaders.


Naruto sneezes for the nth time that evening. “Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan,” he whines from the dubious safety of the other side of the fire, “aren’t you finished yet?”

Sakura rolls her eyes where she’s still straightening barbs on Kakashi’s left wing. “Don’t be a baby,” she chides.

“But Sakura-chan—“ Naruto sneezes again “—the down makes my nose itch.”

“Tell Kurama to suck it up and deal,” she orders.

Naruto subsides with an exaggerated sulk, and Sakura settles back into the soothing rhythm.

Time passes. Eventually, Sakura nods her head at her work, pleased. “You’re all good, Kakashi,” she tells him.

He tucks his wing back in and pulls himself up from where he’s been stretched out on his stomach, back into a sitting position. Sakura takes a moment to appreciate the way his forearms flex with the motion and his shoulders roll back, relaxed, as he finally settles crosslegged and sits back with the bowl of soup Sai offers up. She shakes her head at her lack of self-restraint, and turns back to pack up her oils and brushes and glues.

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Um. ShikaHina anyone?

I have a couple unfinished ShikaHina fics lying around.  Here’s one I kinda polished up after I blew the dust off of it.

There was something calming about visiting Konoha.  Gaara never minded coming to visit after the war, especially since most of the shinobi world was concentrating on peace efforts, so it was easier for him to leave Sunagakure in the council’s hands from time to time. To be more accurate, he considered it somewhat of a mini vacation. Gaara inhaled a deep, clean breath of air, marveling at how clear it was and how little grains of sand didn’t tickle his nostrils.  He idly observed many buildings in various stages of reconstruction, many children playing throughout the streets, and shinobi training, much like his own village, so it was somewhat of a familiar, and almost comforting, sight.  It was a bright, clear, and warm sunny day–not blinding and scorching, like Suna’s, but enough to cause Gaara to sweat and to invite many of the villagers to the bubbling stream to play in the cold water.  The atmosphere was relaxing and the greenery and scenery around him had a nice, tranquil effect on him. That along with the faint noise of life rustling in the village and with the accompanying drawling voice of the new head of the Nara clan. Gaara was mildly amused that Shikamaru had willingly helped settle Gaara into the Hokage’s guests’ apartments.  But then, as a sort of foreign liaison as well as Hokage’s advisor, he really had no choice.  He was doing a thorough job touring the Kazekage on some of the newer rebuilt sections of Konoha, but Gaara did not miss the fact that the normally lazy ninja was a little distracted.  His brown eyes would glaze over while he spoke, obviously not quite entirely involved in what minimal conversation they were exchanging, and would somewhat linger a little longer on the training grounds or at a distance past Gaara’s face.  There were pronounced shadows under his eyes and his shoulders seem to sag a little lower than usual, but Shikamaru never gave anything away, and they eventually made their around the village on their path to the Hokage tower, the Nara seemingly running on autopilot the entire time.

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You know what is one of the things that irritate me about the Naruto ending? It's the 'Konoha is so small we need the main cast to marry in order to get the next gen' msg bcs clans mst have dzns of members, not to mention the civilians. So don't tell me there couldn't have been a team with a of branch Hyuuga /without a Caged Bird seal/, a civilian-background kid that is /not ridiculed for it/ bcs Sakura was just that too, and a 4th war orphan /that was actually taken care off/. For example.

YEP. The perfect continuation, to me, would have been three tangentially-related-to-side-characters genin to get me invested in the series all over again - maybe with Naruto ass their jounin sensei if you had to talk about legacies and all that again. Konoha is the second-largest shinobi village. As much as I love Mitsuki and like Boruto and Sarada, we did not need xeroxes of previous generations yet again

Where are you, Kakashi?

After a long mission in the land of wind you find yourself falling completely exhausted into your bed. Slowly realising you’re lying alone in the big double bed Kakashi had insisted the two of you needed for some very reasonable and logic facts. Chuckling to the fond memory you inescapably drifted into a deep sleep. You wondered where Kakashi was. Maybe still on a mission?

The next morning you woke up to a still empty bed. In your ideal fantasy of a easy life Kakashi would be tightly holding you to his chest by now. You would be awakening in his arms to hear him tell you he would have saved another cat with his little Genin. Unfortunately this short time when your lover lived a rather secure life was long gone and Kakashi was once again the usually leader to the most dangerous missions.

The next day you heard that he was once again signed to one of the most wicked ones with Asuma, Gai and Kurenai, which got you a little bit less worried. All of them were part of the most skilled Jounin of the leaf village and with their variation of expertise there were little enemies they couldn’t defeat ….

….so you thought, but then the days went by without a reply from their team that Shisune being a close friend of yours would pass on to you. Your worry and fear increased rapidly when time went by. Something was definitively wrong. Your assumptions got reassured as Tsunade sama herself hadn’t heard from them a single time after they reached their to you unknown destination. You felt yourself near to a panic attack after hearing this news.

Kakashi, where the hell are you? Please, please be save ….

To be continued ~

trope i didnt know i needed till now - iruka evoking fear in the hearts of all the jounins who need to hand out their mission reports, not accepting it until it’s perfect

and kakashi is dyslexic

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Can I request a scenario with Kakashi's crush being a fellow jounin and the rest of team 7 (Sakura, Naruto, Sai and perhaps Yamato?), trying to help Kakashi get together with her? Thank you c:

Attempting to look as nonchalant as possible while waiting at the gate, Naruto shoves his elbow into Sai’s ribs as he notices the green of a flak jacket coming into the view of the road leading into the village – according to the current mission reports that Sakura had found, they were the only ones scheduled to be returning to the village today.

Sai stands and looks down the road, albeit, not stealthily and nods, that’s definitely them and begins off on the next part of the plan. Sakura and Yamato would be waiting for him to give them word that the next part of their mission was a go.

Naruto on the other hand, kicks his feet up on the desk in front of him and grins, Kakashi-sensei can’t be expecting this can he? His feet slide off the table and he snorts, perhaps it’s better not to think of that. As the jounin makes their way through the gates Naruto jumps and calls them over in greeting, now to stall them until Sakura shows up – that shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Finding Sakura and Yamato waiting at the tea shop, Sai seats himself at the table and informs both Sakura and Yamato that the first part of the plan was underway and for them to approach their intended targets and that he was heading back to give Naruto backup. The three of them nodded and headed off.

Yamato has an idea of where he could go to find Kakashi; and sure enough, he’s on the roof of the Hokage mansion, book in hand as he enjoys the first warm day of Spring. At least he’s predictable. Approaching him, Yamato waves and calls Kakashi over, book snapping shut, Kakashi makes some smart comment that Yamato isn’t paying close enough attention to, more focused on hoping that Naruto was able to keep them entertained at the front gate until Sakura and Sai came.

Things are going… less than great at the front gate – where are Sai and Sakura and why is this so freaking difficult? Just as they’ve turned to walk away again and Naruto is ready to throw his hands up and let them go, Sakura and Sai appear. Pulling Sai close Naruto grumbles into his ear about what took them so freaking long, Sai simply smiles and looks toward Sakura.

Tsunade wanted to see them, this lie was without a doubt the easiest part of all of this, smiling Sakura and the jounin head off together – talking amicably about their latest missions and what they’re planning to do now that the snow is gone for the year.

Naruto and Sai exchange glances, Naruto shaking his head all the while. At least things seemed to be going well enough. The two of them head towards the training grounds to see if this mission that they had concocted would pay off.

Looking over at the jounin again, Sakura carefully watched her reaction as she led the two of them away from the road that lead to the Hokage Mansion and instead ushered them towards the training grounds, Sakura didn’t notice the smirk that was playing at the corners of the jounin’s lips.

Yamato leaned against one of the posts in an attempt at nonchalance, if everything had gone according to plan, Sakura should be arriving with her mark at any moment; he only hoped that Kakashi didn’t attempt to leave before then, otherwise their contingency plan would come into play and the thought of what Naruto and Sai had planned was enough to send a shiver down the captain’s back.

Reaching the training grounds, the jounin looked around – strange, no that was a lie, this was all to meticulously planned for it to be strange, they had an idea of what was going on and as soon as Sakura slips a woven basket onto her arm she knows; and there’s Kakashi, she could sense his amusement a mile away. Kakashi spoke first.

“Now it makes sense this was all a carefully laid plot to put the two of us together.”

“So it would seem.”

The two of them shared a glance, noting that both Sakura and Yamato had disappeared just as the two of them started speaking – they did however; know full well that they were close enough to still watch what was happening. The jounin sighed and shook their head.

“You know, this would all be much easier if we just told them.”

“Now where’s the fun in that?”

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Cat!Tobi and Kakashis ninken - do they love each other? Do they hate each other? The pack knowing that Cat!Tobi is not a real cat, because he smells wrong - and forming a pact to troll Kakashi together. Messing up his room while the dogs distract Kakashi. Cat!Tobi stealing all the underwear/socks. Cat!Tobi and Bull being best buds and napping on a rock together. Pakkun being exasperated but also secretly amused about their flailing summoner. Just - Cat!Tobi and the Ninken. That's all.

Iruka is neck-deep in grading when a jounin falls through his window, hits the floor, cries “It’s a conspiracy,” and immediately hurls himself under the kitchen table. 

There’s a long, long pause as Iruka stares at the intruder and the intrude stares back. Then, with a deep, heartfelt sigh, Iruka sets down his pen and closes his eyes, rubbing his scar. He’s noticed it tends to itch in the presence of stupidity. 

“What’s wrong, Kakashi?” he asks wearily. “Did Genma tell you about his sex life with Gai again?”

“It’s a conspiracy,” Kakashi repeats, as though he should automatically understand. When Iruka just gives him his teacher-patented I’m-being-patient-but-I-really-want-to-hit-you face, he glares like Iruka is being the unreasonable one here and elaborates, “Shiba and Akino distracted me while that hell-cat destroyed my collection.”

Knowing Kakashi, there’s only one collection he could mean. “You are not stashing your surviving books here,” Iruka says flatly. “I’m a teacher. Hide your porn somewhere else.”

With what could almost be called a pout, Kakashi pulls a familiar book back out from the underside of the table. Iruka would be surprised, except it’s Kakashi. “But Iruka,” he complains. “This one is fine. It even has a teacher in it, so it’s appropriate!”

Iruka grimaces. “There are a lot of words to describe that thing, but appropriate doesn’t even come close. No.” 

From the street outside comes the sound of baying dogs. 

Iruka tries, he really does, but he can’t quite fight a grin at the way Kakashi suddenly goes about ten shades paler. “You were late feeding them again, weren’t you?” he asks knowingly, just as a large shape leaps lightly through his window. Grey and slate and cream glow in the low lights as the big cat saunters across Iruka’s living room. 

Never a fool, Iruka points his pen at where Kakashi is trying to stuff his book back into his - his pyjamas, which Iruka failed to notice earlier. “You might want to check that he didn’t stuff one somewhere,” he advises, and the snow leopard pauses next to his chair to chuff thankfully at him, and deigns to let him stroke between the cat’s ears. Then it turns and lunges, almost too fast to see. 

Kakashi disappears in a desperate whirl of smoke, leaving one of Iruka’s potted plants behind. Instantly, Tobi changes course, bounding over the table, using the wall as a springboard, and launching himself right back out the window. Outside the dogs start up again, clearly having caught Kakashi’s trail, and Iruka puts his head down on his tests and laughs until he cries. 

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GenRai Week: Day 4

Prompt: Bodyguard
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,081
Warnings: mild violence, but nothing really
Summary: When the Godaime got that particular smirk, shinobi everywhere got a chill going down their spine. This was going to end poorly. I’m sorry guys. The last one was short and angsty, but I prewrote all of these and scheduled the posts last minute. Also, this is supposed to be a ship week yet nothing romantic is happening. Next time, hopefully.

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