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After two days of painfully stupid setup (courtesy of mod j), the tom-lucitor blog is (somewhat) up and running! 

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anonymous asked:

I know you just kind of covered this, but it annoyed me thinking over the four shows how Matt's friends are the only ones who don't want him to be a hero. Claire left Matt in DDS1, and in DDS2 Foggy was constantly upset about it (granted, he had good reason, and I get them trying to help, but still). JJ, LC, and IF all have supportive friends who push them to do more superhero-ing, even when they themselves don't want to. Maybe Matt's the most vulnerable, but it makes me feel bad for him :(

    That’s a really good point, and we’re torn about Matt’s superheroing situation in the show. (We feel bad for him too…) Yes, all of Foggy’s– and even Claire’s– concerns make sense in context, as Matt’s life as Daredevil continues to bring with it nothing but pain and chaos– but at the end of the day, we want to watch a superhero show. We want Matt to be able to go out there and fight crime for at least a minute without something horrible happening. And at the beginning of Season 2, we actually got that! It was completely negated by the arrival of the Punisher, but for a minute there, we had hope (and so did Matt).  

    And yes, we’re comics fans, so we know that this is nothing new… but at the same time, it kind of is. There are large periods of the comics in which Matt’s superheroing is actually a good thing, which 1. allows him to feel confident about what he’s doing as Daredevil, and 2. helps to justify all of the pain. We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it: 616 Matt likes being Daredevil. Not all the time, but in general, overall, he does it because he enjoys it, for a complicated combination of reasons. Yes, being a superhero results in tragedy– but not exclusively. The show needs to find a balance, give him some moments of triumph, let him beat up Stilt-Man, let him rescue some kittens from trees (…or something), to give both Matt and his loved ones a reason to see Daredevil as something other than just a giant tragedy generator.  

    (Louder, Karen!)

    And yes, let’s compare this to the other three shows:

   Jessica never even had a chance to be a superhero. Her dreams of that life were destroyed by Kilgrave, after which she was left too jaded and frightened of emotional connections to openly pursue that again. Trish sees that becoming a hero may allow Jessica to heal. It will boost her self-confidence, open her up to making new friends and re-entering society, and let her see herself as a good person again. As it stands, not being a superhero has been far more harmful to her than being a superhero would be. And so Trish and Malcolm push Jessica toward heroics– and possibly more importantly, toward taking credit for her heroics– even though Jessica doesn’t feel emotionally ready for that yet. (This is also tied into Trish’s own desire to be a superhero– but a whole separate post could be written on that.)

    Luke’s situation is similar. He returns from Seagate as (in both his eyes and the eyes of the world) a criminal, escaped convict, and freak of nature. His self-esteem could not be lower, and he sets about doing his best to separate himself from all of that pain. He has nothing but negative memories associated with his powers, and he has had enough of the world judging him for things that are out of his control. So he attempts to hide, in the hopes that by ignoring his powers he can ignore his own self-loathing. Pop and Claire try to help him by re-framing the situation. They both know he has the power to change things in Harlem for the better, and that doing so will allow him to see himself and his new abilities in a positive light, so they encourage him to be a hero. 

    Danny’s situation is complicated, and like Jessica, he hasn’t fully become a superhero yet (though the end of The Defenders suggested that he will in the future). We’d also argue that he is almost as lacking in emotional support as Matt, given that the only time most people are supportive of him is when they’re trying to manipulate him. But the main difference is that his two major allies (so far), Colleen and Claire, are right in there with him. Colleen is a budding superhero in her own right, and supports Danny going out to battle the Hand because she is personally invested in at first keeping an eye on the situation, and later in destroying them. She is concerned for Danny’s safety, but her response is not to prevent him from fighting– it’s to get in there and fight alongside him. And even Claire, who is freaked out by the idea of anyone taking on the Hand, teams up with Danny and Colleen because of her own desire for revenge and closure. And finally, telling Danny to stop fighting bad guys wouldn’t do a thing, because he’s the Iron Fist. If he’s not using his powers for good, he’s not doing his job, and Colleen understands that.

    So essentially, Matt is the only one of these guys who has given superhero work a try of his own volition, when he didn’t need to, and has continually messed up. If, say, Jessica started fighting crime and then kept almost bleeding out on Trish’s doorstep, Trish might develop some reservations. But so far, Matt is the only one with a real superhero career, at which he keeps failing as a direct result of his own behavior. Plus, for the other three, superhero work is blatantly beneficial to their emotional health. While we, the viewers, know the same is true of Matt, his friends haven’t understood that yet– partly because Matt presents his superheroing as an addiction. And we’re dying for this situation to change, if only so that Matt and Foggy can stop having the same fights over and over again.  


since it’s been a while! —
Adrian is my Kitsune founder. He married Wren Flowers who was the 10th heir for my last legacy, so this is a continuation of that one in a way. They have two kids, Andrew and Evan. Kiwi Watson is Evan’s best friend from childhood who developed a crush on Andrew. Olivia Graves was Andrew’s friend from high school, and has been with Evan since they were teenagers. I ended up double heir-ing because I love all four of them a lot ❤ Evan and Olivia are married; Andrew and Kiwi have a daughter named Emily, and now they’re also married!

frostbittenwaves  asked:

Where is a good place to find goth stuff for my apartment??

Anywhere really. eBay, Amazon, second hand stores, home decor aisles, Facebook’s goth buy/sell/give groups, and Halloween things are everywhere at the moment. Even if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, some paint, some lace or some studs can make all the difference in making something look gothy. Just be careful when diy-ing so you don’t accidentally create fire hazards or mix materials you shouldn’t.

anonymous asked:

Ooooh, it matches Schuyler's ring, how cute!! Though I'm really sorry I failed to notice his ring was golden, it's a bit embarrasing for me... Also, I'm sorry if my comment on ace charas sounded forceful, I didn't mean it that way, I swear! </3 I just like when comic artists include said orientation in their work in a constructive way... It helps to raise awareness about it <3

Don’t worry, you didn’t sound forceful at all!

I’m generally not a fan of word-of-god-ing things like sexual and romantic orientation outside of canon – the characters in Flowerpot don’t really talk about romance/attraction*/dating/sexual encounters, so it feels kind of hollow to claim things when the characters themselves haven’t talked about it or acted on it in canon (yet).  It’s something I’m more conscious of while putting together subsequent stories, though!

And I agree, bringing awareness through representation is great!  Podcasts (like The Bright Sessions and ars Paradoxica) and webcomics (like Rock and Riot) are way ahead of other media in terms of aro/ace representation and inclusion of underrepresented groups/identities in general, which is one of the reasons why I’m so drawn to those forms of media!

*Well, Petra’s called like 90% of the characters attractive, but she’s an outlier


Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash

Yuuri and his Decision Not to Retire in ep 12

So I was doing some thinking and realized that while I’ve talked to death about Victor’s career decision in episode 12, I’ve never really delved into the intricacies of Yuuri’s. He makes a career decision that’s just as important as Victor’s – to not retire.

This might sound odd since he’s never taken a break like Victor did but Yuuri had been planning all season to retire after the GPF. He feels his time in his career is limited, and we see him come back to this multiple times throughout the series. That itself spawned from the fact that even before Victor came, Yuuri had been considering the idea of retirement. Then, in episode 12, he made the choice not to retire but to continue skating. Why?

I’ve heard multiple people’s interpretations of the reason(s) for this decision and I’ve gotten a lot varied responses, so I figured I’d share mine! Let’s start from the beginning of the episode and work our way through!

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i cant believe michael mell killed everyone by just existing 

im love him 

Kpop groups and their fandoms
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> most ELFs have grown up with these legends, staying by their side through every obstacle and being their strength during the hardest times. While ELFs really miss having comebacks as a whole group, they know that it's enough just watching them succeed in solo projects and supporting the members who are doing/about to finish their military service.<p/><b>BigBang:</b> we truly do get treated like VIPs when it comes to these 5 weirdos who changed the kpop game ever since debuting. There's not a single concert or special video where they don't show their appreciations for VIPs, whether new or old. We love them when they're doing solos, and we love them even more when they're together.<p/><b>SHINee:</b> Shawols treat shinee like kings, just as they should be treated. We practically worship the ground they walk on, and all of us are guilty of baby-ing the maknae, don't lie. They've been through some difficult times, but shawols are always there for shinee to lean on, and they're always thankful for all the support and it always shows when they're together.<p/><b>Infinite:</b> Inspirit and Infinite go hand in hand, always. Woohyun is always assuring inspirits that no one else could steal his heart, and no matter how cringy he is, it's true. They're always giving us new things to fangirl and roll our eyes about, whether they've had a comeback or not.<p/><b>EXO:</b> "Exo-L, we are one." I've never seen a group that spoils their fans more than they do, not to mention always exposing each mf comeback to us. We have a self-proclaimed dad in the fandom and everything, constantly showing his love to exo-l's. True fans have been with them and supporting them since whenever, and will stick by their side till whenever.<p/><b>BTOB:</b> Melodies will always be one of the sweetest fandoms, esp when having to put up with how underrated our boys are. Stanning the craziest and most extra group in kpop isn't easy, but melodies got that down, and it doesn't seem right if at least 2 members aren't screaming in every interview.<p/><b>VIXX:</b> they're always reminding Starlights that they'd be nowhere without them, and that we inspire them everyday as well. Seeing them acting charitable and friendly only rubs off on us, and it's safe to say that we're probably the chillest and most accepting fandom. Starlights act like VIXX's bodyguards bc we'd never make them uncomfortable, and they're always thankful for that.<p/><b>B.A.P:</b> Babyz have been with them through thick and thin, and it's so heartwarming seeing the support after the group has been through so much bs. They treat babyz with so much love and respect, esp when they have so many fans around the world. We're constantly spoiled with social media updates, and it's so nice seeing the six of them working together again.<p/><b>Topp Dogg:</b> if it were any other group, fans wouldn't keep streaming and supporting topp dogg as much as topp klass does. We struggle with these boys everyday bc of the lack of exposure and attention that they deserve to get, but they never fail to remind us of their love no matter what- bc they know they'll always have topp klass.<p/><b>Got7:</b> iGot7, or Ahgase's, are probably the funniest fandom to ever exist. It's like we're besties with Got7, and there's always someone roasting the other, whether it's us or them. We're blessed to have them be so active on social media, and we're their personal hype men. A lot of us don't support them blindly, though, and we're always the first to call them out on their mistakes.<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> kings of fan service, never ever disappointing Monbebes. They make us feel so special when it's like we're in a relationship with them, but they're aware of how cheesy they are when they flirt with monbebes. Might be the meme-iest group alive, but we're also the meme-iest fandom ever so win-win.<p/><b>iKon:</b> yet another kpop group that's terribly underrated, but iKonics make up for all of that with all the love they show to these kids. They're always out to expose each other and we love them for it. They outdo themselves after each comeback, and they care so much about pleasing iKonics.<p/><b>Day6:</b> only My Day can appreciate how special and unique these boys are, and we always remind them of it. We go crazy over all their teasers and trying to figure out how all their music videos are connected, and tbh they love watching us suffer. Each member is so relatable that we can't help but bias all of them, and they're highly aware of that fact.<p/></p>
  • Person A: Hello-
  • Person B: It's me.
  • Person A: Hey-!
  • Person B: I just met you, and this is crazy, but-
  • Person A: STOP!
  • Person B: WAIT A MINUTE!
  • Person C (from across the room): FILL MY CUP, PUT SOME LIQUOR IN IT!

don’t be mean to your jungle sunbae :c

you know, idk if this has been said, but i know for alot of you tumblr is the only way you have an outlet to express and that this is the only semblance of queer culture you have - and i’m happy this kind of social network exists for that reason.

that being said, this website can be suffocating and for anyone discouraged at the constant discourse and tomfoolery that exists on this hell hole i’m here to say actual queer spaces, queer circles, and outside queer culture is way more chill for the most part

granted, I hang out mostly in artsy queer spaces but last time I went out I was at a table chilling with a latin bi guy, a latin gay man in heels, a black queer drag queen, a white drag queen, an asexual trans woman, a bi trans man, my latin bi ass, and a black nonbinary stud and we were all kiki-ing, and it was pretty much queer “It’s a Small World”. not once is discourse brought up. no one is being biphobic no one is being racist. no one is being transphobic. we were all there to dance to disco and watch drag shows and be with our own. 

does biphobia, racism, transphobia (etc) exist in queer spaces - yes. Ofcourse it does and it’s important to bring attention to that. But there’s more to queer culture than this website conveys sometimes, I promise.

things the world needs more of:

  • Grandpa Torino
  • Dad Might
  • Dadzawa
  • Mama Inko
  • Kirishima & Tsuyu big bro/big sis-ing the class
  • Bakugou’s friendship with Kiri and Kami
  • Tokoyami & Kouda’s friendship
  • Todoroki & Iida interaction/friendship
  • Uraraka’s Hot Blooded MANLINESS nature
  • Jirou fucking with Kaminari just because
  • Tokoyami being all dark and brooding and dorky
  • the kids lovingly roasting Bakugou
  • Shouji helping everyone b/c he is the ultimate Big Bro
  • Satou being adorkable and baking everyone cakes for their birthdays
  • Aoyama learning how to Friend b/c he wants to be equal w/ the class but doesn’t really know how to connect with the rest of them
  • Kouta punching Bakugou in the balls coming back
  • Eri & Kouta friendship
  • Momo helping everyone b/c she loves helping and being useful and the class finding this adorable
  • Todoroki being adorably oblivious and trying to reach out and be friends with the class
  • Tsuyu’s cute nicknames for everyone, and her bluntly saying things
  • Kaminari being dorky and cowardly but determined
  • Mina accidentally fucking with Aoyama
  • the class taking care of All Might b/c they love and care for him
  • Izuku dad-ing everyone (especially little lost kids)
  • Bakugou aggressively caring and being nice and cooking meals for the class (while making it spicey to show that he’s absolutely Not Being Nice)
  • Mirio and Tamaki’s friendship
  • Nijire’s relationship with them??? so cute
  • Tetsutetsu and Kirishima’s friendship and their bond over MANLINESS (+ maybe Uraraka b/c she Gets That Shit)
  • everyone cheering Tamaki on
  • Sero using his tape to prank literally everyone
  • Ojirou’s personal morals (he refused to move on in the Sports Festival b/c he was mind controlled and didn’t think he deserved that and i wanna learn more about him)
  • baby All Might with Nana and Torino
  • Mic and Aizawa’s friendship
  • Iida being Overly Responsible and Encouraging but in an endearing way
  • Todoroki with his mom and siblings
  • Uraraka training with hand to hand combat/self defense
  • Midnight b/c she had few teaching moments but she’s always really nice and competent and supportive when she’s in that role and i love it and she’s like the Cool Big Sis and i wanna see more of that
  • Mic getting protective of his friends/students and trying to beat up annoying civilians 
  • Bakugou with small animals
  • Momo being adorably oblivious b/c of how rich she is
  • Tooru wearing new and even cuter clothes 
  • Aizawa wearing mis-matched clothes b/c he’s a hobo
  • All Might wearing clothes that fit
  • class slumber parties
  • hugs
  • the kids being dorky little kids and doing silly dorky childish things 
  • hairstyling & makeovers
  • karaoke sessions where only a percentage of the class is actually good at singing and everyone else sucks but that’s what makes it fun
  • not gonna lie i’d love to see what would happen if Aoyama and Tokoyami were paired up in a team exercise training
  • seeing characters who normally don’t interact that much teaming up (like Sero & Tsuyu, or Kouta & Tooru, or Bakugou & Momo)
  • Aizawa with different hairstyles
  • the kids looking to Izuku and Bakugou for leadership
  • Mic being that Weird Eccentric Uncle
  • the kids having mini little competitions (snowball fights, videogame competitions, eating contests, etc)
  • the kids all subtly taking care of one another
  • the kid’s borrowing each other’s clothes
  • Cementoss b/c honestly what a sweetheart
  • Thirteen too, he’s just so adorable
  • all of the teachers really
  • Endeavor getting punched in the face
  • the kids admiring each other’s scars (including All Might’s and Aizawa’s)
  • Izuku’s fanboy nature
  • Izuku bonding with his classmates over various heroes (like Red Riot w/ Kirishima, or Gunhead/Thirteen w/ Uraraka, etc)
  • the class finding out about Izuku’s notebooks and realizing that they’re in them
  • All Might being a complete dork and fumbling a lot in general
  • Bakugou subtly encouraging his classmates
  • Bakugou subtly looking out for All Might
  • pillow fight wars
  • Todoroki bringing his mom to the class
  • the kids finding out that Bakugou is exactly like his mom
  • the kids fighting over the tv remote b/c they can’t decide what to watch
  • Dark Shadow blushing
  • less Mineta